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Was a good reading and I hope all these other reviews are true and what raven predicted comes true, will update if it does only another two weeks to wait……

Zoe From Yorkshire On 28/03/2022


Best believe whenever you have a reading from Raven, everything will happen! Said I'd totally ghost a guy after 3 months and everything she said has happened just the same. Said I'd meet a BooHoo lady who would aid in getting me a Job, met this lady two weeks ago and she Indeed asked for my CV

From Ozzie On 08/03/2022

Words Don't Express

How amazing Raven on and always telling it like it is...I believe in what she tells me!!!

B From USA On 07/03/2022

Prediction after Prediction happening. Said an ex would randomly show up at my family home. Happened whilst on phone with her. Insanely accurate

B From On 01/03/2022

Always tell the truth

Hi hope you oky i just want to tell u i have passed my theory test. I went for interview as well today let see wot happens just pary i will get this job. Take care speak to u soon.

Facebook lady From UK On 18/02/2022

intuition and perception

listened, frank and understanding - will come back Pearl

pearl clarke From UNITED KINGDOM On 16/02/2022

One of the Best

Raven is one of the best readers here. She is very accurate in picking up my situations. I did my first reading with her on messenger in Sept 2021, she predicted a contact in Jan 2022. I didn't believe her because I thought my POI would either contact me sooner or never contact me again, but the contact happened on 13 Jan!! I am waiting for other predictions to unfold. One of the predictions has been delayed but I am hopeful as I feel very confident from what Raven has picked up in terms of my situations.

From On 14/02/2022


Said I'd hear from POI within 3 days happened within 3mins after speaking to her. This lady knows her craft

Bec From On 13/02/2022

Simply the best

I have been speaking to her for a while now she is absolutely amazing. She became more friend to me. She always picking me up when i m down. She give me a hope to look faward i simply love her

Facebook lady From Uk On 03/02/2022

Contact predicted correctly

Just to say that this lovely lady predicted a correct contact ❤️ I’m now hopeful that everything else she has told me will also come to fruition.. il be back to report if it does..Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you.. so much Raven for sharing your amazingness with us all xxx

From On 31/01/2022


Can’t wait to inform you about how my relocation goes. Super grateful for your honest insight and integrity. I was so glad to have connected, to have laughed and to have cried. I appreciate you!! You are a star

From On 31/01/2022

Another prediction happened

Predicted my boss who had caused me heaps of trouble would move to a different department. Confirmed today that she's actually moved. Bang on the money as usual. X

B From On 25/01/2022

Cream of the crop

Raven has always been my go to. Her predictions for me ALWAYS happen! Even picks up on details that shock me sometimes, I don't know how she does it. Truly the BEST. Give her a go. You will have no regrets.

B From AU On 12/12/2021

The best

Her reading kept my hope alive and I stayed positive and hopeful. My ex did come back

Sn From London On 11/12/2021

Different Type of Reading

I have had a number of readings with Raven and they have all been spot on. I had a reading last week that was very different from my normal type of reading. I was concerned that my progress was being hindered by unwelcome energies in my home. Raven very quickly tuned into what was happening, who they were and specific locations in and around my home. She then considerately moved those energies on to where they should be. In an instant my home felt lighter, over the next few days my own energy increased significantly to the point where I have been able to work full days again and my mood is much more positive and lighter. Also, the upstairs of my home has been warm for the 1st time in the 3 years I have lived in it. Please post this review as it shows the depth and quality of this reader.

Anon From England On 14/11/2021

Predictions all came to pass

Over a years worth of correct predictions ! Your awesome ! Thank you x x x

H From On 08/11/2021

Thank you

Thank you from all my heart Raven Not only you picked up In the situation without me telling you, but you helped me see through things I did not before speaking with you. Thanks again from all my heart Raven . God bless you

Victoria From On 31/10/2021

How does one get hold of you?

I’ve been trying for ages but noticed you no longer come in as available - but straight to busy - ? Arrangement with known clients. I would love to know how to actually get in with a chance of connecting?

L From Shropshire On 30/10/2021

Outstanding again

It was great to catch up with Raven today another brilliant reading. Got my situation spot on and what had previously been predicted had happened in the timeframe predicted. Fabulous reader, thank you

Kaye From Midlands On 21/10/2021

So accurate and straight talking

I have spoken with Raven on a fair few occasions.. and she is pretty much spot on everytime.. not asking leading questions.. she has made predictions and they have come to pass.. so far so good so will look forward to future ones too.. she will give you the truth and not beat around the Bush which is what I like.. she truly is gifted and would highly recommend anyone to her.. thanks very much!!

Anon From Uk, midlands On 11/10/2021


I have spoken to this lady by IM and she is amazing today I got to talk to her what a lovely energy and lovely person will let you know how it all pans out thank you so much Raven x

Eleanor From Scotland On 07/08/2021

God Sent

I don't know how she does it but Raven has predicted things for me that have happened down to dates. Outstanding!!

Becky From On 15/06/2021


Raven what can I say ! First of all thank you your one of the most genuine readers you really care about your callers . We’ve spoken since November and everything this lady has said has come true unfortunately my readings have been surrounded by a lot of drama because of my situation but it’s nice to have accurate information given ! I can’t thank you enough ! Truly gifted beautiful soul ! X x x

Han From Midlands On 06/06/2021


A wonderfully clear reading, quick and concise but explained it well. Picked up on the situation. I look forward to to the prediction coming to pass!

Anon From Uk On 03/06/2021


Fabulous lady I love this woman so amazing , easy to talk to , really supportive and helpful - lots of positivity and reassurance amazing

Jacqui From Wirral On 29/05/2021


This lady was 100 percent accurate. Gobsmacked. Thank you

N From London On 17/05/2021

Awesome Insightful reader

I have had 4 readings now with Raven oven a 6 month period. She always picks up the relevant energies right from the beginning, has a lovely communication style, and is able to advise on spiritual developmental. She was also able to connect to my grandmother in spirit who provide much needed advice about my own energy levels and my twin flame connection. Raven is always honest, compassionate and a pleasure to talk to.

L From Shropshire On 17/05/2021


Raven surprised me when she picked up a very important fact about my POI which NO OTHER reader picked up on here. He had 2 other women(ex-gf and ex-wife) in his life but all the other psychics here told me he had either and ex gf OR and ex- wife. Raven picked up he had both of them. Which did make sense to me BIG TIME! Thank you Raven for being SO AMAZING! I can't wait to talk to you on phone again. Can't wait for your prediction to come to pass. Thanks again.

Anuradha From UK On 11/05/2021

Amazing and incredibly good

My minutes ran out before I could say thank you today. Your reading was so accurate. I found the water leak, it was what you said. I'd had so many repair and plumbers here to find it and they hadn't been able to. I found it ten minutes after coming off the call with you! A million thank you s . you are amazingly talented. Sending you many blessings.

Y From London On 08/05/2021

Pleasant and accurate reading

Thank you Raven for our reading this evening, it was refreshing to connect to a genuine talented reader. You were completely spot on with everything and I genuinely feel I was meant to talk to you tonight. I will look forward to my predictions coming to light. I could have talked all night. I’ll send you telepathic thank yous from my camper van

Andi From UK On 06/05/2021

Absolutely Amazing

I sincerely hope you get this review. Raven, you were absolutely spot on with everything she said, especially when delivering a very sensitive but positive message from someone special which not many readers pick up on. The whole message was completely on sync and absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much

Carrie From Kent On 02/05/2021


Nice lady some things were true but predictions were different to the other readers. Do a bit confused what to think who to believe ? Wait to see if what she said is correct

Marie From Chislehurst On 04/04/2021


Wow am blown away just had a reading with Raven and she was very insightful about POI and was spot on with everything. Try her your won't be disappointed. X

Mae From New Forest On 29/03/2021


I had wrote 2nd review but wasn’t published! Shame! Not far! This lady it’s absolutely amazing! I had few readings with Raven,all the same! She’s very consistent and everything what she said make sense! 2nd PREDICTION come true as well! Thank you Raven! ♥️ God bless you

Flavia From L On 19/03/2021


Just had reading from Raven omg thank you ur just amazing can’t wait Till ur predictions come true xx give her a try you won’t regret it x sorry got cut off xx

Debs From Scotland On 15/03/2021

Nicely surprised

Her display picture put me off a little but I was nicely surprised by her calm voice, she is very understanding and picked up on things.. thanks for the reading

Ven From Lindon On 06/03/2021

Wow wow wow

Like all others positive reviews! One of predictions happened so I just wait for the others! Thank you beautiful lady!♥️

F From Leeds On 28/02/2021

Just amazing!

Although I was a little nervous to begin with, I was put at ease immediately with Raven’s calm tone and friendly nature. The reading was amazing and enlightened a pathway to my problem I previously had not considered. Raven’s accuracy was astounding and her positivity energy truly uplifting! Fully recommend!

Emma From UK On 22/02/2021

She solved a riddle immediately

I absolutely loved my chat with Raven. It was like speaking to a friend. I phoned her with a puzzling circumstance that I never thought I would fully get to the bottom of. I explained what happened and she completely nailed it with her answer!! As soon as I thought about what she’d just said, I knew that was it! That was the answer I never thought I’d find! It was like a weight being lifted. I’ve had a couple of other readings on here, but never felt any better or any the wiser afterwards.... this lady has done more than she probably realises. I’m so grateful to have spoken to her. Raven has a humbling honesty and doesn’t waste time or make predictions she doesn’t believe in. She listens completely and doesn’t judge. If I ever need another reading, I wouldn’t call anyone else!

Just me From On 08/02/2021


Loved the reading so quick flowed naturally and spit on in everything. Didn’t ask any questions. One of the top psychics truly gifted. Will be calling again. Thank you

Nik From Uk On 14/01/2021

Pleasantly surprised

Raven is very warm, friendly and easy to talk to she picked up on my situation without me having to say anything. She was able to give me information unknown to her and describe people she has not seen before. A true psychic, truely blessed. Thank you for the wonderful reading, I look forward to the things you have told me will happen. XxxX

T From East London On 27/12/2020


Wow, what an amazing lady to speak to.. she was spot on with my situation involving a POI, also about work and the coming year. I totally enjoyed speaking to her and will definitely call again. Thank you very much

Carrie From Kent On 24/12/2020


Just had another reading from raven just amazing thank you can’t wait for things to come true thanks raven speak soon xx

Debs From Scotland On 23/12/2020

Truly Gifted

Raven was so accurate in her description of my poi & the current situation that I felt like I was talking to my best friend who does know all the details. I was quite anxious about it but her manner was so lovely & calming that she put me at ease & we had a bit of a giggle about it all. I am so grateful that I got through to Raven & she shared her gift with me today. I will definitely be a regular caller. Thank you Raven

Vicki From Australia On 13/12/2020


Just spoke to Raven and she was amazing!!!!! I didn’t say much and she knew situations and things from the inside out. It’s great to get another perspective in things. I will ring again soon. Thanks

Raisin From Essex On 27/11/2020


Don't know why my last review wasn't published... outstanding reader. Got me and my POI situations down to a tee and my work situation too. Exceptional

Kay From Coventry On 19/11/2020


didnt seem to be picking up.asked questions

From On 05/11/2020

Just amazing

Just had reading with raven omg is all I can say she so spot on with what’s happening in my life can’t wait for things to happen will definitely call back thanks raven xxx

Debs From Scotland On 05/11/2020


Raven picked up my life in great detail. Thoroughly recommend 5 stars

Teresa From North LONDON On 20/10/2020


This lady is top notch. Straight into the reading, picked up my situation with loads of detail. First class, psychic and reader.

Teresa From North LONDON On 17/10/2020


Thanks for your help! You wee spot on about my situation

Margo From Glasgow On 12/10/2020


Awesome reading with Raven. Strong insight and ability. Hoping and praying predictions unfold. Clear understanding of current situation. Give her a try. Will def come back

From On 01/10/2020

Amazing reader

Was able to tune in without any questions. Knew the situation well and gave great advice and guidance

Jasmine From UK On 01/10/2020

A wonderful reader and listener

I have not had a reading in over six years so wasn't sure I wanted to face the things in my life at the minute. But I knew deep down I needed guidance. Raven was insightful and clear with what she said and how she said it. I am reminded how amazing these readings can be. She truly sees what I couldn't but needed to see. We talked for a while and I now understand the path I need to take.

Sara From Aylesbury On 24/09/2020

Amazing Reader..

Thank you for your amazing reading! Love the connection to. Grandma in spirit. I look forward to connecting with you again . I definitely recommend Raven for your reading.. No time or money waisted. Straight into the reading.. Amazing!!

Sharon From Australia On 24/09/2020

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I have many years' experience in working with spirit, and insight from my own Guides has helped me achieve success for myself. My main abilities include tarot reading, clear seeing and subtle visions in the Mind's Eye (a 'sixth sense '). I offer powerful psychic readings over the phone. I can connect with names and minor details to answer your specific questions. I can offer answers to questions relating to love, relationships, money and much more to ease uncertainty. PIN: 8623

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