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Excellent - experienced and soooo good

I was so thnkful to get through to Sadie. Spoke toher in May and knew I needed her insight now. Fabulous reading. Settle my mind. Thank you xxxxx

Libran From Aus On 07/07/2019

Deserves 100 stars

Just had reading from Sadie just totally blows u away knew my birthday lots more always pleasure speaking with Sadie and predictions have already happened x thanks Sadie mind blowing what you know lovely lady talk too xxx

Debs x From Scotland On 04/07/2019


2nd reading. Sadie is unbelievable. She told me the name of the person in question. The named and ages of my 3 children. What county I lived in and the location of my ex. She is kind, intuitive and shockingly accurate. To the point that made me laugh out loud as it’s so spot on. Downside she is so busy. For good reason. Love her. Xxx

Jo From Uk On 03/07/2019

Just WOW !

This lady is so accurate ...right down to the finer details ....

JP From NI On 29/06/2019

Magic Reader

The level of accuracy is just out of this world, Sadie picked up place where my partner cheated and the country where that woman is from..I am speechless. She picks up on rott causes, undercurrents and provides insight into future developments. She will give you a roadmap and you decide what to do next

Olga From London On 18/06/2019

My Angel :)

Sadie thank you from bottom of my heart u are my angel sorry l couldn't stay more but ur reading lift me up again l feel better!!!sending u lot of love Nikola xx

Nikola From Wales On 07/06/2019

Just WOW !

Omg you tapped in straight away about POI ..initial ..status .. things no other reader has said ... Amazing reader .. looking forward to predictions

JP From NI On 02/06/2019

Love her

I’ve had readings with many on here. Sadie is one of my regular three. She is straight to the point, tells you as it is and what she sees and only that. There is no messing around. If she’s spoken to you recently she goes from the day and knocks out the old stuff. My situation is ongoing and there’s no magic solution. She picks up on a lot of things including the initial of the person in question. I love the way she does it, she is genuine. I trust what she says. Hopefully it will all come to pass and come good in the end as she tells me it will. Thank you as ever Sadie.

Louise From Hertfordshire On 02/06/2019

Spot on!

tuned in very well - thanks and blessings X

RL From UK On 21/05/2019

Completely exceptional - a class of her own!

I have had many, many readings over many, many years and this one has to be absolute tops!! Thank you for all the validations, the amazing connection to the situation and the incredible advice I shall certainly be studying before Dec. Thank you!!!!

Libran From Aus On 05/05/2019

She deserve more then 5 star

If anyone ask me to who u give gold start it will be you 100% you! U are Angel l will always say this love of love from Nikola today l did try to speak to you but cant go though:( never mind l try later!

From On 04/05/2019


Sadie is definitely one of the best readers I have ever spoken to , she is genuine and a natural , I can thank her enough Rosa

From On 01/05/2019

Beautiful Reader

I love everything about Sadie, she is very gentle and kind. Described everything happening in my life so perfectly. Unfortunately one of your predictions did not pass but I am still in hope for the rest. x

J From Australia On 24/04/2019

Still in awe...

Another thing, when you ask Sadie a question but she’s not given an answer she’ll tell you straight away that she’s not able to do so.. some readers will start to guess and give you information that at times doesn’t make sense. You are my top reader.. followed by Julia 6622, Marcella, Ayla, & Native Spirit.. ❤️❤️

Marry K From London On 21/04/2019


Sadie not only got my birthday date and month correctly but she also got the initial of the man I was calling about and the initial of the women he is currently in a relationship with. This has never happened to me before. Now I believe real Psychics do exist..!!!!! Some of the information she revealed I’ve never mentioned to anyone on this platform... she said timing is difficult but I’ll patiently wait for predictions to unfold.. thank you Sadie 3431... you have just climbed to the top of my list...❤️❤️

Marry K From London On 21/04/2019

So amazing

She told me my birth month and day, picked up the first initial and star sign of the person I was calling about and that he was older, picked up my Ex's initial. It was a very helpful reading in terms of thought processes, obstacles and emotions. I got cut off before any timing predictions but was happy with the outcome regardless. Thanks Sadie!

A From Australia On 17/04/2019

I was left speechless with my reading from Sadie. I can't even describe how good she is. She picked up initials of people, names, months people were born in, she even picked up my date and month of birth. These are just a few things of the accuracy on what she picked up. There are many good readers but then there is Sadie. Outstanding!!!!

From On 10/04/2019

An Outstanding, Gifted Readers!

Sadie, thank you so much for your reading! You are a pure channel and work with the highest standards and morals and I have admiration and the highest respect for you! You are great example for readers that follow after you. The work you do is second to none and it’s rare to find readers like you. Sending lots of love and may God continue to bless you abundantly. Lots of love. Zara.xxxxx

Zara From London On 06/04/2019


Really, really good. she told me the name of the girl who I was having problems with and that she was leaving in July due to her pregnancy. Also told me initials of my partner, plus guessed correctly the month I was born. No wonder she is so popular.

Sue From Derbyshire On 26/03/2019

You’re an angel

Thanks ever so much Sadie for the love & support you’ve given me for the past few years. You’ve been my rock! Now you can picture me

Aurora From Australia On 26/03/2019


Sadie wow!!! The best reading I have ever had. The accuracy of information is mind blowing, even down to dates. I will be back. Highly, highly recommend. A beautiful soul to communicate with as well.

Emily From Australia On 19/03/2019


I spoke with Sadie for around 40 minutes & she picked up on a lot, knew names and birthdays, wow!! I have never spoken with her before so how could she know. Hopefully the predictions will happen. She is a lovely person too & so calming. Thank you Sadie. Zoe xx

Zoe From Uk On 16/03/2019

The best

Blows me away with her accuracy every time. Only psychic who has told me things only someone who knows you well would know. A few things already happened as predicted x

A From South London On 13/03/2019

My God she is Angel

Thank you so much words can't explain it u was spon on thank thank u thank u! May God bless you sending u big hugs! Regards from Nikola

From On 03/03/2019

You deserve a million stars

Thank you Sadie for your reading this morning, for a sec I thought you were in my head when you told me my ex initial. You picked up on everything that’s going on with me, waiting on everything to unfold in due time . Thanks again x x

Cornelia From London On 25/02/2019

I have really enjoyed my numerous readings I've had with Sadie throughout the whole of 2018 when I was going though a tough time. She has a positive energy! With this being said, I do have to mention that her predictions did not materialise.....not even one of them.

From On 23/02/2019

Sadie I’m so sorry & disapointed my phone died & we were cut off, I tried to come back but had to wait for the phone to power up & by then you were busy again then logged off. I’ll keep trying to get back to you to finish the reading & hear what’s to come the reading was amazing & so accurate .. how I wish we could book readings asits soo hard to get you Hopefully talk soon x

Lisa From Australia On 21/02/2019


I’ve been trying to get a hold of this lovely lady and I finally did! She’s amazing! 100% accurate with everything. Looking forward to the predictions xx

Anisha From London On 21/02/2019

Amazing and accurate

Sadie, thank you so much for your reading. As always you are consistent and put so much into each reading. Honestly then best! Speak soon, love and light xx

Zana From On 12/02/2019

Excellent - experienced and soooo good

So very pleased I managed to get through to Sadie. An enlightening and very fruitful chat. I feel fully geared with the road map for the future. Many thanks..

Libran From Aus On 12/02/2019

Spot on again

Just had another reading with Sadie so spot on just blew me away nt spoke in mths she just amazing productions have came true for some things Sadie said thanks Sadie for amazing reading and been such lovely lady xxxxx

D From Aberdeen On 12/02/2019


Sadie was accurate with past present and no doubts on the future . Gave precise details and such a lovely way of delivery I have spoken to her on several occasions and she has been accurate every time . I could have spoken to her all night . God bless Sadie and thank you . Helena North East x

Helena From North east uk On 06/02/2019


You’re really wasting your time if you don’t give Sadie a call! Always consistent, detailed with a great sense of humour. My go to when doubt creeps in!

Natasha From On 28/01/2019

I didnt believe it, but it happened.

Thank you so much Sadie, you have kept me strong for months, helping me to keep the faith. I am seeing results from my perseverance, and just what Sadie told me would happen, did happen. Her timings have always been accurate, and the help she has given me has been absolutely amazing. Even when I felt like a basket case, she re assured me that its ok, we all go through this from time to time. Amazing reader, beautiful lady, positive and healing with her uplifting voice. Thank you so much.

Kylie From Australia On 27/01/2019

Beautiful reading

Very accurate reading, out of this world . Thank you Sadie

R From Sydney On 25/01/2019

Started well

Started really well but reading started fading almost like she lost her connection with me. Such ashame as I was looking forward to speak to her. Left me a bit confused.

From On 21/01/2019


Sadie is a psychic with integrity and only passes on what she has been able to establish. She is committed to helping people through life's challenges. She is genuine, authentic, caring and kind. She made me believe in myself and my dreams again. I will post again as predictions are close. Superhuman efforts needed to get through to her but a huge weight lifted off my shoulders now that I have. We need more Sadies in the World.

Kristina From Australia On 05/01/2019

she has a really really good memory

From On 28/12/2018

Unbelievable Shocking Accurate

When I say this woman got my birthday right! My partners! Significant issues only I know...OMG!I know shes on a different level. She told me soooo much that resinated going to wait for predictions to happen.( i dont want to write this review because I know she will be hard to get threw too but shes the best!)

A From Brum On 19/12/2018


Spot on as usual with timings. Amazing! Predicted the timings 5 months ago and you were right! Career and love. This woman is incredible x

S From Australia On 11/11/2018

Thank you !

Thank you Sadie again for all your insight and support , your talent and gift never ceases to amaze me !!! We are so lucky you share your gift with us xx speak soon xx

Gx From M/Cr On 02/11/2018

Excellent Reading

Amazing reading knew so much about me and my life xx

Margaret Ann Lynn From Glasgow On 01/11/2018


Hi Sadie I never get to say thank you at the end of our reading so here is a big THANK YOU.The dated that you predicted was correct.I was contacted on both dates as you said.You also said that someone is going to tell me something but you don't know what it is well it was my daughter.Can't wait to speak to you again.

Neela From Usa On 31/10/2018

Guys I’m not joking she’s the real thing !

She guessed the initials of my partner and his birthday right and knew that I was an Aquarius! Really lovely lady . Tuned in well and described him perfectly.! Can’t wait for predictions to unfold xxx

Dee From London On 26/10/2018

Amazing and real

Such a beautiful and amazing lady. Always professional and honest. Superb reading every time with integrity and honesty.. I would recommend Sadie in a heartbeat.. if your wanting truth delivered with respect and if dates are not available for your current reading Sadie will tell you.. just a incredible experience and a comfort always

Holly From Australia On 20/10/2018

Lovely Sadie!!

I always enjoy speaking to Sadie! I have spoken to her a number of times and can see why she is always busy. Unfortunately, for me her predictions didn't come true. However, I would call again for a chat

Vivian From Nottingham On 06/10/2018


She blew me off my feet again. Spot on . Waiting for Predictions . I feel blessed speaking to you again today . Thank you

Ri From London On 25/09/2018

10000% satisfied! Wow wow wow

This lady is a true angel from heaven! She is incredibly accurate and gifted. She was spot on accurate with everything, names, birthdates, exact description of circumstances, timing spot on. She is such a beautiful soul. I gave never met such a gifted psychic in my life and have been getting readings for over 25 years on a regular basis. Thank you so much. I feel blessed to have met you.

Sue From Australia On 22/09/2018


I’m sorry I got cut off, it wouldn’t let me top up minutes. Just wanted to say a huge thank you for putting so much effort into my reading and answering all my questions. I hope I can get through to you again soon. X

Y From London On 22/09/2018

Luck of the Irish

Felt compelled to write this review,I don’t know if you’ll remember this Sadie,but I’ve spoken to you on a few occasions and every time you have mentioned a blast from the past,Patrick. I don’t know if this was pure coincidence,after three years I did reconnect with this man in question. Not in my wildest dreams did I think this would be possible and I did argue the point with you but you refused to take to my position and and how uncanny your prediction turned out to be. Not sure where this headed ,fingers crossed,dreams really do come true .

Susie From Australia On 19/09/2018


Date times very good reading got every element off my life

Gilly j From Kent On 09/09/2018

Spot on with timings

The only reader who has ever given me accurate timings. Sadie would continuously tell me that my situation with a particular man would change for the better at the end of August. It seemed impossible to believe at the time as we weren't even on speaking terms. I used to call Sadie almost daily for months and every time she would insist that she saw things changing by the end of August but no earlier. Well, it happened exactly as Sadie predicted. Things have improved to 180 degrees at the end of August. Sadie really has an incredible gift. She is also very eloquent and wonderful to speak to.

Anna From UK On 04/09/2018

Sadie is amazing, after being on the phone for just 5min,she was able to give the name of the person on my mind, my star sign and the age of his child all with no prompting. I was truly shocked and amazed at her abilities. She is truly gifted!

T. From On 04/09/2018

Blown Away!!!

I am totally blown away by the details Sadie gives. She described where I live, the first initial of the person I was calling about, his work plus his birthday, then she asked, ‘is that your birthday too? Because they’re telling me it is’ Yes, we have the same birthday. I hope her predictions for our future are as accurate as the details she gives.

From On 29/08/2018

Awestruck and I'm not one to write reviews!

I've had literally thousands of readings over the years and have had readings with many readers on this site for the past few years including Sadie which I last spoke with over a year ago. Although I thought she was quite good back then with validations, she totally blew me away today... she was on fire and the connection was amazing. The call started with me telling her that I had talked to her over a year ago about a certain man and that he is not what I'm calling about. She preceded to tell me that she needs to break the link with him before she read on my new issue and to clarify she gave me the exact initial of this past person and the exact date of his birthday among other confirmations on my new issue. Sadie comes across to me as a genuinely nice woman who makes you feel calm and it ease with her caring, warm and friendly disposition. Thank you Sadie x

Anon From Australia On 25/08/2018


Sadie has been reading for me for over 6 months and all I can say is unbelievable! Her insight, predictions and timings have been spot on. Although we thought we had the situation all worked out, the information she was articulating was working for my higher good and boy was she right! Sadie’s timings with my career opportunities, money and relationships have been nothing short of amazing. If you want a real in depth reading with perfect timings then call Sadie. I hate leaving her messages as I know she will get really busy and hard to get through. Sadie you and your guides are amazing!

S From Australia On 25/08/2018

I have waited months to speak to Sadie and I was not disappointed. Her readings are very in depth and she explains things thoroughly. Her validations were precise and I am hopeful her predictions will come to pass but as she said everyone has free will so time will tell. I have had many readings some better than others but Sadie is one of the best. I wish I recorded my reading as she gives so much detail and clarity that it's one of those things I would love to keep listening to. I now understand why it's so hard to get through to her.

From On 16/08/2018

Oh my!!!!!

All I can say is I have got happy tears from coming off your call. You are so lovely and I can't wait for your predictions to unfold.

V From London On 15/08/2018

Thank you !!

Thank you Sadie for all your help , insight and support ...you are amazingly gifted and I am so grateful to you for sharing your gift !! I have left a couple of reviews before that haven’t been posted so let’s hope this one get through !!! Speak soon and thank you again xx

G From Mcr On 10/08/2018


Once again blown me away ! Got his name, his birthday, my birthday and all the things that are going on ! Thank you Sadie you’re a true gift xx

Kirsten From Sydney On 10/08/2018

2 week prediction

I asked Sadie to tell me something nice that would happen to me and she was spot on. She said I’d get a message that was very nice about me and I received this message. “how are you ? I hope your very well !!!! My wife and I were really touched by your actions and were taken back that people like your self still exist. We have always lived our lives by trying to do the right thing and by trying to pay it foward where possible. We both felt humbled by your actions and we wanted to do a little something for you, so we are gifting you this voucher for some R&R. They say food feeds the soul and we would love for you to take a moment and enjoy this on behalf of us. All you have to do is show this picture to the lovely ladies at the shop and they will look after you. You can use it till August 2019.” How much nicer could a message be. She just said it would be a person that the message would be very nice and kind and say amazing things about me. Even the timing was spot on. Please read this review and know that I rarely if ever get people saying beautiful things to me. This was a moving moment and knew and told me that this would be something that touched my heart

Vanessa From Sydney On 09/08/2018

Thank you !

Hi Sadie so sorry we got cut off today I entered the wrong details to top up !!! Thank you so so much for your insight, guidance and kindness ...you are truly amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gift x speak soon x

Gx From M/Cr On 08/08/2018

Life saver

Thank you Sadie xxx

Donna From London On 03/08/2018

We both have September birthdays!

Sorry Sadie it got cut off! But I would just like to thank you so much for the reading I’ve just had with you. You was so sweet kind and warning I felt so much better and happier talking to you and I can’t wait for all your predictions to unfold! I will definitely be calling again. God bless you xxx Thank you x

Ana From London On 31/07/2018


It is finally happening as you predicted. Don’t forget to read about the moon this Friday 27th.

S From Australia On 24/07/2018


I have to agree with all these glowing reviews. Sadie is amazing, she picked up my type of work, the day and month of my birthday, she asked me why she was told to say it twice, I told her it's because it's my love interest's birthday too, she could also tell me the first initial of his name, his type of work and that I have recently detached from someone else. I was extremely upset when I rang Sadie, but she has given me more than hope. All I can say is 'WOW' I am totally blown away by Sadie's reading. Now I will wait for her predictions to unfold within the timelines she gave me.

Amazed From On 21/07/2018

Thank you

It’s just nice to have a reading where someone doesn’t ask me questions, tells me significant features and names initials. Now logic would say it’s a common letter, well maybe but there is 26 letters in the alphabet. Kind sweet genuine from my perception and I would say very connected. She just new stuff - clarification came naturally not forced or guessing or reaching. She’s right. Can’t fault her and can’t tell you how kind she was but when I hung up I fell asleep peacefully

V From Sydney On 21/07/2018


I have had soooooooo many readings, some really good others less so. Gonna be completely honest, I had a reading with Sadie a few months ago, and nothing sge said resonated so I didnt rate the reading. However I was recently,I believe divinely guided to speak to her again and I'm so grateful I did. She gave me his name straight off, as well as other poignant details that was just amazing and made me wonder how on earth she knew this. She also got details about me that i was very impressed with and although ive seen her on the phone for ages she didn't keep me on the line unnecessarily. Great reading and would say that I'm glad I went back for a second reading x

From On 17/07/2018

Unbelievable with names and dates!

Sadie has an absolutely unbelievable ability to get people's names and dates (dob as well). It's quite freaky. I didn't say a word and she first got the correct initials of the person in question, then his name, then she knew when he was born! Quite remarkable. Will update you as soon as prediction comes in at the end of August

Anna From London On 13/07/2018

Reading with sadie

Sadie has been reading for me for the past year and everything that she predicted came through and on the exact dates given as well.she is a genuine reader and the only one I talk to on this site.Her timing is perfect.everything that she told me happened exactly as she said it would.Thank you so much Sadie a d keep up the good work I'll be in touch again soon.

Neela From Usa On 11/07/2018

Reading with sadie

Sadie has been reading for me for the past year and everything that she predicted came through and on the exact dates given as well.she is a genuine reader and the only one I talk to on this site.Her timing is perfect.everything that she told me happened exactly as she said it would.Thank you so much Sadie a d keep up the good work I'll be in touch again soon. Neela

From On 11/07/2018

Thank You :)

Hi Sadie- thank you for another positive, wonderful reading. Your true guidance and support are always amazing and so heartfelt. I’m so glad I got through to you today. Thank you as always..Xx

Sonia From Melbourne, Australia On 07/07/2018

Lovey person and on the mark

I recommend Sadie! She is spot on with everything. Very insightful. And a lovely person. Helped me a lot. Hank you Sadie. Will definitely call back again

Zara From London On 04/07/2018

You are the best

Sadie has been reading for me for over the last 5 months. You would think she would be annoyed from my contact questions and insecurities but she has been amazing. Sadie’s dates always have relevance even though they are not physically available they are working behind the scenes. This woman is an amazing psychic and a value to her profession. Her predictions have unfolded however due to outside influences the timeframes have been pushed out but only by 6 weeks. I don’t know where I would be without her. Still waiting on the last prediction but due to free will the man in question is holding back, however Sadie and I both know it’s a matter of when not if! Thank you Sadie

S From Australia On 28/05/2018

Thank you !

Sadie thank you so so much for sharing your gift with me this morning, you are truly brilliant, kind and supportive and have really sorted out the jumble in my head and eased my mind !! I will be in touch to let you know what come to fruition on Sunday !!! And will hopefully be able to get through to you again soon !! Thank you from the bottom of my heart x x G xx

From On 24/04/2018


Hi Sadie I've had quite a few readings from you, I've been very lucky to catch you as you are always busy! it was like you were in my head, you knew I wanted to have a complete life makeover and wanting to move home, live a different life than my parents did, career, money etc. You have been very very positive and made me very excited. You picked up on my insecurity on how I hide true self and encouraged me to expose my light for all the world to see. You also told me how the man in question is thinking, either to completely back off or take that leap of faith. I am very much looking forward to everything coming to fruition, as my intuition is telling me everything you said is on its way. "Innovation will be your middle name"... that was your line and I was shocked when you said that! I was in the creative industry before my life turned to a different direction.. you simply are Amazing!

J From London On 22/04/2018

For your own benefit - Must try!

Sadie already has many glowing reviews. This review is for the benefit of all those out there who need a top rate dependable psychic reading. Really. Go for it.

Wini From uk On 01/04/2018

For your own benefit - Must try!

Sadie already has many glowing reviews. This review is for the benefit of all those out there who need a top rate dependable psychic reading. Really. Go for it.

Wini From uk On 01/04/2018

Brilliant Reader

Many thanks for reading you picked up on everything Looking forward to your predictions

A From On 30/03/2018

Thanks again, Sadie :)

Hi Sadie, I'm so sorry we were cut off earlier, I had tried to top up my credits but unfortunately it just cut off. Tried calling back but you were on another call. That's ok. Thank you so much again for my reading, as well as a lovely chat. I will chat to you again soon and I hope your teeth get better.. Take care..XX

Sonia From Australia On 29/03/2018

Thank You :)

Hi Sadie, I don't know how you do what you do but you are by far truly amazing! How did you pick up on the date of my anniversary is just beyond me. Unless you're living with me or something.. haha... You picked up so much more and just blew me away with your accuracy. Your warmth, guidance and your pure beautiful soul made me feel so much better about my situation and I have the utmost faith. Thank you so much for being there for me and just listening. I appreciate your readings from my heart and soul and I'll be sure to be in touch you with..XX

Sonia From Australia On 15/03/2018


Sadie is excellent let’s wAit and see -she said I have 2 choices but make regarding love -and that my ex would come back in may -I can’t see really but let’s wAit and see

Alex From Melbourne On 13/03/2018

Simply Amazing

This lady is gobsmacking! She got my birthday, what I'm studying and the fact that I live near water all in the first couple of minutes! Then she went on to tell me why I was calling and my boyfriends initial and that he was slightly younger than me all this without me saying a word! Sadie is amazing, gave me some predictions which I have no doubt will unfold and I will update when they do. Thank you Sadie you have made me feel better already. Take care xxxxxx

Miss J From Uk On 07/03/2018


Sorry Sadie, I pressed the wrong button. Thank you for my lovely reading. You always make me feel better. K x

Karen From On 07/03/2018

Prediction happened

Many of predictions unfold! Wait for the others! Thank you beautiful lady!❤️

F From On 02/03/2018

Soul mate

Thank you ever so much. Touched base on this issue and confirmed situation and what's to come. thank you.. amazing

Tony j From Croydon On 25/02/2018

What just happened!

I was in a state of flux today concerning a lady who has captured my heart. I stopped my car and called Trusted Physics and got put through to Sadie. I asked her how she works and she said with or without cards. I said no cards please. And then...BANG! A lady with the initial N (my lady) Another name, Max (her son) Her country and culture!!! Another name: Luke, (my son!!!)Another name: Connor (from a closed circle i was in) N's star sign because she was surrounded by air! Gemini! She then told me what N drinks! Bloody hell! I said Sadie, where are you? Who are you? I'm checking to see if you're in my car! She laughed and said, "no, I'm in your head!" She then explained exactly why i was calling, went through the past, the present and into the future. My head was spinning and I'm sure my mouth was wide open in disbelief at what i was hearing. Remarkable, mesmerising and delivered in a totally professional, articulate and spell-binding way! She laughed when i told her i was glad i was wearing underpants as i feel quite naked. How on earth she does this is beyond me but she 100% put me back on track and gave me a gentle and compassionate nudge in the right direction. Thank you Sadie darling, Thank you x

Ronnie From Berkshire On 24/02/2018

Rated 100%

Sadie, your reading was on point as always, thank you & I look forward to everything unfolding in the way you have always said it would! sorry we got cut off, but I will be back soon!

Donna From London On 21/02/2018


Seems very spot on -even said that the girl is Aquarian that I like which is correct -new my name was Alex too

Al From Aust On 09/02/2018

i love this woman!

I never slept after a negative reading I had yesterday and I called Sadie to help. She is fantastic and she is bang on the money with validations. She re-assured me of everything that was worrying me. She is straight to the point mind, so you won't get no sugar coating either. She got names and she is a real reader and in fact i feel one of the top 3 on the site. You are very safe here. Thanks again Sadie. xxx

From Scotland On 07/02/2018

And another prediction has happened!!!

Credit where credit is due. Sadie is the most remarkable reader I have ever had the pleasure of talking to. Yet another prediction for this weekend has now occurred and my faith in her future predictions can now grow stronger. Sadie is amazing!! Thank you

Anne-Marie From London On 27/01/2018


She’s very kind and a great listener. Sadie definitely does not dig for info. I hope my predictions will unfold in the future. ❤️

R From London On 21/01/2018


Unfortunately my call was cut short but I feel truly blessed for the time that I had to speak to this kind lady. Regardless if the predictions transpire I appreciate the insight and wisdom delivered in a caring manner. I would consider choosing Sadie for a reading an excellent choice and for those lucky enough to be connected I’m more than certain you won’t be disappointed!

Susie From Australia On 19/01/2018

Prediction Happened Again!!!

Following on from a previous brilliant reading with Sadie, she predicted I'd see my ex again on the 17th January, which again I found hard to believe. Blow me down with a feather, we meet up today (the 17th) by divine intervention and spent the evening together. Truly amazing!! Thank you!!!!!

From On 17/01/2018

Prediction Happened

I spoke to Sadie a month ago where she predicted contact from an ex that I didn't believe was ever going to happen. It did and within the timescale predicted!! A second reading with Sadie and I am now really excited for the future. Thank you

Anne-Marie From London On 11/01/2018

Hi Sadie - Predictions happened!

Belated Happy new year to you Sadie. I had a couple of readings with you in early December where you predicted certain things to happen over the Christmas period and "taboo" liaisons with my man. Just to let you know, this happened as you said.

Wini From London On 06/01/2018


She got the exact birthdates (month and day) of two different men who are very significant, their initial and that one was a Pisces, and one was younger than me and we'd be working on projects with children. All correct. I was beyond stunned. Wish I had a recording of it. There is no way to explain her ability. xx

Ires From Melbourne On 02/01/2018


You gave me a very accurate reading and made a prediction for a reconciliation to happen on the 22/12/17. It happened on this exact date. Unbelievable!!! Thank you and have a lovely Xmas.

From England On 24/12/2017


This lady told me everything without me saying anything including my ex birthday, my birthday , and things about her daughter that no one else would know. Shes the best reader ive eva had on here and ive had quiet a few on here over the past, she will be very hard get hold of soon so best get her while you can. thanks Sadie xx

paul From stoke on trent ENGLAND On 23/12/2017

A star

I have had a few readings from Sadie and I can honestly say her dates have always had relevance. She gets initials of everyone, dates, months, situations everything. I'm amazed every time. I await her prediction this week but have no doubt due to the past!! I can highly reccomend her

Hayley From North West On 20/12/2017


Sadie really picked up some amazing detail .. would highly recommend

M From Newcastle On 17/12/2017

Top Reader and a nice lady too :)

Thank you so much Sadie for my reading 16/12 you fair cheered me up. Got cut off and never got a chance to thank you but you are just a real genuine reader and my reading was worth every penny. xxx

From Scotland On 16/12/2017


Wow what can I say without me saying anything she knew my star sign and date of birth....simply amazing that Sadie did that. That was the cruncher for me that she is the real deal...especially so many kilometers away. I felt after Sadie stated my star sign and actually pinned by date of birth that the reading I had is comforting and can't wait for the outcome.......Thanks Sadie

Yvonne From South Australia On 13/12/2017

Like Sadie was in my head

This is the second reading I have had by Sadie the 1st I was cut of .... fast forward to a few weeks later and I got through First off she knew his name the age difference and his exact birthday completely blew me away with the validations I’ve come off the reading will a lot more clarity and look forward to the future and will let you know when it all starts to reveal itself .... can’t say enough how gobsmacked/blown away I am this lady is the real deal like she was in my head to know all that and I never said a word apart from my name I would highly recommend Sadie x

P From Manchester On 09/12/2017

Just Amazing!

Sadie! You are Amazing! And so freaky! (IN A GOOD WAY) Gave me dates from the past and names of family and my ex! Told me things that no-one else would know and has been very supportive in regards to guiding me into the right direction! I have no doubt your predictions are about to pass! Will keep you updated! Give her a call! Will not be disappointed.

Luke From Kent On 29/11/2017


Sadie is a wonderful woman I could talk to her all day...you have given me such an amazing reading and it is definately what I needed to hear this morning I will be sure to call again hundred percent recommend this woman she is amazing

Chenge From Uk On 08/11/2017

Wonderful reader

Thank you so much for your reading Sadie! Thank you for your patience and the depth of your reading. You have helped me so much. Now I need to have confidence and believe in my intuition. God bless you and your work.

Donatella From On 25/10/2017

Wee Star - brilliant reading

25/10 Sadie is a wee star. She is spot on with her validations and such a lovely lady too. Names and dates are not easy to get but she gets them. Being a reader myself I can say 1000% she is the real deal. I have every faith in her predictions. xxx

From On 25/10/2017


Had a few readings with this amazing lady and it's always consistent.Got initials and numbers spot on including both star signs,I couldn't believe it how she read me like a book. Congratulations Sadie you are absolutely amazing and such a wonderful woman to talk to.x

Anny From On 23/10/2017


Literally cannot believe how accurate this reader is! Called up this morning, didn't have to say anything but she knew my reasons for me calling, knew that I am a Pisces, knew my ex partners initials, knew the last time we had contact and his star sign. I've had a few readings on this site and Sadie is definitely my number 1. Demi and Maria are also amazing! Thank you so much just hope my predictions happen xx

Jenna From Wales On 18/10/2017


Put through randomly. Never had a reading with sadie before. She picked his name. The distance between us with water. Picked up i worked in care. Hoping her predictions come through

S From ... On 10/10/2017


She picked up the situation so much in details even able to describe the person and his date of birth. Spooky.. looking forward to the predictions to unfold. No sugar coating just finest reading.

Jay From London On 19/09/2017

True psychic

I had a reading tonight. At first, she does not ask any questions but your name to start. She picks on the situations without you teling her anything. I was absolutely stunned. She is amazing. She provided great insight. I have had lots of reading. She is truly one of the gifted ones on this sight. This was my first reading with her. I definitely would recommend to a friend. Finally she gets to the point.

Meko From Us On 17/09/2017


I have had several readings with Sadie over the past 2.5 years. She is always calming and inspirational. I still await her predication regarding my wayward husband.

Bren From Australia On 16/09/2017

Top psychics on this site

I can only go via my experiences and some people may disagree Number 1st Sadie 2nd Charlie 3rd.demi 4th Maria 5th trinity - the one with out photo

Alex From Melbourne On 04/09/2017


Ive used a lot of readers here in the past 8 months - had a lot of problems recently in my life - Sadie is definitely the best with Charlie - Demi and Maria are superb too- forget the rest. All hard to get through but all are worth it Well done Sadie and to top it off you are a nice lady

Alex From Melbourne On 03/09/2017

Sadie is real deal

She is just ACE ! Real deal, you are safe here ! x

From On 28/08/2017

Far exceeded expectations

Sadie continues to amaze me!! She's super accurate & detailed. Her most recent prediction came to pass just last weekend - exactly as she told me. She genuinely cares & so lovely to talk to. Highly recommended!!

AG From Australia On 28/08/2017

There are no words

I have spoken to Sadie 4 times in total and am blown away each time. The detail in the connection is amazing and always bang on. I have no idea how she does what she does but just an amazing women who you can tell loves her job. I am still in shock from the detail! Bless you Sadie!

Leo girl From London On 25/08/2017

Thank you

Sadie , I really don't know how you see and know the things you do but you are truly gifted and by sharing your gift we are blessed !! Thank you so so much for your insight,kindness and valued support . You are amazing !!!

Gx From M/cr On 19/08/2017


Sorry we cut off before I thank you. I really enjoyed the reading. You are a true psychic. Reading was accurate and spot on. Every detail made so much sense. I will definitely call you back soon. Blessings

D From USA On 19/08/2017

A true psychic.

Yesterday had the pleasure of talking with Sadie. Along with everyone else I got an amazing reading. I tend to stay sceptical, but blown away by what she picked up on, that she could feel my excitement that I was trying so hard to hide haha. Thank you so much for the reading Sadie. I really look forward talking to you again. fingers crossed for those predictions.

Kirsten From Australia On 17/08/2017


She said i would bump into my ex while travelling! Had no idea what that meant ... 2 days later i was behind her on the freeway! She said i live on the water... I am on the river... she's incredible!

Za From Australia On 09/08/2017


Saddie is the real deal!

Nez From Australia On 03/08/2017

A M A Z I N G !!!!!

Absolutely amazing.. Sadie picked up my ex's initial, his birthday & mine.. so cool!!! Everything she said resonated with me. Looking forward to your predictions this August.

AG From Melbourne On 02/08/2017

Absolutely oustanding - highly recommend 10/10

Firstly, sorry. I tried to extend, don't know what I did, but cut us off. Tried to get back to you, but you were on another call. This lady is THE most gifted, compassionate and accurate psychic with the most beautiful soul I have spoken to. Her validations in connecting with you are outstanding even in their own.... my daughter, her occupation, that I grew up near water and my ex 1st initial... all in first minute! She continued throughout the reading to validate with information she simply could not know or guess, or indeed not even ask unless she was 100% sure of being correct. Right down to his mental state following failed relationships. She gave me his name and exact date of birth and my own, and other significant information and dates. She gives it all with the most confident yet compassionate, gentle, reassuring manner and her concern is genuine. Although my reading was positive, despite me feeling otherwise, I know that she would not sell a fairy story that I just wanted to hear. She is too gifted to resort to that. As someone who always reads reviews before selecting a reader, I would absolutely recommend Sadie and words cannot express my gratitude to her today. I will update the review in time if things start to unfold as she says they will in the coming month, as we all like to read that the readers are correct. And Sadie, I will call you to thank you personally if it all unfolds (if I can get through to you!). Thank you Sadie from the bottom of my heart, I will stay positive and will try to be patient, unfortunately not a gift I was bestowed with, but I will try hard. God bless x

Yvonne From Scotland On 23/07/2017

Sadie gives you a proper psychic reading!!! Fantastic!!

No questions asked, told not to give her any information other than my name.. She started and I was blown away.. Names.. Situations.. Insights all given without any prompting! I was randomly put through to Sadie and I am so glad I was.. Thank you very much.. What a wonderful gift you have! x

Sandra From UK On 22/07/2017


Totally blown away when the first three things Sadie picked up on were exactly how my life is. She didn't miss a beat the entire reading and truly gave me great guidance for an upcoming event. She will truly be my go to girl – that's if I can get through to her again ;-)

B From USA On 20/07/2017

Fabulous - real reader

20/7 Picked up straight away what I called for. SO many readers on here ask too many questions, not Sadie she works for herself ! She is spot on with her validations and her predictions are realistic. Most of all she is a lovely lovely lady. This is what a real reader is all about, she has the package and I thoroughly enjoyed my reading. Highly recommend.

From Scotland On 20/07/2017

10/10 Amazing reading as always!

Sadie is amazing, she verifies and connects at the beginning of the reading so you know she is the real deal by giving names, initials and dates!!! Thank you for the insight and advice Sadie! your the best! & I will keep you updated! If anyone wants a real reading from a genuine psychic, Sadie is the best!

Donna From London On 10/07/2017

Blown away!!

Sadie is an amazing reading shes so accurate ..was put put through to her randomly but I'm so glad I was. She's ace xx

Naila From West Yorkshire On 10/07/2017

Blown away!!

Sadie your such a lovely lady your reading is so accurate got through to you randomly but I'm so glad i did..will keep in touch with you bless you xx

Naila From west yorkshire On 10/07/2017


Have spoken to Sadie twice now and have enjoyed both readings. A lot of what was said has resonated with my situation and I would have no hesitation recommending this reader,it is worth the experience.

Susie From Australia On 10/07/2017

Spot on

You were spot on when u said things will starting change in my favor. He did say some nice things to me but I know I have to be patient thanks so much

Maria From United Kingdom On 08/07/2017


Incredible at the start with connecting with me so amazed on how spot on Sadie was, looking forward to see how things fold out as time goes on. Thankyou for a very positive reading.

Ann From Australia On 25/06/2017

Brilliant! !!!!!! Amazing

I cannot believe it gave me the exact date of my birthday told me the name daisy my current new man's dog and told me my new man is a fire sign which he is how can this be guess work it definitely isn't! !! Waiting for the prediction to unfold my new man disclosing his deep.feelings for me by end of june and i totally believe her being a reader myself!!!! ❤

Rc From Melbourne On 25/06/2017

best of the best

Spoken to Sadie many times. She looks very closely into the situation and gives a complete picture of the situation in depth. She can tell past present and future very accurately. She is a wonderful reader worth every single penny. She is one of the best readers I have spoken to. Thanks Sadie for helping me get through a difficult phase in my life. Sorry for taking a while to leave a feed back.

Nisha From london On 20/06/2017

Thank you

Thank you. You helped me to start my day.

Vonnir From On 14/06/2017

Sorry got cut off

Sorry Sadie, phone got disconnected but u were right. U picked up everything. Will come back next time for more updates

Vivienne From NSW On 12/06/2017


Sadie is lovely, she picked up names and situations. Beautiful to speak to and she is hard to get hold of! A genuinely gifted reader.

K From Australia On 03/06/2017

Short and sweet today

Sorry i couldn't stay long. Was distraught yesterday and wasted money on other psychics so couldn't extend our reading. I never learn. I get desperate. Im so happy you are here, along with a handful who really have helped me on this journey. In fact i had a reading yesterday with someone with top reviews and i got agitated becos not many readers realize everyone's situation is unique (and i felt no fulfilmemt). That my dear sadie, you do. Now rather than laying in bed calling a dozen more helplessly, i can get on and enjoy my day. Tidy my house for one xx

Eva From On 29/05/2017


Blew me away with such accuracy. Thank you x

Jacqui From Uk On 19/05/2017


First validation... what's your x-boyfriends first initial I said J.. she then said is your boyfriends name is James I said oh my god yes precisely !! and then she says does the word Andrea mean anything to you ? and I said yes it's my middle name !!! and then she said who is Theresa? I said oh my god that's my current x-boyfriend current girlfriends name. The one I want you to look into today and then she said well I think I validated that okay and I think I said how did you find that out she goes I just psychically get these details and then I felt like maybe she looked up on Facebook and she goes no I have not looked up on Facebook and she goes if you want more validation she goes do you live in a unit I said yes I do and she said do you have a white door and I said yes I do and she said okay let me see if I can get the number of your unit and she said I'm getting two numbers and I went oh yeah and then she went I'm getting the number 18 and I'm getting the number two and I went oh my god my head dress is unit 2/18 and then I just laughed and I couldn't believe my ears she had everything accurate and precise about me and she said well that just proves to me that I'm Linked in psychically and we can now start our reading.. then everything she said about James and what happened to us, what's going on in his life currently, has been correct and I'm just simply blown away and can't wait to speak to her again !!! You've got to try Sadie she is in credible God bless you are worth every penny of the hour and 1/2 I spent talking to you. thank you Xxx

Jessica From Sydney On 19/05/2017


There are good psychics and then there are the best. I am not here to endorse Sadie as everyone will connect with her differently. I would personally say that i have had the BEST reading ever on this website to date!! There have been other psychics i have spoken to that are brilliant too and i have great readings with them but Sadie was mindblowing and literally took my breath away several times. She validated things absolutely SPOT ON! Dates, initials and much more. I knew she was the real deal but to have such amazing validations that could never in a million years be guessed leads me to leave this review. I would have been just happy to have confirmed with her what other psychics told me to keep the faith going in my situation but she gave me more than i could have dreamed for. Sadie is worth her weight in gold, she is a lovely lady to speak to and has a way that makes even the bleakest of situations sound tolerable. Sadie thank you so much for giving me the best gift on this day 1st May! I will most definately be calling again. Ladies and gentlemen if you have not had a love reading before with Sadie then please call her. You wont be disappointed, even if its not want you want to hear. I can reassure you it will be the truth. Bless her x

A From On 01/05/2017


Sadie, you are a lovely lady and have truly helped and inspired me this morning. You tuned in perfectly with me. I couldn't believe the things you so accurately pinpointed- dates, birthdays, initials etc. You blew my mind. Thank you for all the help and guidance. I am motivated to get on with my work. I'm the one who asked you about dreams, crystals and the guy who finds it difficult to express himself. Thank you so very much. You are very talented. Sending you lots of love.Take care. I'll let you know how it goes.

Karen From On 26/04/2017

Very good

She is a gifted lady too bad we got cut off....I was hoping reuniting would be sooner but that you x

Chengetai From Uk On 25/04/2017

Pretty Impressive !

She was thorough with her tarot cards, and remembered me too , she was very special in her readings , highly detailed and coherent too... thanks for all the advice will keep that in mind ..



Sadie is a charming lady who has the ability to see beneath the surface, as is required when looking for a reader. Non judgmental, calm and compassionate. I should imagine if bad news was being delivered it would be given very gently. Sadie told me how it was and within a few days I realised she was spot on. I will call again

Simone From Channel Islands On 06/04/2017

Thankyou such a positive reading very in tune and conected with me from the start of the reading.

A From Australia On 22/03/2017

Fantastic and Thorough and Proffesional Reading 1000 Stars

She started of really well like professional psychic , tuned in to my energy perfectly .. Got the situation and was very good in analysing everything.. Highly Recommended .She is special lady. thanks a lot all the best



I have had several readings on trusted psychics by a different psychic each time. I tend to go on reviews which helps me choose who i want to speak with. Well i can say they are all good, some a tad better than others. I understand every reader has their specific talent of reading or their own way to tune in etc. I must say all the readings I have had have been pretty much consistent so I know the answers i got are true although some readers don't really go too much into the reading, Just give you the answer as it is which is good i suppose as your getting what your looking for but todays reading with Sadie was brilliant!!! Sadie gets her teeth well and truly into the reading explaining the situation and helping you to see the bigger picture. Seriously so much information that you have to take notes or record the call because there is so much to take it. This is how I imagine a reading to be like and Sadie well and truly has her talent down to a T. With Sadie you really do feel like your getting your moneys worth and more!! I would describe her as a classic reader as opposed to the younger or more new style readers who give you real answers but dont dig deep enough to give you added information that goes before and after the answer. I really enjoyed my reading with sadie. She asks general questions about you to help her tune into you or the situation but at the same time asks you not to give any extra information and just let her see it how it is...which is how it should be!!! Her readings are definately not generic because you know the information is just so accurate!!! Sadie truly left me uplifted and completely satisfied. I did not have any need to ask extra questions at the end of her reading as i felt she had covered the entire situation and predicted the outcome perfectly. 10/10 for Sadie. Try her, you wont be disappointed.

A From Bedfordshire On 25/02/2017

Genuinely shocked

Thank you so much for your amazing reading... You are the best psychic medium ive had the pleasure of meating... You connected with me fast no questions and so empathic ... Discription of my ex was so spot on the water between us was exact hes issues atm exact .. This wonderful reader will let you truly see the light with love in all ways ... Thank you from another psychic medium reader the best on here my friends im truly blessed xxxxx

Mxxxxx From Essex On 31/01/2017

i would just like to say thanks really helped me and left me feeling so calm she is very gifted lady loved my reading and she got every think so rite will defo phone this lady back

joanne From birmingham On 19/11/2016

Sadie you are amazing! Thankyou for the clarity and honesty! I'm looking forward to the next month xx

Kel From On 14/09/2016


What a wonderful lady! There aren't enough words of praise I have for the conversation we had. We connected almost instantly and Sadie helped me get clarity on some issues and made some predicions which I have full faith in! Don't miss out speaking with her! Well more than worth it! Thank you so so so much Sadie!! You are truly gifted!! Love Avni

Avni From W.Midlands On 06/05/2016



Sharon From Ireland On 21/03/2016

Thank You!

Thank you Sadie for a nice reading.

Rima B From Maryland On 19/03/2016

Wonderful :)

Sadie is a empathetic warm reader, who got so many details with questions that were scarily pertinent without prompting from me. It was quite extraordinary. She gave me lots to think about, and reminded me that I have a choice. Thank you Sadie xx

Ires From Melbourne On 04/01/2016


Very to the point. Open just spoke and guaged so much from one statement. Accurate and never said too much or sugar coated anything. Just said it how it was. Finally she was encouraging and thorough. I never told her much but she definately picked a lot. Made me feel at ease and she is just genuine!

Julie From Australia On 02/01/2016

Very optimistic

I rang trusted-psychics for the 1st time today and was put through to Sadie. She picked up the 1st 3 letters of the guys name we was talking about and one of the cards I picked made me very clear and positive that she was being real and speaking the truth as I've had other readers from different sites who tell me anything. Thank you Sadie and you have given me hope that I will hear from this guy soon and I will be back soon for another reading. God bless

Chantelle From London On 28/12/2015


Thank you Sadie xxx

Michael From Channel Islands On 25/11/2015

Lovely to Speak to

I would recommend Sadie to anyone. She connected with me straight away and gave me encouraging advice. She is lovely to talk to and sympathetic to any situation. I always come away from my calls with her feeling uplifted. Definitely a favourite of mine :)

Emma From Perth, Australia On 09/11/2015


Thank u for my reading this morning x lovely lady , will definitely be ring in back if can get in touch , very very busy lady can see why . Thank u again x

Carol From Uk On 09/11/2015

Point of difference!

Sadie really is an exceptionally talented and warm lady. I've never had such a unique reading, I'm in awe - she channeled my aura and was able to answer all my questions with detailed accuracy and give me the confidence to know she was the real deal! I'll definitely be back and thanks for being so lovely Sadie - you're truly amazing! xxx

Rozana From Melbourne Australia On 30/11/-0001


Sadie is very friendly and understanding of your needs, and was quite open minded, we talked quite intimately about Julie the lady i desire. And inspired me to take action. Sadie is fantastic. Thank you sadie.

Neil From Cleveland On 30/11/-0001

Fantastic genuine reader

Sadie what can I say! You are the most talented reader I have spoken too you picked up on my situation to a T! Give you 10/10 for accuracy! Thanks so much for your beautiful in depth reading am still amazed on how you knew everything! Your a kind, caring and sincere person, definitely will call you again God bless you love Josie from Oz xxoo

Jj From Australia On 30/11/-0001

Very Good Psychic Reading

Called Sadie when things looked rather bleak in my life with no where else to really turn and she just helped me through do much - a true genuine person. Also thank you for a service that does not cost the earth its a relief to find people that care and are just not there to rip you off so well done to all your management as well. Marty

Mr Martin Becketts From South West London On 30/11/-0001

thank you

Thanks Sadie for the very in depth reading, your calm demeanour reassured me xx

Sandra From Berkshire On 30/11/-0001


Thanks again Sadie for a wonderfulReading! This is the second time I have spoken to you and you were spot on again! Your definitely one of my favorite readers! Will definitely talk to you again love Josie xxoo

Jj From Australia On 30/11/-0001


I consider myself a skeptic of anything new but will always try something once. A friend recommended the service and to my surprise, I could not believe the reading I got. Sadie just seem to understand my problems but even better, she had answers. The only way to describe my experience is breathtaking, can't wait for my next reading.

Terry Johnson From South London On 30/11/-0001

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I have over twenty years experience as a Tarot card reader,both over the phone and on a face to face level. When you contact me for a reading you can be assured that I will find all the aspects of the situation that is going on around you.I can focus on past influences,the dilemma that is challenging you at the present,and a way forward that provides a long lasting positive final outcome. PIN: 1387
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Psychic Reader Margarite
MargaritePIN : 1723 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
I am an empath /tarot card and angel card reader, working always in the light as a light worker. I have been reading for over ten years. I am constantly learning and improving my skills. In a private consultation I can read into you and the people around you and how they are feeling towards you and their intentions. I can see things coming your way and assist to remove blocks that are preventing you leading a full life. PIN: 1723
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Psychic Reader Angela
AngelaPIN : 8379 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
Hi my name Angela. I am a Tarot reader, I been doing reading over 30 years. It is a gift passed to me from my Granddad. I can do readings on relationships and family and most areas that you ask me to look into. I never judge anyone and a very good listener. Let's see what the cards say for you. I have used the same deck for many years, they are blessed and I will use them within our reading together. PIN: 8379
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Psychic Reader Arrianne
ArriannePIN : 2124 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
I'm Arrianne an experienced Tarot card and Psychic reader that uses energy and astrology to assist me with my readings. I also do dream analysis which I find very interesting. I am a caring person and I love doing professional readings for anyone who requests them. Please call me for a in-depth psychic and tarot reading today. PIN: 2124
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Psychic Reader Anastasia
AnastasiaPIN : 2536 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
I am a natural Clairvoyant and medium and descend from a long line of psychics. I have over 35 years experience in the field.I have done thousands of readings over the years both privately and touring with Psychic Fairs and have also given live Clairvoyant and Psychometric Demonstrations.In my readings I work with Tarot Cards, the Crystal Ball and my natural ability to give you an in-depth reading that provides positive direction and guidance. PIN: 2536
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Psychic Reader Susie
SusiePIN : 3785 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
I am an insightful psychic tarot card reader with many years of professional reading behind me. I offer a calming and welcoming reading answering your most pressing questions or just offering insight into the next couple of months. I am open, non judgemental and always provide a professional reading to all who require one. PIN: 3785
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