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Wasn’t saying much and just kept repeating the same thing, I heard it the first time so didn’t need to hear it four more times

Marie From On 20/07/2021

Fantastic 10000stars

Picks up with no Information but Yr name & star sign, gave current situation which was spot on & outcome predictions such a lovely lady also able to pick up the POI energies which were correct, absolutely one of the top readers will be back to update Thank you jasmin

Lin From Uk On 09/07/2021

A lovely lady spot on with her reading

Jasmin speaks with a loving and caring voice to deliver her predictions by just using the tone of your voice. There’s no time wasted, no procrastinating with tarot cards and meanings. She just tells you the story of your life respectfully as if she was reading a book. The 50 years experIence definitely shows. I strongly recommend her readings.

Daniela From London On 24/06/2021

Picked up straight away

Picked up on energies straight away, and confirmed with great certainty about what is going to come in.

Adam From Luton On 16/06/2021

Lovely lady

Very good ready from Jasmin today.. really connected with her and very positive.. thank you for your guidance and insight.

Sara From Gloucester On 13/06/2021

Lovely lady

This lady delivers her psychic messages in a kind humble way( she said she’s 82!) how wonderful she is guiding still with this great natural gift she so clearly has I will be one happy bunny if her predictions come to pass I will raising a glass of champagne to her thanks jasmine carry of reading for many years blessings juliet

From On 31/05/2021

My go to reader

Amazing, I can’t understand why she hasn’t got many positive reviews. She picked up everything on my reading she is very kind love love Jasmine ❤️❤️❤️

P From Uk On 28/05/2021

She got heaps of things right

Jasmin was lovely - she tuned in quickly to my situation and picked up lots of the energies around the situation. She made some predictions about my relationship I hope come true. She was very direct and gave me good details about the situation.

Lily From Australia On 28/05/2021

Jasmin got straight to the point. I had specific questions which she gave very quick answers to and reasons why. One question was should I attend a function. I took her advice and attended. I found she was spot on and everything was better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you Jasmin

Rachel From Australia On 23/05/2021


She was talking to me like I’m six years old, without explaining anything in detail.

From On 19/05/2021

Love her what a sweet lady. I can’t believe how much she picked up. You deserve a 1000 stars, you truly gifted I will be in touch soon for some updates thank you so much xxx

P From Suffolk On 22/04/2021

Prediction Came to Pass!

Jasmin predicted my POI will text and open up in 2 days and it happened exactly in 2 days!! I can't wait for her other predictions to be true now. Thank you Jasmine!

Anuradha From UK On 19/04/2021

Accurate reading

Thanks for ur reading . U were very spot on with my reading, hope it will all come to end in around June time.I'll keep in touch

Florence From Australia On 14/04/2021

Wise lady

I have just had a marvellous reading with Jasmine. She picked up on the people in my life I was having difficulties with and gave me some very interesting insights into my situations. She is lovely to speak to. Calmed me down a lot ! Looking forward to he4 pr3dictions playing out. Thank you Jasmine

Helen From Uk On 06/04/2021

Good but long winded

Good points but took ages to get any answers waffled and kept repeating compared to quicker readers then run out of credit. She could be more direct.

Will From Wales On 02/04/2021

I only said good morning to her and Jasmine picked up on my situation right away and she knew my name without asking, thank you for a fantastic reading, will phone again in a few weeks 30/3/21

Susan From On 30/03/2021

Lovely caring wonen

Jasmin is lovely and connected with me so much. She is full of compassion and helps u calm down and see the situation I will ring bk and see u soon x

Louise From Nottingham On 23/03/2021

Accurately picks up your energy

I had Jasmine for the first time on this site and I felt she read me very well. She seemed to know exactly what was going on. I felt that she accurately delivered the messages. Also a plus is that she is warm, patient and very confident in what she delivers. Thank you Jasmine.

Lesley From New Jersey, United States On 18/03/2021

Nice Lady

A very polite, nice and warm lady. She picked up some interesting and accurate insights of my past relationships. She was also very warm and encouraging and uplift. I look forwards to your predictions coming to pass. Thank you Jasmin

M From UK On 11/03/2021

Wow wow

Beautiful lady and wonderful reading xxx

Flower From Cardiff On 08/03/2021

Lovely lady

Thank you Jasmine for your time

Elvira From UK On 15/02/2021

Amazing lady

Very lovely lady,picked up personal things on me and my partner, now l know which path I will be taking, thanks to jasmine. Keep safe. Will be in touch again.

Jackie From Cleethorpes On 10/02/2021

Awesome reading

Thankyou for a great reading and putting my mind as easy you were straight to the point and I left your energy around me when you did the reading. You told me thing things I didn't ask but i needed to hear Thankyou again.

Priti From Australia On 04/02/2021

Thank you

Sorry my phone battery died .thank you again for a great reading

From Scotland On 05/01/2021

Thank you!

Thank you so much for the lovely reading about career and love. Your energy is so positive and strong and lifted me up, which I so needed. I am very grateful! :)

T From Australia On 07/12/2020

Really good

I had about 4 readings with Jasmine and I was very happy Told me things that I didn't ask her. Very impressed. Thanyou

Anna From On 03/12/2020

Line cut off

Dear Jasmin, I am so sorry the line cut off, my battery died on me, tried to get back but you were off line, I must have tired you out! :D. Thank you so much for the wonderful reading and answering all my questions I've had for so long. I hope to speak to you again. xxx

Cath From On 01/12/2020

Good but takes to long

She longs out the conversation and her words on purpose, took 30 mins, repeating herself although was spot on but could of said it all in half the time.

T From London On 20/11/2020


Wow just wow fantastic picked up on all areas of my life very In depth and clear I cnt belive my mins ran out I highly reccomend this lovely kind soul.

Amazing From On 30/10/2020

what a lovely lady, thank you so much can't wait for things to start happening, will keep u updated. 29/9/20

Susan From On 29/09/2020

Great Reader

Jasmin was straight to the point and picked up on what was going. Such a wonderful person.

Ravi From West Midlands On 03/09/2020


Wonderful connection on many levels and mutual equine passion. As a fellow psychic it’s daunting having a reading after heartbreak

Sammie Jayne From North Lincolnshire On 02/09/2020


Amazing reading I can’t wait for it all to come true picked up on my situation and description of the man involved.thank u so much credits fined

Sofia From UK On 01/09/2020

What a wonderful woman

I've had a few readings with Jasmin. She is such a lovely person. She tunes in to the situation spot on. She described my ex to a T!!!!!! Even if her predictions never come to pass (I believe they will) she gave me the best advice around the situation. She draws on her life experience and intuition. Was like speaking to a friend. She is amazing and non judgemental. Thank you Jasmin xx

Jacqueline From Liverpool On 31/08/2020

Picked up on entire situation

Thank you very much for the accurate reading, very grateful

From On 28/08/2020

She was so spot on !

I am very greatly delighted to have called Jasmin she is an absolutely pleasure to have a reading with and guessed all !

Ana From Uk On 25/08/2020


Thank you Jasmin you was spot on about my situation in the past.

barbara From Australia On 08/08/2020


Thank you Jasmin you was spot on about my situation in the past so true.You was great.

barbara From Australia On 07/08/2020

Picked up on my situation straight away, lovely reading, waiting for predictions to come true. Thank you so much

Sand From London On 06/08/2020


I just spent an hour and a half with Jasmin, and she's absolutely incredible. The energy she picks up is so accurate, can't wait to see her predictions come true!!!

JC From Hermosa Beach On 06/08/2020

Good but long winded

She knows her onions and carrots but it took ages to get to what I needed to know and then funds run out. Wish she would get to the points.

Ted From Wales On 23/06/2020


Had an amazing reading, she got my situation spot on and the person in question down to a “T” Such a lovely lady.

From On 18/06/2020


A very kind & compassionate soul. Very sensitive & empathetic. I’ve had a few readings, & she reads people very well. Definitely psychic. 5 stars.

Caterina From Australia On 22/05/2020

Lovely lady.

A very nice compassionate lady overall, seems to be a bit of overlap from influential obsessives. Overall I would say she was initially intuitive, it's just that with interference, & well I did check my notes, and all the things she predicted pretty much did not come to pass, so i t's been 12 months. If you want somebody lovely to speak to who is compassionate then yes she's great.

Anonymous From Oceana On 02/03/2020


Nice lady, got some bits, not other bits, wasnt clear for me. Dont think we connected.

Kathleen From Perth Australia On 27/01/2020


Thank you Jasmin you are amazing what you told me was incredible I cant thank you enough. will be in touch again soon

Tracey From Australia On 23/01/2020

amazing , spot on and very healing reader and true psychic !!!

Thank you Jasmin for your reading this morning you were very accurate spot on very gifted psychic, very professional, kind and compassionate soul. you gave me much hope and will be back when things unfold. Blessings and love

From On 13/01/2020

Wonderful reader

Thanks for your insights Jasmin. I enjoyed my reading and will follow your advise. Fingers crossed your prediction manifests. God bless and thanks again.

Nikki From London, UK On 10/01/2020

Great info

Thank you for reassuring me that contact will be within a week, and that things will turn around. Very much appreciated.

Libran From Aus On 23/12/2019

Jasmin, I hope you’ll see this note:

My heart is so fulfilled, Jasmin and it’s all thanks to you. In the last minute of our call, you spoke of my spirit and kindness, but I wish I had more time to tell you how beautiful, gifted and special you are. You’re energy, loving nature and universal powers is a Light in this world, and it’s women like YOU that keep us all hopeful and determined for a greater future. I am fulfilled knowing I am enough to attract such a kind woman like yourself into my life, and I look forward to the more frequent calls and connections in the near future. Not only were you so accurate with my past, my present, but you’ve also confirmed my intuition of the future and I’m forever grateful. You’ve uplifted my spirit tonight, and I’ll think of you when all the positive outcomes we spoke of come-to-life. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jasmin!! Speak so soon~

Jenny Chang From Los Angeles, California On 22/11/2019

No connection

Sorry but this reading was completely off got it all wrong and couldn’t believe that I hadn’t saw my ex in a long time hence why I was having the reading, asked too many questions and gave advice rather than anything deeper. Maybe we didn’t connect but nice lady

Charlie From London On 06/11/2019


Jasmine is a very kind and honest reader and has a loevely manner about her. Thankyou Jasmine. October 2019.

From On 31/10/2019

Fantastic reading x

lisa From uk On 18/10/2019

Lovely lady was spot on regarding my situation x

lisa From uk On 18/10/2019

this lady is fantastic. Call her you wont be disappointed. x

lisa From uk On 18/10/2019

Fantastic reader!

I was surprised at very precise and quick reading. She was very calm and confident during the reading. I will definitely use her service again.

J. From Surrey On 17/10/2019


Thank you so much, the reading was lovely. I look forward to what’s to come x

Kads From UK On 14/10/2019

Amazing ! Very Special!

Jasmine picked up on what I was calling about without me asking. Jasmine saw and accurately described the man I’m magnetically attracted to and what he is thinking and feeling and when this will progress. All in all this was a very special reading for me as it has cleared up my doubts and confusion. Bless you Jasmine.

O’Livia From Australia On 14/10/2019

just fabulous

This lady is out of this world. I found out things only to be revealed a few months later. The information is so precise and the energy is real. She is fantastic. Amazing lady xxx

hajer From london On 09/10/2019

Excellent Reading

Without a doubt the most honest geniune reader on this site. So approachable understanding and caring lady. Thank you for such a great reading and will update when things develop between me and sunny

Parminder sanghera From London On 03/10/2019


I had a reading with Jasmin. Wow, she tunes in and off you go. Very accurate, a lovely lady.

From On 01/10/2019

Amazing reading this morning with Jasmin. So warm and uplifting and absolutely SPOT ON!!!!!!! Lots of love from Amida, Manchester xx

From On 20/09/2019

Wow Wow Wow

Jasmin is THE Trusted Psychic, the truest psychic. This is the best reading I have had on this site, EVER. Her level of attention to detail, to know so much intricate specific details about a person's character, behaviour, and what's happened to them is exceptional, and she does not even use cards or any tools to do this! You can ask her any question. She was so so accurate of what my person of interest has been through, and she even knew the name of his ex girlfriend, how about that for a real psychic! Finally, I have had the right answers for the questions that have been on my mind for a long time, which none of the psychics on this line where able to answer, which is one of the most satisfying things when you come for a reading that you get accurate true specific answers. Normally with other readers they are not specific enough, it's here and there and vague. They may say they don't know or say stuff like "he has emotional entanglements" "he's dealing with a lot" but do not actually spell out what those entanglements are and the reasons behind them, but I got everything answered with this beautiful woman. She even got a date right about something I could see happening in that month. Thank you so much Jasmin, you are amazing. Thanks for your patience in answering my questions. Blessings upon your psychic skills. Would highly recommend!! Much love, Angel

Angel From UK On 06/09/2019

Beautiful lady with loving heart !

Thank you sending u big hug very kind and loving lady reading for me very well she read me like book any god bless you!! Love & light Nikola xx

Nikola from Wales From Wales On 07/08/2019


Lovely lady. Thank you for the reading Jasmin.

From On 25/07/2019

Lovely Lady

I had a reading with Jasmin and she is such a sweet lady who is compassionate with a lovely manner and I was really impressed with the details she picked up about myself, she picked up what nationality I was she picked up certain details about my POI and it was really accurate, she made some predictions to me let’s see how they will unfold, such a sweet lady I will be calling her again.

Olympia From London On 11/07/2019


Having read back on my notes from my reading with Jasmin I have to say this beautiful lady is definitely in a league of her own. Having been guilty of having far to many readings in the past I dont think I've come across a reader who has picked up such intricate details. Its as if she was a fly on the wall. It also gives you confidence of the outcome and I like the fact she's not reliant on cards. Thank you so much.

Anna From Australia On 26/06/2019

Brilliant reader

She picked up on the energies of my boyfriend and the relationship so quickly and accurately, it took my breath away...Jasmin is insightful and very gentle...amazing lady. Thank you Jasmin

Steph From Paris - France On 25/06/2019

Straight to the point

My first time with Jasmin I already called 2 to 3 times today. Wanted to chat more but my credit ran out. I like jasmin Kind and understanding sweet woman.

Mushood From Watford, Hertfordshire On 19/06/2019

Berkshire lady

I spoke to Jasmine today. And i was blown away by how accurate and precise her reading her validations were for me. She truly deserves all the stars and more reviews. She told me what some other physics didnt pick up on. As only i knew that information. I was literally gobsmacked. Very good jasmine. I hope you remember me. I called you twice as a ran out of credit. Lady from Berkshire it was about ex with horrible additictions. And a lovely gentleman who im awaiting contact from. Who is to come into my life. I pray all your predictions come true. I shall call you. Thank you so much xx please do give her a call you won't be dissapointed.

Berkshire lady From Berkshire On 07/06/2019

Experienced and genuine reader

Thank you very much indeed. Looking forward to that contact and a great future.

Libran From Aus On 03/06/2019

Lovely, Gentle, Sensitive & Very Good.

Lovely Jasmin, thank you for the succinct on the mark reading you gave me from the very first time. I have had some very difficult personal complex complicated issues to deal with, and from the very first reading she was 100 percent right. I have had to deal with very dark deep depression & post trauma, & her surmising of people's characters & their behaviour was correct. Thank You Jasmin, You are a truly Beautiful Gentle & Lovely Kind Lady., Always, C, Sydney, Australa.

C From Sydney Australia On 02/06/2019

Soul Mate

Jasmin firstly is a very wise lovely woman... my second reading with her was almost identical to the first with a huge amount more detail. She stated things about my ex that only I would know and clarified my feelings about a lot of things. Not only is she an amazing intuitive reader, she is also 100% accurate. She is also very very kind and such a warm wonderful human. Thank you jo xxx

Josephine From Lincs On 31/05/2019

Great reader , Highly recommended !

Thank you Jasmine for your great reading today !!!! Jasmin is amazing, she tells you a lot without you saying anything. Pick ups very quickly on you and anyone around and gives very straight forward answers. She is very nice, warm and talking to her is very healing !!! Thank you so much again for your amazing reading today and sorry we were cut off before I could personally thank you With Blessings and love xxx

From On 31/05/2019

Absolutely incredible connection!♥️

So sorry we got cut off but we had a wonderful long chat and our connection was instant!!! Jasmin was spot on with her reading and so precise about the facts I burst into tears purely out of shock/suprise because no other psychic has connected with me like this before

Lindy From East Sussex On 23/05/2019

Amazingly accurate, such a gifted reader with a kind, gentle soul. Thank you Jasmine for your outstanding readings xx

From On 10/05/2019

So far the best on this site!!

She picked up my energy fast...described me and the male currently in my life . Just waiting for her prediction to come true!! Thank you Jasmine will definitely only be calling you in the future. 1

From On 09/05/2019


Spoke you for the first time. Jasmine you are are an angel,gift from heaven

From On 17/04/2019

Ms Jasmine, you are difficult to reach but glad I got through to you. Your predictions happened. You ever picked up on my hair colour and his. ..deep. ... thank you

From On 17/04/2019

Gifted reader

Thank you Jasmine for your beautiful and uplifting reading. When you started the reading by gently touching the 100 year old tarots and without prompting guided the reading I felt wholeheartedly I was in the right hands. It hasn't been an easy road but your reading left me feeling at ease and very much looking forward to the journey ahead. Please give this beautiful soul a go and have a reading with her. Thank you Jasmine, internally grateful. Leo xo

From On 01/03/2019

Beautiful lady

She's my rock in time of need, thank you for everything.

Raw From On 26/02/2019


Lovely lady, quick connection and had given a similar prediction to other readers on here. Sorry my credit ran out but I found your style of reading interesting. Thank you x

From On 15/01/2019


I spoke to her for the first time but unfortunately only had 18 minutes left. I wish I had another 18 minutes to finish my conversation with her. She is a real psychic, very polite, loving and delivers her reading with so much compassion. I will defo come back to her with more minutes because I need some more insight into my complex situation.I know she will be busy very soon.

MZ From London On 16/11/2018

not bad

sorry we got cut off - though I felt you were a tad off mark - but thanks anyway - lovely lady - maybe we just didn't connect - blessings to you.

L. From Uk On 26/10/2018


She has such gentle soul and she read from her heart - put in 110% connection to the reading. Was able to tell me a lot of stuff without me telling her my life story!! Truly gifted reader - hope to god her predictions will unfold just as how she saw it to be!! Thanks Jasmin

Angela From Australia On 15/10/2018

such a beautiful patient lady!!

Jasmin is so incredibly patient and her readings are true to her cards and predictions are strong and identical to my past reading with her. She has such an amazing soul and was able to connect and picked up things that was surrounding me without me telling her a thing!! she couldn’t have remembered my last call it was some time ago and yet it was an identical reading!! I truly hope to god her predictions are right and that i will see rainbow again soon! Lots of love, Angela

Angela From Australia On 11/10/2018



j From On 21/08/2018


Amazing and outstanding detailed reading. Very consistent and all prediction materialised. I will be back. Please listen to this lady she is so spot on with the reading. Highly recommended. Thank you.

M From London On 07/08/2018


Amazing connection.. picked the situation in detail I hope the predictions happen!!

Ranzy80 From Australia On 31/05/2018

lovely reader

jasmin is a lovely reader. so gentle, warm and makes you feel at ease. didn't ask many questions and yet immediately connected. her readings were accurate. i will come back to report on her predictions. thank you jasmin. god bless you.

From On 24/05/2018

Professional & Thourough

Had a reading today with Jasmine. She was extremely accurate on past events and current situation. Didn't have to tell her anything. Spooky accurate! True ability.

Wini From uk On 17/04/2018

Thank you

Beautiful lady and spot on reading

Claire From Edinburgh On 04/04/2018

Brilliant Reader

Picked up on how i felt also on things she would never have known about me. Waiting for predictions to come true. Many thanks.

ann From On 04/03/2018

Very wise and experienced reader

Great reading. Very accurate with info and reassuring. Nice lady too. Predictions happening as said. Info also consistent with what other readers on site have said. Highly recommended.

L From Australia On 28/02/2018


Explained everything and tuned in Lovely lady

A From London On 16/02/2018

Very interesting read

Good info re my and his appearance. GREAT prediction of life change and new relationship with contact coming through. YES!!!!

Lynda From Perth On 03/02/2018

Very intuitive

Jasmine from the beginning picked up my situtation with any cards or input from me. She didn't struggle

Nadine From Manchester On 25/01/2018

Jasmine is spot on

Thankyou Jasmine you were spot on in describing my husband to the T. And what you said you actually made me laugh. I will update you when he returns . Ring Jasmin she’s the real deal in here. She just talked and new everything no pausing straight to the point fantastic. Thank you jasmine you made my day.

maria From Australia On 02/01/2018


Lovely lady, so in tune. Give her a call.

From On 30/12/2017


Jasmine has given me hope. Let's see

Penelope From London On 28/12/2017


Hoping beyond hope that what I was told today is true. Very straight to the point. Thank you .

Evelyn From Wales On 26/12/2017

Beautiful reading

God bless you Jasmine 50 years of experience you know what your talking about I have faith he will return by Christmas time. I will let you know the outcome.. By Christmas. I found my reader and keeping her.

Maria From Australia On 19/12/2017

Jasmine is a fantastic reader, very accurate and has such a positive energy

one of the best readings I’ve had! I called jasmine for guidance about a past relationship and everything she had mentioned about my connection with my ex, how we had met was 100% spot on. Jasmine is a beautiful soul , I felt very comfortable and positive throughout the reading.she was insightful, friendly, genuine and told me What what I needed to know. Thank you jasmine for a great reading

Patricia From Sydney On 24/11/2017


I called initially to know about work but apart from that Jasmin picked up on the subject relationship and what she said toatlly stunned me. It came out of the blue and hit me like a nail on the head! Would be a very big life change if it turned out to be true... and she is not alone in what she predicted. Just amazed. Jasmin is a lovely caring and wise lady too! Definitely worth giving her a call :-)

Annette From Italy On 24/11/2017

Beautiful lady

Wonderful reader, so accurate and lovely to talk to. Thank you.

Mary From Australia On 23/11/2017


Just had an amazing reading wth jazmine... hopen wat she says comes true.. thnku xx

Batbara From Norther ireland On 01/11/2017


Thank you very much for this reading. I honestly belive what you have told me and will definitely take it all on board. Amazed how u saw the man jn question and described him ezactly how he looks. Wow. I will stay aay from the other. I really am hoping n praying what you have told me unfolds . Sorry could afford to keep topping up. Didnt get to say bye. Will let you know what happens. You say your right about it all....I believe it too as everything u said was correct. Thank you and god bless you. ❤️

Jaz From On 20/10/2017


Look forward in seeing how the near future unfold, it was a very positive reading Thankyou A

A From Australia On 27/09/2017

Prediction all came true! Genuine Reader

I was given 3 predictions in to my future life and they all came true! im pretty god damn amazed. Genuine Reader. Told me things about me and my life that no body could know. convinced this lady is a genuine reader.

Leon From East Midlands On 26/09/2017

Great Relationship advice

Was going through a tough time in my relationship and Jasmin gave me a solid to the point reading as well as being compassionate with my situation

Gerald From West Glamorgan On 06/09/2017

Very accurate

I was looking for someone to help me sort our my current situation so I can make some decisions. Jasmin picked up on the situation right away and clarified my situation very well. I feek enlightened now to make informed decision. Thank you very much.

P From UK On 05/09/2017

Very gifted psychic

I've had lots of readings over the years with many different psychics and medium and tarot card readers and i find it is very difficult to find a reader who i can really connect with and one who can actually give me a accurate straight forward reading but who is also caring and interested in giving me good guidance - This reader, Jasmin is a reader who had all those brilliant qualities and more - finally i have found my star reader!!

Bella From Harleston On 03/09/2017


Jasmin is a wounderful psychic, very accurate, caring and understanding, thank you so much for my reading and to listening to my concerns. You are amazing!!!!!

Sema From USA On 27/08/2017

Perceptive and on point.

Jasmin picked me up correctly, type of person, type of profession, where I was romantically in my life. It was a pleasure to talk with Jasmin, to the point and correct. Will be interesting to see if her predications come true. Highly recommend her.

Sharon From Perth Western Australia On 27/08/2017

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I have been a practising Psychic readings for thirty years and I am able to see the future by reading tarot cards, reading tea leaves and looking through my crystal ball. I am a friendly soul and I am non judgemental within my readings. Call me for an insightful reading today. PIN: 2998

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Psychic Reader Sas Joy

Sas Joy

PIN: 1826

Reviews: 33

I am an Intuitive, Clair-sentient, a healer and Inspirational Tarot card reader. I connect with Spirit and your Higher-Self to bring information and insight to assist and give you more clarity around your current situation or circumstances. I have been blessed with these spiritual gifts since I was a child, and have been using them in a professional capacity to help people of all ages,backgrounds and walks of life for over 25 years. PIN: 1826

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Psychic Reader Gina


PIN: 3703

Reviews: 65

I am an intuitive and able to tune in with people's thoughts and vibrations and will assist you to make sense of what is going on in your life or unravel the meaning of a dream you have had. I am also a good listener should you just wish to talk to somebody who understands you. I look forward to hearing from you. PIN: 3703

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Psychic Reader Alina


PIN: 6847

Reviews: 41

I have been a professional Tarot reader for over 10 years, but my spiritual journey with Tarot readings began when I was 12 years old. My abilities are increasing with my experience and I am continuing to learn with different readings methods. Assisting people is my goal and to make them happy and positive is my mission. PIN: 6847

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Psychic Reader Empress


PIN: 2420

Reviews: 40

I have been a psychic and tarot reader for over 15 years, I also work with oracle cards and crystals to add more depth to a reading. If you would like a reading with your love life, career, family or a general reading on any question you may need answering I'm hear to give you a non-judgemental calming psychic and tarot reading. PIN: 2420

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