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Clarity - 3373

I am a clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient empath. I use dowsing for timelines and probabilities. Spirit works very literally with me, and questions are required for the in-depth focus I can create, so I do not offer “general readings”. To prepare your questions on relationships, business, or other matters, ask yourself, “When this call is over, I want to know or understand...,” and fill in the blank! PIN 3373

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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

First, I am a channel, not a tarot card reader, and I do not offer “general readings”. Images I work with are formed in my mind’s eye. Without an area in which to “look”, there is nowhere to focus. However, I do offer callers a unique experience with unexpected insights for a good understanding of complex situations. Information I receive comes in many forms: as color, sometimes recognisable as people or locations and occasionally abstract, shifting or evolving as we converse, containing words, whole sentences, and emotional or physical impressions I will describe. I will be prompted by “Spirit” to ask the caller's questions– and the caller may interject more detail or additional questions at any time– thus, the reading is interactive.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

With the exception of dowsing, which I use for clearing energies around complex issues, timelines and probability of future outcomes, my tool is the mental images. The reading requires the caller’s first name, spelt. The name is the “number” Spirit “dials” to connect with. At all times, I speak out loud and address my influences as “Spirit”, creating a 3-way call between spirit, myself and the caller. Because these are energy fields being accessed, a target question or area of interest– like work, a friend, a relationship, or something that already materially exists, at least in the caller’s mind– is imperative as the starting point. General readings, or questions that start by asking to see “what comes up”, are not accepted except as a process for callers checking their own intuition, looking for a second opinion, clarifications, or additional details on their own insights. Finally, future outcomes on events that do not have an energy seed or have in some way been actualised are limited to the question time frame. In other words, Spirit has impressed on me that the future is extremely fluid and will only offer me a time frame answer forward into months, occasionally a year or two.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

My grandmother and mother were sensitives, and my mother was a gifted reader of family and friends. I first experienced claircognizance after a family member passed away; I was only six years old. Today I am clairvoyant, claircognizant, and clairsentient. I continue to enhance and broaden my gifts thanks to the early family influence and my committed practice of non-duality and meditation.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

Evolutionary astrology, numerology and dowsing.

Recent Reviews Of Clarity


Excellent reading given

Thank you Clarity, for an amazing reading, I am grateful for your advice and will carry it out, I will call you again. I would recommend Clarity for specific questions as she connects very well 🙏🏻

- Vicki , UK


Divine Clarity!

Best reading I’ve had in a very long time. Bravo clarity you worked very hard xxx

- jennifer , Eastbourne


Thank you Clarity

Lovely lady made me smile could relate to every thing we spoke on

- J, Uk



Her delivery and negative attitude is off-putting. Cold and showed no empathy.

- Anon, London


Not much clarity

Felt more confused after the last reading . Sorry not for me .

- S, Uk


Very good

Clarity was very kind & helpful & I felt set about seeing and unfolding the difficult complex issue I called about, directly straightforwardly & with CLARITY...Unfortunately for me, I got confounded by the tech, as my mobile cut off having apparently reached my monthly spending limit, before the reading was complete...but I thank you Clarity.

- S, Anglia



Does not connect well, projects her own stuff, does not listen. I asked a specific question that any other tarot reader would get but it wasn't specific enough, so I had to dissect everything.

- Anna, London



Very very good reader !! Thank you ! I think people get confused with tarot readers and mediums ! Readers you need questions and mediums have your family channeling them the info ! She's very very good ! Will be back ! Thank you! X x x

- H, Loughborough


Brilliant reader

Clarity is very gifted with her clairs! She connects beautifully with energies, that's why she doesn't do general readings! She is phenomenal, bringing calmness and clarity! Spot on as she connects with another person and you can understand how they think, feel and what they plan on doing! 5*

- Mags, London


I asked for general reading and was told to only ask specific questions

- Nicole, London


Amazing in depth reading

One of the best readings I have had in my life! Analysed my energy, my poi energy and gave me messages through guides with a metaphor and advised me reiki could be a path for me too. Completely agree! Thank you for my new outlook on patience and to have my faith in fate with avoiding a fear barrier. Much love and thanks. Gemma

- Gemma, North wales



- Anne, Edinburgh


General Reading

She said that she doesn't give general readings

- B, USA


Very comforting and gifted

Clarity is a lovely, kind and strong reader. I had more than 3 questions and I felt her answers were absolutely correct. She gave me much needed comfort and was able to give me direction in building strength in order to move forward. Thank you again :-)

- CE, UK


Really good

She is really good and her insight is amazing. She is correct with the poi and correct with what is going on and the person described is exactly on point. Thank you

- M,


Wow, just wow

I just spent the last two hours speaking to the most universal and incredibly exceptional intuitive; and I am absolutely in awe of how grateful I am for today's reading. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Clarity!!!

- JC, LA



She is one of the best Clairvoyants on this website, would recommend highly!!!

- Tanya, London


Can't understand what kind of Physic she is

- Dal, Lindon


No clarity

Sorry Clarity .. I believe you possess psychic ability to a certain degree but too much of your own judgement given ….

- J, London



First time noticed Clarity. A penetrating insight came through the photo. Highly intelligent , sensitive , insightful. Clear interaction with her guides. No waffle. Addressed karma in a way which was different from past wish wash. Helpful indeed. Other areas too. Liked her a lot. 28.8.22

- Pips, Oxon


Clarity by name, clarity by nature

Thank you so much for your psychic gift, you really turned the situation on it's head tonight, and gave Clarity!

- Jo, London


Wonderful Reader

Just finished having a reading with Clarity. And I have to say I am really impressed with her style, patience and perception. She is the real deal taking her time to piece together fragments of the jigsaw presented to her in a concise and clear manner. She is totally connected to spirits guides and was able to give me valuable advice. Thank you Clarity, your name truly speaks for itself. Would definitely book again.

- Wayne, Sussex


Great reader

Gave very accurate information and significant guidance. Highly recommend

- Jasmine, UK



Clarity gives you just that... Excellent connection with Spirit and picked up on things that she wouldn't have known otherwise. Really good reader

- PM, West Midlands


Not a great reader

She is slow and keeps asking questions then will ask spirit.

- Unknown, London



Clarity as its finest…amazing work with colours and connection with Spirit. Thank you ever so much and for not judging my fairytale mind and the african Blue Winged Butterfly. Lots of love xxx

- ,



I like how this lady works. Straight to it. I will be a regular customer. Thank you you for answering my questions. Your were spot on. Call 9/11/21 2.47pm Thank you xx

- Kat, UK



Sorry not for me. Absolutely terrible wants you to give questions so she can give you answers. I might as well shake a magic eight ball

- D, Surrey



True understanding of situations Her link with spirit to answer questions is impeccable.

- A,


Wasn't clarity at its finest for me. A lot of things she said - at first glance - seem quite plausible- but on reflection could have applied to lots of people. Not saying she might not be genuine. However there just wasn't quite that clarity nor precision of detail to make it a hundred percent certain she had a psychic link. Kept having to ask her for more specifics to be certain, [wasn't going to - potentially inaccurately - make it fit] which she couldn't give. In the end I had to end call. Please publish

- ,



I had a reading with Clarity where she gave me messages and predictions. She is very patient , nonjudgmental and very easy to talk to. You can tell she wants to help and is happy in doing so :)

- S.J, UK


Not sure

Not sure about this. Asked for a general and what she said could apply to anyone. So asked for a general on romance… again most of what she said could apply to anyone phoning a psychic and asking a question about romance. So - finally- I gave her a name and - again- much of what she said could apply to anyone. And she didn't really give any hard based confirmation (such as what she looked liked- how we know each other and so forth) to make it certain she had a link. Some of what she said seemed to make sense, but she was a bit woolly and wishy washy talking round the subject and going on about energies and colours and what they represent, when all I wanted was clear - concise - psychic confirmations and information and guidance. I was on the phone for 9 minutes when ny time run out snd was having to thinking about if it was worth purchasing more minutes. Then I thought ‘no' - the very fact that I'm having to think about if her guidance is worth spending an additional £10 on [which isn't a vast amount of money to me] means that it isn't worth it (she should have been so good, that there's no hesitation and she wasn't that good).

- Mr uncertain., The coast