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Amazing, Kind, Brilliant, Authentic and Very Real.

Hello Anne, I just wanted to tell you how brilliant and very good your readings are. It was a most positive and uplifting reading and her descriptions of the protagonists involved were very correct, frighteningly so. I think she is the best reader on here who is ethical, not swayed by other clients, and she is very very good. I look forward to the positive things you see upcoming in my life as I get on with my career. Thank You so much Anne, you are a beautiful genuine soul who is kind and caring. I will call you again at some stage soon. Lots of Love & Hugs C, Australia xxxxxx oooooo

C From Australia On 18/06/2019

Excellent reading

Hi anne im the lady from Berkshire. Ive been meaning to write a review for you. Sorry i havent had a chance. I had a reading done from you twice. I want to say thank you to you. Your validations your reading was spot on. You told me what others didnt. And you gave correct discriptions of a man im waiting to come into my life. So so spot on. I Cant wait for the predictions to come true. And i will call you to update you. Thank you x

Berkshire lady From Berkshire On 07/06/2019


This is add on to my last Review. Anne said i would have to wait til Aug to see this man if i don't initiate anything. Thats more than 2 months away. I just found out hes gone away for a course for 7 weeks. That means he'll be back by end of July.

From On 06/06/2019


Cream of the crop! Her revelations are spot on! She told me what to do to get rid of my partner's X who was causing problems and it worked wonders! This Weekend will be the best yet due to the happenings! LOL! Be patient and you'll be suprised by her attention to detail. One of the BEST for sure. Get in the queue guys! Get in the queue!

Becky From Australia On 06/06/2019

Spot on!

If you want the REAL deal and someone who can see what's really going on in much depth, then Ann or Labihah are the ones! They are the ONLY two who have truly explained my complex situation, the what, why and how to solve it! MINDBLOWING Clavoiryants!!

Becky From Australia On 31/05/2019

Fantastic honest reader

Hi Anne Thank you so much for your reading today and sorry we got cut off. Your guidance in relation to my services and charges has really helped amongst other things. You are a lovely lady and so honest.. thank you again and I shall let you know how it goes! X

Andrea From Cheshire On 31/05/2019

Detailed & So funny!

Thank you so much Anne - sorry we got cut off but I could not top up anymore! Thanks for making me belly laugh - I could not contain myself....you described the other two women in my ex's life to a 'T' and made me laugh so much! How one's a double dealer and after sex and other wants his credit card and his money! You described how much he appreciates and longs for me after these two nightmare relationships. Your honest description of what is going on in is life was absolutely hilarious...Thanks for the insight! I will be back! XXXX

Fi From UK On 17/05/2019

Spot on!

Great Reader, don't need to tell her nothing! Said to Freeze the persons name who wad causing problems in my relationship and within 7 days the energy will turn cold. Any one had this work for them?

From On 16/05/2019


Great reading re work. Very positive about love although i find it hard to believe u said he wants marriage and kids because hes been so quiet and distant til recently he only gave hints again but hasn't fixed a date. I rang bcoz he's so slow and non committal. So i still find it hard to believe what u say. Didnt really get a direct answer to my question of whether i should initiate asking him out again or let him. August is too long to see him. You can't have a relationship when u see them once in 5 months. There's needs to be more steps and discussion and common understanding. Rigjt now i doubt hes even wanting a committed relationship

Anon From Aus On 14/05/2019

Very lovely lady

I always enjoy talking with Anne. She's a beautiful soul who gives good spiritual guidance.

L From On 29/04/2019

excellent readng

Anne is spot on with her reading. She picked up the problems I was having and how to handle it.

frances From Australia On 12/04/2019

Brilliant reader

Anne never fails to amaze me everytime leaves me amazed spot on reads thank you anne x

From On 09/04/2019

She amazing predictions came true

She is amazing I spoke to her begging of January told me I will get with a guy have a family I did have. Said things only I knew knew there names before I said knew how difficult the situastion was told me my future predictions at first I was hmm that impossible but everything she gives comes true

Rhea From London On 29/03/2019


Excellent you are spot on

Nadee From Uk On 01/03/2019

Gifted lady you are spot on...

Nadee From Uk On 01/03/2019

Was cut off due to funds and my phone this morning but as usual Anne is there with amazing insight and elevated wisdom.True master at what she imparts.Incredible blessing to have even a few moments with Anne.So sorry I was cut off...The lady with the long distance time zone issue and his temptations around him in America.God Bless you Anne. Jan.

Jan From On 22/02/2019


She fantastic she predict something that happens before I met the person it all came true. I know she right putting me in right path one of the best readers on here so genuine and spot on no questions needed she tells you all...

Rhea From London On 22/02/2019

Fingers crossed

This was a good reading, I have frozen the name as suggested and hope that the predictions come to light. Thank you for your guidance! Came across as a gentle, kind, caring lady

Kristy From Australia On 18/02/2019

I wanted to say how incredibly profound this Angel Lady is.I have had 3 readings in recent months and she is absolutely the most kind,honest reader that exists on this site and so utterly gifted working for the Highest good.Anne may I deeply thank you as I was cut off by the phone line and didn't have chance to say how deeply I respect you for all your help with my twin flame scenario that has left me doubting.You as always predicted and explained everything is total depth and Truth.May God Bless you always.Jan.

From On 08/02/2019

New beginnings

Anne, a gift from the Universe.Thank you. X

Giulie From Australia On 05/02/2019


Such a gifted and talented woman. Needs no prompting or detail. Has given me the most accurate and detailed reading compared to other readers. Uncanny ability!!

Mark From MELBOURNE On 29/01/2019


Ash From Uk On 22/01/2019


Thank you! I appreciate everything.

A From California On 18/01/2019


She picked up everything straight away!! Amazing connection.

R From Sydney On 18/01/2019


I just told Anne my name and she told me everything about my situation. Gave me so much faith and ease for the future. Definitely the best and definitely a gifted woman. Thank you.

Chanel From London On 14/01/2019


Anne was nice. Found it a bit difficult to understand her but I was ok to continue. She did tell me things which other readers have said and also a timeframe for it to happen. Unfortunately nothing much happened before Xmas like Anne said but I'm sure it will happen soon. Thank you anyway.

From Uk On 04/01/2019

Very detailed

Anne is fantastic how she does readings and seeing things. So detailed. I hope will come out. Anne where are you I did not see you all week !!!!

Irene From London On 21/12/2018


Very kind lady who provides the best spiritual guidance. Make sure you have a reading with Anne. 100% genuine and accurate reader.

Loretta From On 14/11/2018


I just simply love and adore her

Maral From England On 07/11/2018

Absolutely Fabulous

Anne is absolutely a very talented and gifted person and such a lovely person too. Everything Anne had mentioned to me even from dates for things to happened they did.. I love talking to her. I will always go back to her... Thank you Lovely Anne, I will call you again soon . Love Nadia and massive hugs xx

nadia From On 12/10/2018

Very talented reader

Anne is such a beautiful lady. I always enjoy getting a reading from her. The information given about workplace bullies was extremely spot on and accurate. I will be able to deal with them more effectively now. Thank you for a great reading.

L From Australia On 11/10/2018


Thank you Anne for your clear and insightful reading. It was a delight to talk to you.

Carol From Australia On 05/10/2018


Anne always helps me with 100 pc accuracy and no info.She can predict things which unfold with incredible accuracy.An amazing kind gifted Lady.God Bless.

From On 24/08/2018


This lady knows her stuff. Gives you a proper reading. I was shocked when she tole me stuff that none of the other readers have picked up on. She made me understand why i have been going through a rough sphere since end of June and reassured me that all this ends on the 26/08. She has made brave predictions which im confident shall come to pass. Give her a try you will not be disappointed.

Anonymous From Australia On 21/08/2018


A pure psychic she is !!! Don't give away anything she will tell you everything like she is reading a book. My second reading with her today and she is consistent. Still waiting predictions to unfold. Give her a try.

Mz From London On 14/08/2018

Best reader - ever

With Anne, you will expect a detailed reading particularly in regards to other people. She does not keep you in the dark about any matter and you come out clearer with your questions answered. You’ll expect not only a psychic reader but also a friend. Thank you for helping me sleep with ease.

L From Australia On 17/07/2018

Very good

Always remembers me when i call. Remembers all she said before and ive had 3 readings from anne in a yr and a half. Gave me spiritual advice. Anne i started once i got off the phone. Sorry my minutes ran out. Anne is the only one on this site whose predictions have come through for me. All she said today made sense. Thank you Anne. I always mean to ask where you are from....

S again From Ireland On 12/07/2018

Such a lovely lady

Anne provided me with reassurance after a really difficult day at work. I felt very shaken and nervous about my situation and Anne's nice soothing voice reassured me. I would highly recommend a reading with Anne. A nice lady and always honest.

L From Australia On 26/06/2018

Anne you have give me a great description of this person that is causing trouble for me thank you for making it clear to me mell

From On 29/05/2018


Anne is great ! I look forward to her predictions! So far she has been on point :) thank you!!!

From On 17/05/2018


Thank you for the wonderful reading. I'm glad to know the truth about my situation. It makes things easier now. Hope you are feeling better soon and recover from the cold. We will speak again I hope.

Lg From Australia On 01/05/2018


Thanks Anne. Cut off, but enjoyed the reading. Fingers crossed predictions come to pass

T From Australia On 20/04/2018

I can't believe that there are negative reviews for Anne. Like most comments all I can say is wow. Started with a general reading then I asked more specific questions. She described people, hair colour, physical appearance etc.

From On 12/04/2018

Another great reading from Anne

Called Anne again today re a house sale matter. Good advice and insight.

Wini From London On 06/03/2018

General reading.

So spot on. Am waiting for predictions to happen and o know they will cos is not the first tome I'm using her.

From London On 03/03/2018

Amazing Accurate!

Very on point and accurate. Would recommend.

Wini From London On 02/03/2018


Very gifted reader. Was able to assist me to have empathy for other people involved in situation. Predictions unfolding too. Very accurate reader. Hope to have another reading in the future.

L From Australia On 28/02/2018

tuned in

made a lot of sense

Penelope From On 07/02/2018


thank you so much anne for your help! I got the job which you confirmed I would hear back from on January 25th. Also thank you for guiding me on a person and how to handle the situation. god bless you and much love and light xxx

name From location On 05/02/2018

Spot on!

Wow! I’ve had millions of readings over my situation. Anne said to me firmly. Do not contact him before 17th jan. he is not ready to communicate and won’t respond. I heard from him today. Been waiting for 2 months. Mini breakthrough! Thank you! X

Charlottelondon From London On 17/01/2018

Thank you Anna. You are very helpfull. Have a good christmas

Ali From On 24/12/2017

Wow , the best reader ever

Her reading was absolutely fantastic, everything to the point . I highly recommend this lady to everyone . Thank you so much

Ayesha From London On 19/12/2017


Thank you so much you have truly opened my eyes and I will call you again with anymore crazy dreams haha.thank you so much for the most powerful and most real reading I have had...purely amazing.xxxxxxxxxxxx

Chengetai From Uk On 19/12/2017

Lovely lady

This woman is the only one whose predictions have come true. Spoke again today and again december mentioned.amazing reader. Softly spoken and hard to understand but very very good

S... From ..... On 01/12/2017

What can I say .....

She is one of the main reasons people come to this site. Short, accurate & little waffle in between. Thanks a mil Anne.

Will From London On 24/11/2017


Wow, only one other picked a lady with dark hair before, but you explained clearly. Looking forward to the 6 monthly prediction coming through. Very, very interesting indeed. Supported what others said about divine connection and path of destiny. Appreciate your clarity thank you...

Lynda From Perth On 20/11/2017

Predictions came true

On our 1st reading i practically hung up on anne as told me my ex was with someone. I thought not true as nobody picked her up. It was true. She remembered me when i rang back. She predicted contact in the summer but he would disappear again. He has. She predicted me meeting someone in september. I did. Im now waiting for her final two predictions. One due december

S From ..... On 15/11/2017

Love this lady :

Always honest, empathetic, genuinely helpful, friendly and caring. Accurate in detail, encouraging and supportive. You can feel her spiritual energy in her voice. God Bless

Cat From Cardiff On 05/10/2017

Thank you Anne

Blew me away with descriptions of people around me. Hoping that what she foresees comes true. Definitely A+++

Secret Squirrel From Australia On 27/09/2017


Ann was spot on .. all I said was I was having problems at work and she described the situition and my manager in full details with no prompting. She couldn't have been more accurate. Well recommended

Sandra From Cheshire On 26/09/2017


Anne was so easy to talk to, she knew things without you having to say anything. I just hope her predictions come true and that all comes well. she connects very well and speaks to make you understand. it was an uplifting read really recommend her.

J From LONDON On 25/09/2017

Thank you

I can't describe how amazing and accurate Anne's reading is and how friendly and caring she is. Thank you.

Dorothy From North Yorkshire On 15/09/2017


I hope to see you log on soon. There is no one like you!! Xx

Jessica From AUSTRALIA On 30/08/2017

So accurate it's unreal.... Anne is amazing...

Omggggg Anne is the most amazing reader she is sooooo confident flows with her readings answers everything with the help and validation of her guide i just think she is so spot on. She also said to me tongonand celebrate after the reading and not to worry.... I love her gentle beautiful voice what a beautiful soul love you sooo much Anne thankyou thankyou thankyou.... finally aĺl prayers answered by the universe and my angels! Thank you beautiful soul....

J From Birmingham On 11/08/2017


I've spoken to Anne a number of times & each time she's picked up on my situation with shocking accuracy. It was lovely speaking with you. You are truly gifted.

Eva From london On 27/07/2017

Double wow

She asked what my question was for today and then told three cards and proceeded to tell me what they were saying and when she pause I just chuckled and told her how she described the situation to a capital T. Blew me away. Gave me such sweet words of encouragement. I totally love her.

B From ISA On 26/07/2017


I had a great reading. just listened as she picked up on things nobody would know and bold with the details. One of the predictions came true the next day. I cant wait now. I'll definitely call her again.

J From Australia On 13/07/2017

100% perfect

100% talent. So much positives about this reader. Try her for yoursrlf. Truly gifted she is

Lady From Barnet On 12/07/2017


This girl is definitely connected to the The Divine Holy Spirit. Arch angel Michael and Jesus Christ. This is so refreshing to me as I needed the truth and she clearly read my life out like a book and uncovered complex issues I've been trying to piece together with other readers for a long time and have not been until Anne. She does not Judge and she reads as is. She makes suggestions for your highest good but she tries to irk with you to make your dreams come true. She is brilliant and straight to the point. I love this girl. Thank you for helping me. Can't wait for my predictions to happen.

JS From Australia On 07/07/2017

Simply the best

Scarily SPOT ON. One of the gifted super stars on this site. OMG scary how her predictions are coming true one by one! She's honestly simply one if the best

Me From South England On 04/07/2017


Highly recommend and few things she made really clear in my mind and made me understand the situation crystal clear. My past predictions were spot on. Waiting for the detailed future predictions with fingers tightly crossed.

Anon From South England On 26/06/2017

WOW WOW WOW!! Amazing reader! Truth revealed!!!

OMG SHE IS INCREDIBLE SOFLTY SPOKEN HARD TO UNDERSTAND BUT TRY YOUR BEST AS SHE IS EXCEPTIONAL. Possibly one the best readers on this line next to Sadie, Alex, Demi, Psychic Kelly, Eva and Dee Dee. I will be a regular caller. Twice I spent 2.5 hours talking with her and she is worth every penny. Only the enlightened souls will appreciate her high level readings! Thank you for being there for me and helping us move through our Life.

Jessica From Sydney Australia On 15/06/2017

Not for me

Very general reading, couldn't understand a word she was saying, kept repeating the information. Sorry not for me.

K From London On 02/06/2017

It was brilliant!!

I've never had before a reading so totally correct. Thank u Anne for your kind words and accurate guidance. i'll call back in a month to update u xx

Anna From On 26/05/2017


Sugarcoats and speaks utter rubbish. Like she's reading off a manuscript

Kelly From UK On 26/05/2017


I've had ALOT of readings over the last 8 years abd this lady is the real deal. Be patient with her and you'll be amazed by her revelations.

Me From Uk On 01/05/2017


I loved every second of that reading. So sweet and authentic. Im so upset we got cut off. You have single-handedly restored my faith with this sight! Thank you. Talk soon xx

Tee From Uk On 10/04/2017

General Reading

This woman is so accurate and spot on. Very talented psychic

Rita From London On 10/04/2017


Picked up straight away things I didn't ask about and no one knows. Was very impressed with insights into my deepest secrets about someone I secretly love.

Mel From Melbourne Australia On 03/04/2017

Fabulous reader

Lovely lady, very positive reading. Thank you.

sandra From Scotland On 10/03/2017

What a con

I would not reccommend this lady at all a lot of guessing work and asking questions

Sarah From Northern ireland On 02/03/2017

Truthful and accurate...

What a lovely , honest accurate reading! Thank you Anne for a very reassuring reading. I was feeling really down and she has helped me, so kind and caring a true humanitarian, God bless you and keep you safe Anne for all our sakes, you are a bright white healing light , we need us, God bless you my friend, Nicci

Nicci From Birmingham On 02/03/2017


I had a reading with Anne a couple of months ago. Lots of very positive insights and predictions that felt too good to be true.

Belinda From Manchester Uk On 01/02/2017

Taurus and Aquarius ...AMAZING!!

Oh my lord this woman is a blessing to earth she is by far the most amazing person I have spoken to very clear direct and so insightful.i have no words I can't wait for your precious to come true you have given me so much hope and I'm great full thank you so much.

Chengetai From Uk On 31/01/2017

Genuine, Caring Reader

I have called Anne many times. She is very honest and direct with her readings. Anne has a very calm and gentle nature I enjoy calling her for spot on readings...I highly recommend her to anyone..Thanks once again Anne x

Emma From W.Australia On 10/11/2016

Very good!!!

Anne is great. She is insightful and knowledgeable and quite direct. She is spot on!!!

J From On 01/11/2016

Very insightful and original reader

She not only Taff's the cards but explains the deeper spiritual meaning. Where other reader's simply tell you the obvious she explains about life lessons, Angel guidence and life cycles. Probably not what everyone understands but it explains the bigger picture rather than the here and now. Highly recommended if you are looking for honest guidence and the best way forward, this by also using your own free will because she explains is your choice but also to consider the guidence too.

S From On 01/09/2016


Lovely gentle reader, very insightful and gracious. Please give this lady a try. L&L

Opal From Bath On 11/08/2016

Perfect Reading

The best reader in trusted psychics! Anne knew exactly my past and present love life and predicted my future. I was shocked and tearful because everything she said is true and accurate! Things no one knew! She's so compassionate, understanding lady and helpful. Will always call her no one else! A million thanks Anne! ????????????????????

Edna From London On 01/08/2016

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