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What a lovely and polite reader. Thankyou Scarlett for our chat this morning 5.4.22

From On 05/04/2022


Natasha From London On 03/04/2022

Brilliant Reader!

She is brilliant reader, very positive and encouraging She is sweet, kind and empathetic Highly Recommended!

PRANAV From Midlands On 10/03/2022


Scarlett is just a gem! She told me things that other readers probably wouldn’t say but it was things I needed to hear. Straight to the point with lots of information. The best reader. Thank you Scarlett xx

Emma From Scotland On 16/02/2022

A real Treasure

Had a lovely reading with Scarlet, outstanding insight into my situation and has a lovely way in how she see's things and how she delivers her message, will definitely be in contact with scarlet again with any updates she was an absolute tonic and a real joy to speak to, please do not hesitate to give this lovely lady a call, you'll be glad you

christine From london On 26/01/2022

100 stars

Scarlett is just the best. Honest. Kind. Patient. Accurate. Professional. Genuine. If only more readers on this site were up to her standard.

From On 05/01/2022

Lovely, upbeat reading

Picked up loads. Had lovely, tingling energy as she was speaking. Also did some mediumship too which was lovely. Rang about writing class and very strong characters in it and guy in there I have got very close to. Helped to navigate and understand his behaviour as he is challenged by his past. Just feel reassured re his feelings and the future. That it is a slow burner. Sorry we got cut off. Hope to speak to you again.

Clare From MERSEYSIDE On 30/11/2021


Thank you so much for your reading today, I got through to you when I needed it the most, and you were the only one to actually grasp my situation whilst looking in to it with depth without why prompting from me. You are a kind would and have a genuine gift. Thank you xxxx

C From England On 27/10/2021


Love love love this lady xx

From On 25/10/2021

Very nice lady, a lot of information. She confirmed many things other psychics have told me. Looking forward to see how things will unfold. Thank you.

Anna From London On 16/06/2021

Really Amazing

OMG thank you for clarity.. She tuned right in.. knew that the person I called about, that their anger was more hormonal.. She saw my person of interest and touched all aspects.. Really grateful for getting through this morning Thank you.. I feel a lot lighter.. and have a positive plan. Gratefulness x

Greatnessa From London On 09/06/2021


Wow The absolute best and most accurate Psychic reader. Right from the beginning of the reading Scarlet picked up on all the relevant things that matter to me. So exciting and I will be back Scarlet. Sending much love and blessings

Jackie From SA On 08/02/2021

Very good

Hi Thanks for my reading yesterday .sorry we got cut off as my credit has run out..will update you with what happens about POI..thank you

Carol From Scotland On 03/02/2021


I really hope you get this review Scarlet as you have been amazing every time I've spoken to you. I'm really sorry I didnt have more time to speak to you as I ran out of credit. Thank you so much for your accurate reading about a tricky situation with a POI and helping me understand his intentions. Let's see if he follows through this time. Love and Light to you x

Carrie From Kent On 26/01/2021

Nice women had a few readings with this lady but sadly predictions haven’t happened

From Nottinghamshire On 09/01/2021

Nice women had a few readings with this lady but sadly predictions haven’t happened

From Nottinghamshire On 09/01/2021

Incredible and Talented

She is brilliant, connects really well has great timing and skills. very talented and warm hearted thanks a lot .

PRANAV From Midlands On 28/12/2020


Scarlett is brilliant straight into reading. Loads if validation and information. 5 stars

Teresa From London On 23/12/2020

Shes Good

honest truthful reader, looking forward to predictions

miss oz From Australia On 16/12/2020

One of the Best

At the end of my tether trying to sort out a problem and Scarlett saw it straight away and those involved. She made some forecasts that if right will see the end of long time of suffering. My faith is with you Scarlett

Frances Green From Hertfordshire On 02/12/2020

Thank you Scarlet xx

From Australia On 24/11/2020


Amazing reading one of the best . Prediction came to pass

Mary From Melbourne On 13/11/2020

Very accurate

Scarlett thank you so much. This woman is the real deal, she saved my heart. She tells you how it is in the most beautiful manner. I dont believe in sugar coating but i do believe how message is delivered in a respectful manner and not being spiteful about it. Scarlett has the agility to deliver message with care and says it how it is, she is very accurate and truthful.

Rita From Australia On 10/11/2020

Amazing and absolutely lovely

Thank you so very much Scarlet, it was so lovely to speak to you again. Thank you so much for the accurate messages. Just before I was about to say goodbye, a very special person from Spirit came through with a lovely message for me, as well as a very dear friend. What a special reading you gave me. You are amazing

Carrie From Kent On 02/11/2020

Spot on...

Spoke with scarlet a while ago, I’m sure I left a review but it doesn’t appear to be showing. Scarlet is authentic she made some predictions for me a while back, of which some have started to unfold, she is brilliant, really easy to talk to and is one of my very few favourites, unfortunately she is just very difficult to get a hold of ! Money well spent and I thoroughly recommend x

Melissa From LDN On 06/07/2020

Superlative and Stupendous Reader!

She is brilliant reader, connects really well, has great timing and skills thanks a lot very sweet and empathetic

PRANAV From Midlands On 23/06/2020

Another correct prediction

Scarlet always correctly predicts contact within the right time frame. She has become one of my go to readers. Xx

A From Brum On 13/06/2020


Bright and cheery(welsh accent?) positive reading....just what I needed thankyou Scarlet x

Kay From On 10/06/2020

Awesome Predictions

I have spoken with Scarlet on a number of occasions, she is awesome, she is so compassionate, kind and friendly, and all her predictions come true too. Thank you Scarlet for everything xx

Claire From Wales, UK On 06/06/2020

Incredible and Talented

She is so sweet and nice, so talented and skilled thank a lot you truly are a star

PRANAV From Midlands On 29/05/2020

A Beautiful Lady!

She is beautiful, connects really well, has great timing and skills, supremely sweet and kind hearted highly recommended predictions spot on

PRANAV From Midlands On 15/05/2020

Superlative and Stupendous Reader!

She is so sweet, affectionate, and very kind and gentle, gave a brilliant reading, amazing insight thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 14/05/2020


Lovely reader picked up on my situation straightaway. Looking forward to seeing it unfold. Thank you xx

Georgina From Australia On 02/05/2020


Lovely lady will call back soon

Anonymous From London On 27/04/2020


Scarlets prediction of contact come within the time frame she gave. Thank you so much Scarlet x

From On 27/04/2020

Lovely reader. Kind and compassionate. However prediction was for March and it’s still hasn’t come through. Sometimes I feel like they say what we want to hear.

From On 26/04/2020

Mins ran out....

Awww Scarlet what a lovely woman, so sorry my minutes ran out although I did mention this at the beg of the call u literally reeled off everything so exact u actually made me cry, but in a good way. Thank you so much for the reading, you really have lifted me and cemented my hope xxx

Emma From Yorkshire On 24/04/2020

The best

This is my second review for this lady. She’s so so lovely!!! Gave a prediction for a couple days time so I will definitely update. Love talking to her

From On 23/04/2020

Love her

Scarlet is such a beautiful and lovely lady, information flows, she’s so sweet in delivering the reading. Will update on predictions. Thank you xx

Chanel From Un On 20/04/2020

Truly Brilliant

Thank You Scarlet, you are the one and truly few people on this site with integrity, intelligence, & decency. You are very accurate and very good. I am most impressed. Will call you once again, Thanks xoxoxoxo

Anonymous From Oceana On 18/04/2020

Not sure

She’s good but at the same time, I’m not sure. She caught me off guard when she said someone from my past will show up which will have me make a decision. I don’t have anyone significant from my past that will influence my love life... so yea.

Anonymous From US On 15/04/2020


Accurate and gently natural psychic. Lovely.

James From London On 15/04/2020

First prediction unfolded in less than 24 hours

You said yesterday he would make contact before 12 noon today. He texted at 10.35am. Thank you!

Juliet From London On 14/04/2020


She picked up into my relationship perfectly and knew things that had happened only a couple of weeks ago! Gave predictions for the next couple of months. Thank you x

From On 13/04/2020


Such a kind soul with a calm voice and authentic abilities, her reading echoed that of other top readers and she was able to pinpoint certain things that made me trust her ( A massive achievement!) honestly so pleased I finally got through ! Thank you xx M

From On 09/04/2020

Amazing and absolutely lovely

I am so very grateful to this lovely lady for the reading I received today. Thank you so much, you were spot on. Scarlet picked up on a very special energy from someone I lost many years previous and gave me a very comforting reading. This lady is well worth it

Carrie From Kent On 06/04/2020


Bloody brilliantly reader here...literally spot on from beginning to end!!! Gutted my minutes run out.

From On 03/04/2020

Thank you for your Honest reading this morning. I will definitely get the cherry crystal :) Truely gifted and non judgemental

M From On 11/03/2020

Thankyou Scarlet xxx

From Australia On 10/03/2020


Lovely reader, very friendly!!!!:)

From On 03/03/2020


Thank you so much for my recent very detailed readings with you Scarlet. You are definitely the best, delivering your messages in such a lovely, caring and compassionate way has left me feeling so uplifted, and calm about the future..x

Ann From York On 02/03/2020


Hi scarlet thank u for reading. I see u r highly rated. Picked up on connection and its a very positive reading. 6-8 weeks i will see a change and we will move forward into a relationship. I forgot to ask u if i should be doing more moves or leave him alone.... Will call again.

From On 26/02/2020

such a talented angel

high vibes which is vital, kind and v accurate no time wasted she works so hard and delivers!

C FAULKNER From London On 25/01/2020

Honest reader

Had a couple of readings in the past two weeks with scarlet. Predicted move of home imminent near water a cold day to. Reconcile with my x of 21 years only a separation nothing major. Uplifting as feeling low. Promised her I’d call with feedback and I will do. Thanks

Juliet From Surrey On 22/01/2020

Great and accurate reader!!

From On 04/12/2019

Fantastic Reader!

Scarlet is accurate and tunes in amazingly well! Her predictions have all happened. Don't miss out on an opportunity to get a reading with her.

Y From London On 03/12/2019

Really nice and talented

Thank you for your support you've helped me more than you know. Scarlet is a sweetheart and also saw specific parts of my life through her reading so she def has a gift. I really look forward to the predictions she's made and i have faith they'll come to pass. Thanks Scarlet.

O.E. From London On 06/11/2019

Beautiful lady !

Thank u Scarlett u are beatifull soul very positive lady!God bless

Nikol From Wales On 30/10/2019

Predictions correct but not timings

Scarlet correctly predicted the return of my ex but not the timings. Lovely to talk to though. X

From On 27/10/2019

Thank you

I love speaking to you. I get so much positive energy from you..... Thank you . Speak soon . ❤

Sohana From Australia On 21/10/2019


Beautiful soul.. lovely reader

Anon From Uk On 04/10/2019

It happened

Spoke on 1.10.19 and you said he'd come forward within 6 days, he reading me today after months! Thank you. X

A From Brum On 02/10/2019

Such a lovely person

So nice to talk to Scarlet. She is accurate and empathetic.

Sundip Ghedia From Sydney On 23/09/2019


Absolutely amazing! So insightful! Said things I haven't shared with anyone. Delivers in a very nice manner.

A From Brum On 18/09/2019

Great reader

Really good reading with a lovely lady! same thing said as some of the top readers on here , Mystic May,Sadie, Natasha Julia. Thanks Scarlet you made my day today . Rene. X

From Buckinghamshire On 17/09/2019

I love you so so so much

Thank you thank you .. i haven’t been this happy for a longtime .. I look forward talking to you all the time .. you sound so calm and so beautiful.. your energy can make anyone happy .. I can’t wait to speak to you soon..xoxoxoxoxox

From On 11/09/2019

Amazing and spot on!

Gave great guidance & picked up loads of into

Jasmine From On 11/09/2019

Great psychics, Highly recommended !

Thank you for your uplifting reading this morning which was consistent to what you told me last week ( didn't mention this to you beforehand though) you really helped me this morning after speaking to somebody who just pu me down and what she said didn't make sense to me, not sure where some readers ( psychics) get the information from and why there is a huge discrepancy when they do feel very strongly and confident about whatever non sense they tell us. Scarlet on the other hand is very connected genuine and what she said is aligned with top readers on the website plus it made sense to me. Will be back soon when things unfold, sorry we were cut off before I could thank you so many thanks and blessings xxxxx

From On 19/08/2019

Friend from Oz

I don’t know where to start .. Thankyou .. I literally can’t wait to speak to you again .. as soon as I finish chatting to you today something happen .. I will most likely call you soon to tell you that.. I have never felt this mentally strong .. well you can’t hide the smile when you are happy inside .. thank you .. ❤️❤️❤️Love you Scarlet

From Melbourne On 14/08/2019

Thank you

I can’t thank you enough for everything .. 3rd chat and learning so much from you.. thank you

The girl who believes in her dream From Australia On 10/08/2019

Wow you are so special

Scarlet, I have spoken to you twice .. once early this week and once just now and even in my dream which was so crazy .. you were so kind to me .. I was having such a bad day and I had crazy throughs all day yesterday , and you are so kind and humble and so blessed and everything you tell me you sound so confident I feel good about my life .. I think I cried and had anxiety attacks all day yesterday but than in my dream you told me not to worry ,, and I was having a laugh with you .. over the phone .. wow ., I woke up happy and I had an amazing day .. thank you .. looking forward to speak to you very soon.. I absolutely love you .. and I am smiling while I m writing this review as I can’t wait to speak to you soon very soon .. ..

From Australia On 08/08/2019

Spot on

You made my day .. I spoke to you last night and bless your confidence makes me believe everything will be fine .. thank you .. can’t wait to give you all the updates of myself and him and our dogs

From Australia On 05/08/2019

Experienced and genuine reader

Thank you for tapping in a sharing the current situation with me plus giving me predictions for the future LTR.. Many thanks.

Libran From Aus On 02/07/2019


I really enjoyed my reading today there was an excellent connection. Scarlet does not ask questions she provides details throughout. Thanks again Sandra

Sandra From Uk On 19/06/2019

Spot on

Very detailed and accurate. No prompting required and makes you feel reassured about your situation.

Mark From Aus On 18/06/2019

just had a reading with this lady she is spot on picked up on detailed things which i never thought she would looking forward to her predictions will be back for another reading users get in touch with her well worth contacting her

ann From On 08/05/2019

Great reading

Such a lovely lady and so spot on about my current work situation. Highly recommended.

Lori From On 16/04/2019


Very detailed and picked up things others have never referenced. Understood the par, present and future well. Genuine psychic!!

Mark From Oc On 11/04/2019

I didn't choose scarlet but im glad to be put through. True psychic. No info needed and you just rattled off my current life situation. You are the first person to tell me that my upset message to him actually made him quite flattered that i missed him and wanted to see him. He wasnt sure how i felt but now he's pleased that i am actually wanting to see him. He is very traditional and can be very romantic. I wish i could talk more to you but i can't extend anymore but thank you.

From On 10/04/2019

Fantastic reader

Very Good. Give her a call

From On 09/04/2019

Lovely lady!

Thank you for ur spon on reading! Love & light from Nikola/Wales/March/2019

From On 22/03/2019



Jackie From Cardiff On 07/03/2019

Warm reading

I was hoping to be put through to scarlet didn’t realise there were two of you . Lovely reading lots of detail see if the man appears in may as mum wants to happen . I will be back strange I got scarlet when it was next reading so meant to be thank you

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 26/02/2019

Thank you!!!

Thank you for being you! Thank you for your guidance! Thank you for being a listening ear! Thank you!!! Spot on with everything!! Gentle, kind and very empathic.

M From Australia On 30/01/2019

Scarlet is incredible

She felt a strong emotional connection with me and she said she was shocked with how strong my relationship is with my partner. I can’t wait until our paths meet again! It takes a bit to connect to her because she is incredible!

Amanda From Australia On 28/01/2019


Scarlet is absolutely amazing, she’s lovely to talk to and she is so warm and welcoming, I can’t wait until I get in contact with her again!

Amanda Castles From Australia On 23/01/2019

Powerful reading

Compassionate and direct. To the point. Thank you for the heartfelt reading ♥️ I will be in touch again.

Alanna From San Francisco, Ca On 28/11/2018


had a excellent reading from Scarlet she was so true to her word will call again

Tanya From manchester On 28/11/2018


Amazing lady been consistent funny kind and understanding each time I have rung her. I rung her the other morning same predictions and great humour which picked me up she then mentioned an issue with my car I said nothing wrong with it as it had just been serviced... low and behold it wouldn't start that morning and had to get recovery out to fix it! She has been a true pillar of strength to me... Amazing gifted lady

B From We Yorks On 01/11/2018


Amazing reading with Scarlet, she’s spot on. Highly recommend

Claire From Edinburgh On 15/10/2018

great reader

hello scarlet tyhank you for your positive reading and validations. i was so down alot of times and yo reassured me, telling me thinks only me would know. and also prediction about the changes in my difficult relationship came to pastthanks

guylene From london On 15/10/2018

A beautiful reading!

Scarlet, Thankyou!! So grateful and super excited for the months ahead! I look forward to calling you again with news xx

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 03/10/2018


Beautiful reading and lovely lady , feel so happy that i got to speak with her today, please ring her , u wont be disappointed , love and light

Anonymous From Cardiff On 27/09/2018

Great Reading

Can't wait to meet Mr wonderful. Will take off blinkers and look .I will let you know when .you are a lovely and warm caring lady . Sending light and love can't wait to call again

Karen From Australia On 26/09/2018

Very good reading

Scarlet is a lovely lady who gives information without asking anything. She seems to be spot on. Def will go back to her, she seems to understand my issues and comes up with what is coming up in next months....very pleased with her.

Gwen From Lincolnshire On 14/09/2018

Very Good

I was skeptical at first. Never gave her a response to her insights. Immediately she kicked off with a powerful event. One after the other and then something that only I could have known. Strong medium. Thank you Scarlet.

Zak From Perth On 04/09/2018

Spot On

Highly accurate reading! I held my cards close as I was skeptical. She knew everything. Gave her a feedback in the end to show gratitude. It is important that they get the feedback. Highly recommended and i look forward to our next catchup. Thank you Scarlet.

From On 04/09/2018

Great reading

Lovely lady. Very accurate. Feel really good after speaking with her.

Elaine From Kent On 04/09/2018

thanks x

yeah she is good. knew i had had problems with my arm within 30 seconds of speaking to me. The rest of the reading was good. x

From uk On 30/08/2018

Lovely, Compassionate Reader

Highly Recommend Scarlett...She was able to connect with my situation quite quickly giving me indepth information, clarity and peace of mind...

Emma From Perth, Australia On 13/08/2018

Lovely, Amazing and spot on!

A very compassionate reader with sharp insight to the situation. No matter how bleak my situation was she helped me see it with clarity and positivity. Thank you Scarlet, I will call again!

Valentina From Australia On 13/08/2018

Realy good

Great readn from.scarlett today so spot on.. thnku

From On 08/08/2018

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