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Absolutely amazing

Linda was exceptional, one of the best readers I have ever spoken to and I needed that so much right now. She tapped in straight away, didn’t even ask me what I was calling for but knew straight away and went straight in to the reading. She is a tue genuine psychic and is also such a lovely person with a kind soul. Thank you so much Linda xxx

C From West Midlands On 29/03/2022

Great reader

Good reader Lots of info on twin flame Hope everything she said comes true I really do

Michelle From Sheffield On 31/01/2022


Thank you so much we kept getting cut off, I would have loved to hear the rest of what you were saying it was very good, tried but couldn't get you back, Thank you for what I did get spot on xx

Margaret From East Anglia On 04/01/2022


I have been speaking to Linda for about a year now and her predictions on my situation haven't changed. Very kind caring and compassionate lady and really knows her stuff, not one question asked just loads of information given, Amazing lady 10 stars

Teresa From North London On 17/11/2021

Please post for balance TP

Linda was completely off regarding my love life, I know what relationships I have been in and told her that she was wrong, Linda knew this and hung-up on me!

Truth From Oz On 02/11/2021

Connection and validation is unbelievable

I've had a reading with Linda before and he readings never change. Her reading this morning was absolutely flawless, with my life, work, person of interest. There was nothing that I could have said that was almost there. It was all spot on as if she knew me personally. When you need a reading with validations, Linda is the absolute go to. There wasn't one or two validations, they were there from the beginning to end and throughout. Loved it!

S From Sheffield On 28/07/2021

Not sure

Linda is friendly. Her reading was calm and uplifting. But I read every reviews of hers after my first reading with her today, now I am not sure. She told me I have a twin flame connections and he needs healing etc. Now I've read all her reviews and there are many people who mentioned twin flames in their readings.... is that what she gives to everyone who have had difficult relationship situations? Nice lady for sure

From UK On 27/07/2021

Amazing connection

Thank you Linda for your reading. You connected so strongly with me and him and our complex situation. I look forward to union and writing the book. God bless.

From On 25/05/2021

Lovely, compassionate and insightful

First reading with Linda, and what a lovely lady. So lovely to speak to, doesn't sugar coat anything, but give you the facts with great compassion. She seemed to 'get' the situation spot on, and gave some great advice which I am going to follow to the letter. She was spot on with me being very impatient! I love her prediction, and I really hope it will come to pass. Her take on the situation was so accurate and the gaos that she filled in for me made so much sense. Can definately recommend this lady. No gaps in the reading, and no questions asked, just straight into the situation. Thank you Linda, sorry i got cut off, but I hope I can speak with you soon with good news ss

Kharis From Bedford On 27/04/2021

Real Reader

does not need information or questions, this lady does all the work herself. I got a lot for 13 minutes and she was bang on with everything she said. Thank you x

From UK On 19/04/2021

Absolutely amazing

If you need clarity, another perspective or confirmation of a gut feeling then Linda is your gal !! She provides all this in the most professional, clear and wonderful gentle manner. Tapped into everything in such a fast way, no questions asked just flew into it all providing a higher spiritual angle as well as concrete practical aspect - absolutely fantastic !! I left with far more than I could ever have expected. Thx Linda I wish you all the best Would call again if ever needed AMAZING !!

Bee From Australia On 27/12/2020

Amazing and absolutely lovely

Thank you so much Linda, it was so amazing to speak to you today. You were so correct in everything you said and yes as hard as it is, patience is the key. Each andv

Carrie From Kent On 26/12/2020

Simply amazing

Went straight in, didnt ask me anything. She described everything spot on xx

J From Wmids On 27/10/2020


Had reading with Linda not spoke to Linda in years very good give her a try xxx

Debs From Scotland On 06/10/2020


Linda is so compassionate and helped me through some trials I was going through. She is brilliant, in fact she is the best reader on this site.........please look after her- thank you Linda from the bottom of my heart

Marie From Australia On 29/09/2020


Straight into reading loads of detail. Spot on with everything. So talented.

Teresa From London On 15/09/2020

Incredible Reader

picked up so quickly, gave me the most amazing reading ever, no one knew of a particular thing I did (not bad) and she picked up on its time to site back and wait for the results.......amazing reader, honest and too the point

Marie From Australia On 14/07/2020

Incredible Reader

picked up so quickly, gave me the most amazing reading ever, no one knew of a particular thing I did (not bad) and she picked up on its time to site back and wait for the results.......amazing reader, honest and too the point

Marie From Australia On 14/07/2020

I’m not sure how to review this. The reading feels like 30-35% accurate. Other than that, it feels like she’s reading me base on her own experience rather than mine. Like he needs healing, etc. and she couldn’t pick up his work and instead said he’s work is gonna pick up soon, which doesn’t make sense.

From On 30/06/2020


I just love speaking to Linda - I have had 3 readings over the past couple of months and every time she has given me in depth, detailed information and has a lovely calming manner around her. She gets right into the heart of the matter and has correctly predicted several things with my POI. I always feel better when I speak to Linda as she's incredibly friendly and provides the truth with great consistency too I must say. Thank you again Linda, will be back in touch in future! Love and light xxx

Lynn From Scotland On 23/06/2020

another increddible reading

Had several reading with Linda, she has a very gifted unique manner of explainng what's happening on the spiritual level so gives more meaning to predictions whaen we understand the spiritual meaning of what's happeneing. You are a gifted lady and gifted to us Blessings and love

From On 12/05/2020


I have spoken to Linda a few times in last few months and each time she has gone straight to my situation without me saying a word. Very consistent every time too. I write it all down and it’s practically word for word. Hopefully things will unfold as she has predicted.

Sarah From Birmingham On 01/05/2020

She connects straight away and had a few readings with Linda. She’s very consistent and always says the same thing but prediction not accurate

From On 26/04/2020


I didn't even tell her why I called. She just knew and went into it. I was blown away. Thank you so much for the uplifting reading. Will call to update you x

CM From UK On 23/03/2020

Amazing woman

Blown away! Amazing reading without me saying a thing. She went straight into it. She was so spot on about my relationship and my life as if she's been watching it all from somewhere. I can't thank you enough. Definitely my go to psychic.Looking forward to things unfolding. Will keep you updated and many thanks. I totally appreciate you x

CM From On 17/03/2020

Spot on!

tuned in really well and picked up on my house move and energy going on with a person in question - thanks Linda XX

ANON From UK On 05/03/2020

I had a reading with Linda this afternoon she was absolutely fantastic thank you x

Susan From Wales On 20/02/2020

Linda was wonderful, will phone her again thanks very much x

SUSAN From W.Wales On 15/02/2020

another amazing reading

Always amazed by your accuracy, kindness and compassion, very gifted and true psychic xxx

From On 04/02/2020

Incredible Reading

She just knew everything, it was so comforting and refreshing. Thank you x

From UK On 28/01/2020

Just had the most amazing reading with Linda. She went straight into what exactly was happening with my POI. She told me things that no other reader has said. She gave me so much insight as to why my POI was acting the way he has. Thanks so much Linda and really look forward to things working out as you said. Kelly x

Kelly From Scotland On 23/01/2020

Great psychic , Highly recommended !

I had several readings with Linda, always very quick to tune in and very accurate and consistent unlike other readers who change their predictions. She is very kind, caring compassionate and most importantly a very experience and talented reader. Will be back when the predictions unfold but starting to see the light as you mentioned yesterday so should be any time soon With blessings and love xxxx

From On 12/01/2020

A Gem

Linda tunes in straight away, the information flows, she doesn't need to ask leading questions. She's kind and down to earth.

Hope From UK On 09/01/2020


As above, she’s spectacular

From On 30/12/2019

Succinct and accurate!!!! Straight in, fab reader!

From On 19/12/2019

Experienced and genuine reader

Thank you very much for the genuine heartfelt chat with very helpful info coming forward. Lovely to chat with yo u again and will be in touch when the contact comes..

Libran From Aus On 15/12/2019


Have had readings with Linda for well over a year now, she has always been very consistent about my future relationship and helped me through a difficult time. Predictions have happened and are still happening. Would have given up on my situation without her accurate readings. Thank you Linda , couldn’t have done it without you X

M From York On 06/12/2019

Amazing Reader

As always Linda is a natural at what she does. Have had several lreadings from Linda over the past few years, she never fails to be on the ball and 100% correct. A very talented gifted, warm caring lady. Thank you Linda xx

Anne-Marie From Cardiff On 29/11/2019


I spoke to Linda yasterday regarding some issues in my life and she got straight to the point , everything she told me was so true and it all made sense , I will definitely speak to her again ! Thank you

R From West Midlands On 25/11/2019


I just had a reading done with Linda , everything she said is so true , and I loved the advice she gave me , I will wait and see what happens but definitely I will speak to her again ! X

From On 24/11/2019


Linda is amazing, listened to my problem then told me what she saw, thank you so much

Claire From Edinburgh On 19/11/2019

Brilliant Reader

She has got to be one of the best on here without a doubt. I never told her anything and off she went. I had NINE minutes left of my minutes and we covered everything I needed. No questions, done all the work on her own and I understood everything. She is someone that also has a good way with how she communicates and a good all round reading. She also has a lovely Scottish Accent ;-) Thank you Linda. x

From Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. On 22/10/2019

Lovelly lady

Very good reader, kind caring and compassionate whilst reading got the situation clearly and even hit on the fact he is suffering and that I am feeling his suffering so definately worth the time

Mags From Scotland On 09/10/2019

very good straight forward psychic

another great reading with Linda, she has a very deep insight of the situation and helped me to get get the understanding that no other reader has given me before. She is a light worker and a true psychic :-) Sorry we were cut off as I run out of credit but will be back for sure Blessings and love xx

From On 07/10/2019

Amazing reader

Linda is my go to reader on here. She is very consistent with her information about my situation. She doesn’t ask a lot of questions all she ask is your name then tells you what she’s picking up and her information always resonates. After speaking to her I always feel uplifted. Thank you so much xxx

Caroline From Bristol On 02/10/2019

absolute gem

well worth contacting this lady had few readings with her and always picks up on my situation without mentioning anything many thanks again

From ann On 28/09/2019


Kind and consistent. Goes straight into reading, doesn’t ask why you’re calling or any questions. She launches in and every time she is incredibly accurate. She’s also patient, calm and wonderfully kind. Love Linda..

Anon From Uk On 20/09/2019

Great reader , Highly recommended !

Had several readings with Linda she is very consistent and unlike other readers she doesn't ask questions but provide you with lot of validations and answers she is very spot on and very calming and kind. Her predictions are in line with top readers on this site. Will be back when predictions unfold, thank you for your support . With blessings and love xxx

From On 03/09/2019

great reading

From derby On 02/09/2019

Love relationship

Linda jumped straight in and picked up on a man I had previously been married to and told me a lot without me even saying anything I was very impressed well done Linda look forward to speaking again soon

Vanessa From Southampton On 05/08/2019

Every time I speak to Linda. Her message is the same. She understands in the explicit and the implicit of my situations and explains the character of myself and my ex to a tee, it’s quite literally unbelievable. She’s never waived from her predictions and always is kind and caring. Deeply emphatic of not just my feelings but of my ex. A lot of readers just look at the situation and are very black and white in their feedback. Also a lot of readers ask so many questions that you’re basically feeding them what they should say. However Linda like the best of the top readers on this site, doesn’t ask questions, doesn’t seek any information she just tunes in and the reading just flows. She is on a par with Sadie, mystic May, Demi and Julia and I value her input. Thanks x

Sarah From Uk On 02/08/2019

Absolutely Mindblowing!!!

I am absolutely Blown Away!!!!! I did not say one thing about anything, just my name and Linda was able to peer into an aspect of my life that has been so VERY challenging. She described my relationship with a specific person with such clarity and precision that I was left gob smacked and enlightened at the same time. Thank you for explaining things and getting to the depths of such an important aspect of my life. I would give you a hug if I could xo

From Australia On 03/07/2019


I had a reading with Linda this morning and it was excellent. It was as though she was in my head and of those around me. Without saying a word Linda picked up, correctly, on every aspect of my life and with significant detail. Thank you Linda for a superb reading.

KX1 From Midlands On 24/06/2019

Real Deal Here

Linda is an amazing reader. She picks up on everything with no fluffing about with cards and without any questions. She is a real reader and I would have no hesitation coming back here. Being a reader myself I am hard to impress, but Linda deffo impressed me that much she had me crying happy tears of relief. Thanks mrs. x

From scotland On 22/06/2019


Thank you Linda for your reading and for giving me some insight and hope. You picked up on so much straight away. I am going through a makeover so to speak! Blessings to you! Thank you.

Vic From UK On 06/06/2019

Very good

Thank you

Linda From Uk On 19/05/2019


Had a reading with Linda twice, I forgot that I had a reading with her previously until she told me today exactly the same thing from my previous reading 2 months ago..She is a real psychic! Thanks Linda

C From London On 23/04/2019

Just WOW !

Abs amazing .. tuned in straight away and detail perfection .. looking forward to the outcomes

JP From NI On 21/04/2019


Wow...straight to my situation without saying anything

NC From Uk On 07/04/2019

Awesome source of information

Incredibly grateful I was put through to Linda. She tapped into the situation and gave me all the background and the future. Just pure bliss...I am incredibly thankful for what she shared with me. Thank you.. you namesake.

Libran From Aus On 18/02/2019


Went straight in to the reading with no questions asked and was spot on with everything. Thank you

From On 02/02/2019


Linda was so spot on, helpful could explain what im experiencing with my ex. Didnt waste my time.. it just flowed..will call her again. Thank you

Kathleen From Perth Australia On 20/01/2019

3rd readig wth linda shes EXCELLENT

From On 16/01/2019


I love your readings !!! Always calming.

R From Sydney On 16/01/2019


Thanks Linda , yr reading never changes for me which gives me hope it’s all going to happen , been a tough few years but what you said is gradually happening , thankyou Darren

From On 12/01/2019


Had the most amazing reading with this lovely lady. The validations were increddible with things that only I know. She is so friendly, down to earth and does not judge. If you give her a call you will not be disappointed. Thank you so so much Linda for the reassurance xxx

From Lancashire - UK On 30/12/2018


Linda is a very good reader, picks up on the situation instantly, and was spot on with all of what she said. I love talking with her. Thank you.

K From Australia On 30/12/2018


awesome !!!!!!!! i spoke to her for 10 mins she is brilliant

Alejandro From England On 29/12/2018

Great reading very detailed

Great reading. Worth the money. Will wait for predictions to unfold.

S From UK On 13/12/2018

So very glad you are back.Angel lady!Spot on as always!Bless you.

'Janet' From On 22/11/2018


A lovely lady and picked up on my situation quickly & is a good psychic. Sorry we got cut off Linda, I am overseas & phone cuts out quite frequently. Thank you

Zoe From On 11/11/2018

Pleasantly Surprised

Linda is a gift from the universe. Love you Linda. X

From S. A. Australia On 30/10/2018

My Angel

Thank you sooo much for being there for me during the worst months of my life. Your predictions have come true & your beautiful words kept me strong. I thank God for you & will ring you for the rest of my life. Your my Angel (P.S I have been trying to get you for the last month but it has been difficult). Hope to speak to you soon. Bernadette Xxx

From On 19/10/2018


Sorry the phone cut off! she was 100% accurate, knew my situation so well. Didnt give her no information. soo gifted! looking forward to whats to come. Thanks again x

Anisha From london On 13/10/2018


Linda is very gifted she has great insight into your soul Sorry we were cut off Linda but many thanks God bless Helena 21.09.18 X

From On 21/09/2018

Theory driving test + Ex

Thank you Linda for the amazing reading! You made me feel a lot better and confident. Your very warm and kind to speak too. I will contact you once the predictions come fingers crossed. God bless xxxxxx

Ana From On 06/09/2018


This lady blew me away I've had so many readings over the years but nothing like Linda's she picked up straight away on my concerns and told me things only I would know.Thankyou so very much linda you have put my mind at ease I will defiantly be in contact again your amazing xx

Kerry From Lowestoft On 26/08/2018

Thank you x

You really helped me tonight.. Super grateful for your calm reassurance and insight. All my love, Lx

From On 25/07/2018

Thank you!

Thank you Linda , you hit the nail on the head and read the person I was ringing about really well !! Thank you so much I will wait for him to start feeling better and healing then he will be less cold and ready to move forward !!! You have given me great peace of mind xx God bless xx G

From On 24/05/2018


Peace at last. Information from Linda is true as life is. God bless you beautiful lady. Thank you. So grateful. X

Giulie From Australia On 10/05/2018


I have just had another reading with Linda and she is absolutely amazing. This is the second review I am leaving for her and I was extremely happy that I was able to talk to her again after quite some time. She has definitely gave me insight and shed some light into specific situations and I thank you Linda that you was able to shed light into my situation. Again Thank-you very much Linda your a star!

Charlene From London On 09/05/2018

Very good in depth reading

had a reading with Linda as going through a very difficult phase in a relationship. She was very accurate in explaining the current situation, and likely outcomes. I was unaware this was a soul mate / twin flame situation, and whilst not exactly thrilled to here the reason behind all the ups and downs, at least I know why, and it will be easier to ride out the storm. Thank you Linda for your honesty.

Wini From uk On 24/04/2018

Thank you Linda, excellent reading

From On 24/04/2018

Very good

Very nice lady I only got a few minutes with her due to having my minutes wasted on other call with a fool that only asked questions .Linda connected straight away knew why I was calling without asking any questions definitely will be calling you back xxx

Bernardine From On 12/04/2018


Down to earth , lovely person to talk to. Straight to the point, just like a reading should be. I hope I can talk with Linda again xx

Emma From Scotland On 06/04/2018

Brilliant. And honest

Always consistent.. amazing reading.. she has told me things other top psychics have said. Like Demi Rebecca, trinity and Fae , Sadi..

Tiger 1 From Under the earth's sun On 06/04/2018

Thank you

Gave me clarity in my difficult situation and hope that it will work out in my favour. So spot on it was unreal, thank you

Claire From Edinburgh On 01/04/2018


Sorry we got cut off Linda. Thank you so much for teaching and guiding me. Karen x

From On 01/04/2018


Brilliant reading..had 2 readings and they were all the same.. this lady is definitely amoungts the top 10 psychics . Sadi . trinity Fae, Charlie, Rebecca, linda. Chris' to name but a few .. thank you so much

Tony From Under the earth's sun On 30/03/2018

Thank you

Always amazing to speak with, very consistent and very informative - Thank you Linda, you always make me feel so much better! x

Claire From UK On 30/03/2018


What a lovely lady, she's very good and positive. Thank you for the honest reading x

B From UK On 13/03/2018

I will keep it short and sweet but when you read the reviews and people have said nothing but nice things you know you can't go wrong. I am just another person that has been wow'd by her. Thank you Linda

From On 07/02/2018

good validations

Thank you for sharing the fabulous news of twin flame and meet up end of Feb. I'll be SO over the moon. Many thanks, lovely to chat..

Lynda From Perth On 05/02/2018


Thank you i feel very positive & appreciate your helpxxx

A From A On 10/01/2018


All day i kept clicking to get linda but everytime busy. I finally got her and fab like last time. She said all that i know is true and look fwd to her predictions. Absolutely love the scottish accident too

S... From Ireand On 07/01/2018


I have had many readings with Linda and literally every reading she has delivered the same thing confidently without any contradictions. I always feel at ease by her and will literally ring again for reassurance. Thanks again for the explanation of twin flames as well as how he will be coming forward. hopefully the talk you see is exactly what we both need and the 7 years bad luck has truly ended. Never gives timescales so I don't know when this will happen but i'm really hoping it does.

Optimist From London On 06/01/2018

2 readings all the same

Had 2 readings about few weeks apart and reading remained the same which gives me hope that predictions will come true. she is very lovely also and pray for my predictions and glowing future she saw.

S From Northants On 01/01/2018

On point

Had 2 readings with Linda and she said the same thing feel very positive about it all will give you feedback. Many thanks Garry

Garry Antwan Matthews From Birmingham On 24/12/2017

Ex and general reading

Linda we spent 30 minutes on the phone and I thank God for letting me get through to you. Your reading has given me more patience regarding my ex. I need to understand that I need to resolve unfinished business as such. Will await January. Thanks for such a precise reading. So spot on with so many things. Not sure how it works but honestly, you connected so well and predicted! Awaiting the future Tenfold of happiness after 7 years of bad luck indeed. Thankyou. God bless you. xx

Karen From London On 08/12/2017

Prediction starting to infold already

I wanted to thank you for my reading with you yesterday from that the prediction are already starting to unfold about what we talk about me and my ex partner are in contact and are trying to move forward but I’m not in a rush and think we should take it slow this time. But yes thank i wanted to thank you for my reading and I will be giving you a call in the middle of next month to keeping you updated. I highly recommend Linda as she honest and tells it how it is I happy I got to talk to you thank you again

Nic From London On 30/11/2017


This is the first time I have spoken to Linda today and I was shocked as to the accuracy of the reading. I will definitely be listening to her advice regarding my reading. She is one of a kind and gave me the truth regarding personal situations. I definitely recommend her 10% as she deserves nothing less that 100% for an honest accurate reading. Thank-you Linda your a god-send!

Charlene From London On 19/11/2017

Thank you

Just thank you! You put up with my whinging on and on so thank you. You don’t judge me either. I like many people who use this line feel so sad and hurt and worried but you are there to help and guide us. You are such a great help and comfort. You really help calm my mind I wish you knew how much! You are honest with your predictions! Will keep you updated x

N From On 14/11/2017

Unbelievable !

Linda, Once again just fantastic , you gave me such a positive , inspirational reading , I know yr predations will happen , because I feel it as well , yr general reading for next year in so much detail is second to none, I come off the phone just feeling so positive and optimistic , thank you Linda

D From Yorkshire On 11/11/2017

Honest reader

I will be back....without a doubt. x

From On 10/11/2017


Linda was consistant and gave validation on my situation exactly as she has told me on many occasions over the year . She's genuine confident precise and accurate and such a lovely warm person who delivers in a confident way Thank you for a brilliant reading Linda I will let you know when he contacts me God Bless. Helena x

Helena From North East UK On 28/10/2017


I have spoken to a few people this weekend and she has been the most helpful having tapped into to the situation very clearly. Very honest and has given me a lot of hope.

penelope From london On 24/09/2017


Thank you so much for an excellen and very informative reading.It was a pleasure to speak to you and very helpful regarding my twin flame.xx

S From Uk On 22/09/2017

WOW, I am speechless

I am so thankful to you Linda, I was so down and you gave me new hope! Your voice was so calming and I felt so relaxed and at ease talking to you. I will definitely call again. Thank you so much for an amazing reading and making me feel better and with a better outlook for the future

Olivia From London On 22/09/2017

Perfect reading

This lady is a true psychic, gave me an exact reading with predictions and time frames , everything she said totally works with what's happening in my life , also other top readers on this site said identical outcomes for me so they are all picking up on the same future for me , don't hesitate ring her , this lady is the real deal .

D.c From South yorkshire On 22/09/2017


Thank you for an amazing and very detailed and accurate reading, you just knew what was going on without me giving you any info! I'm looking forward to all of your predictions happening soon x

Donna From London On 21/09/2017


Absolutely amazing asked for a general reading and Linda tuned in immediately. Asked no questions and gave all the answers I needed. I have had hundreds of readings over the years none as good as this. Linda you are so incredible. Thank you so much xx

Sandra From Cheshire On 18/09/2017

Wholly Dooley

Phoned this lady and asked for a general reading (basically to see what she picked up on). Wow she blew me away! Straight to my issue. She told me exactly what I have been through and where we are going. I am praying that her predications are accurate.

Brenda From Australia On 14/09/2017

The real mccoy

This lady is the real deal. She knew why I had called, she understood the situation and that it was not straight forward. She knew I was in Twin Flame scenario and she was giving me knowledge that was channeled and not out of a book ! We see many readers now throwing the Twin Flame words about willy nilly when in fact they are very "unique" connections involving many past lives together. Linda is very pleasant and compassionate. The thing I love most about her is her "humble" way of working with no ego. She told me more in 8 minutes than what other readers have done in 30 minutes. Very genuine lady, you are safe here xxx

From On 01/09/2017

She's a lovely reader, the information flowed easily and she didn't ask any questions!

From On 15/08/2017

It just flowed

From the second she answered the call the reading just flowed, I asked for a general reading as I wanted to see what was going to come up. Straight away she picked up on a past relationship and the saga that has been going on with that. I literally said nothing, there was lots of info about him, and reasons why things didn't work out. She did talk about twin flames which I have heard of but don't know too much about. Her reading was in line with some other readers. Talk of a heart to heart and explanations , buying property and a better future. Like most if not all people that call these lines, we want clarity and the truth i felt comforted by the reading and hope that what she says comes to fruition. The only thing I would say is that there were some things that she didn't specifically detail even though she did pick up the heartbreak and the sagas. A good solid reading with an understanding of twin flame connections. I find that the first reading that you have with a reader they pick up so much when you then go back to them too soon sometimes the reading changes. And Ive had lots and lots of readings and I would definitely recommend Linda.

Optimist From London On 29/07/2017


Linda picked up on how I'm feeling ,on how he's feeling ,the situation ,how things have been well if she got all of that correct then I have no reason to doubt her prediction of our future together either ! Linda is a gentle caring and kind soul with an ability to know and see so she can be guided to help people ,her voice calm gentle but uplifting I would say the perfect reader for me ! Thank you Linda and I will let you know soon . God Bless Helena. 11.07.17

Helena From North East UK On 11/07/2017

Incredibly inspiring

Incredibly inspiring, very uplifting I just hope that her predictions will come true as they are so good ... Beautiful lady . I've had very bad six years and I'm so looking forward to the new chapter in my life and what Linda has described sounds amazing . I will post my updates

Alessia From On 16/06/2017

Very Kind

I have spoken to Linda a lot and found her very comforting and bang on understanding, a lot of what she has been saying has been coming true, do I trust her and a lot of things which I haven't asked about she has predicted and had come good. When I have asked for time spans for things she has been honest and said I can't give you exact ones which is good but still what she is saying to me transpires x

N From West Mids On 08/06/2017

Twin flames ?

I didn't know there was so many twin flames ... I really hope your predictions will plan out , Will post an update.. Anyone else predictions happened??

Australiana From On 02/06/2017


It's very difficult to understand what this reader says. She also keeps repeating " I feel" in every sentence. A bit hit and miss really. A lot of repeated information.

Sara From London On 01/06/2017

30 th may

So glad got put throu to this lady , she got my situation perfectly , explained amazingly things . Will def ring back . Wasn't goin to leave a review till things progressed but thought had to . Great readin by a lovely nice lady X

Carol From Notts On 30/05/2017

Incredibly reassuring!

It was meant to be, determined to speak to a reader I never had before, so happy I did. Linda, your clear visions and confident predictions, have me hooked. I am so grateful to have been able to speak with you. Now I focus ahead and look forward to this month and the future. I can't wait to share news as it happens. Thankyou xx

Deb From Alice Springs, Australia On 02/05/2017

Morning of 27th april

Thank you for my reading it was wonderful and accurate. So sorry we got cut off xx

From On 27/04/2017


What a fabulous reading!! That has made my day - Thank you Linda, you were able to explain to me why I felt the way I did this morning and on other occasions, you have made it all much much clearer !! A lovely reader - Don't hesitate to speak with this lovely lady xx

claire From wales On 26/04/2017


As soon as we spoke she just picked up on everything! She has a unique ability & I found her to be effortlessly brilliant. Thank you Linda...

Rosheen From Ireland On 25/04/2017


This lady blew me away!!! Amazingly accurate and very perceptive. You have a wonderful gift and I thankyou for a very uplifting reading Sorry for the delay in posting the review All the best you're doing an amazing job for people Thankyou Lindaxx

Liz From Cheshire On 15/04/2017


Thank you Linda! You have made my day. You really helped me understand my twin flame connection and gave me a website to look at which will help me with the mixed emotions. You picked up on everything instantly and accurately. It was so lovely speaking to you. Thanks again and good luck. X

Karen From On 14/04/2017

Wonderful Insight!

Linda is VERY accurate and quick! I highly recommend- really tuned in to the person in question, discussed Twins flames- lovely reading.. Thank you xo

Debbie From NY On 13/04/2017

5 star rating , fantastic and awesome

She is amazing in her reading and picks situations really well.. Highly Recommended... She gives lot of information and makes lot of sense so be careful and listen carefullly she is very gifted


Spot on!

Linda is a great reader,picked up on my situation straight away and I felt comfortable with my reading very relaxed xx

Charlie From Birmingham On 05/03/2017


First time I spoke with this lady she was spot on, second time was a guessing game for her. Maybe she had an off day :)

C From Wilts On 05/03/2017


Thank you for my reading about a certain someone you really put my mind at ease. Thank you will call back in the future to let you no if your predictions come true xx

Kirsty robertson From London On 03/03/2017

Very special reading

Thankyou spot on and a very special reading close to my hart , look forward to the near future Thankyou Linda

Ann From Australia On 22/02/2017


Spoke with Linda very nice lady. Pickup on the situation on hand, wait and see if Linda's prediction come to light..thank you.

J From Australia On 14/02/2017

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