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Accurate predictions

Jass is an amazing reader, warm, understanding and tuned in to my energies. She predicted I would meet someone by 29th April. I met him at the beginning of April and things are progressing well. Accurate, honest and lovely is how I describe Jass. I will be returning for more readings and can only sing her praises. Thank you dear Jass xxx

From On 22/04/2022

Thank you

Thank you Jass. You have helped me so much. We got cut off just as you asked me a question. I'm the lady with Uncle Tony & Aunt Julie in spirit. I hope I can update you one day on all the blessings I'm sure are on the way. Thank you so much

From On 13/02/2022

Very good

I really enjoyed my reading with Jass. She seemed to connect well and picked up on a lot.

Monty From Staffs On 12/02/2022

Brilliant! 5. Star +++

Amazing accurate detailed reader, providing a lot of accuracy and detail! Was saying sentences that had actually been said. As a reader myself, Jass’ knowledge, her compassion and her ability to tune in so deeply and quickly, makes her a brilliant reader. Worthwhile having a read. Thank you :)

Pisces From Australia On 08/02/2022

100% 100%

What a fantastic reading, she picked up on everything, can't wait for things to start happening, thank you so much 10/1/22

From On 10/01/2022

Reading was okay

From On 03/01/2022


Jass is a great reader indeed. Doesn’t waste time telling you about cards etc. she speaks clearly and fluently and is really tuned in. Very pleased that I was put through to her. Thank you Jass.

Aussie From Australia On 01/01/2022


started off well, but then it sounded like guess work, she was struggling to find a reason for a reunion,

annonomous From here On 11/12/2021

101% and more.....


Lusia From Australia On 04/12/2021

Great Reading

From On 05/11/2021

Thousand stars ⭐️

Please print judt had very interesting reading with jass omg top of the bunch brilliant reader can’t believe what she was telling me and look forward to things happening in the near future xxx thank jass xxx

Debs From Scotland On 04/11/2021

100% 100 % 100% sayings

You are a divine gift I never saw coming, thank you so much for understanding the streaks and peaks of emotions I have been having. THAT DREAM about being the High Priestess of Light…wow and water vibrations!!!!!!Such a blessing and I am excited to let you know how things go. I love learning new things from you too and for all the inspiration you’ve given me, I thank you. Lots of love, Soon to be Mrs B. with our separate rooms for downtime ahahaha

From On 12/10/2021

Felt genuine

Was put through to this reader by default and very happy with reading.

From On 09/10/2021



From On 07/10/2021

ChOOse to be Happy

What a gem!!! She is absolutely amazing, connects straightaway…how how how have I never spoken to this woman before. Avaiya gratitude, I can’t wait to come back and let you know how things go…somehow i feel you have given me the MIDA’S TOUCH! Lots of Love, From your Authentic Triple A

From On 07/10/2021


I cannot thank you enough, Jass, for the clarity and guidance that you gave me. Jass accurately spoke of the situation I was in and helped me by telling me what I needed to hear and do. Brilliant reader!

Janine From Australia On 05/10/2021


Accurate and helpful the best reader I have had totally recommend

From Scotland On 24/06/2021


As readers go, pretty darn fabulous. Highly intuitive, encouraging, great at reading energy. I’d rate her among the top readers on this site xxx

L From Aus On 18/05/2021

Absolutely brilliant

Sorry my pin ran out. You are a great support to me and I am very grateful. Your readings are always accurate and you are a lovely, kind person to speak to.

ON from Midlands From Midlands On 16/05/2021

Brilliant Reader

5 star reading Brilliant reader with quick info and details

Donna From London On 14/05/2021

Hi Jass my name Sonia I have just had a reading with you this afternoon regarding a confusing sistuation with a guy i was friends on Facebook. It was a pleasure to talking to you especially I was feeling a bit down. Unfortunately run out of minutes but I will ring again soon kind regards Sonia

From On 02/05/2021


Just had a reading with Jass, she is simply amazing to speak to. Direct and very accurate always delivering with kindness. Jass picked up so much about my life and gave me very accurate validations. I'm so sorry we got cut off. Definitely recommend this lady

Carrie From Kent On 23/04/2021

Amazing Reading

Hi Jass, I just had a great reading from you, you are an amazing reader. Thank you so much!! I'm so impressed by how accurate you were :)

Deb From On 11/04/2021

Superlative and Stupendous Reader!

She is brilliant, connects really well has great timing and skills talented and superb sweet and empathetic superb highly recommended!

PRANAV From Midlands On 14/03/2021

Lovely and accurate reading

I had a lovely and in depth reading from Jass today. Consistent with a previous read from her and she was able to pick up on the personality and issues around the person I was enquiring about. We were able to talk about karmic relationships and connection and I am so sorry that we cut out. I pressed the confirmation keys while being asked at the £30 and I think it cut out because I pressed the button while the message was playing. I am so sorry I do not get to thank her and her guides for their insights and advice.

L From England On 15/02/2021


Jass is very empathic and really picked up the importsnt aspcets.. Was very accurate and honest. Reslly a pleasure to talk to.. Picked me up when I was in distress and helped me to see the way forward. Thank you

Lesley From You know where On 11/01/2021

Great genius genuine reader natural psychic

Love her intuitions , very accurate direct, spot on. Not a time waster, gave dates fir communication, strong confident predictions, hoping to come true. Her validations really matter. Blessings Jess always!!❤️❤️

AA From England On 03/01/2021


Jass is a lovely woman and really down to earth. She has a gentle way of delivering her reading and seems to pick up on lots of things nobody else could know. Hopefully her predictions come to fruition. Love and light Jass. Thank you

Sarah From UK On 27/12/2020

Lovely reader - really seemed to understand the situation and picked up on things very well. i feel she is a Genuine reader.

A From bucks On 23/12/2020

Love her

Hi Jass its the lady with the name you wanted to give your child! Im sorry i couldnt top up again - didnt want you thining i cut you off. Really enjoyed are chat you were spot on with everything, few predictions made which I hope come through (ill keep you updated) and real sound advice given. Give Jass a go she's definitely worth it!

S From England On 29/11/2020


At last a reader that can give you a general reading. This woman is bang on the money. She picked up things she could not have known and I told her nothing. She is a lovely person as well and does her reading with compassion. She is also honest when she is not sure about something, which I like. Great reading and thank you xxx

From Edinburgh On 18/10/2020

So lovely

Thank you for my reading. Picked up straight away on my move of home I told her nothing asked for general reading? I’m surrounded by boxes to move home. Also my love life n all my recent life changes. Felt uplifted after and motivated to keep packing my boxes to begin as jazz puts it a great new chapter after waiting 18 months god bless and thank you xx

From On 15/06/2020

Jass is actually very down the earth, smart, and really easy to talk to. I feel like to can talk to her for while. But have to watch my minutes and be mindful of it. Thanks Jass. Truly appreciate your time.

From On 12/06/2020


This lady is amazing she told me everything I needed to know. Wonderful reader. Lovely lady. Really nice xx

Marianna From Surrey On 30/05/2020


This women is amazing. Jass is so down to earth and easy to talk too. She has given me so much strength and given me a clear path to keep on fighting on to achieve my goals. After an hours conversation and 3 top ups, I really do consider her a friend. I will report back to you in a few months when things unfold. I know this lovely lady is genuine because of the things she told me. She is genuine, detailed and very professional. Please give her a try. You will NOT be disappointed. Massive respect for this amazing lady. Love and best wishes from the sunny SouthCoastUK. Thankyou for you love and support x

Leighton From East Sussex On 02/05/2020


Wonderful reader. She was confident and reassuring .

From On 26/04/2020

Brilliant reader!

Lovely lady really good! Thank u

Nikola from Wales From Wales On 24/04/2020


Very impressed , picked up quickly on my current problems , reading showed a good future , once everything settles down . Easy to talk to, please give her a try I’m sure you’ll be happy

Sue From UK On 19/04/2020

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Goldie, Is an Spiritualist Church evidential medium, clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient with over 25 years experience. She specialises in tarot readings in love and career/work readings and has been working on live psychic lines for over 14 years. She is a Professional Astrologer, great listener is non judgmental and sympathetic. Pin 5484

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J Feral

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I'm a clairsentient and sensitive empath with a grasp on metaphysics, the psyche and symbolism. I have been very close to the Runes for about 6 years and started with the Thoth tarot deck about 5 years ago. PIN: 9790

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I am an intuitive tarot card reader. Since being bought a box of Rider Waite Tarot Cards as a gift several years ago, the tarot has helped me on my own process of healing. Now I wish to share what I have learnt in order to assist others on their souls’ journey. PIN: 8732

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Hi, I'm Marie. Thank you for looking at my profile. I am a Spirit and Tarot card reader. These gifts were passed to me from my Grandmother who was a wonderful reader. If you want to find out information, let me contact my Spirit guides and they will pass me the information that they want to, I have brilliant guides! I am compassionate and a great listener. I specialize in Love, Relationships and Family issues. PIN: 1090

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PIN: 7288

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I can offer telepathic insight (fortune-telling). I can also contact some who have passed over and receive messages from spirit guides. I’ve done over forty years of private, confidential, and unadvertised experience as a Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant. I have a calm persona and very polite one-to-one communication skills. PIN: 7288

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Psychic Reader Sasha


PIN: 4107

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I am a Tarot empath with 20 years of experience. I am here to assist people to find their true inner wisdom. I want to assist you with love, career and relationships. I come from a family of psychics and their beautiful gifts have been passed onto me. I know use my gifts to read for people from all over the world. Let's find your true light and let's answer your questions today. PIN: 4107

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