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From On 18/03/2022


S From Uk On 14/03/2022

Vague and random - There are other great readers on trusted

From On 21/02/2022

What an absolute wonderful lady.

5 stars. If your ready to hear it she will tell you.

Jibran From Edinburgh On 20/01/2022

Honest & caring

Thank you Yvette, I really enjoyed that reading. It was great, brought me peace of mind & I’m excited for the year, you was very good at picking up on my energy, thank you once again x

Natalia From Yorkshire On 10/01/2022

No psychic ability unfortunately

Very vague, she asked a lot of questions. I had high hopes after reading reviews. I really wanted to gain insight from this lady, she seems really lovely.

H From North Yorkshire On 01/01/2022


Really random - vague comments. Very confused as to how and where all those glowing reviews come from. Ended call quick.

From On 01/01/2022


What an unexpected pleasure to talk to this lady, how brilliant. I wish I would have found you sooner

From On 06/12/2021

Really honest very caring .

Melissa From WA On 30/11/2021


Thank you very much for your brilliant reading, you were so spot on with so much. I will let you know how things turn out.

Carrie From Kent On 29/11/2021

Very good and compassionate

I wanted to speak to Yvette originally but got put through to a different pschic so I rang back and got Yvette-she has a very calming tone and picked up on my situation straight away. I felt she connected with me and give me some time predictions which I hope come to pass. She has a very calming energy and answered all my questions without needing much info. She was very caring and empathic to my situation. Sorry we got cut off but thankyou, hope what she says comes to pass! Wonderful vibe about her!

Elizabeth From Scotland On 23/11/2021

A real psychic and kind.Tells you information to help you on your path and always truthful.Kind as well.Very kind lady.

From On 24/10/2021


Was true some of things have happend

From On 25/08/2021

Lovely lady

Thank you my darling Yevette for wonderful reading. I will keep you updated when POI gets in touch. Sorry we got cut off, but thank you very much. God bless you. Mae. Xx

From On 26/06/2021


Beautiful lady xx

Georgie From Australia On 08/06/2021


Thanks Yvette for a lovely reading. Phone got cut off as you were talking About my boys’ but thank you xx

S From Birmingham On 06/06/2021

Very good reader

Truly intuitive and very encouraging person.

From On 25/04/2021

Spot on and nice person

Have a few readings with her she is always spot on and patient polite and always able to understand what’s going on would recommend her x

From From uk On 26/03/2021

thank you

super positive reading. you have my thanks :) apologies my minutes ran out. just wanted to remind you i love listening to your voice. blessings xxx

From uk On 06/03/2021

Absolutely brilliant

Genuine psychic straight to the point no questions spot on would highly recommend

Julie From Ireland On 24/02/2021


Very honest and spot on. Always like a reading . At first when I started having readings I didn't believe at all in this. I was trying to prove there wasn't life after death / spirit. But now I'm not so sure. It is such a valuable service to people in a positive way . Especially in these times.

J From On 03/02/2021


This reading was just ok. Told me I would receive a letter in 3 weeks that would please me. 6 weeks have passed and no letter. I asked a few questions and she answered but nothing she told me has came true xx

Emma From Scotland On 12/01/2021

Amazing mind blowing

She is amazing, a little old school but true to the point, some people like to hear what they want to hear, Yvette will only tell you what she sees, Iv had 4 reading from her every thing she had predicted happened ☺️

S.S From West Midlands On 21/12/2020

Good but not great

Her readings are never consistent, had a reading with her that rang true, second time round it was different, came across negative, but when I met with the person in question, what she predicted prove to be untrue. There are a few readers here that are very consistent, she chops and changes like the wind. Won’t be using her in future as it is very confusing. Best to stick with a top reader that has their feet on firm ground. Sorry about the negative comment, have to tell it like it is!!

GH From London On 02/12/2020


Thank you for putting my mind at rest and it all made sense to me as well. Love and Light

Jackie From SA On 29/11/2020

Awesome Reading!!!

Not sure why my review I wrote on 19/11/2020 isn't being posted. Yvette is an amazing reader and I can attest to the fact that I have had predictions come true. I had a reading with her last year and she mentioned specific information about a young man I would meet during the first part of 2020. This happen the colour and make of the car was exactly what she said. She also predicted safe travel for me in December 2019 for 2020 before we knew about COVID and guess what I managed to go abroad for lovely holiday. Looking back at my notes she's been honest with me in regards to POI's "nice guys but not the right for you". To be honest I wished I took that onboard and didn't waste my time. I had another reading on 19/11/2020 and everything she said resonated with love and career. I look forward to the predictions given. I would definitely recommend Yvette as a reader.

Emmanuella From UK On 25/11/2020

No psychic info given

Wasted 5mins just for this reader to tell me basic Random stuff that Could apply to anyone, I stayed silent as not to give anything away...she then said she wasn’t picking anything honest straight away and end the call if there’s no connection

From On 24/11/2020

Asked for a general reader. “Your gonna live a long and successful life.” “You can see your the man for the job. Once u set your mind on something you get on with it until the jobs done.” Really end of the pier vague “psychic” statements , that don’t mean a thing - are of no help and could be read into to fit anything snd anyone. Left with no other option but to end the call ASAP and save money.

From On 14/10/2020

Spot on!

Thank you for the reading about my meeting today. You encouraged and promoted my confidence to enter the room with my head high. All went well, just as you said.

J From London On 25/09/2020

Thank you

Brief and to the point!

J From London On 24/09/2020

Absolutely Terrible

Please dont waste your time with her, she told me nothing of valuable and was not accurate about my situation, and when i confronted her, she spoke over me, she is not a medium or psychic.

Marie From Ausralia On 18/09/2020


Have spoken to Yvette a few times now and she is amazing each time. Thank you!

From On 16/09/2020

Very accurate

I'm not sure why so many bad reviews. She's never steered Me wrong. I rang about a narcissistic ex 3 years ago. She was spot on and honest told me to get out asap. New man came in then she said he was a very nice man and she was right too. Unfortunately I let him go. Currently going through another challenging phase and she has told me this man will regret his actions and come back. I will update when it happens Thanks yvette

K From Aus On 14/09/2020

Rude and doesn't like if shes wrong

I have never spoken to anyone like this person, shes abrupt, insensitive and very rude if she is wrong! Manners and thoughtfulness costs nothing and she really needs to realise that the clientele she has are all wanting either help, guidance or are desperate to connect with a loved one. Such a shame as everyone else ive spoken to on here have amazing gifts and are lovely to speak to... unlike yvette!!

sara From essex On 05/09/2020

Maybe we just didn't connect...?

This Reader said she saw nothing for me in respect of my Love Life for many many months. I was so upset that I cried. Well Yvette you were thankfully wrong... I've had two dates with two different gentlemen and my ex has come back into my life. Maybe you were trying to tell me not to get my hopes up but instead you crushed my hope when I spoke to you. Please post this review as this Reader needs to know how she comes across...

Caris From Chelmsford On 24/08/2020

Psychic but can also be off

This lady is psychic but sometimes can be off. I didn’t like how funny she can get when you challenge what she says - I didn’t say that I already knew the answer, and it was wrong. She has told me some things that are factual also. I won’t select Yvette again because her readings are conflicting.

Anon From Uk On 29/06/2020

Predictions didn’t happen

Had a few readings with Yvette and she’s so lovely. Sadly predictions didn’t happen. She said I would get commitment off partner but he broke up with me in the month she said I’d get it so complete opposite unfortunately.

From On 06/06/2020



Katrina From Qld, Australia On 19/05/2020


Thanks for your reading, sorry we got disconnected. Looking forward to see predictions unfold

From On 16/05/2020


Have no idea why my reviews never get posted!!! Absolutely terrible, kept changing predictions and said nothing but general stuff that could apply to anyone!

K From Australia On 28/04/2020


You have been absolutely amazing you was in tune from the beginning. I am so sorry the phone cut off but I will be calling back, I honestly could not thank you enough for all your advice, I will keep you updated with what happens with me and Christian. You was honestly a angel sent to me x x x x

Kirandeep From London On 25/04/2020

Why doesn’t my review get posted???

Iv posted before but never gets posted. All these good reviews it doesn’t make sense I had a few readings with Yvette and slowly they started changing, she got my hopes up and when predictions didn’t happen she changed the reading. I know nothing is set in stone, but how can your reading change from week to week? Don’t know if I can trust her just being honest people shouldn’t waste their money.

L From Coventry On 20/04/2020


Definitely connects, unfortunately my phone cut before we could complete,☹️ lovely lady who uses no cards, I would recommend

From On 08/04/2020

So refreshing...

I'm so sorry that my credit run out were really lovely to speak with and I can't wait to speak with u again very soon.please take care of yourself. Much love ❤

Andrea From Caribbean On 12/03/2020

ASMR Tarot Reading ❤️

Love listening to your voice, Yvette. Called you couple times last year. And a year on, your predictions still hold. I know my belief is finally helping me manifest the boy. You’ve got the best ASMR-inducing voice on this site, btw. Thank you for your gift!

D From UK On 08/03/2020


Connected really well Will see what happens thank you! Will push him to go for reiki x

S From Birmingham On 03/03/2020

Yvette was a pleasure to talk to accurate.

Joycelyn yvette john From London On 03/03/2020

Thank the Lord !

Thank the Lord for you Yvette Always truthful and kind when it’s needed the most . Predictions accurate . God bless you X

Shelly From Liverpool On 24/02/2020

Experience, genuine and lovely reader

Validation after validation - thank you!! Looking forward to contact within two weeks and developments after that. I'll be back!! Many thanks!

DCR From CT On 19/02/2020

Lovely Woman

It's a little hard to say if Yvette's word's will come true as I only spoke to her 4 seconds ago, but I've phoned a lot of psychics on the premium rate numbers, and not once have I ever been tempted to write a review. There's something different about talking to Yvette, gut feeling she knows what she's saying. I will probably call her again.

Darren From London On 19/02/2020

Proven to be accurate

I have had yevette quite a few times., her predictions have always come to pass.. definitely worth having her she is direct and of the best readers on this site..⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Claudia From London On 09/02/2020

Prediction Came True!

I've had several calls with Yvette and she is amazing. This one specific call in October 2019 she provided me information on a man I would meet between Oct 2019 - April 2020. The description of certain things about the man was exactly as she described

Emmanuella From UK On 06/02/2020


All those great reviews are not what I experienced. First thing she said “your gonna live a long and successful life” “your the man for the job who gets stuff done.” Real end of the pier vague and non specific statements. Perhaps ok if u just want entertainment and aren’t that evaluative and don’t want specifics? But if you want an accurate - honest - in-depth and helpful reading then maybe not so good?

Ian From Oxford On 17/01/2020

Very Honest

Thank You. Your honesty has given me the strength and hope for my goals

Laura From West Midlands On 28/11/2019


Had a reading with yvette and she tuned into my situation,gave me some warnings about who to trust and my spending,which i know is getting out of hand,had empathy with my situation,the marriage i'm not so sure about that,but the move i will very happy about and hope it comes soon,she picked up on my son as well,i would definately recommend her and hope to speak with her again

Sharon From London On 25/11/2019

Accurate ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I have had Yvette 3 times now and I can honestly say her prediction’s accually do come to pass. Her readings are straight to the point and honest . excellent ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

From On 11/11/2019

Very good


Natalie From San Antonio On 23/10/2019

Simply one of the best !!!!

Not quite sure why Yvette is not as busy as others. I have calls with popular readers on here and can say she is actually better than some. She tuned into me so well that everything she mentioned resonated with my situation. I saw her name mentioned in a review for Charlie and thought why not give her a call. I am so glad I did. I look forward to the predictions coming into fruition and will definitely call again.

Emmanuella From UK On 14/10/2019


This lady is truly gifted! Connected with my grandmother and picked up on everything and very quick! Totally recommend! Genuine amazing reader!!

Clare From Herts On 10/10/2019

Lovely person. Insatnt connection. Thank you so much. will keep you posted.

Leena From uk On 01/09/2019

The best

The best psychic ever can’t wait for her predictions. Everything was true. Cant wait to speak again.

Asma From Uk On 23/08/2019


Had reading other day from Yvette very very good amazing just like she lives with you knows that much thanks Yvette for great reading xx

Debs From Scotland On 04/08/2019

Wow just brilliant

Omg no words just amazing things she knew blew me away can’t wait for predictions to happen thanks Yvette xcx

Debs From Scotland On 31/07/2019


She's warm and friendly she predicted a holiday and new car which both came in close proximity and I could not see it at the time as finances weren't but the predictions we're right, I'm just waiting for her 3rd and 4th premonitions to unfold and materialise. Best psychic I have spoken to, she new things without me telling her can't wait to speak agen. Thumbs up

Ife From Leicester On 25/07/2019

Beautiful Soul...

Ive had several readings with Yvette and she has a warm and beautiful soul and anytime I speak with her I feel like I'm talking to an aunty or mother figure. I've had several readings with Yvette and she tunes in extremely fast and is straight to the point and doesnt mince her words and says what she sees. She makes me laugh and eases my soul with truth. I look forward to M coming back and taking your advice on board. Thank you Yvette and God Bless xxx

M From London On 18/07/2019

Nice and to the point

Had a brief reading. Said a few things which are to happen so I'll wait and see. Nice pleasant lady. Very clear, concise and to the point.

Cheryl From London On 23/06/2019

The best

Well done again! Yvette is great, really accurate and tells it like it is, but kind and understanding Many thanks.xxxx

eve From northamptonshire On 25/04/2019


Very good reader...has a lovely voice. She has a gift. Thank you. I will keep in touch.

Sun From Uk On 17/04/2019

Warm smooth and kind

This lady is smooth as silk and lightening quick with the insight. Super psychic with the right place , good humour and right on the money with the answers. Thanks Honey a kindred spirit, I would recommend to anyone.

Aman From the midlands On 14/04/2019

Nice touch

She was very helpful and truthful and will recommend to anyone looking to get a reading from this person.

Paul From Aldershot On 28/02/2019


She gives direct answer and is accurate in what she says. You feel as if like you get the right guidance with her. Definitely recommended.

Fran From West Yorkshire On 20/02/2019


Thank you for a great reading. Spot on with everything

From On 28/01/2019

Simply The Best!

Yvette is a warm, thoughtful and considerate reader. One who is evidentially experienced, and well nurtured in her spiritual craft, Yvette posses a natural and effortless way of adding further value to my reading withher insight, wisdom and foresight that really and truly helped to strengthen my own convictions and decisions I felt at a gut level. Thank you for sharing your eternal light. Stay blessed. Speak soon, and may the angels always be by your side:)

Kiba From London On 23/01/2019


I have had a few readings with Yvette, she is consistent and has told me the same validations about the same person each time. She takes her time and doesn't give out too much information, which seems a lot more genuine to me. She's a lovely lady to speak to and I think is one of the very best readers along with Guy!!

C From Leicester On 18/01/2019


I’ve spoken to Yvette a few times and she’s tuned in really well! Great insight and can pick up in specific people with great detail if you give her a name. One of the top readers xx

H From Kent On 09/01/2019

True Medium

She is incredible, She was spot on Everything, she is amazing simply Top Medium very accurate and truthful. Thank you and i will be back.

G From Leeds On 07/01/2019


Words can't describe the fantastic reading I had. She was amazing was spot on about my situation. She gave me a guide line of my situation to improve in 3 months, everything crossed. She knew everything that was going on regarding a situation I have. Il be back for another reading following the predictions she has given me. God bless yvette thank you.

T From Birmingham On 29/12/2018


Nice lady told me what she saw I was wanting more details then I got and sounded like my life was just coasting along but will take on board and hopeful things will change and liven up soon

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 13/12/2018

Divine lady.

I love this lady. I am so glad I spoke to her and will definitely take her advice on understanding my man. I don’t want to lose him. I ran out of credit and am so sorry we got cut off. I will keep checking when you’re online as you’re the best reader on here. X

Michelle From London On 02/12/2018


This woman is superb - very natural , quick and accurate!

Jonathon From London On 16/11/2018


Lovely reader. Direct, to the point and correct. Very reassuring, and equally tenacious in finding out the information I so required. Thank you

Nick From Portsmouth On 14/10/2018

Yvette’s reading was memorable, her style of reading quite matter of fact but perhaps that’s what I needed.,

From On 26/09/2018

Great reading xx

From On 26/08/2018


She picked up on my situation and gave some interesting predictions... time will tell

Mary From Syd On 26/08/2018

Authentic gifted medium

Yvette is an authentic gifted medium. Not only is she accurate, but precise and gets straight to the point. Yvette is the real deal.

Mel From London On 25/08/2018


Amazingly accurate

Previously Anxious From Ldn On 21/08/2018

Short, sweet and straight to the point

Thank you for your honesty. Much appreciated. Tough to hear but needed it.

L From Aus On 13/08/2018

Very caring lovely person ttrue in everything she had said about my partner i didnt need to say anything she just knew it all and without hestation anwered my questions

Marilyn From Australia On 12/08/2018

I am a Psychic

Yvette is good, I was pleased with my reading. I will call again. Review 2 seemed upset, looks like she was spoiling for a fight. Everyone is entitled to their opinion so Review 2 should calm down.

From On 01/08/2018

First class

Truely amazing!!! Wonderful reader. Very accurate. Absolutely delighted I called. Wld highly recommend. Xxx

Ann From Scotland On 23/07/2018

On point!!!

So throughly on point!!! Lovely warm understanding! Felt like I was talking to family.

Consciousness From SE London On 12/07/2018

Brilliant reader and lovely lady as well

This lady restored my faith in readers today and she was 3rd time lucky. She brought my Great Granny through and she confirmed the other two readers were talking complete and utter rubbish. Now Yvette says it how it is and she tells you the TRUTH. There is no way she could have known the things she did. She is amazing at what she does and I thank her very much from the bottom of my heart. Sorry we got cut off before I could say thank you.... From a fellow reader xxx

From SCOTLAND On 11/07/2018



R From London On 04/06/2018

Brilliant 10 stars

Absolutely brilliant reading, thank you x

From Edinburgh On 28/05/2018


What a lovely woman. She was spot on everything, knew my situation. Read me and the person like a book. She knew things about us that i was shocked about. She's amazing and so lovely to talk to. Thank you so much and we'll talk soon x

Anisha From london On 24/04/2018

Spot on with everything

I have just spoken to Yvette who spoke to me about me changing careers which was crazy because 10mins before calling I had handed in my notice. She also described a person down to his car that is slightly in my life. She is the real deal as some other things nobody knew.

RB From London On 05/04/2018

Lovely Reading

Thanks for a great reading

Donna From London On 05/03/2018

Beautiful Angel

She told me everything I already knew but other reader made me doubt . I have spoken to Yvette on a few occasions over two years she has always been consistent truthful and delivered in a beautiful manner God Bless Yvette and thank you Helena 27.02.18

Helena From North east uk On 28/02/2018

The best

Michelle Ellis From Plymouth Devon On 31/01/2018


I had a reading with Yvette and she was 100% right in my situation. She picked up on everything and I am so glad I spoke to her today. Yvette is an extremely warm hearted lady as well as caring and she was honest in her prediction. An amazing lady who looks and sees into the situation as it is and does not sugarcoat anything. Thank-You Yvette ur one in a million!

Charlene From London On 08/11/2017


A massive thank you!

EP From On 07/11/2017

So precise!

So pleased I managed to get Yvette. I throughly enjoyed my reading I just couldn't believe how precise she was with my reading. She was spot on! I would be very happy to have another reading with Yvette in the near future. Thank you for your guidance.

Sharon From London On 27/10/2017

So Accurate!

Yvette was an absolute delight. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading.. I couldn't believe how accurate she was! She hit everything on the nail! And she was totally honest, which I really appreciated. Thank you Yvette, I do hope I manage to get you again at some point. Thank you for putting me on he right path!

Susan From London On 27/10/2017


Thank you Soo much for the reading. I will call again Tomorrow as I have many more questions to ask you.. You have been very much on the ball with the reading I just had with yourself.. Amazing Highly recommend.

Chantelle From London On 05/10/2017

Loved this reading

She is the best on this line she told me everything and all she told me was the truth

Dionne From London On 05/10/2017

Great lady

Always there for you and tells it like it is!

AJ From Uk On 29/08/2017


So when the reading started I was a little dubious, however she picked up lots that is inline with whats going on, so I was pleased with that and it seemed to just come out. As the reading went on and I started talking and updated on a specific thing, its almost like her thoughts on it changed going from a strong connection, good cards and positive future to feelings not as strong and confusion. Left me slightly confused however if i didnt say anything her initial reading seemed to make sense. But it did end leaving me confused. Moral of the story don't add your two cents just let her give you what she sees.

Optimist From yard On 24/08/2017

Beautifull Reading

9/8/17 Had such a good reading from Yvette she was on the money.everything what she had told me was so true. She is very deep and in tune with the spirit's. Thank so much Yvette... God bless you..

Sandra From Nottinghamshire On 09/08/2017

Review 2

Reader from oxon.Speaking for my self I find Yvette lovely and she reads well depending on my answer she tends to contradict a bit wich left me confused.So don't be judgemental towards anyone when I don't know nothing about our lives.Good for u are happy with your readings, I understand we should go out there and make things happen but there's certain things out of reach and that's why we call to find out.So I hope you get it we all different.So don't be judging people that you know nothing about unless you are psycics if you are u should join the team.Love&Light

From On 19/07/2017

good reading - 18/07/2017

I thoroughly enjoyed my reading. What is going on in my life at present was picked up by Yvette straight away.I don't understand the negative feedback. Perhaps the person that is having the reading should try to make things happen. Instead of waiting for things/events to occur, they should go out and implement things to happen positively in their lives.

From Oxon On 18/07/2017

Reading was good

Nice lady to talk to. She was spot on with my situation and gave me some good advice. I am very impressed. will phone again.

18/07/2017 From Oxfordshire On 18/07/2017

Spot on as always

Yvette is a truly gifted medium psycic. I have had a number of readings with her which have always been clear and spot on especially her predictions. Her voice is so calming and the energy she gives off is very healing. If you connect with Yvette than you will recieve a genuine honest reading. She really is a gifted person who deserves the recognition. X

Anon From uk On 12/07/2017

Please read this everyone!

Had a few readings,I got confused cause she contradicted the reading concerning love life,like u 2 should work it out depending on my answer then she changes.However she gave me some warnings to be cautious about, I didn't take her advice she got it right.know So I trust her on that,she saw important things that the best readers on here didn't . I like that!The fact the lady see it coming and try's to help you.Well done Yvette.

From On 11/07/2017

She's lovely but she gives you a reading which is contradicted.So take it with a pinch of salt.

From On 23/06/2017

Makes judgements and has mislead me.

Very nice lady but things have been the opposite to what she said

.... From .. On 20/05/2017

Timimgs. ?

I was put through to Yvette after not getting through to my choice I hadn't read her reviews or I may not have continued ? I was amazed at her accuracy of both the man in question and the situation in every detail . Her voice was healing her calm and gentle manner made me relax and knew she could genuinely pick up my feelings and thoughts and his thoughts too I was so pleased to have had the reading with her she was outstanding . I feel sorry that such negative comments have been left and just want to remind "Spirit does not know human time scales so we shouldn't ask for time it won't help anything and will only bring dissapointment it will happen when and if it's the right time Thankyou Yvette God Bless Helena 11.04.17

Helena From North East uk On 11/04/2017

Re: Let's See 13/01/2017

Well, the first quarter of the year has passed, and the good looking man with a good job that earns lots of money, no house and no children DID NOT HAPPEN!!!

J From Aus On 09/04/2017


Picked up on so much information and was very accurate!! Her reading was very honest which I appreciated and connected with my grandmother as well, thank you so much! :) xx

Carls From Uk On 31/03/2017

Too confusing and not at all helpful

It was probably my mistake to reveal too much infotrmation about my situation after she first said there were strong positive feelings between me and my friend and a positive future, because after I did, and said I felt my insecurities may be holding us back she changed from being positive to negative saying my insecurity will break us apart (we are not together yet!). When I challenged her different views in the same reading, she said I could change the future by changing my insecurity. Oh and that he will remain insecure. I was so confused at the end I didn't know what to believe, so rang another reader with good reviews and felt a lot better, and that I was given greater clarity.

IH From Melbourne On 30/03/2017

Sooooooooo fake

2 minutes in, got both my career situation and relationship situation wrong. So fake...I can't even begin to tell you. She was looking for answers to leading questions.

Zelda From New Zealand On 23/03/2017

Thank you!

I just want to say thank you for the reading that you gave me on the 18th February as it meant the world to me and so far you have been spot on with everything (especially with a certain female family member). On behalf of both me and my partner who was able to speak to me via yourself, thank you so much and I would highly recommend anyone to have a reading with you.

Lynn From London On 01/03/2017

Honest, Accurate and Gifted!

I have had a several readings with Yvette and she has been accurate all of the time with her predictions. I always feel uplifted after I speak with Yvette. Yvette zeroed straight into my situation without any prior knowledge. In addition, Yvette can also connect with loved ones that have passed. Be prepared to be amazed. Thanks for the Clarity, Insight and Advice. I will be back. God Bless You! Anna

Anna From London On 29/01/2017

Let's See

Had a reading with Yvette, she told me I would meet a man in the first quarter of this year, 2017, has a good job, earns lots of money, doesn't have a house or children and is very good looking . . . . . let's see if this happens!!!

J From Aus On 13/01/2017

Spot on No time waster!

Thank you for such a heart warming reading god bless

lauren From uk On 05/01/2017

Spot on

Omg Yvette is a truly gifted reader. She is so accurate and clear in the information she gives you its astonising. Her voice is so calming you feel so connected to her. I have just got cut off and now cant get through again. If you want clarity and accuracy this wonderful lady truly has a gift. Thankyou Yvette hope to speak again soon.

Anon From uk On 02/01/2017

The best real deal spot on!!!!!

I am excited to find out what will happen in the next 3months you was spot on with what is going on in my life right now thank you the best!!

Chantell From London On 25/12/2016

Excellent insight

Thank you Yvette, you are definitely the real deal and gave clarification on the situation. Appreciate your insight. Thank you.

Lynda From Oz On 01/12/2016


Thank you. Yvette was amazing. Picked up amazingly well on my situation. So warm, calm and caring. You won't be disappointed. Thanks again. Will be in touch soon x

Navpreet From London On 28/10/2016


I'm impressed with Yvette. Everything she said made sense. Described 2 different people very accurately and the outcome for each of them seems accurate too. We will see. She's lovely and calm. had me laughing, non judgemental and understanding. I could of talked to her for hours. She picked up correctly how long, i knew one of these people for. She described intimated issues going on. She was bang on, what can I say!

A From UK On 14/10/2016

Yvette is just amazing. She has a genuine ability to read situations. She also has a lovely nature. Thank you Yvette.

Darren From London On 10/10/2016

Very Impressed

Lovely lady. Very accurate in the fee times I have spoken to her. Love her jovial calm way of getting her message across. God bless you Yvette.

Vonnie From London On 09/10/2016

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Psychic Reader Phil


PIN: 1387

Reviews: 160

I have over twenty years experience as a Tarot card reader,both over the phone and on a face to face level. When you contact me for a reading you can be assured that I will find all the aspects of the situation that is going on around you.I can focus on past influences,the dilemma that is challenging you at the present,and a way forward that provides a long lasting positive final outcome. PIN: 1387

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Psychic Reader Katt


PIN: 5646

Reviews: 0

My name is Katt, and you will find in me, first and foremost, a kind and empathetic listener. I am also a very intuitive Tarot specialist who has worked as a spiritual guide and tarot reader for over 16 years. There is no judgement here; tell me what is on your mind. We will talk if that is what you need, and I will use the Tarot, Crystal Healing guides and any other tools available to me to find the answers to quell your worries and quieten your mind. PIN: 5646

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Psychic Reader Jonathan


PIN: 8739

Reviews: 14

I offer an Enlightening, non judgmental and hopefully enjoyable reading. My psychic gifts have always worked best when inspired by the Tarot cards. I have used the same deck for 27 years, tried others but, always return to my special ones. After all these years I am still prepared & enjoy fresh ideas & I am currently living in Spain putting the final touches to a romance language that has always fascinated me. PIN: 8739

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Psychic Reader Ricky


PIN: 6594

Reviews: 113

I focus strongly on the Tarot cards for my readings. I love to brighten people's moods by showing them the good aspects of their readings. I have vision and sense of future events and I mainly do readings on love, romance, career etc. PIN NUMBER 6594

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Psychic Reader Chloe


PIN: 6332

Reviews: 24

I am a psychic and tarot card reader. I also use a crystal ball. I have 10 years of experience. I can offer my callers in-dept insight into what's going on and a non-judgemental atmosphere. I specialise in psychic tarot card readings. I use a deck called the Angel tarot. My crystal ball gives me pictures of the past, present and future. I first became aware of my abilities when I was 13. I would see loved ones that had crossed over and see flash events of the future. PIN: 6332

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Psychic Reader J Feral

J Feral

PIN: 9790

Reviews: 1

I'm a clairsentient and sensitive empath with a grasp on metaphysics, the psyche and symbolism. I have been very close to the Runes for about 6 years and started with the Thoth tarot deck about 5 years ago. PIN: 9790

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Psychic Reader Marie


PIN: 1090

Reviews: 128

Hi, I'm Marie. Thank you for looking at my profile. I am a Spirit and Tarot card reader. These gifts were passed to me from my Grandmother who was a wonderful reader. If you want to find out information, let me contact my Spirit guides and they will pass me the information that they want to, I have brilliant guides! I am compassionate and a great listener. I specialize in Love, Relationships and Family issues. PIN: 1090

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Psychic Reader Rose


PIN: 2761

Reviews: 36

I have been doing psychic, clairvoyance, mediumship and tarot readings for over 30 years. I conduct face to face and telephone readings. With my gift I can look into many areas of callers concerns to find the answers they are seeking. My readings are delivered with care, understand and non-judgemental. I can look into relationships, career, home moves and love ones who has passed to the Spirit world. PIN: 2761

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