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Love her!

I am delighted to leave this review for this amazing reader, Angela! She was so kind and compassionate not to mention accurate! I will definitely be calling again, I just hope I get through!

Andrea From Wales On 04/04/2022

Amazing reader!

I was so scared because I've never had a reading before but she was so brilliant and thorough. Such a beautiful kind lady.

Zara From Birmingham On 15/03/2022


I had a reading with Angela 10 Mar and she was amazing. The depth of detail plus the connection she had with me and my life was amazing. Being a reader myself it's always great to find another one who is genuine and so compassionate in giving the information. I highly recommend her and she will be my go to reader. When you find a good one you need to hold on to them

A From South of England On 12/03/2022

ThankU 4 your reading.

I am in situation at the moment but this lady was great n gave me clarification along with an honest insight. ThankU again.

Deanna Beverley From Solihull, England On 01/03/2022

Amazing reader

Such a beautiful reading by an amazing reader....she was so accurate and patient ❤️

Jean From London On 28/02/2022

Lovely calm and accurate reader

Angela is very clear and quick with her energy. She picked up on my situation accurately and answered my questions with accuracy. Very good reader

PM From West Midlands On 20/01/2022

Worth it !

I have had 2 readings with Angela by chance versus having chosen her - she was superbly clued up , read with insight and could join up the messages in the cards in a succinct way . I left knowing I had spoken to someone real and am hoping her predictions turn out to be true . Thanks Angela - I have left feeling more knowledgeable and empowered .

P From London On 05/01/2022


i finally manged to catch Angela after 8 weeks of trying. no wonder she is so busy. she picked straight up from the last reading and really makes sure she reads it right. really uplifted my weekend. Thank you

A From BUCKS On 18/10/2021


6/10/21 what a fantastic reading this afternoon with Angela, so honest, said that POI will be back in touch this month and he's going to apologies for what he's done, will keep you updated and thanks very much, please print

Susan From Wales On 06/10/2021

Beautiful as always

My go to. Always a read with depth clarity accuracy and compassion. No sugar coating. Straight to the point. I have been going to Angela for years, she has been spot on every time. Thank you. Bless.

Pd From Australia On 13/09/2021

Thank you

Iv had so many countless readings with Angela since last year and each reading has come to pass, every little details she sees she speaks off with great honesty and care and trust. She has become my go to person every month now and without her in my life I wouldn’t have known which direction to go at with my life. Thank you so much for always being there for me! Xxx

Farzana From London On 04/08/2021

She's fantastic. Everything she said was accurate. Lovely lady with lots of wisdom and love. Omgggggggg she was on point with everything. Thanking you Angela for my brilliant reading. I will definitely call on you again when need be. Xxxx

Anita From Coventry On 29/06/2021

Amazing reader! 10/10 xxx

Please post this! Her name should be Angel, not Angela! She is 100% definitely my ‘go to’ reader. From our very first reading she has been very accurate, confirmed things without me revealing anything and very honest in what she sees. My situation is extremely complex and she just ‘gets it’. She is compassionate, genuine, non-judgemental and straight talking. Doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear, no sugar coating.... which I fully appreciate. She has an amazing gift. She isn’t just a ‘reader’ to me, I consider her to be a fabulous friend! I must warn you though that it can be a very hard task getting through to her as she is very busy and in high demand but I am not surprised! Call this won’t regret it. But don’t call her toooooo much otherwise I won’t be able to get through! ;) Lol! xxx

P From East Mids On 31/05/2021


Had the most amazing reading with Angela,and what a lovely lady to speak to.Was so shocked with her accuracy everything she said was so accurate and so detailed.Thank you again lisa.

Lisa From On 03/05/2021

Excellent AA++

Fabulous reader connected straight away. Great connection. Sorry, we got cut off. Will definitely be calling again. Thank you

Anne-Marie From On 13/04/2021

Question after question after question

Asks so many questions its unbelievable and then bases her response on the answers. I do think she picks up the situation but all the questions makes one frustrated as we are calling for a reading not to be asked question after question.

Anon From Australia On 03/04/2021

Superlative and Stupendous Reader!

She is really brilliant, has great talent and skills superb reader. so sweet and empathetic highly recommended!

PRANAV From Midlands On 15/03/2021

1000 stars

I’ve just had the most amazing reading with Angela. Everything she said resonated with me and it felt like Angela was delivering messages straight from the universe, without diluting it or distorting it with human emotions and experiences. I was able to get clear insight to all the issues I’m currently facing and gain a sense of direction in navigating through the obstacles with clear guidance. I’m grateful I got through to you Angela. Will chat with you to keep you updated in how things unravel.

Taeisha From Oz On 04/03/2021

Absolutely AMAZING.

Angela done an exceptional reading for me. The energy is absolutely beautiful. Everything she said was accurate. I love every single moment of it

Joanna From Wolverhampton On 02/03/2021

Love my readings with Angela

I've had a few readings with Angela and am always impressed with her insight. She really delves deep into any issues you present her with. Thank you Angela for helping me to see which of the two men is the better option.

A From Brum On 04/02/2021

I like her, she picks up things but I find her a little slow at her delivery of the reading and any clarity.

From On 03/02/2021

Absolutely beautiful and a kind soul❤️

First time speaking to Angela was not disappointed at all! So much compassion and empathy, does not sugarcoat, really straightforward! Thank you for the kind words you said to me during the reading❤️ Will definitely call back xx

A From London On 21/01/2021

Such a beautiful soul!❤️

First time speaking to Angela definitely was worth it! Connected really well, doesn’t sugar coat anything, really straightforward! So much compassion and empathy! Thank you for the lovely and kind words you said to me really touched me ❤️ Will definitely be calling back xxx

A From London On 18/01/2021


Thank you Angela it was very accurate I feel, you didn’t sugar coat anything and you were very honest. I’ll ring back in a couple of months and let you know how it’s all going :)

Barbara From Australia On 14/01/2021

Super lady

I have reading done today and I couldn’t believe what angela told everything was so true bless vet kind I just loved talking to her I wish I could have carried on and on just didn’t wanted to put phone down aaaaw bless Xx

Shaista From B.o.T On 13/01/2021

Pleasant, compassionate & caring reader

Thank you for the lovely reading today! Angela is a pleasant, compassionate, and caring lady! She gave me a clear and detailed reading. Very reassuring at the time of uncertainty. xxx

From London On 11/01/2021

Genuine, kind, straightforward

Thank you Angela for the clear and elaborate reading. You were patient and engaged, I feel you were genuine and authentic which I appreciate, that's exactly what I was looking for, no waffling or beating around the bush, just straightforward. Thank you very much, I will definitely be calling you again soon. I wish you a wonderful Christmas

Flora From On 15/12/2020

Not for me! Not sure we connected

From On 07/12/2020

Thank you so much!

Angela, answered all my questions I held for so long, gave me hope and reassurance. Thanks a million Angela! xox

Cath From On 25/11/2020

Cut the phone off

I thought she was a nice reader and very accurate on my situation, however when I topped up 3rd time she cut the phone off, which I found really rude. Maybe she wasn’t interested in What I had to say. Really put me off calling her again!

J From Uk On 23/11/2020

Transformational and insightful

I wanted to speak to Angela specifically and waited a while to see when she was available. Angela was so accurate on my POI and the relationship, as well as giving predictions on what will come. But she went deeper on that, looking at my energies, my past, my present and what might be my future. I've learned so much by listening to her. Amazing. Thank you!

N From London On 14/11/2020


Just had reading with Angela no questions asked straight into what’s going on in my life just amazing lovely to talk 2 thanks Angela xx

Debs From Scotland On 11/11/2020

Absolutely Lovely

Had a really in depth reading into a situation surrounding a POI and a work situation and I have to say that she was amazing. Thank you so very much Angela .. look forward to speaking to you soon

Carrie From Kent On 31/10/2020

Superlative and Stupendous Reader!

She is brilliant, connects really very thorough and professional highly recommended

PRANAV From Midlands On 15/10/2020


I had one of the most transformative conversations with Angela today, one that will hold a very special place in my heart for a very long time. I can not speak highly enough about not only Angela’s gift but her compassion and empathy towards my situation. She was an absolute gift for me today. Clearing an incredible amount of energy, one that will free me to move forward. Angela is a blessing, an incredible and insightful woman, somebody that you will be honoured to have spoken with. Thanks again Angela from the bottom of my heart, Jackie

Jackie From Australia On 11/10/2020

I had one of the most transformative conversations with Angela today, one that will hold a very special place in my heart for a very long time. I can not speak highly enough about not only Angela’s gift but her compassion and empathy towards my situation. She was an absolute gift for me today. Clearing an incredible amount of energy, one that will free me to move forward. Angela is a blessing, an incredible and insightful woman, somebody that you will be honoured to have spoken with. Thanks again Angela from the bottom of my heart, Jackie

Jackie From Australia On 11/10/2020

Okay reading

Okay reading but nothing outstanding and I did feel that she asked me too many questions. I don't like that. Expected more because of the reviews left by others. Time will tell. x

From uk On 06/10/2020

Great reading

Thank you Angela for my lovely reading. You have provided me with so much comfort in terms of my decision and I look forward to your predictions of my future unfolding. Your reading was conducted with such kindness, sensitivity and understanding. Thank you again for giving me back some hope!

Caron From Australia On 05/10/2020

Consistent & accurate

Angela has become my "go to" reader & I can't believe she doesn't have more reviews because she is always so busy & it can take real patience to be lucky enough to get through to her at times! She dives straight in with few or no questions & always picks up on exactly what is happening in my relationship and how things have developed since we last spoke. She gives so much more detail & insight than other readers I have spoken to on this site which, over the course of time I have been consulting her, has really helped me to stay calm & positive with a complex situation. She is non-judgemental and her predictions (as well as the timelines involved) are always both consistent & accurate. I also trust implicitly that she will tell me what she sees even if that's not what I want to hear - long may she continue working on this site! Thank you Angela, you have helped me more than you know x

Denise From Kent On 27/09/2020

Incredible and Talented

She is brilliant, connects really gives solid compact reading everytime thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 25/09/2020

A Beautiful Lady!

She is brilliant, gives superb reading everytime talented and fine thank you

PRANAV From Midlands On 23/09/2020

Excellent reader!

Very good reader but asks lots of questions and is very slow.

J From London On 19/09/2020

Spot On

Angela was spot on straight away with my general reading I requested, she picked up immediately what I was going through at that time, lots good predictions which did come true & lots of good advice... I will be back to update you!!

Caroline From WA On 22/08/2020

Incredible and Talented

She is beautiful soul, connects really well has great timing and skills.. a lovely genuine and professional reader thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 19/08/2020

Would give 10 stars if I could!

Once again Angela gave me a comprehensive & accurate description of my situation without needing to ask any questions! She gives me so much more insight than other (equally brilliant) readers on this site because she is able to get behind my POI's intentions as well as his actions. This has helped me to stay strong & patient while the situation works itself out. I am also able to remain confident that the worst is now over. Without any prompting, Angela was also able to pick up on an unrelated situation from way back in my past which still troubles me & was able to reassure me that my loved ones are well and happy even though we are no longer in touch. Always tricky to get hold of because she's clearly so much in demand but always well worth the wait! Thank you Angela x

Denise From Kent On 09/08/2020


Thank you for all your time. So sad the phone cut off! Will let you know what happens in a couple weeks. Your so accurate !!

From On 19/07/2020

So Talented!

Angela was one of the first readers I spoke to on this site & her reading blew my mind. With almost no information given by me the detail & accuracy she gave about my situation was breathtaking. Since then I have tried many times in vain to get back to her & today, after several months, I was finally successful! Once again she was spot on with her reading as well as being totally consistent & in line with the first one. This has given me the reassurance that I'm still on the right road & the confidence to persevere with this complex relationship. Thank you again Angela, this reading was well worth the wait & I will be back (& hopefully get through more easily next time I try!)

Denise From Kent On 14/07/2020

Very concise, supportive and helpful

Angela gave a fantastic account of my situation, she was honest and frank and has superb skills and I would be happy to speak with her again. Thankyou very much for your advice and guidance

Joanne From Humberside On 13/07/2020

wow wow

Described my situation like she was reading my life. Amazing thoroughly recommend.

Teresa From North LONDON On 11/07/2020

I actually like her. She's honest and is not afraid to tell you the truth. Her long term prediction is the same as other top readers on the site. I read with her once in the past and I can say she's good with timing. Thank you Angela.

From On 05/07/2020

Spot on!

Picked up the situation right away. Understood the complexities. Have great advice and guidance. Was upfront and honest even with bad news

Jasmine From UK On 30/06/2020

Incredible and Talented

She is beautiful soul, incredibly gifted and talented.. special so kind thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 27/06/2020

Absolutely amazing great read but such a compassionate and caring person. Gave me some great advice on top of the reading. Would highly recommend picked up on my situation immediately with out needing prompting and described my ex to a T

Darren From Rotherham On 17/06/2020


Not only was here reading amazing but such I kind person. Gave me loads of advice as well as a great reading thank you so much.

Darren From Rotherham On 17/06/2020

I dont get the hype. She kept asking questions then provided answers from my response!! I think she just never connected with me. You can give her a go, don't let this review discourge you!

From Midlands On 17/06/2020


Wow, what a fantastic and honest reading this morning thanks much appreciated 8/6/20

Susan From On 08/06/2020

Incredible and Talented

She is superb, has great talent and really kind and sweet, she is sweet lady.. has great skills thanks a lot for the advise and guidance throughout

PRANAV From Midlands On 07/06/2020


Finally got through to Angela tonight and I wasn’t disappointed, this lady really knows her cards well and works really hard to answer your questions, I’ve just realised too that apart from my name Angela pretty much dived straight into the reading requiring no other information, such a lovely lady, completely honest, and doesn’t sugar coat information, I thoroughly recommend 100% Thank you! Melissa x

From On 07/06/2020

Spot on

Fab...even got my location right...

Fil From West Sussex On 31/05/2020

What a beautiful soul

Angela is new to this site and from having various of readings over the last few weeks she has to be one of best! Accurate .... empathic .. to the point ... she will go FAR on here. If you are lucky to get a reading with Angela then you have been blessed. Angela I won’t forget you in a hurry xxx

Sue From Essex On 28/05/2020

Brilliant Advice !

She gives a superb reading, very sweet and kind, has great timing and very talented thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 26/05/2020


Great in depth reading, very perceptive and good with details without asking too many questions. Angela confirmed what I already felt myself and was absolutely spot on with my situation. Give her a call, you won't regret it! X

Carrie From Wales On 22/05/2020

Superlative and Stupendous Reader!

She is brilliant reader, is very kind and talented, has great empathy and sweetness, ability to give a beautiful reading everytime so talented and special thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 15/05/2020

Angela is very grounded

Great reading with Angela last week. I have had SO many readings over the last 2 years through various sites so know a good reader when i come across one and she was the 2nd person on this site and i was just randomly so had no idea what to expect. But Angela was amazing. Spot on validations and she picked up on the situation and asked questions only to get deeper into the reading. She doesn't sugar coat and won't tell you what you want to hear but very gentle at the same time. She is truly connected to spirit and gave practical 3D reassurance as well as 5D understanding. I will definitely call back and her profile pic made me feel she was real and fun too.

Gita From UK On 13/05/2020

Terrific Reader

She is brilliant, has great timing and talent, speaks sense. superb kind hearted a gem, cant believe how brilliant she is thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 06/05/2020

Angela must be new to this site with the limited reviews. I spent an hour on the phone with her and she was an absolute pleasure to speak to. Her validations were very accurate, she is very thorough in explaining things, she puts your mind at ease just to name a few things. I would recommend a reading with Angela, you will not be disappointed.

From On 05/05/2020

Superlative and Stupendous Reader!

She is terrific, connects really well, has great skills, highly recommended Thanks a lot super talented

PRANAV From Midlands On 02/05/2020

Great reader

She is great, utmost integrity, no time wasting, straight to the point, Love talking to you. Thank you.(Shahab)

From On 24/04/2020

Incredible and Talented

She is incredible and sweet, very talented thanks a lot .. has great discipline in her readings, lot of skills and talent.. very beautiful reader

PRANAV From Midlands On 24/04/2020

Top Reader

She is top reader, connects really well.. has great technique and skills, very talented.. you are awesome, intelligent and kind .. thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 19/04/2020


Amazing reader, so accurate and worth every penny give her a try

Pindi From London On 16/04/2020



H From LONDON On 08/04/2020

Great reading

I would recommend you try Angela , in line with the top readers , after the call ended I felt more focused about my current situation.

Sue From Gloucestershire On 06/04/2020


I was drawn to speaking to Angela this morning. Lovely promising reading. Lots of validations, insights and clarity. Will definitely call back

From On 02/04/2020

Truly gifted and amazing

Angela my time ran out and I couldn't get a hold of you again. However, I want to say thank you so much for my reading. Everything you said resonated with my situation. Even the warning is what I know. I was sad to not hear the end part but I guess I'm meant to be surprised lol. Truly amazing and would definitely recommend.

Emmanuella From UK On 02/04/2020

Fantastic reading and a lovely lady thank you very much, much appreciated x

Susan From Wales On 30/03/2020

Wow had a reading with this lovely lady this morning, it was brilliant, will phone Angela again later on, many thanks

Susan From Wales On 30/03/2020

Absolute prime case

Turning the negative into the positive...such a magnificent reader and I’m so glad to have gone through to her. Thank you so much Angela

From On 29/03/2020

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