Discovering Your Life Purpose

Life can lead us down many paths and as you continue to evolve, so will your future. The things you regard as important today may be of a lesser concern tomorrow which is why it’s important that you continue to evaluate yourself and where you’re going. Due to the fact that your mind is constantly changing, it can be difficult to know if you are where you should be. For a lot of people, understanding their life purpose is becoming increasingly difficult as they compare themselves to other people. When you see other people achieving their dreams, it’s easy to think to yourself that you should be doing more; however, going down this path doesn’t lead to anything good.

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Do You Have to Have It All Figured Out?

4 Reasons to Stop Comparing Your Life to Others

1. You Can Become Resentful

If you’re always comparing your life to the lives of your friends, relatives, or even strangers, it can make you feel inadequate. Over time, you may not be able to see the things you have been able to achieve as you become overly obsessed with the outside world.

2. Your Progress will be Slowed

By spending too much time focussing on what other people are doing, you will spend less time on working towards the things you can accomplish.

3. The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

The world of social media may make everything look perfect, however, you should remember that the images you’re seeing don’t tell the whole story.

4. You Will Always Want More

While it’s commendable to work towards your dreams/goals, there is a chance that you will always want more if you keep comparing yourself to others.

Buy Minutes Online
(02) 8417 2983
Do You Have to Have It All Figured Out?

The Truth About Success

Should you attain all the material success you want, you may find that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. As mentioned earlier, as you grow older your perception of what’s important will change. If you go out and speak to someone who has reached the highest of heights, they will tell you to appreciate the simple things in life. Many people come to regret not spending enough time with their loved ones as they come to the realisation that buying a fancy car/home never filled the void in their heart.

How to Live Your Best Life

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