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One of my best readers ever, spot on with her predictions Thanku Sam ❤️

Mandi From Uk On 10/06/2021

Please come on messenger

Please come on messenger your so hard to get hold of and can never get a reading with you

From Uk On 08/06/2021

Thank you

Sami, you have always been spot on, besides I’ve always felt like I’m speaking to an old friend! Thank you for always being there for me in hard and good times! Xx

Baha From London On 21/05/2021

Amazing Reader!

Her reading style keeps me intrigued every second I am on phone with her. Exceptional and VERY much tuned in with the energies of people I wanna know about. Amazing!

Anuradha From UK On 13/05/2021

Excellent Reader

Very indebt, excellent reader. I use this website a lot, and Samantha is definitely one of my top 3 readers.

marcus From London On 07/05/2021


I’ve spoken to this lady a few time on a certain person “c” she is absolutely spot on every time! She’s very honest and makes me feel

Sam From Uk On 10/04/2021

Great Reader!

I loved talking to samantha! she was able to pick up on my situation in detail and was very helpful in my situation. Thank you so much!! I recommend!!

Srey From Boston On 26/02/2021

Amazing Reading

Samantha, thank you so much, you hit on everything and my situation straight away. Your tuning in and knowing was amazing. A massive blessing talking to you. Thank you xx

Anthony From Dorset On 12/02/2021


Thanks for helping me. It’s a pity we got cut off. I tried you again but weren’t available. I recommend this reader.

Girl From Somewhere On 19/11/2020


SJ is a wonderful reader she knows her stuff and has always been spot in and truthful about my situation, she gives you an honest sympathetic reading, definitely one of the best on here!

S From London On 04/10/2020

Predictions didn’t happen

Lovely reading and picked up on what was happening sadly her predictions have not come to pass

Mand From Uk On 21/09/2020


I have been having reading from Sam for nearly 8 mths, she’s right on the ball. Her predications have all u folded In Time, U dont need to tell her much , she picks up on things in an instant & has helped me understand why my partner is having the affair

Mandi From On 21/08/2020

Thank you Sam it been hard for me lately every predictions you say unfolded just waiting for justice now i know new predictions will unfolve too thank you for calming my head was all over the place

Rhea From On 24/07/2020


Awesome, consistent, great insight and ability, delivers with compassion. Have had readings with her for well over a year. Has always been on the money. Thank you Sam. Much love Lisa ❤️

From On 22/07/2020

The go to!!!

I am currently waiting for when this lady is back online to update her.. She is so accurate that she is so hard to get hold of

Fs Soulmate From London On 21/07/2020

Spot on

My situation isn’t easy but she picked up on what was happening and why , and that my gut feeling is right . Time will tell but her predictions are in line with other readers . I’ve got to remain patient , look after myself and wait and see . Try her you won’t be disappointed.

Sue From Gloucestershire On 17/07/2020


Too good to be true, gave a very informative and detailed insight of the 3 rd party involved in my situation, heard some shocking truths. A very very great reader who I would highly recommend if you want a proper psychic Samantha is the one. Thank you so much , money and time was well worth this call. Will definitely be calling again.

Jagdeep From UK On 09/07/2020

Great uplifting message

Positive quick reader really appreciate her help and time. Gives reassurance in a good way and speaks well with clients. Reads life well without her knowing the past

Amber From Kensington On 25/06/2020

Not sure

Picks up well on situation but prediction changed every time

From On 23/06/2020


This lady tunes in well and gives full clear readings, jumps straight in with no questions asked which I love, I had to top up as she was so accurate and would of topped up again had my son not awoken but he was having a good old grumble! So disappointed as we were just getting to my career. Very authentic and spot on with her validations. One of my few favourites, Thank you Sammy x

Melissa From UK On 10/06/2020


This lady is definitely authentic and tuned in very well with me and my POI, I only ever review readers I believe to be 100% authentic and Sammy Jo validated several things, in fact she picked up on conversations with my POI that to be honest only he and I would know about! All she asks is your name and she does not ask questions, this is important when I have a reading done. All in all Sam works really hard to get answers to your questions, I just wish I could have stopped longer but my son woke up and was having a grumble so I couldn’t extend again, but I definitely would recommend, and intend to call again -40 minutes well spent ! Thank you so much! Melissa x

From On 05/06/2020

Wow everything happend

Last time we spoke few months everything you said has happend with his current partner... your so hard to get hold off

R From London On 08/05/2020

100 % Legit

I am so happy that it wasn’t a wasted call.. thank you Samantha, some of what we spoke about last week have been revealed today, even the fact of having to travel back again.. You are 100 % legit.. I hope we can speak again today.. Thank you

S.e From England On 03/05/2020


Brilliantly Accurate.

Londoner From London On 24/04/2020

Excellent reader!

Am so impressed by her accurate Predictions. I recommend her as a top reader. Will keep using her service.

J.S. From Surrey On 16/04/2020


Sammy joe has been there for me every time I have needed her! Her readings are super accurate and her predictions have also come true! She has been someone I have leaned on for no months! Just an amazing person and reader! Thanks Sammy joe!! Your amazing!! P x

P From London On 10/03/2020


First time getting a reading from Samantha and was amazing definitely would recommend.. everything she said made sense and hopefully will pan out.. Bless you

Alan From UK On 13/02/2020


Had a super reading with samantha yesterday she picked up on me expecting even though she didn't know at first was me however she was able to explain a situation regarding my boyfriend to full details .. I was so happy to speak to her .. and wished we got to over other areas such a shame ad my min run out .. I called straight back but she was already in a call .. so gutted .. hoped to speaks to her again to tonite but she logged off sad face.. look forward to finish off the call where left off . I do reccomend her

Larissa From London On 27/12/2019

Thank you

Sami, thank you for being with me throughout this journey. I am going to be away from readings but will update you on how things eventually pan out. Have a great christmas and new year. x

Baha From London On 12/12/2019

Great insights!

From Australia On 16/11/2019

Thank you

Sorry Sami but I didn’t want to tire you more than 40 mins. Thank you so much for being there. Xxx

Baha From London On 12/11/2019

Very good connection

Thank you so very much for shedding a whole new twit to the situation. I can fully understand the need to be focused on himself and look forward to see how things progress end of this year Many thanks..

Libran From Oz On 20/10/2019


I asked about two different men and she described them individually to a T, she also described intricate details of the situation with both of them with total accuracy. Its great to speak to a proper psychic, the situation i was enquiring about was complicated and she just knew everything. Prediction given for later this month so i will update i promise. But super impressed, thank you x

Anon From North West On 04/10/2019

Thank you

Sami, my minutes finished, not only are you my choice of psychic of all time, I never get tired of speaking with you! Thank you, let’s hope for the best xxx

Baha From London On 13/09/2019


Samantha is my go to girl! She has an amazing ability to finely tune into energies and very specifically, thoughts feelings, past present and future. She’s my rock, I touch base with her often and she’s always bang on. Love her to bits. She gives an amazing reading and picks on intricacies that indicate a sensitive and accurate psychic gift. Bless you Sam ❤️

Lisa From Australia On 26/07/2019

Amazing reading

Sorry Samantha I had to go off the call suddenly, but thoroughly enjoyed your reading. You have exceptional psychic abilities. Samantha picked up on a man I have seen looking at me, and I never mentioned him!!!. Described him perfectly. A really impressive psychic.

Sheree From UK On 23/07/2019

This lady is exceptional

Thanks samantha, very clear and concise reading. You told me things I already know, I’m psychic also and can tell when someone isn’t any good within a few minutes. Every detail that you gave was on point. Thank you

Simone From Uk On 10/04/2019


Very impressive, outstanding ,friendly and thoughtful. I feel very lucky to talk with Samantha and to listen her messages from my late husband.Thank you so much!

Olga Taylor From Bournemouth On 08/04/2019


First time getting a reading from Samantha and was so lovely and everything she told me made sense and definitely got everything she said right would definitely recommend xx

P From LDN On 04/04/2019

Brilliant Reader

The best of the best. Thank you as always Sam. This Lady tunes in so well and delivers readings with impeccable class. Amazing with timings and tuning into people. Thank you so much Sam.

Halanah From On 23/01/2019


Thank you. Your prediction on the job offer came in as you mentioned in the teens of Oct! Had to update & thank u!

Me From On 26/10/2018

Reads energies impeccably

Thank you once again Sam your truely amazing. Always a pleasure to speak to you

Halanah From On 17/10/2018

Just Brilliant

Samantha you are a true star x you tuned in straight away when I wanted a general reading. ..spit on with my career and family issues at the moment and you told me things that could not be told me about a certain some1 at work to look out for and 2 weeks what u predicted happened x will be my regular reader going forwards by far the best on this site...very practical and not wishy washie Thank you xxx H female x

Samantha From Uk On 03/09/2018


Thank you! You are so accurate! This lady is amazing she pin points people perfectly! Thank you so much.

Helan From On 19/07/2018


Really talented reader. Give her a call.

Alex From London On 27/06/2018

Insightful & empowering

Thanks for my amazing reading Samantha. We got cut off before i could express my gratitude. Everything you said has helped me to understand things much better. I'll be back to give you an update on the predictions you made. Blessings to you xx

Nikki From London On 04/05/2018

Very Good reading. Deep insight .

A really good, indepth reading. Thank you.

Wini From London On 25/04/2018

Amazing as always

Sami thank you for the accurate reading. You are one of the rare psychics on this line that have told me things that have come to pass so far. I would suggest eveyone to always try a reading with you, then time will show how accurate you are. Xx

Baha From London On 11/04/2018

She is good!!

Everything that's happened. She read perfectly. She read the person.involbed perfectly! So sorry we got cut off. Will call back again soon.

From On 13/02/2018

My god how accurate you are

Sami, you told me about a guy with initial S, my god I do not care about any initials ever, but this one was well spotted haha. are good Sami,,,it takes time for people to realise how accurate you are. xx

From On 08/02/2018

Real deal

Thank you again Sami for a very insightful reading. You are always spot on. love and light x

From On 01/02/2018


Thank you for the great reading and advise. You rock...and you picked up my situation as if you were here with me. I will try not to worry and just be patient and wait. Thank you and i definitely feel at ease right now.

s From UK On 05/01/2018

Fab as always

Samantha is the one who can predict the future in somehow! She has never talked nonsense and she is very spot on! One of the psychics I would go to if I needed to have clarity. She said to me someone has health issues and the person confirmed that few months later. She is the real deal. Thanks Sami x

Bibi From London On 22/09/2017

Reliable each and every time

If I would like to have detailed information what will happen in the next few months, my go to psychic is Samantha. Never failed me in the last 3 years and always spot on. I never write reviews, but this time I made an exception due to some of the negative reviews here. Totally puzzled by them.... And I felt important to balance it off by sharing my very positive experience. Never judgemental and always very patient! And she never brings in personal opinion to the reading. Very openminded and just reads the energies as they are with no judgement. Thank you for yesterday!! I really do appreciate your support. Agi

Agi From England On 18/08/2017

Not sure....

Think she picked up on some core aspects around my situation and then made an assumption around it, given my input. Sounded more like a friend giving an opinion rather than an actual psychic assessment. Have a feeling the basis of the reading was correct but the future and current situation were fluffed up and slightly exaggerated to make the reading longer. A shame really because the basis of the reading was the same as a previous reading with Samantha, but as I say, the other elements around it changed considerably. Timing is also out by a fair amount, but I don't believe in those predictions anyway. Good, but some guesswork with it.

From UK On 09/07/2017

Samantha is amazing!

Wow, her reading was amazing!! Got all the dates correct, thank you Samantha!

Chan From London On 22/06/2017

Thank you!

Amazing! You see so much and you have helped me more than I thought was possible. You have given me a positive way to trust in the future. Thank you!

Rachel From West Country UK On 16/06/2017


I called Samantha today and came off the phone feeling like all my questions were answered and so much more . she picked up on all kinds of things without needing to be fed any kind of information . definitely want to call back again soon .

Kylie From carlisle On 26/05/2017


Sami is a rare psychic. She is spot on to a point that you Sometiems wonder how come she can be as brilliant as this and I have tried loads of them but she is indeed exceptional. Now that time has passed and I compare readers predictions I realize she is great at predicting what is to come, the timing might not be spot on but who can predict the correct timing ! You are fantastic Sami and you know it! God bless you

Bibi From London On 11/05/2017

The best

Sam is the very best at picking up what someone is feeling at that time and has now guided me for over a year and never been wrong

Ss From Midlands On 03/05/2017

Guessing games

Very sweet lady, but phishing and had no idea where to go with my question. No direction, validation or psychic connection, perhaps we just did not connect but then please do just say so, don't keep me on phone for no other reason than profit. I am ready to hear a negative response to my situation but please at least try to validate something otherwise it is guesswork. I am sorry as I don't mean to be offensive only honest. God bless.

margot From New York On 07/04/2017

You have helped me so much in a horrible situation xxx Thankyou

Kellie From On 03/03/2017

Extraordinary Reader

Samantha is a phenomenal reader and is extremely in tune and accurate.

R From England On 10/11/2016

Had a reading with u 2 weeks ago regarding a certain someone.. loved ur reading and trust in it 100% he did make contact but more looking forward to this month as ur reading said wen things will change for the better. u put my mind at ease. u are a fantastic reader.

Daniella From Australia On 01/10/2016

reading 22/9/16

Thank you samantha for ur reading. u are an excellent psychic.extremely accurate picking up wat i was asking about and needed clarity on. i will keep in touch. u deserve more reviews.

Daniella From Australia On 24/09/2016


I had a reading with Samantha yesterday and have to say it was amazing! She really tuned into my situation brilliantly and she made me feel so at ease. She was incredibly friendly and very easy to talk too. There were loads of validations and a lot of predictions. I'm very excited for my future and I have to say I feel so calm after speaking to Samantha. Thank you ever so much, I will definitely be calling back at some point. Love and light..Xx

Lynn From Scotland, UK On 06/08/2016

Wonderful advisor

By far my favorite psychic!!! She connected very well and describe the people in question amazingly!!! Will call back in the future!!!

From Texas, U.S.A. On 22/07/2016


Sammy jo is amazing I have been talking to her for 2 years and all her predictions have been spot on Thank u

Ss From Midlands On 06/06/2016


What a wonderful kind and accurate reader.called as I was a bit overwhelmed by all that was going on. By the end of the reading I felt so calm and knew what I had to do next.Just great.Thank you.

Lesley gg From Glasgow On 05/05/2016

Reading 28 th jan

Thanx for a great reading x def play it cool with certain someone , picked up everything goin on round me , def ring back . Quick reading x

Carol From Uk On 28/01/2016


Sammy jo is a true psychic and gives you all the help you need, excellent xx

Sharon From uk On 30/12/2015

25 11 15

Lovely lady to talk to . Picked up on situation instantly , was like talkin to a old friend . Had a proper giggle . If you get chance give Sam a call . She ll put ya at ease in no time :-) Def ring back very soon x

Carol From Uk On 25/11/2015

Probably the best reader?

Thanks to Samantha my problems seem much less of a mess than they was. She gave me predictions that have already started coming true. Thank you too much Samantha

Elaine From Port Talbot On 30/11/-0001

samantha 1347

I went through to Samantha by mistake I am so glad that I did just gave me a fabulous reading with many many validations. Cant wait for her predictions to start happening in nov dec time will defo call back for further readings 10/10 love and light and god bless Chrissie

chrissie From essex On 30/11/-0001

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