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Very Good

A helpful reading which picked up a lot from my past. Compassionate, caring reader with predictions given through guides. Sorry my funds ran out and could not thank you for giving me hope

UG From London On 12/03/2022


A few readings regarding a number of issues. Thoughtful responses.

P From Midlands On 21/10/2021

There are no words! Five star+

One of the most extraordinary accurate reads I’ve ever had! Anastasia read with such clarity and detail on an extremely complicated situation. I hope I have an opportunity to have a read with Anastasia again. Thank you! Bless

DP From Australia On 11/10/2021


Always tunes in , everything resonates with what im thinking and is very calming and reassuring. Thank you

A From BUCKS On 09/10/2021


Good reader! X

Starry From London On 08/10/2021

Very Accurate Psychic

Thanks Anastasia. Excellent accurate psychic reading and very helpful.

Chris From London On 22/08/2021


Amazed to have got through to Anastasia and boy did she deliver. The only reader to pick up that I have two POIs and distinguish between them so accurately. Thank you so much for the guidance, you confirmed what I was already thinking. Looking forward to the predictions happening. ❤

A From Brum On 22/08/2021

Great Accurate reading

Was lovely & Accurate reading from Anastasia, definitely will contact her again for future readings

Choi From London On 05/08/2021


Thank you for a hopeful reading! So sorry the phone cut out! Will try get hold of you again!

Jade From London On 14/06/2021

Great but………….

A fantastic reader tunes in very well but people should be given a chance. On several occasions I’ve tried to get hold of Anastasia, unfortunately she is taken by those requiring 3 hour readings, which is ridiculous. My readings may last from 20 to 45 minutes but 2 to 3 hour readings back to back is a bit extreme. Trusted Psychics should give certain individuals a limit and free up calls, however free to come back should they require further insight at anytime rather than hold up the entire call depriving everyone from a reading. It’s a bit selfish to take up a reader for that length of time to discuss your entire life. Others are entitled for a reading too. Their calls may last 20 to half an hour then ended. Please start putting limits on calls so everyone gets an opportunity to talk to their favourite readers.

Chaz From London On 13/06/2021

Absolutely amazing

Anastasia is amazing!!! She picked up on everything I had an issue and her prediction was spot on! She is kind and speaks so gentle! Thank you

Tatum From Australia On 22/04/2021

Amazing reader

Always spot on without any questions or prompting. The level of details is outstanding. Gives useful and helpful guidance and psychic insight.

Jasmine From UK On 11/04/2021

Good but predictions have not happened

Have had a few readings with Anastasia and none I mean none of her predictions since the beginning of February have happened. She does pick up what’s going on around you but prediction wise defo not. She has said contact since the beginning of feb and we are in April and still nothing she says the same every time I’ve spoken to her!

From Uk On 03/04/2021


Does pick up very well, good at advice with a situation, predictions not so much...

From On 16/03/2021


Highly recommend Anastasia is truly gifted

Gill From Ireland On 07/03/2021


I have been trying to get through to Anastasia for months & the wait has been worth it. I asked for a general reading & she picked up on several areas I am concerned about - work, family & home. Anastasia also accurately picked up on my poi & what our future will be. I am very much looking forward to the rest of this year unfolding as it is all very positive. Thank you

Vicki From Sydney, Australia On 19/02/2021


Anastasia needs more reviews when she can pinpoint initials and specific situations you haven’t disclosed that’s real psychic ability !

From On 04/02/2021


Hi Anastasia, hoping you see this even if not posted. We just spoke 24th Jan 9.30 a.m and I couldn't top up anymore. Just wanted to apologise for cutting short and a big thank you to you and your guide, both amazing pick up so accurately - it's so hard to get yo but I was lucky again today.. hopefully I can speak to you again . Thank you again for your insight today.. No idea how you dont have 100s of reviews!

S From Midlands On 24/01/2021

One In A Million

Thankyou so much for my reading, everything you mentioned in my reading is so accurate, even the TV prediction blew me away. I had planned to do that but now is not the right time. For you to see this is amazing, not to mention everything else you predicted for my future. Thankyou so much for my reading. I waited so long to get a hold of u, worth the wait ❣️⭐️

Maz From Melbourne On 03/01/2021

Brilliant Lady

Just had a lengthy reading from Anastasia about my job and a person of interest and I have to say, she was amazingly accurate. Thank you so much for your guidance, it was really appreciated

Carrie From Kent On 29/12/2020

28th Dec14.30pm

Hi Anastasia sorry I just got cut off, thank you to you and your guide for todays chat and advise - no doubt on your psychic ability whatsoever, can see why you're always so busy. Thanks again hope to speak soon

From On 28/12/2020


Asked for a general reading and gave her absolutely no information or reason for my call. I was staggered by her instantly tuning in to the issues. It was as if she knew exactly what I was thinking and gave me the answer I was looking for without me even asking the question. It was a confident reading with no gaps or hesitation. My first reading with her but it definitely won’t be my last. Superb!!! Thank you very much

Sarah From UK On 24/12/2020

Very good

Began my chat with Anastasia, tuned in straight away. Unfortunately ran out of minutes, did try to call again but wasn't available. Is there any way to book a reading in otherwise Anastasia?

Anonymous From West midlands On 01/12/2020

Absolutely incredible

Thank you so much! So lovely and calm and made me laugh a lot during a stressful time. Sorry funds ran out. She’s a gem! Highly highly recommend!

Donna From London On 22/10/2020


Hey Anastasia , I’m so sorry the phone cut out and then I tried to call back however someone had snapped you up within seconds. You were spot on with everything. Will update you end of month and let you know how things are planning out. Thank you so much for your guidance xx

Barbara From Australia On 03/09/2020

Truely Amazing

I had a reading with Anastasia, and everything she said came to light, no wonder she is always busy !!! I need another reading with her, but sadly I can never get hold of her.

Jenny From Wiltshire On 21/08/2020


Anastasia understands the depth of situations more than so many. She gave me a really good reading this morning, after a not so good one. I thank her very much for re-assuring me of things that I already know. We got cut off and I did not get a chance to say thank you (pierre) x

From UK On 27/02/2020

January 2020

Miracle to get Anastasia. Long gap. Solit second luck to catch her!! We referred to photography amongst other things. Such depth of insight! Directly to the essence. Eloquent. Humanity & compassion. Thank you thank you A.. a great comfort. Hope to get you soon. Bx

N/A From Oxford On 24/01/2020

Outstanding ❤️❤️❤️

Thankyou so very much Anaestasia, love you so much!!! You’re mind blowing, amazing and a very genuine psychic person. Perfect for me.

From On 22/11/2019

Thank you

Anastacia i got cut off im sorry and someone has just nabbed you. Was enjoying our reading true psychic reader connected very accurately & well - will see how things pan out with him (the one who needs a shock) hope to catch you again

Sherelle From On 20/11/2019

Genuine and lovely reader

Thank you so very much for the clarity and helpful information. I knew I had to get verification from you to believe it will all happen - and thankfully I got it. Thanks for the insights and time frame - shall look forward to a catch up in December and 'vague' before that. Thanks a million.

Libran From Aus On 10/11/2019

Brilliant Reader

Mind blowing - Anastasia described my situation down to a tee, even the emotions they are going through. The reading just flowed with so much information. Thank you

K From Midlands On 06/11/2019

True psychic & medium

I was blown away how accurate and informative she could give without the need to ask questions. She is also non-judgemental and compassionate.Many thanks, Anastasia x

Paula From UK On 27/10/2019

Absolutely Amazing!

Wow... Anastasia is so lovely and truly a talent. I had been trying to get thru to her for a while and it was so worth the wait. She and her guide picked up on so much that is a part of my life right now. I rang because I was in a state of limbo with many choices open to me and confused in what direction I should turn. She has forseen things clicking into place quickly over the next couple of months and I now feel confident in the choice I am making. Even tho I did not call to speak about romance, as I am more concentrated on my current situation with work and where I live... she picked up on a guy that I have fancied from a distance, but felt a connection with. She described him and his love of certain things to a tee. I cant wait to see what she predicted unfold. She also mentioned a few things pertaining to my business to look up and it all rings so true. I could have spoken with her for hours which I kinda did until we came to the maximum call limit. So worth the money tho. Thank you Anastasia... you're a gem. I will connect with you again in a couple of months to see how it all unfolds.

Sally From Worcestershire, UK On 24/10/2019

Short but sweet

Luckily got through to Anastasia though I couldn't stay long, lovely calm gentle confident reader and picked up on everything without prompt just a name. Gave a few predictions and lets see if it comes true even if not timings a hard thing and people have free will. Thanks my love hopefully if i'm lucky enough to see catch you again i'll 100% come back . Blessings x

From West Mids On 10/10/2019

Amazing reader, true medium and psychic :-)

Anastasia is a the best deal, doesn't waste your time very spot on doesn't need information will tell you everything ... Really blown away by everything she knew !!! Sorry we were cut off but sending you a lot of blessings and love Anastasia thank you so much for your uplifting reading this morning xx

From On 04/08/2019

Anastasia picked up without prompting my whole reason for calling before I had said a word. She was kind, caring and compassionate. She pretty much said word for word exactly what other top readers Demi, m may, vintage rose and Julia had said. Also very nice energy and kind. Thanks

Sarah From Uk On 28/07/2019


One of the best reader on trusted psychic . I can’t fault her in any way she’s really good and gets straight into reading without wasting time

From On 03/07/2019

Super cute and fantabalous

She is amazing.. connects really well. gifted and talented superb stuff.. thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 09/06/2019

She knows specific detail like no other

I was so lucky to get through it’s not easy! Wow what a clear reading I received when I did. She is able to talk with such detail and relay specific past scenarios so you know she’s accurate. She makes timing predictions with such clarity. I’ll write again when they’ve happened but from other reviews I’m more than hopeful. Thank you for your time and energy it’s appreciated

Nadia From Australia On 28/05/2019


Had other reading with Anastasia other day so knows her stuff very good highly recommended lovely person too thanks again Anastasia keep up good work xxx

Debs xx From Scotland On 25/05/2019

Wow amazing

Had reading with Anastasia this morning spot on picked up on situation straight away her guide amazing too can’t wait for it all happen should give her call if ur lucky enough get through thanks Anastasia xxxc

Debs xx From Scotland On 16/05/2019


This lady is something else! Validated other readings and then some! V generous with her time n patience. So easy to talk to. Thank you so much A x

Sg From Uk On 23/03/2019


No time wasting, no second guessing, just talent! Accurate and honest. One of the best!

M from Aus From Australia On 20/03/2019

Wow! What a gifted psychic 100% accurate!!

I have spoken with Anastasia number of times and every single time she has been so accurate, spot on and all her predictions have come true exactly as she said! She is an incredibly gifted psychic! Thank you for sharing your gifts.

Susan From Australia On 31/01/2019

Wonderful Reader

Thank you Anastasia for a great reading, I could have talked with you for much longer. You gave me great insight, and much needed confirmation. You are spot on with all of what you said. You are a great reader. Thank you.

K From Australia On 30/12/2018


I've have many readings on this site and Anastasia is definitely in the top few that I feel are genuine. As someone already commented earlier ... why aren't there many reviews?

S From Australia On 05/11/2018


I have been fortunate enough to get a hold of Anastasia twice now, extremely difficult to get a hold of. On both times i left the call feeling so uplifted. She sees what most readers cant. Shes definitely busy for a reason. Thank you for the exceptional reading. I shall be back with updates.

Becca From Oz On 14/10/2018

The best reading

She 100% connected she knew things no other psychic has picked up she knew how we felt the intensity of the connection and that it was mutual. She had validations and gave me time frames. Thank you!

Bianca From On 04/10/2018


Anastasia and her guide have been a source of incredible support. Her kind nature and gift have been immensely helpful, calming, and valuable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your understanding and guidance.

NK From NI On 02/08/2018

wonderful Anastasia

kind, funny, truthful. LOvely Anastasia and her guide. thank you will be in touch

From On 26/07/2018

Always accurate

Anastasia is Kaays accurate, it was almost scary how accurate she was today. Thank you

Anon From Uk On 24/07/2018


Always excellent but why doesn’t she get that many reviews

From On 18/03/2018

10 stars and more.....

This lady is one of the best and why it is hard to get a hold of her. Genuine and humble and gives you a real reading. Thanks Anastasia and sorry i had to cut the reading short, with someone being at my door, but I had 30 minutes and it was enough the amount you gave me xxx

From Scotland On 09/03/2018

Had a reading with Anastasia and she is quite incredible. I have had a few readings from different psychics on this site, most were good but Anastasia is somehow different in her ability to connect. Validated pretty much everything with her guides, as to what the future will bring we will just wait and see.

From On 15/02/2018


Got my situation straight away with out asking something!True psychic! Wait for predictions to unfold! Thank you

F From Leeds On 14/02/2018

exceptional as always

I was incredibly fortunate in being put through to her - so grateful! I reckon upstairs felt I needed a break. Thank you for the clear explanation of the situation and careful and great use of words. Love your readings.

Lynda From Perth On 11/02/2018

Extraordinary. A true gift.

Giulietta From Berri. SA On 21/01/2018

She is busy for a reason

Anastasia is exceptional. I feel she is extremely careful with using the power of words. The best reading I ever had. Thank you so much!xxxx

A. From from Preston On 21/01/2018

great reader

im impressed - gave review previously but shes outstanding

alex From melbourne On 19/10/2017

Wow wow

Wow wow wow what a fantastic reader must be nearly number 1

Alex From Melbourne On 01/10/2017

bloody fantastic !

Anastasia told me things 3 years ago that have since happened and i managed to get a hold of her today 30/7 after trying for weeks ! This lady is one of the best and I absolutely loved my 40 minute reading, although we got cut off before I could say THANK YOU SO MUCH ! Highly recommend as this lady is absolutely and utterly the real deal and such a lovely lady too ! L x

From On 30/07/2017

Amazing Woman & intuitive reader ☺ A++++

I'm sorry our time ran out. I look forward to meeting this Herb and Vegetables Man

Kristie-Maree From Melbourne,Victoria,Australia On 27/04/2017

Absolutely Amazing

I love Anastasia soooo much. She's lovely and her predictions always come true. I cannot thank her enough.

Brittany From AZ On 19/03/2017


Anastasia is phenomenal , picks up things that she couldn't possibly know , validations are unreal . Always gives me faith to carry on , thank you

Angela From Uk On 15/01/2017


Thank for an amazing reading. Your connection was terrific. Just awaiting the friendship outcome you said about. If so it will end with loving nurturing support for 2 damaged youngster's

Philip From W SUSSEX On 08/10/2016


Hi Anastasia sorry my minutes went off yesterday. I enjoyed your reading.

B From London On 11/09/2016

Straight on poiny.

Thank you Anastasia. I needed a confirmation to what i was half decided on and she offered it before i even asked. Needed an insight on weather i should keep on working on my project and she went straight to the point. Realy easy to talk to , and very importantly - SHE TALKS ABOUT YOU ( not about her experience of life) , without asking for speciffic details. I needed a genuine reading and that s what i v got . Very reliable. Once again THANK YOU ANASTASIA

Alina From London On 02/07/2016


I was very lucky to be put through i agree with all the other comments it was fate destiny to be put through u msy me feel uplifted happy at peace u connected straight away and reassured me for future thank u so much you have a geniuine gift love light

Angel wings From Reading On 01/07/2016


Anastasia is exceptional, a natural with deep insight, eloquence, a gentle approach.Beyond words ....BUt dont let my enthusiasm lead you to try to get her! You wont as she is so good. I have waited a year.!! Thank you Anastasia. Sky 14 June 2016 I have ti pray i get you again!!

Sky From UK On 14/06/2016

Thank you again !!

Anastasia, I just wanted to say thank you again for all your guidance and support over the last year you are always straight to the point and read the person I'm asking you about so well !! Your so calm and reassuring you have a true gift and I always feel so much better after speaking to you because your predictions always come through! Thank you again !! I feel reenergised !! Xxx

Gx From M/cr On 21/04/2016

Thank you !!

Thank you Anastasia for all your help and support over the last few months, you are amazing and you give me just a clear insight into the person I ask you about ,your predictions are always spot on and you give me such reassurance and peace ! Thank you so much you are truly gifted xx

G From M/cr On 28/01/2016

Just as good as everyone says ! First time talk in and she doesn't ask no questions , yet picks up instantly on situation . Thank you great reading def ring back ! Can see why she s always busy x

Carol From Uk On 17/01/2016

Calming and Helpful!

Anastasia had a pretty good understanding of the situation I was in. She let me know what was going on behind the scenes. She calmed me down when I was very upset and for that I am truly grateful.

Rima From Elkridge,Maryland On 10/01/2016


So clear. Thorough. Calming. A beautiful reader. Picked up on everything. Very accurate. Positive. Encouraging. A million stars ? keep you posted xx

Deb From Alice Springs On 08/01/2016

Thanks Anastasia

We got cut off but I had to write to thank you for your wonderful patience and healing truth. Don't hesitate to call Anastasia she is truly gifted!

Lisa From London On 17/12/2015


Do not hesitate to speak with Anastasia if you get the chance because what a gift she has! I feel so much clearer now. Anastasia knows how to impart what she sees ahead in a way that brings proper guidance so you're not left in any doubt about the way forward. Brilliant, thank you!

Lisa From Sheffield On 05/11/2015

Everything has become so much clearer...

Just like to say after 3 readings with this lovely lady everything has become so much clearer in the exact time span that she predicated. I would definitely recommend her to others who have confusing situations within their lives as I am in a far happier place all round. My thanks.

Derek From On 30/11/-0001


Absolutely amazing. Truly gifted and a wonderful person. X

aisha From Manchester On 30/11/-0001

An absolute great!

I thought it was about time I show my appreciation to Anastasia and leave a review. What can I say? She connects to you within seconds, can tell you where you lifes been, where you are at the minute and most importantly, where you are heading. She is clear, caring and gifted and she will answer every question you have with incredible clarity. I do stress she is very popular, so patience is needed, but when you get a reading with her, its like winning a lottery. Thank you Anastasia for all the time we have shared together over the years.

Sam From New York On 30/11/-0001


Anastasia is truly amazing and gifted. The next sally Morgan if she wanted.

From On 30/11/-0001

Thank you

Anastasia, you know who I am :) Thank you for your guidance over the past 2 years (my goodness) let's trust new beginning are here for me right now. You have a special gift and always worth the wait. I appreciate your guidance and support so very much during a most challenging time in my life. Bring on the new fresh and exciting I say! I will be brave and allow new beginnings (feel I have earned it, big time) Take care and thank you xx

Your friend from Australia From Oz On 30/11/-0001

Good reading

She is one of the best psychics on this line. You don't have to say a word she pics up on it allllll. She is amazing.

TRUTH From Uk On 30/11/-0001


This lady is truly amazing she picked up on everything i didnt have to say anything the information just flowed!! You are one gifted amazing reader xxxx

rosa From melbourne australia On 30/11/-0001

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