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Real Psychics vs TV Psychics

Published 04/12/2023 by Louise Emma

Real Psychics vs TV Psychics

Differences Between Real Psychics and TV Psychics

Psychics have been a part of human history for centuries, but in recent times, they have become popularised on television. While some TV psychics are genuine, many are fraudulent, and it is essential to differentiate between them and real psychics.

Real psychics possess a gift that allows them to connect with the spiritual realm and provide intuitive insights. They may use tools such as tarot cards or crystals to strengthen their connection, but their abilities come from within and are not dependent on external sources.

In contrast, TV psychics often use staged performances that are heavily edited to create a false sense of reality. They may employ actors, pre-written scripts, and even hired audiences, making distinguishing their abilities from illusions difficult.

Real psychics may offer services through various channels, including in-person meetings, phone calls, or video chats. They typically operate a fair pricing policy for their services, and their clients can expect to receive valuable and personalised readings.

On the other hand, TV psychics may advertise their services through infomercials or paid programming, offering limited services that are often overpriced. These services may not be tailored to the client's needs, leading to inaccurate or generic readings.

Real psychics operate with ethics and integrity, respecting their clients' privacy and providing helpful advice without judgment. Accurate psychics understand their psychic abilities are a gift and use them to serve others.

TV psychics are often more concerned with financial gain and entertainment value than helping people. They may use fear tactics or manipulate emotions to convince their audience to trust them, leading to further exploitation. In conclusion, while TV psychics may be entertaining, they are often scams that do not provide accurate readings or sincere advice.

Real psychics, on the other hand, possess genuine gifts that can be used to help people. Researching and choosing a reputable psychic is essential to ensure a meaningful and authentic experience. By understanding the differences between real and TV psychics, you can make an informed decision and avoid being taken advantage of.

6 Types of Readings Offered by a Real Psychic

A real psychic can tap into the spiritual realm, allowing them to connect with energies beyond our physical world. They can provide guidance, clarity, and insight into various aspects of life. There are several different types of readings that a real psychic can offer.

1. Tarot Readings

The most popular type of psychic reading that individuals ask for is a tarot card reading, involving the readers using a pack of tarot cards as a tool to gain insight into the past, present and future. Each tarot card has a symbolic meaning, which allows the reader to use their intuitive skills to interpret the cards and provide an accurate reading.

2. Psychic Medium Readings

A psychic medium can communicate with spirits on the other side. They can provide messages from loved ones who have passed away and help bring closure to grieving people.

3. Aura Readings

An aura reading involves the psychic reading of your energy field. They can see the colours and patterns in your aura, which an experienced Aura reader can provide insight into your emotional and physical health.

4. Palm Readings

A palm reading involves examining the lines and mounts on your hand to provide insight into your personality, life path, and future events.

5. Numerology Readings

Numerology is the fascinating study of numbers and how they relate to our lives. A numerology reading can provide insight into your life path, personality, and potential future events based on your birth date and name.

6. Astrology Readings

An astrology reading involves analysing the positions of the planets and stars at the exact time of your birth to provide insight into your personality and life path.

All in all, real psychics can tune into different types of energies to provide guidance and insight. They can help you make better decisions, understand your path in life, and provide comfort during difficult times. Researching and finding a reputable psychic who can provide accurate readings is essential.

Types of Readings Offered by a TV Psychic

TV psychics or celebrity psychics have become increasingly popular in recent years. As a result, many people have become interested in the types of readings these individuals offer. TV psychics provide several different types of readings, each serving a unique purpose.

The first type of reading a TV psychic offers is a psychic reading. This type of reading involves the psychic using intuition to provide insights into a person's past, present, or future. Psychic readings can help individuals clarify certain situations or problems in their lives.

Another type of reading that TV psychics often offer is a tarot card reading to provide insight into a person's current situation and potential future. Tarot card readings are often used for guidance and direction in life.

TV psychics may also offer astrology readings. These readings involve examining a person's birth chart to provide insight into their personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses. Astrology readings can help individuals better understand themselves and make more informed decisions in their lives.

Are TV Psychics Fake?

Television psychics have long been a source of fascination and entertainment for audiences around the world. With their claims of supernatural abilities and the ability to communicate with the dead, these individuals have amassed a significant following over the years. However, recent investigations and evidence have revealed that many of these psychics are, in fact, fake.

One of the primary ways in which TV psychics have been exposed as frauds is by using cold reading techniques. This involves the psychic making vague statements and asking leading questions to elicit information from their subjects. By using this method, psychics can create the illusion of having supernatural powers and make it appear as though they are in communication with the dead.

Another tactic that fake TV psychics often employ is the use of pre-show research. This involves researching their subjects' backgrounds before the show and using this information to make it appear like they have supernatural knowledge. This can include everything from Facebook profiles to public records searches.

Additionally, some TV psychics have been caught using stage props and hidden audio equipment to create the illusion of communication with the dead. By using these methods, they can make it appear as though they are receiving messages from beyond the grave when they are simply using technology to manipulate their audience.

In recent years, there have been several high-profile cases of TV psychics being exposed as frauds. For example, in 2015, popular TV psychic Sally Morgan was caught using an earpiece to receive information from a team of researchers backstage. Similarly, in 2012, James Van Praagh was exposed as a fraud after a video surfaced showing him using a hidden earpiece during a reading.

Overall, the evidence against TV psychics is overwhelming, and many of these individuals are nothing more than skilled performers. While their claims of supernatural ability may be entertaining, it is essential for audiences to remain sceptical and to always look for evidence to support their claims before accepting them as genuine.

Why Customer Reviews Are So Important to Real Psychics?

As a reputable and trusted psychic service provider in Australia, Trusted Psychics understands the significance of customer reviews. Customer reviews play a pivotal role in distinguishing genuine psychics from fraudulent ones.

Psychic readings are deeply personal, and people who seek the guidance of psychics do so with the expectation of gaining clarity, hope, and direction in different aspects of their lives. Therefore, they must find a trustworthy psychic reader.

That is where customer reviews come into the picture. When potential customers research psychic service providers, they often look at the reviews left by previous clients to evaluate the quality of service provided and the authenticity of the psychic readers.

Customer reviews also provide valuable feedback to psychics, which helps them improve their services and tailor their readings to meet the specific needs of their clients. This feedback allows genuine psychics to understand their clients' concerns better, leading to a more empathetic and insightful reading.

Moreover, customer reviews act as a badge of trust for psychics. Positive reviews from satisfied clients strengthen a psychic's online profile, and potential customers are more likely to seek readings from psychics with glowing reviews from previous clients. Therefore, real psychics need to provide high-quality service that earns them positive reviews and builds a loyal client base.

In conclusion, customer reviews are essential for real psychics as they act as a testimony to their skills, authenticity, and professionalism. Genuine psychics actively seek and value feedback from their clients, using it to improve their services and better serve their clients' needs.

At Trusted Psychics Australia, we understand the importance of customer reviews and encourage all our clients to share their experiences to help us grow and maintain our reputation as a trusted and credible psychic service provider in Australia.

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