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Recently I've had a reading from Guy and he found what was the real block between me and my POI, what was stopping him from contacting me. Guy gave me such a beautiful guidance on how to calm the situation and reset my POI's mind and relax him around me. Worked magic for me. I got the communication from him. I have been struggling for last 2 years to find out what could be the possible reason for my POI feeling shy and uneasy around me, finally Guy dug out the information from my POI's thought and helped me like an angel or should I say... a CUPID! :)

Anuradha From UK On 20/04/2022

Anuradha Nandi From On 20/04/2022

So gifted

I look forward to speak to him once a while.. its hard to get in touch.. but he us so blessed.. crazy how he always pick up on my anxiety.. thabk you Guy.. wish thus page has more decent readers like him

From oz From Hana On 17/04/2022


I was so looking forward to having a reading. I read his profile and hoped he could pickup thinks around a POI. How disappointed was I, I was in tears after the call. He was giving me lectures” he does not give predictions ect. I just asked him what he could pick up around a poi. I wasn’t looking for predictions. I was not rude at all, i fact he wouldn’t let me talk. After 6 mins of his rants and lectures I had to end the call. I am not sure if his previous call was bad and I got the aftermath of his irritation. But I will not be calling back.

Kath From Uk On 04/04/2022


If you can get through. Guy calmed me down and had my POI to a T.

Charlotte From London On 18/03/2022

A very beautifully gifted man

So I waited most of the afternoon to speak to this gentleman, I waited as he has a gift that is rare and beautiful and provided me with insight into a poi that I needed, everything said resonated with my situation and I truly believe he can connect with energy that is powerful and very bright, empathy is a strong gift and he opens doorways that will now take me on a new path, I make my own way and he just showed me how I need to relax and allow the universe to manifest( my words not his) see Guy doesn't predict any outcomes or tell you that on 22nd of April you'll be married, he just can't do that it's not his gift, his gift is to give insight into the feeling of another, this helped me realise that I have some things to do, he is a messenger and delivery of messages are quality, thankyou guy today you've helped me greatly. Andy

Andy From Doncaster On 09/03/2022

Please Post

Never got anything generic from guy as he picked up my face, hair, height etc from my POI's thought as well as lines from our text messages and the words that my POI told me many time. These CAN'T be generic information. I am sure Guy can connect with me well because my energy isn't disturbed.

Anuradha From UK On 08/03/2022

Please post for fairness

I didn't find Guy helpful and what he told me could be applied to anyone. All the feelings from the POI he described were very generic. I also found him defensive.

From On 07/03/2022


I've been getting readings from him for more than a year. Last week Guy described my face, height and hair from the thought of my POI and I was speechless! Every time I am on the verge of falling out with my POI I call Guy and he saves me by picking up the exact thought of the person in question. His present thought reading has been extremely beneficial for me. He has an amazing gift of ACCURATE thought reading. Please read ACCURATE! I have no word to express how I am grateful to Guy. He shows care to save the relationship between people if he find nothing concerning from their thoughts. Most importantly Guy is honest and humble. He doesn't like arrogant statements made by clients, so I keep myself bit more collected and don't make arrogant comment when I speak to him. After all, I am here for my own benefit and he is here to help me. Remember, we are not helping him, he is helping us. So if you don't like how he delivers his ACCURATE reading then just sod off! Every person have their own personality, choice and communication preferences. Guy prefers polite and humble clients, still I am sure his tolerance level is quite high when he gets impatient or arrogant clients. I have had readers here who after first few sentence told me "spirits are not showing me, I can't help you" and was rather very rude with me. I never found such misbehaviour from Guy. I am sure he probably doesn't prefer to have misbehaving clients too. I have been always befitted by him and admire how he delivers his reading. So articulated, deep and honest. I thoroughly enjoy getting readings from him. More than a year without any complain!

Anuradha From UK On 27/02/2022


Could not agree more with Chuck, I have had the exact same experience with Guy, at least now I won't take it personal. But Guy, SERIOUSLY needs to calm down and look at his attitude, can snap at the slightest of things and take things completely wrong. Gives me mean headteacher vibes, gift is outstanding, just a shame about the person delivering the messages.

Anon From Umpteenth attempt at getting this posted On 17/02/2022


Spot spot spot on! Shocked what he picked up. Amazing. Very reassuring. Recommend if you want to know what someone is thinking.

Kayleigh From Newcastle On 17/02/2022


I have spoken to this gentleman several times and I hav e always found him to be beyond accurate , he has a genuine gift and makes sense of certain situations , I’m not sure I will get my happy ever after but he gives me hope and doesn’t make up stuff he says it as it is so be prepared for facts not fairytales

Eleanor From Scotland On 16/02/2022

Can be a bit defensive

One of the top readers on this platform, however can get a bit defensive. He claims he doesn’t do predictions, he tells you the information that he picks up as it happens, which is absolutely fine and very accurate too. He asked at one point whether I spoke with other readers on the situation regarding the POI. I said yes, l’m very selective of readers, I have a few that are consistent including his self and give accurate readings, however they do predictions. Not too fixed on predictions, much prefer readings as it happens. He proceeded to ask what was the outcome, I told him that one reader made a prediction, which was accurate and at the time I didn’t really believe it but it came true regarding this person. I was wondering whether he could fill in the gaps that the reader may have missed as they all pick up differently, accurate but pick up on different areas. He turned defensive and said just because a prediction came true doesn’t mean the situation with you and the POI is going to be happy ever after. I told him the thought never occurred I just wanted to know if he could add more to the event that transpired. He went all defensive, wouldn’t give me a chance to speak and said I was interrupting him whilst he’s reading, it went downhill from that point. A very good reader but he should try to be a bit more professional, I wasn’t criticising him, that the other reader was right and he was wrong. I just wanted to know if he could add more light to the subject and besides he was the one asking about what type of readings I was getting from other readers. Because of this

Chuck From London On 05/02/2022

very enlightening

i have not spoken to guy before but actually the unique way he reads helped me more than any other reading ive had, to undestand the other person has gave me clarity and in away closure its like i actually understand it all now, and to me the confusion ive felt was the most hardest problem, i feel no i really do have a choice and i know what ever happens now i can accept the out come. As a reader my self it has also made me look differently how the the energies are read and feel this has helped me with my spiritual journey helping people as well . love and light ....

From On 15/01/2022

Mind Blowing

Absolutely Incredible, what a connection, straight up reader, no nonsense and super genuine with kindness and integrity, what more can you want. Thank you

CMF From London On 14/12/2021


I have been trying to get hold of Guy for eight months. My first reading with Guy he was worth the wait he is amazing! Very lovely gent.

Carol From London On 11/12/2021

unable to get through

Guy is an incredible unique reader who channels the current thoughts of the person who'd like to know about. it's just a shame you can never get through to him

gems From cambridge On 26/11/2021

Really connected

Wow was quite deep and interesting to get a channel into my person through Guy. I have a lot to think about. Thanks Guy

Kristina From London On 02/11/2021


Guy I honestly appreciate your ability to channel into a persons mind. Its been through your gift that I have learnt to see things from a different perspective regarding my poi. Otherwise I would have had nothing but hate and no understanding or sympathy towards them. You've given me so much clarity about their stare of mind, how they view me, their fears, desires and the things they are going through. Thank you for your honest truth, for being spot on and many Thanks for sharing or should I say for using your gift to help people like me by giving clarity where there was none. You've helped connect the dots. Thank you x

CM From UK On 22/10/2021

Totally blown away

Guy is amazing - the information he relayed about my POI was so accurate and to the point. His readings are in-depth and he does not sugar coating. He relays everything good or bad in such a compassionate way. he is true asset to this platform. Please come online more often. Thank you for the reading this afternoon at 12.30 pm

F From England On 24/09/2021

Post for fairness and honesty!

I spoke to guy and he was just difficult he said things that don’t add up and I felt confused after the reading and he does not do predictions why?

N From On 08/09/2021

Loved the insight

Guy is different and tunes into a person’s thoughts so it a good insight to how POI feels towards you etc… Left me feeling uplifted and better.

Julia From London On 05/09/2021

Honest & Insightful

This is my 3rd reading with Guy & his insight is invaluable. The 2nd reading I had with him was difficult as some of the things he told me I didn't want to hear. However, I listened to him & made the changes necessary to get the outcome I am hoping for. Even though I feel that things are back on track I was keen to know what Guy could read this time. He confirmed what I was feeling & I let him know that it was because of his advice that I made changes. I can't thank him enough. Guy is a very different reader to other's I have called but he is very much worth calling.

Vicki From Sydney, Australia On 13/08/2021


This is my first time being read by Guy. However this will not be my last. Guy picked up on my persons energy immediately. I was blown away by how accurate he was. I walked away from my reading feeling a huge sense of relief and reassurance. Thank you <3

Julie From Nottinghamshire On 06/08/2021

Just wow!

Please post this review TP. Guy, I am the lady who was asking you questions about how you do your readings. I’m hoping you remember me. You truly are gifted! You have a beautiful soul and like others, we are so very grateful to get to speak to you. You are so informative and relay what you see whether it’s good or bad. So honest to a fault. Trusted Psychics - you really are lucky to have Guy on your team! One of the best - if not the best. Thank you xx

Sue From Essex On 28/07/2021

Really accurate

Food for thought: Guy was so accurate about my person and he was so in depth and in tune with the channeling. I am literally blown away. Ive been given food for thought that helped me make a decision. Therefore, I will come back to him. Definitely.

Mich From London U.K. On 23/07/2021

No sugar coating

I had 3 readings with Guy. All I can say is that he is really straight to the point. Do not call him if you do not want to hear the truth. Truly gifted “reader” so it is only normal to understand that he is also really hard to get hold off.

Elha From London On 06/06/2021

Give Other People Some Chance

Please give other people a chance to get a reading. He is not online much, besides he is busy with one client for more than an hour and then he is off. Which makes it impossible to have a chance to speak to him after waiting in a que for more than an hour. Please give other people a chance. Thanks.

A From UK On 30/05/2021

A deeper spiritual reading

For the first time in my life I started to really understand about me and why I attract the wrong connections gave me a real insight only 4 stars as Guy is always busy wish he was available more.

Carry From Perth On 21/05/2021

One of the best on Trusted Psychics

My reading with guy was like no other I have ever had obviously gifted a first rate psychic of outstanding ability especially if your looking for far more than just a card reader

Claire T From UK On 21/05/2021


Its difficult to catch you. After an hour of wait, you are offline. That happened few days. So please be more online. Thank you.

A From UK On 06/05/2021

Just amazing!

I’m hoping this review gets published! This is now my second reading with Guy! This man is astonishing! His gift is unlike no other. No predictions but tunes in and boy does he tune in! He just has that gift! And I’m privileged to of spoken to him. Guy keep doing what you’re doing! You was put on this earth to do this and I speak for so many when I say, we are grateful to have you on here. Much love from the lady who’s guy was in hospital xx

Sue From Essex On 02/05/2021

Phenomenal Thought Reader

I've had 3 readings from Guy so far and every time he opened up my POI's mind to me and made me feel SO MUCH better. He helped me think clearly about a situation and navigate through it. I keep waiting to get through to Guy as he incredibly busy but he is worth waiting for. I'll be reaching out to him again for a 4th reading. Love talking to him.

Anuradha From UK On 01/05/2021

Post for fairness

Says he doesn't give predictions but if you look at earlier reviews from a few years back they state predictions were given? bit weird, also can be a bit cold and talks over you a lot and fails to listen thinks he's ALWAYS right.. don't understand why this isn't getting posted, I've tried 5 times

From On 01/05/2021

Outstanding Reading!

Guy is gifted! Super gifted! He does not do predictions but can connect with the energy of the other person and tell you exactly how they feel and their thoughts and feelings and insecurities! It is insane! Whatever he told me I never told anyone and there are thing I forgot about (because emotions are running high atm) that he reminded about. I love Guy and I really hope he will stay here for a long time as I do not want to loose him as a reader!

Elha Bachi From London UK On 26/04/2021

Interesting and different

Entirely different style and well pleased I have him a try , time will tell if his theories are right , but gave me lots to think about .

Sue From Uk On 28/03/2021

Absolute Gem!

Guy astonished me by reading my POI's thought, he was absolutely spot on! He mentioned word to word what my POI texted me one day! I am floored!! I had two readings by him already and will be calling him again after writing this review (if he is free to take my call!!). Thanks Guy for lifting up the cloud from over my head.

Anuradha From UK On 27/03/2021

Amazing reading

guy is always spot on. So sorry my battery died Will call you soon x

Saba! From On 26/03/2021


Your are amazing! Literally got off the phone with you and got a message instantly, what are the odds on that??

From On 31/01/2021

The best

I have had 5 readings so far with guy over the last few months, he is absolutely amazing, always spot on with what he says, and says it with honesty, everything over the last few reading has been consistent even picking up dates and times of past events, I dont know how you do it guy, but you one fantastic, amazing person I feel so privileged to have been able to reach you on here, I cannot thank you enough

From On 24/01/2021

Thank you Guy, for a great reading. Perfectly insightful. Xxx

From Australia On 13/01/2021

Just wow!

With minimal info Guy picked up on so much that I was enquiring about! I had read the reviews and it took literally weeks to get through to him! I am so glad that he did. Doesn't sugar coat things and answered every question I had clearly and concisely. Really got into my head and others. I have a deeper understanding of the situation I am in, and am very thankful that I got through at last! You wont be told what you want to hear, and I certainly needed the truth, and I feel that I got it. So much makes sense now. Very little questioning and prompting, Guy gets right to the core of the issue and tells you exactly what he sees. Thank you Guy, I will try and get back for another reading.

Kharis From Loughborough On 14/12/2020

Helped me loads

Difficult times but Guy put things in a clear way I have a lot to thank him for - take care mate. Put 4 stars as had to wait.

Terry From Staffs On 25/11/2020

True psychic ability

waited a while to get to Guy and yes i read all the reviews so expectations were really high -he is the real thing just loved his direct approach he says it how it is not just want you want to hear which is why i called Trusted as had been recommended by friends. It was like he knew me and my thoughts I am still thinking about his words now so absolutely one of the best on Trusted well worth the wait and i will phone again.

Mrs F. Lawson From Stroud On 25/11/2020

He is a true gent! Im in awe of his talent and how humble and authenthic Guy is, he is a very rare gem and not only as a psychic but also as human. I had s few readings with him and his talent and his wisdom and authenthicity made it a rather catharthic reading in a way. He tunes in instantly and relay the person’s thoughts and feelings as they happen. But truly its his insightfullness and wisdom that make it so much more profound. Im still rather speechless so to the person who asked in previous review ‘whats the hype about?’ -well, thats what it’s about. Thank you so much Guy for sharing your talent with me and for your inner beauty. ❤️

Monika From London On 23/11/2020

Don’t get the hype?? - it’s a no from me

From On 20/11/2020

Very consistent and honest

I have had three seperate readings with Guy and he has been consistent in the information given to me. Never sugar coats and doesn’t predict but will give you so sensible advice based on what information he receives from his guides.

From On 17/11/2020

Lovely guy :)

I had another great reading. So kind and seems to tune right into people. Thanks Guy x

Jacqueline From UK On 14/11/2020

Overrated, I certainly don’t think do

I’m amazed at the latest review, where Mr Anonymous said that Guy was overrated. I certainly don’t think so, this is the first and only negative review i’ve seen since I’ve been having readings. Guy is direct and straight to the point. He doesn’t do predictions and he’s the best Psychic on this platform. He tells it as it happens, whether good or bad he’ll tell you, readings are consistent and never changes. He picks up on the individual and knows exactly what has been exchanged without you saying anything. The anonymous individual that has classed him overrated, seems to be very disgruntled and got a reading he didn’t want to hear, probably looking for something more sugar coated, which defeats the subject of the reading. This individual is the only one on this review that has provided a negative comment, which certainly isn’t true. Guy is the best one on this page and should we lose him, it would be such a shame. Please ensure that this review gets put out there. I normally tell the readers that they should have more reviews than what is display, but they always refuse to put it up, which isn’t fear on the readers.

CG From London On 22/10/2020


I’ve put reviews before nothing posted!! Nothing he said came to pass gave wrong information and since his reading early this year I’ve been reunited and now engaged. Don’t believe all you hear I say!

From On 21/10/2020

More than his worth

I have put up many reviews about Guy and yet none have been added, he should have more reviews than what is displayed right now. He is the best reader on this platform, straight to the point, he is able to tune into the persons energy immediately, without you saying a word. He doesn’t do predictions but tell you as it is and as it happens, through midway of the reading he is able to pick up on what the individual is thinking as he speaks, the very second. So far I have found all to be true when coming face to face with the person in question. Guy deserves more reviews and I would be very disappointed if this review does not make the forum. He is the best and the only psychic I’m happy to communicate with from now on. You won’t be disappointed, believe me!

MR G From London On 21/09/2020

amazing psychic

sorry the call was cut. Thank you for all the insights. This guy is a gem. Im so thankful ive been able to talk to you

Aiza From uk On 15/09/2020

Absolutely Amazing!

I am so sorry my minutes ran out now without me being able to thank you - I would hate for you to think I just hung up. The insight you have given me over the last 2 calls has absolutely been pivotal in how I have dealt with my relationship and my very special person and I cannot thank you enough! I feel such positivity in my heart about the way forward. You are truly amazing at what you do, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift and helping others. You have certainly helped me by providing amazing insight into what my partner is feeling, it’s like you hone into exactly what he is about and who he is. Absolutely incredible!

From UK On 02/08/2020

Amazing words can't describe

I hope this review goes out this time as I’ve put out a few and it never gets displayed. Guy is the real deal, unlike so many he never predicts the future but tells you as it happens and how the person is feeling this moment in time. What he reveals is amazing as the private discussion with the person in question, was almost as if he were there. He's reading are so spot on and he is very straight forward. He’ll give you honest answers, no mincing of words. I will highly recommend him to anyone.

Chuck From London On 21/06/2020

Thank you for the clarity you gave me.

Rita From Australia On 04/06/2020


Had an hour reading with guy then unfortunately had an issue with topping up and got cut off I’m so gutted I literally had the best reading ever with him!!! He is unreal, he tuned into the person I called about perfectly, it was like he was literally in his head. can’t thank you enough

From On 10/04/2020


Thank you

From On 08/04/2020

Deserves more than 5 stars

Had an amazing 1st time reading with guy today. In fact I got automatically connected to him when a reader I wanted was busy. I am so glad I got you instead. I've been through so many readers but non connect at your level and in so much depth. Here I was thinking my ex didn't care but you managed to read his energy and interpret it all to me as it's not been all I thought it was. I've no words that can explain how grateful I am. I now understand my ex at a level I never ever would have. Going forward I now know what to do and how to communicate with him all thanks to you. Thank you x

CM From UK On 28/03/2020

Gifted and Authentic

I've had a few readings with Guy. He is very gifted, but also he is very authentic, and genuine. I have huge faith and respect in his gift, he can tune into POI with incredible clarity. His authenticity comes from his focus on integrity, and he doesn't fall back on telling you just want he thinks you might want to hear, but with kindness, tells you whats happening.

Rach From England On 15/02/2020

JUST WOW!!!!!!

Just had the most amazing reading with Guy. Sorry we got cut off, I'll try and catch you again, as I really would like to finish the reading. Guy really tapped into my POI, who is a very complicated person and really fleshed out everything and I mean EVERYTHING!! Thanks so much Guy...your the bomb!!!!! From the girl with the Swedish guy xx

kelly From Scotland On 29/01/2020


The POI is a complicated being, and the way Guy picks up on his feelings towards me is unbelievable! I like the fact that he's so blunt and tells it as it is!

From On 06/12/2019

precise and advice that I can utilise

sorry I cut off but am keen to reconnect when you are not busy, Guy gave me great insight on what my person is feeling now I know how to approach him best, thank you angel, sending you light love and blessings now and always xo

Rachel From Australia On 10/11/2019

A different style

Guy is a one off thats for sure and my first reading I took on board all he said but I came off with a mixed view but something made me call again a few days later and he just is brilliant and now I am used to his often blunt approach he is a true gifted person no 2 ways about it so different from many other readers if you want it straight and honest Guy is the one. Only gave 4 stars as he seems to be available less these days.

Beth From Croydon East On 01/09/2019

Good, honest reader, gave sound advise, wish there was more readers like you on this site Xx

From On 17/08/2019

Incredible!!!Thank you so much for the clarity that you have given me throughout this reading. Apologies we got cut off but I’m so grateful to have got in contact with you. I will be back with updates. From your 21year old who doesn’t watch Love Island ahahah!! Amida

From On 04/08/2019

would highly recommed guy,,ive been trying to speak to him for a long time,it was worth the wait he as spot on with everything could speak to him for hours,thank you again I ill phone back when I can get hold of you xx

pauline From On 23/06/2019


Hi Guy Thank you for you reading today and sorry I got cut off, I'm so glad I spoke to you, I'm speechless you knew everything about my situation and you gave me some really good advice, your amazing, I'll speak to you soon Nadine xxx

From London On 07/06/2019


I’ve been trying to connect with Guy for a few weeks and finally managed to get through and boy am i glad I did! V insightful, accurate, kind helpful. No sugar coating. He was v accurate. Astonishingly so! Thank you Guy.

SG From Uk On 16/03/2019

Thank you!

You’re an incredible reader. I appreciate everything thing you had to say regarding matters of the heart that are going on in my life. Wish me luck. You tapped right in. Thank you again.

From On 01/03/2019

5 Stars is not enough

Guy, Thank you so much for your reading I have no idea how you were able to tune in to my partner but every you've said is 100% accurate. I will definately reccommend Guy he is very gifted.

Dee From Essex On 05/01/2019

Fabulous reader

This reader is amazing, he got everything so accruate, the best reading I've had

Helen From Durham On 04/01/2019

Oh !! The BEST

I love you Guy !!! How you have helped me ... its unreal. My man does not communicate well, he does not express his feelings. You fill that gap fo me, and you have really helped me beyond words to navigate my situation.

From On 30/12/2018

So much deep respect to you Guy.You are incredibly helpful,gifted and with impeccable integrity.Thank you and hope to speak soon as you are so very busy.

From On 18/12/2018

Your the best!! that's all

From On 14/12/2018

Love reading

Guy is the only psychic who can describe perfectly the gentleman I asked about.He is able to tell hair colour, physical appearance , personality.. everything. I don't know how he does it, he leaves me gobsmacked every time I have a reading with him. Guy is always there to give me support and encouragement...a real genuine psychic...the best in this site. Have a reading with him you will not be disappointed.

Ma From Manchester On 05/12/2018

Best ever psychic reading!

Hello. I just have to recommend Guy. He's totally spookily accurate, coupled with a sparkling wit. He totally described my partners characteristics AND he described exactly how my partner was feeling Quite outstanding! I've had many many readings but none like this! Please book Guy. He's v v popular, so there maybe a little wait, but trust me, you will not be disappointed.. love Gabrielle

Gabrielle From London On 26/10/2018

Please have a reading with Guy, he is amazing!

Hello. I had a reading with Guy this morning, and just wanted to share with you just how absolutely fantastic he was. I was feeling very down about my relationship with my boyfriend, and Guy, without any provocation from myself, proceeded to explain in detail the characteristics of my boyfriend, the circumstances of our problems, and managed to somehow see the problems from my boyfriend's point of view. Just truly amazing talent. This undoubtedly was the best psychic reading I have ever had! It was absolutely wonderful to get an overview of the other person and their secret thoughts. I don't quite know how he does it, but Guy is an amazingly talented reader. He is also very witty, and delivers his readings in a practical and compelling way. I shall definitely be ringing Guy again. If you wish to see your partner's side of things, and how they maybe be feeling, (but not communicating anything to you), Guy is definitely the reader for you. Thank you, Love Gabrielle.

Gabrielle From London On 25/10/2018


Guy has read for me several times over the last year. He has always been quick to connect and consistent. He goes at speed and gives a lot of validation and information. I have great confidence in his readings. Plus he’s a lovely man to speak to. Thanks Guy x

Sonya From Uk On 16/09/2018

Real deal

He is a good bless always consistent and channels so well. I hope he never leaves this site. I make it my treat to speak to him every 4 months or so. He has helped me maintain my sanity when it comes to a certain individual.

From On 13/08/2018


Guy has a very clear connection. He is an exceptional psychic, very accurate and has a way of helping you to understand the situation at hand. He is well spoken and polite. By far one of the best readers i have ever come across. Thank you Guy. You have truely helped me. Highly recommended to any one.

From On 10/08/2018

Definite connection

I had to give 4 stars instead of 5 as Guy is a remarkable reader but oh so hard to get him but well worth the wait - unlike so many readers a gentleman but with a true ability and insight. If you want a reader who is clear and concise no frills but shows true dedication then Guy is really a choice you should make as he is consistently accurate and when I finish a reading with Guy I feel a sense of calmness. I will continue to call and thank you for the help staff who let me know when Guy is expected on next. My thanks to you all.

Mary Bevin From Kent On 27/06/2018

Gifted Psychic

Kind, honest and exceptional psychic. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to get a reading from Guy. Truly exceptional.

Alfie From London On 03/06/2018

Always spot on!

My second chat with Guy... he even said the very same words and chilling validations. I don't know how he does it. So warm, friendly and understanding... thanks so much again. The line got cut off :-( x

Zee From On 02/06/2018

Wonderful in depth Reading

Thank you Guy for a wonderfully clear update, and for being patient with all my confused thoughts and emotions.

wini From London On 05/05/2018

Very honest and down to earth

I had a lovely reading I liked the way he brought Message from the other side . I like the way he gives the and does not sugar coat but very. Kind Honest gifted psychic thank you fiona

Fionanash From West Yorkshire On 27/04/2018


what can i say amazing! 100% accurate ! he knew my situation so well i couldnt believe it. Lovely talking to you. looking forward to the predictions

Anisha From london On 25/04/2018


Had a fantastic reading with guy yesterday. I had a few people I wanted to know about and he managed to tune into them all! He was kind, considerate and polite but also honest and spot on with everything. Was and am amazed at how accurate he was. Felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders after I finished speaking with him. A lovely chap with an amazing gift and a beautiful heart. Felt he gave me 150% of himself, his effort and good intentions. Will be calling back to speak to him again very soon. If u want to be healed, feel better as well as gaining excellent insight then give Guy a call ❤

Denise From Somerset On 01/04/2018

The psychic spy!

How's my girlfriend feeling about me Guy? Hold on and I'll check! What a gifted guy Guy is. Mindblowing! Thanks for everything Guy. We'll catch up again I'm sure. Ronnie x

Ronnie From Berkshire On 29/03/2018

What a lovely lovely man!

Thank you Guy. What a lovely person you are. I will definitely be back to speak with you. Thank you.

Claire From Wales On 25/01/2018

Such a talent!

Compassionate, insightful, sometimes scarily accurate and reassuring. There are many "readers" out here wanting to be him but they never will. Guy made my afternoon much more enjoyable!Talked to him over an hour because we both had so many things to say! Very hard to get hold of, but your money here is well spent.

Zee From London On 13/01/2018

Great information regarding relationship

Just wanted to say I’m sorry we got cut off. My minutes run out but thank you so much for my in-depth reading it was amazing and you was so spot on about everything I hope your prediction does come true and I can’t wait to speak to you again about everything thank you again xxx

Nic From London On 12/01/2018


Guy thank you so much for your reading, we had an amazing conversation regarding the man in my life and you tuned into him in such a way it was astonishing! This man is brilliant get hold of him if you can as he is excellent. Again, thank you xxx

Leanne From Bolton On 08/01/2018

Relationship reading

Thanks so much . And to tell prediction happened. Thanks so much.

R From London On 06/01/2018

nice information!

the information provided ,brought me so so so much clarity! thank you so much.

From On 04/01/2018


Guy, thankyou very MUCH. You've helped me a lot to more understanding my life, love journey. 1 hour talked to you is not enough, seems like I getting all my puzzle together. Your really on the point. I've been waiting to connected with you in the past hours before the conversation with you has begun. Thankyou VERY VERY MUCH. Guy you are recommended! Sorry the phone call has been cut off . Hope to talk to you again in the future xx

Annisa From Australia - Brisbane On 03/01/2018

By chance i spoke to you

Thank you for your insight. It helps to hear what you see. I shall keep that door open. Happy new year to you.

Ali From On 30/12/2017


Thank you so much guy i love ur style of readings so accurate and genuine ive had a few readings with u on seperate ppl n u always nail it thats how i know u are true also very honest!!

Tee From On 12/12/2017

He came back...

Well, you know who rang me on Saturday. I'm shocked and I realise he really is a total creep. I'm happy now and he wont ruin that, look forward to filling you in x

Aleesha From Yorshire On 17/11/2017

Guy is brilliant

Had another reading with guy- this is my 2nd review -guy is fannntasstic !!!!!!!

Alex From Melbourne On 19/10/2017

Thank you

Thank you for the reading Guy. You are the best, a very special reader. It was a blessing to talk to you. Sorry we were disconnected and I didn’t have the chance to thank you....

Donatella From Australia On 19/10/2017


I was a bit weary getting through to a man but Guy really helped me and encouraged me to forgive and forget. I will let you know when your predictions come to pass. Definitely one of the best.

Jade From Anon On 23/09/2017


LOVE THIS MAN! A man of complete integrity!! Please don't ever change Guy, your truth shines! Guy connects instantly, knows EXACTLY where you or anyone else around you is at and only ever speaks with respect, compassion, understanding and honesty. He is a huge asset to this company and those who seek a genuine reading!!

Anonymous From On 11/09/2017

Had to wait to get through but worth all all round

clear consise a real all rounder. Thanks mate

Craig From On 02/09/2017

First time choice

Never done this review stuff before just like to say well done really showed me another way to look at things and what was really going on, wish I had spoken to Guy months ago he is a ray of sunshine im not great with words but an almighty thanks Kat x

Katherine From Cheshire On 02/09/2017

Guys the man

Brilliant reader

Alex From Melbourne On 01/09/2017

Funny Guy

Just had a good laugh with Guy - not just a brilliant psychic but a friend too. This line should have a text/ messenger system too as it's not easy getting hold of him. Worth it though as he is cool x

Aleesha From On 19/08/2017

The Best of the Best

He is the real deal!!

Will From USA On 17/08/2017


Have such a laugh with this guy....funny and easy to talk to but moreover brilliant psychic who doesn't talk crap or pretend to be able to do stuff. Amazing guy; I always introduce myself as your worst nightmare!! Thank you for the messages you give Guy.....dont ever change....x

A From London On 13/08/2017

Lovely Guy

Getting hold of him is tough lol but he has been so good throughout my turbulent time...Something he said resonated about if I suddenly stopped contacting my ex. Which I have done the past couple of weeks and if he comes back he does, but if doesn't...then I'll get over it. You could say I had an epiphany and given time I will forget. If I don't get to speak to Guy again, he knows that he is truly special and a great comfort to all that speak to him x

Aleesha From Yorkshire On 15/07/2017

A true specialist

I hope this gets back to Guy because I have now had 2 readings and although Guy is hard to get hold of the readings he gave were so accurate but not only accurate but to speak to a real sincere open reader that did not just tell me what I wanted to hear which at the end of the day is no real help, Guy talked me through looking at things in a totally different way and I can only say he was spot on with everything so I would like to extend my grateful thanks. Samantha

Samantha Manning From Margate On 13/07/2017

He goods very good

Nice guy nice reading and hopefully accurate

Alex From Melbourne On 07/07/2017


Hi Guy. Spoke to you a while ago. And you gave me an excellant reading you new things only i would know. I was lost and needed some help you came highly recommended. your prediction has happened and you told me that he would like a little text from me and could i do that occasionally even if i got no response not to give up. So i did just sent little messages not emotional ones just the odd funny one never got a reply until this week and its all unfolded as you predicted im so grateful... alot of people will say no contact but its worked for me to follow your prefiction of he thinks i wasnt interested. Im so pleased... xxx

Anon From Anon On 19/06/2017


Thanks for your reading today guy... I have had a few readings as I love the way you tune into energies and tell me things no one could possibly know. You give re assurance and hope but your always honest and only speak the truth so I thank you for that. Sorry we got disconnected. Hope to keep you informed. Must try having a reading with Guy he is one of the best readers I have ever used.

J From On 15/06/2017

Amazing man

Even though he is hard to get hold because he is so popular, Guy is a truly gifted man. We also have a giggle as his sense of humour is wicked like mine. Trusted psychics needs to get a booking system though so I can get through to him. Trust me he is worth the call (just dont try to talk to him when I want to lol :)

Aleesha (that what Guy calls me anyway lol) From On 30/05/2017

Finding peace thanks to Guy! Brilliant psychic.

I have been lucky enough to have a couple of readings with Guy and have found such inner peace and confidence which has clarified my situation and even my emotions. Guy describes the person I am interested in so accurately and in depth, as if he had known him for years, I truly appreciate all that Guy has told me and I feel stronger and more focused in my future decisions regarding this relationship. I am overwhelmed by his accuracy and kindness. Guy is truly blessed.

Magi From On 18/05/2017

So very Grateful

I was advised to have a reading with Guy to clarify certain worries.. I was so surprised when the next time i called i was randomly put through to him. Guy is a breath of fresh air and im so Grateful he helped me to understand what was happening in my exs Heart, Soul & mind. I will update you Guy as i go along now i sent a text and feel better now and shall just leave the rest to the universe their are really excellant top class readers on this site and Guy is TOP CLASS! He has a magical way of explaining, connecting to energy and delivering the information. Thanks Michele xxx

Michelle From London On 04/05/2017


Thank you Guy, it was a blessing talking to you. Sorry I couldn't talk any longer... love and light

Donatella From Australia On 14/04/2017

Second Reading was even better ! Truely Incredible

Thanks a lot , sorry we got disconnected as i ran out of balance , you are truely incredible , it was pleasure to speak to you... u r intelligent , kind and compassionate person... you gave full detailed review . It was really uplifting for me . He can heal you , empower you and make you stronger.. Definitely TOP READER ON THIS SITE .. He really handled my complex situation really welll.. He is a gem Thanks



Best on here by far, so accurate. Could have spoken to him all night, told me things only I knew. Truly remarkable I recommend to all.

Nat From London On 18/03/2017

A Mind-Blowing Personality , Superb Reading ,The Best

Really feel honoured to be connected to u today.. sorry for the wind , but I would try to hear from u as much as I can even if there was disturbance.. sorry we got disconnected , and I couldn't say thanks... Definitely agree with other reviews , He is one of the best here and really connects emotionally with you , same time being very honest and neither you feel offended anytime , even if he says things which you don't want to hear perhaps... He is fantastic , in 20 minutes he gave me so much information , it feels like I spoke to him for 5 hours , no guessing or silly things like moving on or it wont happen or taking silly names or letters ... He gave me in depth detailed reading in just 20 minutes , can you believe it , felt like I was given so much out of it .. He is very sharp and articulate , and knows very well how to pass on his plethora of information to you ... Thanks a lot ..Highly Recommended


So very grateful

Marian from cumbria hits the nail on the head. Its so true that the most important thing we want to know is our beloved 's thoughts and feelings. It's what heals us and empowers us and strengthens us. Too many readers fail to get this and say " move on" "what is his behaviour telling you" etc etc. Its as if they see us as weaklings who need to be told that life goes from a to b, in a linear way. Maybe they haven't experienced true unconditional love themselves to understand. Or twin flame runner situations themselves.I have had many readings with guy and have felt so much respect from him. He never sugar coats. Several times he has been honest enough to tell me things i was hoping was not true. And sometimes the beautiful moments and truths have been so home hitting ive cried floods of tears and relief. Cant rate this reader enough. His art is in his own confidence in clients and deep respect. None of this rolling eyes, you don't get it, get out more vibes. Actually in a way if i do move on it wont be because of the rubbish advice from other readers, who change their stance from move on to hang in there depending on how desolate i feel (exceptions being the top readers on here, you know who they are). It will be because guy always spoke to my soul and helped me see i was not mad to believe the things i do about the man i love xx guy, you deserve your top class reviews.

From On 02/03/2017

Very greatful

Had a wonderful reading, very in depth thankyou Guy

Ann From Australia On 24/02/2017


I only wish to endorse every single review here... for the benefit of the clients, my situation is not straightforward and the man I love is very complex....this has been my fourth reading with Guy and I have been lucky enough to make notes in all my readings regarding my love interest......the hour was filled with so much information about how he is feeling and confirmed the most important thing that I needed to know regarding how he feels about me and more besides.......I have now read all my notes Guy and there are important changes going on which tell me we are definitely drawing you know I am a spiritual person and the future is going in the right direction for us......forever your no 1 fan, thank you soooo much.....I will keep you updated. Love and Light Marian xx

marian From cumbria On 24/02/2017


Guy seriously is good. He got the description of the person i was enquiring about spot on. His character and nature etc. Time flew and i kept adding more credit bcz i just did not want to end the call. The emotions and feelings were being described in such detail that i had to hear it all. Really amazing reading. I read the reviews before deciding to speak to Guy but just could not get through to him yesterday. Today was my lucky day. Had an hours reading this evening and im so glad now i didnt give up on trying to get through to Guy. Well worth it!! Guy is a real gentleman with the way he relays what he sees but gives it as it is. No nonsense and u just know he cant be guessing!! Thank u!! I didnt get a chance to thank him before it got cut off xxx

A From Bedfordshire. UK On 21/02/2017

Amazing Reading

I have tried to leave a good review before and it has not been put on the system. I hope this one is put on. I really had a good reading. Guy understood what my situation was. I will definitely phone again, very soon. Thank you.

13/02/2017 From OXFORDSHIRE On 13/02/2017

Amazing Reading

Sorry Guy we got cut off. I will phone again soon. I really enjoyed the reading. You picked up a lot of things that was true and you helped me feel very good about my work situation. I can push on now and get things done. Speak to you in a week or so. Many thanks.

Cassandra From oxfordshire On 11/02/2017

Excellent, detailed and down to earth.

Wonderful insight and reading. Thanks Guy, sorry we got cut off. You have helped me to understand the person in question and I know I need to carry on being patient. You articulated the situation perfectly. Thank you

Karen From On 03/02/2017

Excellent, detailed and down to earth.

Wonderful insight and reading. Thanks Guy, sorry we got cut off. You have helped me to understand the person in question and I know I need to carry on being patient. You articulated the situation perfectly. Thank you

Karen From On 03/02/2017

So hard to get through to

This Guy, blew me away with his reading. So hard to get through to though, I sit and watch the site when he's on which is not all that often or for long and spend the minutes trying to get through to him to no avail. Guy please come on for longer, so at least I have a fighting chance to speak with you :-) simply amazing ability.

P From London On 14/01/2017

1000 stars amazing

This man is a amazing picked up on my situation straight away

Kim From Liverpool On 29/12/2016

Like no other

Guy is like no other on this site yes there's some amazing readers on here but Guy has an amazing ability to read the thoughts and emotions of someone your thinking off and gives you the truth either way . He's here to help and guide us . He's exceptional and has a wonderful gift . He's hard to get hold of but don't give up ! God Bless Many heartfelt thanks Guy X. 29.12.16

Helena From North East UK On 29/12/2016

Guy helped me get back with ex

Guy is amazing, because of his friendly nudge I contacted my ex and now things are so much better. Call guy you won't regret it.

Al From Manchester On 23/11/2016

Extremely Good!

I was astonished with my reading. Guy tunes in and gives you a detailed reading but isnt judgmental or opinionated he just flows with empathy. He advises and also explains the other persons reason's...most readers would just read cold blunt but Guy makes you understand the whole situation then it's up to you how you choose to proceed. He is truly gifted and I'm so pleased I got through to him. Highly recommended!!!

S From Uk On 12/11/2016

Genuine guy

Thank you very much Guy, I respect your honesty. You gave me a very detailed reading today, I was amazed at how much you knew about my relationship. Sorry that we got cut off. I will update you. Many thanks Simone

Simone From Basingstoke On 10/11/2016

Fabulous Empath and Psychic!

Guy has a lovely gift. He quickly connected to the person in question and he give a lot of detail into his motivations, personality and issues. Thanks so much!

Debbie From New York On 10/11/2016

Precise insight!

It's amazing how Guy pick things up without a word. His insights are so accurate that I am amazed every time I soeak to him!

K From UK On 28/10/2016

WOW! Guy is an Earth Angel

I've read most of Guy's reviews and everyone is spot on. apart from the awesome on point details, he was encouragingly positive, nice, and humble. he is an earth angel here to help those of us in need. Love and light to you always Guy. Never forget the Love and light you posses whenever you need it to come back to you! x

Toni From UK On 13/10/2016

Guy Is Extraordinary, Phenomenal & Awesome!!!!

Guy is a phenomenal reader!!! He's very kind, professional and extremely intuitive. He put my nerves at ease with his patient and sweet nature. He was extremely insightful and accurate without me having to tell him anything. He is point on and the accuracy of this reading was awesome! I highly recommend Guy! Thank you!!!

Roshea From UK On 13/10/2016

Very good

Thank you for this reading, even though it wasn't long enough! It was very accurate and very reassuring. Thanks again :)

S From France On 12/10/2016


I have just come off of the phone to Guy and he is absolutely perfect. Absolutely amazing. I have also heard the song that was drawn to him and oh my god yes I so remember the song that he was talking about. Such a positive guy and astonishingly accurate with my reading. He was not only accurate, but has such a kind and gentle soul. A star. Thank-you Guy, your the best..xxxx

Charlene From London On 22/09/2016


From the moment I said hello Guy picked up in an instant the person I was wanting to know more about.....the fact is you were so correct regarding both of us and that is all I needed to get me through this testing time !! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart it was a real pleasure talking to a kindred spirit with a most amazing gift. Love and light Marian x

marian From On 20/08/2016


Guy is amazing!!! I love love him! Right on the spot! His reading is very accurate. I am impressed by his readings! I feel blessed by meeting him. He is brilliant, caring and I will definitely contact him soon again! Thank you :)

Diane From New York On 17/08/2016

nice reading

Thank you for my reading .I was truly amazed at how accurate you were at describing this particular person and their personality.You left me with some happy thoughts and I'm very grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with you .Thanks again I hope we can speak again.Nice to have a reader that doesn't make things up and waffle on.

melissa From Australia On 20/07/2016

Guy is simply the best

There are psychics There are good psychics There is Guy, truly gifted and a natural gem. Very accurate, does not sugar coat and has lots to say by tuning into person's energy. Call Guy and you will be speechless.

d From london On 03/07/2016


Guy has provided me with few readings so far. All I can say is that he is extremely accurate leaving you almost speechless. He is not there to predict the future, but the information he provided help you to decide better about the future. He is very well tuned-in to the person and what he says is way more relevant than you can believe. God bless him

Bibi From London On 22/06/2016

Absolutely amazing

Thank you Guy, there are no words that can describe how amazing your readings are! With gratitude and love 6th June 2016

Donatella From Australia On 05/06/2016

Honest, refreshing and penetrating

Guy is an incredible reader. Tuned into my situation immediately, gave accurate insight and provided me with much food for thought. His skills are truly off the charts. Thank you Guy for making me question my need for a certain person's validation. You made me realise that I've been on a wild goose chase and it's time to give up the ghost. I feel empowered again. X

Jane From London On 27/05/2016

Amazing thank you Guy

Guy, I am sorry we were cut off. Your insight is incredible as usual. I hope to ricin next with you soon. Thank you so much for your help.

Donatella From Australia On 20/05/2016

A Natural Born Pyschic

This man is an absolute natural and amazingly accurate with every detail . He is totaly amazing accurate gifted and I can't say enough good things about him !!!! I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me Guy definatley calling you back soon , Love and light Guy

Helena From North East England On 15/05/2016


wow what a fantastic reading amazing accurate will defo call him again

yvonne From kent On 14/05/2016

Simply amazing!

A few years ago I rang up Guy not knowing how accurate his readings were, he even brought a lost friend from the afterlife to speak a few words, that's all I needed. I would highly recommend Guy to anyone and everyone. Thankyou Guy for all of your help!

Christopher-Lee Howard From Cheshire On 10/05/2016


QUITE SIMPLY THE MOST ACCURATE READER ON THIS SITE!!! Thank you for your help Guy.....xx

Sharon From Ireland On 26/04/2016

Career, love

Inspirational! Guy is extremely blessed and gifted. He put my whole situation into perspective. I'm calmer and stronger and able to accept and face the future with enlightenment.

Michelle From Wiltshire On 23/04/2016


Guy thank you so much, my minutes ran out but I am so pleased I could get hold of you. You are talented indeed and such a lovely and calm reader. All the best.

Bibi From London On 15/04/2016

Thank you Guy

Thank you Guy for a deeply intelligent and helpful reading. Lovely talking to you today

Aanka From UK On 20/03/2016


I have had readings prior to this one but guy was unbelievable. I was completely shocked by the things guy knew. Will definately be contacting you again. Thank you so very much for my reading. Blessings!

Natalie From Merseyside On 16/03/2016

Very Helpful and Amazing!

Guy really helped me when I was feeling bad. He provided a lot of details into my current situation. I will call him again and I am very picky about who I speak with. So, I give him a thumbs up for his readings into my love life and career. Keep up the super job and thank you again for your psychic abilities, Guy. God Bless!

Rima From Elkridge, Maryland USA On 27/01/2016

Great reading!

I couldn't manage to find Guy available for a month! And finally! Yes, I liked his reading. It was relationship reading.

Eve From On 20/01/2016


Thank you for the most profound reading. I feel so blessed for having contacted you! Your have a divine gift that helps so many people like me to connect to the light, to see beyond appearances, to forgive and have compassion in the most challenging situations. Blessings

Donatella From Australia On 13/01/2016

With Gratitude

Guy, you have an amazing gift. Your ability to connect so deeply to the person I love is incredible. Thank you for helping me gain so much clarity. I know that I have difficult situation but you gave me hope. I wish I had more time with but I am so grateful for what I have received from you so far. I hope I can talk to you again. Blessings, Donatella

Donatella From Australia On 06/12/2015

guy gives an in the moment reading and is ideal if you want to know how someone feels in the moment. he also empowers you with information, leaving you with a sense of healing and contentment and an intuitive feel of how things are going and what the next time could be. he doesnt do predictions but leaves you with the tools to feel your own guidance too. i think this is a rare skill. too many psychics judge, project weakness or give advice which i personally have followed in vulnerable moments to my own detriment. i like the fact thst he trusts in my own sense of self and relays information beautifully and leaves me feeling stronger and therefore able to follow my own good advice from my heart :) not sure if this is amazing restraint, sheer talent or just his sense of trust in everyone own journey.

empowered and feeling better From On 02/12/2015

Very Grateful

Thank you for such an uplifting insight into helping me understand someone very special to me. I am truly grateful for your gift and for your time x

M From On 30/11/-0001

Detailed great reading with Guy

Guy just has a unique ability he describes everything so accurately and although he is so difficult to actually contact I would defo call again - just please be there more often. Thanks Alice 36

Alice Wanstal From UK On 30/11/-0001


Guy you are an amazing reader so accurate and really intuned into people's feelings! Am absolutely amazed at how great you were just wanted to keep talking to you! Your the best by far and will defintely talk to you again thanks Josie from Aus

Jj From Australia On 30/11/-0001

Amazing gift

guy is one of the best readers ive come across he has a mind blowing gift

Paulina From london On 30/11/-0001

guy is amazingly compassionate and i can be so open without feeling judged. he asks the right questions during the reafing to to help me gain perspective. this man is powerful and truly accurate and detailed which is comforting. i feel waves of healing after a reading with him.

d From hampshire On 30/11/-0001

Guy is the real deal

Guy is the real deal. Very quick to pick up on the situation at hand and a gentle guide to reassure me I was on the right path. He was very comforting and extremely accurate and it was lovely to have a male reader who was also able to relate information to me in a very positive light and how the man in my life feels and what he is thinking. Thank you for being wonderful

Stephanie From Melbourne On 30/11/-0001

Guy is truly amazing

Incredibly blown away by his accuracy! He can tune into a person's energy and tell me exactly what I needed to know. Very accurate, kind and put me on the correct path. The only reader I know that could put my mind totally at ease with my situation. You are truly one of a kind. Amazing gift. I will definitely without a doubt be calling back.

Kathy From US On 30/11/-0001

Blessed By Guy

I feel like I was healed when I talked to Guy. He could see right into the mind of my man and made me feel at ease about my situation. I think he actually saved my relationship and took away all my anxiety and doubts. Beautiful Gift that you have. Words cannot express the feeling of calm that I have now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Kathy From USA On 30/11/-0001

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