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Real deal

I spoke to taz about a relationship and she was able to tune into his and my energy fast.... the strange thing about taz was that she was able to describe mine and my persons appearance and it was precise....she also knew our star signs without me even giving my date of birth, she told me I’m on the cusp of cap/aqua which was true.... the thing with taz is that she doesn’t sugarcoat and says it how it is.... so be prepared to hear the truth!!

From On 22/04/2019

Top notch

She immediately brought up an situation in uncanny detail - helping me to see and understand further what I partly already knew. She does not mess about. very good.

Paul From Manchester On 19/04/2019

Thank you for motivating me

Taz has put me back on track. Love chatting with this lady. She is the bomb! Look forward to chatting again.

L From Australia On 15/04/2019

Happy Flower

Honest reading, as always, great guidance, the best

From On 25/03/2019

Awesome!!!! The REAL DEAL

Taz is a phenomenal reader!!! Love her!

Roshea From U.K. On 14/03/2019

Amazing reader

Amazing. She seldom ever gets it wrong. Always a pleasure to catch up with Taz for a bit of guidance and motivation.

L From Australia On 13/03/2019

Very Compassionate

Taz is a very compassionate and attentive reader whom I very much respect, and she goes out of her way to offer exceptional help and advice. I would highly recommend her for a serious consultation and heart to heart reading.

Molly From Uk On 12/03/2019

in depth reading

Great reading, to the point and correct in every thing she said....Love the reading Taz, thank you, your the best

Marie From Western Australia On 08/03/2019

Taz has always been right

I have had a few readings with Taz and everything she predicted has come true. She told me about people and what was going to happen, and it did. I was shocked. Taz is the best on this site. Thank you Taz.

Frances From Australia On 02/03/2019

Got the job

I got a job in the time frame Taz predicted. The lady who interviewed me fits the description of the lady you told me about, including her name which was correct. I start next week. Such good news. Thank you Taz. You are the real deal. Xx

L From Australia On 08/02/2019

Entertaining read

I’ve had several readings over the past yeae with Tax. Shes entertaining and to the point. She picked up issues around me at the time. She picked up my miscarriage, low in calcium and iron and that I was frustrated in my role. She predicted changes would happen in nov but still nothing :(. Living in hope timing still to happen

Predictions haven’t happened yet sadly From Aus On 07/02/2019


You're amazing!! Precise and accurate. Taz was straight to the point, tuned in instantly and very honest. Thank you Taz.

Amanda From Australia On 27/01/2019


This is my second review. Taz put my mind to rest. She uplifts you and makes you understand the circumstances. She gives her best to you. I highly recommend her.

Frances From Australia On 23/01/2019

Straight to the point

I’ve had a few readings with Taz, she’s accurate and insightful and good at picking up other people’s energies. She doesn’t sugar coat and tell you what you want to hear she will tell you how it is. Great reader x

Marie From Kent On 09/01/2019

Very good indeed

Thank you for sharing what lies ahead. I feel better equipped to deal with it and will now be better informed to make the right decision.

Libran From Aus On 02/01/2019

Are you kidding? WOW

Thank you so much Taz. You are amazing! Sorry I ran out of credit but will call again. Taz told me things she could not possibly know. She is brilliant. A truly, gifted psychic who tells the truth. God bless you Taz. Xo

Marie From Australia On 30/12/2018


She is like pick up things just with my name wow wow wow She told me stuff I don't even tell anyone because i think they judge me wow she is awesome

Z. I From England On 21/12/2018

Honest & accurate

I’ve spoken to this lady several times. She connects immediately and is straightforward, honest and accurate. She has always been clear and concise answering the questions I have asked. Highly recommend her. Thanks Taz

S M From England On 20/12/2018

Lovely lady

Such a down to earth lady. Really calmed me down and made me feel reassured that everything is going to be okay. Lovely lady xxxx

Kim From Bedford On 17/12/2018

Excellent as always.

Excellent reading and chat as always. Hope you have a lovely Xmas Taz.

From Australia On 11/12/2018

Very good

She is very good and to the point. Never sugarcoat things. She told me something and without days the event took place. Love her. Jay

From On 08/12/2018

You were the only reader who was right!

Taz, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I had thousands of readings who told me that s certain person was coming back. You were the only one who said he wouldn’t and I would meet a guy who you described to a T. I didn’t believe you and hung up. I met this guy 2 months ago now and the other guy never did come back. Thank you again for my reading just now with some more advice and a prediction. Love and light xx

Charlotte From London On 24/11/2018


Taz gave me a reading that touched my soul. She is a real psychic. She gave me insight into something that was bothering me. Thank you Taz xxxx

Frances From Australia On 24/11/2018

Blunt and to the point but Accurate and hilariously funny

Taz picked up immediately on a complex love triangle that I am involved with and unlike other psychics who have all said it would work out, Taz told me the brutal truth. I have spoken to the best, Charlie, Demi etc but Taz told me things that rang so true so much so that I believe her. Although he does love me (with no shadow of a doubt) according to Taz, he will never leave her so as hard as it is, I must move on. She also picked up things that were going on in work and I knew exactly who she meant - OMG, did she make me laugh! Taz mentioned names and described people in work to a T and told me exactly who to watch for and what would develop shortly. She is the real deal and don't think I will phone anybody else but her from now on...Although it wasn't what I wanted to hear, I will no longer waste my time on someone who is unavailable no matter what his feelings are for me...Action speaks louder than words, every time...Thank you Taz for making me laugh out loud and thanks too for the clarity x

Caroline From London On 09/11/2018


I am so sorry we just got cut off. You’re amazing and so helpful.

From On 13/10/2018

I started speaking to Taz after a terrible period in my life and tiooday I am a stronger and better person for it... Taz's reading have always been spot on and she delivers them in an honest and caring way which always has your best interests at heart! If you could adopt a sister...I would have done it ages ago. Thank you Kaz for your guidance and support. You probably don't realise the difference you have made x

Jane From Cambridgeshire On 09/10/2018

She's the best

Love speaking with Taz when I'm feeling a bit down. She made me laugh and brightened my day. Good reading as always.

L From Australia On 11/09/2018

Incredible and true!

OMG I’m speechless! Taz knew my past, present, and future! She said the names, the places and the happenings all accurate! Hope all your predictions come true. Lovely and compassionate gives good advice. Will call her again soon. Thank you so much you opened my eyes! Best Wishes! Xoxoxo 1/9/2018

Edna From London On 01/09/2018


I Just had a reading from this lovely lady called Taz and I could not believe the things she came out with. I did not prompt her in any way because I didn't need to. Taz picked up on a lot of things about me and my surroundings which blew me away about my past and present. She knew exactly what is going on in my life right now and I'm in shock. Everything she said is 100% spot on! Taz from now on be my go to in future. Highly recommendable.

Dee From Essex On 11/08/2018

Amazing, genuine and lovely

Taz is by far the best reader on here. She picked up on my situation and started telling me about it the instant after I told her my name. She is a genuine psychic and a really lovely person to chat to. She told me something that no one else would know and she has made me realise something quite important. I’m so glad we spoke this morning.

Emma From Scotland On 05/08/2018

Truely gifted - Double Wow

She covers so much in so little time to the extend it sounds like she is reading your live from a book. Gave accurate confirmation information that told me she was right on the ball with the subjects she was advising on. She is amazing!

Deanna From Victoria On 30/07/2018

Picked up court case

Taz tunes in quickly and picked up a court case within the first 5 mins! Love her style of reading - to the point, no waffling and no sugar coating. She’s able to give clarity on matters that appear hidden. Thanks for putting my mind at ease.

C From London On 28/06/2018

Awesome reading! Without a doubt one of the best let me tell you. Cheers. Stan the man

Tazmanian Devil is awesome! From Australia On 18/05/2018


Taz is very honest and to the point she informed me off my termination as my daughter that I would have had had contacted her to tell me she wants me not to feel guilty taz mentioned a family name that she wouldn't have known it's Arabic and said be carefully off them they want to borrow monies and will give you a sob story but it isn't true picked up that my son wasn't well the best reader

Samina From Mancheater On 06/05/2018


lovely lady excellent reading accurate honest

Avril From scotland On 10/04/2018


I Caught Taz on a really good day. She was brilliant and so accurate. A genuine psychic, she picked up on everything easily and clearly explained all that she could see. I shall call again when I need more insight.

Rachel From Australia On 01/04/2018

Thank you

Cannot fault her, honest, straight into it, knew everything. Thank you

Claire From Edinburgh On 24/03/2018

Very lovely

Taz is quite good with her reading. I asked about 4 questions in 25 minutes. She can confirm my worried and doubt. What i valued her is that she is very pleasant to deal with especially her honesty with details. I'll recommend if anyone look for honest answer.

Cecilia From Australia On 23/03/2018

Amazing Reader!!!!!!

Taz you are truly gifted. I've never had such a good reading in all my life! The accuracy is unbelievable! Straight talking, honest, caring and very funny! 4 things have come true already. I'm in awe of your talent! I'm eagerly awaiting the rest lol thank you from the bottom of my heart! You opened my eyes and gave me hope!! Love & Light forever xxx

Anna From London On 22/03/2018


Thank you so much Taz as you are first person since my dad died to connect to him and I have been in person to many psychics!!You truly have made me a happy bunny and I will be writing that book and ringing you again...MANY BLESSINGS!!!

Jacqueline From Blackburn UK On 19/03/2018


I rang and was quite distressed over a situation. Taz was able to give me great insight and clarity I needed. I would highly recommend her. Thankyou Taz you have a remarkable gift. Blessings to you xxx

GG From Australia On 11/03/2018

Honest and patient

Taz has been amazing she has told me things that nobody would have known. Told me on my holiday I would meet somebody I didnt believe it gave me his name also said that my son will pass his exams along with family that I had fallen out with over ten years ago would contact as they found out I had told the truth I laughed taz told me that my deceased husband didnt like the new mauve top I had purchased along with him saying that he was sorry for an incident that happened years ago I will say the best evet

Emma From Scotland On 28/02/2018

Very accurate

Good reading. Accurate with many details. Very gifted reader.

L From Australia On 28/02/2018

Kind of amazing. She even knew the name of my ex. I didn't prompt or say anything. She just knew it. Honestly amazing. Id have to wait to how things turn out but she is definitely in tune with what is going on. A true psychic.

Amy From Sydney On 06/02/2018

Amazing medium.

Second mediumship reading I had with Taz truly brilliant and very accurate, recommend 100%. 2/2/2018.

S From Derbyshire On 03/02/2018

Boss and colleague having affair!

...and I went to work today and watched their body language, after they arrived in the office TOGETHER! Yes Taz you're correct, don't know why I didn't notice before, it's obvious now I know for sure. Taz validated her read by giving accurate detail, I actually couldn't believe it I was in shock so had to call back! There had also been a spate of theft in the office, I DID NOT volunteer this info, but Taz picked it up told me EXACTLY what was stolen and WHO stole it! I will be calling again....for sure. Thanks for your amazing insight, but most of all thanks for not sugar coating the TRUTH and giving your insight quickly and accuratly. Taz is one of the best. God bless you girl! Will call again soon. Nicci

Nicci From Birmngham On 29/01/2018

Great psychic

I felt confused and a bit depressed until I had this wonderful reading with Taz. She could see my ex exactly as he was and reassured me in every way. Thanks for the help Taz. I feel great and will call you back.

Ann From France On 18/01/2018

Always Amazing

Taz always is able to connect to my recently departed wife, she is extremely kind, compassionate and understanding and tells me information that only I could know. Taz listens and is very supportive. Its is not just this area this she is extremely gifted in, she has provided advice on my career too which has been true. Taz is straight to the point and just tells you as it is. An extremely talented lady and possesses the true gift, I have experienced some amazing things and unexplainable things in my life and Taz is very very in tune and connected to the Universe. Thank you so much. Love and Light

Simon From Oman On 11/01/2018

Very Good!!

Tuned in straight away. Good advice. One of the best!

Penelope From London On 07/01/2018


My second reading with taz. She is very gifted and one of the only psychics I fully trust on here. She connected very quickly x

Verity From Kent On 11/12/2017

100% recommended - Unbelievable Experinece

Taz is one extremely talented and gifted lady, my wife recently passed and she gave me so much information, she was connected to her, down to names of people and events and past memories, that no could even know about. An unbelievable conversation, thank you so much, in love and light

Simon From On 01/12/2017

Such a good reading I had with Taz tonight. I was feeling particularly low and she knew exactly what I was feeling and gave me good practical advice for the future. She is very empathetic and direct with answers and advice to issues. I could tell straight away that she was a trusted and good medium.

Verity From Kent On 24/11/2017


Thank you Taz was like talking to a friend! The 20 quid thing Really cracked me up haha brilliant reader.

Fiona From Glasgow On 10/11/2017


Taz is amazing! Really accurate, spot on, no time-wasting.... does not even ask questions. She just dived straight in with fantastic accuracy. Fantastic. Thanks very much.

eve From northampton On 05/11/2017

Fricken Amazing!

Right I googled a random number I normally call another line. She is the best I have ever had read for me. Right first & I wasn't even going to go into it she tells me the guy I was seeing hadn't left his previous relationship. And described it , him perfectly. I'd just found that out today. I asked about my career, she told me there's something else I could also do but I was too scared & knew I was writing a book. How did she know that? But even better my partner died 3 years ago& she kept saying who's D--- , he's in my book & he's saying you have to write it. She tells you not to speak not to tell her! She said he was with the dog

Bernie From Australia / New Zealand On 01/11/2017


One word AWESOME know which direction to go In now.

Jade From You know where On 31/10/2017


Told her i wanted a love reading. Told her nothing else. Picked up i was single but thinking of being with one of two men. Described both to me effortlessly. Amazing. Raging i ran out of time

Shirley From Ireland On 02/08/2017


Wow is the only word.I felt she was the only one who knew the situation. Thank you taz you told me to write a text and told me the exact words and it worked I got a response 5 minutes after sending text please try taz you be amazed how great she is.

Dorothy From North Yorkshire On 10/07/2017

Wow 2

Had a reading with Terffic Taz, she told me I had nothing to worry about with my job and they would keep me! I did not believe her as I so scared but she was right! I got confirmation last Monday! She is very accurate! She is Very good at dealing with complex situations! She told me a particular friend would not contact me eventhough we are close! She was right again! Thanks for being my rock Taz! Speak soon! X

Mary From London On 01/07/2017


She also told about the complex situation with my family and how to manage them. I feel much lighter and uplifted. Thanks Taz, I can't wait till our next reading! You were spot on. Give her try after the call you will be on a natural high.

From Mary On 27/06/2017

Spot On

I had a reading with Taz a few days ago and I was amazed as to some of the stuff that she picked up on a reading. She was 100% spot on and advised me on a situation that could have potentially harmed me should I have stayed. Taz is simply amazing and I really thank her for the reading and advice. Taz is a lovely, lovely lady and I hope that she continues to help other people the way that she helped me. Thank-you Taz your simply amazing!

Charlene From London On 05/05/2017


My first reading with Taz. I think she is amazing. Very blunt and direct. But I like that. She's honest with you and won't tell you want you want to hear. She knew everything. Thanks again Taz. You were spot on xx

C From West Midlands On 26/04/2017

Wasn't happy

I spoke to Taz last week about a male in my life. Taz told me that this man was a liar, and that there were another female int he picture who he was really happy with. I confronted him and pushed him for answers and he told me that the female was a friend from the past, he wasn't in a relationship with her. I pushed for the ending of a relationship.. which is what I got. After it ended, he told me that he had strong feelings and a strong connection, however due to all of this it had became toxic. I take full responsibility as I was the one contacting a psychic line for answers, however I do wish I had received a better reading. Maybe she just didn't connect with me.

E From Australia On 18/04/2017

Amazing Psychic providing solid support to me!!

Tas is an incredible Psychic who goes above and beyond to assist you with your questions. I feel like I have a friend in her and I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting to the bottom of my delema and uncovering the truth that was so unclear. You set peace in my heart and you deserve a special place in heaven one day. You are a true warrior princess and my earth angel. Thank you again for all you've done. God bless Taz bug hearts

Jess From Sydney down under On 15/04/2017

Love Taz

Gifted and kind person-- Great accuracy..thanks for the insight with P. Will see how he grows...Thanks much :)

Debbie From US On 14/04/2017


The reading from this lady was 100 perfect currect everything she told me was true thankyou very much x

Kirsty From Bolton On 09/04/2017

VERY good

Accurate about person in question! Thanks :)

Debbie From US On 02/04/2017

She's 100% the real deal

Wow blows me away how good she is. Kew everything right down to detail about people past and present. Predictions have come to light too. I'm gibes smacked she can't be faulted. One thing is she is blunt but I wanted the truth I got that! Brilliant will be a regular that's for sure.

Jas From Sydney On 01/04/2017

100% accurate at remote viewing

Taz needs little info and has a lot to say. She tells it like it is and she is 100% spot on with no bull. The only issue I ha e is that she is blunt and always picks up mental health issues about a person making it sound like she is passing judgement that they are no good for you but she isn't passing judgement she is only warning you. Not that you didn't already know they have it or they are on drugs but th She is only warning you. The point is she gets it right and if you want truth and honesty and no bull she is your girl. I always feel rest assured talking with her. Her remote view is precise and so is her recollections of the past. He future predictions are yet to come to pass but I'm fairly confident that she'll be right with these as well . Thank you for always being trueful. J xxx

J From Australia On 01/04/2017

Very good

Surprised that there are any bad reviews to be honest. Second reading withTaz, I said nothing and she told me about the situation. Her first reading came to pass, she also warned me of something and I made the wrong decision at that time. Very skilled lady indeed.

Anon From U.K. On 04/03/2017

Pleasantly surprised

Taz needed no prompting she went straight into the reading and was spot on with nearly everything. She's the kind of person you could carry on talking to for hours if your minutes didn't run out. One of the best on this line

A From London On 04/03/2017

Completely awful ........ Guess work don't waste your money

From Lancs On 27/02/2017


Taz was very good at the first reading and the second one days later she told me something completely different I don't understand it...

From On 25/01/2017


Had a reading of Taz, she new her cards in fact not sure if she needed them. she did not ask me anything she was so honest and told it as it is really nice women. She Knew my boyfriend to a T new he had a problem never ask me anything, she is amazing. Thank u Taz will be calling u again xxxx

Sharon From West Midlands On 24/01/2017


You are brilliant as always taz thank you

Antonio From Jersey On 21/01/2017

Taz, you are amaze

It was like speaking to an old and very wise friend. She gave me clarity and showed me how to move past my ex (who by the way has been very bad to me) i am so glad that ive found you Taz and I just know that we are going to enjoy lots more conversations together. GRACE xxx

Grace From London On 03/01/2017

1 jan

nice lady but asked a lot of leading questions and seemed like she was trying to fill out the time by talking about areas that I didn't want to particularly expand upon.. Would be good if you are calling because you want to chat about an issue or problem and have someone impartial to chat to but in terms of foreseeing - not convinced at all

Kristy From UK On 01/01/2017


Taz your reading was concise but throwing in your own personnel view of what I should do had a negative effect and could do a less stronger person some damage and lead them from the path their meant to follow as so many of the brilliant readers encourage me to do on here . Stick to your gift and dont express your personnel feelings of what we should do .

Helena From North East uk On 01/01/2017


Fantastic guidance. Loved her. So hope she is right, so I get through this traumatic time. Will be contacting her again

Patsy From Murray bridge sa On 31/12/2016


Accurate, caring and gifted. Will call again.

Bonnie lou From United States On 17/12/2016

Accurate kind and very helpful

Thankyou Taz for a accurate reading i look forward to it happening a lovely lady

Avril From Scotland On 05/11/2016

From On 24/09/2016

Lovely lady

Taz is very caring. It's clear she always puts 110% into every reading she conducts and she's accurate. She even picked up on my mum

Anya From London On 03/08/2016

hiden gen

taz is very good ,and very spot on she not be over looled had a couple of readings very spot on

di From southwest essex On 23/07/2016


What can I tell you Described my situation as if she had been their even used some of the same words and phrasesTrust completely

Paul From Scotand On 23/07/2016

Clear and to the point reading

First time review so I will make it short - She answered my questions with a straight forward approach which is really what I was looking for - I felt her calmness and a sense of real caring. Would definitely call Taz again for a reading. Happiness to everyone we deserve it.

Jan From Stoke town On 14/07/2016

Thank you

Dear Taz, thank you. Words cannot express the meaningful reading. I was very much destroyed by events and then my reading with you helped me to put my difficult circumstances into a wider more loving context. Thank you for your skills and talents. Thank you.

Julie From Chorley On 06/05/2016

very good

taz is very good and she ,and needs to be checkout by people very spot on and is a good and understand with personal probles very spital,and picks things very quickly ,and with out ask any questions amazing

dave From essex On 22/03/2016


Thoroughly enjoyed the reading I had with Taz.. Wow, she connected quickly, spoke the truth from the start, just reeled it off as it is.. So appreciate the chat - the tonic I had bean searching for .. I know that due to this review, it will be more difficult to get a reading from Taz in the future, but she deserves an excellent rating as she is the real deal...

Lynda From Australia On 15/03/2016

Psychic Reader Ceridwen
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My bloodline runs all the way back to the earliest days of the Tarot cards. So it seemed inevitable that I would start to read them when I was very young. I have been reading professionally since the turn of the century. I also use Angel cards and sometimes the runes as well. I give caring,compassionate, advice in readings that are non judgemental and confidential. I can advise you on problems concerning love,work,general finances,home and family. PIN: 3030
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Psychic Reader George
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Psychic Reader Mystic May
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Psychic Reader Jessie
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Psychic Reader Evangeline
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Psychic Reader Cosmika
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Psychic Reader Psychic Katie
Psychic KatiePIN : 3107 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
I have many years experience in tarot card reading. I am naturally a very intuitive person and I connect using voice vibration. I also have the ability to connect with spirits and how to interpret the messages I receive from them. I meditate frequently to keep my abilities on top form. PIN: 3107
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Psychic Reader Sean
SeanPIN : 3090 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
I offer evidence and assurance-simple but profound insight given by spirit and psychic intuition and a warmth of calm conversation. I offer answers expressed by both tarot and my intuition and spirit connection ability. Also ,if you merely want to contact loved ones in spirit, I have a very high level ability to contact and speak to and provide connection evidence and messages from those who have passed. I have certificates in psychic mediumship. PIN: 3090
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Busy For 18 Minutes
Psychic Reader Susanna
SusannaPIN : 2998 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
I have been a practising Psychic readings for thirty years and I am able to see the future by reading tarot cards, reading tea leaves and looking through my crystal ball. I am a friendly soul and I am non judgemental within my readings. Call me for an insightful reading today. PIN: 2998
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Psychic Reader Cheryl
CherylPIN : 1109 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
I have over 25 years experience of working as a Spiritual Life Coach & Tarot reader. My specialist area of work is around family and relationships, I work with couples, families or individuals who are experiencing, difficulties or challenging times within their relationship. Using my physic abilities I am able to offer you some solutions, alternatives and in a lot of cases a different and caring perspective. PIN: 1109
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Busy For 15 Minutes
Psychic Reader Jenny
JennyPIN : 2818 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
I have always been psychic from a very young age. I started using my gift 35 years ago.I offer psychic readings using tarot cards lenormand. My spirit guide will guide me to assist you. I specialise in tarot lenormand. I use a crystal ball and pendulum. I am from a very psychic family. I have had my ability from a child. I started doing readings for friends to start with 35 years ago. PIN: 2818
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Busy For 14 Minutes
Psychic Reader Shauna
ShaunaPIN : 3743 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
I have worked on the tarot line for over twenty years. I really started getting interested in tarot reading out of curiosity. My main abilities are reading the tarot cards, psychic readings and understanding and feeling peoples dreams. The cards I read are called "The Ryder Waite", cards. Please call me today for a warm and dedicated reading personally for you. PIN: 3743
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