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Spot on with the reading was very happy for the answer he gave me and felt better then before thank you so much for the reading love & relationship

Aasiya From Dudley On 10/04/2022

Amazing and Accurate

Picked up on situation and feelings without telling him anything. Tells you what he sees and not what you want to hear and he is very clear and concise. Gave clarity and clear predictions. Look forward to them coming true x

Krystal From London On 03/04/2022

What an amazing reading

This gentleman picked up on my situation right away without me saying literally anything. I'm feeling blessed because this is what a reading is all about. making a plan, understanding my situation and by asking him the right questions I have got all the answers I needed. Thank you Alex from the heart, will be calling again next week!

From On 02/01/2022

Compassionate and connect well

excellent reader very caring and helpful give him a ring for good advice and direction

S on 19/12/21 From London On 19/12/2021


Connected straight away and got right to the heart of the matter. Told me some home truths that I needed to hear but did this in away that was supportive.

Natasha From Gloucestershire On 15/08/2021

Vague and a bit rude

He was vague. I never really got answers, more advice, and also told to calm down and be less impatient on knowing the answers

Nicky From Scotland On 04/07/2021

Incredibly talented

Alexandre is a hugely talented reader. Truly feel fortunate to have been able to haves a reading with him. Once he established connection the information just flowed through. We even discussed seeing pink flowers around. He read my cards so so well - completely accurate on my past and present. Looking forward the future unfolding.

Neena From Berkshire UK On 21/06/2021

Very good reading

I have tried to reach Alexandre for sometime and finally managed to speak today. He didn’t ask any question and picked up on my situation very quickly. He was spot on with every thing and some really good advice. I will be calling again for sure. Please call him and I can say with great confidence you ll be delighted

Garima From Australia On 20/06/2021


Alexandre was A very amazing man and helped me a lot Thank you

Alan From UK On 20/06/2021

Long winded

I didn’t get any direct answers only long pauses and constant questioning and getting asked to chose numbers and then after another long pause, I have never had a reading take this long! I’m extremely disappointed

Alex From Australia On 06/06/2021


Alexandre picked up everything without any prior information given to him. He is a genuine reader. I like the fact that I share the same birthday with him. Thanks Alexandre, speak to you soon.

Anuradha From UK On 24/05/2021

Truly Gifted

Straight to the point without asking a single question. He told me the reason that I called him for. If you are looking for an honest answer, which might not be what you want to hear then please call Alexandre. He is direct, but honest and compassionate. Thank you Alexandra x

Neda From London On 13/05/2021

brillient and to the point

thanku for the reading about the man in question and i will do what u say and be stronger and thanku for saying u will send healing x

louise felfoldi From nottingham On 28/03/2021


The reading with you Alexander was fantastic. The things I was not sure about became clear to me and now I know what steps I need to move forward in my life. Along with courage and determination.

Valerie From Orpington On 21/03/2021

He was right

A long time ago I had a reading with Alexandre. Not only was he right about someone around me, it was even worse. I now I understand that I was in a relationship with a narcissist and it was never going to be ok. Please post this review.

Mary From London On 21/03/2021

Lovely man

Good reading ❤️❤️❤️

Jessie From Bristol On 14/03/2021

Very good

Very good reading, I will try the cup of sea salt behind the door and contact you to let you know how i get on

Ben From Evesham On 06/03/2021

Picked up on characteristics and events without questions - wise and insightful reading Thank you

Eleanor From UK On 28/02/2021


I’m in two minds about my reading I had with Alexandra. Will agree with previous comments that he takes a while by asking the cards question by question and then asking for you to pick 3 numbers between 1 and 22. However when I asked for more of an explanation about a question I had asked the cards he tried shutting the reading down! The whole point of a reading is to get clarity and guidance and I feel like I left the call with none of that! Having said that i do think he has some physic abilities it’s just his style of reading and ability to provide clarity is lacking

From Uk On 28/02/2021


Thank you so much for putting my mind at ease with my situation, and for your warm energy. Thank you for lifting my vibration, and for you prays. You answered all my questions and have revitalised my hopes thank you for your prayers . I look forward to updating you on my situation xx

Sacha•lee From Australia On 27/02/2021

Great and honest reading

I have had a few readings from others where I have felt they are telling me what I want to hear. Alexandre told me what I needed to hear in a very positive way. He told me I need to be careful of certain people but there was a chance for my situation to come out positively. It was a great reading and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone with a worry on their mind. He also has a very calming voice, which is nice ☺️

Helen From England, living in Portugal On 21/02/2021


As review of A November 2020 took a long time asking for several numbers. When I chose to stop he was not happy. I have entered this once before and not posted!! There should be explanation if method more extensive.

D From Midlands On 21/02/2021


He does pick up to an extent.. does some weird card method that I haven't got time for, I find him extremely abrupt and rude.. there was a time we were mid reading and come 10 o clock he asked me to call back when he was next on???? I questioned why and he just kept brushing it aside.. clearly wanted to just get off the phone.... totally unprofessional

From On 13/02/2021


Hung up on me for no reason will be reporting to trusted Psychics

Karen From West Yorkshire On 06/02/2021


Omg how rude was he, I'm paying for a reading and I told him I dont want to know about my past, I have lived in my pass so I'm well aware what happed... for him to shout at me and I must not interrupt him while he was readying, tell me how rude I am.. omg really it's my money I'm spending. And he has the audacity to say I'm rude, so I showed him how rude I was and hanged up on him. Dont waste your money.

Maureen From London On 31/01/2021

Another great reading

Alexandre was very good again. Knew why I was calling and situation around me. He's never been wrong before. Thanks for honesty will be in touch and let you know how it all pans out. And I will get a new phone soon too

Lara From Scotland On 16/01/2021

Professional Gifted and Accurate

Today was the first time trying to have a reading with this lovely guy. I’m so happy I did it! He started of doing what he called a “connection spread” with the cards and picked up on areas of my past which let me tell you, so far there was no one as spot on as him, then he automatically knew the reason for what I was calling and told me the overall of the situation I’m going trough. Later he felt so connected with me that he did another spread of me asking questions and he answered them in a very accurate way plus the information he picked up on was so spot on!!! I’m still a bit perplexed on how good my reading was. I have a lot of respect for your gifts Alexandre, no wonder why so many people recommend you! I’m sure I’ve heard your voice somewhere else and I’m so happy you take your time to come on this service to bless us with your amazing wisdom and gift, worth every penny and more! 5 stars is not enough! Thank you

Phillip From Australia On 19/12/2020


Keep asking questions instead of what card say very manupilating

Nana From Birmingham On 06/12/2020

numerology reading

Felt more of a numerology reading, quite confused about wanting a lot of information.

fern From Scotland On 29/11/2020

Please read x revised

Hit the nail on the head with several things. He then said a couple of things about my past that I couldn't relate to so I asked for clarification. He got offended straight away when I said it wasn't making sense. I stuck with him mistakenly hoping we would find a flow again. He went on to ask me to slowly say numbers between 1 & 22. I gave a couple of numbers (waiting a good period of time between each one as he was pulling one card at a time). I kindly asked him how many numbers he would be asking me to say as I didn't too many minutes for the call. He then abruptly told me that I was indeed wasting my own time, and demanded that I keep giving him numbers-without answering my simple question. Taken back, I still continued saying numbers despite feeling rattled at this point. He stopped at 3 cards & then started telling me that his flow had been interrupted because of my negative energy and because of my question. ? Was it not a reasonable question? I'm shocked by this disturbing arrogance and judgementalness from some readers. Kindness and humility go a very long way. Especially in these times when so many people are facing some terrible things and are reaching out to services like this for help. Please take this review seriously and publish for fairness..

A From On 22/11/2020

Uplifting and amazing reading

I had a reading with Alex today. With only giving my Name, age and star sign, his opening line to my reading had a profound impact on me. He saw my past with clarity, but also how I had lived through it. Then dealing with the present and my future. Looking forward to the predictions unfolding. Alex is a very skilled reader, his readings are firm, as he only wants the best for the client who is calling.

Diane From U.K On 25/10/2020

Very good reading.

Alex was a lovely and understanding reader. Definitely worth calling. Thank you

Joanna From UK On 24/10/2020

Best reading ever!!!

I'm so grateful to have connected with Alex, today, he helped me understand the depths of my relationship, clarity and even gave me a ton of hope for my near future. Thank you, thank you

Carl From Los Angeles On 18/10/2020

Great Reading!!!

Great reading! Spot on!!! thank you for your amazing reading today I will do everything you said and hope for a better future.

Liam From Australia On 04/10/2020

Gifted and outstanding!

I had an amazing reading with Alex! He knew things that no one could’ve possible to know! I’ve called a few other different services and readers but this guy clearly knows what he’s doing! He delivers a proper reading and makes me laugh! I like this type of reader as so you got a regular!!!

Rachel From Uk On 03/10/2020

Phenomenal connection

I’ve been feeling so much better after my session with you. The subliminal messages, the signs I’m getting make so much sense!!! You’re Exactly what I was expecting to get in a tarot reading! No mysticism or unrealistic “predictions”. I’ve had one reading before with a very famous tarot reader, and I’ve decided to give this service a try a fee times, and so far after having a reading with you Alex, I must say that you’re a master of this skill. I totally recommend you for those looking to get a proper and professional tarot session

Amy From Australia On 20/09/2020

A great reading!

Thank you for another accurate honest reading. We should all call when we are ready to face the truth ... else what is the point?:) speak again!!!

Raquel From Australia On 20/09/2020

People are not ready for the truth

After some reviews there’s clearly some people who don’t appreciate this guy’s deliver of info. Thank you so much Alexandre for our amazing session. I’m a regular caller and I can only say that this was the best reading so far. I don’t advise Alex for those who like to be told lies and sugar coating.

Stacey From UK On 13/09/2020


Can appreciate his honesty but comes across more as brutality. Even when he was telling me a positive he was hammering a negative...please publish TP something wrong here...

From On 04/09/2020

One of the best so far

I’m still shocked on how Alex connected with my situation. Great advice, things are finally moving forward and I am looking forward to speak with you very soon Alex. The best!!!

Charlotte From UK On 25/08/2020

No for me

Picked up on some things but when I corrected him on things he got wrong he became rude and very short. Wouldn’t go for him again

From On 25/08/2020


To the point, honest, kind, gentle and caring. No lies or chit chat. Very good.

Lily From London On 23/08/2020


I wrote a review for Alexander yesterday and it didn’t post, hopefully this one does. Alexander is absolutely amazing, he doesn’t sugar coat anything and tells you exactly how it is. Thank you so much for bringing me so much clarity, you have a genuine amazing gift an DC you are also such a lovely person Love and light

Chanelle From West Midlands On 16/08/2020

The delivery of information was Very brutal and inconsiderate , left hopeless after the reading whoch I felt we didn't connect

Kate From On 16/08/2020


Alexander is a top and genuine psychic. He doesn’t sugar coat, he tells you exactly what he sees. Thank you for providing me with so much clarity, I really needed this tonight. Wish we could speak for longer but I ran out of minutes, however I got all that I needed to know. Thank you Love and light

Chanelle From West Midlands On 15/08/2020

Uplifting and positive

Different type of reading but totally made sense Very gifted !! Thankyou Alexandre!

Nadi From Uk On 14/08/2020

No words

I’ve been using this service for 5 years now, and I must admit that I feel based on my personal experience, that there’s only a few readers in this line who know what they’re doing and Alex??? Oh my god, there’s no words to describe how amazing this reading was. I didn’t rush him, I didn’t test him, I just trusted the session with an open heart, and I guess his reviews confirm this. I’m happy that I found someone who doesn’t sugar coat, who is friendly honest and is keen to genuinely help!

From On 10/08/2020

Very honest man a real psychic

I had a reading today with Alexander..he was so specific about my life with no prompting. I had a wonderful connection and all he said made sense was as if he saw my life in rewind through his cards! He told me also what to do to try to get out of my blocked situation. Many thanks again for the wonderful reading

Cristina From London On 09/08/2020


OMG I have been calling trusted psychics for 10 years. I haven't found such an inspiring gentleman. He was straight to the point. He guides me to the things I need to concentrate. I advise about my relationship was spot on Thanks I will be calling you more.

Mekedes From Ukk On 09/08/2020

Very accurate

I enjoyed my reading with Alexander . I felt he was able to connect , and bring a good accurate reading.

Raquel From Australia On 09/08/2020

I take it back

I was not in a good place first time I’ve called you, and unfortunately I judged your reading in such a unfortunate way. I just finished another session with you and now, and even though our previous session wasn’t that great for me, it made so much sense... Today we had a beautiful connection, I’ll definitely call back again! The best of the best no doubts on that, if you are looking to have a sugar coating reading or to test his abilities, it doesn’t work. This time I’ve “opened my spirit to the reading” as Alex requests and the results were mind blowing. Beat wishes to you Alex, and to all of you who book a reading with this beautiful soul.

S. From On 09/08/2020

Blew my mind!

Had my first reading with Alex and wow! Felt very natural talking to him like I’ve known him all my life and he gives it to you straight! No B.S! Just tells you what he sees and feels and that’s what it’s important in a reading. Thank you so much Alex, your a true blessing! Baci xx

Lucia From London On 08/08/2020


Thank you so much Alexandre for your Honest and straight forward reading today, it's very much appreciated. I realise that I had a strong sense of self realisation while speaking to you, there is this thing called divine timing and I need to start focusing on my self right now. Xx

Carrie From Kent On 08/08/2020

Alexandre has no gift. He asked too many questions. And when I refused to provide him the answers to my leading questions, he called me rude.

From On 19/07/2020


Absolutely the best on this line! I tried once feeling terrible and angry and Alex instantly started mirroring my energy which made me frustrated and I just disconnected right away. But I strangely had a weird dream with the number 1213 and his name and voice on the background which led me to call back again! Tears are running my eyes now because I was skeptic at first, but he just read me like no one ever did!!! I feel so grateful that the second time I could connect with his abilities and guides. I will definitely call back again next week! Thank you Alex!!!

Mary J. From U.K On 15/07/2020

Gifted but harsh!

Alexandre is clearly a gifted psychic & had great insight into both my situation & POI. However, I was feeling particularly low that day & although I have no issue with the advice he gave me his delivery was brutal! Instead of leaving the call feeling encouraged & empowered to move forward I was left feeling destroyed & hopeless. Eventually I rang a different reader who gave me pretty much the same messages but delivered both the good & the less paiatable in a way which gave me the courage to go forward with more confidence that I would be able to navigate what lies ahead. It's one thing to be direct & not sugar-coat things ( I welcome that) but Alexandre needs to be more sensitive to the impact of his delivery, one size does not fit all & so perhaps he needs to be able to adapt & soften when appropriate. The fact that he reduced me to tears during the call should have been a sign! Gifted but not for everyone (hence only 3 stars)

Denise From Kent On 14/07/2020


Accurate reading around past/present. Picked up on reason for my call and answered the questions I had.

Linzi From Edinburgh On 12/07/2020

Thank you

It was a lovely reading. Thank you very much. I can now look for my future with positive lights !

tamiko From On 12/07/2020

relaxed and informative

Alexandre made you feel at ease and got straight with answering your questions and was very helpful

Tony Robinson From Cornwall On 12/07/2020


he tells you how it is. no time wasting thank you alexandre jackie

From On 11/07/2020

Fantastically accurate reader!

I had a reading with Alexandre this afternoon. He was absolutely outstanding! Totally spookily accurate on things he couldn't possibly have known. He is also such a lovely guy. I would highly recommend Alexandre to anyone wanting an exceptional reading. x

Gabrielle From London On 15/06/2020

Good reader

Accurate and good energy. Truthful answers but quite vague at times. But read my situation and my character like a book and gave some good advice. Would highly recommend

Wendyann From UK On 13/06/2020

Not afraid to tell the truth!

I want to deeply apologise for hanging up on you the las time I called. I guess you were a bit harsh but it all makes sense now. You told me what many other readers didn’t and I didn’t take it too well so I just hung up. I know that brings bad Karma to me, but in the end I want to thank you because just a few minutes ago, what you told me would happen if I opened the door you advised me to leave closed, just happened. And I now know exactly how right you were! Can’t wait to speak with you again!!!

From On 03/06/2020

Very accurate reading great energy

Thank you very Much for a great reading. Very honest and accurate . Great energy .

Raquel From Australia On 31/05/2020

He saw me in my past life OMG!

Wow he’s amazing! He saw my past life, who am I what am I and my partner and lover which is now happening to me! So shocked to know my past life especially! He’s incredibly honest and real! He’s the best reader here. Thank You for the lovely reading Alexandre and the advice! Been wanting to know who I am in the past and my wish came true! Thank you I now know who to choose among my lovers! I still can’t believe it! It’s meant to be that I’ll meet them again in this life! I’m not confused anymore. You’re absolutely right and all you said is true! Will update you when your predictions come true! I believe in soulmates! God Bless! Isabel, 24/5/2020

Isabel From London On 31/05/2020


Alexander certainly says as it is, and it is accurate. A genuine reading with a strong advice to take with me, taken on board Alexander, thank you x

Sylwia From Cheltenham On 24/05/2020

Great reader

Had a great reading with Alexandre tonight he is very nice and knew what was going on and what I was going threw in the past and got good news of what's to come. Thank you.

Adam From Northern Ireland On 03/05/2020

Absolutely THE BEST

What an incredible reading, I’m actually still shocked how spot on his reading was! He starts of with a general reading without me asking ANYTHING, just my name and star sign and his reading was SPOT ON! After the general reading, he goes on with a Q&A reading that’s even better. He even did an astrological interpretation which is making , mind blowing! Thank you Alexander, from the heart, will call back soon .

Margareth From UK On 03/05/2020

Absolutely THE BEST

What an incredible reading, I’m actually still shocked how spot on his reading was! He starts of with a general reading without me asking ANYTHING, just my name and star sign and his reading was SPOT ON! After the general reading, he goes on with a Q&A reading that’s even better. He even did an astrological interpretation which is making so much sense today, mind blowing for real! Thank you Alexander, from the heart I will call back soon.

Margareth From UK On 03/05/2020


First time I've ever spoken. Can see why so many reviews. What a wonderful person. Compassionate and honest would totally recommend. Xxx

Emma From Uk On 26/04/2020


Alexandre is amazing. I tried to leave a comment over a week ago but an error kept coming up each time i tried to post it. Everything happens for a reason, he really put my mind at ease and hit the nail on the head. I read the book, the pages u told me too and i actually absorbed it this time. Ill be speaking to u again soon ! Im so grateful that we spoke because now i know you will be my go to

Monica From Sydney Australia On 21/04/2020


I randomly thought to myself that I havent spoken to a psychic or on this site for a little while. Ive been fond of trusted psychics for over 10yrs. I hadn't been on since april or may last yr but today i felt i needed to check. The 1st person my intuition was screaming at to call was Alexandre but i ignored that and went for some1 who was great but not mind blowing. That call ended & i felt the urge to call again but this time i dialled my 1st choice and that was Alexandre. See, the thing is he said specifically that nothing happens by coincidence and he spoke of a book which was gifted to me by some1 who we spoke about actually. I remember reading that book & tbh i didnt really take much in, as if i was just blankly reading it until today where he kept on speaking about manifestation and the power of it. Everything and i mean everything he said was spot on, he even pointed out me smoking which i had stopped & well in that moment (due to todays emotions) i had a cigarette in my hand. im speechless. Everything he said is exactly what i needed to hear. The methods he uses allows u to really amazing. He knew i would call again soon which i will for sure & 1 of the crazy part of the conversation is my last question, his guides couldnt show a reading for that bcoz i wasnt asking what i truly desired and when i had the call ended prompting me to realize its not something i want to know. Nothing happens coincidentally thats for sure. Im sorry the phone hung up u, i can honestly speak to you forever Alexandre. Its funny how u said i ignore my intuition bcoz i do, i go with whats familiar such as numbers or choices despite my intuition being there i still ignore it. Thank you so much for todays reading and if theres any way u or any1 here can tell me his site or days or times he works id really appreciate it. Im so grateful to have spoken to Alexandre. I cant wait to speak to you again. Oh and i read the pages of the book u said, i actually absorbed it this time. Thank you Alexandre, you truly are a miracle, speaking to u is exactly what i needed. Monica

Monica Delareyes From Sydney Australia On 12/04/2020

Great connection this time

I rang last week, I must admit I was in a bad mood and projected that to the reading so it was not accurate at all. This time I rang and I cannot even describe how wonderful this connection was!!! Picked up everything spot on! Definitely will ring back again. Alexandre is the best so far

Sharon From UK On 05/04/2020

Detailed Reading

I had a very detailed reading with Alexandre which really helped my get the clarification and guidance I needed to start moving forward again! I would definitely recommend :)

Sandy From Derby On 29/03/2020


Just went straight in going on about my past, then saying ever so confidently that I was a father. No. I ended the call.

John From UK On 29/03/2020

Great man

Thank you for today’s reading it really helped to get clarity on my partners situation . Thanks Anna

From On 02/02/2020


Alexandre is excellent pick up on the person I wanted to know about right away and was spot on .I would recommend Alexandre and will certainly get another reading from him in the future he is a lovely man and very honest .

Helen From Scotland On 25/01/2020

Alexandre was excellent spot on with the person I wanted to know about .pick up on alot off things .would recommend him and will certainly be calling him again in the future .lovely man

Helen From Scotland On 25/01/2020

Thankyou Alexandre very quick very good

From Australia On 19/01/2020


Very accurate and good details. Definitely coming back again.

Jay From London On 05/01/2020


I'm amazed how professional, accurate and efficient you are! I can actually say this was the BEST reading I've ever had on any line I've purchased readings from. The reading was accurate, the advices you gave me are actually working... This is what I expect a professional reader to be, and it's funny that some people in the comments complain that readers are slow etc. They are used to go on Mcdonald's and have a cheeseburger in less than 60 seconds, this is spiritual work people, get over it, not only it's very rude, but also brings bad Karma. These guys speak for hours and shuffle cards for hours with people, some of them are actually very popular gurus like Alex, and having their techniques questioned is really disrespectful! xD Thank you again Alex and God bless you and your gift to communicate and empower other's like me... Will call next Sunday for sure! THANKS THANKS

M From UK On 01/12/2019


A bit slow answering questions however picked up on my situation accurately. I think he provides a different reading style. Thanks

From On 17/11/2019


He definitely connected to a degree but very long pauses had to keep checking he was there and not real in depth answers hate when readers have to shuffle 15 odd times for answers

From On 20/10/2019

Thank you

Thank you for your reading, I don't know how you do it! Your such a nice guy so humble, you knew everything about me and how I felt towards certain situations, even the amount of children I had. You gave me an effortless reading that was positive, non judgemental, accurate and honest and I appreciate that. Thank you, Nadine x

Nadine From On 25/08/2019

Thank you

Thank you for your reading, I don't know how you do it! Your such a nice guy so humble, you knew everything about me and how I felt towards certain situations, even the amount of children I had. You gave me an effortless reading that was positive, non judgemental, accurate and honest and I appreciate that. Thank you, Nadine x

Nadine From On 25/08/2019

Amazing connection

I had a reading with this lovely man And I’m so glad i did. He started of doing a spread with the cards and picked up on some areas of my past which were spot on, then he automatically knew why I was calling , he did another spread with the cards and answered my questions that I had which were very accurate, the information he picked up on was spot on I was so impressed with my reading. Bless you and thank you

Olympia From London On 18/08/2019


Good accurate positive reading

Sharon From Scotland On 17/08/2019


Really amazing and so different from any reading I have had before, he didn't ask anything other than my age and star sign then connected and reeled off things from my past and then my present and said why I was calling. He was spot on. I liked how he answered my questions but said he couldn't put a time line to something as I have control over my free will and what I do. He explained what was going on and how to over come it. Really lovely guy and a different and fresh reading which I loved :)

Jessica From UK On 14/08/2019


Alexandre was very straight to the point and picked up my low confidence and situation. Very good reading

Emmanuella From UK On 14/08/2019

Amazing advices, the best reader for sure

Alex thank you so much for your coaching session and for this amazing reading! I am amazed with your skills and the way you approach a tarot reading plus life coaching advices. AMAZED!

Lee From USA On 21/04/2019

The best reader

Very good reading, I feel much better now. Thank you my friend

J From Australia On 13/03/2019


Straight to the point thank u..

Lee From Australia On 10/03/2019


You’re wonderful and I appreciate your honest reading. I felt an instant connection with you. I’m truly appreciative of your ability to tap into the situation. I also appreciate you making me focus on my self care. I will be in touch.

From On 20/02/2019


Thank you for your help. Regards Neuza

From On 10/02/2019


Sorry the call ended before I managed to ask my questions but will come back another time.

Castro From UK On 13/01/2019

One of the best readers

If not the best on this line! I've been calling this line for the last 5 years, and first time I finally could get trough Alexandre, It blew my mind! He's so accurate and brings such positivity to my life! The real deal!

Yasmin From UK On 28/11/2018


i didn't have to say much he picked up on my energy straight away knew all the lows i had over the last couple of years and helped me to understand them

Alice From Newcastle On 27/11/2018


This guy is the real deal...believe joking around...he knows you better than you know yourself...Thank you for your extra help with are amazing alexandre

Mandy baha From Oxford On 25/11/2018


This guy is the real deal...believe joking around...he knows you better than you know yourself...Thank you for your extra help with are amazing alexandre

Mandy baha From Oxford On 25/11/2018


Alexandre is amazing! Spot on reading! He described my past very well. Thanks again and will contact again when predictions come to pass. Many blessings

From On 25/10/2018

I am shocked

My reading was very on point. Alexandre says that the reading mostly depends on the amount of energies we are willing to send to it, and it makes so much sense. I gave a gratuity in exchange of a ritual, to get my man back to speak to me. And it worked! I haven't heard from him since January, and out of the blue, he sent me an email yesterday! IT'S WORKING! the best! Thank you so much! I will be calling back very soon

Kadi From USA On 13/09/2018

Alexandre picked up my energy,my past and why I was calling very well without me telling anything. He definitely can connect and say what is going on and the probable outcome. Always keep in mind the free will. Thank you

Eve From London On 12/08/2018


Love your readings, I hope predictiona come to pass. I will keep you updated

M From London On 20/07/2018


I've tried to thank you by getting a reading today with you, unfortunately i couldn't get to you, anyway I want to thank a lot you for the spell you've promised me, i'm starting to see the results! It was worth the 10£ gratuity in return of this... Could you please be online on Sunday? i would love to reach to you again! again Thank you so much !

Silvia From Edinburgh On 06/06/2018


the best !

Linda From UK On 04/06/2018

Helped me with Cleansing..

He was lovely straight to the point, I love that,new my past down to a t, some good Spiritual advice, thank you

Frances From Lincolnshire On 20/05/2018

Great guidance

I was left in an awe. Alexander was accurate without asking questions. His advice and guidance was invaluable. Thank you Alexander. Looking forward to talk to you, again.

Stella From UK On 20/05/2018

very true

that's what I call a psychic excellent !!!! very truthful

From On 10/05/2018

A psychic recommended: a spiritual healer

Alexandre is the best soul searcher for me, his answers were my healing guide til this day. He spoke of a truth i have never heard from anyone, whom i believe has such gifts to do miracles in others lives. I will definitely give him a call again, as he is an angel of an connected spirit which heals our soul. A way to feed our body and a blessing to the mind. Keep up the good works Alex, love Leah :)

Leah From Adelaide On 25/04/2018

Very Good reading

this is the best reader i ever had! no sugar coating at all and amazing connection! i will call back for sure! the best 45 minutes on this line

Tina From On 23/04/2018

Spoke Twice- Lovely Honest Reader

I have contact Alexandre twice, i will be calling him again. the call was straighter to the point and honest insight reading, very clear. I will be calling hime again for more in-depth reading. i enjoyed to talking to him and getting an understanding in everything. i have to say he is one of the best reader i spoke with. so, Thank you for Time and lovely reading Alexandre. don't forget your promise. x

Dina From de uk On 08/04/2018

I got the information I needed

Thank you Alexanre for helping me with my situation. I needed answers and what you told me made a lot of sense. I would recommend anyone looking for some guidance and answers to speak with you.

Sandra From UK On 08/04/2018

Truly gifted, sensational reading

No questions asked apart from names and star sign. Went straight in to the reading and described my past and present and the reason for my fall without asking why I called. He was spot on about everything he said. Gave me good advice on being positive to achieve what I want and offered to do a cleanse salt ritual in a week. I can’t wait. Also did a gypsy spread for specific questions on whether we had a future together and for whether I would hear back sooner or later. Thank you for your honesty. Didn’t sugarcoat and I appreciate that. I look forward to speaking with you on Sunday 15th April.

Shal From Sydney On 08/04/2018

Excellent and very accurate

Amazing connection Alex was on point picked up exactly on what I wanted answered . Great and honest really helped with closures. Thank Alex ..

Laura From Cheshunt Hertfordshire On 25/03/2018

I am crying

With everything you picked up... no other could do what you do... thank you . Please always stay with us, because we need you! The best reader on this line

From On 25/03/2018

Lovely :)

Great reading and lovely to speak to :) lots of love x

Fi From Scotland On 11/03/2018

General and love reading

it just felt so different to any other psychic I’ve spoken too. He was calm, he explain everything clearly. He knew a thing or two that wouldn’t be common for anyone to pick up on. he was honest, to the point didn’t waste time or minutes. Even if it some of my questions weren’t answered how I had hoped. I know my future will be better if I take on his advice.

Kirsten From Australia On 04/03/2018

Very gifted man

Very accurate and gave good advice with situation. Predictions unfolding atm. Highly recommended.

L From Australia On 28/02/2018

Great advice

Spoke about my relationship with my husband gave me some Good Advice. Still need additional help. Thank u for reassuring me about matters. Speak to you on sunday

Jay From London On 30/01/2018


Wow spot on, amazing.....thank you lovely talking to you

Yvonne From Australia On 30/01/2018


Very calming and assuring connected well and helped a great deal . Will be back when I can get my man to the doctors to get help which I know he has to do. thank you again

Moira From Elgin moray On 28/01/2018

The best!

Accurate, polite and very professional. He doesn’t sugar coat and has a range of different spreads which I found very interesting. (I recomemend the gipsy spread) This reader also gave me a cleansing ritual that actually is making a big difference in my life. Thank you so much Alexandre, I wish I could give you a nice tip but unfortunately it’s not possible... maybe in the future who knows. Anyway have a lovely year and I hope i can get to you very soon!

Jasmin From United Kingdom On 26/01/2018

Better than the reviews

Had a short reading with Alexandre and by God I am beyond impressed. From his ability to clearly explain things before doing them to his clear answers, lack of waffle and straight to the point answers and I will surely be calling him again. Thanks. Ray.

Ray From London On 14/01/2018

Best Christmas reading

I’m amazed with you. I believe you have a true gift and you don’t sugar coat which I respect. Professional, warm and very polite, you definitely are a special person. Thanks for this lovely reading and i wish you a happy Christmas also

Ashley From On 24/12/2017


Thank you Alexandre - spot on, amazingly accurate and your advice was brilliant. The best reading I have had about a difficult situation and believe me I have had a few> I will heed your advice and in case people are reading this review No he didn't tell me everything I wanted to hear - just the truth.

anne From Essex On 02/12/2017

One of the best psychic

He is really good and to the point and waiting to see what happens next. Kind hearted man. See what next week brings. Thank u so much for your reading. Shaf

Shaf From On 19/11/2017


I had a reading today and I was absolutely amazed with the accuracy of my reading today. I was advised as to what to do and I shall definitely be following his advice. Alexandre is extremely amazing and has a unique gift to help people. He is a true blessing to others and if you seek clarity, Alexandre is your man. Shockingly Accurate. Thank-you Alexandre, your a star!

Charlene From London On 29/10/2017

I don’t know how to thank you enough

Probably I’ll be just another review, and to be honest it’s my first review ever on this website, but after I speaking with some many readers from here, suddenly I’ve got trough this lovely gentleman... my life changed, its been 4 month since our last call and to be fairly honest with you, in the beginning of the call I disconnected because I was trying to get to another reader, suddenly after more 2 tries and always going trough him, I decided to go with it. It’s incredible how this reader was so accurate and how his predictions and advices changed my future! I’m writing this with a tear on my eyes because if my life changed, its 100% because of you and your abilities. I tough it was impossible to get out of the situation I was, but I gained courage ( god knows where it came from!) and i did exactly what you told me to do... I owe you one. Beautiful voice, and the best is that you told me exactly what no one had the courage to... it was all my fault. I’m not going to lie, I hung up on your face at the first call, but after trying again, it’s just a gift I’ve got... I’m grateful for everything.

Bia From On 29/10/2017

Very nice

Thanks for all the conversation. Feel not only that you can connect with me very quickly, but is also nice to have a person like you to talk and lift me up. Will call soon my friend

George From US On 26/10/2017

hi alexandre.. awesome reading with you and so accurate with everything you said.. thank you so much.. please dont forget to add me for ur love ritual... be in touch with you very soon xxx

Sharon From wales On 22/10/2017

Reading with Alexandre

I just had a reading with Alexandre.He was spot on on his predictions and put my mind at ease.I called confused of the situation with my partner and at the end of the reading I felt like a heavy burden lifted of my heart.Thank you Alexandre

Vicki From Australia On 08/10/2017

Great reading .... thank you

Great reading! To the point, clear, good connection. Thank you so much Don't forget the spiritual ritual on the love area as you promised You are the king , the best one Kind regards Sonia

Sonia From London On 30/09/2017

New Freind

Friendly, helpful, mindful & honest... thankyou! XO

Cilla From Australia On 29/09/2017

Amazing connection the second time round!

I had two readings with Alexandre, with two different outcomes - I truly believe the connection we build with our readers makes a great impact on our readings. The first time I had contacted Alexandre, he picked up on my situation with little prompting. However, I was not in the best frame of mind that day and halfway through the reading, I was overcome with some negativity which impeded our connection. This led to a reading which was not satisfying to either of us. I however wanted to give Alexandre another chance. I contacted him a second time, when I was in a better frame of mine - the connection this time was amazing.. Alexandre picked up on so much more minute details and the reading was so much more memorable to both of us (It sounded like Alexandre is someone who puts his heart and soul into each reading and therefore gains satisfaction from a job well done with client satisfaction). I will definitely contact this reader again..

Rui From Australia On 29/08/2017

This is what i call a PSYCHIC!

One word: AMAZING! Thanks for the amazing reading

A From London On 27/08/2017

to the point

Thank you for your reading today accurate and to the point will definitely call back

ann From n .ireland On 27/08/2017

Nothing he said came true

This man has given me two completely opposite reading, wasted my money.

Megan From London On 23/08/2017


I would like to thank you Alexandre for the reading today about this two guys in my life. You give me the answers i needed in order to take the right decisions . You were outstanding . Thank you also for the ritual for luck and light. I definitely will be calling back. I recommend him with all my heart. Peace and light!

Maria From London On 13/08/2017

He's one of the best readers

I respect you a lot! This reading was so deep and accurate . Hope you're predictions come true , I'm going to do exactly as you told me!

C From On 13/08/2017

Astounding Reading

I found Alexandre to be to the point. Ask the question get a straight forward answer. I've never had a Gypsy reading before but i can say i did really enjoy it. I look forward to the predictions coming to pass. I will defeinetly be calling back. Peace, love, light and blessings to you Alexandre

Kristie-Maree From Melbourne Victoria Australia On 06/08/2017

Thank You

Thank you.

Sher From On 06/08/2017

Predictions happened

Everything you said was true , I'm sorry if I was being a bit reluctant in the beginning of the call, but now I understand how this readings really work! Sometimes we want the mediums to be 100% accurate but that's impossible, specially when it's from a phone conversation. But what really matters is that I've done exactly the steps you told me to do, and Andrew came back for me! And yes he assumed that he had another person, but I forgive him. Alexandre thank you so much, even for the soul cleansing ritual you gave to me , is having a big impact on my energies. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Annah From On 30/07/2017

Thank you

Thanks for the honest and kick up the but I need to empower myself. Hope your predictions come true. XxxX

ML From Essex On 23/07/2017

I love to speak to you

You are so friendly, so professional and definitely have lots of knowledge! Just the fact you tell my lucky numbers colours and checked my rising sign, makes a reading with you much better than most I've had here! This is what I pay for! Hope to get to you soon! ( the lucky number was so accurate, I'll tell you after why) thanks for everything my favourite spiritual Guide!!!!!

Tiff From UK On 20/07/2017

Thank you

Thank you very much for my reading tonight . The reading was very insighful and I was able to get my questions answered. Thank you Alexandre x

Vicki From Gloucestershire On 18/07/2017

Honest and kind

Very nice reading. Didn't sugar coat but still gave me hope and encouraged positive thinking on my part. Thank you so much!

B From USA On 17/07/2017

spot on

Just asked for a general reading and he picked up my situation right away..thank you for putting my mind at ease ....hopefully your predictions come to pass.thankyou

ann From n ireland On 16/07/2017

Amazing reader

Very good connection, picked up about all aspects of my life. Very positive and accurate. I will definitely call again! Thanks for this amazing reading Alexandre

D From Uk On 16/07/2017

Relationship and Work Reading

Works very differently to others sounded very confidnt in what he was saying. Got every detail right. Told me I would find work very soon..Lets see if this all unfolds xx

Larisa From Bedfordshire On 02/07/2017

What a shame

I read the reviews and couldn't Waite to speak to him but don't know why it was so strange . Went from saying I had beautiful energy pleasure to connect to , to saying all the wrong things and then turned it around and said it was because I was depressed and my energy very low ?? that we weren't connecting ??? I'm off on holiday tomorrow for a week the man he said isn't going to contact is stopping here and looking after my dogs for a week ????? Oh well can't win them all I guess I'll stick to my trusted regulars

Helena From Uk On 02/07/2017


Alexandre was very in tune and accurate from the first minutes, he mentioned details and feelings that were on point. I also found him genuine and confident, he wanted to help and as someone who holds moderately developed physic abilities (which he also picked up on) it felt right and helpful. He discussed what needed to be addressed without me having to say too much and being honest as oppose to sugar coating which I found refreshing. I look forward to staying in touch with him and I would recommend him out of the other readers. Best wishes x

Ana From On 27/06/2017


THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME! it's almost impossible to get to this reader, but when I finally got to you, I thank every minute of our conversation! we had such a strong connection, you picked up every single thing! I thank you and your spiritual guides for this emotional moment! AMAZING!!!

Olivia From UK On 27/06/2017

Not for me

Spent more time telling me about the way that he reads and what he finds less draining than actually telling anything

Optimist From On 25/06/2017

Pure Benevolent Goodness

Alexandre is a clear channel and a visionary seer of Truth. He is incredibly kind, warm hearted and benevolent. I could feel Great Spirit flowing through him as I received a very clear and direct reading that brought a deep sense of calm, clarity, insight, faith and trust. Thank you immensely. All love and blessings to you.

A.V. From USA On 11/06/2017

Best Reader I ever talked to I h recommend it everyone

Omg I have never ever talked anyone like him he is the BEST . No sugar coated every question I asked he was right on the spot my parents who past away came to him to send me messages we are Turkish my parents was talking Turkish to him and he was telling me what they said in Turkish I started crying it was such a emotional experience there was no way he would of known Turkish what they were saying to me . He told me everything I needed to know about my relationship right on the spot I highly recommend everyone and I definitely talk to him again thank you so much for Amazing reading Alexandre god bless you ❤️

Pelin. Maggiore From Australia On 11/06/2017

Compassionate Reader

Thank you for your help. I'm really struggling with my pregnancy abandonment and you were very kind and empathetic to my situation.

Alicia From Gold Coast Australia On 11/06/2017

I'm sorry for the bad review, YOUR PREDICTIONS HAPPENED!

I'm sorry, but i've made before a negative reading on your profile... It happens that your cards and guides are right. Your predictions really happened. Sometimes we just get a little bit annoyed that we hear what we don't want to hear, i appreciate your honesty and professionalism Psychic Alexandre! you're definitely a true reader and have a great talent. Hope that karma doesn't punish me for the bad post i've made here, i was just a bit shocked with the results, and i hope i can get in touch with you soon!

Sa From Wales On 10/06/2017

Negative Reading

Rang for a relationship reading he asked me if I had kids which i don't. Proceeded to tell me i was very insecure. Asked why I was so insecure. Told me i needed to change and that i was going to lose my job. Told me I needed to do his cleansing rituals. I hung up because it was so bad.

Sarah From Wales On 03/06/2017

Decent reader! Will call again.

I use this service quite a lot and I have to tell you this is one of the only ones that are worth your time. He is very accurate and you won't be telling him everything -- ask a simple question and he will get the answer. Simple.

Elle From UK On 04/05/2017

Thank you

I had my first reading with Alexandre. Not only was he very caring but very insightful and encouraging. He has helped me find peace within myself and has given me a clearer vision on my future.Thank you so much

Sandy From On 30/04/2017

Great reading

Provided timely and accurate answers to a difficult situation that I have been experiencing.

L From Australia On 30/04/2017

Good reading

Thank you Alexandre for my very first reading with you. I'm quite impressed on how you realised that I have 1 son. I wasn't given any details on when or how I will meet this new person. I guess I will just have to see what the future holds for me.

Alicia From London On 29/04/2017

Just Lovely

I had lovely and calming reading with Alexandre. He was able to pick up on How I was feeling and left me with so much hope and things to look forward to. Thank you!

pearl From France On 28/04/2017


He saw my friend in his reading who has passed away. Amazing. And he helped me with my all questions. I'm looking forward to his prediction.

B From UK On 23/04/2017

Great reading

First time I've had a reading with Alexander. Picked up on the facts with accuracy and confirmed what I already felt. Thanks for sharing your insights.

Nikki From London On 16/04/2017

Great reading today, very uplifting and really helped me to put things I. To perspective. Thank you :)

Shana From On 16/04/2017


Great reader that brought calm to me. He read I had 3 children straight away. I pray his predictions unfold.

Scott From Nottingham On 16/04/2017

Scary reading! Amazingly good

I'm not going to lie, it's scary how this person without knowing me, could pick up everything that was going on in my life, so accurate!. He said his name, asked my star sign and age and asked me if he could do a general reading to check if we where having a strong connection... And what a connection!! He really knows what he's doing! My God thank you so much!!!

From On 16/04/2017


Thank you so much Alexandre for the reading. I cant believe how accurate it was! It was the best money i have spent. I feel like you had a look into my past and my heart and said everything i needed to hear. Good on you for the good work you do, i can tell that you are in this business for the right reason. Accurate and gentle but to the point. Thank you again! Lyndall.

Lyndall From On 16/04/2017


Very strong energy between us, pleasant and uplifting. Picked up immediately on my current worry about my child and gave a positive, clear message about it. Nice way of discussing some issues that are going around your mind. I would wholeheartedly recommend Alexandre as your advisor on Trusted Psychics.

Tamara From UK On 16/04/2017

Very good

I spoke to Alexandre for the first time today. If you are looking for sugar coating or someone that will tell you what you want to hear then he may not be for you however, he is precise in detail and undoubtedly talented. He dug out detail with accuracy that leaves you beyond doubt. It just so happened I had the answers I wanted, bonus I will call him again

Simon From Channel Islands On 15/04/2017

No fairytale told

Honest... things I new n felt myself just needed confirmation my energy low and really tired gave me an advice on how to block my energy and restor myself... thanx cheers to a whole new adventure and passion for life ❤️

Monica From US On 09/04/2017

He was amazingly accurate around my relationship. I look forward to his predictions about my employment & the Progressions around it. Thank-you,

Maria From Australia On 09/04/2017


Questions answered and understood thank you

Sheridan From Australia On 09/04/2017

Lovely person

I often have readings. But today I had amazing read very up lifting thank you so much

Helen From Southwark On 06/04/2017

Thank you

Thank you for helping me get some of the answers I needed And also for you positive up lifting words, I will definitely let you know how things work out. Bob.

Bob From Essex On 19/03/2017


He was so to the point and everything he has said to me Was so true and honest I was so upset before speaking to him an having my reading But when I came off the phone I felt so positive and ready For what the future is to bring Thank you so much Will definitely be calling you again Alexandre

Kerry From Birmingham On 19/03/2017


Perfect reading, he doesn't waste your time with questions and goes straight to the point! I felt he cares a lot about how I was feeling during the reading, and even made me laugh lots of times. I even got a recipe to cleanse my spirit, and take away negativity, and it actually works!! I feel so much better, thank you Alexandro

From On 19/03/2017

Didn't connect

Seems like a really nice but I don't think he could gain a strong connection with me.. asked a lot of leading questions and wanted me to tell him my situation and how I felt about it ... felt more like a counseling session.. my minutes ran out but I felt I gained no clafication on my situation..

Alicia From London On 12/03/2017

Thank you

Great speaking to you you have instilled a belief that I had missed for so long I will take your advice and I will do what it takes to be me again. Thank you

man deep From Birmingham On 08/03/2017


Picked up straight away what was going on around me, hopefully predictions come true

Karen From N Ireland On 05/03/2017

Great reading

Great reading spot on...I will contact him again:)

From Quintela from Canada On 18/02/2017


Really enjoyed my reading with Alexandre. I had never experienced the gypsy spread before now. He confirmed everything about my situation with detail and accuracy. He gave me good honest advice from the cards regarding how to handle the situation. Thank you Alexandre

K (flat mate and moving out) From On 18/02/2017


Very unique and doesn't tell you what you want to hear. This is great and I found him to be very in tune. An excellent reader and I would definitely recommend!

From London On 12/02/2017

Great Empowering Reading

This reading has been extremely uplifting and has been straight to the point one of the best so far

naisy From London On 12/02/2017


This was a really different reading and it am fascinated to see if all eventuates. The line was a bit muffled but there was definitely something about this reading!

Jacki From Australia On 12/02/2017


Thank you Alexandre, sometimes people need reassurance especially if their own spiritual map is scrambled. This was a concise reading but the spiritual connection was energised. After just having a strange experience with another reader who put the phone down on me Alexandre explained that sometimes mediums cannot deal with higher vibrations than where they are at. I do know I chose right the second time. Very good and thank you. I am merely evolving, allowing myself at last to open up to the lower levels of consciousness and you understood that immediately.

J From Lancashire On 05/02/2017

Very good

Very calming and straight to the point. Will be calling with an update.

Chris From On 05/02/2017

Quick and spot on!

Alexander had a calming voice and he was spot on without Amy information.if you a no nonsense straight to the point read, you won't be disappointed

K From London On 28/01/2017

The best real deal spot on!!!!!

thank you for my reading spot on i feel much better.

Chantell From London On 10/01/2017

The best real deal spot on!!!!!

thank you for my reading spot on i feel much better.

Chantell From London On 10/01/2017


I've never had a reading like this ever before. So helpful I can't thank him enough. He is very dedicated and thorough. Will call again next week for the next update. Unbelievably good

A From London On 10/01/2017


Alexandre is amazing. He quickly understood my problem and addressed my concerns providing clear and relevant advice. He's without doubt the best reader I have found - either in person or via the phone or Internet. I'd really advise people seeking guidance for significant issues in their lives to talk with him. 10 out of 10!

Sebastian From Yorkshire On 10/01/2017

Great reading

You are a star reading was so accurate lovely guy

K From Uk On 22/11/2016

Thank you

I felt very relaxed and impowered to remove the negative energy around me with the help of my new guide. I was told the truth - not just things I wanted to hear so I feel better prepared for my future. Thank you!

Grace From London On 23/10/2016

Quick to the point.

If you ask the right questions, akexandre will give you the answer you seek for. No sugar coating. Higjly recommended

Kay From London On 23/10/2016


Great reading! To the point, clear, good connection. Thanks for the advise! :)

ruth From uk On 22/10/2016

Thank you !

Alexandra thank you for your amazing reading today I will do everything you said and hope for a better future !! X

Gx From On 02/10/2016

Quick and accurate

He doesn't waste time and gets to the point. He gave me some cleansing rituals. Hope it works!

K From London On 23/09/2016

Best reader i ever had

this gentleman is a trusty medium! i never had such a deep reading with someone that even realised that i had 2 children, that i am suffering abuse, and he gave me so many advices and we even did a pray ritual. After that call i must say my life got much better... Thank you Alexandre for all you have done to me,thanks for let me see the light in the darkness!

Linda From London On 12/09/2016

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