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Thank you for your reading, you were kind and reassuring.

Sue From Derby On 21/04/2022


Ten stars from me! No messing around dived straight in. You are amazing and so lovely. Cannot wait to update you in a few months xxxx

QUITE ATTRACTIVE From Midlands On 03/02/2022

So So So Good

Maggie is an Angel and its a blessing to have a reading from her. So so so good and such a wonderful person on top of that. She is very special.

PM From West Mildnads On 18/01/2022


Such a wonderful reader, uplifting and accurate.

PM From West Midlands On 04/01/2022

Review from December reading.

Two of the predictions have happened so far!

Lm From Somerset On 04/01/2022


Maggie is brilliant. She takes her time with your reading, explaining everything in detail so you understand. She gave me some clear yet bold predictions. Here’s hoping they come to fruition.

Leighton From Brighton On 30/12/2021


Thank you so much Maggie for a brilliant reading this afternoon.. Absolutely spot on. It was a pleasure to talk to you. xxx

Carrie From Kent On 29/12/2021

Good Heart

Maggie has a good heart. Takes time to listen to you and gives good good and useful information I do hope that the predictions come to pass and will post again when they do do I'm so excited

Rose From Wales On 05/12/2021


Had a reading with this lady yesterday. She has a really good knowledge of her cards, she gave me very accurate scenarios of my life right now and what maybe in the future. This lady didn’t waste time talking about herself and maximised the time answering my questions. If her predictions for the future are as accurate as what she gave for the present she will be highly recommended. Either way, of 20yrs of having readings she has the best knowledge of the tarot.

LM From Uk On 03/12/2021

Had a reading with this lady yesterday. She has a really good knowledge of her cards, she gave me very accurate scenarios of my life right now and what maybe in the future. This lady didn’t waste time talking about herself and maximised the time answering my questions. If her predictions for the future are as accurate as what she gave for the present she will be highly recommended. Either way, of 20yrs of having readings she has the best knowledge of the tarot.

LM From Uk On 03/12/2021

Amazing 100% Brillant

This lady is the real deal. Absolutely spot on in everything she said, that it blew my mind. A lovely lady and a pleasure to have spoken with her.

Anne-Marie From Cardiff On 20/09/2021

Not great

She didn’t connect very well and then said I don’t know as soon as she said that I was lost - left mor confused than I started

Birmingham From Birmingham On 19/09/2021

18/9/21 WOW I only had a few minutes with Maggie couldn't believe what she was telling me cannot wait for things to manifest thank you so much , please print

From On 18/09/2021


Thank you Maggie for your kindness and reassurance but also for your excellent psychic abilities.

Ann From Scotland On 09/09/2021

Brilliant Reader

Maggie is an intuitive tarot reader, so she'll draw cards and link into them herself. She's able to pick up the smallest of details in lightning speed. I was at a very low point this evening and Maggie knew exactly what the issues were. Everything she said has made me feel that all will be ok. If you want to wait to speak to the right reader, this is the one. Thank you Maggie.

Anonymous Caller From Australia On 08/09/2021




Great reader

A great reader helpful and positive. Thank you

Will From London On 08/08/2021

Like a story teller

This lady read my cards in such away that I saw my future and past in pictures. It was as real as it gets. Utterly amazing.

Paula From On 28/07/2021

Beautiful Soul

What a lovely lady, so caring and intuitive. A really great experience. I will call again.

From On 13/07/2021

Fantastic reader

Thank you Maggie brilliant reading. Will let you know. X

L From Uk On 20/06/2021


Thank you for your positive reading. Predictions and validations were given. No questions were asked. She was confident yet compassionte. Lovely reader.

Anna From London On 20/06/2021

Just had reading with Maggie picked up situation very well can’t wait for prediction to happen xxx

From Amazing On 14/06/2021

Excellent, genuine reader!

Thank you Maggie! You picked up on everything and you brought me so much positivity! It was like talking to a friend but with the predictions as an extra! Thank you! My favourite!

Marie From London On 22/05/2021

Very reassuring

Had a lovely reading today sorry the credit ran out. She offered reassurance, deep insight that resonated, and the counseling I needed in a time of great anxiety. Thanks Maggie x

Selina From London On 21/05/2021


We hit it of to a questions reading very in tune. and clear about giving a good response, lovely all round. Maggie had all the fortuitous results, sharing about my love life and i want to ask so much more

jane brown From cheltenham Gloucestershire On 05/04/2021

How did you do that

I am returning to say Maggie everything you predicted was right. I promised to let you know. He called just as you said he would. As soon as we can we are going away on a break. He has bought the ring and we are so happy. Bless you. You are magic. Thank you so much for your reading and advice.

Kelly From Cornwall On 26/02/2021


This lady is the bees knees....what a beautiful soul / oh and she’s pretty darn good as a psychic too

Claire From Wales On 23/01/2021

Reading off Cards

Did not resonate from the get go.

Anon From England On 22/01/2021


Lovely kind and very informative lady... in line with the other readers. Hopefully her predictions will unfold in February. I will try to have faith and be patient

Kamari From Kent On 05/01/2021

Wow, just wow!

Wow, what a journey. Maggie took me on the journey of my life. Everything she said was true about my past. She has given me so much hope and inspiration for the future. Thank you and God bless you. Just Wow. X

Vanessa From Uk On 19/12/2020

So much accuracy

Oh Maggie how right you were! I got off the phone from you and what you saw in your msgs, literally happened. Thank you! I’ve had several reads with Maggie and every time, her accuracy and clarity is beyond amazing. She gives in-depth understanding With much compassion to complicated situations, and her predictions have all unfolded. Thank you again. xx

From Australia On 12/12/2020

So kind

Maggie started off slowly but boy did it build. The intuition was spot on. It’s like she knew me. The empathy was unreal. So so kind. I will be back. Thank you.

Ian From On 10/12/2020

Psychic counselling

This reader was spot on, comes across as a caring lovely person. Gives out news you probably don't want to hear with empathy. Maggie has helped me so much today. Helped me to sort my head out and find some positives in the negatives. Thank you so much. I will deff call again.

Amelia From Australia On 20/11/2020

She is super excellent

Very accurate,connection with her was relaxing and ,beautiful reading,and what she said is true,l will be using her again

Mac From Kent On 14/11/2020

Grieving Wife

Maggie, helped me come to terms with some of my feelings, over the loss of my husband 2 weeks ago. I have not been able to stop crying. I cant sleep or get on with anything. I have no close relatives to tell anything to. I am so so alone. Thank you Maggie for taking the time to talk to me. I will call again.

Ruth From Essex On 06/11/2020

Not great

Asked for a reading. Instead got a counselling session. I'm paying you for your psychic ability if i wanted a counselling session I would book one.

From On 02/11/2020

Just had very short reading was good will wait see if things happen thanks Maggie xx

Debs From Scotland On 02/11/2020


Immediately connected! You were spot on how I felt and after your reading I felt lifted and content. I can’t wait for the predictions which is soon to come and I will keep updates to see if they come true! I most certainly will be calling you again. Thank you. :)

Lucy From On 26/10/2020


So calm and friendly is Maggie would highly recommend her she’s so accurate! :)

Farah From Uk On 22/10/2020


An incredible reader who tunes in very quickly. No sugar coating, straight to the point, detailed, much clarity and accuracy is spot on! Will definitely go back. As a medium myself, I found Maggie very genuine.

Sag’ From Australia On 22/10/2020

Shocking accurate

Maggie is amazing shocking accurate! I was amazed! Thank you so much

Som From U.K. On 21/10/2020

I've had a few good readings on here, but I think that Maggie is in my top 3, can't wait for things to start happening many thanks 26/9/20

Susan From On 26/09/2020

Spot on

Excellent reading. Picked up straight away. Sorry ran out of funds . Excellent psychic

Roza From Australia On 03/09/2020

Great reader

Maggie answers your question honestly. She don’t dress it up. She has a spiritual counselling tone, and really understands. She tunes in with empathy. A truly amazing lady.

From On 19/08/2020

I’m not sure how she does it, but she knows.

Holly From On 06/06/2020

Nice & Reassuring

Really nice to speak with and reassuring. Fingers crossed all that she said will come true.

Reviewer From On 06/05/2020

Spot on

Maggie was great. Spot on from the first card. Answered questions, and made me feel very positive about the future. Will call again.

L From Scotland On 01/05/2020

How on Earth?

Maggie picked me up from the first card. Great reading. Thanks

Larry From On 02/03/2020

Very perceptive

This Lady saw my soul. I have been looking so long for understanding. I have haunting you see. She sees my helpless situation. I speak from the heart when I say thank you

Saif From Middle East On 07/01/2020

Genuine and lovely reader

Lovely chatting to you Maggie. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on his feelings. Great advice.

DCR From o/s On 29/11/2019

Spot on

Maggie has a gift. Got right to the point with the turn of the first card. Raised my confidence no end. Will call again. Thank you .

Kathy From Cork On 04/11/2019

So happy.

I was realistic and clarified my situation as best I could. The response was better than I ever imagined, but at the same time truthful. Very clever lady who fully understands her gift. I chose her because I felt drawn, and the best reading I've had for a long time. Well worth it

A From London On 21/08/2019

Brilliant Reading !!

Thanks Maggie, couldn’t believe your accuracy with events surrounding my relationship. Will definitely be back x

M From Yorks On 10/06/2019


Awesome reader, very understanding & spot on! Try her you won’t be disappointed

Tina From On 28/05/2019

Non judgmental

The reading was good. Complicated problems. Totally relaxed. You can tell this lady anything. She will not judge. I believe she is also, un-shockable. I will call again. Thanks.

Holly From London On 15/05/2019


Thanks for your honesty. I can see the way forward now. Its been a hard slog but I see things much clearer now. Good reading

kylie From Bridlington On 24/04/2019

Lots of hope.

Thanks for the positive reading Maggie. I have to be honest, I find it hard to believe all your predictions will come true, but I’ll be the first to come back and tell you, if they do. Thanks for an informative reading. X

Leighton From Brighton On 31/03/2019

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I am a psychic and use tarot cards as a tool to connect with spirit on any chosen subject. I have been reading professionally for a number of years. My readings consist of past, present and future events and I can home in on certain areas of your life. For example relationships, career prospects etc. However my area of expertise is relationships and matters of the heart. PIN: 1449

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I’ve been involved in spirituality and energy work since my teens, and have many years’ experience working with crystals, vibrational energy and healing. My energy work guided me to my ability with and passion for using tarot cards to provide insight and clarify issues for myself and others. I offer readings that are positive, authentic and non-judgemental. PIN: 8770

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I am able to do tarot and astrology. I use guides of Angels and Gods and Goddesses. I am a clairvoyant. Read aura. I was born with these gifts of psychic abilities I offer you compassion and empathy. I am non judgemental. I offer positive vibes and blessings. I specialise in love and relationships, from partner to family, friend or work. I also deal with luck. I use my psychic abilities to find the right tools to assist you with your journey. PIN: 1080

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Psychic Reader Vincent


PIN: 8421

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I have never had to market myself in any way as I have always simply encountered people who needed insight organically. Since the lockdowns is when I joined to provide telephone readings and insight for all callers and I have a broad set of natural abilities as well as gifts I have honed strongly over the years. PIN: 8421

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I have been a practising my Psychic abilities for over 30 years both face to face and on telephone, with excellent response and appraisal from my customers. I offer a confidential non judgemental Psychic counselling service with a positive open minded approach. I specialise in “Affairs of The Heart. I consult intuitively “fine.tuning” with voice vibration and I use cards/crystal ball to assist. PIN: 8331

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