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Sorry we got cut off! Such a lovely lady. Connects straight away. Really caring and empathetic. Got spot on with everything I really hope her predictions come true. Thank you x

From On 20/10/2019

very good straight forward psychic

I had several readings with Sara, she is always very consistent unlike other readers who get mixed up, she is very caring spot on nice and very quick to connect with you and situation and she doesn't like to waste your time she invite you to end the conversation when she has delivered everything she has for u ( lots in few minutes !!!!) others will start repeating themselves or just chatting to you like a friend to extend minutes. Sara is very very honest and professional Blessings and love to you Sara

From On 06/10/2019


I wish I had more minutes coz I was enjoying the reading and got cut off,you need a pen and paper to jot down everything she says coz it flows and there are no silences..Sara can see into your mind.

From On 13/09/2019

Outstanding and spot on

Sara is truly gifted and words can not explain how much she has helped me. She always as a positive outlook on a situation and does not require any information other than your name. She picks up on everything you go through by the vibration from your voice and the vision she picks up from your energy at the time if speaking with you. She is good with healing and cleansing also. Sara is the one to go to and she won't let you down. She's fantastic and a great medium one of the very best on here. Please give Sara a call she us worth your time. All of her predictions have come to pass so far and she will only tell u the truth and help to work through any blockage or negativity around u. Thanks Sara love and light Talk soon xxx

T From London On 09/09/2019


This lady is the real deal - omg she picked up on everything - worth a million stars

Tina From Wales On 13/08/2019

Excellent reading

Highly recommend. Very accurate and detailed reading. Make sure you get a reading. Such a lovely lady.

L From Australia On 28/07/2019

Incredible gifted psychic who is 100 per cent accurate and able to tune in effectively with a wealth of knowledge.Very genuine wise lady.

From On 07/07/2019

Amazing and uplifting. Connects so well. Always a pleasure to call Sara. Waiting for the prediction to happen. Will call you again.

From On 06/07/2019

Thank you sara for touching me emotionally. I'm unsure how to feel emotionally in my situation however I am greatful for your time and insight. It's a shame time ran out and I would love to speak with you again xx Anastasia

From On 04/07/2019

Fantastic reading... awaiting on the predictions, tuned in straight away will definitely update soon xx

Someone like me From Birmingham On 23/06/2019

I should have been patient and waited to contact her but she is so excellent and hard to get hold of.She is in a class above everyone else on here really and is more than a pyschic she shes your soul..your past present and future.She will heal you and I think I have been avoiding due to the fear of facing the need to do my healing.She will give you a gift as precious as life in doing so.An incredibly skilled lady.Humbled.My orange chakra needs work indeed.Will contact you again when I can get you Sara. My gratitude.

From On 04/06/2019

Tried to contact you again as was cut off and you are so busy and hard to get.This Lady is a true Psychic.

From On 03/06/2019

Very good

Hi Sara l wanted to let you know when we spoke l told you l used to run but haven't for a while. You said l will be running by the beach where the water met the sea. Days later l emailed a contact to start running she took me to a place where the beach met the sea

From On 19/05/2019

Very insightful and compassionate ❤️

Dear Sara, thank you for a great reading and for your honest message. The truth sets you free and I will take heed and direct my energy towards myself and my little boy. Hopefully a reconciliation is on the cards but I will walk in peace and strength and be happy whether or not things work out because in the end I know this too shall pass and I will get through this. Thank you again so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

From On 08/05/2019


Thank you for a beautiful reading!! I’ve had two readings with Sara now some time apart and she gave me the exact same information both times. I have faith in this lovely woman’s ability. The depths of detail she can see and feel are mind blowing. She is also very encouraging. Much Love and many blessings x

Lisa From Australia On 18/04/2019


A very positive and insightful reading. Sara knew exactly how I was feeling and what I had come through. Sara's guidance was very strong and reassuring. I highly recommend Sara for your reading.

Stephanie From Cheshire On 09/04/2019


Think Sara is the best reader I have had. She was very clear and no nonsense, but still very kind. I have no doubt that what she said, is going to happen. Thank You so much for your help Sara, it was mind blowing accurate. Very pleased.

Gwen From East Sussex On 08/04/2019


My favourite reader. Had such a good chat, reading and laugh with Sara. She always makes me smile and is so polite, caring and sensitive with her readings. Looks like her predictions regarding a certain Male is already starting to unfold. She is amazing. Give her a try!! X

L8 From Sussex On 08/04/2019


amazing reader time and time again , best reader

VODAFONE From london On 11/03/2019


Iv had many readings with different readers, Sara is far the best iv had, so reassuring kind non judgmental- line cut off will call back soon - much love X

Sabrina From London On 07/03/2019


Had a reading today with Sara, she told me that I will meet my soul mate in April, lets just wait a see what unfolds for me in April, thank you for the reading today Sara.

sharon From North London On 13/02/2019


i feel as if i had a good chat with a old time friend, only difference being, she was able to tell me my life story as well as where its going... truly inspirational, sara gave me a real insight into what was going on at work, very revealing, please give sara a call... she is worth every one of the 5 stars and more. god bless.x

christine From london On 03/02/2019

Thank you for your guidance

Sharon From Manchester On 22/01/2019


On point, kind and compassionate. Thank you

Alanna From San Francisco On 14/01/2019

Thank you so much for the beautiful ready u made me think positive about life agin I will be in touch Thank you agin K

From On 04/01/2019

Simply Amazing

My reading with Sara will definitely go down as one of the best I've ever had, and I've had many in this last year. She immediately picked up on the situation and validated with info that only I would know. Thank you so much for your guidance and reassurance!xx

From Lancs - uk On 30/12/2018

Very interesting

Thank you for a lovely read made a lot of sense will let you know how things unfold . Didn’t realise how lucky I was to get a reading with you

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 30/12/2018


Lovely lady very calming aura about her....picked up on what was going on immediately await eagerly for her prediction to come to light and i know what to do....thank you for being honest and uplifting would deffo recomend x

From Manchester On 23/12/2018

In line with top readers!

Only had 6 min with Sara but her prediction was in line with other top readers so il wait and see if event happens and update you.

N From Uk On 09/12/2018

Very Helpful

She is very nice lady because whenever I feel low then I get her help to get positive energy from her. Thanks Sara for your support.

G From Wales On 08/12/2018

Lucky to get through

I was lucky to get Sara can't name derived nt how popular she is. She said I would get a call later in December. That the person is confused and doesn't know what he wants. She also said I would get through this very difficult time with a project

Penelope From Londom n On 07/12/2018


What can i say shes tuned in..... past.presnt.future

From On 29/11/2018


This lady is amazing, she picked up on my situation so accurately. She's a real gem. just waiting on predictions to come through. Give her a call u won't be disappointed.

Sophie From Birmingham On 24/11/2018

A great reader

She tuned in to me quickly. A very accurate reader and extremely helpful with a clear straightforward reading. Thank you

Gemma From On 23/11/2018

Thank you so much

You are an angel of light very good reading call her she is amazing

Sheila From UK On 22/11/2018

Wow fantastic positive reader connected very quickly

From On 21/11/2018


Sara is a great reader . I have more than 10 readings with her and she always pick the same situation. She always helps me to get encouragement. I m waiting for when her pridiction unfold. Thanks Sara for help me to stay positive in my difficult time. Thanks again

G From Wales On 20/11/2018

Truly Gifted

Sara is a truly gifted reader, I didn't have to say a word she new my situation from a-z just waiting on predictions to come true. Give this lady a try,you will not be disappointed well worth the money.

natalie From West Midlands On 16/11/2018


Not sure if her predictions will come true, it would be great but don't see it. Hope she proves me wrong. Needing something good to happen.

Von From London On 16/11/2018

Mind blowing reader - no regrets

Fantastic and was able to pick on my whole life , past , present and future. Just waiting for my predictions to unfold. Overall no regrets speaking with Sara she is really gifted. Thank you Sara and talk soon

Nat From London On 04/11/2018

Truly gifted psychic 100% satisfied

Wow that a gifted psychic. She explained everything so clearly that nobody could ever know and was spot on accurate. Highly recommend! Thank you

From Australia On 29/10/2018

Do love her

Over 2yrs u have helped me. And tonight ive been in tears and you were great. My only downfall is no predictions have come true so far but i know all she says is true

S From ... On 26/10/2018

prediction came true

Hi Sarah, the prediction came true regarding work. Waiting the others to unfold, thanks xx

From London On 20/10/2018

Great amazing reader

Sara was so powerful in her reading. Had it once and she predicted the same time frame and outcome. Gave me the strength to believe and to let go of the past to wait for the beautiful future to unfold. Will update when the time comes... THANK YOU!!

Angela From Australia On 09/10/2018


I found Sara very warm, light and empathic. She helped me with my questions and helped me to trust in myself. A lovely tuned in lady

From On 29/09/2018

Prediction !!!

Your prediction happened but universe aged it's part in it but my Mr STUBBORN broke his silence. I'm expecting whatever you have said it's true. Stay blessed X ..M

Mz From London On 26/09/2018

Blown away

Tuned in immediately, was very impressed... she’s amazing...

Suzana From Australia On 22/09/2018

Fabulous - real reader

Just brilliant. Kind, caring, compassionate and bang on the money. As a reader myself I KNOW she is the real deal x

From UK On 13/09/2018

Loved it!!!

Sara is a caring,non judgemental and a very loving lady. Her readings are always consistent.She always has a good connection with me and eases my pain. She gently gives you guidance and advice which shows how caring she is. I'll wait for the predictions to unfold and will come again to have another fab reading with her. X

Mz From London On 05/09/2018

Very good exexeland words cannot describe it how uolifting the lady is very satisfied amazing thank you very much indeed from the bottom of my heart thank u

From On 01/09/2018


Had a reading yesterday and she’s incredibly amazing! She said that I found my twinflame and that we’ll soon be reunited in October! Will let you know when this happens Sara! She said that I’ll get married again next year with this guy! Wow how exciting! Can’t wait! Thanks a lot! Best Wishes! Xxx

Isabel From London 18/8/2018 On 19/08/2018


Thank you Sara for the incredible reading! She’s so compassionate and understanding. She said that I found my twinflame and we’ll soon be reunited. I did not tell her anything but she knew everything about me. She’s gifted! Advised me to be patient and wait for my soulmate to return in October! Can’t wait! I’ll call you again Sara and hope all come true! Xoxoxo

From On 19/08/2018


Described situation to a t.doesnt ask questions just tells you as it is..very friendly lovely lady...cant wait for outcome will be calling again....thank you

From On 18/08/2018

Authentic gifted medium

Sara works straight from spirit. Sara is accurate and displayed many of the senses including clairaudience which is rare to find online... She is truly gifted medium. From one gifted medium to another x

Mel From London On 16/08/2018

Amazing reading thanks Sara very gifted knew everything that’s going on in my life xxx

From On 14/08/2018

Thank you

Thank you for your reassurance Sarah, gosh you were unbelievable you knew everything about me, you have an amazing gift and it was just so effortless. I really look forward to your prediction unfolding, I just have to be patient and strong, sorry I got cut off! The lady with the nice accent from London.

From On 09/08/2018

Very good detailed reading

Sara gave me lots of very detailed info today and I enjoyed her reading which has given me some comfort.. will update again in a few weeks if what she predicted comes to pass.. Thankyou Sara

Lisa From UK On 05/08/2018


Sara is a gifted Psychic, I felt like she picked up on situation quite quickly. She gave some wise words, thank you Sara!

tracy From On 29/07/2018

Very nice

I have had two readings with Sara and she was absolutely amazing and consistent. She is very good in listening and guiding into the right direction. I highly recommend her.

Sara From Ireland On 28/07/2018

Fabulous reader

I have spoken to Sara a couple of times and she has been very accurate on both occasions. She is very articulate and very warm. Thank you Sara.

Laura From Uk On 28/07/2018

100% accuracy

Psychic Sara is excellent reader l had more than 5 or 6 reading from her and every reading is spot on all she needs is just your name she also got wicked sense of humour so please l urge u to try Sara you will never regret it (Cynthia )nanny xxx

Cynthia From London On 25/07/2018

Very, very interesting

Sara picked on my issue without me telling her what it was and the issues involved with it. I felt a LOT more positive about my life after the reading and I hope she's going to be right! I will call her again.

From On 24/07/2018


Sara I was cut off and wanted to thank you.I have had so much help from this very special lady and am so very grateful.So much deep respect to this incredible woman.

From On 22/07/2018

Very good

She made me feel so much better, i was feeling low and feeling lost, she put me in a positive place and showed me the way forward xx cant thank you enough

Anonymous From Wales On 20/07/2018

My move next week!

Amazing reading! Very happy Sara gives nothing but all honesty! Lovely lady xxxx

Ana From London On 12/07/2018

Good reader

A lot Sara Said it is true Thank you Sara

Esther From Uk On 27/06/2018

She picked up on very personal details

She picked up on certain things that only an intuitive or psychic person would know.

Flora From UK On 25/06/2018

Very good intuitive reading. Lovely lady. Doesn't sugar coat. x

Amanda From Cheshire On 24/06/2018

Amazing Reading

One of the most profound incredible readings I've ever had over the 2 years I've been calling ! Amazingly accurate insightful profound . No timings given as quite rightly there's no time in spirit ! I can't thank you enough Sarah for your gift and honesty . God bless you . Helena 5.6.18 X

Helena From North East uk On 05/06/2018

Bloody fantastic

Wow, called to speak with someone else but got Sara, she asked no questions other than what I needed her to focus on. Her first words, he be in touch by end of June. She told me that he very stubborn and he loves me to the very core of his heart, she told me he was seeing someone else, and this is not what he wanted and will end this relationship with in next 2 weeks, she told me that he can't move on as he can't let go of me. You don't get a word in Edgewater with this lady, but this is great as she not asking questions or using cards. I have had readers who told me it's over to walk away, and some who told me he contact.but this lady told me things about him only I would know. I wait to see if he contacts me by the end of the month. If he does I post again ..thanks Sara

Annon From Uk On 03/06/2018

Put me at ease

Sara is amazing ! Lovely soul, comforting and answers all your questions with love. Thank you Sara x

Shelly From London On 31/05/2018

Love her style

Thankyou Sara I trust your guidance and wisdom.

S From Australia On 23/05/2018

Great reading

Straight to the point! Went through my break up troubles, was accurate describing my ex, even said she’s my twin flame (soul mate). Awaiting the predictions to happen in a few weeks. Will update!

Rob From London On 15/05/2018

General read

Wow..did i feel BETTER

Lorraine B From Rochdale UK On 05/05/2018

Just effortless but still says it all like it is as if she has known people around you

Her style is just effortless but she tells you what exactly is Happening , very good at what she does bit of a wow factor .. thank you

Bc From I’m here On 18/04/2018

I never write reviews but this lady is absolutely incredible honest and accurate ... Thankyou so much xx

Rochelle From Manchester On 12/04/2018


Sarah was very easy to talk to and didn't ask questions. She described the character of my ex so well. She was very clear and to the point which I really liked. Will update when prediction happens which I'm confident it will

From On 12/04/2018


Love Sara's style and how effortlessly she tunes in! I habe had 3 readings with her in a short span of 1 month and each time she is consistent, even using the same words and phrases like the reading last time. Love her accuracy and consistency. Her prediction about contact coming in came true. Will def. recommend to try her once.

P From Aus On 12/04/2018

Absolutely unbelievable and gave me strength

Just had an unbelievable call with Pyschic Sara. She gave me so much information and picked up on my situation even though I refused to answer her first question on whether I was in a relationship. I didn’t need to because she described everything like she was reading me back my own life story. Amazing talent and even though she said the guy would come back, the strength she gave me and the things she said, enabled me to delete the man from my phone while I was still speaking to her. Something I’ve been wanting to do for ages but didn’t have the strength or courage to. Thank you so much, I think you love restored my peace of mind and my will power to move on with my life and do the things I’ve wanted to do but couldn’t due to the pain and sadness I’ve felt over the last year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re a real gem. Jumped straight in to the reading without cards or anything. xxxx

Shal From Sydney On 08/04/2018

very good reader!

Ana From UK On 07/04/2018


Prediction came true that I would see a man who likes me at the weekend. Looking for next predictions to unfold. Thank you so much x

From UK On 31/03/2018

Good day Would kindly ask for your assistanve with regards to my present and future predictions and also help me rectify my life

Tatenda From Gahani On 29/03/2018

Very good, accurate reading

Definitely psychic - picked up on my situation and hopefully predictions will come true!!

S From UK On 28/03/2018


Very intetesting lady very deep and made some positive predictons il update once they unfold...

Rosie From London On 26/03/2018


Lovely reading, thank you

From On 23/03/2018

Second reading with Sara, again was more than happy with what she can pick up. Thank you again

From On 22/03/2018

positive reading

Very positivie and insightful

Ana From London On 17/03/2018


She’s amazing straight forward no stopping kept going calm kind caring person Very accurate ❤️

Sabrina From London On 15/03/2018

great reading

thank you sara for an accurate reading. i look forward to your prediction which i am very confident will happen.

From On 10/03/2018


Good but will wait to see how her predictions pan out for me over the next few months. Thank you

Clair From Farnham On 17/02/2018


Sara is so spot on and so caring. Thank you x

From edinburgh On 09/02/2018

Fab !

Thanks for a really accurate and helpful reading .you connected to my soul and shone a light on my worries x

Shelly From North west On 07/02/2018


You were truly amazing you read me like a book. You Picked up on a lot of things with out me telling you I’m looking forward to your prediction xx

Jasmine From Sydney On 07/02/2018

Looking forward to knowing the outcome

She was amazing read me and knew what she was talking about I’ll keep you updated xo

From On 06/02/2018

Do not pass up an opportunity to have a reading with Sara. Lovely to speak to, very thorough and more importantly very precise. She doesn't let you speak and will basically tell you what she picks up. Very happy to say the least.

From On 05/02/2018

very good connection

Sara correctly read my current outlook and previous history. Her prediction that he cars and will come forward end Feb early March is SO comforting and pleasing. So looking forward to it. Than you so much..

Lynda From Perth On 04/02/2018


Just brilliant thank you xx

Anon From Midlands On 03/02/2018

Honest and sensitive

I am so glad I had a reading with this lady. She is very gifted, definitely a psychic hard to find. Thank you Sara xxxx

From On 19/01/2018

So helpful

Just what I needed to hear, but didn't realise I needed to hear it. Thank you Sara.

From On 18/01/2018

Supportive and very helpful

Sara could see what's going on in my life right now and gave me the advice I needed to hear. She wasn't afraid to get into the unsettling details of my problems and say what I needed to hear. A lovely woman to talk to, very soulful.

Bernadette From London On 18/01/2018

I do need to focus

Thank you for my reading... I now know that it's not going to be easy for me to turn my life around but the reading was great... Thank you so much I will call you when I've made process... Looking forward to my next reading... Very good and straight to the point reader, Sara is good at what she does... Thanks again x

Cleo From UK On 18/01/2018

Can see right into your soul

She is the only one who has ever been able to pick up how I really feel inside .. I have no do doubt her predictions will come to pass ...

Clair From London or thereabouts On 18/01/2018

Readin 16 th Jan 2018

Oh my god ! This lady is proper amazin ! First reading with her def won't be last ! Got me n situation down to a tee ! Even got second situation without me sayin anything bout it !!! Amazing

Carol From Notts uk On 16/01/2018

Amazing each time!

Thankyou Sara Time ran out but you once again restored my strength faith and trust!! I will keep you posted! X

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 16/01/2018


This lady is so adorable.My second reading with her and still consistent wich makes it honest.Thank you

From On 13/01/2018

It's a a Girl!

On the 23rd October Sara predicted my daughter would have a girl. Ok 50 50 chance but hey she could have been wrong. On 5th December my daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I have just had another reading with her and am encouraged that what she predicts today will come to pass. Thank you Sara!

Penelope From London On 31/12/2017


Hi Sarah You are truly gifted I said nothing and when I tried to ask questions Sarah would ask please let me see and tell you what I see. This lady is AMAZING! You will be blown away! Thankyou Sarah! x

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 19/12/2017

Great reading

I would like to say a big thank you to Sara for the reading they done for me today, I was feeling so low and you made me feel so much better and at ease, you never judged me for what I mentioned throughout the reading, all in all I've had readings in the pass but Sara you really was on point, Thank you once again.

Sharon From London On 17/12/2017

Really Good

Straight to the point, no prompting. Thanks.

M From Australia On 13/12/2017

Very good reading

Sarah, thank you so much for the lovely and straight to the point reading. was huge wight of my heart and shoulders but telling what i need to know. so thank you for your time. May god bless you. D

Dinna From Derby On 10/12/2017


AMAZING... GIFTED... LOVEING ... beautiful soul I'll be back .. thank you xxx xxx

Tracey ... n From Devon On 10/12/2017

Thank you

Sara is such an awesome reader... thanks so much Sara.. you are appreciated

Shea From UK On 10/12/2017


Thank you :)

K From On 10/12/2017

Thank you

A really nice lady. She is very positive and picks up on current situations quite quickly and easily. Thank you for a beautiful reading x

B From UK On 05/12/2017

Awesome, accurate, kind & compassionate

Sara is awesome.. She picked up on things without me having to say anything.. She was open to my questions, very patient and very kind. She is honest and positive.. Thank you Sara ♡

Shea From UK On 02/12/2017


Sarah is lovely and connects straightaway. She confirmed what was happening in my life and gave me good advice. Thanks Sarah

Karen From On 29/11/2017


She is great and really accurate. Goes right into the reading, no messing about. Amazing with her accuracy and kind too. Do call her! Thank you Sara.

eve From northampton On 24/11/2017


i was drawn to sara for a reading and wow picked up loads of things about my situation..will keep you updated, thank you so much, i appreciated your time xx

chez From London On 22/11/2017


No questions asked wow she picked up on lady i was thinking about sara has a natural gift. Will call again 5 stars

london From l On 17/11/2017


Honest, accurate and very in-depth helpful reading. Very much appreciated indeed.

Lynda From Perth On 14/11/2017


Instant connection, lovely lady. Good validations and predictions we shall have to wait and see, but what I liked about her is that I could feel that she genuinely cared, that in readers is very rare. Thanks Sara x

From On 08/11/2017

Reading November 1

Amazing!! Thankyou x

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 01/11/2017


Sara picked up on the character of the person and gave me reassurance and also predictions on other matters. If my daughter has a girl I'll know she is right about the other things.

Penelope From London On 23/10/2017

The Best

I had an amazing reading with Sara I just couldn't believe it. I had an issue with a man and Sara said that I should give the situation time. I couldn't believe it, within two days of the reading things have started looking a bit more positive as I was about to give up on things. Thank-you so much for pointing me in the right direction Sara and not wasting my time on something else. Ur the best!!

Charlene From London On 16/10/2017


Lovely reading, picked up straight away how i was feeling, told me to stay positive, and that things will improve by the new year, camt wait to update xx

Anonymous From Wales On 13/10/2017


Sorry got cut off Sarah, but thanks for the readings so far, you were quick to zone in on the one I asked about, hope what you see comes to fruition fast.

Hanna From London On 11/10/2017

Amazing Relationship reading

So spot on. Prediction happened! Wao

From London On 10/10/2017


I would like to say thank you you were spot on. Can wait for the prediction to happen soon. Talk again soon

Gia From Melbourne Australia On 08/10/2017


Thank you for my reading, instant connection, everything spot on, no questions asked x

Jaqui From Uk On 02/10/2017


Thank you so much Sara for my reading, instant connection, absolutely one of the best readings I have ever had x

Jaqui From Uk On 29/09/2017

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Psychic Reader Jenny
JennyPIN : 2818 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I have always been psychic from a very young age. I started using my gift 35 years ago.I offer psychic readings using tarot cards lenormand. My spirit guide will guide me to assist you. I specialise in tarot lenormand. I use a crystal ball and pendulum. I am from a very psychic family. I have had my ability from a child. I started doing readings for friends to start with 35 years ago. PIN: 2818
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Psychic Reader Gina
GinaPIN : 3703 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I am an intuitive and able to tune in with people's thoughts and vibrations and will assist you to make sense of what is going on in your life or unravel the meaning of a dream you have had. I am also a good listener should you just wish to talk to somebody who understands you. I look forward to hearing from you. PIN: 3703
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Psychic Reader Maize
MaizePIN : 7313 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I am a Tarot and Psychic reader with over 20 years of experience. I offer a pleasant and clarity filled reading providing uplifting messages. I specialize in family matters, love issues and career problems. As a young child I became aware of being able to predict .I joined development classes and have assisted many people in my 20 year career. PIN: 7313
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Psychic Reader Liam
LiamPIN : 6893 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I am a Medium / Clairvoyant and I do Psychic Reading’s also. I do Tarot Card Reading’s, Crystal Ball Reading’s and I can do Spiritual Readings. I can also connect with you Spiritually with your loved ones who have passed to the afterlife who so often wish to come through and communicate with you and pass their messages through with their love for you to guide and inspire you on many levels. PIN: 6893
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Psychic Reader Angel Turner
Angel TurnerPIN : 6355 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I have studied the art of neuro-linguistic programming and human psychology with a spiritual connection. For the last 5 years I have been developing my skills by travelling all around the world to understand a greater wisdom of the human ability and the mind. I pride myself on the ability to unlock worldly demons that in this Society holds us back from being free. PIN: 6355
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Psychic Reader Monique
MoniquePIN : 5320 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I specialise in bringing metaphysical subjects down to earth. My work and knowledge on TAROT is base on archetypes which are a primal patten of a thought inborn, instinctive and imprint on every humans subconscious mind and spiritual state of energy. I started to see peoples aura since I was 6 years old but I realised that it was to a common thing until I was 13 or 14 years old. I knew how to interpreted Spanish cards when I was 10. PIN: 5320
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Psychic Reader John
JohnPIN : 1939 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I am a third generation psychic with 25 years experience using my gifted tools, astrology, tarot and playing cards, chakra readings and have helped over 30 thousand people. I am a love advisor and relationship coach, law of attraction expert, NLP practitioner and ascension light worker. Let me guide you and give you clarity beyond thought, my goal is your well-being and happiness. Love and Light To You All. PIN: 1939
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Psychic Reader Rose
RosePIN : 2699 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I'm a psychic reader who has 34 years worth of experience. I work with my guides, Angel numbers and Angel cards . I do remote viewing and also psychometry. I see I hear then I relay the information to you . I may ask you questions relating to my visions but please answer yes or no as the information can come through to me rapidly. I work with my guides who are Samantha and Hubertina. I am an empathic and compassionate person. PIN: 2699
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Psychic Reader Lynne
LynnePIN : 7141 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I am psychic and clairvoyant (born that way). I have actively used these abilities for 40 years. I first used tarot in my early 20's and have used it for over 30 years. I will always give you the information I get or discuss the symbol, word or image I receive and will diligently work towards our mutual understanding of the information, so I can take it to the next level. PIN: 7141
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Psychic Reader Jewels
JewelsPIN : 5557 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I am a clairvoyant, I pick up anything surrounding your situation through voice vibrations and can tell you in detail what I feel. I specialise in love and relationship readings, also work and careers. In all of my readings I aim to give the best possible insight so that we can end the conversation with you feeling reassured. I always aim for a positive reading even if it is not what you may want to hear, I always try to get my clients to see the positive. PIN: 5557
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