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Does not listen

Wanted a general reading but she waffelled on about my job which l an happy with. I told her that but she went on and on so l hung up

Natasha From Norfolk On 03/04/2022

Not for me

Very disappointed ☹️ Total opposite to what's going on around me..

Nic From Kent On 17/03/2022

The best

This lady is magic she knew dates times places people in spirit pure magic the best

John From Liverpool On 10/03/2022


I asked for a career reading and she gave me a love reading

Ben From Middlesbrough On 04/03/2022

Thank you

Thank you for a wonderful reading. Your accuracy was amazing. I will definitely call back when I have topped up my minutes. ☮

Chloe From Australia On 20/01/2022


Amazing reader how much you get from her is quite remarkable really worth the money don’t understand why anyone said she’s sleepy it’s ridiculous they’ve put that anyway I’m very happy with my reading waiting to see if my predictions come true definitely recommend

Jane From Heartfordshire On 16/01/2022


I don’t know if it’s my reception in Australia but I keep getting disconnected really frustrating :( Janet has amazing, honest insight that she delivers with love and integrity will definitely call again! X

Tara From Australia On 07/12/2021

One of the best

Janet you’re amazing. And uplift me so much thank you for your amazing accuracy and for taking the time to listen to me and your patience . Predictions have happened as you said they will

Samantha From Derby On 07/12/2021


Don’t understand the review of Janet sounding sleepy or disconnected she always sounds on top of the world and very positive and bubbly and I’ve always had uplifting readings when I’ve felt at my lowest. Thank you Janet your a star keep shining

Julia From London On 30/11/2021


She seemed sleepy and disconnected...

Robert From Edinburgh On 06/09/2021


I actually thought she was going to fall asleep, sounded like I’d woke her up!

Marie From South east On 06/08/2021

Lovely lady

Thank you Janet for an amazing reading. You were spot on with the POI and I've made my weekend. Keep up the great

Mae From On 23/07/2021

The reading wasn't uplifting at all , her tone sounded bored and yn interested on what she is saying

From On 10/06/2021

Janet is amazing

I was slightly apprehensive about calling but within a couple of minutes Janet was literally telling me about myself. I have never experienced anything remotely close to this. Janet you are absolutely amazing the connection was perfect. I am so grateful that you shared your gift with me. I cannot thank you enough and look forward to speaking again soon.

James From London On 30/03/2021

Janet is a SuperStar

facts, no probing questions, tuned in to my personal and professional situation immediately and blew me away. So kind too, I think you are an earth angel Janet, I left you a little tip but they need to make tipping easier (like PayPal) as you all derive to be tipped. THANK YOU ever so much XXX

CF From London On 12/03/2021


Thanks for the reassurance this afternoon 4/3/21, wasn't happy what the other reader said but after chatting with you I'm feeling better and you said that everything will be ok and there's a better life ahead of me, so thank you very much.

Susan From On 04/03/2021

Bless you Janet amazing lady

Thank you so much for your wonderful reading today. The amazing predictions of love and fortune has me so excited. You were an absolute delight to talk you. The number of times you gave me goosebumps was absolutely incredible. Straight to the point and everything you said made alot of sense. The warning of the people around me was so accurate and I'm sure that last 5th person will come up. You are a beautiful gift to this world , fantastic lightworker ,( people like you should be given so much more credit in this world for all the good you do,god bless you )felt all the positive energy you were sending me. Loving you, be blessed, best wishes.

Han From London On 19/02/2021


Absolutely amazing gave me a very accurate and wonderful reading. She is a truly gifted and inspiring reader and i would highly recomend her. I will book to see her again in the future.

Yvonne From Oxford On 13/02/2021


I found she kept repeating herself when I asked questions . Never gave me any actual answers .

Sarah From Scotland On 06/01/2021


I spoke with Janet for the first time last night. Within minutes she had my situation down to a tee. She gave me information and advice that has already led me onto a path that desperately needed to happen. The path is painful and heartbreaking but much needed after 5 years. She has given me clarity and hope and opened my eyes to how destructive my life has been. The valuable help and advice has already started to better me and my life and for that I’ll be eternally grateful. Thank you Janet, I will be back in touch. I have been listening to my song and I feel it coming ❤️ Thank you, you are a special lady with a genuine gift. Love and blessings.xxxx

Natasha From Berkshire, Uk On 24/12/2020


I spoke with Janet for the first time last night. Within minutes she had my situation down to a tee. She gave me information and advice that has already led me onto a path that desperately needed to happen. The path is painful and heartbreaking but much needed after 5 years. She has given me clarity and hope and opened my eyes to how destructive my life has been. The valuable help and advice has already started to better me and my life and for that I’ll be eternally grateful. Thank you Janet, I will be back in touch. I have been listening to my song and I feel it coming ❤️ Thank you, you are a special lady with a genuine gift. Love and blessings.xxxx

Natasha From Berkshire, Uk On 24/12/2020

felt very negative

not happy as felt quite low and not uplifted. her tone comes across as being "bored" and had mixed messages

From On 21/12/2020


very pleased with this reader

Mark From Lincolnshire On 28/11/2020


Picked up some insightful future predictions was correct about my ex

jade t From On 27/11/2020

Nothing came true

Told me random stuff nothing relayed or came true not even close

Ace From Scotland On 10/11/2020

Its a NO for me

Nice lady but too many long gaps

Marie From Australia On 09/11/2020


Thank you Janet for your guidance .Lovely lady Rosie x

Rosie From England On 27/10/2020


I think she is a bit lazy as a reader - she can do it, but she just seemed too casual and not quite clear enough.

James From leeds On 25/10/2020

1 of the best psychics!!!

Honest uplifting reading. This woman is amazing and always makes a bad day seem bright. Seen a bad review here previously take no notice predictions can change but Janet has always been spot on with mine with the day’s and even names of people who have passed over . Thank you so much your a true earth angel and stay positive thank you for helping me with my situation!!! Love and light x

L From Australia On 06/09/2020


Spoke to janet 3 or 4 times as nothing has happened. When i questioned her she put the phone down. Cant believe she has such high reviews. Very very disappointed with her. Wouldnt use her again

Geraldine From Dorset On 30/08/2020

Lovely Lady!

I had a reading with Janet yesterday. She put my mind at rest about a house move and it was such a lovely, positive reading. Thank you, Janet!

Lynne From Kent On 28/08/2020

Its a NO from me

Felt like I gave more answers than I recieved. One word answers to all my questions, then too many awkward silences. Really had no connection what so ever. No point in paying for a reading when the reader is asking ME for answers haha

Tash From UK On 28/08/2020

Earth Angel

Love this lady, pure goddess, gifted Aquarius. X

C From London On 03/07/2020

Spot on.

Spot on.

Lisa From Woodford green essex On 26/06/2020


Excellent reader, very accurate. Have started a long road to guidance in an area which she knows is troubling me. Love her Link

Mary From London On 19/06/2020


Janet was spot on giving me very accurate information about something that has been going on regarding communication. It was so spot on I was stunned. Very very accurate, everything she said was 100% Tue. We love you Janet. Link

Mary From London On 19/06/2020

Clairvoyance and Mediumship

Thank you so much for such a lovely reading was feeling very low you are such a lovely lady to talk to and very accurate about what is going on in my life gave me the person's names etc., Wonderful connection to spirit. Lots of love to you. 5/6/2020.

S From East Midlands On 05/06/2020


Long pauses and not very helpful. Shocked to see all the reviews nothing answered

Anon From Xxxx On 21/05/2020

Thanks for the reading this morning, it was very good and I have listened to the Shakin Stevens song A love worth waiting for, but wish I could find the CD will phone u back x 13/5/20

Susan From On 13/05/2020

Love life change

Thank you for our long chat I let you know when John gets in touch and if we meet up how it goes will set my boundaries . I let you know when I find the new job looking forward to job changes . Lots of things feel very positive.see how things progress on point with details and the type of guy he was . Highly recommend nothing ruffled her feathers thank you Janet

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 17/04/2020

Good !

Thank you for lifting my spirits today Janet, a very good read with lots of humour too!

From On 08/04/2020

Oh Janet~

Janet, you make it so easy to open up and speak with you. Thank you for opening my heart and mind to all the wonderful and hopeful opportunities of my future. I feel loved, and feel so grateful tonight to end my day with your grace, kindness and future predictions. I look forward to seeing them come to fruition, thank you~

Jenny From Los Angeles, CA On 19/03/2020

Excellent medium

Amazing detail with mediumship readings, however when she strays from this with predictions, nothing has EVER come to pass. Stay true to your talent as your my go to for mediumship

Kim From Oz On 06/03/2020


Thank you Janet for all your advice and help tonight. You was spot on once again with my situation and picked up on everything I needed to talk about before I opened my mouth. You've been my go to psychic medium for a long time now as I know you give me great insight and advice and coming from a fellow psychic that's a lot. Xx

Carrie From Bedford On 28/02/2020

Amazing reading

Hi Janet thank you for the reading simply amazing xx

Pindi From London On 03/02/2020

Very confused

I cant believe this woman has so many reviews. I had a reading with her tonight and she changed her predictions 3 times and very vague. Also A LOT OF QUIET MOMENTS. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED

Geraldine From Dorset On 03/02/2020


Chinwendu Anamekwe From BIRMINGHAM B15 2GR On 14/12/2019

Lovely lady very funny

I enjoyed talking to Janet. Direct advice- warm and engaging. Five stars!

Patricia From London On 16/10/2019


Prediction did not happen

Jackie From Uk On 04/10/2019

Genuine Reader

She picked up my situation right away without asking any question and using tarot card. She is straight to the point and didn't waste any time. Thank you so much!

Paula From Sydney On 01/10/2019

Amazing reader, true medium and psychic THE BEST DEAL

In only few minutes that I had left on my credit Janet answered my question without prompting, she quickly picked up on the situation and gave me her prediction which is in line with what the best readers have said. Really appreciate your help Janet, sorry we were cut off but I am sending you lot of blessings and love. Will be back when things unfold xxxx

From On 28/07/2019

Thank you

Thank you.

Sharon From Stoke on Trent On 15/05/2019

Fantastic Medium picked up on all my emotions and situation straight away highly recommended and connected to spirit really well spot on thankyou so much for my reading you are truly a amazing inspirational lady all my love xxxxxxx

From On 03/05/2019


Lovely reading with you Janet this evening. You’ve got such a warm and kind manner on the phone. You’ve given me a lot of hope in the not too distant future. I hope your predictions come true. I will be back very soon to let you know if you’re correct. Fingers crossed. Give this lady a try, she is the real deal. Love you xx

Leighton From Brighton On 20/03/2019

Amazing medium.

Fantastic reading by Janet she is the real deal 100% accurate and felt very comforted after speaking with her,strongly recommend her she is such a lovely kind caring person, thank you so much for a brilliant connection to spirit with the one I will always

Sarah From East Midlands. On 25/02/2019


Brilliant mediumship reading with Janet tonight she knew exactly what I had been through this last week noone could have possibly known only that special someone in spirit she is the real deal 100 % accurate, thank you so very

S From Derbyshire On 22/02/2019

Such a lovely woman

Janet is honestly such a beautiful , kind hearted soul , had my first reading with her tonight and got everything spot on and gave me great advice will call again she’s the real deal

P From LDN On 01/02/2019

Thank you

Sometimes you don’t need a reading you just need to talk to someone. Thank you for being so kind and cheering me up. Hope Christmas Day isn’t as bad as I dread.

From Derby On 02/12/2018

Lovely person and very good reading

Couldn’t ask for a better reader. Janet picks up on everything and is such a lovely lady. I have had reading with her for years now and she never lets me down. She is definitely the one to phone for a sincere , precise and honest reading. She doesn’t ask for much info and will pick up immediately on your situation. So go ahead and let Janet read for u , you won’t have any regrets. Thanks again Janet

Nat From London On 19/11/2018


I rang up for a general reading but Janet told me that someone who i have given up on was about to return to my life....she just couldn't have known about him as...i told her nothing. Janet was very specific and detailed, I was amazed how she knew so much about me and about this man..I never told her a thing. Thank you

Lilly From Kent On 17/11/2018



Edel From Cork On 31/10/2018


Have jut spoken to Janet and as with other reviews of this amazing woman I can confirm that she is the best. She is very down to earth and funny and even when having a laugh with her she is very to the point when addressing issues that may be going on. Will definitely call her back for another reading as I have the utmost confidence in her abilities. Thank you Janet, you and your cucumber take care :) xx

C From ENGLAND On 23/10/2018

WOW Beautiful Soul Amazing connections.

Had a wonderful reading with Janet she touched on many areas of my life, accurately. She brought my loved ones in spirit through,made me feel as though they were in the room. A truly gifted and special psychic and a beautiful person. Thankyou.

Louise From Highlands On 11/10/2018

Brill lady xx

Omg she's amazing, tells you how it is and is absolutely hilarious, I foned for something else but she picked up on other struggles which was amazing deffo be speaking to her again I feel great after my chat with her thank you xxx

From On 06/10/2018


Enjoyed the phone call, truly entered my mystical curiosities. Was able to have a quick and deep connection with a laugh too. Quality guidance received and would call again. Picked up on my soul connections without any mention from me. Professional feelings after the call so I've rated Janet 5 stars.

alex From Derbyshire On 24/09/2018

Feeling stronger

Thanks for our chat Janet, I’m now pumped up and feeling a lot stronger after our conversation, im confident your predictions will come to pass, speak to you soon xxx. P.s the cucumber is a brilliant idea!

From On 02/09/2018

Excellent Reading

Third reading from Janet she is just the best has helped me through a terrible time and has given me answers that no one else could have known. Give this lady a call you will not be disappointed.

From On 31/08/2018

Relationship n medium connectionju

Just spoke to Janet. Who gave me clear n strong advice to my questions. Janet was honest and yet seem to realy care about me. Janet was able to connect with both my parents, whom are both passed. She was precise about my mum. Then went in to tell me about my dad even naming him!!!. I would so recommend her . I shall definatly be contacting her again. Send many thanks x x

Tracey From Grimsby On 26/08/2018

Honesty non judgemental

Janet is fantastic non judgemental and honest she will tell u as she sees it love her thank you janet

Maria From Australia On 19/08/2018


I was getting confused about a man, but Janet told me exactly how it was. I believe her and she said she will only tell the truth. Looking forward till all unfold. Thank You soo much for re assurance and i will update you. Gwen

Gwen From UK On 05/08/2018

Honest, funny and on point

My minutes got cut off but I just wanted to thank you Janet! You really have made a huge difference in my thoughts and feelings, and everything you said was on point. I’m looking forward to the next few months to see how everything progresses, and yes I will buy that second cucumber for when it’s needed haha thanks for laughs & reading xx

Kylie From Sydney, Australia On 05/08/2018

Clarity i've been searching for.

couldnt thank janet enough for her honest and insightful reading. she was able to validate the dark period in my life. she has made me feel more positive about the hard times. couldnt fault her reading! i will definitely be back!

Jade Nicole From Melbourne, Australia On 30/07/2018

Janet is the real deal!

Being at a low point in my life I decided to call Janet. She is extremely friendly and kind, as soon as we started to talk I felt as if I knew her since forever. She answered all my questions about my love life and career with remarcabile accuracy. She gave me amazing advice and succeeded in lifting my morale. I've contacted quite a lot of clairvoyants and psichics over the years and I can truly say that Janet gave one of the best readings I ever had!

Alex From Bristol On 29/07/2018

Honest reader

Thank you for your honest view that things will not work with my current dream, but that another is on the way before oct.. and it will be powerful. I am so looking forward to that. Thank you.

L From AUS On 20/07/2018

Love her

Ive come back to this lady again and again over the last rough yr and a half. Today ive been very anxious and left the call laughing between cucumbers and knickers on my head. She is very certain of her readings and if it happens janet i will put my knickers on my head ha

From On 13/07/2018

Great reading

Lovely reader and lovely to talk to pick up on a lot of things and really convincing that she is accuarate I believe she has a gift waiting to see what she has predicted comes true would recommend

LIam From Sheffield On 10/07/2018

Beautiful Lady

Love your readings, I hope predictiona come to pass. I will keep you updated

Ranzy From Australia On 08/07/2018

Spot on !!

Janet is an incredibly gifted lady !! I was shocked by the accuracy of her readings and I absolutely love her energy.I had readings with Janet on several occasions and she always picks up on what's really going on in my life- she hits the the nail on the head !I highly recommend Janet to everyone who is looking for clarity, warmth and guidance.Thank you Janet :) You are one in a million! xxx

Miriam From Horsham On 07/07/2018

AlwAys fab

Sorry couldnt top up. I keep returning to you as you always hit the nail on the head. Will update when predictions happen

S From I On 03/06/2018


Connected quickly. She picked up a personal work endeavour I am pursuing without any prompts. Not that I was doing it but exactly what it was! Then went on to talk about a new home I was looking at, she described it without prompts! I think she even shocked herself how accurate she was :-).Amazingly accurate I look forward to see if the predictions come true, regardless, I know I’m on the right track. Thank you Janet it was great connecting. Bless you x

From On 21/05/2018


Brilliant reading and very funny lady with a great sense of humour. Thank you for making me laugh, I really needed that and thank you for your very positive reading. Take care and speak soon xx

Anonymous From England On 14/05/2018

Good connection

Super connection good reading

Misty From Somerset On 02/05/2018


I have jus got off the phone to Janet as I was upset about a few situations and she was able to pick up on my situation straight away. Janet picked up on my situation and advised me of the truth when I went through to another reader on another site who did not tell me the truth. Janet is the real deal guys and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Thank-you for making me laugh Janet with your cucumber stories as well as amazingly picking up on my situation and advising me of the outcome. Thank-you very, very much, your amazing, not to mention the brightest star and again Thank-you!

Charlene From London On 28/04/2018

Second reading :)

I came back to Janet, because I had a few readings last month regarding a love situation-everyone else said something would happen that week but Janet said it'd be awhile longer-this month-and she was right! This call was less of a reading as I gave her more info and more of a catchup, she's very easy to speak to. She reassured me on my situation and made another prediction so hopefully this too will pass! Recommend this lady as she picks up vibes well, and doesn't just use tarot. My first reading I gave very little away and she picked up the angels surrounding me straight away. I too am a reader so I can be picky and sometimes feel people just use intuiton to read, but I do believe Janet has a gift.

Elizabeth From Scotland, UK On 25/04/2018

Second reading I have had with Janet, both are consistent with her validations. Predictions from the 1st reading did unfold now have to wait for the predictions from the 2nd reading but I am confident.

From On 11/04/2018


Janet is great, what a tonic! Got my situation right away and was accurate in all she said. She is lovely too, honest but reassuring. Ring her, she's fab!

eve From northampton On 08/04/2018

Superb ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Has read for me several times. Very accurate, doesn’t waste your minutes. A lovely and very warm person with great sense of humour. Gold!

SM From Oxon On 05/04/2018

Prediction came true

Janet predicted that I would see a man who likes me in next few weeks - happened within one week!!.

From UK On 31/03/2018


A, going through a bad patch with everything but Janet said it will all turn round so Let's see

Penelope From London On 10/03/2018


Everything came through she is brilliant give a 100%

Amanda From England On 08/03/2018


Janet connected with the person I was talking about and said things would be sorted out . She picked up that it is not easy to talk to this man and I was getting frustrated by the situation, we would talk and things would improve.

Penelope From London On 19/02/2018


I've spoken to Janet twice now. First time she told me things would happen in 12 weeks and I didn't believe her - it was impossible - but crazy things happened and I had to pull dates forward and said event happened in 12 weeks! Just called again and she picked up on my situation and gave me some great advice. Yet to see if it happens obviously but I'm optimistic and feeling much more confident to make some changes I was scared of making Pryor to the call. She's also so friendly and lovely to talk to.

Rachael From Brisbane On 18/02/2018

Spot on!

A great reading for the seemingly hopeless situation I'm in. Let's hope it all plays out like I've been told. Fingers crossed.

Nicholas From Essex On 09/02/2018

Funny and uplifting

I have had a reading with her when I was feeling down and she made me feel better. Although I ended up cutting communication with the guy I spoke to her about, I felt happy because Janet’s prediction had unfolded. There’s a new guy in the picture and Janet picked up on what I already know bout the guy and added that if things don’t work out the way I expect, I will meet someone who will appreciate me but what matters is that I am happy at present. I had a good laugh and I felt at peace with everything after the reading. Janet is a lovely lady, please give her a call.

SR From Birmingham On 01/02/2018

God bless you Jan

Very real and down to earth, told me many things that were accurate and made me laugh! Thanks Jan

Nicci From Birmingham On 29/01/2018


Janet is the best had a reading with her last year and everything she said was right just waiting for everything she said tonight to come true best reader on here x

M From London On 29/01/2018

Repeat client

Fabulous lady. I’ve returned repeatedly to Janet over the years for readings as not only does she connect with me 100% - she’s also been proven to be accurate before and a very positive and funny lady. Thank you Janet for you help and uplifting reading.

Jonathan From Leeds On 24/01/2018

I've come back again and thank you!

Janet I sit here thinking about the reading I had with you earlier today with tears in my eyes. Thank you once again for making me feel a little better with my situation about my partner and I. I spoke to you last year and you were spot on with the timings on when he'll be back and he came back. Today, you felt my devastation though you uplifted me with your positive thoughts and feelings that he will be back again. I came back to you today as I know last year you were correct with your predictions but also you just uplifted me with your thoughts, feelings and even made me laugh again. Thank you for your cucumber stories again- I'll be sure to just put one on my coffee table and will even buy a lottery ticket and put the cucumber on top. Bless you Janet for your continued support, love and light. I will be back again to update you on my situation. Love you, Sonia..Xx

Sonia From Australia On 08/01/2018

She is wonderful!

Janet is so good, I love talking to her. She is like an old friend and always has me in fits of giggles! Thank u Janet, you are the best.

From On 04/01/2018

My regular reader

Picks up loved ones very quickly with accuracy. My situation is ongoing so sometimes it feels more like advice but when I bring it back to oreductions Janet is very quick to tune in again. I don’t mind the advice as it’s always grounded and objective and given she is my go to reader, it’s understandable as she knows the situation so well

Layla From Aus On 01/01/2018

Thank you

Janet is lovely! Really kind and amazing. She tunes in quickly and delivers her reading with great accuracy. She make you feel so much better with her humour and kindness. Thanks very much. Do ring Janet everyone!

eve From northampton On 10/12/2017


Janet always uplifts me whenever I ring her and has helped me through a very difficult time. She always helps me look at things in an empowering way and has been firm with her predication. Thank you Janet for all the support. You always bring a smile to my face no matter what I see in front you always tell me to think of where I want to be because it’s around the corner. Thank you

A From London On 26/11/2017

Amazing reading, I felt so close to Janet as soon as she answered, she gave me something and everything I needed . Thank you the best thing iv ever done and I’ll definitely be in touch again god bless and again thank you Your an angel between us and our loved ones ❤️

Mary From On 19/11/2017

Such a sweet lady

Such a sweet lady :) Janet seemed to pick up on my situation really quickly, and gave me really good advice and insight. I just hope it all falls into place like she said. Thanks Janet

tracy From On 13/11/2017

my reading with janet

wow well what can i say about janet she was spot on with the reading that i had with her tonight.she has the tendancy to know all about my personal and private life she was spot on i was left gobsmaked with what she told me janet i am going to give you 12 stars because you dersive it you are fantastic i will phone you again thank you again and i look forward to talking to you again love the joke about the cucumber thank you annamarie2013 from london 28/10/2017

annamarie2013 From london On 28/10/2017

One of the best here

had a 5 min reading before Janet and wished i had come here first. She is straight to the point and re-assured me the previous reader was talking nonsense. I like her style and she gives good validations and just waiting on her predictions coming in now. Lovely lady and nice chat whatever happens. Thank you x

From On 21/10/2017

Wasn't to sure if to do anymore phone readings but after speaking to Janet I'm pleased I did she hit the nail on the head with a birthday and after speaking to my step dad when you said John it was his dad with my step nana and there's actually a few jims that drinker with my dad I only hope now that your predictions come to be I'll be playing that sing every day for 28 days like you said and looking out for the cucumber lol lovely read I'll be back again soon for more.

Danielle From Nottingham On 11/10/2017


thankyou delightful reading phone back when have more money

aVRIL From SCOTLAND On 10/10/2017

a love;y reader

this lady is very straight forward and tells you how it is. she is fantastic! love her. Her cucumber stories are funny. lets hope the predictions come true and that all turns out well, fingers x. do try her she is great! thank you, thank you!

J From london On 25/09/2017

Thank You

Hi Janet, (I apologise if this review may be a double up) I've now spoken to you a few times about my situation with my partner the last week and all I can say is thank you so much for your gentleness and positive energy you're sending me. You have been absolutely amazing, coaching me along to be positive and guiding your true positive energy. I will admit I've veered off course a couple of times though you've given me nothing but strength and courage. I adore your honesty and uplifting soul. You were so right of ''warning" me of a couple of friends trying to project negative energy towards me of this situation and since then I have distanced myself from them. Thank you for your words of advice of "don't do normal" and I've taken on these words wholeheartedly. Truly, I'm so happy to have discovered. Thank you again for your helping me. Love, Sonia..Xx

Sonia From Australia On 25/09/2017

Thank you

Hi Janet, I've spoken to you a few times this week about my partner and my situation. You've been so supportive and positive and reassuring me it will all be ok and we will get back on track. I thank you so much for your love, honesty and support with my situation as your guidance and just reassurance in your voice is making me more settled albeit at times I may veer off track. I look forward to calling you again with my news of my partner and I being back on track again. Thank you again for your kindness..xx

Sonia From Australia On 25/09/2017

So good

Very few people so far on many different sites have picked up my situation but Janet got every bit Amazing

S From Midlands On 23/09/2017

Uplifting lovely Reading

This lady was just a God send! What an amazing uplifting reading full of hope and love. Had me in kinks of laughter with her Cucumber stories which will be just as famous as her insightful physic readings for her clients!! She is a beautiful soul as well as being very switched on to my situation. And how she just picks up on your situation straight away with such a positive way at looking at things that gives you such hope for the future. I just love this lady to bits! She truely is one of Gods Angels ❤️

Sandra From Western Isles On 11/09/2017


Thankyou Janet for the reading! made me feel much better after i was feeling down will definitely let you know whether the prediction came to light hopefully it will:)

Sam From London On 07/09/2017

Picked up on a situation that I didn't ask about but have been looking for answers to for over 15 years. Feeling hopeful xx

Sandra From Cheshire On 03/09/2017

love this lady.. absolutely fab

Thank you so much for not only picking up on my situation but helping me at a difficult time.. im never going to look at a cucumber quite the same im still in hysterical with laughter..didnt need to answer questions as she connected with me right away...ill get that cucumber and scratch card lol...looking forward to your predictions coming true i really cant wait and thank you so much.. get back to you soon and let you know how it goes xx

Sharon From wales On 28/08/2017

love this lady.. absolutely fab

Thank you so much for not only picking up on my situation but helping me at a difficult time.. im never going to look at a cucumber quite the same im still in hysterical with laughter..didnt need to answer questions as she connected with me right away...ill get that cucumber and scratch card lol...looking forward to your predictions coming true i really cant wait and thank you so much.. get back to you soon and let you kniw hiw it goes xx

Sharon From wales On 28/08/2017


Tuned in quickly. Gave information on a situation I have needed answers to for years without me even asking. Really pleased with my reading will call again

Sandra From Cheshire On 26/08/2017


Easy going. Like speaking to a friend. Very understanding. Hope and wait for prediction to come true.

Maria From Birmingham On 22/08/2017

Spot on reading - a keeper!

I had to write up a review for this lady as im ever so pleased with the readings she has been giving me. Ive had readings with many different readers i find it hard to find a good accurate reader to connect with but this lady has given me several readings that have all been ever so accurate, with hardly any information from me about my life. Certainly a lady i will be sticking with!

Gina From Eccles On 21/08/2017

Edge of my seat

Thank you Janet for my positive reading .. you put my mind at rest re a certain gentleman and when I asked you to confirm that we were speaking about the correct person you confirmed to me from that your guide could see exactly how I was sitting during the reading .. ie at the very end of my sofa on the edge of sofa cushion ... Amazing .... x

Lala From UK On 15/08/2017


Thank you for the honest reading. It is exactly what I need to know. Will take your advice.

J From Australia On 12/08/2017

Cucumber no. 8

Janet I've got 8 cucumbers in my fridge I'm waiting to have a cucumber party with the cucumber crazy girls.... Joking aside... thank you for a lovely reading... Will be in touch after results.... keep up the good work and positve spirit thst you send out to all... love you...

J From Birmingham On 05/08/2017

Great reader

Rang Janet a few days ago and received the clearest readjng yet. Only gave her my name and the name of the person i was asking about and she was spot on with what she told me. I am much clearer on what to do now. She was a delight to talk to and makes you very comfortable. Thanks so much Janet, will ring again soon.

From Australia On 04/08/2017


I value honesty I need and want to hear the truth I know the truth ,I know when someone has an ability a gift to deliver the truth and I'll except it with grace that's why I call Janet because that's exactly what she does ,she delivers her message with integrity honesty and belief in what her spirit guides are telling her . An absolute pleasure to be able to have guidance from you Janet , God Bless and thank you x Helena 10.07.17

Helena From North East UK On 10/07/2017

defiantly recommend her!

Janett is the best of the best! every time we talk shes so friendly, caring and gets the reading spot on every time! she so easy to talk to absolutely the best with out a doubt. thank you so much hun xx

Alexandra From London On 10/07/2017


So many good reviews yet when I got through to you you automatically assumed everything was bad with me and quite the opposite of my current position. When I corrected you the rest of your reading was vague and something I would give a gf advice on.... :(

From Australia On 05/07/2017

So good

I told her he had moved said he will be back Hope so

Ss From Uk On 02/07/2017

Lovely lady, great reading

I've been to you many times because of your lovely nature and exceptional skills: thank you

Carrie From Bedfordshire On 08/06/2017

I feel it coming

Janet was spot on prediction for work. Offered a new recently. Thank you Janet I am really putting the cucumber to good use. Blessings and love to you

Eve From London On 01/06/2017

3rd reading

3rd reading with you and you still say he will return. You picked up on what hes doing at the moment. Its all really hurting but you made me see its temporary. The cucumber reviews?? Funny. Feeling better and ill try to stay positive

S From Ireland On 20/05/2017

Cucumber No 4!

An amazing lady, once again thank you so much. I was really feeling down before I made the call but Janet was spot on and so uplifting that it really has made a huge difference to me I would highly recommend this lady to give a reading.

Lynn From London On 02/05/2017


I was at crossroads with a love interest. Spoke to Janet and she plainly told me the truth. Now that I have read her reviews looking forward to the future. Will call her again when things develop. Lovely lady who is easy to speak with. Bright blessings xxx

Maria. From Birmingham On 28/04/2017

Spot on

You said I would not hear from him till the 10 April which Was 3 weeks away , I Hurd from him on the 9th April . Waiting for rest to happen thank you , try this lady what she say dose happen

Julie From Motfolk On 17/04/2017


I have just come had a reading with Janet amazing. She is amazing and 100% spot on. Sorry I got it off from my network provider but she is an amazing reader and I know she was telling the truth. She is one of the best readers that I have spoken to so far. Thank you Janet for your guidance, your amazing!

Charlene From London On 09/04/2017


Immediate connection to present situation. Full accurate descriptions of people and issues. Funny, friendly and fabulous advice. Highly recommended.

marg From merseyside On 05/04/2017


Way off mark. Everything Janet said felt like guess work this time around.

steph From Canada On 03/04/2017

Absolutely amazing reader!

So lovely talking to you Janet. I thank you so much for your time and energy you put while you were talking to me. Words can't justify you as a reader, healer and special inspirational, words will fall shorts to describe you. Amazing soul! A true human being in the way you make your client feel so relaxed and excellent listener. I recommend you highly to anyone who is reading my review,friends and family. You are great reader in terms of accuracy, you touched on my past and current situation and I will update you on my progress. God bless.

Rimii From London On 29/03/2017

Cucumber no3

Absolutely fantastic reading, felt so lost before my reading. She was so positive and so cheery she had me giggling before i hung up. She picked up on so many things with out any prompting at all DEFINITELY THE REAL DEAL. But she will give u a honest reading. Thank u Janet an absolute pleasure and a privilege xx

Sarah-jane From Highlands On 21/03/2017

Pretty Vague

Her reading started off positive but she became quite repetitive and vague and in the end I just felt like I was being counselled more than being read for.

am From Northumberland On 19/03/2017

Lovely lady

Fantastic reading full of hope. Listened to the song you advised and yes, it is where I am right now. Thak you and I'll be in touch soon x

Sandra From Scotland On 16/03/2017


Janet thank you so much for giving me the guidance and insight that l needed tonight the connection we had was unbelievable. Janet is a beautiful selfless kind lady inside and out,100% geniune and an oustanding gifted reader who does connect with her spirit guides, she calls a spade a spade no waffle or pretence,she will tell you what spirit gives. You picked up on my currant situation without any questions asked and left me speechless which l can honestly say is not very often as l am very hard to connect with.l have had many readings over the years but you are defiantly up there with the best and no tarot cards were needed!You are a breath of fresh air and it has truly been an absolute pleasure to speak with you and l will keep you updated. The more you open your mind before you call Janet she will connect with you and give you a positive indepth accurate reading. Thank you, God bless, love and prayers coming your way Theresa Xx

Theresa From Uk On 15/03/2017

Extremely Lovely lady

Thank you for being such a good listener and for the positive reading you gave me. I am feeling a whole lot better about my situation and look forward to your prediction coming true. I think you are wonderful !! x

Sandra From On 03/03/2017

lovely Lady !

she is very gentle and lovely lady.. highly recommended



I feel like I owe you so much that I can never be able thank you for it. Been having readings with you for a while now and I don't know if I could trust anyone else as you were able to pick up my partners (J's) energy before he passed over the last few months and again a few days after he died. We have found the brown envelope which turns out he had sent to a friend, we are still looking for the ring which I think I may have found a way of getting to it. I highly recommend anyone contacting Janet for a reading as she has I don't know what's I would have done without her.

Lynn From London On 28/02/2017

3rd time lucky!

Hi Janet.. Thank you so much for our conversation tonight. I will definitely be calling back to hear how you've progressed. I am so super grateful for our connection. Much love & Light to you my friend. I look forward to my transformation and telling you more about it all xxxx

Victoria From Northamptonshire On 17/02/2017

Emotional and accurate reading

Janet is a lovely medium. She picked up my father in spirit and told me how much he wished he'd hugged me more when I was younger. The tears were streaming down my face because all I wanted was to cuddle my dad but he always seemed a little reluctant. Her message gave me no doubt that she was channeling my father and it brought so much comfort in knowing that he missed me too. I feel him around me and I can hear his voice in my head but his passing is still very raw so it was lovely to be able to have that confirmation from Janet that I'm not losing my mind! Lol. I look forward to having another chat with my dad through Janet. She's so lovely and straight talking xxx

JC From England On 15/02/2017

Amazing 10 Stars

Had a reading with this lady recently. Was blown away with messages she was getting from a family member that passed over some years ago. Gave her no information and her accuracy was spot on. Told me so many things that know one could have Known. Told me from a message from the other side that I would find money down a certain chair and I did, also told about an upcoming job of which I got. Looking forward to her other predictions which based on the other I feel will come true. Would recommend 100 per cent . This lady is truly gifted.

Tom From Scotland On 13/02/2017

Quick reading but was all i needed the point and accurate. No nonsense. Its amazing how you can pick up on things on wats going on around me i could have spoken to u for longer but as i said just under 10 minutes was enough. Excellent. Thanks Janet

Daniella From melb AU On 12/02/2017


She told me about my parents in spirit what they looked like spot on what they passed away from spot on my dads sayings spot on she told me the exact day I'd hear from my girl even the time spot on she's no phoney thanks Janet xx

Clarky From Stockport On 10/02/2017

Could of spoken with Janet for hours... Lovely lady great connection

Lovely reading with Janet yesterday evening was a little lost for words about the details but looking foward for better things... I will be thinking of my 5 a day or a cucumber or 2 a week

Cleo From On 07/02/2017

You was right

Funny that we spoke last night, when I got to work this morning my ex had sent an email to my work email. Haven't taken the plunge to call him just yet. I hope you remember speaking to me, you said we were thinking the same thing, so pick up the phone and call him. Thank you

Anon From U.K. On 02/02/2017

Best Reading Ever!!!!

Janet is wonderful and gave me some tips on cucumbers!!! But most of All, She gave me a fabulous reading and helped me with a reading that was spot on thank you Janet God Bless Beautiful!!!!

Yaya From London On 01/02/2017

Lovely Reader

I had a reading for the third time with Janet and as usual she's fantastic and have a great sense of humour. She can see everything in my situation and she knew exactly what's happening! Amazing reader! She cheers me up and gives good advice. I'm no longer confused. She opened my eyes and she's telling the truth about my love life. Will call her again and look forward to her predictions. Thanks a lot Janet! You're a Godsend! xxx

Edna from London 29/01/2017 From London On 30/01/2017

I am not sure about this reading at all. She picked up that I was going to meet a man after asking if I was single so that is why I am not so sure about the reading. Something is going on in my life that is drastic and hurtful and she did not pick this up. If I meet this wonderful man I will phone back and say sorry for not believing. She was a nice person to talk to and she has good reviews so maybe it was not my time to be read.

Not sure about this reading From On 22/01/2017

Beautiful soul

Janet is a really lovely psychic. If you want a genuine reading you should try Janet. There is something about her that is warm and helpful. You will feel relaxed speaking to her. She genuinely wants to help. Thank you Janet. With lots of love.

frances From Australia On 19/01/2017


A real physic!! My regular reader, predictions on point. Thanks for all your guidance xxxxxx

From On 14/01/2017

Janet has the best the best reader on her she actually helped me thank u so much xx

Miranda From On 14/01/2017


What a wonderful woman you are!! Must give this special lady a call , I was so distraught after so many years of sadness and she managed in a few minutes to turn everything around.looking forward to your beautiful predictions and will keep you up-to-date . What's with you and your cucumber??? Very funny ..

Alessia From Australia On 04/01/2017

A beautiful spirit ...

A beautiful spirit that had me in stitches! What a funny lady, so full of insight.thank you Janet. I've recommended you to my friends because they too need your cheer and upliftment.

Lau From NY On 03/01/2017

Lovely but caution with her advice

Very good with tuning in. Very chilled. But has given bad advice in the past. So go to her for an accurate psychic reading but take her advice with a pinch of salt

From On 01/01/2017

Thank you

Lovely straightforward reader who reminded me to stay positive and to laugh x

Ires From Melbourne On 23/12/2016

Pleasantly surprised

I had not had a reading with Janet before but I'm glad I did. She was very reassuring and I felt so much better after our call. She was very thorough and will definitely be talking to her again

Anya From London On 20/12/2016


A beautiful reading. I hope what she told me comes true. She was straight to the point without questions or date of birth. She made me feel so much better. Thank you thank you thank you xx. Love and light

Patsy From Australia On 03/12/2016


Best phone reading I've ever had. Janet tuned into my Dad and got everything right word by word what he used to say to me... she also got my career & love spot on. Thanks so much for all your guidance.. love you lots sending positive vibes to you xxxxxxx will deffos be calling again thanks. Kay

From On 03/12/2016


amazing caring lady to talk too and insanely accurate in hers readings. truly recommended xxxx

emma From wales On 26/10/2016


amazing lady. really gifted and accurate.absolutely fab. love my readings janet always true and accurate. lovely caring woman too. xxxxx

emma From wales On 25/10/2016


I was feeling very negative about my life in general. Janet put a smile back on my face and I feel a big weight lifting off me. Im starting to beleive in myself again. From the bottom of my heart thank you Janet. Ive called before and ill call again when your prediction comes to be.

Georgia From Australia On 20/10/2016

Absolutely perfect

I've spoken to Janet quite a lot of times now and she truely connects with you she helped me on a reading of a love interest but as the calls went on that untangled and I was told stuff no one would know she's helped me understand why things are pointing me in my direction of my ex and explained a lot of positivey and change very fast which has indeed started to happen Janet predicted quite a few things that made sense n happened day's later n also explained steps I needed to take to take the right direction Janet is truely connected to the spiritual world and the only person I will use on the site!!

Jamie From Runcorn On 16/10/2016


Janet connected straightaway, pinpointed my issues. I was amazed how accurate she was with my past. Put me at ease straightaway. I felt very positive after her reading. Also told me alot positive things that will happen. Will definately phone her back with a update. Im the indian lady with issues with her family.Thank you Janet.

Miss P From London On 14/10/2016

Great Connection

Just had a amazing reading with Janet. Im the asian lady with family problems. I was feeling very low. Janet connected with the issues straightaway.Spot on with my issues, straight to the point. I felt very positive after talking to her. Predicted alot of positive things. Now will wait for them to happen. Thank you Janet, Will definately call you again with the update.

Miss P From London On 14/10/2016

As always, a spot on reading and very uplifting. I am buying the cucumber and scratchie tomorrow and believing in myself and's to our coffee catchup in my little cafe one day in the near future xoox

J From Australia On 06/10/2016


Spoke to Janet today for the first time..she didn't ask any questions, she was totally spot on about everything. One of the best readings I've had:)x She confirmed what I feel in my gut:)x God bless you Janet, thankyou:)x

Sandra From Wiltshire On 01/10/2016


Janet is really good she talked to me about past without me telling and she was spot on, also she said I have a bright future, waiting for prediction to happen. Thank you Janet

Faton From London On 28/09/2016

Great Reader

Thanks Janet For your support today and non judgemental manner. I downloaded the song you suggested and you were right it was like another reading. Thank you x

J From Australia On 21/09/2016


Fabulous reading. Everything was spot on even the course I am about to start. No one could of predicted that but Janet did. Love and light xx

Sacha From On 18/09/2016


Fabulous reading. Everything was spot on even the course I am about to start. No one could of predicted that but Janet did. Love and light xx

Sacha From On 18/09/2016

Janet's ace

It came true!! Janet is the real deal

Allie From yorkshire On 11/09/2016

Love and career

Janet thank you so much for making me smile and lol, such a lovely lady with a beautiful spirit. She never asked any questions just got straight down to it and tuned in on my situation straight away, spot on thank you so much xxx ps I'll never look at a cucumber in the same way again ???????????????????? xxx

J from uk From Uk On 08/09/2016

Lovely lady

Spoke to Janet for the first time tonight and I was really impressed. She picked up on so much without me saying anything. Feeling really positive now that we will get back together even though there still isn't much contact. Will be back for another reading when predictions happen. Thank you so much x

A From Uk On 27/08/2016

Great reading

Thank you Janet , will call again soon xx

Steven From north wlaes On 02/08/2016

Beautiful uplifment

Rang up in the dumps about men.. left reading feeling uplifted and empowered. Real, down to earth, no sugar coating.

Clare From Liverpool On 29/07/2016

Kind Caring Lady

Had a reading with this kind caring lady who accurately picked up on a family situation without me providing any clues also kept on reassuring me about how my life will b in future This lady is so so so lovely understanding please do give her a call thank u veri much Janet for all ur best wishes may god always bless u with love Catherine will call again X

Catherine From London On 25/07/2016

Had my first reading with Janet and found her to be a lovely, bubbly lady. A positive feel good person.

J From Scotland On 09/07/2016

About my x

Wow weeeee what a reading she has gave me so much hope that robbie will be back shortly I hope so....she is so nice and kind and hilarious really bubbly lady ....UR definitely one of the best pyshics on here...I will phone you again when me and robbie are back together hopefully very soon xxx

Nicola webb From Brierley hill On 17/06/2016

Janet is always consistent with her readings and remembers the situation so clearly, so there is never a need to repeat yourself. She lifted me up when I had a less comforting reading before her which deep down I knew wasn't true. She's such a lovely woman xx

Jess From On 25/05/2016

Funny straight talker

Just had my 3rd reading with Janet. Straight talking no nonsense with this woman, which personally i luv. Always tunes into whatever is going on around me and predictions always happen like she says. Keeping the faith and staying positive. Thank u Janet

Jo From Glasgow On 16/05/2016


Thanks so so much Janet you truly are a beautiful person and for giving me the strength to go forward and yes I will try being positive knowing things will definitely work in my favor luv Josie xxoo

J From A On 14/05/2016

Thank you

Janet thank you for my reading your a beautiful Lady have given me so much hope I pray with all my heart what you predicted will come true! Definitely call you back soon xxoo

J From A On 11/05/2016

So Accurate

Janet Thank you for your guidance and inspiration,sheding pure light around my situation for you are truly gifted.l feel blessed that we connected on the higher realm your accuracy and pleasant nature is divine You are a STAR in Aquarius.

Val From Australia On 06/05/2016

Main prediction happened !!

Janet predicted my soul mate would contact me within 2 weeks with big changes being made and more to come. Ehhh he apoeared early hours saturday morn 23/4/16 throwing stones at my window to wake me up so he could tell me he loved me and wanted to be in it for the long haul..janet is another brilliant psychic on here. I will be back x

Jo From Scotland On 24/04/2016

Sorry Janet we got disconnected. Thank you again for your help, I will try to remain positive and take each day as it comes. You made me feel better when I was at a really low point. Xxx

jess From On 10/04/2016

Reading with depth, sincerity and a great sense of humour!

Never had a reading quite like this before. Janet is hilarious! She picked up on some key things about me and it was magical! She is the real deal. She could see the characters around me and decisions that needed to be made. She gave me the cold hard facts. No fluff or sugar coating. Totally love her style. Looking forward to the predictions unfolding and to catching up soon. Thanks for putting a smile on my face. xxx

G S From Scotland On 22/03/2016

Real Connection

This is the second time I've spoken to Janet. She is a lovely lady who I feel a real connection with. I received some news which devastated me but once I had spoken to Janet my whole mood lifted and I believe that what she said to me will come about. No sugar coating with this lady, she says it like it is, she is straight talking and very uplifting. An excellent reader.

Helen From Lancashire On 19/03/2016

Wonderful Reading!

Very positive. I feel better like I can go on.

Rima B From Maryland On 17/03/2016

Mini Eggs and Lottery Numbers

This lady is the most down to earth genuine reader on here..The mini eggs and lottery numbers have a very significant meaning to me and Janet gave me this straight away..Positive uplifting reader..If you want the truth and putting on the right track she will give you just that..Times, dates ,predictions are all coming true.. This lady is special and her connection is fabulous X

Alison From Huddersfield On 11/03/2016


My experience was Excellant . Unlike some readers who ask so many questions, you wonder if they are really psychic she is the real deal..........very accurate ...........asks hardly any questions............I felt she is a medium and clairvoyant. ..........the real well spent

Cec From Buckinghamshire On 04/03/2016

Lovely lady

What a nice, accommodating, wonderful lady is Janet. Thank you for talking to me Janet and I am sure the reading you have given me will come to fruition.

Andrew From Australia On 04/03/2016


Janet has been a good friend on this line and helped me through a lot of shit in my life. Thank you so much

Marianna From Surrey On 01/03/2016

Nice Reading!

I enjoyed talking to Janet. She answered my questions and helped me sort through a lot. I feel much better! God Bless!

Rima B From Maryland On 27/02/2016


Thank you Janet for your wonderful readings regarding my love life and for your fantastic postive energy. I am looking and feeling hopeful about my predictions about communication and sure they'll come to pass with your great intuition. And thank you for remembering me! Jess x

Jess From On 10/02/2016

Shes a beautiful person says everything the way it is love you janet and the cucumber lol.

zara From london On 09/02/2016

Janet was fantastic! Really lifted my spirits and felt like I could ask her anything. She gave me evidence of the spirit world with messages from my grandad and gave me good luck with her cucumber guidance ha!

From On 08/02/2016

Thank you so much for my reading got everything spot on .my mum passed away last year she got her straight away and about my partner thanks again x

caroline brown From scotland On 06/02/2016

Reading on Work, Career and Family

I have been calling Trusted Psychics for well over 3 years, and can definitely say that I have had the best reading so far from Janet, she was really tuned into my psyche, knew exactly what I wanted to know and was straight forward and honest in giving me the answers. I actually felt really good after talking with her, she really lifted my morale and will definitely be calling her again. Janet you are absolutely amazing, God bless you for the wonderful gift that you have, will be calling back cheers, Rosaria

Rosaria Aloi From Melbourne, Australia On 02/02/2016

What a brilliant reader

Omg Janet was the best reader I have spoke to on this site she picked up on my situation without any kind of information which totally blew me away :) no sugar coating just the honest truth ,, I will definetly be back with an update and got my fingers crossed that all my predictions pan out thank u so much hun U have really put a smile back on my face :::)))))) AAAAA++++++*****

Vicky From On 28/01/2016


lovely reading from Janet who touched on one or two points that struck home....positive insights that cheered me up! Thankyou....miles of smiles xxx

Katy From Devon On 03/01/2016


Absolutely brilliant again definitely recommend Janet xx

rose From Cardiff On 12/12/2015

Thanks Janet was really anxious, You put my mind at ease you was able to tell me what I had been predicted 8 months ago. Thank you once again.

Rose From London On 24/11/2015


Absolutely brilliant found my reader xx

rose From Cardiff On 01/11/2015


janet is a lovely lady and I would like to say thanks for the reading.i will be calling you again.god bless Jo xx

From On 30/11/-0001

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