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Welcome to our team of Tried and Tested CHEAP MEDIUMS - We are totally different from many other services and we TRUST you will soon see how expert our Mediums truly are with passing on some absolutely extraordinary results to callers worldwide as our services are so highly in demand WE RELY ON OUR REPUTATION which we are very proud of and we will continue to improve the lives of souls that are lost and this is our commitment to all who call us.

Affordable Cheap Mediums connecting you with your loved ones passed over Call Now 1902 220 122

Mediums have a Gift that is natural it cannot be gained and often cannot be explained but true Mediums can communicate with the spirit word connecting callers with loves ones which have passed over showing that there is really a continuation of life after death and their mission is to share these messages so that you may understand.

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Our mediums have a real down to earth approach through all walks of life the spirits appear and are often eager to pass on their feelings to bring reassurance and comfort to those left behind and hopefully give you a direct clearer picture with concise clear messages that often no one else but you would know or understand this is AMAZING and will leave you feeling almost overwhelmed and ease the pain of your loss knowing that your loved ones are still with you but just in the spirit world watching over you - Our mediums will pass on all they hear and feel from the spirit world so your reading will be honest and direct and bring a balance and positive energy to your life.

Top mediums simply helping callers just like you to find peace today Call Now 1902 220 122

Countless callers have thanked our mediums for bringing a closure to their grief that they can begin to see the light again when their thoughts have been so dark a complete new fresh start where you can take back control of your life without the heavy heartache of grief that you have become engrossed in - now you can focus on positive life forces in the knowledge that your loved ones are still all round you in the brightest place possible without pain or confusion.

Psychic Text Message Readers Will give you answers via your mobile Text To : 0437 859 879

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Please see below a selection of our gifted readers. Trusted Psychics are always here to help, please call 1902 256 955 to connect today. Only $1.98 per minute!
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra.)
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(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra.)
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Psychic Tarot
0439 248 914
I am a gifted and natural tarot and psychic reader with over 10 years worth of experience, reading professionally for people from all over the world.
Psychic Medium
0437 859 879
I'm a Psychic Medium Reader with a professional reputation for being accurate and able to connect directly into the spirit world.
Psychic Clairvoyant
0481 071 903
I am a Clairvoyant Psychic. I am available to offer you insight into your present, past and future with a gift that has been mine since a very young age.
We only charge $1.98 per minute for our readings for the simple reason that we want you to get value for money. We understand that sometimes calling a Psychic can be expensive so we decided to take this factor away and concentrate on the really important details which are of course your readings! If you have connected with a reader and you would like to speak to them again please remember to ask for their ID number, so next time you call you can just enter it and we will put you through.


1902 256 955 Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles may cost more. 1902 256 947 Calls cost $2.20 per minute including GST. Mobiles may cost more. 1902 220 122 Calls cost $2.20 per minute including GST. Mobiles may cost more. Mobile users may receive free promotional messages. To opt out of receiving messages, call 1300 551 213. You must be 18 years old and over to use this service and have the bill payers permission. We cannot guarantee the availability of any reader. If your chosen reader is not available you will be put through to the next available reader. Service provided by Livelines UK. Helpline 1300 551 213.