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Lovely lady

Beautiful soul, Judy was so easy to talk to and her predictions were very accurate! X

Veronica From Uk On 19/04/2022


What a lovely thoughtful careful and considerate reader. I will have no hesitation in calling to speak to her again.

Suzanne From UK On 27/03/2022

A true seer

Judy is a wonderful insightful and knowledgeable reader. She sees clearly and is able to guide with reason and clarity. A true gifted reader. I will definitely call Judy again. Thank you Judy.

Neil From London On 21/03/2022

pretty good, thank you x

From On 19/03/2022

Better than therapy

I discussed a very distressing personal issue with Judy and she gave amazing insight into some situations which helped me understand what was happening to me. It has given me strength to make the right decision for myself and my future. Thanks Judy.

D From Manchester On 22/01/2022


Spot on ! Kind and caring. Got my POI To the T !’

Pri From Africa On 15/01/2022

All her predictions came true

Judy is fantastic! She predicted the exact location and date of something that actually happened. I did not have a choice in the matter because real life circumstances in my life forced me to move to the exact location during correct time frame Judy predicted four months earlier. At another time she walked me through an emergency and I was spared from physical harm. She is one of the most accurate psychics I have ever spoken to!

Ann From USA On 14/01/2022

Very calming

Spoke to Judy, calming persona, few predictions, will see if they materialise for accuracy. Only negative would be that, she reaffirmed a number of times, her predictions, so the call was extended.

JO From Wales On 01/01/2022



S From London On 31/10/2021

Spot on

Very thorough reader explained situation will now wait to see if prediction comes true picked up well on poi

From On 19/09/2021

Predicted correctly

Received a relationship reading earlier this week and POI had blocked me after an arguement, judy saw me being unblocked and contact from them in 3/4 days. Felt unbelievable but 3 days later I have received a message. Just awaiting rest of predictions to occur. Brilliant reading.

Jo From Wales On 18/08/2021




Lovely lady

Thank you Judy. My angel from heaven. God bless you

From On 26/07/2021


Always on the money. Always picks up the situation. Friendly and sweet lady who gets to the point and makes predictions.

Jon From Leeds On 04/07/2021

Thank you so much !

Thank you for being so caring, understanding and compassionate to me. Your reading was powerful and healing for me beyond what anyone can imagine. You dried my tears by bringing through my dear loved ones who draw close to me and guide me. Iam very grateful to you Judy. You set a brilliant example for readers like me and the standard that readers should be like and it’s a privilege to be able to receive a reading from you Judy. Thank you and may God continue to bless you and keep you. The spiritual work you do to help people like myself is invaluable. Lots of love. Zara.

Zara From London On 01/07/2021

Very underrated

Talking to her is like speaking to a mother figure. I was feeling pretty low and more than the reading I was happy to talk to her.

Sue From Derby On 08/06/2021




Beautiful lady

Thank you Judy for the reading you were spot on with everything, sorry we got cut off. You put my mind at rest, I was feeling rather down, and I spoke to you and you eased my mind for that I thank you and God bless you. XOXO

Mae From New Forest On 26/05/2021


Thank you for helping me understand everything I'm suffering is not my fault and its its about to get better I pray it all happens

Kim From Bradford On 24/05/2021

Perfect guidance

Judy was so accurate , connected very quickly, did not waste time, saw into future , described presence accurately and I felt as though I was being guided by a family member with her perfect reading. I recommend her to everyone

Varshini From Blackpool On 18/05/2021


I had many readings with Judy! Blow me away all the time,she’s very consistent and PREDICTIONS always come true! Thank you

Flavia From L On 23/03/2021

A True Angel

A true messenger from God. I can say having a reading with Judy was like taking a warm bath

Michelle From London On 14/03/2021


Thank you

From On 25/02/2021


Lovely reading, kind and compassionate

Summerday From Suffolk On 19/02/2021

Thank you

Sorry Judy got cut off. Thank you so much for a wonderful reading. Lots of love xx

Cath From On 12/02/2021


What an amazing woman. Judy picked up on my situation straight away, she could see exactly what was going on and how I was feeling. I look forward to seeing if her predictions come true.

Michelle From West Midlands On 08/02/2021


Hi Judy so sorry I got cut off from you, I ran out of credit. I have had a few readings with Judy and love speaking to her, she is amazing and so accurate and has a very gentle way about her. Thank you so much for your lovely reading, you answered the question that has been worrying me lately, what you said made sense to me. Love and Light

Carrie-Ann From On 31/01/2021

Predictions manifested exactly as she said

I had not spoken to my POI for 2 weeks but when I spoke to Judy on 11/10/2020, she said he’d be in touch in a day or two and we’d reconcile. She was spot on, I heard from him the same day and we did reconcile two days later. Spoke to Judy again today 17/1/2021 as we split again around Xmas and there’s been no contact since Xmas eve. She said he’ll be in touch in a couple of weeks, so early Feb and once again we’ll reconcile as he’s not with anyone else which is contrary to what another reader said. I’ll update again if this turns out as predicted. She was able to describe what’s happened without a word from me. She’s truly gifted. Love & light Judy. You are amazing.

Carol From Sydney On 16/01/2021

Fantastic.Spot on will definately be calling again.K

From On 23/12/2020

Fantastic.Spot on will definately be calling again.K

From On 23/12/2020


Judy my love I got cut off couldnt top up again. We were talking about mr emotionally immature - you're just brilliant, we actually had a ready the other day and everything you said was exactly the same as before I didnt realise until we got into it and remembered your voice, thats what you call a true psychic. Hopefully things go as you said - god bless

From England On 30/11/2020

What a wonderful lady

I have received many readings from trusted psychics however this is the first time I feel compelled to leave a review. This is the first time I have spoke to to Judy, I was looking to get through to spirit and whilst Judy says she isn’t very strong in this area, everything that came through reassured me of exactly who I initially thought the spirit may be. Her psychic reading following on from that was also very accurate and excellent. Thank you so much Judy. You are such a lovely soul xx

Kelly From Derby On 10/11/2020

Oh what a lovely Lady

I wish I could have spoken longer to Judy. My initial thought was to go with someone different but after a few attempts, I settled on her. What a lovely and warm person she is. Judy was very general, candid and warm, she didn't force anything but picked up on some points where I had to hold back tears. As a Reader for many years myself it's very rare for me to connect with someone else like this but I feel we did make a connection. She picked up on my anxieties in life and one place where they stem from, I need to stop looking back, she's right! She spoke about this last relationship in some ways as if she has been a fly on the way and picked up on my feelings to do with it. At the start, she was confused a little as she saw me in a relationship, but seems me meeting someone at the end of Nivember...I'll look out for that auburn hair Judy! I will definitely be calling again. If she doesn't make you tear up there's something wrong! Thank you so much, Judy!

Alex From Darvel, Scotland On 05/10/2020

Psychic - Beautiful Lady

Thank you for the lovely reading - will be calling back. Genuine psychic thank you for sharing your gift.

From On 24/09/2020

Sweet lady

Lovely lady to speak to. Very accurate.

From On 20/09/2020

Sorry the pin ran out. Very nice lady. Was a good reading I will need to call again to finish it.

Joanna From UK On 12/09/2020


Picked up on my situation. Lovely lady can’t wait for the good stuff to happy. So accurate.

Sofia From Uk On 07/09/2020

Phenomenal Compassionate Gifted Lady

Thank you so much beautiful lady. It was an absolute privilege speaking with you this evening. You have truly found your calling.. it was an honour and a blessing to connect with you tonight. You are Divinely Blessed.. Infinite Blessings Sister.. much love & Gratitude Victoria

Victoria From Newcastle Upon Tyne On 27/08/2020

lovely lady

I was super emotional when speaking to Judy this morning she was very lovely and kind and picked up on alot without me saying much glad i spoke with her

Emma From uk On 29/07/2020

A gem

I m grateful to her in ways I can’t explain . Being in My worst year ever , Judy guides me and pulls the leftover strength out of me . And I am fairly sure we were related in another life . Blessings from Scotland

From On 27/07/2020


When I went to Judy, I was in tears . Being psychic myself allows just enough perception that something is wrong but not the full picture . I came to her to have it and I did . Not only : just connected with my grandmother who sent messages of good omen and hope to me . How I wish I could hug this great lady . I feel blessed after her readings . Thank you From Scotland

From On 16/07/2020


Thanks Judy, Thanks for a lovely, postive reading. Felt really listened to and supported. I saw the situation and how I was treated much more clearly than before. Giving me strength moving forward.You helped me to see that lessons have definately have been learned which will only serve to strengthen me.

Clare From Merseyside On 23/06/2020

Wow amazing

This lady picked up my complicated sittuation about my love life was very clear and helpful with the situation and how he would react to my texts . And he will be touch . And I find the new job in October which I will be better suited to . I was impressed on her been able to see through the mess and see what’s coming forward. . Felt like she knew me and him was a bit blown away as she got through the nitty gritty have lots of readings but this one I feel was spot on . I let you know how it goes xx

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 28/05/2020

So reassuring

Lovely warm and friendly lady. Great reading that was accurate and in line with every other psychic I've spoken to. Thank you very much. X x

Joanna From Sussex On 18/05/2020

Thanks Judy spot on

From manchester From On 02/05/2020

Beautiful person

Thank you Judy ! Our call got cut but I enjoyed this very much , it helped me understand the situation clearly!!!

Rachel From Au On 18/04/2020

One of my favs

I have about 6 fav readers Judy is one she is accurate and very friendly would recommend her a great lady honest heart.

Will From London On 10/04/2020

not for me

didn't want to tune into a house move? was quite abrupt !saying it wasn't allowed ? odd that - as had a couple others helping me ?? Let's see if they post this - as tried to put it through before?

ANON From UK On 24/02/2020

Good reading

Very good reading spot on will wait for the outcome

Ann From Australia On 23/02/2020

So wonderful

Soothing , calm and truly a great guide . Thank you

From On 11/01/2020

Put my mind at ease

Had a dilemma over a new relationship, my gut told me it would get sorted , but was beginning to wonder if it would , and Judy confirmed I need to just be patient and it would get back on track . Lovely lady , thanks for cheering me up

Sue From Gloucestershire On 20/12/2019

Fabulous Judy! Thankyou so much 2262

From Australia On 01/12/2019

Wonderful Reading!!

I had a wonderful and positive reading with Judy today. She was able to provide me with a specific reading that I asked for and answered my questions on other topics. Everything she mentioned resonated with my situation. She is definitely a lovely person to speak to and made me feel comfortable as she was calm and reassuring.

Emmanuella From UK On 23/11/2019

Ahh ran out of minutes...

So sorry Judy.....what a lovely woman. Just had a reading with you and within the 1st few minutes u picked straight up on my situation and gave me a prediction of the end of november.... I feel really reassured and confident of this happening in my life....thank you judy x

From On 01/11/2019


Thank you so much for another amazing reading, spot on once again and such a lovely lady. Thank you

From On 05/10/2019

Great, thank you

Thanks so much judy.... kind, calm and accurate. She is a lovely woman and great to talk to. Thank you very much xxxxxx lovely reading

eve From northants On 27/07/2019


lovely reader, very intuitive and insightful.

Paul From London On 26/07/2019


She listened well and was helpful and a nice lady- healing in many respects, empathy with a good heart

Anon From West Mids On 11/06/2019

Sorry we got cut off

I was very upset and needed really to talk to someone, sometimes it’s not always about a reading. I was crying and quite upset and really appreciated the reading and the support at a difficult time. I don’t normally cry during a reading, but Judy is so kind and warm it was easy to do so. Thank you for your time and your advice sorry I ran out of minutes and the phone got cut off.

Sheila From Derby On 01/06/2019

The best.Jan

From On 28/05/2019


What an awesome lady & reader - highly recommend her, incredible what she picked up - I feel so much better, thank you so much

Tina From On 12/05/2019


Absolutely Fantastic lady. will Be speaking to you again soon. thank you again.

Stephen From Stourbridge On 02/05/2019

Amazing Reading was very helpful . lovely lady definitely recommend her her. thank you Judy!

Silvana From London On 01/05/2019

Lovely lady

I always enjoy talking to Judy she is such a lovely lady and makes me feel so much better.

Sheila From Derbyshire On 13/02/2019

Lovely lady

I would love to think that what you’ve told me will come true. You’ve got a lovely soothing way with you. I’ll keep you posted x

Loulou From Londo On 08/02/2019

Top reader

Lovely reader, warm, compassionate and understanding.

Sue From Derbyshire On 05/01/2019


I loved your reading! Lots of details and spot on my situation. God bless

Diana From On 04/01/2019


Judy is a great reader!! The reading was spot on and very positive. Sorry we got disconnected. I will contact you soon :)

From On 19/12/2018

Feeling better

A nice positive reading, things about to change in all areas of my life. Looking forward to a new romance.

Mo From Kent On 26/11/2018


Felt at ease and knew instantly I was in safe hands - great reading, brought hope and clarity to my situation. Heartfelt thanks

Jenny From Yorkshire On 18/11/2018


Judy was spot on!

From On 27/09/2018


Thank you for the great reading! You are amazing! Reading was spot on and very accurate! She described the people involved and the situation very well. I’m more than pleased. God bless and will come back when predictions unfold

From USA On 31/08/2018


So kind spot on.

j From On 18/08/2018


Such a lovely lady to speak to, insightful to my situation and gave me a positive outlook. Thank you Judy! xx

Tracy From London On 13/08/2018

Judy is a lovely reader, gave me clarity and insight to my situation. She will tell you what she sees and not what you want to hear. She is very honest as well, I asked her a question and she was honest and said the cards aren't showing me anything about that.

From On 27/07/2018

Fabulous Lady!

I have consulted Judy before and she remembered me from months ago. She is a lovely reader who does not give her opinion and just tells you what she reads and what she feels. I'd highly recommend you let her help you. Thanks Judy. Speak soon x

Sandra From UK On 28/06/2018

Lovely lady and accurate

Such a lovely, warm lady who reads to the point and was accurate in her descriptions. Will ring again - thank you

Tara From London On 23/06/2018

Lovely accurate reader

Gentle but to the point. No nonsense. Very accurate about the circumstances. Great insight. Recommended

S.O From On 02/06/2018

WOW Reading on 23/05/18

Judy was spot on with everything. She was easy to talk to you. was compassionate and non-judgemental. We had a good giggle and really helped me focus with working on my patience. I know her predictions will come true. She was positive and her reading was full of joy. Sorry we got cut off Judy. Love and blessings to you.

J From England On 24/05/2018

Very gifted reader

Absolutely brilliant l! Picked up on so much. I’ll be back for a reading with Judy for sure!

Suki From London On 10/05/2018

Great reading indeed!

What a lovely lady - clear, to the point, patient, and great reading of the cards leaving me very hopeful and positive for the future. Methodical and just lovely to listen to - thanks so very much.

L From Aus On 05/05/2018

good honest reading

Thank you Judy. You gave me a lot of information. Will be back to let you know when he gets in touch. Right now I want to get as far away as possible. Enough words!

Wini From uk On 20/04/2018

Insightful, polite & direct....

Great reading about love and career Judy told me situations that are currently unfolding. Judy also told me about my uncle in spirit world guiding me along with my grandmother in the background. The intricacies of my family I knew Judy was telling the truth. Life is a journey.... It gets easier when you realise all this time you haven’t been alone. Judy provided me with that.... A real reader not just saying what you want to hear I wish Judy much love and light ❤️

Claire From London, UK On 17/04/2018

great connection

Many thanks for the very helpful reading which enables me to be prepared for what the future brings through. I am so hoping your prediction is on the nail -and I do have a strong feeling it will be. Many thanks..

Lynda From Perth On 11/03/2018

Beautiful lady

Made me feel as if there is a light at the end of the tunnel. She picked up on a lot of things which I did not tell her about. Thank you Judy, you have given me a lot of hope x

Kate From Melbourne Aus On 07/03/2018

Fingers Crossed

Just was a lovely warm lady who picked up on my situation easily. Just has predicted that all is not lost with me and my ex and I will wait with anticipation to see if her predictions come to pass.

SC From Australia On 02/03/2018

Excellent and always very consistent

"I have had three different readings from this lovely lady over three different times of this and last year. The reading is always consistent and with the same realistic time frames. I am surprised why she does not have as many good reviews? I am confident she will pick up very soon, Thank You Judy".

Miss Palmer From East Midlands, UK On 16/02/2018

well done judy!

Lovely lady, very kind and very accurate with her reading. Thanks so much Judy

eve From worcester On 11/02/2018

Insightful...laser sharp.

Judy gets straight into the reading with very few questions. She read my life up until now very clearly. In fact she was faultless. You must call Her!

Ronnie From Milton Keynes On 24/10/2017


Dear Judy, we just had a lovely reading together, and i felt so relieved and better. Thank you for the honest reading, I do hope that all the cards had been telling us will manifest. I'll get back at you and write again if all the things had manifest! otherwise you are so sweet and comforting!

pamela From London On 02/10/2017

Thank you

Judy you are a wonderful reader, so very kind and caring and compassionate and I've struggled on and off regarding my situation and you have helped me find a bit of peace in all the darknes's.

Dorothy From North Yorkshire On 21/09/2017

Very Calming

I felt she tuned in well so will just wait and see but am hopeful as corresponded with what I believe could happen

Penelope From London On 08/09/2017

Such a lovely lady! xx

From On 31/08/2017

Lets See

Sorry for the grilling. Youre a good woman x

P From Leeds On 11/07/2017


Dear Judy, Thank you for the wonderful reading, you are lovely!!!one of the best here,a beautiful soul and a fantastic reader, so positive and caring, you are my favorite. Love and light and we will talk again :-))

Seema From USA On 10/07/2017

Thank you

Thank you for a lovely reading, very encouraging, accurate and insightful. X

Carrie From Bedford On 03/07/2017

Amazing reading

Wanted to say thanks for my amazing reading Judy. Judy picked up on so many things. Judy puts alot of effort and warmth into her reading. I feel hopeful and positive about the future. Fingers crossed her predictions come true. Thanks again

Nikki From London, UK On 01/07/2017


It's always a pleasure talking to Judy. I feel so much better after our convos and have been left with clarity. You were spot on with everything going on right now. Thank you

From On 13/06/2017

Favourite reader

Judy is an outstanding reader. She is honest and I appreciate that. She is not lazy like a few readers I have come accross here. She is extremely gifted and picks up on situations without me having to provide details or even ask a question. She is able to provide details and descriptions, she is simply the real deal. Love you Judy!

Marie From Surrey On 23/05/2017

Love love love Judy! Just Amazing!

The most beautiful soul & fantastic reader. I could've chatted to Judy all day. She instantly gets on with the reading & is amazingly precise. Thank you from the bottom of that aftershave bottle haha love Rosh

Rosheen M From Eire On 14/05/2017

Excellent, caring, genuine.

Thank you Judy for your time and support this morning. Everything you said resonates and you picked up on so many grounds without me having to say anything. You provided confident and realistic predictions as well and delivered everything in the most confident yet sensible manner. You definitely are one of the best psychics I have ever spoken to and trust me, I have to quite a few. Thank you Judy and keep up the excellent work! We need you! Marie-29.04.2017

Marie From London On 29/04/2017

great reading

had a really great reading with Judy today I made a change from my usual readers and Judy amazed me, I'm always very impressed by a psychic who can give such good detail and take lead on the reading without me having to put in to much detail and let me talk to much as I usually do :D thank you

Kylie From Lancaster On 28/03/2017

Wonderful reading

Such a lovely, lovely lady, Very honest, very positive and straight with what she sees. I will definitely be back when I am looking for guidance in future. Thank you x

Sandra From Scotland On 17/03/2017

Thank you Pink butterfly

Very positive reading such a lovely Ladie straight to the point Thank you pink butterfly

Ann From Australia On 14/03/2017

Lovely lady

Sorry we got cut off. A very kind and caring lady. Highly recommended. She doesn't patronize which means A lot and she's very thorough

Anya From London On 13/03/2017

Wow. Thank you so much for an accurate and positive reading. I've always been wary of tarot readings but the way you read them and picked up on the influences and legal matters around a certain situation blew me away! I feel so much better, thank you ever so much. X

Jess From On 27/02/2017

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