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One reading with 3 parts love you are the only woman in his life what anyone wants , next thing said move on he fill never give you more because is married !

From On 24/03/2022

Warm and caring

What a lovely lady - empathetic understanding and none judgemental.. what a lovely reading it was and please do give her a go if you need any advice or loving direction in a safe space to do so .. x

Jamie From North west On 18/02/2022

Lovely lady but not a Physic

Such a nice lady and very convincing when you got her in a day she had the energy to read. I found that on a few occasions she sounded half asleep & not really interested . None of her perdiction/s came true . POI had another interest the whole time and she thought it was all made up by him. Very disappointing !

Anon From London On 18/02/2022

I do not recommend

Reading was just not the best, nothing resonated with me.

Tina From Huddersfield On 02/12/2021

Not for me

Prediction did not happen. Complete opposite actually happened.

N From Uk On 16/11/2021

Lovely lady

Second reading and everything still the same as she predicted. Thank you beautiful

From On 30/07/2021

Beautiful lady

What can say Natasha put my mind and worries to rest. I feel so much better thank you so much . She was spot on with everything now I will wait for the predictions to unfold. X

From On 18/06/2021

Different outcomes

I had 2 separate readings a week apart and this lady said in the first reading he’d never commit, however in the second reading said she saw us side by side and together moving forward.... very confusing to be honest. Not for me!

From On 04/05/2021

A true psychic

Incredible , knew exactly what was going on , and now it’s wait and see if her predictions are right

Sue From Gloucestershire On 19/01/2021


Natasha is a lovely reader with wonderful subtle insights and affirmations. Lovely high vibration. Spoke to Natasha many times over a difficult time and found her to be uplifting, encouraging. You have to listen carefully as she is intuitive and tunes in during the conversation, she may work differently to others readers

From On 14/12/2020

Thank you Natasha for a fantastic reading, picked up on a name without saying anything, can't wait for things to change. 10/12/20

Susan From On 10/12/2020

Too many questions

I'm not the psychic. You are supposed to be!

Greg From Melbourne On 04/12/2020

Too many leading questions

She picked up a split and distance but that’s it. After that it was just question after question. I’m calling you for answers and psychic insight, not for you to ask me the story and then relay back a made up version based on what I’ve told you. That’s the second time I had the exact same experience. Never lovely as you may sound. Literally asking someone to tell you what’s happened and why we fought is not ideal, if you aren’t connecting with a reader, just say so, instead of wasting the caller’s time and money. All the best.

Chezz From London On 12/11/2020


Direct and does not just tell you what you want to hear. Accurately picked up on the situation and gave pragmatic advice and insight. Genuine psychic and I am grateful for your time, will definitely call back.

From On 06/11/2020

Ahh ran out of minutes...

Hi Natasha I hope you see this. I've just had a reading with you and we got cut off due to my minutes running out, I'm so sorry. But what you told me in the 5 minutes we had, brought me to tears as you told me what I wanted to happen with my sp with me only giving his name....I've only given 4 stars as will await ur predictions to unfold... I will definitely be calling you back. Thank you Natasha, lots of love and light x

Emma From UK On 08/09/2020


Natasha words cant explain how unique and gifted you are. All Natasha asked for was my name and then she picked up on everything including my partners name without any help from me. She was able to give an overview of all aspects of my life , all of which were true. Natasha is truly gifted and worth speaking too, pls give her a try as you will not regret it at all. Be open to what you will receive and remain positive . Bless you always Natasha xxx

Natasha From London On 11/07/2020


Thanks for the reading this morning, really good reading and advice will phone u again next month x 1/7/20.

Susan From On 01/07/2020

Predictions didn’t happen

Nice reading but predictions didn’t happen

Tess From Birmingham On 30/06/2020


Natasha is an excellent genuine psychic with a lovely kind manner on the phone, I have had a few readings with her and she has picked up and seen things that I have felt to be accurate, I trust her completely and she always helps calm me down by the end of our reading. I love her reading style and her abilities. Thank you Natasha for helping me your a gem! X

Olympia From London On 25/06/2020

She was brilliant, but short and sweet ,will phone her back again 24/6/20

From On 24/06/2020

Incredible Reader

the best yet, what an amazing reader you are. thank you so much for your guidance. you truly are blessed with an amazing gift

Happyflower From Australia On 16/06/2020

Lovely lady true psychic

Dear Natasha, an absolute pleasure to speak to you tonight. Apologies as my minutes ran out... but thank you ... you were so direct and gave me food for thought. I will certainly let you know the outcome of my choice ... thank you x

Pav From Birmingham On 09/06/2020


What a lovely lady! And a great psychic, the real deal. Tunes in very quickly and is very accurate. Thank you so much, you were great xxxx

eve From northamptonshire On 16/12/2019

Lovely reading

I had a lovely reading with Natasha who confirmed a lot for me, her predictions are in allignment with what I was sensing myself. So I know she really tuned in to my situation. Thank you Natasha. Xoxo

Lora From Uk On 01/11/2019


Thank you so much Natasha you are so amazing and beautiful, my minutes ran out so I couldn't thank you but you have given me so much hope. Your such a beautiful soul.

Kim From Australia On 11/10/2019

Great reading

I just remembered i had a reading with her a year ago re an ex. It was a very dire situation and she delivered the truth with compassion. I rang today about new love. She picked up that he had strong feelings for me straight away. Gave a great prediction about positive changes in next few weeks. So im waiting for things to happen. We will see. Will sit back Thanks

K From Aus On 05/08/2019

Super cute and fantabalous

She is great reader, gave complete concise and detailed reading. Everything she said made sense. It was joy to speak to this gifted lady Thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 03/07/2019

Lovely Lady!

Really enjoyed my reading with beautiful Natasha!Non judgemental,to the point and honest. I loved my reading with her. Will update to 5 stars if predictions come true!! However she was on par to other readings I have had. Thankyou Natasha Rene. Xx

Rene From London. U.K On 15/04/2019


Natasha’s readings are consistently the same, they never change. She has helped me with her candid words and honesty through a trying time. She tunes in to me and my situation every time. I consider her a friend, a gem. Let’s hope it all comes good in the end as you say. My go to. Thank you. Lou.x

Louise From Hertfordshire On 12/03/2019


Wow, this lady is absolutely amazing. There are many psychics that I have had readings with, that have proved to be very disappointing. Natasha is spot on, she’s able to pick up the energy of the person in question and give full detail about their character, without me uttering a word. She is one of the many great psychics whose PIN number would be added to my diary for future reference. I strongly recommend you work with her, you’ll be very surprised. I feel so relax with my reading and look forward to our next encounter.

Charlie From London On 04/02/2019


Oh my god this lady is amazing. No need to tell her anything about me. She was well tuned in. Got caught off guard but amazed with the reading.

Chuck From London On 29/01/2019

Honest reading !!!

Thank you Natasha for tonight’s reading. I hope what you had said this time about J comes true as well. What you had said last year about my ex Ali was right! So fingers crossed x Speak to you soon. God bless you xxxx

Ana From London On 25/01/2019

I like her

I love her style she gave me good hopes lets wish all come true

Z. I From London On 04/01/2019


If you want a truthful reading please ring Natasha . For me she was uplifting supporting and genuinely knew the truth of what is on my path for the future Natasha "Thankyou " for your inspiration support and insight it has given me the answer to the path I should follow God Bless Helena 3/2/19 Helena x

Helena From North East UK On 03/01/2019

Thank you!!

Natasha, thankyou! You have made me feel so much more comfortable with my present situation. A great in depth reading with such a connection. Im looking forward to talking again in the next few days. Much love

Simon From Cornwall On 01/01/2019

Very intuative and patient

I had a fab reading with Natasha until my phone told me id reached my limit :( could have chatted all night, very intuitive lady and only good words to say. Not only does she not waste time and get to the point she knows what she's on about. I'll be calling again soon

natasha From cardiff On 30/11/2018


Thanks Natasha - sorry got cut off. Your reading was very strong and identical outcome to my other readings from other readers.

From On 04/10/2018

The lovely Natasha

Natasha is a absolutely lovely lady, the reading she gave me was amazing, so detailed it was uncanny, sooooo accurate. Some beautiful advice and a wonderful session, it was a blessing for my soul tonight. Definitely be in touch again to give you some updates x

Davina From Queensland, Australia On 13/09/2018


In tune and so kind.Incredible lady.

From On 20/08/2018

The best real deal spot on!!!!!

Had a lovely reading with natasha she was spot on from the start. Looking forward to the predictions made today.

Chantell From London On 01/08/2018

Lovely Lady

Natasha is very helpful. Picked up on an initial of someone who meant a lot to me. She has a lovely friendly manner and will answer anything you ask her if she can. She doesn't tell you what you want to hear, she's truthful. Thank you Natasha.

Sandra From UK On 10/07/2018

Amazing reading...amazing woman picked up everything without any details

Natasha I spoke to you this morning and omg you gave me such an amazing reading the truth is all i needed. Your amazing and the details shocked me in a good way. You picked up his name starting with Nav and the situation. I really look forward to the time frames you unfolded and hope to see what’s coming for me in the months ahead. I will keep you updated when it all comes to fruition and I won’t give up on gave me clarity and saw a good outcome time will tell all lots of love Alessia x

Alessia From London On 09/07/2018


Thank you Natasha, you picked up on people and situations very accurately. Friendly and warm , i would recommend you

R From Surrey On 29/06/2018

Spot on!

I was pretty amazed at Natasha's accuracy during my reading. She is very positive in what she is telling you and honest in not telling you what you want to hear. I loved my reading and look forward to the outcome. Let's hope she is right. Many thanks Natasha x

Sandra From UK On 29/06/2018

What a lovely lady!

No hanging about here! Straight in and away she went. I wanted validations and that's what I got...quickly! Natasha is well spoken and so enthusiastic. You must call her, she's lovely...genuinely lovely x

Ronnie From Berkshire On 29/06/2018

V good reading

Glad I spoke with Natasha today. Clarified the situation now I'm not as confused. Excellent reader and very professional. I hope to speak again in the future.

L From Australia On 02/05/2018

On point

Asked Natasha for a general reading and she connected very quickly with a sadness I carry. Great validations and helped me feel positive about my situation. I would recommend anyone to speak to this lovely lady. Thank you Natasha.

Sandra From Uk On 03/04/2018


Good reading about career and love life. Predictions starting to happen. Very accurate reader and gave good advice.

L From Australia On 28/02/2018

Great connection amazing reader

I feel so uplifted and have alot more clarity in regards to this situation:) thank you Natasha for the reading. Natasha provided me with genuine information about my situation , she was kind, empathetic and very positive throughout the reading :) she is great to talk to and is generally a lovely person. thank you Natasha. -Patricia

Patricia From Sydney On 25/12/2017

Great reading. A really accurate reader. I hope to have another reading in the future.

L From QLD Australia On 09/11/2017

Thanks for listening. I'll stay calm and let the universe provide. It's nice to listen to someone who tells me things without me giving them a story are so kind and caring it's lovely just talking it helped

Julie From Australia On 02/09/2017

Great Reading!

Sometimes it is so hard to go by the reviews on this site. I always go in with an open mind and found Natasha to be extremely professional, kind, caring and spot on with her reading. She gave me great insight but ultimately reminded me it is my decision to make. Conversation was easy and she was a great listener and I value that. I am sorry I got cut off – forgot there's no service in an elevator (Lift) lol. I will be back!!!

B From USA On 16/08/2017

Not for me

Ask too many question....ask what you want ??? People ring up for a true reading, not what you think they want to hear. If you are true to your talent stay true other wise people question your talent??

Jackie From Australia On 25/07/2017

thanks Natasha for your tuning into situation and person etc. Insights are always helpful and when it's affairs of the heart no one can really predict it that accurately as things can change-- but it's good to get some confirmation and some idea of how things may pan out- Ultimately we are the deciders of our future and creators -- blessings light and love . L x

From On 24/07/2017

Spot on!

Thank you for your reading last Thursday i did get that call on Sunday as predicted and also a letter in the post you predicted as well. Thank you for all your help. M x x

M From Essex On 18/07/2017

Lovely lady, however..

She got twice my readings wrong!

Sue From Derby On 22/06/2017

Prediction Unfolded

Thank you your Prediction has unfolded just as you said it would thank you! i had lost my faith and u helped me so much Saturday your prediction happened and im lost for words l&l xxxx

-- From -- On 19/06/2017

Good but sometimes wrong

She is lovely but got things wrong for me a while back. But also previous to that got things right. She saw another lady around my love interest and went through the whole process of empathy, consoling, trying to make me feel happy that he's happy, stayed while i cried..and then that turned out to be untrue....and there wasnt anyone who made him happier. Other than that she is mostly accurate.

From On 10/06/2017

Nice lady

Very nice lady by too vague of an answer

TK From London On 24/04/2017


Thank you Natashia very uplifting you are a wonderful psychic and i feel very blessed to be put through to you today... I have got faith just had a blip last 3 days & you put me back where i need to be and explain everything so well L&L Mxx

M From Herts On 06/04/2017

Very warm

Just had a call with Natasha, very warm, insightful and honest. I hope the predictions come true.

Scott From Nottingham On 04/04/2017

Great Reading

I enjoyed my reading with Natasha, she was very detailed and confirmed some things I was thinking. She gave a lot of positive insight on every aspect of my life. Thank you!

T. From USA On 13/03/2017


Lots of guess work ....... Sorry won't be ringing you again !!

Michelle From Lancashire On 03/02/2017


Clear, accurate and good connection - various validations peppered through the reading gave me the confidence that Natasha was well connected. I love your predictions and cannot wait for them to develop. Thank you for your honesty and clarity. Great reading.

Lynda From Australia On 11/01/2017

Thank You . . .

Lovely honest reading :-) :-) :-)

Phil From South West UK On 05/01/2017

Pleasantly surprised

I had a reading with Natasha a long time ago but decided to go back to her. She was spot on with so many details and very reassuring. Our connection grew stronger as the reading progressed and she was able to give so much accurate information. Highly recommended

Anya From London On 02/01/2017

What a lovely lady

Had a psychic reading with Natasha this morning. What a lovely warm lady. Really helped me to see the bigger picture and not focus on the right now. Very honest and precise. Thank you will be calling again :-)

Christy From Basildon On 04/08/2016

Natasha 1851

What a lovely person.warm,friendly and very honest.

Gsbrielle From Liverpool On 22/05/2016


We talked over the allocated time!!! It dropped out just as you were saying I see only him for you!!! And that was a perfect way to wind up!! Amazing! Positive!! Reassuring!! Accurate!!! I'll be back in touch xo

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 26/01/2016

clear and concise

Thank your for a detailed reading your very down to earth and gave me a lot of insight and hope. I do recommend her. Initially I wanted a reading with someone else but I'm happy she picked up. Thank you. I will call again

jelly NY 12/3/15 From ny On 04/12/2015

Wonderful reading!

Thank you so much for the best reading. Insightful and full of hope.xx

Trish From London On 30/11/-0001

amazing reader

I have been speaking to Natasha for 3 years now and she has never failed me. She has always been honest and caring. She has given me hope in my darkest days and laughed and enjoyed the good times with me as well. If you want a caring down to earth real reading talk to Natasha.

Marella Bourne From sydney australia On 30/11/-0001


Had a lovely reading with Natasha this Mornin Gave me hope ! I will be ring in back to keep in contact , lovely reader lovely person , if ya wondering who to talk to give her a call . Thank you , I'll wait .

Carol From Notts On 30/11/-0001

Amazing Reading!

Natasha is such a beautiful person, the moment you speak to her, you know she's the real deal and so accurate! She's warm and confident and spot on with her predictions! She's the best and I highly recommend having a reading with her, I'll definitely be back Natasha - you're my favourite! xx

Rose From Australia On 30/11/-0001

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