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Insightful and thoughtful reading

Thank you so much Diane. Your reading was massively helpful to me. You are very gifted.

Caroline From France On 06/04/2022


Gives hope and so much insight and hope picks up on situation immediately my new favourite reader on Trusted

Cassy From Lewisham On 13/02/2022

Honest reader no sugar coating, picked up my grand daughter which I never even mentioned knew so much that was impossible to know. Told me the truth about a relationship that I knew in my heart was no good for me and she confirmed it and told me he will never stay and he’ll leave me again and I’ll lose everything if I take a chance with him.

Rebecca From Australia On 08/02/2022

Dianne picked up on my grand daughter and told me things that she could never guess. I rang about a relationship with a guy I knew was no good for me and she told me straight that it’ll never last and he will leave me again. Amazing and honest reader no sugar coating! That’s what I paid for.

From On 08/02/2022

Dianne picked up on my grand daughter and told me things that she could never guess. I rang about a relationship with a guy I knew was no good for me and she told me straight that it’ll never last and he will leave me again. Amazing and honest reader no sugar coating! That’s what I paid for.

From On 08/02/2022

Great psychic

Dianne is an excellent reader. She has really helped me. Thank you x

Sarah From Uk On 02/02/2022


Thanks Dianne for a terrific reading. You were spot on about the Queenslander! Sorry we got cut off at the end. First class reader who just kept hitting the nail on the head repeatedly!!!!

Jennie From Australia On 20/01/2022

Excellent reader

She spotted on the problem. I recommend her and will use her service definitely. She is the best.

J From Surrey On 17/01/2022

Spot on

Geez you were spot on! I’ve been trying to catch you online for awhile now. Gosh I hope you come on soon! Thank you for being such a wonderful, gifted & kind person. I’m really grateful I had my reading with you, you are my go to from now on ❤️ Thank you Dianne & thank you to your spirit guide/s

Bel From Aus On 28/12/2021

Highly recommended

There is honestly not enough reviews on here for Dianne, she is crazy accurate on every detail about any situation you present her. I called for one question, got such specific guidance that 1 hour later I had every concern in my life covered with incredible detail by Dianne. Thank you so much!

Tara From Australia On 18/11/2021

Nice but

I’ve had a few readings with Dianne over the last few years. She’s a lovely lady and does pick up things but timings have changed so much and outcomes to... I think for future reference I will try someone else....

Anon From Uk On 13/10/2021

Completely genuine

Dianne is the only one who was spot on when it came to tuning into my situation. Every other reader I have spoken to over the past couple of years has said the opposite to what Dianne told me and they have been completely wrong every time. Everything Dianne said lined up with my situation, the person we were taking about and why certain things happened the way they did. It was quite emotional for me,as it was nice to have a reading that actually made sense. Thank you, lovely lady.

Irrelevant From On 12/09/2021

Absolutely spot on in everything.

Rachel From England On 12/05/2021


Very tuned into my traumatic situation & help see from better more positive perspective so I can focus more on positive outcome.

Sarah From Wales On 15/04/2021


Such an excellent reader best ever !!

Georgina From Australia On 21/01/2021

Amazing - Accurate - Great Guidance

Thank you Di for the most lovely reading; thank you for the guidance. I am so grateful you picked up on my situation so accurately X

From On 14/12/2020

Not sure

I like Dianne she’s great with information and getting a read on the present time, but I’ve read with her a few times and outcomes have changed... guess we will wait and see

From On 23/11/2020

very good

Diane is very goog. spot on loads of detail. 5 stars

Teresa From Hertfordshire On 16/11/2020

Right from beginning to end

This lady proved to me to be naturally gifted. She picked things up without telling her anything. I am glad i chose her.

Mariangeles From Spain On 17/10/2020

Had a wonderful reading this morning, she really picked up on things very quickly, will phone her back again, many thanks 15/10/20 please print this review

Susan From On 15/10/2020

Accurate Reading

My reading with Dianne was very insightful and accurate. I wanted to thank her so much for her response on so many things that she wouldn't have know if i said it to her. Very grateful. Thank you so much

Leela From Australia On 22/09/2020

No predictions have happened

None of the predictions have happened

From On 16/09/2020

Absolutely lovely

This lady is so compassionate and non judgemental on top of being psychicly gifted. She picks up on things quickly and goes into detail. She sees right through the energies of people around you and tells you exactly what she picks up. She also provides guidance on how to manage a situation and move forward. I'm grateful to have come through to you today Dianne. Thank you for your amazing light.

Flora From Uk On 11/08/2020

So I called her. She picked up and introduced herself with her PIN number. And asked for my name. I told her my name and asked my question. Then she asked where I’m calling from and how old am I. I told her my age and location. And she asked for my question again. I don’t think she has the intuition to connect at all w me.

From On 30/06/2020

Incredible and Talented

She is brilliant, connects very well, is very kind and talented.. has great timing and skills.. thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 30/04/2020


we got cut off before I could say thanks. the reading I got seemed to be spot on. x

From uk On 30/01/2020

Great reader , Highly recommended !

Very good reader, very accurate, detailed, genuine and very kind soul Much blessings and love xxx

From On 30/01/2020

Detailed and Accurate

First time speaking with Dianne. She is a lovely person to chat with, accurate and very detailed. Picked up on things only I knew and explained why they happened in detail. Gave me clarification. I would def recommend and I will def be calling Dianne again xx

Emma From Scotland On 16/05/2019

Very talented

Very very good. Dianne too a little time to tune and then the information just flowed and she was incredibly detailed with her validations and understanding. I would highly recommend a reading with Dianne.

Suki From London On 30/08/2018

Insightful and helpful reading

Dianne picked up on the situation around me and gave clear guidance. Very helpful and genuine. Would recommend. Thanks Dianne

Janine From Australia On 24/08/2018

Real Deal

Excellent knew everything without me saying anything .

From On 12/07/2018

Accurate :)

Dianne is one of the top 3 readers personally for me on this site. She picked up things right away and very accurately. She is soft-spoken and patient (esp with me! Lol) Waiting om prediction now and I do believe in her because what she has picked up so far has been accurate! :)

P From Australia On 30/05/2018


First time speaking with Dianne. She pick up on things straight away, everything that is going on around me. Was very impressed with her ability to tune in. Lovely genuine lady that I would highly recommend. Thank you xx

Anne-Marie From Cardiff On 03/05/2018

Deep insightful reading

i had never had a reading with Dianne before today so there is no way she could have any info about me, i didnt tell her anything other than my 1st name and star sign yet she managed to read very specifically into the areas of my life i was having problems in and she has shinned a huge ray or light, i now feel i understand more and know how to better overcome thee obstacles :)

Abigail From Watton On 02/05/2018

Brilliant!! Knew so many details about my life, was spot on. Loved talking to her.

From On 08/03/2018

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I am an intuitive tarot card reader. Since being bought a box of Rider Waite Tarot Cards as a gift several years ago, the tarot has helped me on my own process of healing. Now I wish to share what I have learnt in order to assist others on their souls’ journey. PIN: 8732

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Hi my name is Marlowe and I am a psychic tarot reader with over 15 years experience. I use the cards to make a psychic link with your spirit guides and give you advice and clear readings that may assist you with your life dilemmas. I am a non judgemental reader with lots of spiritual advice to give. Call me on PIN: 1801

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