Dating in the Era of Social Media

Before the age of social media, when you went on a first date with someone it would be the first time you really get to know them. However, these days, people often know quite a lot about each other before ever meeting up; correction, they think they know a lot about each other. It’s often the case that the person you converse with through text isn’t much like the person you wind up sharing that romantic meal with. While it may be easy to speak to someone via a screen, it can be really awkward when you meet up in person. Since you only have pictures to go on, you can never be sure if the person you’re interested in will find you attractive in person. Yes, this may be a shallow thing, but we’re not ignorant to the fact that physical attraction matters in the dating world.

Dating is something that seems to become more stressful/challenging with every passing year. You may find yourself going over the conversations you’ve had via text to see if you may have said something that made you look silly or desperate. In order to get you past your first date, we’re going to share some quick tips with you that’ll get you on your way.

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5 Tips to Get Through a First Date

5 Dating Tips

1. Make the Date as Short as Possible.

If this is your first time meeting up with someone, don’t feel as though you have to go all out with a big lavish meal. Rather than forcing each other to endure a three-course meal, why not go for a quick coffee to see how well you get on in person? If you get along, you can always extend the date to see where things wind up.

2. Avoid Noisy/Crowded Places

Going somewhere that will allow you to enjoy each other’s company without outside interference will let you know how well you get on very quickly. Sometimes, with things going on around you it’s hard to get a reading on how well you would get along when you are genuinely spending time alone.

3. Watch Your Drink

Getting drunk on a first date is not ideal. In a drunken state, you won’t be able to put your best foot forward and it will make it impossible for you to get to know each other in a meaningful way.

4. Don’t Talk About the Past

Talking about any pain/drama from your past is not what you want to be doing on a first date. The truth is, before trying to start something up with someone new, you should have moved on so that you can truly welcome new love into your life.

5. Focus on the Person You’re with

While you may have plenty of stories you want to share, this is a time for you to get to know this person who’s piqued your interest. As they ask you questions about your experiences you should make sure to do the same; you will be shocked as to how easy conversation flows when you’re genuinely listening to what someone has to say.

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5 Tips to Get Through a First Date

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