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Wow..predictions spot on

Wow margarite, spoke to you again today & you blew me away with your insight & no questions asked, you told me my POI of interest would be in contact within 3 days or sooner but give myself a week still, well he made contact within hours, you truly are gifted Thank you Linda.x

Lin From Uk On 06/04/2022

2 readings - one past - one present

On both occassions - two readings i didnt feel she connected . One was maybe 2 years ago - and just recently a week ago.

From On 06/04/2022


She is one of my favourites on this website. Picks up past present without asking question and gives advise. Simply love her honest and upfront reading. Can't wait to call her again.

Anuradha From UK On 24/03/2022


She is amazing! Highly recommended.

Ash From London On 10/01/2022


Really shocked on some of the low reviews on magritte but I was still drawn to her so called & glad I did what a lovely lady not rude at all, picked up extremely quick and spot on!!! Her predictions again online with the top readers, she connects and delivers fast not here to keep you on the phone, such a blessing and I told her that. Thank you again

Lin From Uk On 19/02/2021

Her readings can be amazing but sometimes they can go the other way. She does come across rude at times and speaks over me but at other times she can be patient. Maybe it depends what mood she’s in...

From On 08/02/2021

Margarita you are precious. Love you darling. X

Giulie From Australia On 05/02/2021

Spot On

Absolutely spot on! Thankyou!

Carissa From Australia On 02/01/2021

Prediction didn’t happen

Had two readings now and sadly predictions didn’t happen.

S From United Kingdom On 20/11/2020

Super amazing

I love talking to her,beautiful person tell is as it is, and gives a great reading, worth every penny,l will be ringing her again

Mac From Kent On 14/11/2020

Thank you ❤️

Margarita it's as if the universe gave me you this morning as I'd actually put in a different reader's pin code but the phone keypad didn't understand and transfered me to you. It was a positive reading which I wasn't expecting and you told me my story and the situation I am in. I really hope love finds me but you were definitely a help to me and we had a nice chat. Sorry I got cut off at the end.xx

Anna From Lincolnshire On 25/10/2020


Thankyou for you guidance lovely lady x

Rosie From Midlands On 27/09/2020

Very good

A beautiful read with much clarity. Tuned in very very quick ons complicated situation. Picked up a great deal and with accuracy

DB From Australia On 26/09/2020

Very very good! Spot on and connected very well would read with u again keep up good work

Reehila Rashid From Uk On 17/08/2020


First time I've had a reading with you, I was drawn to your number when looking through. I found you so wonderfully understanding and caring throughout. Giving me guidance from what you could see aswell as putting my mind at ease. I would totally recommend and feel more at ease over things I came to you about

Emma From United Kingdom On 15/08/2020

Amazing Lady

I am writing this review as I have been speaking to this amazing lady for about a year. I was wishing for my ex to come back to for some time now and she predicted that he was on a few occasions going to reach out to me but never did....(as Every one has free will ) I was heartbroken to say least. I spoke to margarite in March and she said to me that he is taking to long to reach out and not to worry there is another man coming towards me and that I would let him in July. Low and behold I have now met this new guy and he is absolutely lovely. So I just want to say thank you with all my heart as she has really supported me through some tough times. Xxx

Tara From Sussex On 25/07/2020

Wonderfull person

Thank you for my reading everythink you said to me was toatally my life at the moment.i will wait and see if he comes weeks or days. Then I will ring you again

Mandy From Bromsgrove On 05/07/2020

Accurate reading

Lovely Lady, Her prediction came true about my work situation. She is a nice lady and wants the best for the people she reads for. Non judgmental

lena K From Yorkshire On 17/06/2020

More like advise

I don’t know why trusted psychics only puts up good reviews wish they put up more than just good reviews !!! My reading wasn’t great it was all advice after 10 minutes I hung up a psychic or reader is supposed to give you a reading not their own advise!

N From London On 14/06/2020

Very intuitive

Great reader thanks alot for the insight

From On 06/06/2020

You must upload all reviews!!

I've given Margarite a good review in the past because I felt she was one of a handful of readers that I connect with. However, the last time we spoke she was really rude! I didn't even manage to get a word in before she started going on about how "we're not performing monkeys" and then went on to put the phone down. What a waste of my money and minutes. If a reader is having a bad day or isn't connecting they should log off rather than taking it out on the customer. I hope this is published because my last attempt wasn't.

A From Brum On 03/06/2020

Brought me to tears

Margarite was a lady with so many beautiful traits. After having 2 horrendous readings before her - she made me see the situation clearer and for what it was .... she’s insightful but more so ... she is a beautiful lady. I will be back to let you know how your predictions unfolded ... I hope they come true .. and look forward to speaking with you again soon.... one of the best readers on here by far! Sue xxxx

Sue From Essex On 27/05/2020

The reading was excellent but it was word for word as my friends. Even the cards that were pull for us

From On 23/05/2020

Beautiful soul

Thank you Margarite for your clear reading I was drawn to connect with you and you were accurate in a lot of what you said. I needed that reassurance and I'm looking forward to a more positive future once we are out of lockdown. A shame my minutes ran out. Thanks again all the best xx

Nerys From Swansea On 02/05/2020

Minutes ran out...

Lovely as always to speak with u Margarite, u was quick to pick up the situation as I told u I had only a few minutes left on my credit.....ur still saying the same as what u did in last reading so thank u. I'm still very confident of ur predictions coming to pass.

Emma From Yorkshire On 30/04/2020


Loved her the minute she said hello. Very compassionate kind reader

Jacqui From On 11/04/2020

Absolute star

Her mannerism, her delivery, her! Straight to the point. Such a brilliant empathy. Thank you

From On 22/03/2020

Omg so so lovely!

I had the best reading with Margarita! She is so lovely, kind and positive! I didn’t even give her the persons name I wanted to look into and she just ran straight through with lots of information that was spot on. Even with her predictions she was so confident! Love her!

From On 19/01/2020

Spot on - real reader

Only had 10 mins with this lady as we got cut off. She is brilliant and I would come back for a longer reading in the future x

From scotland On 18/01/2020

Prediction happend

Had a view readings with margarite , my life bit stressful always picks up my situation he called me like you said he would just waiting on house move to happen thank you for putting my mind at ease

R From London On 18/01/2020

Absolutely brilliant

Reading flowed so naturally and she was spot on. Thank you for the love and’s sincerely appreciated. From the girl who stayed on because a delivery came in! Thank you thank you thank you! Xx

From On 04/01/2020

Lovely lady

Lovely lady, I gave 4 stars to see how predictions unfold, i hope it doeslike others here then I will be back for sure.

Taurus From Australia On 09/12/2019

Ohhhhh my God!!!!

So I've rang this line many, many times since my break up with my ex and I got to a point where I became sceptical about the predictions. BUT this lady! Seriously she's the only one who got the timings right for me. She told me he would come forward this weekend and lo and behold he started texting me yesterday and finally after 2 months, today, he apologised! I was literally shaking when I got the text. 100% spot on with predictions. Thank you. Xxxx

A From Brum On 27/10/2019

Quality, in-depth and all encompassing

What a lovely read - thank you so much -I really enjoyed listening to you and look forward to end Nov beginning Dec for the dreamed one to come forward. It will be interesting to see if a new one enters the scene, and will be a challenge to make a decision. Thank you

Topsy From o/s On 24/10/2019


Hi Margarite! hope you see this even if its not published its the lady who said she had a few minutes left I'm so sorry I got cut off and I cannot top up until the end of the month haha! we were talking about the film Moana i think you said! we were talking about the celtic new year oct 31st etc and my spiritual gift that I could talk to you about and develop. It was lovely to speak with you I can tell you're a lovely soul and know what you're talking about - you gave me a prediction about contact so lets see if he steps forward! ill for sure be back towards the end of the month if i can catch you again xxx

From Uk On 11/10/2019


Thank you so so much for cheering me up - what a wonderful gifted reader - worth 10 stars & more - chat soon

Tina From On 05/10/2019


The nicest lady... kind, empathetic and deeply spiritual... sorry we got cut off... I hope that the future is brighter. They say it’s always the darkest before the dawn.. thank you x

Jo From Uk On 07/09/2019

She’s amazing

She was spot on with predictions, incredibly gifted. Thank you sweetheart. Hugs N xxxx

From Scotland On 10/08/2019

Truly Amazing

Margarite thank you so much I so enjoyed talking to you. You are such a beautiful gifted person. Big cuddle xxx

N From Scotland On 21/07/2019

Margarita was spot on with everything helped alot with answering my questions. One of he predictions happend just waiting on one more to happen. Thank you

R From London On 23/06/2019

Gifted and honest

Thank you for a very intuitive accurate and warm reading. Everything you said resonated with me. Xx

Laura From Ireland On 08/06/2019


Beautiful soul. Picked up my struggles and had a very positive and honest approach to the future. I hope the predictions come true. Lovely uplifting reading x

From On 01/06/2019

Very gifted!

Love this lady! I deliberately didn’t give any information at the start and I didn’t need to as Margarite picked up everything. She described the person i was wanting to know about and confirmed he would come forward. Thanks again for a great reading and making me believe I do deserve better. Looking forward to predications happening soon. xx

From On 25/05/2019

Beautiful kind lady

Thank u sweetheart for ur kindness it was lovely to speak to you thank you for ur advice really recommend this lady she is gifted! Love&light Nikola

Nikola From Wales On 25/05/2019

Prediction happened

Margarite is a great reader. She predicted contact and it happened just as she said, thank you!

From Yorkshire On 17/05/2019

A whirlwind of information!

I need a piece of A4 paper really to write my review of Margarite's reading with me today. She just knows! How, is beyond me but she does. You'll think you're talking to a really good and close friend, she wants to do the best she can for you...warts and all! Thanks Margarite! x

Ronnie From BERKSHIRE On 21/03/2019


Margarite is such a lovely genuine compassionate reader! No sugar coating. Accurate and so so easy to talk to!

SG From Uk On 19/03/2019

Prediction happened exactly as Margarite said

I have spoken with lovely Margarite several times and all her predictions have happened exactly as she said they would. She is very spiritual with angelic energy. Very wise intelligent lady. I highly recommend her

Sue From Australia On 19/03/2019

True Empath

Very insightful! No questions were asked - Margarite told me information about my situation straight away. Thank you for your caring nature and reading.

Janine From Australia On 08/03/2019

Very good indeed

Loved my chat with Margarite. She tuned in and gave me the whole scenario - explained everything very well and validated what others have been saying. Gave me a tip that Xmas was nearly a walking time... thank you - great value.

Libran From Aus On 19/02/2019

Blown away

Absolutely gobsmacked with how accurate and insightful Margarite was! She's a darling person with a warm energy. I hung up feeling positive and hopeful for the future. 110% recommend her!

Nikole From Sydney, Australia On 05/02/2019


Gifted reader, no questions asked, tuned in fast. Very clear and concise.. talk in a few weeks when predictions happen

Raw From Australia On 01/02/2019

Predictions Happened

I have had three readings, both times I was given insight in to what would unfold in the coming weeks but on the very same day those predictions unfolded, Margarite is amazing! Very accurate in my situation and picking up what is going on AroundMe and I am gobsmacked with how accurate her predictions are and how quickly they happened! Defo my go to reader from now on! Thank you for all your support and guidance

J From London On 04/01/2019

Lovely lady

Marguerite was a pleasure to talk too and picked up on the person and situation quickly without anything being said by me. Will definitely speak again. Thank you for my reading today.

D From Sydney On 11/12/2018

Gifted psychic I was blown away

I just had a reading and gave away nothing, Margarite picked up everything spot on with so much accuracy details that nobody knows. I was completely blown away and feel blessed to have connected with lovely and truely gifted psychic Margarite. Thank you so much!!

Susan From Australia On 31/10/2018

Thank You

A lovely lovely lady. She was v clued up on everything in my world. A pleasure to speak with. Good reading. Thank You

Sarah From Midlands On 21/09/2018

Amazing reading. She was spot on! Picked up on facts immediately. She was amazing!!

Thelma From Southern California On 22/05/2018

Amazing reader.

Never had a reading before by this lady. What a lovely kind spot on reader she is, who gets to what going on around you. Listen very carefully to what she is saying and take it in. Will definitely be back again once those changes take place. This lady is going to become very popular on here.

From On 10/04/2018

Margarite is a kind,caring, truly gifted Lady. Thank you greatly. X

Giulie From Berri On 13/01/2018

Blew my mind

She hit the nail right on the head with no information. You were caring and gave me information to give me a lot of hope. You saw everything on both topics without a question. There was no wasting time and you made me feel so much better. I Thankyou so much. Till we talk again. Love and Light to you xx

Patsy From South australia On 06/01/2018

True empath

True empath.Very spot on and such a lovely lady. Got the situation with no prompting. She didn't ask any questions reading really flowed. Felt like I was speaking to a friend

T From UK On 23/12/2017


Had a reading with Margarite last Friday after a horrendous argument with my husband the night before. She was brilliant and everything she said was spot on and the outcome as predicted. Thank you so much. Will definitely speak again. Love and light x

Kerry From Cardiff On 15/12/2017

Wonderful reading

Thank you so much Margarite, the reading was empowering with very accurate validations, I said NOTHING!!! She did not fish or ask leading questions. She just read as she found the situation which was amazing, I didn;t have to wait for guides or insp8iration or long silences as with many of the other readers, Margarite was enlightening!! I shall clal again and thank you for your wisdom, I am sorry if I came across as abrupt that was not my intention just my eagerness embracing the reading. MUCH LOVE!!XXX

Magi From On 15/09/2017

Lovely reader, loved the reading she gave me! Spoke about my ex, about new love & she gave me some sound advise! Would definitely recommend. Thank you ❤️

From On 07/09/2017

Very kind and honest

Sorry we got cut off! I had such a lovely reading with you. You're very honest and I appreciate what you said. I will definitely be calling back. Thank you for your kind words and very understanding

Olivia From London On 14/08/2017

Fantastic reader !! Sensational!! Xxx

I've rung Margarete almost 4 times now and every single time I speak to her she picks up on my situation with accuracy and brings up a lot of details. I can truly say that she has become one of my top 10 psychic readers and I don't really say that a lot. She is always got something new to say, it's never repetitive and I can truly validate the info she gives me. On top of all this she is a really nice person to me and I think she really does want to help people. God bless and a million thank yous for being here for us.

Jessica From Australia On 09/08/2017


Margarite not only did u put my mind at ease regarding my relationship and the future - our conversation regarding the dark person made me feel an overwhelming sense of calm!!! Thanks you so much!!!! You saw so much that I needed to be aware of.

H From Manchester On 29/07/2017


Very nice down to earth Lady. With deep insight into people.Its like she Knew the people around me.

Elaina Kay From West Yorkshire On 27/07/2017

Sorry minutes ran out. Felt so much better talking to you. I hope all you said happens

Shirley From Ireland On 07/06/2017

You are a gem! WONDERFUL!

Margaritas, you are wonderful! So enjoyed my reading and our connection. i will call again and notify you of my potential choice!

Anna From On 17/05/2017

Oh Margarite, I'm so sorry I never got to thank you before we got cut off. You are so lovely and I really enjoy our chats- We really connect. No doubt we will chat again soon re: flatmate situation. Thank you for reconfirming what I know and for helping to erase my doubts. Take care, chat soon x

Karen From On 03/05/2017

Worth the wait

Thank you finally got through and you connected and in 10 minutes told me so much especially he is my twin flame and that let it unfold and once it does I will be happy. I appreciate the lovely words about my attitude it helps to know that it is what I need to do. So many thanks and you sound such a happy and bright soul very uplifting xxx

J From Australia On 23/02/2017


Fab reading, very accurate, at the end of the call felt relaxed, happy and relieved from my reading.. Beautiful lady will definitely recommend xx

Fallon-Marie From Preston On 12/02/2017


Margarite - you are an angel! Thank you for providing me with clarity and a new perspective. Talking to you is like talking to an old friend and I can't thank you enough! I will be in touch x

Samantha From Australia On 05/02/2017

sorry minutes ran out and couldn't reach you again I just want to say thank u for your reading u connected with me straight away not a word u said was nonsense. Was 100% accurate and true. Will be back for more.

daniella From melb AU On 29/12/2016

kind and onspot

Very Kind lady and Straight to the point.And gets things without prompting. Very gifted readed

Josie Lee From London On 15/12/2016

Spot on

I could have talked to this lady all night. She is great. Very accurate and genuine Love and light xx

Anya From London On 09/11/2016

Lovely reader

This lady is a great reader,she made me see things from a different angle she's honest and I felt relaxed talking to her sorry we got cut off could of spoken to her all day ??

Charlie From Birmingham On 03/11/2016

Spot on

Amazing lady. Was spot on with my reading and straight to the point. Sorry i ran out of mins.

Jackie From Birmingham. On 28/10/2016

Fantastic Reader

Lovely lady..Fantastic reader..Hits the nail on the head without hesitation..Got my work and relationship situations spot on..No questions asked just straight into the reading and explained whats going on around me accurately.

Alison From yorkshire On 23/10/2016

10000 Stars

Amazing reading with Margarite, extremely accurate with situation , without having to say much!!Will let you know when predictions unfold ! Love and light xxxxx

Fernanda From London On 23/10/2016

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