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Amazing woman. So genuine.

Out of all the readings I have ever had everyone has always told me what I want to hear or played it off cool. This woman told me straight up what I was struggling with. She made me realise my own worth. She uplifted me and made me see that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that she does genuinely care. She comes from morals and class. She has a very loving and caring aura. I can’t wait for another reading soon. So sorry the phone cut off! Thankyou for being honest and open with me. Thankyou for being genuine. She’s opened my eyes a lot! ❤️

Mariam From Manchester On 09/04/2022

Tunes in

Sorry we got cut off ran out of credit ! Thank you for your insights They we’re spot on - blessings xx

From On 10/03/2022

Spot ok and wise

Sorry we got cut off, you were spot on re my partner and his level of maturity. You picked up my pregnancy and have very good advise too. Princess Mia is one of the best on here and I have had readings with quite a few readers here. Thanks again. I was told to press any key to continue but it actually cut me off. I just want To say I appreciate the direct guidance o felt a lot better after speaking to you actually felt like I knew you or you were a mum honing advice. From yummy mummy ;)

Ch From London On 26/02/2022


Wise, non- judgemental, compassionate - I have learnt so much from Princess Mia. Really grateful

Victoria From London On 20/02/2022

Exceptionally good!

Asked for s relationship reading and that was it. She went straight into my situation and described my POI and the position we were in to a T. Didnt sugar coat anything and told me exactly what needed to be done. She is the real deal!

F From UK On 19/02/2022

Thank you

I appreciate all the readers but today you really helped me. This is one of the best. Thank you. The best advice I've ever received. You helped me feel strong.

Nicole From London On 03/02/2022

Thank you

Hi Princess Mia, We got cut off but I want to say, you are a blessing and I’m appreciative of the little bit of time I get to speak to you. Your guidance today was very much needed, I’m taking it on board. Thank you. Many blessings ✨

Flora From On 03/02/2022

Not for me

Felt she was going off on tangent from reading but she was friendly

S From UK On 03/02/2022

Best reading

I've been using this site for many years and I've never left a review but I had to. This was the most honest and spot on reading I have ever had and I did not even need to give her information. Thank you so much princess Mia. I will take heed of all the advice and info you provided. No more treats without tricks lol, and I am that protected lamb. Sending you lots of love x God bless you

Alesha From London On 01/02/2022


Mia is my personal motivator. I love speaking to her. She tells me what I need to hear not what I want to hear. Thank you!

New York From New York On 25/01/2022

Gave good advice

Gave some really good advice. Picked up on my situation and the struggles I have been having. She really cares about her clients. I felt that she wants the best for me.

Z From UK On 13/01/2022

An Angel in disguise

I’ve just enjoyed the most uplifting humorous honest reading … I got the answers I needed without saying a word this Princess is everything she says is in her profile - god bless her - she is 1 in a million ..

Susan From Manchester On 11/01/2022


I could have hugged you through the phone. You truly are one of a kind. What a beautiful soul... What a beautiful SOUL. I have relayed that deliberately. I am in awe and completely gob smacked. I cannot thank you enough for all the words of wisdom and the huge confidence boost. I really needed that, THANK YOU SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL

R From Mids On 28/12/2021


Had clear insight and good advice that was relatable to within the context of my situation. Thankyou.

Giselle From Melbourne On 14/12/2021


Very good, spot on, needs no prompting, thank you

Margaret From East Anglia UK On 26/11/2021

Good energy...very quick connection

Connected quickly. Positive and warm in her delivery Offered great advice.

From London On 17/10/2021

beautiful and thank you

i have nothing else to say apart from thank you

derminder From uk On 12/10/2021

great reading

shame my time ran out Princess Mia is lovely and full of wisdom and truth could sit and listen to her all night, happy to have another reading another night. Lovely great reading full of interesting things.

Angie From Derbyshire On 01/10/2021


This lady is so lovely and she is definitely in line with the top readers. Very accurate information. See things like a mirror. Very good and so kind and funny in her approach. Really good

Kamari From Lent On 29/08/2021


I spoke to Princess Mia a couple days ago about my POI. She picked up straight away everything going on soon as I told her his name. No cards required. She told me I'll hear from him that day and I did. She gave me really good advice & was comforting & encouraging me to remember my own self worth here which was spot on what I needed to hear. Really put my mind at ease.

Mia From Australia On 14/08/2021

Very good realy engoyed our chat knew all the answers amazing would recomend her

Jill From Midlands On 05/08/2021


Princess Mia has read for me before and this morning was no different from the rest. She was slit on once again with everything but was also very comforting and just what I needed. Princess Mia never sugar coats or tells you what you want to hear, she just tells you what she sees and is never wrong. Thank you so much for your guidance this morning xx

C From Midlands On 02/07/2021


Great reader, thank you for your reading. Gets straight into it.

Amer From London On 10/06/2021

Beautiful and gifted

Truly gifted and straight to the point bang on with her readings thank you could talk for hours

Jenny From Westmiddlands On 22/05/2021

Really good advice

I have been putting off what you suggested for ages but I’m going to take the steps now towards getting the result I want. Thank you for your advice. Brilliant reading.

Cyndy From UK On 23/04/2021

So upset it cut off

So upset it cut off and when I went back in after 2 attempts, someone stole you from me... I am definitely coming back. You were so accurate about about my love and so so uplifting and energising. Thank you so much.

Mich From London On 09/04/2021


True genuine psychic with no skills needed. Thank you for your wise words xx

C From Uk On 26/03/2021

So uplifting and accurate

Thank you so much Princess Mia. I am so glad I got you today! I'll remember what you said. I'll focus on me being happy, laughing, and enjoying the process of getting to know him better and him getting to know me :)

Unique Names From Australia On 23/01/2021

Not happy

Very amazing person and uplifting but all of her prediction did not come to pass and the opposite happens I’ve had a few readings with her and not one of the prediction is ever happened

A.B. From Australia On 15/01/2021


Such a beautiful and accurate reading. Some excellent advice that makes a lot of sense. Thank you so much. Love and Light

Jackie From SA On 14/01/2021


Princess is so tuned in an delivers in a beautifull manner definate psychic with outcome an insight predictions will be back to update. You will no be dissapointed as really picks up on everything *****+

Lin From Uk On 10/01/2021


Mia is an amazing genuine reader, no tools needed. Thank you so much for your reading tonight, you have given me the clarity I needed. You’re also such a kind genuine soul. If you don’t want to hear the truth, don’t call Mia.

B From West Midlands On 19/12/2020

Amazing 100^

So sorry we got cut off So glad I got put through to you, spot on so much detail an predictions what will happen true physic just flows with spot on information & predictions Best so far!!!!!

Linda From Uk On 14/11/2020

Thank you!

Thanks again for another wonderful reading. Since speaking with you i have been inspired and motivated to make significant changes in my life that are bringing forth results. You are a Godsend!

Flora From On 13/11/2020

Thank you Princess Mia!

Sorry we got cut off, I ran out of minutes. I was really tuned in and enjoyed the reading, I'm grateful for all of the insights and confirmations you gave. I've had readings with you before and you've always been consistent, concise and detailed. You are a beautiful light and give genuine guidance. I'm going with the flow in regards to that area we touched upon while making the necessary changes than need to be made. Thank you wholeheartedly Princess.

Flora From On 17/10/2020


Amazing lovely lady great reading thankyou

Avril From scotland On 13/09/2020

Beautiful soul

Accuracy was amazing and she gave me some really helpful advice. Love her. Will call again xxx

Leah From UK On 11/09/2020

To the sugar coating. Gave explainations and some advice....very impressed .will definitely contact again

Rose From Melbourne..AUS On 06/09/2020


A true psychic

From On 30/08/2020

Beautiful lady 10 start is not enough!!

Thank you so much my dear u are beatifull lady with beatifull heart may god bless you and give everything u need in ur life sending u my love! I am so happy to Connect with you u are reall physic God bless you thank you so much for ur advice! Xxxxx SHE IS THE BEST Xxxx

Nikol From uk On 23/08/2020


I shall certainly be back to get an update - a very good and deep reading with tapping in and sharing accurate insights into the current status and solid advice about how to step forward. Good to hear there is likely to be a reconnection of a past attraction in a few months., I loved the reading. Thank you.

Topsy From CT On 22/08/2020

Thank YOU!

I really enjoyed my reading with Mia. She reminded me so much of my grandma and how a person from the Caribbean speaks facts without sugar coating anything. Its a shame my minutes ran out but I value the advice Mia gave me! Thank you x

Ren From On 15/08/2020


Thank you so much. beautiful soul , great reading!!!

RAQUEL From Australia On 14/08/2020

Love Reading

frist time talking with Mia aww she is so lovely really easy to talk with and really good you picked up really well on my situation I shall up date when predictions start to happen fingers cross thsnks for great reading Mia I shall call again Maria

Maria From uk On 09/07/2020

Simply Amazing

I had such an uplifting call with Princess Mia this early morning. She is so amazing, honest and positive. Everything she was saying resonated with my current situation. I left feeling so blessed and plan on putting to practice the guidance she provided. Thank you so much Princess Mia you really helped me see my worth

Princess Emmanuella From UK On 09/07/2020

Truly gifted

The only psychic who saw in the early days of my relationship that there was another lady around. Tho I didn't quite believe her on the surface that deeper knowing helped me when it all came out. Because I handled it so well and let go with ease and said a sweet but firm goodbye, he remembers me with great care and fondness, put me on a pedestal, and wants to make a choice to only date me after 4 weeks of us not seeing each other. Let's see as I'm doing as the princess once suggested well before i met him. See what he's offering and if he delivers

From On 12/11/2017

Thank you for everything

I am so thankful for your help. It was so uplifting and warm. I love how positive you are. You have been amazing during the reading, and I will remember the advice you gave me. All the best!

Elwina From England On 11/09/2017

Awesome and uplifting

Had a brilliant uplifting reading from Princess Mia. Got straight to the point and picked up situations around me instantly. A wonderful blessed individual who's truly gifted. Most definitely lifts your mood up if you're having a crap day! Thank you ever so much. Chand

Chan From Uk On 26/08/2017


If you are having a bad day, definitely call Princess Mia! She will help you find that strength within. Thank you so much :)

J From London On 18/07/2017

you have a gift!

Had an amazing reading the other day with Mia i was waiting too see what she predicted to come true and it did! just leaving a review to let you know, thank you so much you have made me feel so much happier i cant thank you enough.Tom

Tom From Manchester On 17/07/2017

My spirit guide you are

You uplifted my spirits. I know my worth now and will reach the heights in life that I am meant to be. Thank you. You are a blessed soul. Not going to settle for less...from anyone.

Late caller From Anon On 11/07/2017

Beautiful Spirit

Princess Mia, Thank You, Sorry for the call cutting off no more funds, I think you are so awesome. I connected to you straight away I just loved talking with you. I am so happy I got you instead of the other psychic. I know it was meant to be. I definitely recommend a reading with Mia. Bless You

Carol From London On 16/05/2017


Woohoo! Thank you for reminding me how AWESOME I am and to not let anyone EVER in my life take that AWESOMENESS away. Probably the most invigorating, animated and eye opening reading to remind me what my life is REALLY all about! Thank you Princess Mia...and some day we will shop together ;-)

Bonnie From USA On 02/05/2017

Love her!

This lady was awesome! She gave some good advice very humorous. She also gave some predictions that should come in a couple of weeks. I am looking forward! I highly recommend this psychic and will contact her again!

None of your biz From Not telling that either On 18/03/2017


Her reading are positive when you're feeling down but none of the prediction come to pass and I have had three readings with her she seems to repeat some things over and over

Alessia From Australia On 17/03/2017

Spot on

Mia was spot on with my situation. The connection was very strong. Surprised by the negative reviews she has had lately, definitely not fake, with the sort of things she told me without any information from me. I had a reading with Mia last year, and the things she said came to pass, so I trust what she is saying this time around. Thank you for the straight talking delivery of your reading.

Anon From U.K. On 14/03/2017

Thanks, but that's a no for me....


M From Surrey On 09/03/2017

Not for me sorry

She started off saying "I see 2 men around you" when I corrected her, as there is only one as I'm just not like that, she changed her reading to say "well he must be two different sides to him" I didn't trust what she was saying then. Sorry but not the best.

From On 08/03/2017

She is interesting and fantastic !

she is interesting person to talk too , she will give u some good points to make not of .. so highly recommended..


You Understand!

I honestly got a lot of "you understand" and the same thing talked about continuously in circles and told things that honestly didn't make sense to me, didn't fit the situation at all.... I felt like rubbish after getting off the phone and nearly gave up on something that turned out not to be over....turned out he was having a legitimate bad time in his life and he didn't know how to talk to me about it. Just because people have a hard time doesn't mean their "baggage" isn't worth your time, love and patience.... Why give up on someone because they hit a speed bump? Are people supposed to quit on me when my life falls apart. You made him sound like a peasant. When he was more of a father to my children than their biological father. I guess maybe we didn't connect. Doesn't mean others won't connect.... clearly some did as previous reviews said...

Disappointed From USA On 16/02/2017


Past predictions have not come to pass. Gave her another chance but she goes around in circles really not saying anything but "you understand" 50 times. Not a good reader.

J From USA On 08/02/2017

Looking for counselling, Mia is the place to come

Mia is lovely, she is a brilliant counselling reader,she has a gift but I think she trys to calm you in the moment which can overshadow her gift. I think when she answers questions directly that's when her best comes out and true gift but when you are distressed asking for a general, she can divert into counseling. All in all get 30min to have a satisfactory reading off her as if you listen,she is great a reader.She has too much strength and power sometimes she may want you to be strong too.

Ck From UK On 02/02/2017

Consoling and humorous and straght to the point

Thank you so much - I wrote all of that down- will be reading and taking it in and sending prayers of thanks as I come out of this difficult time, love.

Sophie From Oxford On 11/01/2017

Talks a lot

She has her best intentions but talks a lot and all my readings have all been the same with no predictions ..

January 2017 From Australia On 08/01/2017


im not easily swayed but from the moment I started speaking with this lady, it was clear she has a gift and I connected with Mia straight away. Wonderfully warm, compassionate and insightful - a joy to speak with. Will definitely call Mia again - lovely engaging lady. Sorry we got cut off mia - happy new year to you! Speak soon x

Kristy From Leeds, UK On 31/12/2016

Really amazing

Princess Mia dived straight into the heart of the issue and I listened intently. She made lots of sense and I'm going to take on her advice! Very gifted

Jackie From Australia On 21/11/2016


Great Reading made me feel really assured and very accurate This lady was really lovely and gave me a postive corteous reading which helped the situation

Avril From Scotland On 12/10/2016

Amazing Lady

Princess Mia is truely talented and inspiring. You have helped . Much appreciation.

L From Australia On 08/10/2016

Di real princess

Princess Mia a di real ting, she talk di tings str8. Bless up uself princess Mia xx

Donette From Jamaica On 04/10/2016


Thank you for your advice, spritual guidance and support. xxx

Tèena From UK On 28/09/2016


Every time i have a reading with Mia her predictions leaves me astonished. She is truly gifted, i can only recommend her to you guys and say see fpr yourself. She does not sugar coat and does explain the situation as it is and so quick at hitting the button! Lovely lady you are!

E From london On 26/09/2016

Amazing and Uplifting!!!

Princess Mia is amazing!! Totally brilliant and spot on! She left my mind at ease. I feel much better after talking to her. She gave me hope. Very terapeutic and uplifting! I will call again soon. Thank you and God bless you for your wonderful psychic skills :)

Diane From New York On 11/09/2016

Amazing Person

Wow this lady is absolutely amazing ! She definatley has the gift of sight . A straight talking no nonsense reading with direction gave me guidance and understanding and best of all the knowledge of a happy ending ! God Bless and thank you .

Helena From Uk On 06/09/2016

Amazing Reading

This lady is so amazing using her natural amazing gift to give you what she really can see and will direct you onto your right path . Totally amazing mind blowing reading ! Thank you for your very uplifting positive encouraging and humbling words Thankyou so much God Bless x

Helena From Uk On 04/09/2016


Princess Mia is awesome...

Roshea From England On 02/09/2016

Muscles and Deliveries

Mia really is the Princess .. She started the reading talking about forgiveness and a past energy .. She went on to describe a male with muscles doing some kind of deliveries and emphasised he definitely wasn't the milkman or the postman and was driving a large vehicle and was trying to impress me .. This was a description of my ex who had recently told me he had started a new job making large deliveries to companies..She couldn't have been more specific ..

Lorna From Yorkshire On 31/08/2016

Totally brilliant

Thank you thank you thank you I understood and will progress with my ambition Sorry we got cut off ... I was called to scratch my wife's back and give her water lol ????

L From Australia On 12/08/2016

Amazing and wonderful

Princess Mia we got cut off but thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was feeling down and now I am over the moon and feeling empowered. Thank you so much. I will keep you updated. Talk soon xx

Emily From Australia On 06/07/2016


Thank you Princess Mia, you have open my eyes I have woken up now and ready to do what I have to do. You are truly, awesome. I could talk to you for hours and not get tired. Great reader, you are so on point. I will be call you again soon. Bless you xx

Carol From London On 05/07/2016


Princess Mia, we got cut off but I need to say that you are absolutely gorgeous!! What a reading!!!!! You have literally just changed my life. I went from feeling down to feeling so empowered. I will keep you updated :) thank you xxxxx

Sasha From Australia On 08/05/2016


Thanks so much Princess Mia for an uplifting reading! You always make me feel better after I have been feeling down and out for quite a while! Your a beautiful soul and deliver your readings in a positive way! Thanks so much talk again soon xxoo

J From A On 03/05/2016

Princess Mia makes you feel empowered

What a magnificent lady she is! Fantastic energy and voice. I especially loved her insight into my difficult situation and the practical advice. Princess Mia made me feel less trapped, more upbeat and she had me laughing so hard for the first time in a long time. Truly special xx

K From England On 30/04/2016

Mia you are such an angel wonderful lady always guiding me and encouraging me , thank you Mia for being the wonderful person you are xxxx

Rachel From Kent On 22/04/2016


Amazing reader, so kind, so uplifting and extremely wise. Most amazing advice she gave and I am so glad I spoke to her. I would thoroughly recommend Her! She picked on my situation and was so accurate. Xx

T From London On 03/04/2016

Amazing reading

Would definately recommend a reading with Mia she is amazing and I felt very connected all throughout the reading it was amazing to see the accuracy when she described my circumstances surrounding myself, my relationship and career paths. She is a truly gifted beautiful soul amazing I will definately get another reading from her in the future. Thank you Mia for the reading :) Xx

Patricia From Brisbane On 16/03/2016


just simply thank you xxxxx

Rachel From kent On 02/02/2016

don't know where to start

I just can't believe the realness I just heard. I asked her for a general and it was amazing just damn mouth dropping wow. I just don't know what to say other than THANK YOU WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWTHANK YOU!!!!!!

nelly NY 1/16 From ny On 24/01/2016


Amazing truly amazing xx

shagufta From wales On 14/01/2016

Mia is a lovely lady with a true gift , always put things into perspective for me and I'm sure others , thank you Mia xx Rachel

From On 19/11/2015


Thanks so much Princess Mia for another wonderful reading! Your a warm and caring person and I always feel uplifted after speaking to you xxoo

J From A On 27/10/2015

Perfect and uplifting

Thank you Mia, your words, guidance and encouragement reminded me of now important my journey has been to bring me here.........everything awaits and I finally realise it's all there for me. Much love

From Australia On 30/11/-0001

Spot On

Thank you so much for your reading we certainly had a definite connection which I have never felt from any other reader so there is no doubt i will be calling again its like having a real friend I can call upon when i just feel i need some assurances in my life. Brilliant clear concise insightful readings.

Sue Smith From UK On 30/11/-0001

Wow.....What A WONDERFUL LADY ....YOU ARE!!!!

I Have had several readimgs with Mia...and can honestly say she is truly gifted and blessed with a wonderful gift of spiritual insight on a deep level! She has picked up on my situation every time and has been a wonderful source of comfort, Love, and clarity. I recommend a readings with her as she puts your mind at ease immediately. GOD bless you Mia. Thank you for your kind words and inspiration. Much Love and Light to you. YOU are very much appreciated! X

Lisa From Kent On 30/11/-0001

Real, genuine and a true guide

Thank you Mia, What a wonderful individual you are and a true blessing to me at this time. I have had 2 long chats with you and on both occasions, you stayed strong and accurate with your predictions not wavering in your visions which were the same. And yes, I will stand tall and accept nothing but the best thanks for reminding me of that! True blessing, much love and thanks

Love and appreciation From Australia On 30/11/-0001

Amazing reading

Thankyou so much Mia for an amazing reading!!! I feel so happy and uplifted right now. I would definitely recommend a reading with Mia.

Sam From suffolk On 30/11/-0001

Gave me hope

My situation is dire but Mia gave me hope and clarity that I so badly needed. I would recommend a reading with Mia it is truly beautiful.

Rodger From Sydney On 30/11/-0001


Thank you Princess Mia for a lovely Reading! You were spot on, can't believe how you picked up on my situation quickly without asking any questions! You were wonderfulI feel so much better now God Bless you love Josie xxoo

Josie From Australia On 30/11/-0001

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