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1 star

Cannot understand how she has received the previous reviews l found her to be quite rude and was yawning throughout.

Jay From Bham On 02/04/2022


Very accurate.. picked up on my present and the life of my POI. Loved my reading.

Anuradha From UK On 30/03/2022

Very good reader

Joy connected with me and was right on the money with her prediction. Picks up very well on energy. Would recommend

PM From West Midlands On 11/01/2022


So kind and helpful. Thank you

Anna From London On 05/01/2022

Amazing reading

Thank you so much Say Joy, sending lots of love and light. It was so helpful what you told me. Ill take all this on board xx

Liz From Ireland On 27/11/2021

Great Spiritual advisor

Thanks for a great reading this evening. So insightful and helpful.

Una From Essex On 25/11/2021


I wanted a love reading to see if anyone is coming into my life. Sas Joy gave me a great insight into my situation as well as some spiritual guidance to make things manifest in the love area… faster! As the prediction looks great! SAS Joy is highly spiritual and does not project her own stuff. Her reading also confirmed other reader’s predictions therefore I definitely know she is a professional.

Anna From London, UK On 19/09/2021

Really helpful

Thanks Sas Joy it was good to talk it through. I feel confident in what I need to do. Going to work on me and take that step back, whatever will be will be but I won’t be convenience that for sure. :)

C From UK On 29/03/2021

Unhappy customer

Absolutely horrendous reader, I was literally shouting asking her if she could hear me. She continued to speak over me. What is the point of you doing a reading and not allowing the person who you are reading for to speak and ask questions for clarity. She definitely heard Me, I checked my phone multiple times to check if I put it on mute but no it was not, nor there any issues with my phone line.

Unhappy customer From I need a refund TP On 08/03/2021


Sas is an amazing reader who also can guide you if you need it. Enjoyed the long spiritual talk with her. The reading was Hundred percent accurate and she has an articulate way of delivering her reading. Thank you Sas ... Ayse

Ayse From London On 24/02/2021

I agree with the previous comment.

I asked one question, and then she started to bring up other areas of my life, when I did ask her if I could ask a question on multiple occasions, she continue talking. I even questioned whether my phone was on mute… Readers need to be compassionate, I had limited minutes left and she was going off on a tangent. Quite disappointed…

From On 30/01/2021

Not a psychic

Couldn’t listen, talked over the top of me. Didn’t focus at all on what I asked.

Donna From London On 27/10/2020

No comments. I think she's good with the past and present. I'm not so sure about the future as it never happened. She's easy to talk to. But she also told my friend that her POI is undergoing some new work/training stuff. So that kinda caught me off guard.

From On 09/06/2020

Real Reader

Thank you, helped me sort a dilemma out. Was also in line with other good psychics xxx

From Scotland On 07/06/2020


Thank you for a brilliant reading, and sorry we got cut off. You however told me everything I needed to know without me saying a word. True genuine psychic Thank you xx

From West Midlands On 03/06/2020

Gifted and credible, this lady doesn't just pass on information but makes a positive contribution with intellect and knowledge. Having it is one thing but knowing what to do with it is another.x

Sarah From kent On 07/04/2020

Wow,spot on, connected right away. Brilliant reading. Thank you.

Donna From South oxfordshire On 01/04/2020


sas joy is super splendid and full of joy haha.. she gave me alot of helpful advice and the readings on my mother were so accurate. i just hope the insight on my guy will unfold pretty soon. thank you!

emy From london On 24/03/2020

amazing , spot on and very healing reader !!!

Thank you for your love reading today very spot on and encouraging Blessings and love

From On 08/03/2020

The call cut off I will top up and call you back so sorry xx

Sofia From Sheffield On 02/03/2020

Very good

Spot on with things in the relationship, I am so sorry I had to hang up but as you know he walked in. I will call you soon to finish what we were talking about but thank you.

Lisa From Notts On 18/01/2020

Got cut off

Sorry we got cut off, I tried calling back but I think there’s a problem with your line. Thank you for your advice x

Lucy From Kent On 24/09/2019

Excellent and fabulous

Amazing reader thank you darling Sas for wonderful reading she was spot on all that she ask me my name and DOB and she blown my mind you will be spook that she knows more than you know urself. Angel Sas will put your mind at rest so people l urge you to try her you will never be disappointed lots of ❤️❤️Cynthia xxx

Cynthia From London On 30/07/2019

Wonderful sight

I searched all day pulling my hair out with anxiety and then i found SAS and wow within 30 seconds i knew she was the messenger i was searching all day for spot on without hestitation with my reading. And was very gentle but also very experienced and interested to support my highest self trandscend with love. Love n light to you always SAS. I will be speaking with you again because you are an earth angel and bring lots love to give. May all the love be with you too. <3. Thank you so much.

Toni From London On 28/07/2019

Wow !!!

Wow !! I really recommend Sas Joy. You should really try her heart centred coaching. I just spent several hours with her because she was so good. I got deep healing and shifted. She really knows what she’s talking about and is an excellent coach. I really had some great breakthrough , she really facilitated the process very well. I was able to get a lot of insights with her coaching. I’m so grateful for that. Thank you so much Sas for the incredible coaching. I really appreciated. Thank you for your lovely energy. I hope you also enjoyed it and felt energetic too despite me keeping you awake for hours. It was such a pleasure meeting you. I will focus on my 3s and continue thinking about what we discussed and I can’t wait to call you again for more insights. Goodnight and god bless. Peace. Lots of love . I hope you can feel my loving energy from here. Btw although you said TRUST, I didn’t get the chance to tell you that my name means faith ;) lots of love ! Till next time !

Vee From Everywhere On 01/05/2019

Thank you

Thank you for reassuring me on my decisions. For tuning in so well on my situation and being honest, I could have talked all evening with you. Thank you

Melinda From UK On 28/03/2019

Thank you!

Had a lovely reading from Sas, very intuitive and could have talked with her for hours, felt like she was one of my friends and knew who I was and what I felt etc. It’s a shame we got cut off at the end but her advice and reading of the situation was perfect. I do hope that the others things she said are true. I would certainly recommend her as she is extremely easy to get on with. Thank you

Faifh From Lincoln On 22/01/2019


Gives you alot of insight very helpful would recommend

Dominique From London On 15/12/2018

Great future predicitions

Gave great reading into my future, predicitions came to pass as predicted by joy, i will be back.

Ella From aberdeen On 08/11/2018

WOW !! Clarity and Confirmation

Thank you so very much Sas, You were absolutely spot on. You are one of my tribe. The way you tapped onto what is going on for me was absolutely spot on. You helped me to remember to just trust in the process of the mission at hand. Sas is perfectly clear and in tune. Highly recommended.

From On 05/09/2018

Calming and Re-aligning


Sundip From Sydney On 22/08/2018


The best reader on here!!! Spot on positive and great intuition She had great advise Helped me so much

Marianna From Surrey On 23/07/2018

The Unexpected

Fantastic, she did a sound healing with me over the phone. It was most delightful and healing. My heart opened up and was filled with love. My frequency shifted. I then had a really delightful reading that was accurate and well received. It was full of insight about myself and advice which I appreciated.

Angela From Cheshire On 03/05/2018

Absolutely Brilliant Healer and Reader

Spot on, very real, clear and consise. Great Reader.Many thanks for this mornings reading.

K From Australia On 03/03/2018


Thank you so much Sas for your indepth Reading fri 2 March. It has really helped. Will definitely be back. One of the best on here!x

M From Uk On 02/03/2018

Amazing and uplifting!

I just want to say a huge thank you to this lovely lady. I have just had an amazing reading. Picked up on my situation straight away. Sas joy, you are such a lovely, positive person and have an amazing insight and outlook on life. Speak soon, lots of love. Z x

Zana From Uk On 20/02/2018

very positive reading

thanks for the lovely reading, I really enjoyed it and gave me a very good insight

Ana From London On 09/01/2018


Spot on and picked up things that I didn't tell or prompt her. Thanks Sas Joy. Will call back again.

Mary From Australia On 13/12/2017

Life me up

DearJoy: Thank you so much for your reading! The line cut off because I ran out minutes! U are definitely 1 of the best readers here. No judgement. I will call you back when things progress many thanks again

Polly From UK On 20/11/2017

My human sat-nav!

Are you looking for direction? Don't look any further! This lady will blow you away with her laser-guided insights.She gave me a blueprint for the road ahead that aligned with me and woke me up. Thank you once again Sas. Ronnie x

Ronnie From Buckinghamshire On 01/11/2017

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