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Hope you may get this .. am missing our times so much and really hope you are ok

Francina From London On 18/10/2021

On the button

Howard has a real gift could not have been more accurate but of course time will tell but he knew so much coming from his spirit guide absolutely unbelievable!

Rebecca From Surrey On 20/09/2021

Lovely Reader

What a lovely man . Thankyou Howard sorry we had only a short time JB Midlands xx

JB From Midlands On 27/07/2021

Missing you

Young Man .., where you are? Am missing our sessions online and your sweet and honest advice /support . Am praying that you are well and will be able to speak soon ?? Francina

Francina From London On 28/06/2021

Spot on

Was spot on by the x messing about still seeing x behind my back . Looking forward to new job in may . See about the new guy mr Libra popping in see how it goes thank you highly recommended Howard

Fiona From Yorkshire On 06/04/2021

Amazing honest accuratr

Howard is reliable and cobalt with him several time sorry we got cut off my query were were complicated sorry speak soon and thank you so much

On 13/3/21 From London On 13/03/2021

Calm and accurate

Excellent and calm reading from Howard. He was very confident and connected to my situation quickly and accurately read my POI's personality. He gave me clarity on the situation and advised me on how to approach. Thanks Howard, I'll come back for more reading. xoxo

Anuradha From Ipswich On 28/02/2021

Lovely man

Reading was spot on. Had a general read and he picked up on all areas. Made a couple of predictions which I will update

From On 04/02/2021

Predictions happened and are still happening

i had a reading with Howard in October 2020. Lovely man to talk to but unfortunately his predictions did not come to fruition.

Sia From Australia On 04/02/2021

No connection

Told me things that weren’t true

From On 03/12/2020

Lovely warm person and genuine

Many thanks Howard, I look forward to catching up with you again in the New Year. I enjoyed hearing what your guides had to say.

Samantha From Northern Ireland On 03/12/2020

Not sure

Howard is so lovely, he picked up on my situation straight away. I think my reading was in may 2020. He said I would get back with ex. I asked about my ex his life after me, as he has a child now. Howard said the child was not his. I have seen the child it looks just like my ex so the child is his. No contact from ex as predicted. Confused as now oct 2020.

G From Birmingham On 28/10/2020

Accurate reading

I had a very accurate reading with H. Prediction of contact came on Friday (23/10/2020)as he predicted. Thank you.

Sia From Australia On 25/10/2020


Howard your amazing! You told me a few months ago about some money coming to me on the 21st well today is that date and it happened!!! Your truly a gifted kind soul Thankyou xxx

Kelly From On 21/10/2020

Accurate prediction!

Howard picked up on the details of my ex's situation & our current state of affairs straightaway (& without the need to ask questions). I was feeling very low that day but he was able to reassure me that things would improve. I spoke to him on a Thursday & he told me that even though we have been apart for 6 months my ex would make contact with me on the following Monday. In fact I got a message & an apology from him the very next day! I did also get a further (unexpected)message on the Monday as Howard had predicted & it does now seem that we may be able to work things out. Thank you Howard, a true psychic who made strong & credible connections with my loved ones in the spirit world. Would be happy to talk to you again x

Denise From Kent On 15/06/2020

He is the one!

Howard predicted I would be contacted via social media, have a zoom meeting and be offered the job! Well it happened, though the offer was not right for me, he has now predicted for June, two offers for me will come forward! Watch this space!

Sean From Wales On 29/05/2020

Prediction Happened!

Prediction of contact came on the day predicted. Thank you so much, true psychic.

A From UK On 20/05/2020

I don’t feel this review will get posted bc I know trusted only post positive reviews and sporadic negative here and there... but anyway, I don’t feel he knows the situation. He tailor this reading all based on the current COVID-19, which isn’t applicable

From On 14/05/2020

Lovely man

Omg he is so so lovely!! Picks up well on situation. His prediction of contact was correct too. X

From On 12/05/2020

Reading today 5th May 20

Thank you for the reading, very honest & much appreciated.

Sarah From Wales On 05/05/2020

Very gifted

Howard made prediction for March and I need to let him to it happened in March like he said. He is such a lovely man. Howard thank you so much. Big hugs Scotland xxx

From Scotland On 10/04/2020


Spoke to you yesterday and you asked if my ex had been in touch, if not he was going to and guess who called me out of the blue last night?

Emma From Scotland On 10/03/2020


Howard has the most lovely energy and connected straight away - no cards or tools - just his wonderful guides. He is very direct and so accurate- picking up on tricky situations without asking anything. I am blown away... awesome reading. Very honest, uplifting and so spot on!!!

Janine From London On 10/03/2020

Real deal

After talking to howard I was able to move on with my life howard gave me hope and the phone call he said I would receive came within 1hour as howard said thank you so much J x

Julie From Kent On 07/03/2020


Oh wow! I have been so down this week after a family upset. I had a reading with Howard and he has picked up on the situation straightaway and had the family member concerned down to a tee. He also picked up on my house move and was spot on with all the details of that and on the location. Super, super reader and I will contact him again. One of the best readers on here.

Lynne From Medway On 02/02/2020

Amazing and reassuring

Spoke to Howard for the first time today and was immediately put at ease. He's honest, straight to the point and really helpful. I look forward to updating him soon x

Beckie From Burntwood, Staffordshire On 01/02/2020

Worth the wait

Read the reviews for Howard worth the wait picked up loads of details. Of everything that’s was going on around me . Well let you know about new job and if I get contact from John and everything looking positive . And knew how good he was when he picked up and mr and joey friendship was like brother and sisters I so amazing caring and kind thank you for the positive uplifting reading xx

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 13/01/2020

You can trust him

I was delighted with his reading of a tricky situation. He cut through many layers and cleansed an area of my life that I did not realise I needed clearing. He was clear, supportive, fun and gentle. Great guy and lovely to talk with. Thanks Howard.

Sophie From Camberley On 29/12/2019

Unbelievably Gifted

I had one of the best readings of my life from Howard ... hes super professional, polite and told me about my future. I can’t wait for my future to unfold based on Howard’s reading. Book a reading with him now he’s super gifted!

Ruppy From Leamington Spa On 22/10/2019


The Real Deal.

Paul From London On 10/10/2019


I have had a couple of readings with Howard, and he has been very accurate with picking up on my situation and his insight is amazing! And fast! He connects so quickly, without asking any information. Just awesome!

Janine From London On 06/07/2019

Amazing! Howard answers all your questions. Call him.

Beta From Sydney On 02/05/2019


Great connection and very easy to talk to. Highly recommend!

Angela From Australia On 27/04/2019


He was tells it in details so will see if this person I'm supposed to meet comes along, I feel confident as he sounded so sure thanks !

J From Sydney On 24/04/2019


Very helpful and insightful

V From Southwest On 26/03/2019


Howard needs very little to connect. Very detailed and accurate assessment of the situation. Nice calm manner and certainly makes you feel better.

M From Oz On 26/03/2019


Had a long chat and good reading with Howard this morning. Picked up on a situation with an important individual in my life. Howard has given me a lot of hope. He is also easy to talk too and very down to earth. Proper decent bloke. I will report back to you in the coming weeks if and when your predictions come true. Thanks for everything my friend.

Leighton From Brighton On 28/02/2019

Spot On

Howard has been reading for me since August 2018 and so far has been spot on

Caroline From North East UK On 26/02/2019


I've had several readings from Howard over the years, I enjoy our chats and appreciate Howard's honesty, always a pleasure

ANGELA From ENGLAND On 25/02/2019

God Bless

God Bless this man! He ga W me information yesterday regarding an important phone call for work a d two hours later It came just as promised .He is so straight forward in his readings and never misleads just to keep you happy ..always feel so grateful to be able to share my deepest worries over the phone and never come away feeling let down ..looking forward to our next session! Much love

Francina From London On 08/02/2019

Fantastic reading and hope predictions come true x

From On 06/02/2019


Such a gentle, kind spirit. Great connection and reading. Thank you.

Suzy From Australia On 06/02/2019

Highly Recommended

Howard picked up quickly on my concerns and connected to my dad in spirit to relay a surprising message. He is compassionate reader, to the point and honest. Am very grateful for his accuracy regarding my situation and will call him again

UG From London On 01/02/2019

Bloody brilliant

He could not have known the things he told way....he is the real deal...absolutely....I've had a few terrible readings here guess work and not real psychics...howard is ace...

Mandy From Oxford On 13/01/2019


Spoke with Howard a few days ago and everything he told me would happen has and he spoke about something that happened at my father's death which he had no way off knowing convinced me that he was actually communicating with my father. Excellent reading

Shona From Angus On 14/12/2018

A great reading, thank you for your insight and guidance this evening.

From On 23/11/2018


A totally different reading from all of my regular readers.. lets see if any of his predictions come to pass. He is blunt but I think its good in a way, because he is not here to tell us what we want to hear.Thankyou Howard, I enjoyed your reading last week.

From On 01/11/2018

prediction happened

Hi Howard, I spoke to you recently and you told me I would get the job by Friday and it happened. Many thanks

From On 26/10/2018

Lovely gentleman

What a sweet wee soul. Thoroughly enjoyed our chat today. Howard has a true genuine gift and connects with spirit so easily. Thank you so much for your time and energy today x

From On 11/10/2018

Spot on!!

Pretty fast picking up on the situation and knew exactly what is surrounding my sadness and confusion. Provided me with a nice re-assuarance and consistent with other readings!! I hope his predictions are right and time can only tell... will update if it unfolds.

From On 03/10/2018

Thank you such an amazing accurate reading Very impressive

Teya From Australia On 13/09/2018

Lovely reading

Thanks Howard Your reading gave me clarity and care

From On 13/09/2018

My gratitude

Having been speaking to Howar over the past ...well nearly two years now I have come to realise how authentic a medium he is but also such a loving and kind soul. even if the news isn’t what you hoped he always delivers with sincerity . God willing what he has seen comes true and my waitceill be over but in the meantime Howard my heart felt gratitude and continuing appreciation .

Francina From London On 12/09/2018


I was amazed at the things Howard picked up some how he was just reading my thoughts and what i sub consciously wanted .. you have really helped put my mind at ease... ill wat the 9 days and then reply to them... once again thank you so much highly recommended

From On 04/09/2018

Outstandingly gifted and a truly lovely gent

Genuinely lovely man picked up on my situation immediately and knew things only I would..Thankyou you so much Howard for a lovely reading your truly gifted and have put my mind at ease!!! Xxx

From On 04/09/2018


Straight in .connects quickly totally amazing. Thank you.

Julie From Sidcup On 01/09/2018


I felt my reading was accurate helpful and amazing. I felt very connected with Howard. I felt he could really sense my soul.

Jacqui From Sydney On 29/08/2018

He's the best

Howard has read for me several times over the last few years. He is very accurate, kind, patient and generally an all-round good guy. You will enjoy his readings - Thanks Howard!

Georgina From Australia On 23/08/2018

D from Qld

Thank you Howard for the lovely chat, you connected to me and my situation very quickly and I found your advice very encouraging. Thanks again. D :)

From On 16/08/2018


I had a reading yesterday from a different psychic and was sceptical about the information I was given. I spoke with Howard today and he gave me exactly the same information as well as dates. I will definitely let Howard know when the prediction comes true and cannot thank him enough for his predications of hope.

XXX From XXX On 16/08/2018


I’ve had a few amazing readings with Howard in the past and he connects with spirit really quickly without using cards! He doesn’t ask any questions apart from the area of the reading you want him to look at. He described people and situations around me accurately. I am so grateful to Howard and the insight he gave me. This has given me the confidence to move forward. Thank you so much.

Gina From London On 14/08/2018

Fantastic Reader!

Howard is the Best Reader i came across so far. He just made me cry by connecting to the spirit world and telling me how everybody is. I would definitely recommend you a reading with him.

Anony From London On 09/08/2018

I have had a couple of readings with Howard and both times have been spot on. Very accurate and basically a nice person to speak to. He does not waste time by waffling on.

From On 07/08/2018

Quick and Accurate!

Bang! Straight in! Pure spirit! Howard has ande amazing gift and tells it how it is with total confidence. Call him for an accurate and in depth reading! Thanks Howard.

Ronnie From Berkshire On 26/07/2018

Honest reader

Thanks Howard for an honest reading. Will update you when It happens.

Wini From uk On 18/07/2018

Very good

A lovely man who picked up clearly what is going on. Made a few predictions so am hopeful.

S From Ireland On 12/07/2018

Always right

Have had a reading with Howard a few times now. He tells me things I don't believe possible at the time but then it happens. Sometimes sooner other times a bit later but it comes to pass. Call him. You won't be disappointed

A From London On 27/06/2018

Amazing reading

Howard is so accurate with the reading. He was able to describe people and situations. Connected with my grandmother in spirit. He is truly the best. So easy to talk to and such a lovely person. Thank you so much, you were able to give me the answers I needed.

Gina From London On 27/06/2018

Am blessed to have found Howard

Am blessed to have found Howard ..they say spirit works thru those that have their heart open and their mind clear and Howard is a true example of a pure medium who tells you like it is .Even when the news is tough he delivers the reading with great care and kindness so as to give you what is needed but also with the love of spirit so you feel not only feel guided but protected knowing life is there to learn from our mistakes and find gratitude for all that the Universe provides. If you want a true psychic reading Howard gives his all blessings to you for your continued support .❤️

Francina From London On 26/06/2018

Lots of things to look forward to

Howard is very clear and told me about a new man I will meet. Howard gave details about the man and also the circumstances in which I will meet him. It's difficult to rate Howard as the reading was futuristic. I look forward to meeting this new guy!

Karen N From Leeds On 26/06/2018

Hi Howard I had a reading 23.5.2018 wow u were right about my pay .I got it sorted and I'm now getting back paid .after 6 weeks of asking my boss I took your advice and went higher.

Melissa From Bunbury w.a On 25/05/2018


I had a reading a couple of weeks ago and he told me that I would see my son the next day and I did. Howard also predicted that I would have a small winfall in a couple of weeks and it happened. Howard's predictions are spot on. Thank you Howard xx

frances From Australia On 01/05/2018

howard was amazing

My reading with Howard was amazing. Without me saying anything gave me details about the past, present and future.He was accurate. Things that I know will happen. I highly recommend him.

From On 13/04/2018

Excellent connection

Very pleased with the reading - yet again! Loved the detail and verifications plus the predictions which I so hope will come to fruition. Many, many thanks

Lynda From Perth On 01/04/2018

Excellent connection

Very pleased with the reading - yet again! Loved the detail and verifications plus the predictions which I so hope will come to fruition. Many, many thanks

Lynda From Perth On 01/04/2018

You were spot on

Young man said the Indian lady would phone saying the chap she hired didn’t finish th job and some sub standard work and offered me work this wk etc ..what a gift you just get better and better gratitude as always and hopefully speak again soon ..

Francina From London On 27/02/2018


True gem to this website , thank you for the guidance .

Julie From United Kingdom On 22/02/2018


Spoke with you today as upset. Made me feel so much better. Look fwd to his predictions. Lovely man

S From ... On 10/01/2018


First reading of this year and Howard’s connection to spirit has deepened into something completely phenomenal..he was with me all the way and so much like ve and non judgmental it took the information to another level altogether..looking forward for once to the year unfolding and from my heart Howard a big thank you ! You are someone special on this site .

Francina From London On 09/01/2018

So thankful for the absolute amazing connection

Wow, so pleased to have had the chat with Howard. Came through with some amazing info and great help indeed. I'll certainly be back for the next episode. Thanks a million. :)

Lynda From Perth On 01/01/2018

My gratitude

From my heart much gratitude gave me peace of mind that has calmed my spirit so much and given me hope for next year with long awaited big changes and I feel hopeful about the future again knowing my guides and loved ones in spirit won’t ever abandon me

Francina From London On 21/11/2017

Best Reader Ever!

My first reading with Howard was in summer 2016. I was adamant as everything he said that time did not make any sense..Roll on 2017 and around summer time, I met a guy that fitted all of Howard's description from the reading he made in 2016.. It sounded creepy and still would not like to believe but I got another chance and spoke to him today. He further validated his initial reading. I am hoping things will unfold in the next few months as he has suggested. I am now looking forward to the future with lots of hope.. Call this Reader, he is amazing! Money well spent and worth it..Thanks again H!

Danielle From UK On 16/09/2017


when i rang through to Howard i was abit sceptical on what to think but as we got into the reading i felt alot more relax really hit the nail on the head so happy with our reading

sonny From Camden On 09/08/2017

Bless Howard

Just to say my gratitude for the connection you made with my dearest mum who has passed to spirit recently .Your visions and predictions are of great comfort to me and it had been a godsend making the link with you thru this site. I look forward always to speaking to you and pray there will be many more sessions over the coming years .Highly recommended! F x

Francina From London England On 16/07/2017


Speaking with Howard made me feel so much better, I'd always wondered if my mum was around and found that he did connect as he told me things that he wouldn't have guessed. Fantastic

Kirsty From Leeds On 21/06/2017

Spot on

Brilliant medium. Thanks Howard xx

Linda From Suffolk On 01/06/2017

Thank you howard

Lovely man, enjoy our chats. I've had around four readings with Howard, all of which have been accurate. I was particularly taken back this time when he told me about a card falling out my purse, I didn't think anything of it, after the call I walked into my lounge to find my credit card in the middle of the room, on the floor!

Deborah bloth From Folkestone On 01/06/2017


Very gifted.

John From Brighton On 01/06/2017


After an hour long reading I felt very comforted. Howard told me things only I know. Gob smacked. Highly recommend. Sad to see malicious reviews on here. Thank you Howard, be in touch soon

Kate From London On 01/06/2017

No 1 on Trusted

Feeling confused & hurt, I spoke to Howard. His calming and friendly way put me totally at ease and he sorted out a lot of confusing questions i had. me & my wife had just split up but with Howard's guidance i can now see the light. thanks Steve.

Steve From On 26/05/2017

Save Your Money

Had two readings with Howard, the first reading he asked me who was in the spirit world, told him my father was, he asked a lot of questions about Dad when he was alive, and miraculously he made contact with Dad and fed all the information he'd siphoned from me earlier back as a reading, he also told me to put Dad's photo in a lighter part of the house, I did this as soon as I got off the phone. Out of curiosity I rang Howard a few months later, and the same as the first reading asked lots of questions and fed it all back to me as coming from Dad, he then asked if I had a photo of Dad, told him yes I had in lighter part of the house, this time Howard told me Dad didn't like it sitting there because it was damaging his skin in the spirit world. I think it's disgusting that you are pretending to connect to our loved ones and taking our money under false pretenses!!! If you are thinking about calling this reader, don't, he doesn't really connect with our loved ones on the other side, I found that out the hard way.

J From Australia On 26/05/2017

Very pleased

Howard was extremely accurate in his reading. He picked up on details only I would know. Am very comforted and will be back for another reading

A From London On 28/04/2017

on phone less than 3 minutes and he was asking me the questions, not telling me what an absolute waste of time.

From On 18/04/2017

The reading was inaccurate and very vague with details.

L From On 14/04/2017

Lovely guy, terrible reading...

Extremely vague with no detail or foresight except to tell me everything would be ok. He didn't pick up on my situation at all and it was quite a short reading.

AM From Newcastle upon Tyne On 19/03/2017

Excellent and true.

Howard, what a wonderful man you are, what you said about my wife hurt but was true. She was cheating and with that thing next door to me. How many times I called psychic lines and they told me that I was going to be happy with my wife when secretly I hate her and she hates me. I saw her dress under next doors shed and caught them. You was right mate. Wil def call again. Don.

Don From Australiana On 19/03/2017

Thanks for a lovely reading

I was a little unsure about the reading at first but Howard knew some things that were spot on that he couldn't have been known otherwise. It took me a while to work through some of the things he said but they make much more sense now. It was a very intriguing experience and Howard showed much kindness and offered a lot of hope for the future. I look forward to experiencing his predictions! Many thanks Howard x

Sarah From London On 16/03/2017

Complicated and Confused

Spoke to Howard... He's very soft spoken but my overall reading left conflicted. First he said that the man in question will come forward and talk about a future and that he isn't with anyone else. Then right after he spoke of another woman that is in his life and he'll break away with me. Not sure what to think.

Andrea From ON On 14/02/2017

God Bless you ..

Thankyou Howard for the support you are giving me regarding my mum's illness have a medium like you to talk to who works with spirit so genuinely and with such kindness and attention to detail..I can't put into words how much this means to me at this are a gem! and thankyou for all your prayers ...I feel the healing so strongly and know my mum does too..until the next time, bless x

Francina Brumec From London On 12/02/2017

Simply amazing

Howard, you are amazing... I enjoyed my talk with you and you knew everything that was happening.... a prediction already came true and I nearly cried! You helped me stop hurting about a situation I was so confused about.....and he came forward. Just like you said.. my mind is at ease and I can't wait for the rest to unfold.. thank you. Ps. My little girl says hello.

Madison From Australia On 11/02/2017

I have no words

had a reading with Howard, he asked me who was on the other side, I told him my Dad, Howard then asked what Dad did when he was alive, I told him that Dad was a truck driver and sure enough Dad came through telling Howard that he drives trucks on the side . . . . . . . I don't know what to say!!!

Angelina From Australia On 17/01/2017

missing you...

Just to say happy New Year often thinking of how you are and of our readings we shared together last was very special being able to have my loved ones come thru you and with such clarity and kindness...have missed our sessins and hoping you will come back onto the site soon...bless, Francina

francina From London .England On 16/01/2017


Howard has never failed to give me hope and shed light on the unknown, he is kind, caring and to the point, his accuracy is amazing, I have absolute faith in him

Angela From southport On 29/11/2016

Gifted Medium!

Howard connected immediately, he answered all my questions and even connected with one of my guides that I was familiar with- he gave VERY accurate detail..and beyond that, He is a lovely man. Thanks so much!

Debbie From New York On 29/10/2016


Howard is able to connect immediately and give detailed information about the situation thank you Howard you are a gift from God

wendy From County Londonderry On 14/10/2016


Had a lovely long talk to Howard earlier this week and he put my mind at wase as well as blowing me away with the detailed messages coming from seems sort of unreal during the reading but later on I feel the love and the support that they are sending all the time and this means so much to me at this time in my life..bless you Howard you are a special bloke! ..look forward to our time talking together again soon. Francina

francina brumec From London .England On 13/10/2016

Another wonderful reading

A few minutes with Howard and I am put so much at ease..his connection to my guides and spirits just gets stronger and stronger and he has no ego a true medium in this sense and I bless you again for all the help you have given me over this past year..highly recommended.

francina From London On 04/10/2016

Lovely Medium

I just had to speak to this amazing guy this morning and he tuned into what was going on with me very quickly..he gives his all and I feel so connected to my loved ones in spirit and know I am not means an awful lot me to be able to talk to him on the site...god bless you are a a special soul...much love until we speak again..Francina x

francina From London On 22/09/2016

given me hope

Short reading with Howard, connected well with my situation and the lass i was asking about. told me not to worry, just let things unfold, things will be fine when the other bloke is out of the way, which will be soon. hope his predictions happen a lot sooner than later. It was like talking to a mate. very reassuring. it's just the waiting i don't like now.....

Carl From cornwall On 01/07/2016


Had a readying with Howard a couple of days ago some of his predictions came true with in 3 days of my readying just waiting for the rest to come true. Thank you so much for all your help you are amazing reader xoxo Phyllis

Phyllis From NY On 20/06/2016


i had a thought of wrighting to my ex about my son i havent seen for 3 years and dreams and seeing her name on thing i rang howard to see if it was me going mad or them upstairs he told me it was them and to rite it and watch what happens thank you

wayne From maidstone On 31/05/2016


Absolutely brilliant reader

Amy From london On 02/05/2016


I spoke with Howard about 2months ago he predicted lots of great things so now its just a waiting game,he is very kind and warm he picked up on certain things that only I would know he connected straight away with my situation. Thank you Howard I will be calling u soon

Aimee From London On 01/05/2016


Have spoken to Howard a few times over the past couple of months...he is a lovely person and a wonderful medium. He is humble, kind but very too the point and he has been accurate most of the least 90% for sure..cares a lot about his work and has a big heart always understanding of how we suffer and how to understand what life is about. Hightly recommended. Much love to you Howard

francina brumec From London On 28/04/2016

Predictions are unfolding

I was skeptical over Howard's predictions however some have already come to pass. The external pressures have indeed destroyed the relationship and my ex did go on a business trip even though it wasn't mentioned at the time! So far so accurate. Thanks for being so very honest. x

Anon From UK On 04/04/2016


Howard reading was so very good, pick up on thing without inforation and was on point, looking foward to having another reading in the future

sam From london On 16/03/2016

Great reader

thank you for an in depth reading

Dean From Herts On 18/02/2016


thank you howard for a good reading

lee From birmingham On 17/02/2016


Howard connected with my daughter very quickly and everything he was saying was exactly what my little girl would say. Howard also connected with my grandparents which was an added bonus.The reading definately gave me closure and reassurance. Thankyou so much Howard for a wonderful reading I will definately be calling back in the future

Shelley From Melbourne On 14/02/2016

Actually brought me to tears!

Of happiness and relief! Such a caring man. Enjoyed the reading very much and amazed at the information Howard got through:-) Will keep in touch:-)

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 14/01/2016

One of a kind

Howard is a great medium. His ability to tune in is outstanding. Will definitely be back for another reading

Maria From London On 11/01/2016

A Very Gifted Reader Who has become a friend.

All predictions have come true and I feel priviledged to of spoken to Howard several times. If your looking for a honest psychic give Howard a call he has helped me through so much and I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart. Promise to talk soon

Mrs Jasmin Barber From North London On 30/11/-0001

18 May 15

Had a very good reading from Howard with lots of messages from passed over loved ones. Very accurate information. Some information that I didn't understand at the time but later on that day I realized what he meant. Thanks Howard I enjoyed my reading and talking to you about Canada/Guides etc. Would highly recommend.

Karen From On 30/11/-0001

Honest reader

If your looking for a direct reader with great psychic skills than you should definitely call this guy.Thanks for a great reading Howard!

Charlotte From Surrey On 30/11/-0001


Howard gets straight to the point and picks up on a situation very quickly. He is very empathetic and sincere. Very helpful, a good all rounder. Top guy

Anya From London On 30/11/-0001

Great all rounder

Howard gets straight to the point and gives empathetic readings. He genuinely wants to help and allows you to take your time with your questions A top guy

Anna From London On 30/11/-0001

Outstanding Reader!

I was sceptical talking to man about my problems, but I went with it because I literally had nothing to lose. I rang with no expectations and no where left to turn. I got put through to Howard even though I was after a female reader, but it must have been fate that guided me through to him. His wisdom and psychic skills shone through immediately as he answered every question I had with clarity. I cannot recommend Howard enough to people, he is simply a truly gifted reader.

Gill From Cannock On 30/11/-0001

Top Bloke

Howard is a top bloke! He really helped me with some tough decisions and so far so good. Everything is picking up for the better. Cheers Howard, don't go changing.

Graham From Runcorn On 30/11/-0001

Which Reader will You Speak to Today?

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Psychic Reader Neil


PIN: 2480

Reviews: 200

Hello I am Neil an experienced Tarot and Psychic reader with over 17 years worth of experience. I specialize in love, relationships, family matters and career issues. I will try my up most to answer all of your questions in a friendly and non judgemental way. PIN: 2480

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Psychic Reader Carris


PIN: 6947

Reviews: 27

Hi I'm Carris a psychic medium here to assist you connect to loved ones in the Spirit world. I have had over 20 years experience and can assist you on many levels for insight and understanding please ring me BLESSED BE PIN NUMBER 6947

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Psychic Reader Charlotte


PIN: 8039

Reviews: 26

I have 30 years experience of reading the tarot. I am clairsentient, connecting with spirit through my guides. I am non judgemental, compassionate and intuitive. l can assist with love, relationships, career, family matters and general insight. I aim to give clarity on what is the best way to move forward, and give clarity when answering your questions in depth. I love the energy that comes through the tarot, showing the best outcomes in situations. PIN: 8039

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Psychic Reader Margarite


PIN: 1723

Reviews: 81

I am an empath /tarot card and angel card reader, working always in the light as a light worker. I have been reading for over ten years. I am constantly learning and improving my skills. In a private consultation I can read into you and the people around you and how they are feeling towards you and their intentions. I can see things coming your way and assist to remove blocks that are preventing you leading a full life. PIN: 1723

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Busy For 29 Minutes
Psychic Reader Daisy


PIN: 5876

Reviews: 144

I am your spiritual psychic medium today. I am so happy to share with you that I have been blessed with my gift for quite sometime. This has been passed down from the matriarch of the family, my grandmother. I cherish my gift and carry with so much honour. My readings are in-depth and as a tool I use tarot cards alongside my natural psychic abilities. My readings can bring clarity, confirmation of what you already know and unexpected insights. PIN: 5876

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Psychic Reader Lisa


PIN: 5139

Reviews: 0

I’m a psychic tarot medium reader with healing abilities and much more. I offer an in-depth look into the past, present and the future, providing you with the answers you are seeking. I specialise in relationships, careers, and all-over general advice. I am a holistic therapist, amongst other things, and use reiki healing and my empathic skills to guide my psychic abilities. PIN: 5139

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Psychic Reader Heather


PIN: 5502

Reviews: 92

I am a Tarot and Angel card reader with over 30 years experience providing good insight from the various cards I read. My spirit guides and Angel guides help me with my readings. I use a crystal pendulum to get yes or no answers to direct questions. My readings are always friendly and enjoyable. I specialize in love relationships and careers. And also can do more general readings. PIN: 5502

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Busy For 34 Minutes
Psychic Reader Chloe


PIN: 6332

Reviews: 24

I am a psychic and tarot card reader. I also use a crystal ball. I have 10 years of experience. I can offer my callers in-dept insight into what's going on and a non-judgemental atmosphere. I specialise in psychic tarot card readings. I use a deck called the Angel tarot. My crystal ball gives me pictures of the past, present and future. I first became aware of my abilities when I was 13. I would see loved ones that had crossed over and see flash events of the future. PIN: 6332

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