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Precious was, yet again.... uncannily accurate. One of the best.

Chris From London On 29/03/2022

Outstanding reader

I’ve been lucky enough to catch Precious 3 times in the last 9 weeks despite her not being online as much. She is fantastic with no sugar coating. She told me in January that the timing wasn’t right and there was hurdles to get through. She has been spot on with timings and gives me loads of information which comes to fruition. I can see why she is one of tue top readers on this site and would highly recommend a reading with Precious!

R From N.Ireland On 22/03/2022

Good connection

Thank you for today reassuring me that I'm doing the right thing :) I hope the guy in question mokes contact in the time scale you predicted .. Thank you ☺️

Anon From On 22/03/2022

My fave

My fave reader on here, don’t see her on messenger anymore like previous reviews have said. Always put at ease when spoken to precious! Come back on messenger regularly again

Sarah From Nottingham On 12/02/2022


Hi precious please come back on messenger I never see you on there lately, would love a reading with you

Rm From Uk On 30/01/2022

Beautiful accurate reader

I have tried so often to get onto Precious, and tonight I finally did. Such an amazing reader full of clarity, detail and accuracy. Minimal info given, straight to the point, no sugar coating. Accuracy incredible! Highly recommend!

DO From Australia On 09/01/2022


Hi precious please come on messenger more haven’t seen you on there for a while and would love a reading from you

S From Uk On 05/01/2022

I need you on messenger!!

Precious i really need you on messenger ASAP.. I really need to talk to you, im so desperate

Michelle From Peterborough On 19/10/2021

Prediction happened

In June 2021, you explain to me why the man I love cut communication with me. You predicted that he will come back during the second week of October, and he did. he told me everything you explained to me. I am waiting for your other predictions to materialise soon, Thank you,

S From Australia On 19/10/2021

5 stars not enough

Precious is phenomenal psychic knew my life as it happening picked up on everything such a lovely person definitely knows her stuff can’t wait till they happen xxx thanks previous my second reading can you please print this

Debs From Scotland On 21/09/2021


Had a messenger reading with Precious this evening. Wow!!! She knew that I’ve had no communication with someone very special to me. She knew how long it had been too, without prompting. She also said the person in question had had a specific message from me recently. This is true and nobody knows that! Said they read it often and I’ve given them strength. She knew the exact reason why communication died and again, I didn’t give her any hints on this. Scarily accurate and I’m really hoping her prediction comes to pass . Thanks very much

Sarah From Uk On 04/09/2021

Very Accurate

Yes - no messing and very accurate. Got my profession spot on and identified my personal situation spot on. Worth waiting to get hold of this one. No timewaster!

Chris From London On 17/08/2021


I am still in awe about Precious’ abilities. So on point with her timing. Two of her predictions came true and on the day she said they would. Lovely person to chat to aswell. I wouldn’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you so much for everything.

Anonymous From UK On 10/06/2021

Thank god for messenger

I waste a lot of money trying to get through to a reader of my choice via telephone but with messenger it makes it so much easier! Love precious she’s always bang on for me and helps me so much with a difficult relationship

From Uk On 01/06/2021


Precious is amazing! I didnt have to ask a single thing and everything she picked up was spot on. The guidance she has given me has been a massive help and will help me to get to the next stage of my life. Btw he did call and things are back on track like you said....thank you so much xx

Louise From Essex On 16/05/2021

Great reader.. detailed..

Wow.. precious game me a reading like I've never had before...! So detailed and in depth it really helped me see sense of a few things.. and enable me to move forward with clear thoughts and a clear mind.. thanks very much!!

Simon From Midlands On 09/05/2021

Always a pleasure

It’s always nice to talk to Precious! Very friendly and easy to talk to. I have been talking to her for many years and she guides me throughout... makes me realize the bigger picture ... Thanks again x

Jaz From London On 07/05/2021

Cold Reading

Where did all these reviews come from? Not good atall.

Sally From England On 03/04/2021

Really vague and didn't answer my questions. Couldn't give clear predictions.

From On 28/03/2021


Word’s don’t do justice to how amazing she is... ❤️❤️❤️

Jay From Uk On 25/03/2021

Absolutely amazing

I'd be so lost without precious, I generally don't know what I'd do if she wasn't on here. She has helped me so much and when ive not understood a situation, she's made it so I can understand the bigger picture. Youre amazing and I'd be so lost without you girl!

Michelle From On 03/02/2021

brilliant messenger reading

Precious gave clear guidance and help on my complex situation and picked up all the issues without any prompting. Also gave plausible timings for when events will happen. thank you.

Victoria From London On 05/01/2021

Blown away!

Had a reading with precious yesterday. Had to come back and leave her a review. This woman is a beautiful soul. She picked up straight away about the man I was enquiring about and the situation I was in. She was amazingly accurate and picked up on every thing that was going on. She lifted my spirits reassured me and gave me the strength to carry on. She needed no prompting. I'm just gonna sit back and wait now like she adviced. Thank you precious for an amazing reading you truly are gifted. She is definitely top of my list of readers on this site so happy I called. Looking forward to things to unfold XXX

J From Birmingham On 14/11/2020

Details are behind believe amazing reading ur actually a beautiful human being. I’m sure what she sees will come true and she is very good and confident in her reading

Reehila Rashid From Uk On 24/08/2020

Amazing amazing reader! Spot on. But honest very detailed! Sadly we got disconnected hope to see u online soon so can finsh reading ! Keep doing what u do because it’s amazing x

Reehila Rashid From Birmingham On 27/07/2020


This lady has an amazing talent, I was unsure as I've never used these services so it was alien to me and I was unsure about what to expect and just thought it was a waste but Precious really put me at ease, she was so easy to understand and she explained it all to me and she was spot on with everything, and she has totally changed my opinion on this, if you havent had a reading of this lady then dont waste any time cause I will definitely be contacting her again that's for sure. Thank you Precious for putting my mind at ease and giving me the answers that I've been searching for weeks for but more importantly for clearing my head. A complete asset to this site and I will be recommending her to everyone.

Mrs Chamberlain From Merseyside On 11/07/2020

This review might most likely not get posted but I’ll write it anyway. I feel like I have been lied to and been presented with a general reading that’s been presented to everyone else. I called to get a general reading on love. I want to know what is coming up the next 12 months. Instead she went to read a guy in my life that went silent and that he will return, etc. and that he is afraid of love, further making me stay in it. And I don’t feel he’s afraid of love at all. Then she said there’s someone in my life who will confess his feeling for me in September, which seems off bc my circle is small and I know their intention. So I decided to ask about my best friend who happens to also be my ex from years back. She said he is afraid to open up his feeling toward me and there’s someone from his past that is trying to get back and blackmailing him. I asked if he’s single and she said he is. Which is all wrong because he’s recently happily married with a baby? And I’m completely happy for him. I confronted precious and asked her to be honest but she kept saying this is what she is shown.

From On 06/07/2020

IM reading

Amazing! Precious gave me the insight and clarity I needed and was able to connect quickly. Kind, non judgemental and compassionate. I fully recommend this reader. Thank you Precious!

From On 04/06/2020

Genuine Insight

Precious was able to connect quickly, demonstrated unbelievable insight into my complicated life and give me clarity moving forward. Thank you Precious. I was so confused when I rang but feeling so much more confident and assured after speaking with you.

Kristina From Australia On 18/03/2020

Scarily accurate

She got my relationship situation to a t. Knew exactly what is going on without me mentioning anything. Really reassuring and gave good predictions as well as realistic expectations within the next few weeks. Will update

From On 17/03/2020

Always got it spot on

Precious is the real on here, I have not spoken to her since last year, many of the readers on here stuggrel to pick up my answers am looking for, precious makes myself happy and satisfied with the service she provides, I highly recommend her hence the reason she gets a 5 star from me

Michael From On 12/03/2020

No Mary poppins

Very very good

G From London On 29/04/2019

Real psychic

Amazing straight to the point no messing about she knows exactly what it is going would give more starts You won't go wrong with her God send

Paul From L On 29/04/2019


I dont normally like leaving reviews but with precious I want to inform the people that she is the REAL DEAL! I had so many readings including all the top readers in here but Im going to say that Precious is THE TOP 1, the best! Look no further, I can assure you she is worth it of every single penny! Thanks Precious for the reading last night.

C From Kent On 20/04/2019


Wow, been blown away, absolutely fantastic, told me things that no one knew about only me. Will speak Soon, thank you Precious.

Stephen From Stourbridge On 17/04/2019


Before I decided to have a reading with Precious, I read some of the existing reviews, all of which were 5 stars. Having had my reading I can add to those 5 star reviews, my reading was incredible - Precious immediately went to the issues affecting my life, initially related to a relationship and got the other person and their situation down to a tee, then work/career and again honed in on the issues and potential outcomes. I highly recommend having a reading with Precious.

Kaye From England On 15/04/2019


It was a gift from the heavens getting thru to Precious tonight. She is the real deal and told me stuff she could not have known incl my inner most thoughts and fears. I am totally mindblown! Accuracy is out of this workd. If you are lucky enough to get thru to her you will not regret it. Thx again Precious. Hope to talk soon x

Sg From Uk On 26/03/2019


Precious, you said i would hear from him when i am not checking my phone to see whether he's messaged, you were so right, i finally heard from him after 2 Weeks of silence. It's the (Manager lady) as you call me haha! Who always calls from work.

Manager lady From Australia On 10/03/2019


Precious absolutely spot on with your Guides today 7/03, We always have good banter with the readings. Funny how you always start to whisper when im calling you from work, Hhaha! Your guidance has made me very strong only you would understand. Its the Manager lady (You know who i am from the name hehe). Amazing Amazing lady. Love love Xx

Manager lady From Australia On 07/03/2019

read my mind

thank you so much for all your help. I'm so sorry i got cut off. you helped me so much and im so grateful for you. i will definitely call back if i manage to get through to you since you're so busy.

olivia From london On 28/02/2019


I won’t go into my situation but it is complicated, not only did she pick up on it but she did not judge me either. New favourite reader, how have I not spoken to her before

From On 25/02/2019


Oh goodness what a reader, and she will tell you things with no information given, she doesn’t ask leading questions, amazing validations and her compassion to my situation was amazing too! Love you Precious x

Melissa From Uk On 08/02/2019

Very Deep

i find her very deep and interesting. Shes very much on track with what she says. But its hard to get hold of her

Rosie From Australia On 28/01/2019

Very good

Sorry we got cut off ran out of minutes before you could tell me when I would hear from A again? Very good she knew exactly how everything was going and what was happening.

N From Australia On 26/01/2019

Thank you so much

I called Precious with a hope of getting some clarity on a very complicated situation. I have had a few readings before I called her and got more confused and couldn't get a proper answer. Precious gave me a very detailed reading with good validation . It was very comforting to know that my worries and anxieties are going to be things of the past. She is a very confident and talented reader . So glad I spoke to her. Nisha from UK

From On 23/01/2019

Amazing The Best

This lady is one of the best. Everything spot on she told me things that no one else would have known. Give this lady a call you will not be disappointed and a lovely lady to speak to.

Lynn From Uk On 16/01/2019

I love her!!

You gave me strength to face things dear.. It was the most needed reading and I loved it. Thank you so much

R From Sydney On 16/01/2019

She was on the top of her game tonight

2nd reading with this lady a lot better she was really on her game tonight.

From On 21/11/2018


First time I have ever spoken to this lady and I didn't even say anything and she got everything right. She got my ex's name and everything, I got cut off too soon my money ran out x x

From On 14/11/2018

Thank for listening

Thank you for your predictions Precious. We spoke for quite along time but I just wanted to thank you for listening to me as my situation has gone on for so long that I feel drained was ready to give up. You have assured me to keep you going, hang on in there coz thing will get better, but to have fun as well. I will definitely up date you when I am back with the one I have always loved. Xx thanks again xx

Tara From Sussex On 09/11/2018


I did get the contact on Sunday . It was indirect but still happened. Many thanks

Kcm From London On 19/10/2018

Tuned in

She definitely was tuned in to the situation

B From On 03/10/2018

A reading on myself

So sorry precious my phone cut out but thank you so so much for the chat I felt I was talking to a friend. You massively helped me and connected really well. Thank you I will call soon with an update

V From Hertfordshire On 21/09/2018


Precious you said I’d hav contact within 5 days and it came on the 4th day!!! Still can’t believe it has actually happened when I had lost all hope. If you’re looking for an accurate reading then give this day a call, she’s the best!

Leanne From Watford On 13/09/2018


Precious sorry I got cut off: your reading was amazing. I still can’t believe you mentioned that CRUISE! I hope your predictions come to pass— I am sure they will as everything else was spot on. Thank you. X

Lora From Uk On 30/08/2018

Good connection and clarity on a complicated situation

Thanks once again for clearing the air on this messy situation!

Wini From London On 27/08/2018

One of the very best

I called and she was the one I got connected too. Straight away I was pleased. Knew so much about me. Could have gone on and on but the line disconnected. I haven't finished with her yet and will talk to her again. Fabulous, honest, direct and brilliant. Already something she said has happened. I have more to find out so can't wait to get her again.

Sheryll From East London On 23/08/2018

Wow Absolutely amazing

Truly gifted I’ve found my reader absolutely wow

Jasmine From Sydney On 23/07/2018

Will call you again

It has been a great chat with this reader.. I think it was heaven sent that she’s the next reader available for me.. She picked up my situation and has been reassuring and clear on her reading.. I will call again to let her know and will add a new testimony I swear if it will come into fruition.i will follow her advise. Arigatou :)

Pamela From japan On 20/07/2018

Love this woman!!

Precious is my favourite reader on Trusted. Got me through many a bad time. No need to say any more! Xxx

From On 29/06/2018

Prediction happened!!!

Precious is my fav reader and I have had millions of readings. She just knows so much about my situation. Been waiting for contact for months and you predicted beginning of June. I heard from him today. Thank you! You are the best xx

Charlotte From London On 04/06/2018

You really are precious. You've made sense of a lot and made the same prediction as Demi and vintage rose. I'll be back in September to let you know if it passes, Thankyou my dear. God bless

From On 28/05/2018

wonderful clarity

thank you Precious for shedding light on my messy and somewhat painful limbo I'm stuck in. At least I can now find a way to get through this. priceless!

Wini From London On 21/05/2018


From On 20/05/2018


She got it right about the dog not being a huge problem with the Lease. Look forward to seeing about the other things

Penelope From London On 10/05/2018

Thank you

Amazing thank you

Claire From Edinburgh On 16/04/2018

You are Amazing Precious

I have been meaning to write this review for sometime now & precious so deserves this. Wow back last August Precious predicted I would get contact from my exes girlfriend. I was told this would happy in October. Well just a little bit later I received loads of abusive calls from her. Precious also has predicted the low contact, none & it would start up again in March, spot on.last week I said my ex is losing his job & it will end on the Friday. She told be if won't & it will be the following Friday. I said that's impossible because the date has been agreed. Well today I received a letter stating that my exes job is indeed the following Friday, just like precious said. You are amazing! I think in the year since getting readings I have managed to speak to you about three times, always so hard to get through to. I hope you remember me & I will up-date you once everything else happens like your predicted. Xxxx

D From London On 15/04/2018

Love you Precious!

Thanks for being at the other end of the phone P/L! Always lovely to talk to you. Got cut off and no money left to top up! Will speak again soon. Lots of love ♥️

Tracie From On 10/04/2018

Amazing Precious

Wow what a lovely reading. Can’t wait for things to unfold. Lovely to talk to and so so accurate. Thanks again. Will update you xx

Karen From Durham On 22/01/2018


Thanks precious. Nice to touch base with you. Xx

Navpreet From London On 10/01/2018


Amazing as always. Thank you so much x

Adele From On 28/12/2017


Your amazing words the way you say things made me realise the right direction forward, I get it was your guides but still, you made me realise the right way forward in my very complicated love life x thank you sooooooooo much Precious x

Almsla From Uk On 22/12/2017

We were cut off just a little too soon, but I will try to reconnect next time you are on, because you were so accurate about my situation. I want to learn more.

Ivan From South Coast On 19/12/2017


Thank you Precious, I felt alone the past few weeks and after calling you I feel uplifted and have positivity in my life now. Don’t know what you did or how you did it but I can’t thank you enough for making me want to live again, just thank you, your amazing Precious

Ivy From Uk On 18/12/2017

So lovely !

Picked up on specific situation, that it was spooky, there is nobody on this site who would mention it... plus she's super kind and and make you feel comfortable right from the start...

Zee From UK On 07/12/2017


Had a reading with precious and was blown away with the things I was told. The only reader who was able to tell me exactly how long I had been in a relationship for, as well as circumstances surrounding my ex. There was a whole lot of information and I have been trying to get her again but she is always so busy! Precious has a lovely calm way about her and is very empathetic. I felt as if I could open up to her. Hope the predicts comes true!

Tracie From On 05/12/2017

Hope this gets posted

Amazing.... although I said general she picked up on my main reason for phoning straight away, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders because it was nice to speak to someone who kept the reading true and didn't change when filled in with certain details... I highly recommend and I will defo be calling again once predictions start to unfold. Beautiful lady. Thank you and thanks for the advise from one mum to another!

P From On 28/11/2017


I phoned quite emotional this evening and she did an awful lot of talking, but she also made me laugh tonight, more than I have in a long time, sorry we got cut off. Will call again soon

Jaymee From Uk On 12/10/2017


Finally got through to Precious, how amazing this gifted woman is, she totally picked up on my situation , every little detail. No questions asked! I’m amazed and she has given me predictions and I hope they come too! I will be calling this hidden precious gem again very soon

Jane From Manchester On 06/10/2017


Beautiful precious thank you for all your help and guidance. God bless

Deanne From Uk On 25/09/2017

Please post

One of thee best. Prediction starting to take place. Deserves such great recognition for her hard work. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️Wee love a filter

Nicole From Irish On 12/09/2017

Just precious

Been trying to get hold of you for ages and finally got through. Been speaking to Precious for around 18 months now she is consistent, I love this gal cos not only do her predictions come through. She makes me laugh, when I'm having a day she can always put a smile on my face. I know your hard to get hold of but you are a precious diamond and well worth the wait xxxxx

Jan From Midlands On 06/09/2017

Ones or Wands

Lots of Love from 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'. Thanks for making me laugh today...always a pleasure and an awesome read as ALWAYS! I will definitely keep you up to date on progress!!! Keep giggling little one!

B From USA On 30/08/2017


Dear precious what fab person no matter what keep up the good work your good at what u do.and u have help me tonight hun .me. To be will say thank u talk agian soon

Sharon From Uk On 29/08/2017


Dear precious what fab person no matter what keep up the good work your good at what u do.and u have help me tonight hun .me. To be will say thank u talk agian soon

Sharon From Uk On 29/08/2017


Excellent reader

Debs From Uk On 23/08/2017

Taking to the Angels - Monday 14 of August

Dear Precious, Thank you for your reading. I called because I wanted to speak to the angels on Monday evening and I was glad that I did it through you. I called the right person at the right time. Thank you very much once again. Avil

Avil From United Kingdom On 16/08/2017


Thank you so much for your insight, I know I was a closed buttercup as you called me and your second of the evening, but Larly helped you to bring me clarification on the situation that no other psychic has ever done. Your amazing precious and i I will be calling you again soon

Eva From On 14/08/2017


Precious is astounding. Precious made a specific prediction just over two weeks ago and four days later it started to come true - not only did it come true, events developed in a way that mirrored the insights and details that Precious had been describing since January. It is no exaggeration to say that this is rather miraculous because when Precious made her prediction, I thought that factual circumstances meant her prediction could not possibly happen. There has been a lot to cover with Precious and at every point she has given precise factual details and profound insights - all the while, being extremely patient and understanding. What a gift she has. I am truly grateful to Precious for being so generous and kind in seeking to help others. Precious has helped me far more than I can express. Thank you so much, Precious.

Miss P-M From London On 06/08/2017

It happened

Thank you Precious your predictions came to pass your amazing x

B From Uk On 23/07/2017

Did Something Special , Remarkable only Psychic who did it

She good the name of my lover , her guide i mean , only psychic who did it .. amazing thanks a lot ...



Picked up upon the situation before I even got a chance, her guide is amazing. Precious keep on doing what you do I know you lack in confidence within you gift at times but go with it as everything you said and felt rung true to me. Absolutely amazing girl and I will be calling back soon. Ty ty ty xxxx

Jemma From York On 18/07/2017

Will call back!!! - Beautiful Reading

Thank you Precious for a beautiful reading. I can't thank you enough for your help with my ex. Today he has text me and I'm over the moon. Thank you once again and I will call you next week. (M) xxx

From On 06/07/2017

Fed up

did not connect. very disappointed. confusing reading. repeated herself and didn't seem to listen.

Disappointed From UK On 05/07/2017

Spot on

Picked up on my situation straight way, excellent reader, thank you Precious, sorry we got cut off. Will call again soon

Jan From Yorkshire On 05/07/2017

Nothing has happened?

keep being told the same thing over again but time frame changes all the time. had a few readings with precious and try to keep holding on to what she says but every time i talk to her its a different story. no faith left. nice person but not psychic. she is confusing or confused. left feeling unsure

Nav From UK On 03/07/2017

Sorry we got cut off

Precious, will call you agAin soon, been calling you last phew weeks and everything you said has come to pass your ace babe, keep on doing what you do (Angus buger) x

Gemma From Scotland On 01/07/2017

Totally disagree

I've been speaking to precious for over a year and I have to say that yes she does the cards but she goes through her guide too and everything she has says to me has come to pass she such a lovely fun girl and she is so sweet too from your fav client xxxxxx

Anna From London On 01/07/2017


Thank you for my reading last night. At first I thought it was another generic reading but when you started going into detail you blew me away. You didn't just tell me what's going to happen but helped me realise why things happened in the past and how to deal with certain people. Looking forward to your predictions xx

From On 14/06/2017

Precious is precious

Had a reading with Precious for the first time, she picked up on my situation.She was spot on. Great reader.

Jazz From Birmingham On 02/06/2017


Words cannot express how wonderful I think Precious is :) Her reading with me was fantastic. She cleared everything up for me and now I know what I need to do to move forward. Thank u x

Ann From MK On 24/05/2017

Not good

Made no sense. Had to hang up on her after 9 mins because she made no sense

P From Notts On 24/05/2017

different prediction on every call. don't understand. terrible and would not recommend

C From UK On 23/05/2017

Spot on

I've been trying to get hold of Precious and finally got through. Wow. Amazing. Picked up on my situation very well and I honestly can't wait for the prediction to follow. Precious has this sweet soothing voice and the fact she picked up my situation well I'm sure all will follow through :) give her a go you won't be disappointed. Thank you! Ill speak to you soon xx

Navpreet From London On 19/05/2017

Not consistent. Different reading every time I get through. Sorry.

From On 24/04/2017

Good to have you back!

Hi Precious, been wondering what happened to you. Spoke to you for the first time in ages the other night. Sooooooo good to have you back! Thanks for the amazing reading once again. You really are so gifted.

N From UK On 07/04/2017


Preicous is amazing , she read me so well. She is friendly and hilarious- which I think is an amazing addtion to her gift . Will definitely be back for future readings.

Victoria From London On 04/04/2017

Pretty Impressive !

She is really good , impressed , picked situation quickly and good validations too.. Would highly recommend her, she connects with her guide well and gives some great tips tooo.. thanks


Man in white

Precious described the person I was calling about to a tee! I couldn't believe the things she was saying. Everything she said was spot on. She picked up on things she couldn't possibly know. Possibly the best psychic on this site.

D From UK On 27/02/2017

Precious Reads Without Asking ..Genuine Reader !!!

Thank you Precious..Without asking any questions she brought up my past and predictions for the future..Both relationship and career were accurate this lady is an honest reader and and very gifted..I will definetley call her again X

Jane From Yorkshire On 25/02/2017


found this lovely lady so easy to talk to.. Excellent!

JAckie From England On 15/02/2017


Absolutely spot on thank you precious would highly recommend reading with this lady thank you x

Pauline From Scotland On 06/02/2017

Thank you

I cannot thank Precious enough. I have spoken to Precious a few times over recent weeks and I have been truly amazed at the insights and predictions she has given. Precious has provided confirmation with names and factual information about my situation. She has been extremely patient with me and has listened to all my concerns in order to provide excellent guidance that I otherwise would not have had. Sometimes problems can appear to have no solution or just seem too big to sort out and that is why it is such a massive practical help to be able to contact Precious to obtain sensible ways forward that I am happy with and am confident will deliver good outcomes. Once again, thank you Precious.

P From London On 02/02/2017

You made me happy again

Hi Precious, i was feeling so sad when i called you and nothing seemed to be going right but you turned things around for me and made me smile again. You didn't judge me or my situation and understood exactly how i felt. I never thought i would be laughing by the end of the call but your gift and that great sense of humour made me feel a million times better. Thanks Precious, hope to catch you again soon. Joy.

Joy From Australia On 12/01/2017

Weirdest reading

She was asking too many leading questions e.g. You know that right? Or you know this etc so I am not trusting her reading

G From US On 04/01/2017


Just thank you for the amazing reading, don't know how you knew what you did

B From Uk On 03/01/2017

You are incredible Precious

Precious I have come a long way because of you during 2016. How could I not leave this testimonial for you on NEW YEARS DAY! Whether it was with your cards or your lovely guide, everything you said would happen has. Thank you for everything you have predicted. You have made me look forward to 2017 in a way I never ever thought I would. Thank you doesn't seem enough.

Hannah From UK On 01/01/2017

This girl is one of a kind! Spoke to her this week after a long time and she connected with me again straight away. Her predictions for October and November were spot on and I am now waiting for next years predictions to come through. Gave specific dates and names without any prompting. Easy to talk to, calming and accurate beyond belief. I wrote down everything she told me before and now 7 out of the 8 predictions have come to pass. The best.

Julie From Yorks On 23/12/2016

Psychic Gold!

Precious is the real deal. Connects with spirit really well and validates excellently. Always shocked at how she knows what I am going to ask before i do or tell me something which has happened the day before or whats coming up. Don't know how she does it! Precious is definitely the best psychic I have ever spoken to. She will not disappoint. Predictions and dates always happen. Amazing!

Novella From UK On 15/12/2016

Incredible psychic powers

Finally got through to Precious after trying for weeks and weeks. Wanted her to connect with my Grandfather and his son who had both passed over and she gave me their initials straight away. I was blown away by her accuracy! Without a shadow of a doubt, Precious is the best psychic on here. The BEST! Thank you Precious. I can't wait to talk to you again soon, if i can get you Miss Popular! lol. Bless you.

Dee From Scotland On 14/12/2016

Shockingly good

Couldn't believe it when I finally got through to Precious. Been trying for weeks. First reading and was shocked not when she not only picked up my situation immediately but also the country where I am from which is not very well known. I also do not have an accent so it was pure psychic talent. I have had many readings but Precious is the best psychic I have spoken to. Kind, calm and accurate. Everything you would need when looking for answers and guidance. The best. thanks Precious. Hope to speak again soon. You're so lovely. Shabana

Shabana From UK On 04/12/2016


This lady is amazing. She picked up on so much that is happening in my life. Fingers crossed her predictions come true. She made me feel more positive and told me to stay strong and I will get what I want. Thank you so much Precious. You are one in a million xxx

A From Surrey On 03/12/2016

Incredible psychic

Precious really surprised me. Twice now she has picked up things only I know. She even knew I was having trouble with my mobile phone. Very softly spoken and always makes you feel better and more positive. No sugar coating. Hard to get her but always an excellent reading when I do. Thanks Precious.

Ajay From UK On 25/11/2016

Best reader on this site

Very understanding. Really good listener. Predictions come through always. Waiting for December predictions. now. Very hard to get hold of her but when you do it is always worth it. Will definitely be calling her back.

Hannah From Buckinghamshire On 15/11/2016


I spoke to Precious two days ago and was amazed at the things she was saying. She picked up on the new car I was buying and even the make! Things she predicted have started to happen already. Will definitely be calling back. Precious is the best reader on this site. Thanks for everything Precious. You were even right about the girl st work. Amazing.

Jay From Slough On 10/11/2016

Simply the best

Social Psychics best kept secret. Amazing psychic and amazing person. Names, dates, places, Precious knew it all. Its so hard getting through o her but if you ever manage consider yourself lucky. She is the best reader i have ever had.

A From On 02/11/2016

Precious Psychic

Precious is he best psychic I have ever had. She is so caring and delivers what spirit are saying so easily. No messing around wasting time asking silly questions; just straight in with reading. She has been incredibly accurate for me with predictions dates and names. It's so hard to get hold of her but I hope you do because she is basically the best.

S From On 29/10/2016

Simply the best!

Precious is an amazing psychic who predicts correctly and is easy to talk to. She knows things that no one else knows and always tells the truth. Consider yourself very lucky if you manage to get through her as it took me ages. Definitely the best kept secret on social psychics.

A From On 27/10/2016

Sorry we got cut off but thank you for confirming what others have said despite me becoming sceptical. I hope things fall into place soon. Many thanks.

Carl From On 24/10/2016

Absolute star

Thank you for the brilliant reading precious lots of clarification on the situation I needed, I will be in contact soon

Gary From Yorkshire On 12/10/2016


Thank you for the guidance precious you are a one in a million could have talked to you all evening, will be calling again soon

Josie From Lincolnshire On 10/10/2016


Sorry I got cut off. Was like talking to w friend who had that extra knowledge. I'm the one with who told the guy goodbye today and was wondering if I did the right thing. She told me I had and that he will come back...waiting now for her predictions to come true. Thank you precious for a great reading and putting my mind at ease.

Nicki From West Midlands On 21/09/2016

JUST Amazing

What a beautiful lady, so true to her profile, believe in this lady, she has the most wonderful heart and soul and really understands her clients, do not be afraid if she speaks a few home truths. You have enlightened me precious just for the little time we spoke, until the phone cut off, your guidance is so clear and honest and spot, no wonder you are so busy all the time, thank you once again, highly, highly recommended, if you could rate this lady on a scale form 0 t0 5 (like you do on amazon ect) she would be off the scale, bless you, in love and light

Simon From LINCS On 19/08/2016

Just thank you

At a time I needed clarification The most you were there, thank you precious you have been inspirational in my life, best reader I've had so far, to the point an most importantly honest. I will call again soon

David From London On 13/08/2016

Beautiful Lady

Thank you again for listening to me and guiding me, this lady is a beautiful listener and as helped me so much in deciding what I really do need to focus on, very accurate in telling me the truth Thank you once again

Simon From Lincs On 10/08/2016

candy cart

What beautiful and lovely lady, the reading gave me hope, spot on with current situation, I said that I had to say goodbye to a Spanish man who stays in the house that I live in, as time was getting on, she knew I had to go and precious told me his name, amazing, let's hope all comes true, amazing person, going to make the candy cart xx

Simon From Lincolnshire On 10/08/2016

A beautiful person!!

I came through to you by accident, it was meant to be! Thankyou!! Clear. Accurate. Positive. Reassuring. Calm. Will be back in touch for sure xi

Deb From Alice Springs, Australia. On 03/08/2016


What an amazing reading from Precious, i got put through to this AMAZING lady by accident and boy how glad i am that i did, as soon as i said hello and told her to stop shuffling, Precious literally told me the current situation 2 mins in to my call, what a talented and sweet caring lady she is and i pray to god she will get far, DEFOS have a reading with this lady, as i promised i would leave a review, I genuinely wanted to as i was so happy with my reading and i am gutted we got cut off, precious i cant thank you enough u beautiful soul, may god bless you. Thank you for an amazing and accurate reading and i hope to speak to you soon, you have gave me that reassurance and clarity i needed and im so pleased. Take care, peace and love x

Priya From London On 19/07/2016

Speaking to Precious always lifts the weight off of my shoulders. She tunes into the situation accurately so I am looking forward to her predictions happening! Thank you, so grateful x

Jess From On 18/07/2016


Cheers for great reading sorry ran out of time ! Def ring back very soon . Had giggle as well thank u again

Carol From Notts On 20/06/2016

Many Thanks

Had a reading with Precious for the first time, she picked up on my situation.She was spot on. Great reader.

C From London On 24/05/2016


Thanks Precious for my reading your a lovely person and have confirmed what everyone else has will stop worrying and just know things will work out like they should xxoo

J From A On 14/05/2016


Precious, with the softly spoken voice, puts you at ease in times when you need clarity, thank you precious everything you said has come true, my second reading in two weeks, so glad your here me xxx

Victoria From Usa On 11/05/2016

Amazing reading

Wow amazingly accurate review, provides names and very personal details, really connected with her, thank you so much to previous and her spirit guide for all your wisdom x

Lucy From Wales On 05/05/2016


for a lovely me thinking about 'The gift' now....will keep you updated!

Avni From W.midlands On 04/05/2016

On the ball

Had a reading from precious, she was accurate, even telling me a name, I would recommend this special lady, an I will be back for more thank you so much

Amy From Uk On 26/04/2016

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I have 30 years experience of reading the tarot. I am clairsentient, connecting with spirit through my guides. I am non judgemental, compassionate and intuitive. l can assist with love, relationships, career, family matters and general insight. I aim to give clarity on what is the best way to move forward, and give clarity when answering your questions in depth. I love the energy that comes through the tarot, showing the best outcomes in situations. PIN: 8039

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Crystal Blu

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I come from a long line of mediums and tarot card readers. Since I was an early teenager I have had visions and seeing spirit. I learnt the art of tarot reading in my late teens and I was doing readings for family and friends, and friends of friends. In my mid twenties my reading was put on hold due to family and work and lots of life lessons. Twenty years later I am guided by my spirit guides to start to read again. PIN: 5444

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Hi, I'm Marie. Thank you for looking at my profile. I am a Spirit and Tarot card reader. These gifts were passed to me from my Grandmother who was a wonderful reader. If you want to find out information, let me contact my Spirit guides and they will pass me the information that they want to, I have brilliant guides! I am compassionate and a great listener. I specialize in Love, Relationships and Family issues. PIN: 1090

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I am a Tarot empath with 20 years of experience. I am here to assist people to find their true inner wisdom. I want to assist you with love, career and relationships. I come from a family of psychics and their beautiful gifts have been passed onto me. I know use my gifts to read for people from all over the world. Let's find your true light and let's answer your questions today. PIN: 4107

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I am a psychic and tarot card reader. I have 23 years experience. I offer a full, detailed, professional reading on your present and future. I specialize in love, relationships and family issues. Since my mid 20's, I have been able to predict things that will happen, leading to readings for friends and it has grown over the years to me reading professionally for the last ten years. I am calm by nature and have a non judgemental approach. PIN: 8506

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