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I have had a couple of readings with Barbara and Ada and I found both to be very vague. Statements like ‘you’re path is moving towards the light’ and ‘your situation is starting to align with the universe’ really mean nothing. No substance to the statements which just left me confused and trying to interpret what on earth she means. Not my style of reading I’m afraid. All a bit new age and fluffy

Sarah From Hull On 10/08/2021

Such a lovely reading

Have had several readings with Barbara and Ada and always such lovely readings. Most probably ask so many silly questions regarding new relationship but they never judge just tell me what they see. Sometimes a little insight is all you need to have faith you are on the right path. Thank you

From On 04/04/2021

I've heard that u are very good BUT I've never seen u alive on line, would love to have a reading one day x please print

From On 24/03/2021


very helpful x

AM From UK On 31/01/2021

Absolutely Amazing Reading!! Can't wait for next time

I just finished a reading with Barbara and Ada, WOW!!! I actually completed this as an instant message reading, and I was very impressed not only with the detail and accuracy the information was delivered, but I really appreciated the compassion and how fast the information flowed!! Barbara definitely is mindful of time. Thank you so much to both of you, I hope to provide an update to you soon! To everyone else, if you ever have the opportunity have a reading with Barbara and Ada (whether on the phone or through messenger) please do!

E From Australia On 06/01/2021

Thank you!

Speechless.. Thank you Barbara!

From On 28/12/2020

Totally brilliant reader, one of the very best

I had a messenger reading this morning when feeling at such a low point in a fairly new relationship. I was ready to end this but Barbara and her guide were able to shine a light on the whole situation and provide great detail and validation which is giving me the strength to continue as the new relationship will be worth it in the end and transformation from my existing life. Thank you x

Victoria From London On 20/12/2020

Thank you so much

I was at a low point and you and Ada helped with guidance and today that love guidance has brought a lot of healing to my situation as I have seen what you said is true! Thank you for your patience with me. I now feel a lot better. I just want to thank you. God bless you for all you do!

Zara From UK On 10/11/2020

There's good reviews on this lady, and I've been told to try her, but I've never seen her on duty please print this thanks

From On 23/10/2020

Regardless how tough it seems she is on point and stands by what she sees and says .

Reehila Rashid From UK On 04/09/2020


Always kind, compassionate and seemingly not irritated by constant questions and reassurance needed. Doesn’t waste your minutes. My definite go to reader. I am always happy when I see her online. Sue xx

From On 16/08/2020

Amazing reader straight to the point picks up on details asks no questions or info and very honest!

Ree From Uk On 10/08/2020


I have readings with Barbara and Ada i think its now every week and sometimes several times in a week. Whenever I'm distressed, doubtful or feel like giving up on the wait She's always been my go to psychic. I love the accuracy of her readings, her gentle way of delivery, her readings never change unlike some who change their readings. she stands by what her guide Ada sees. Unfortunately she doesn't give time frames and thats OK because majority of readers on here give times frames and nothing ever comes to pass on the dates they give and i guess that's because they say there is no time in the universe. I look forward to future predictions. I'm hopeful and trust that they'll come to pass. I honestly don't know how I would have kept myself together without falling apart if it wasn't for Barbara and Ada. They calm my storms each time and never get irritated my many reading requests. Everytime I see Barbara online my heart sings with joy. I'm always happy to see her on, always. She's like a dear friend I can talk to about anything and not feel judged. Thank you Barbara and Ada for always been there for me x

CM From UK On 25/07/2020

2nd review

Not sure why but my first review was not published!! Barbara is my go to reader. Wastes no time, you are advised what is seen in the reading with compassion and respect for you. No judgements

Sue From UK On 03/05/2020


Read with Barbara a few times now. My first choice on this line. Always to the point, wonderfully calm to me in my fragile situation. Doesn’t waste your minutes . Thank you Barbara so much

Sue From UK On 28/04/2020

Great reading

I must be lucky to get through to Barbara and Aida based on reviews. Everyone says how accurate and direct you are. You kept telling me to hang on as there's a lot of positive growth with him which im feeling too.

Kk From Australia On 08/04/2019

Love her reading

I love this lady.. so beautiful and talented

RS From Australia On 22/01/2019


What an amazing lady.. Thank you

R From Australia On 22/01/2019

Thank you!!

Thank you for your honesty and patience with me. Thank you for the explanations as to why. Greatly appreciated. Love and light to you both.

M From From Australia On 26/11/2018


Complex issue. She's the only one out of a few readings I had to give me peace and hope. I hope she is correct, if not she still got me out of a dark hole. Thank you.

Vonnie From London On 17/11/2018


Barbara and Aida are just Angels xxx

From UK On 10/09/2018

Wonderful Reading from Barbara and Ada!

Such a fantastic reading from Barbara and her guide Ada. Put my mind at ease. With so many readers that are a bit hit and miss she was so wonderful and in tune with my energy! I can't thank you enough. xoxo :)

Liz From Australia On 20/08/2018


Sorry I was cut off before I could say thank you to you both. So accurate with my situation and I have encouragement to be patient as if it wasn’t worth the wait I know I would have heard that too. Brilliant! I’m excited to see the predictions come to fusion and start the next chapter back with the love of my life xx

Holly From Australia On 20/08/2018

Excellent reader

Absolutely beautiful reading - great connection, clear guidance coming through from Ada and Barbara, and the help I needed to be motivated and stay the course. Many thanks - you certainly have a wonderful gift - thanks for sharing.

Lynda From o/s On 04/06/2018

Thank You!!

Barbara and Aida confirmed my gut feeling on my current relationship. I will be patient and will wait for that next wonderful, bright, loving chapter in my life. Barbara and Aida didn't need to ask for any other details. Information just flowed and I am still speechless at their accuracy. Many thanks ladies!

Joy From UK On 29/05/2018

Sweet lady & accurate reading

Barbara and her guide were absolutely amazing, correct information on ongoing issue, soothing validation and very kind approach. Thank you both x p.s I cried a bit

Anon From UK On 07/05/2018


Lovely reading, lovely ladies xx

From Uk On 07/05/2018


Had a follow up reading with Barbara this morning. answered all my questions, business and relationship. ....the who,where.why and when! much clearer now. Thank you.

Wini From UK On 02/05/2018


They are both amazing! Actually made me feel very emotional. Spot on accuracy and so warm. X

From On 06/04/2018


Thank u

Sharon From Stoke on trent On 27/03/2018

The best

Aida and Barbara , you are amazing Spot on

Danni From Australia On 22/03/2018


Barbara is incredible! One of the things she said was "Watch out for a man called David. He will be significant." I didn't know any "significant" David's, but today someone whom I have known for the past 8 years as Robert and who I am about to start a business venture with told me: "You do know that my real name is David Robert, right?" Quite bizarre!

From On 20/03/2018

wow spot on

Thank you Barbara and Ada fantastic reading as always shame about the power cut will be back soon xx

fran From somerset On 16/03/2018

Barbara and Aida = Amazing

Thank you both once again. x

From SCOTLAND On 23/02/2018

Great reading

Reading made sense and all my questions answerd with no hesitation, the reading matched to what other readers have been telling me , she also made it clear which path to go as I was indisisive on a certain relationship . Definitely recommend

Dc From Uk On 29/01/2018

thank you so so much

Barbara and Aida are simply the best. Early morning call 23/1 and they both helped me so much. Sorry we got cut off and I did not get a chance to say thank you. Lets hope wonky finds their way ha ha x

From Scotland On 23/01/2018


From the bottom of my heart I just want to say thank you for giving me so much clarity and guidance you truly have a remarkable gift & I trust in everything you spoke about love and light to yo Barbara & Ada

From On 22/01/2018

Wow Wow Wow

Barbara and her guide Ada totally blew me away. Very precise with what is currently happening in my life and gave me some positive insight on what will happen as a result. With that I will have to wait but they were very accurate with many things. Gave them names of people which she described in detail. Definitely would recommend a reading from them. Thank you for giving me hope.

From On 09/01/2018

Lovely Lady

I have found Barbara to always be consistent in her reading. Very helpful without judgement. Thank you Barbara

From down under From Australia On 08/01/2018


Barbara and Aida made me cry in a good way because they Were just so spot on with everything. They gave me a wee kick up the bum as well in the nicest way and I can see things a lot clearer now. Thank you xxx

From Scotland On 05/01/2018

Angels on this Earth

Barbara and Aida are amazing. Saw many stuff and came through with a lovely message from my dad. She gave me good guidance and really saw what was going on with a relationship. They told me realistic timeframes and felt better and felt like I was speaking to a friend who knew me.

L From UK On 09/12/2017


Thank you for a beautiful and encouraging reading x

Belinda From On 07/11/2017

wow wow wow

OMG Barbara and Ada are amazing. They have been spot on with predictions always and I trust in everything they say. Well worth a reading, Thank you so much x

anon From uk On 01/10/2017


She's a good reader and a nice person

Sasha From Melb On 08/09/2017

Good reader

Very good reader highly recommend

Sasha From Melb On 04/09/2017

Barbara and Ada

Have spoken to Barbara and her guide Ada , many times over the last 6 years , fantastic reader and medium , always gives accurate readings, I think there both great x Thank you

Christine From North East On 22/06/2017

Real Reader

Absolutely fabulous reading, I said nothing, she asked no questions apart from my name and off she went. I love Aida, she was very straight to the point. As a reader myself I just loved how Barbara works. She is deffo the real deal. Thanks Barbara and I will update you come July xxx

From Scotland On 30/05/2017

Thank you

Many thanks for my reading yesterday. I love it how you and Aida are so straight to the point and not just tell me what I want to hear, you both make me laugh! I hope your predictions happen as you say and I'm looking toward to the year ahead xx

From Scotland On 17/04/2017

Barbara and Ada is just wonderful Barbara gets straight to the point. Doesn't ask question. I've been waiting along time for someone and everytime i feel down Barbara is there to help me. She just makes me feel good

Sue From Victoria On 17/04/2017

You've left me in floods of tears - in a good way

Barbara, I'm the girl that sobbed down the phone to you as you picked up on my granddad and so many of his traits and how close we were. You said he was stood next to a picture of him on my right hand side and what you didn't know is, I was lying in bed and on my right hand side was a photo of him and me in the "nice" frame he was describing. You described his smile, his warmness, how packed out the church was for his funeral, and you also picked out that he died a while ago (11 years) but I've never gotten over it and struggle. You made a few predictions for me in the next 2 weeks and beyond and I promise to update you if they come to light. I trust they will as you said they were from my grandad. I could write so much more but from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I couldn't get the words out on the phone to tell you how much I appreciated your reading and picking up my grandad. Thank you... You have no idea how much I'll never forget tonight and the things you told me about him.

Sian From Lincs On 18/08/2016


Felt really low, but this lady has given me the energy and belief to carry on with a complex situation, so spot with facts and exactly what is going and there will be a future, God bless to you Barbara and Aida in love and light, thank you so much xx

Simon From UK On 08/08/2016

Great connection and wise words

Many thanks Barbara and Ada for your kind wisdom - great connection and wise advice. I look forward to the future unfolding as you predict.

L From from Oz On 12/07/2016

Lovely Reader

Barbara and her guide Ada are amazing. Warm, compassionate, non-judgemental and helpful readings are what you always get from this lovely pair. Quick to tune in on the reason for the call, even when asking for just a general reading and with lots of detail. Have spoken to Barbara a few times and she is very consistent, as is Ada! Couldn't recommend this reader highly enough. Thank you xx

From On 02/07/2016

Barbara and Ada thank you so much! X

Barbara and Ada are absolutely phenomenal!!! One of the best readers on this site. Barbara's accuracy and insight was amazing! I really enjoyed the reading and you are both worth every penny,I was so happy with the reading which is why I spoke for one hour and 20 minutes! Barbara and Ada genuinely do care and are there for you, to support and guide you. They do not sugar-coat and tell you exactly how it is! Thank you again Barbara and Ada you both are two lovely shining stars,that really uplifted me and made me feel so much better! I will never forget this reading, and I know I can take yours and Ada's word for everything, God bless you both! :) xx

Arosa From UK On 23/06/2016

Barbara and Ada are amazing

Told me things she cldn possibly know. Managed to calm me down and stop me freaking out lol. Ada totally on point describing my ex aswell as wanting to hug him lol. Everything that was told to me was true, few really good predictions for the future also. Thank u so much. I will defo call again I know these predictions will happem and cant wait to start my future witj the love of my life x

Jo From Scotland On 28/04/2016


Love you Barbara you are a beautiful reader so caring, honest and accurate thanks for all your help and for always listening to me! Your my top psychic so glad I found you on this line! Hoping for everything to start falling into place going to take that breath like you keep telling me and I will try and stay focused God Bless you xxoo

J From A On 05/02/2016

I hope things come to pass as you predicted ... I'm trying very hard to be patient and not give up. Thankyou Barbara x

Lilly From On 29/12/2015

Tears of Joy

Barbara, we both cried today lol you are a beautiful soul who gives honest caring and direct readings. Thankyou for always treating me with the upmost respect and urging me to don't give up. You remind me of my nan, Thankyou so much xx

From Aus On 17/12/2015

Thankyou Barbara for your kindness and advice and urging me not to give up when I wanted to walk away from it all. Ada too xx I was drawn to you as my grandmothers name was also Barbara I still feel her presence, and your pin is my year of birth.

Lilly From Aus On 30/11/2015


Barbara your simply the best! Can't thank you and your guide Ada for always putting my mind at ease, you have helped me so much am so grateful for always listening to me and giving me hope that there definitely is light at the end of the tunnel xxoo

J From A On 17/11/2015


What a lovely person Barbara is, and her guide Ada is incredibly wonderful as well. Something she predicted almost certainly came true that night. Barbara and Ada I so look forward to talking to you again xxx

Ires From Melbourne On 23/10/2015

Life Saver

Barbara you definitely are my old time favourite you always cheer my up when I feeling down. Thanks to you and your guide Ada for all the laughs going to relax now knowing things will turn in my favour. Love and God Bless xxoo

Anon From Anon On 12/10/2015

The Best

Barbara you are the best psychic reader, love talking to you and your guide Ada one of my favourite readers and funny as well thanks so much look forward to chatting to you again xxoo

Anon From Oz On 09/10/2015

Funny, lovely and amazing

Barbara thanks to you and your spirit guide Ada for putting a smile on my face! OMG I keep thinking about the reading and I can't stop laughing so funny, you have really cheered me up so accurate in your reading! Going to stress less thanks again talk to you soon love J xxoo

J From Aust On 06/10/2015


Thank you so much Barbara for your guidance and for clarifying everything I love talking to you as you tell it as it is! Feel so uplifted your accurate in picking up what's going on didn't tell you a single thing your fantastic! Talk to you soon Barbara xxoo

J From Aust On 05/10/2015


Barbara can't thank you enough for a beautiful Reading, so honest and caring! I am so glad I spoke to you and feel so much better now that I have! Will definitely talk to you again love and light Josie xxoo

Josie From Australia On 30/11/-0001


Barbara second time I have spoken to you and you were so spot on on picking up what's troubling me love talking to you! Your a beautiful person thanks for taking the time to listening to me and putting my mind at ease xxoo

jj From Aust On 30/11/-0001


A brilliant, naturally talented reader

mandy From cheshire On 30/11/-0001


thank you

is From london On 30/11/-0001


Lovely reader, very gentle but very accurate. Good advice , would recommend her , she is genuine. (Sorry we got cut off Barbara)

M From On 30/11/-0001


Thank you Barbara for your time and patience with me this morning. And thank you also to your guide Ada. You have really helped me with your advice. I really appreciate your honesty and your accuracy is amazing. Xx

mandy From cheshire On 30/11/-0001

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