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An excellent reading

I do enjoy my readings with Rose, she is very straight to the point and offers a lot of humanity and common sense. I feel so much better and at peace with the world. The readings are spot on, I really do recommend Rose. God bless you Rose.

Phill From London On 22/04/2022


She picked up on names of people and really picked up on my poi personality. She described him exactly how he is right now. The stuff he avoids. The thoughts he has. She said he's going to get in touch with me fairly soon as in as close as tomorrow so we will see.

Sharon From Lincolnshire On 17/04/2022

Defensive -

I found her defensive when I asked her to clarify things that I did not find resonating.

From On 29/03/2022


thanks rose , the information helped

andy From london On 23/03/2022

No messing straight in and the real deal!J x

From On 19/03/2022

Knows her stuff

Have had severe readings with Rose and they have all been consistent. A very good reader.

Chris From London On 10/03/2022

Oh dear...not good

Oh dear From A regular caller and a psychic myself On 04/03/2022

A postive n honest reading

ThankU 4 your reading 2day. Sorry I got cut off, I will be in touch again soon. I recommend her as she is touch with what is going on and able 2 give a clear insight.

Deanna Beverley From Solihull, England On 02/03/2022


Picked up on situation from the start. Was spot on with several things I wanted to know about. Truly gifted. Thank you. Inl xx

Julie From Kent On 24/02/2022

Not Psychic

I asked about my career. She said that she saw changes, but said she didn't know what they were. Well, that sounds totally psychic doesn't it???

From On 23/02/2022

Thankyou Rose

Thankyou Rose you picked up on the situation and the persons reaction to a forthcoming problem . J Midlands x

J From Midlands On 22/02/2022

Pretty Bad

Generic and general. I was not impressed.

From On 17/02/2022


First reading with Rose. She picked up quickly on a lot of things and put my mind to rest over a situation where I needed clarity. She gave me some god advice and answered my questions. Gave a timescale in which things will improve, so now waiting to see what unfolds. No hesitation in the reading, lots of info.

Gia From bedford On 14/02/2022


Thankyou lovely lady J Midlands x

J From Midlands On 11/02/2022

You good ready

You right rose about stuff,he gone and need move forward.this lady good at what do

From On 31/12/2021

Beyond Amazing!

The spiritual connection Rose made to a recently passed relative totally blew me away. She told me stuff no1 else could know. It was so warming to get direct words and messages from spirit. It was delivered so warmly too. This lady is fantastic and the real deal!! X

Leighton From Brighton On 31/12/2021


Highly recommend this reader

Nikki From Kent On 23/12/2021

She’s so lovely and accurate

Really really good really enjoyed the reading needed some clarity and she was so accurate and kind ! Thank you rose xxx

Hanny From On 12/12/2021


Please print this. Thank you Rose for a lovely reading. I will call you again for an update. Take care. Mae. 06/12/2021. Xxx

Mae From New Forest On 06/12/2021

Very Good

What a lovely warm human being. AVery clear reader who does not waste time and can really pick up on the situation you rang to ask about.

Karen From Australia On 06/12/2021


Thanking you Rose

Mae From New Forest On 04/12/2021

Lovely Reader

Thankyou lovely lady xx

J From Midlands On 04/12/2021

not bad, pretty good try, i understood what was said but will have to wait and see

Margaret From East Anglia UK On 27/11/2021


A very gifted lady thankyou Rose J Midlands xx

J From Midlands On 26/11/2021


Nice reading got quite a bit right, but will have to wait and see,

Margaret From East Anglia On 25/11/2021

5 stars

Straight to the point, no questions asked, I've spoken to every reader over the last 2 years and she is 100% accurate!! You will be busy very soon. Thank you :) (PS not my chosen reader but glad I got her!)

Georgina From Australia On 12/11/2021

Nice lady

If you like chit chat she's the right one however if you want to stay on the topic of you then choose someone else

Kristy From Uk On 05/11/2021

Very good

I enjoyed my reading with rose picked up a lot about myself and family. Also picked up on husband who had passed away gave me names of people who had passed away and described people I have had issues with (not my fault) and the issues I had with them. Over all a really good reading. Rose was a nice person as well.

Wendy From Cardiff On 30/10/2021


Sorry my minutes cut off ! But really tuned into the situation and gave me clarity on the situation , gave me hope and a time frame so will keep you updated!! Will call asoon as i have more minutes maybe my new go to !! Only thing is i didnt really get my answer for my first question but i did get many other answers ahah love and light angel speak soon

Ellie From On 24/10/2021


The best , soon she will have more reviews than anyone xx

Joanne From On 21/10/2021

She was promising at the beginning and then messed it up buy repeating the same thing over and over

phiwo From England On 21/10/2021

Amazing Reader

Rose is a good psychic reader. Please post this. It was my first time coming to her for a reading, she connected to me and my POI easily and to the situation. She also has a very calming energy about her. I knew my connection with her was strong because I kept picking up things about her that I saw and asked to confirm. Very nice reader I will definitely come back again. Thank you for your kind and informative reading, it was refreshing to hear.

Not needed From Australia On 13/10/2021


Thankyou rose you have given me realistic connection from spirit J Midlands

J From Midlands On 24/09/2021


Thank you Rose for a absolutely outstanding reading and such a lovely lady to speak to. Cant believe how spot on you was even with names was so spot on with everything. Can't believe Rose as no reviews yet,as I know this lady is going to be very busy soon. Lisa

Lisa From Birmingham On 23/09/2021


Such a great reader, very honest and informative

Parminder From London On 18/09/2021


Spot on brilliant reader

Matt From Lincolnshire On 12/09/2021

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I have 30 years experience of reading the tarot. I am clairsentient, connecting with spirit through my guides. I am non judgemental, compassionate and intuitive. l can assist with love, relationships, career, family matters and general insight. I aim to give clarity on what is the best way to move forward, and give clarity when answering your questions in depth. I love the energy that comes through the tarot, showing the best outcomes in situations. PIN: 8039

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I have many years' experience in working with spirit, and insight from my own Guides has helped me achieve success for myself. My main abilities include tarot reading, clear seeing and subtle visions in the Mind's Eye (a 'sixth sense '). I offer powerful psychic readings over the phone. I can connect with names and minor details to answer your specific questions. I can offer answers to questions relating to love, relationships, money and much more to ease uncertainty. PIN: 8623

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PIN: 5484

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Goldie, Is an Spiritualist Church evidential medium, clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient with over 25 years experience. She specialises in tarot readings in love and career/work readings and has been working on live psychic lines for over 14 years. She is a Professional Astrologer, great listener is non judgmental and sympathetic. Pin 5484

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PIN: 7288

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I can offer telepathic insight (fortune-telling). I can also contact some who have passed over and receive messages from spirit guides. I’ve done over forty years of private, confidential, and unadvertised experience as a Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant. I have a calm persona and very polite one-to-one communication skills. PIN: 7288

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PIN: 1636

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Hello, I am a Spirit guided trained healer offering psychic and medium readings for anyone who needs insight or divine clarity on a situation that they may be facing. Let me help you to find the key. I work with dreams, my psychic ability, my guides and Astrology. I have had my gifts since birth and in my adult years and used them to assist many different people. PIN: 1636

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Psychic Reader Amber Rose

Amber Rose

PIN: 1397

Reviews: 40

I am a reliable Psychic Tarot reader. I provide very informative readings on Love, Money, Career and personal dilemmas. I will not judge you, regardless of what you are facing, you are not alone and I am here to assist you. I may have a specific spiritual message to offer you alongside our reading together. So, please call me and let's start our reading together. PIN: 1397

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Psychic Reader Kia


PIN: 7516

Reviews: 39

I read the Tarot and I’ve been reading for over twenty years now. I specialise in love and relationships and can cover general readings. I can tailor the reading to your specific questions. I’m a very good listener, compassionate, non-judgemental and extremely intuitive. PIN: 7516

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Psychic Reader Della


PIN: 1296

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I am a medium and Angel card reader and also a Spiritual Healer. I have experience in reading for all kinds of people needing assistance along their paths in life. I will help with a loving message from a loved one, or, a compassionate Angel message through the cards. I like to work direct with spirit and gain confirmation for you. PIN: 1296

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