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Dearest Trace, you are without a doubt an amazing lady. Thank you so very much for your reading and then listened to me so patiently when I questioned it. I know what you were saying is true as so many wonderful Psycics said the same. The situation has been very long and very hard to deal with and not be able to speak to someone that understands. You understand. I appreciate you more than you know.

Carrie From Kent On 25/02/2022

Got the situation but not sure of the out come that she said would happen,

From On 24/02/2022


Thank you Tracey, I was feeling very low and down and you uplifted my spirits. And you were so spot on with everything you read for me. Once again a big thank you. Mae. 19/01/2022. X

Mae From New Forest On 19/01/2022


Such a lovely lady spot on with all she said Definitely recommend her.

Karen From London On 31/12/2021

Great connection

Tracey was spot on and told me things I did not expect and I know to be true. She is genuine and doesn’t sugar coat things. She told me everything without me having to say a thing. Absolutely fantastic. Really lovely to speak to, she’s very reassuring and honest, one of my best readings.

S From Birmingham On 19/12/2021

Brilliant please post !

Tracey is a true psychic she actually read me properly gave me dates times answers to what was in my head everyrhing had an understanding and simple explanation I don’t mind paying for a call with Tracy because it’s valued information other readers have wasted there time and mine and haven’t read me and made excuses Tracey will put your mind at ease thank you

From On 19/11/2021

Lovely reader

J From Derbyshire On 10/08/2021


Tracey, you are so difficult to get hold of! Shows how good you are. I keep trying to connect to you!

A From Uk On 02/07/2021


Spot on with everything this beautiful lady told me. A very good reader. Thank you

Mae From New Forest On 26/06/2021

Spot on again

Just to let you know lady in question is moving as you predicted. Looking forward to the other predictions you gave me. Will update soon. Thanks

Ann From On 06/04/2021


Thank you Tracey for your honesty & kind reading - didn’t want it to end! You surely are worth 10 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Tina From Wales On 25/03/2021


only had 8 minutes credit but she gave me all the info I had called for and she just done it in a general reading form. I was impressed and I would return. x

From uk On 12/03/2021

It came true

Your prediction about the guy came true. Your timing was right as well - wow! I hope what you said about career happens next!! Thank you so much!!!

T From Au On 09/02/2021

Absolutely Lovely

So sorry I got cut off from you Tracey. What a lovely and very accurate reading, I really enjoyed talking to you and could have done so for hours. Thank you so much for clarifying what that I just needed to be patient with a POI. Love and light to you xx

Carrie From Kent On 22/01/2021

Brilliant Reader

Thank you for your amazing gifts.!! Sopt on with everything going on around me.I look forward to talking to you soon. "Many Blessings" Kind Regards Sharon.

SHARON From Australia On 16/01/2021

Truly Gifted

I asked Tracey for a general reading & she accurately picked up on every area of my life that I have something going on in. Tracey was honest but more importantly sensitive when telling me about a difficult situation I am dealing with & what I need to do to handle it. Thank you for sharing your gift with me.

Vicki From Australia On 15/01/2021

Come online after 6 pm please

Tracey is wonderful . And soooooo accurate . What she said has already party happened . Please Tracy come online after 6 pm !

From On 18/10/2020


Just had my second reading with Tracey and she was amazing. Not only is she clear and concise, but she has a really beautiful soul. She does not sugar coat anything. She tells you what you need to hear and delivers it in a very compassionate way. dont miss a chance on getting a reading from her....definitely worth every penny. Thanks again Tracey, will keep you updated. Kelly xx

Kelly From Scotland On 09/09/2020


Just had my second reading with Tracey and she was amazing. Not only is she clear and concise, but she has a really beautiful soul. She does not sugar coat anything. She tells you what you need to hear and delivers it in a very compassionate way. dont miss a chance on getting a reading from her....definitely worth every penny. Thanks again Tracey, will keep you updated. Kelly xx

Kelly From Scotland On 09/09/2020


Amazing reader can't belive how much was correct on thank you and will definitely be coming back for another reading

From On 29/08/2020

H ad my second reading with Tracey and like the first reading, she was spot on. The reading did not change from the 1st one. She also helped me to interpret my dreams I've been having about my POI. Not only is she clear, concise and accurate...she's funny as well. Dont pass up a chance to get a reading with this lovely lady. Thanks so much Tracey!!!! Will keep youupdated like you asked. Kelly xx

Kelly From Scotland On 05/08/2020

Thank you

Tracey is my rock, always call her whenever something is wrong and she always steers me in the right direction. Thank you so much

Claire From Scotland On 23/07/2020

Amazing reader, true psychic

Another reading with Tracy today, very consistent and spot on, caring. her predictions about work laredy manifetsed and I am confident that the love side is coming true. Tnak you so much for your healing reading today sorry my minutes run out. You are truly gifted with psychic abilities, kindness and compassion WWith much blessings and love xxx

From On 28/04/2020

Great reader

Picked everything up right away . Straight to the point. Great insight and advice

J From UK On 26/04/2020

Good Reading

Thank goodness for you today! Had another reading on here that was so negative, that you made my day. You were totally on track with everything around me and you have a good way of communicating what you see. Thank you my lovely. x

From scotland On 31/03/2020

Love her

This lady is amazing, it’s like talking to a friend. She always remembers me when I call, she always tells me the truth no sugarcoating and everything she says comes true. Can’t thank her enough, she’s guided me through some tough time.

Claire From Edinburgh On 28/03/2020

No predictions happened

Lovely lady but she was so sure her predictions were right but nothing has happened and it's gone way past the prediction time frame, maybe readers should refrain from saying it will definitely happen as this gives false hope

From On 07/03/2020

very good straight forward psychic

Another fullfiling reading, she is wonderful, gifted spot on quick and very kind herated soul blessings and love xxx

From On 20/02/2020

Thank you

Tracey was amazing, told her my issue, she told me what she saw and things are unfolding as she said. Thank you so much

Claire From Edinburgh On 15/12/2019


Kind patience lovely thank you great reader hope all comes true I promise to keep praying xxx

Kim From Bradford On 15/12/2019

5 stars

Amazing reading with Tracey today she certainly tuned into situation and put my mind at ease.

Julia From Berks On 03/12/2019

Great reading

Had a reading with this lovely lady very professional, soft spoken , makes u feel at ease shall call again

Ursula From Basildon On 03/12/2019


Immediately got my situation..... she was lovely, kind and very very accurate. A great help! Thanks so much Tracey, do call her everyone xxxxx

eve From staffordshire On 11/10/2019


Tracey was lovely to talk to and gave an excellent reading.

J From London On 27/09/2019

Amazing reading

I found Tracey to be very lovely and easy to talk too , she is very accurate. I will definitely have a reading again with her further in the future.

Tina From Australia On 27/09/2019

amazing and true psychic

just realised that I have spoken to her before and she gave me the same predictions unlike some readers who get mixed up. She is very kind, caring and very accurate, spot on and her predictions are in line with very good readers here. Thank you so much for your help today with much blessings and love xxx

From On 25/09/2019


Thank you for such an insightful reading. You really tuned into my situation and summed the situation up without me saying a word. Thank you for time and patience for such a great reading. x

V From Southwest On 23/09/2019

5 Stars

Thank you for a very reassuring and detailed reading that has put my mind at ease.

Donna From London On 15/09/2019

Reading 5th Sept 2019

Sorry Tracy got cut off. One of the best readers on here. No waffle and straight to predictions and timings. Inline with other top readers. The real deal. Thank you.

Jon From Leeds On 05/09/2019


Thank you for a very detailed and spot on reading 5 Stars Genuine Reader!

Donna From London On 09/08/2019


Tracey is so easy to talk to, and kind. All that she said to me was spot on. Very accurate. Amazing lady, can not wait to call her again.

From Wales On 26/07/2019


Spoke to Tracey today spot on as usual and prediction happened this lady will be very busy call while you can.Thank you Tracey will call with any updates xx

From Northamptonshire On 21/07/2019

She was amazing, sorry my phone cut, but I loved her honesty..... her predictions were in line with top readers, so I do believe her

From On 21/07/2019


In line with other readers that i must step back from him now but i see from reviews that she does not sugarcoat. Maintains that i need to step back do nothing and he will come forward in a few months. I must do nothing more. I know thats the truth. Its hard but i must. Also accurate about his past. His ex has moved on very quickly from him to a new man and im not surprised if she cheated on him. Im also not surprised if he's still hurt by it. Traceys also very wise when i asked what he saw in her and she said its usually not clear to the outside what one sees in their choice of partner. Its a connection they shared

N From Aus On 12/07/2019

Excellent Reader

Was sceptical and didn’t believe that what predicted would happen. But it did!! Called back for further reading regarding the situation and Tracey was spot on about the situation. Thanks Tracey. Will definitely call back!!

From On 05/07/2019


Great reading today, such a kind gentle lady who delivers her readings with compassion! Looking forwards to the future with confidence :-)

Claire From Bath On 08/06/2019


Straight to the point. No messing about and put my mind at ease! No prompting required, picked up on the situation immediately.

M From Oz On 02/06/2019


FIVE STARS for Tracy, won't let me press the STARS on here. Lovely brilliant reader straight to the point doesn't mess around. Runner in very quickly! Will definitely call here again

From On 27/05/2019

Honest reader

Thank u for the guidance and honest reading Stacey. It wasn't the kind of reading that I want to hear but unfortunately, that was the truth!

From Kent On 07/05/2019


Very kind and caring. Tracey gave me a very clear reading and picked up on my situation straight away. She didnt judge me and helped me understand my situation clearly. I will definitely be caĺling back to speak with her again. Truly lovely lady !

Sue From S Wales On 05/05/2019


Tracey put me at ease straight away she told me what I needed to know very honest psychic . Tuned into my situation without prompting me. Gave me timings and I will be looking forward for confirmation. I truly recommend Tracey to everyone she truly is amazing InI

Yvonne From Dunfermline On 28/04/2019


Very good connects well. will be busy soon.Give her a call.looking forward to predictions. From - 14/04/19

From On 14/04/2019

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