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I have just had an 1 and a half reading with Avalon. That in and of itself says a lot. I have never had such a connection with a reader before and I can honestly say not only do I know where I’m heading, I know that Devine spirit has guided her towards me and me to her. The reading was accurate and spot on. I can see she will be very busy for the foreseeable future and I will have to ring in exactly at the time she starts. Amazing reader and thank you Avalon for guiding me with Devine love and light. Beautiful person, beautiful reader. M x

Michelle From London On 18/02/2022

What an absolute pleasure it was speaking with Avalon today. So grateful for you going through my astrology chart, it made things in my life clearer. Love your candour and humour it's so refreshing! I now feel like the journey I am on is far more joyous after speaking with you Angelina, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

Ella From London On 13/01/2022

Doubt this will get published

Doubt this will get published. Never had a reading with such bad advice....was told not to make contact with partner for 30-45 days as they need to miss me!!! Actually the top readers where right on here and the partner came forward while still in contact to talk about problems. Ignoring them for that amount of time would of done damage.

From Derbyshire On 30/03/2021

A lady who is very knowledgeable and kind. I thank you Avalon

From Australia On 11/10/2020

Honest reader

Avalon is very honest with her readings and will only tell the truth as it comes through to her. She won't exploit situations to keep people who are having a difficult time .. hanging on the to speak. I have found her to be accurate and very intelligent with integrity. She is in my opinion, a genuine psychic.. thanks Avalon for your gifts and honesty.

Lynn From London On 16/05/2020

Avalon evoked an epiphany. Thank you. The Ungettable Woman

From On 26/04/2020

Fate Played a part

I came through to Avolon when my normal reader of 5 years was unavailable what a blessing thats all i can say fate must have played a great part. Firstly her voice is so soothing and gentle but her wisdom shines. She is a genuine and will not just tell you things - she is a reader with passion and commitment and now one of my favourites Bless you Avolon

Emma From London On 27/02/2020

Very empowering

I absolutely loved this reading. Very non-judgemental. Phenomenal knowledge in the psychic and astrological realm. Picked up precise dates before looking at my chart. Mind blowing. Much love. A must see. Well worth the money.

Jennifer Paterson From Eastbourne On 26/01/2020


I believe she is a great person but was unable to tell me anything about a person I have strong connection with but have not been in touch for nearly 4 years. Her reasons were that we are not in touch so she can't say anything. My questions were whether I cross this person's mind, in what capacity, whether there is potential for us to meet and engage romantically at ANY point in the future. She wasn't able to give me answers repeatedly saying that she can't answer because there is no contact between us. Really disappointing, I would definitely expect more from a psychic reader (being one myself). I may try again in the future but was not impressed.

From On 18/01/2020

Amazing Lady ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Avalon has the patience of a saint, listening to my issues & then helping to relieve those problems through her deep insightful tarot reading. I’ve had many readings & Avalon has been one of the best readers because of her care, attentiveness, and being non judgemental. Throughout the reading I felt myself feeling more lifted, calmer and positive. Thank you Avalon!! I will definitely return to share the predictions. Love & blessings ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jade From London On 17/01/2020

Thankyou Avalon

From Australia On 05/01/2020


I spent a lot of time listening to Avalons stage advice. She really knows her subject well and works with great compassion. If you are female she is very pro women and womens struggles and has a lot of wise guidance to give. Splendid.

Jeane From UK On 04/12/2019

Beautiful lady !

She is beatifull soul thank you so much!

From On 28/06/2019


Avalon did my chart and also gave me real insight as to what os going on in my general and love life at the moment...will be back Avalon...massive thanks!

Jackie D From Burnley UK On 10/06/2019

A talented and incisive lady...

I speak to Avalon a lot. She doesn't mince her words and therefore be prepared for what she reveals to you. I call her often because her insights are real! Just like her! Thanks Avalon, as always x

Ronnie From BERKSHIRE On 13/03/2019


Thanks Avalon. You're amazing!

L From London On 06/02/2019

Amazing Lady

Just had a reading with this brilliant lady and all I can say is WOW. She was spot on in all of her comments about my situation and I felt throughout this call that it was a very positive reading. Thank you Avalon for your time. I shall definitely be speaking to you again. Take care

Cherry From ENGLAND On 03/02/2019

Great Insight

One of the best psychics I have spoken to. Insightful, intelligent,and caring. Gives precise predictions.

Lesley From Glasgow On 08/12/2018

Avalon thank you very much for an insightful reading. I understood all of what you said.

Jules From Australia On 25/11/2018

Most impressed with Avalon's direct reading of my relationship. She has confirmed and shed new light of how to go forward. I look forward to getting another reading soon. Excellent ! and thank you. Ian.

ian From australia On 05/08/2018

Fabulous Reading

Thank you for such an in-depth, insightful reading that has helped me to make sound decisions on moving forward in my life. Big hug Fiona xo

Fiona From Australia On 17/10/2017

Wonderful insight.

This reader is very gifted and accurate..Thanks so much- will call again:

Debbie From U.S On 19/04/2017


I only talked to you the other day and your predictions on communication this week after almost a month of nothing at all and thinking he was gone.... happened. He called after not calling for about three months out of the blue, And has text me every day since... you said this week. And it happened! I honestly thought "yeah right". And you were right he still loves me, More than anything. You were right about his state of mind, and it being why he wasn't talking. He was thinking about me the whole time.... he has been going through hell, like you said. The worst kind and was too embarrassed to call, he tried but was nervous and couldn't follow through. And you were just completely right. He's still suffering currently and it will take time to get back to the way things were like you also said but the connection is still strong and unbreakable. Just thought I'd let you know. Thank you so much. You felt my pain through the phone and still knew that it was meant to be and that he wasn't gone... things happen for a reason... and I knew this man was the one the day I met him, And probably why it hurt so much being kept in the dark. Your also right about me not being able to help him, because he won't allow it he apparently "has to do this himself", And didn't want to drag me into it. You were right. He was protecting me.

M From Australia On 24/03/2017

unpleasant reading

I've had the bad luck to have had 2 readings from Avalon. Each time she has been so negative bordering on almost trying to upset you fir no apparent reason. The first reading was completely inaccurate and everything panned out differently so there,was no point in her upsetting me. This time, again very negative so I chose not to continue. If any of it rang true, it would be different, but its inaccurate AND cruel. She sounded disinterested.

yve brown From brighton On 18/03/2017



KATIANNA From Florida On 26/02/2017

Thank you 22/01/17

I had a reading this morning About my relationship. Avalon didnt ask questions and she immediately new what i was wanting to know she did an indepth reading and was correct in every way past, present and i will see next week if the predictions unfold i felt very lifted and Avalon gave me very good advice and gave me the truth. Thank you Avalon L&L M xxxx

-M From Essex On 22/01/2017

Thanks a Mill

Without your reading I just do not know how I would have got through this Christmas. I do not like Christmas / New Yr because of the pressure of it to be perfect, but you made me see the way and I just cannot thank you enough. I hope to call u again very soon. Thank u so much Ike.

Ike From UK On 03/01/2017

Not impressed

I just had a reading with Avalon. I had the sense that she was uninterested and flat. I did not like her method of the tarot reading. Sorry.

L From London On 01/01/2017

Lovely and accurate Reader!

Avalon is a very accurate and insightful reader. She gave a lot of detail, and was quite kind with her advice as well. Thanks so much!

Debbie From New York On 18/11/2016


This lady is very very accurate. She picked up on my situation without me saying anything this lady really deserves 5* i will definitely call again without a doubt

natalie From birmingham On 01/09/2016


Thank you so much for my reading. Was very helpful with my situation and gave me guidance on mh situation. Will definitely call back again.

El From Australia On 22/05/2016

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