How Psychic Attacks Occur

A psychic attack is a concept of energy medicine; while they often occur when someone intends to do you harm, sometimes, they can come about unintendedly. An intense wave of negative emotions such as anger or jealousy can bring about a psychic attack on your aura, something you want to get dealt with as soon as possible.

5 Symptoms of Psychic Attacks

1. Fatigue and Exhaustion

Fatigue and exhaustion are two major symptoms of a psychic attack. During a psychic attack, you may feel as though that you cannot stay awake during the day or find yourself unable to concentrate. Despite your fatigue, you may find that you cannot sleep at night as you become restless and irritated. Your muscles may ache, and your reflexes/responses are slowed. Exhaustion is something that may happen suddenly, rather than slowly creeping up on you over time.

2. Mood Swings

Another symptom of a psychic attack can be found in random mood swings. Even though you may be a level header person, your emotions may be all over the place as you lose your cool at the most unexpected times.

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5 Symptoms of a Psychic Attack

3. Headaches and Feeling Cold

For those who are suffering from a psychic attack, it is common to feel cold (without an external reason). Ongoing or randomised headaches may also be something you have to deal with, however, these are things you should speak with a professional about should they occur at all.

4. Nightmares

The nightmares you experience under a psychic attack may be more vivid than you are used to. It is often the case that these nightmares feel so real that you are forced to wake up in terror, disgust, or intense distress.

5. A Looming Presence

If placed under a severe psychic attack, it is common for people to sense a presence. A typical experience of this is the sensation of eyes watching you from a distance. Some people have even reported hearing voices, despite there being no one around. You may also sense an area of discomfort/disturbed energy in a specific area of your home/workplace. In the most severe cases, you may feel someone touch/bump into you or breathe down your neck as if they were up close. There may also be disturbances in your environment, and reoccurring accidents that you or nobody else has any control over.

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5 Symptoms of a Psychic Attack

Trusted Psychics Medium/Reiki Healing

The degree of psychic attack varies, and with it, so do the intensity of symptoms. The good news is, psychic attacks can be brought to an end by the invocation of a higher force of love and light. While you can end a psychic attack by yourself, with the right tools, we have powerful mediums/reiki healers on the phone 24 hours a day who will be more than happy to help you out. The trusted psychics we have online will clear your mind, body, and soul by flushing out ay negative auras that surround you. Turn your life around and take back control by getting a cheap psychic phone reading today.