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Best reading ever.

best reading I have ever had on here , on the money and my life is complicated so WOW - what an angel you are thank you XXXXX

Caroline From London On 23/03/2022

Spot on reading

I rang a few times and spoke to a few people but one sad morning l got connected to Melissa and l didn’t not give anything away and she picked up on my situation gave advice and it did put me at ease. Such an amazing lady thank you

From On 09/02/2022

A good soul.

Melissa is a good, honest soul. I was quite surprised by my reading due to her picking up on way more than I imagined she would. She doesn’t sell false hope, she says what she sees. What she told me had so much accuracy and she is such a kind lady. I would definitely speak to her again

From On 03/02/2022


Thank you so much for your lovely reading this evening, I really enjoyed speaking to you. Lovely polite and very accurate reading. Picked up on alot about a POI and various other areas.

Carrie From Kent On 26/12/2021

5 stars

Always on point, no messing about gets straight in. I've had a few readings with Melissa always consistent, doesn't ask questions always resonates, timelines don't pan out but must remember no time in spirit world.

Sylvia From Lancashire On 03/11/2021


Melissa is an amazing reader, I’ve spoken to her a few times and she is always spot on, I trust her predictions and advice.

Michelle From England On 14/10/2021

I’ve had a few readings with Melissa, ave today she didn’t disappoint again. Always spot on, goes in and in to the reading without asking any questions and always goes in to detail. Thank you so much for another amazing reading xxx

C From UK On 29/09/2021


Lovely, polite reader who did not waste time. Picked up on my sisuation and gave some predictions. Thank you.

Anna From London On 21/08/2021

Not Bad

Nice lady. Bit short on predictions. Takes ages.

Elizabeth From Ireland On 25/07/2021

Blown away

Just had a reading with Melissa such a lovely lady and brilliant psychic knew what was going on in my life can’t wait for future thank you Melissa will def call you again xxx

Debs From Scotland On 22/07/2021

5 Stars

Genuine always honest, consistent and says what she sees.

From On 15/07/2021

Amazing in a time of need

Lovely reader so close to the bone with things definitely has the gift helped me so much thank you Melissa everything you said came true!! *****

Sue From On 17/05/2021

Wow wow

Amazing beautiful lady told me wonderful things hope they come true will update thanks Melissa xx

Flower From Cardiff On 25/03/2021


Very good i have been using Melissa a long while now she is brilliant

Max From London On 25/02/2021

A Beautiful Lady!

She is brilliant, superb, connects really well. Has great timing and skills. Very talented and sweet lady

PRANAV From Midlands On 28/01/2021

100 stars for her

Melissa was instantly connected to my POI and gave me clarity on the situation. She was to the point with her answers and didn't say anything irrelevant. Very quick and clear insight. Thank you Melissa.

Anuradha From Ipswich On 03/01/2021

Thank you! Ten stars

Melissa is lovely! Straight to the point, very quickly. Tuned it with depth and clarity. Accuracy and no sugar coating. Read in depth, no time wasting. As a reader myself I always find Melissa very genuine and a very good reader. Will be back. Thank you.

Pisces 1 From Australia On 13/12/2020

Thank you!

I ran out of money sorry we got cut off! Thank you for the reading & your support! X

Sarah From Uk On 26/11/2020

Thankyou Melissa xxx

From Australia On 04/11/2020

Thank you

I wanted to say thank out of credit.had 2 readings few days apart both predictions were the same. Predicted similar outcomes as other readers.will update soon.thank you

From On 12/09/2020

Incredible and Talented

She is brilliant, connects really well has great timing and skills really sweet lady

PRANAV From Midlands On 05/08/2020

Lovely Lady but ...

Lovely lady, slow and fishing for information.. I do not believe she has insight! Nothing resonated and had to put the phone day as she seemed to be stuck on trying to make conversation rather then doing a reading...

Anon From Uk On 31/07/2020

Superlative and Stupendous Reader!

She is brilliant, her readings are true most of the time.. if she says something it always happens she is brilliant thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 18/07/2020

Superlative and Stupendous Reader!

She is brilliant, her readings are true most of the time.. if she says something it always happens she is brilliant thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 18/07/2020

slow and stalls

very slow with gaps in conversation. asks you to pick a number from one to ten which i feel wastes time. takes time to go into reading. very little info given.

From uk On 04/07/2020


Stunned by what was mentioned, as I could relate straightaway. Connected instantly. Amazing reader and a beautiful soul.

J From London On 20/06/2020


I had a reading with Melissa- she connected with me straight away, she was spot on with everything and gave me a very detailed and informative reading. Just waiting for all the positive things she said to come to fruition.I recommend Melissa 100% she won’t let you down. Thank you keep doing the amazing work you do.

J From London On 18/04/2020

Good but it was slow

Slow to get going then waffle before getting to the main points and she was kind and caring was just a bit lifeless but did think she cared

Will From London On 16/04/2020

Super Special

She is super special amazing laugh and has great sense of timings.. talented and skilled has made predictions which came true for me... one more last year was also true... she is good with her skills and talents highly recommended

Pranav From Midlands On 22/03/2020

Incredible and Talented

She is brilliant reader, connects really well, has great timing and skills always gives valuable information thanks

Pranav From Midlands On 22/03/2020


Melissa is very very psychic. I had a general reading, and within seconds, she focused in on just what I wanted to ask about (without me prompting her). She is gifted... and made a prediction... which if it comes true... will make me the happiest man alive. Thank you Dear Lady. I'll think long & hard on your words... may the best things happen. One of the best readings, I've ever had. I can see myself, coming back. Thank you ma'am. God bless you. xx <3

Arjuna From Manchester On 16/02/2020

Lovely lady lovely reading so accurate.

Sofia From Uk On 09/02/2020

Beautiful lady. Such a positive lady. When all seems lost she comes in with nothing but positivity. She connected so well and knew things that no one else would have known. True psychic no waffling just straight into the reading! I’m amazed and feeling very positive and cheery now! Thankyou again!

From On 28/12/2019

Genuine and caring

Thank you so much for your insights. Really helped me to get motivated to prepare - great detail and confirming what others are saying. Lovely reader.

DCR From CT On 30/11/2019


Melissa is a great reader and so accurate with timings.

Michelle From Wales On 03/11/2019


Just had reading with Melissa spot on picked up on situation straight away can’t wait for predictions to happen def phone back thanks Melissa xxx

Debs From Scotland On 01/11/2019


What a amazing reading!! I feel good through and after it. Your amazing Melissa! Picked up on my situation my holiday and move !! ABSOLUTELY GOBSMACKED!!! LOVED IT SOOOO MUCH! Thank you and luckily enough I mentioned we were going to cut out because uneasy going to run out of minutes, however I appreciate your time and guidance it was amazing ❤❤❤❤. Will call you back next year. Much love

Pisces From Australia ❤ On 25/10/2019


I tried this site for the first time and I was not disappointed with Melissa. She was gentle but with honesty. She picked up on my situation quickly and I now wait to see if the predictions come to fruition. Thank you Melissa. I will be back

Sue From Bucks On 24/10/2019

Brilliant Advice !

She is superb, great reader, and very talented, sweet laugh and kind, and gives solid reading always

PRANAV From Midlands On 06/10/2019

My credit ran out

Omg i love takking to you. I will buzz next week .. Hopefully people around me are happy to lucky like me .. life's a pone way ticket.. gotta live it .. love you Melissa .. always nice talking to you.. always

From On 06/10/2019

Gorgeous Lady !

She is funny, talented and empathetic.. brilliant reader very kind and gentle and dead accurate Thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 04/09/2019

Life Changing Predictions

She is solid reader, has made many tough predictions for me, true, life changing predictions. solid reader thanks with lovely laugh

PRANAV From Midlands On 01/09/2019


I actually wanted to get through to another Reader. I took a chance with the first available. Pleased I did as she picked up on some good aspects going on around me now where I seem to need reassurance for peace of mind ! The reading clarified the same as before and she didn't talk about her own life like some do whigh is very important when you're paying for a set time! She listened. Understood and laughed intermittently. I would recommend her for her sincerity and kindness as well as empathy xxx

Maxine From Kent On 04/08/2019

all prediction came true

she has superb record, super talented thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 04/08/2019

Giving me hopes

You are so lovely Melissa. It was my first time talking to you and you giving me so much hope that I woke up smiling .. and can’t wait for my future to unfold.. still need to work on my patience lol.. but thank you so much .. speak soon .. you picked on everything so fast .. truely blessed .. thank you

From On 21/07/2019

Bloody Good !

She is brilliant, superb reader, always comes with something special... she is super cute

PRANAV From Midlands On 07/07/2019


When all was lost Melissa gave me hope......thank you ever so much

Sad flower From Australia On 27/05/2019


I don't write a lot of reviews but I spoke to Melissa today after I couldn't get through to m regular reader. She is amazing, tuned into my story via the tarot cards immeadiatley and talked me through what would happen. Will call back again!

Sarah From Warwickshire On 27/04/2019

Thank you

I appreciate your reading so much. It was spot on and very comforting.

From On 26/04/2019

Super cute and fantabalous

She is amazing, picks situation really well... very talented and gifted psychic.. sweet and superb thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 19/04/2019

From Australia

Amazing reader highly recommend not a time waster, a true psychic picked up the situation without any information given, hopefully her pridiction will unfold and I will share it here once it does.

From On 20/03/2019


Sorry got cut off earlier. Interesting read will see whether ill go there again or not. Depends on him

S From I On 09/03/2019


Thank you for the reading you gave me, it was precise and honest and its given me hope for my future. Loved your gentleness, loved your patience. I will be coming back to you soon if that's ok just one question

Marie From Carnarvon Western Australia On 17/02/2019


She is amazing, truly sweet and gifted psychic. she is so sweet, and gifted. whatever she says always happens thanks a lot

Pranav From Midlands On 04/02/2019

The lovliest lady!

From On 05/10/2018


Had a good reading with Melissa, she picked up on situation spot on. She gave me some indications of times for things to happe; hope they will come true. Melissa seems a lovely lady.

Gwen From UK On 29/09/2018

Picked up situation straight away very accurately ... one of the best on this site

Sarah From On 16/09/2018

Good Reading

Positive reading picked up on a lot of things. Calming reassuring and positive

Maria From London On 16/09/2018


She is amazing , really loved talking to you.. she always comes with something special , very kind , loving and gentle laughs as well.. good sense of humour .. keep It up

From On 15/09/2018

Thank you. Whether what you say happens or not you where accurate with things you said. Peace and harmony.

Verica From United Kingdom On 11/08/2018

Lovely Lady

Lovely lady she cleared up my confusion of 2 men who look so similar,i will keep her updated,when i see my no1

sharon From London On 09/08/2018

The Best reader on here!!!!

Melissa is fabulous. You don't need to tell her anything just picks up on the situation very quickly. Have had 4 readings with her and her predictions all have happened!!! Amazing talent, very accurate and love natured lady. Definitely recommend her!!!!!

Marianna From Surrey On 28/07/2018

General reading

She was lovely and carm, she told me thing that nobody told me would know and I've talk to many advised she only one would tell me thing I think she is one of the best advisor I talk to and she will tell you things you never believe somebody could tell you I would be talk longer but my credit went thank you mellisa you told me and my mam ruby things nobody will tell you we are very thankful very spot on and 100 accurate what you said to us on different occasion thank you for my reading xx

Lanna-marie Price From Kilgetty On 10/05/2018

Genuine Lady & Genuine Reader

Mel was very compassionate and dealt with my private issues in such a sensitve, caring mannor i wll certainly be coming back to her for my next reading tomorrow.

Dean From Kettering On 02/05/2018

General read

Found Melissa really calming and helpful...homed in on problem I was having so came off the phone a HAPPY BUNNY

Nadine From DERBY UK On 19/04/2018

It was ok. She kept going on about if I was having an issue with paperwork and I said no. I didn't feel the connection to be honest.

A From Sydney On 17/03/2018

100% SPOT ON!

I have just come off of the phone to Melissa and I am amazed as to the accuracy of her reading. There was stuff that I didn't even tell her that she picked up on and quite honestly I was shocked. Any negative reviews regarding Melissa I do not agree with. Melissa is a lovely, lovely lady and if she says and sees something that somebody doesn't agree with remember it may not be now but down the line that something happens. Melissa is a wonderful, wonderful lady and I am happy. Tahnk you Melissa ur a star!

Charlene From London On 15/03/2018


She is very gentle and straight to the point. She could see my situation and read in me . Which leads me to believe her prediction for the future

D From London On 10/02/2018

Very good !

Second reading with Melissa as her first predictions came to pass ! Second reading was just as realistic , Calm and lovely lady! Really enjoyed my reading ! Doesn’t guess or false hope ! Very good very impressed ! Will call again! Thank you H xxx

H From On 26/01/2018

Peaceful, calm and hopeful

Lovely reading, thank you! Amazing what Melissa picked up on. I felt like a friend. Now I am feeling peaceful, calm and hopeful. Many thanks.

Rachel From Cornwall On 31/12/2017

Very Good

Very good reader, give her a try!

M From Shefield On 31/12/2017

Quick Connection

At first I had my doubts as I was not in the greatest of places but I really like the fact there was very little delay or fishing it was really an exceptional reading. Sorry for my doubts I will call again.

Mrs Joy Kenner From Barking On 30/12/2017

Very Impressed

I am very happy with my reading and I know Mellissa is New but she will be one of the best readers. She was spot on with her cards and psychic abilities. I did not tell her anything, she does though pick things up in bits and pieces I noticed so its up to you to make sense of the reading, all in all very good reader and she will be one of the best on TP x

Clare From UK On 17/12/2017

Good connection sound reading

Tried a few readers on Trusted some excellent some average but really made that connection with Melissa she certainly has something and made me feel comfortable she picked up on several definite points without endless questions and the reading was concise not just using my time on wasted stuff which I really appreciated - a reader to try thats for sure. Megs Brentwood

Megan From Castle Ashby On 14/12/2017

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La Luna

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I do tarot reading, I feel I am very spiritual and have been doing so for about 2-3 years. I can offer a callers a very insightful reading and feel I am very easy to talk to and connect with. I specialize in tarot readings using tarot cards and can feel a insight-fullness into your life using the cards. I have been practicing tarot reading for about 2 years now but feel I have always been a spiritual person. I use my spiritual intuition as well as my tarot cards. PIN: 4191

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