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Okay but no predictions

Sort of picked up situation around however after two readings months apart no predictions have come through unfortunately

From Uk On 20/04/2022

Dearest Nora

PLease come back online

Daniela From On 25/05/2021


I've had quite a few readings with Nora on messenger. She remembers all the details everytime we speak. She is so understanding and non judgemental. I am hoping that was she has predicted a number of times will come to pass. And I will take her advice. Thanks

W From UK On 02/03/2021

Wasn’t sure at first but!

With Nora her readings seem too good to be true and sometimes her predictions are a bit unrealistic. There was a time she said there would be a phone call out of the blue and I thought no chance! That actually happened. She can see what’s coming up for you and sometimes she gets things mixed up like “they will be cold” and I will tell her it didn’t happen and then she willl say well it’s coming up. A week later it happened. She’s very sweet, empathic and supportive! She even told me the guy I was involved with would throw himself at his ex... he did sadly. So I would take note of everything she says! Not every psychic can pick up every detail but I have to say she has been spot on so far!

D From UK On 11/02/2021

Good reading

I have been having readings on here for several months with other readers and nothing that has been predicted has. come true but tonight although she gave the same outcome she went into detail as to why things were as there were and my situation would change mid jan , with the back up of why this has happened I have more faith her predictions will come true

Anon From Scotland On 02/01/2021

Superlative and Stupendous Reader!

She is beautiful, connects really well has great timing and skills warm hearted and kind. superb lady

PRANAV From Midlands On 30/12/2020

Staying hopeful

Nora was a lovely reader, she picked up on things and was able to give me some insightful information. I’m hoping her predictions come true and will leave an other review if it happens. Thanks Kira

Suzanne From Uk On 19/11/2020


I thought she was really good but she goes offline mid reading! she's done it 4 times with me! I'm starting to think she sugarcoats her readings too.. she says "he loves you" but the guy hasn't come forward in 2 years

danni From uk On 23/06/2020


Her predictions have happened in the times she said! Really lovely lady, she’s so kind. She never changes her predictions either. Hopeful for the rest of her predictions x

From On 02/06/2020

Amazing woman

I've had several readings with Nora and each time she has been spot on about the situation with my ex. She was among the very 1st psychics I used on here and one that I go back to over and over due to her accurate readings. She goes in depth and explains it all as if she was there in the past, present and future. I just wish she was on here more often. Nora, thank you so much for all your valuable insights. I'm not sure where I'd be this very minute if it weren't for you. In my moments of confusion you've helped clarify things and tell me things that only a true psychic would know. I look forward to many more readings with you in the future and i know for sure that all future predictions will continue to come to light just like the ones that have so far. Please do come on more often. So many would benefit from a reading with you like I have.

CM From Uk On 02/06/2020

Incredible and Talented

She is beautiful soul and very kind hearted always gives great advice and very sweet and gentle thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 28/05/2020

Incredible and Talented

She is so sweet, remembers everything great lady thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 17/04/2020

Got cut off

Thank you for the reading., I hope ithe predictions happens. I am sorry we got cut off. X

Zoe From Uk On 03/02/2020

A beautiful gentle soul

Thank you Nora for calming my soul tonight. You have been blessed with such a beautiful gift. You energy and gentle soul, helps calm my anxieties with the situation I have found myself in. You have an amazing way of understanding a situation and making sense of complex stuff that many other readers may not be able to reach the layers that you can reach. I will continue to improve on raising my energy and vibrations and will wait for your predictions and the truth to unravel in January. Thank you again and God Bless x

From On 14/12/2019

I am in shock @ the level of accuracy...A magnificent reader who dives deep and unravels everything to the tee. Ñora and her guide are superb!! Thank you. Amida

From On 19/11/2019

Review Nora

Such a lovely lady Nora is to speak to and a good reader. Thankyou Nora. November 2019

From On 01/11/2019


Such a lovely gentle energy and sincerity. Very intuitive, and clairvoyant, extremely on point.

Jonathon From London On 18/08/2019

Beautiful Nora

Straight in.. no questions asked. Beautiful soulful reading from one of the best. Clear understanding of my situation and empathy which makes you know that she gets the situation. She have predictions in line with other top readers but also no fairytale. A realistic outcome that makes me believe her. Love speaking to Nora.. so so so kind

Janie From Uk On 13/08/2019

Word for word

I have had too many readings really on this line about a situation but Nora against other readers told me how this person felt and she said exactly how he felt about me and I kid you not .... even tho everyone else on here told me other wise ! He rang me and said word for word everything Nora had said ! Word for word ! I nearly fell off my chair ! I have all my trust in this woman now ! No one could of got that sooo correct ! Thank you again Nora xxxxxx

Hannah From On 01/06/2019


Such an accurate reader and most importantly an amazing personality..... she made so many predictions that have come to pass; a very understanding and great listener..... Thank you so much Nora.... I hardly leave reviews but her reading left me surprised.... She is worth speaking to, she won’t waste your time and money!

From On 31/05/2019


She is one of the best on the site. So so good!

Sarah From Macclesfield On 28/05/2019

Super cute and fantabalous

Nora is delight to talk too . very kind and patient.. and extremely gifted and talented.. she hardly says anything wrong.. she is spot on a kind lady .. soft spoken thanks a lot for everything you are a magician

PRANAV From Midlands On 26/05/2019

Thank you

You are really good thanks you x

Sharon From Stoke on Trent On 16/05/2019

Worth the wait

I've had two readings with Nora and each time excellent. Nora is very talented. Make sure you have a reading with her.

L From On 15/05/2019


This one is special.

Jonathon From London On 11/05/2019

Amazing Lady

After trying and missing Nora for weeks I was so happy to finally get through to be reassured that what I know deep inside is really going to happen Nora is so gifted genuine and sincere and her ability to know and to see is so real and clear Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gift to help me I will let you know Thank you and God Bless Helena 14.04.19. Xx

Helena From North East UK On 14/04/2019


Thank you for the reading. It was incredible. You’re an angel. I will be in touch again. Spot on and tapped right in.

Alanna From San Francisco On 14/04/2019

correct in things she said

had to listen carefully to understand her but managed.nice lady that picked up alot and was correct.will update if what she states comes true.

jacqueline From uk On 09/04/2019

Outstanding reading

I had lots of reading in my life....but this is the first time I have a reading the past and present is described so correctly. I have no doubts all her future predictions will come true. Thanks you so much. You described my situation so well xxx

NC From UK On 07/04/2019

Nice lady

Accurate and very easy to talk to Thanks Nora x

A From London On 07/04/2019

Amazing as usual

This is my second attempt at submitting a review, makes me wonder if Nora is actually receiving all her reviews given how amazing she is. Nora just want to thank you for my very detailed reading the other day you have once again given me the reassurance I needed and much of the reading was same outcome as my last few even though you do not remember. This is a sign of a true psychic and one that never asks you anything. Sorry we got cut off but couldn’t top up anymore. Speak soon lovely Nora. Love L :) xx

From On 20/03/2019

Spot on as always

Thankyou for the accurate reading today Nora and so sorry I got cut off but couldn’t top up anymore. You picked up exactly what is happening now and gave me hope to look forward to in my present circumstances. I will definitely update you as some things you told me you have said in previous readings so I’m in no doubt that this is what will happen. Much love to you, your amazing L Xx

From On 18/03/2019

Beautiful lady

My rock in time of need, thank you nora

Raw From Australia On 27/02/2019

wonderful woman

shes an amazing reader. the level of detail and validation is outstanding. just speachless. love you nora guylene

guylene rosange From LONDON On 01/02/2019

Jordan Love!!

Thank you Nora for your amazing reading, what a beautiful soul. Will be talking soon.

RA From Australia On 26/01/2019

Lovely reading - 5 stars

Yeay! I finally got a reading with Nora after xteying to get through for weeks and weeks. Let me tell you it was worth it. This girl is so lovely and engaging and she was spot on. Honestly hope these predictions come true.

Ruppy From On 22/01/2019

Cut off :(

Oh Nora I was really enjoying my reading with you and tried to top up but got cut off.. will keep trying you so that we can continue.. but Thankyou for what information you gave me in the short time I had with you and praying this all comes true.. much love L xx

From Uk On 22/01/2019


Picked up my situation and validated everything.. waiting for predictions to materialise

R From Sydney On 20/01/2019


I spoke to Nora a couple of times last year and she told me things that seem impossible at that time, she mentioned that My X partner would have a big fight with the girl he was seeing at the time and this would lead to being blocked everywhere Well, I'm here to confirm that this is exactly what happened. She also foresaw things that have since happened and gave me a couple of predictions that I'm sure will pan out. You're a gem Nora. Blessings to you. Xx

Becca From Australia On 18/01/2019


Nora thank you

Annie From On 10/01/2019

Spot on

I’ve had two readings now with Nora and she is amazing at validating, I never need to ask questions as it’s like she reads my thoughts. Fingers crossed for predictions. Thank you Nora for sharing your gift xx

From On 06/01/2019

Thank you lovely nora

It was so lovely speaking with you. I am so grateful for the lovely reading that you did for me. Everything was so spot on and I will keep you updated xxx

Raz From Uk On 18/11/2018


Oh my lovely Nora... I have no idea why we got cut off and I couldn't top up anymore but know that I now have a special place for you in my heart... Hopefully talk very very very soon XXX

Maral From England On 06/11/2018

Brill woman

Nora is amazing all her predictions of timing came to pass.. sorry we got cut of lol it’s the 2 David’s ..I hope we get to chat again xxx

From On 20/10/2018


Had a reading with Nora today 15/10/18 which was very detailed and to the point. Nora is very patient and caring and answers all questions asked. I was amazed at what she got for me. Prediction made before the end of this week and a further one for end of month so I will update further on this once they come through. Thanks again Nora you are an amazing lady. Xx

Anon From UK On 15/10/2018

All predictions came true!

I have spoken to Nora 3 times now and everything has come true! She told me months in advance that I will have a new job in the company I work for when there was no sign of any promotion and that I will meet someone out of the blue and it has all happened. The guy wasn't even in the picture and she even said how I would meet him and described everything about him. She is amazing! Thank you so much.

Jess From London On 14/10/2018


She picked up more than other readers have. She was worth the wait to speak to. Wish my mobile signal had been clearer but what an amazing reader. Feel confident now. Thank you

Andi From York On 10/10/2018

Wonderful reading

I am always satisfied with nora reading. The accuracy is out of this world. The best reader by far. Very patient very understanding, not judgemental, can not get enough of her. If you haven't had a reading with nora then you are missing something, predictions has happened time and time again. Nora you are a blessing thank you. I am so grateful again for all your help and understanding on regards to my very complicated love life. Couldn't have gone through all the headache without your amazing clarity. Thank you God bless

guylene rosange From London On 09/10/2018

I found Nora to be down to earth with a calming demeanour. She seemed to validate my situation quite well as what she said made sense. Hoping her prediction comes to fruition this week. Thank you Nora.

Anon From Australia On 08/10/2018

Sweetheart x

Thank you nora sorry it cut off i couldn't come back on ..what a great reading x

Hannah From M On 22/09/2018

the best by miles

i have been talking to nora almost everyday lately as i am going trough a very difficult time in my life and having her support and validation, has been very helpfull. i have spoken to lots of good psychic on the line. but nora is my favorate and go to psychic thanks you nra for your help support and clarity as i couldnt have done it without you

From On 15/09/2018

She is Superb and so gentle

She is a great psychic reader ,so superb and gentle .. really amazing .. pleasure speaking to you .. you are awesome .. always connected so gifted... so talented.. so empathetic .. god bless u


Very accurate and reassuring

Gives you an accurate yet reassuring reading about opportunities ahead. Has good insight and clarity

Jasmine From London On 10/09/2018


well what can I say Nora, we had a laugh, but your predication came to pass. you are a true soul. I don't think you would ever forget me. After what I told you and the experience the way I was treated.But you really gave me faith and passion about me and build my confidants in me? your a true soul I will be in touch and god bless in what you do its such a honour speaking to you. All my blessing and love and kindness from the bottom of my heart Shabnam

shabnam From Bedfordshire On 06/09/2018

very satified

i have been having readings with nora for a whilde now and for me shes the best. er readings are always outstanding and her validations are out f this world. thank you nora for sharing yr gifts

guylene From london On 05/09/2018

simply the best

nora is my go to psychic. her accuracy is outstanding and i always feel enlighten and happy every time i speack to her

guylene From LONDON On 04/09/2018

Amazing so detailed!

Reading on several occassions has been very detailed and the same all the time. She is hard to get hold off but really makes a person feel comfortable and doesnt ask hardly any questions. I will await for the predictions to come true and see if I finally get the man I love. Highly recommend she is different from the rest of the readers.

A From Birmingham On 04/09/2018

such a beautiful soul

thank you Nora - you are genuine and compassionate and your readings all match......thank you for being real in a world where it is very easy not to be. love and blessings S

anonymous From Australia On 04/09/2018

A most amazing accurate and detailed reading

Teya From Australia On 31/08/2018


Nora is phenomenal, spoken to her about three times without revealing that i have actually spoken to her before, she gave me the same chilling validations and i do believe her predictions will come to fruition. Love how she is very prompt to answering the questions and tells you as she sees. You have given me so much peace you have no idea.Thank you Nora. Blessings to you. Xxx

Anonymous From Australia On 26/08/2018

Amazing Lady

Just had my second reading of the week with Nora and she explained my current situation to an absolute tee and the person involved!! She has given me some timeframes of 1-2 weeks but like she said it could happen tomorrow or thereafter the time predicted.. which ever way it happens i will be more than happy to wait given the prediction is all I’ve ever wanted.. I really believe in this lady and know what she has predicted WILL happen.. Thankyou so much Nora and I will update as soon as things materialise and no doubt be on the phone to you once again!! Love and Light to you xxx

Anon From UK On 24/08/2018


I was waiting to speak to Nora for few weeks. I was lucky to be able to get hold of her today as she is very busy. I asked her three specific questions and she aaked me to relax and not tell her anything. She gave me detailed information on a situation in my marriage and reassured of some positive outcome by the end of the year. I trust all what she predicted will happen as she said. Will come back to update when they happen. Thank you so much Nora.

Nisha From London On 19/08/2018


Impossible to get. Always busy as an amazing reader. Just wish we could make bookings

S From .... On 18/08/2018

3rd Reading

It’s been a week or so since my reading with Nora and I thought I should leave some feedback, I would highly recommend her .. it’s not the usual lines and she really does know her thing ... give her a go ... Nora thank you

Michelle From Australia On 02/08/2018

Amazing reader

I inspire to read like this women, she is far too good...I don't even think she realises how blessed she is, as she is so humble and loving. Her way of explaining what she is given is not only empathic but it actually feels like she knows you and you've told her your story. I don't know about her timings as yet but her reading was spot on. Thank you Nora x

From On 31/07/2018


Yet again a brilliant very in-depth reading, always consistent. Such a lovely caring person. Thank You Nora you have helped me with my situation so very much. Xxx

M From Uk On 29/07/2018


Nora was spot on with the situation without asking any questions. I know what she said will come true. Thank You soo much for re assuring me, whilst you tell the truth, even less pleasant things. Very pleased with your reading, thank you.x

Gwen From UK On 28/07/2018

Moving next week closer to him (Ali)

Nora is a phonemonal psychic definitely the best on here! She’s lovely and makes you feel a lot better ! I will definitely be contacting more Thank you ☺️ Xxx

A From London On 14/07/2018

Absolutely Amazing

Nora is going to become a top reader, she is phenomenal! She is very thorough and consistent in her readings. I have been so lucky to be able to talk to her three times. All of my readings have been dead on and describes the situation with no prompting. You will not be disappointed tells the good and the bad, but in a way that it can be easily received.

Anonymous From USA On 11/07/2018


Lovely genuine lady...felt so at ease waiting for result now ...sorry got cut off will call again excited

From On 09/07/2018

Predictions Unfolded

I spoke to Nora on July 2, she made some predictions for me with a timeframe of 1 to 2weeks and it happened today (July 8). During my reading she was very thorough and positive and asked no questions. ABSOLUTELY none and pinned pointed my situation to the point. I will definitely be calling her again.

T. From USA On 08/07/2018

accurate and compassionate reading

i TRUST in the outcome. i KNOW it WILL happen. sorry we got cut-off. thanks for your constant accuracy and kind reading. i cannot wait for that day :) love and light xoxo

joy From uk On 26/06/2018

Very detailed reading

Very happy with the reading. Nora was correct about particular situations and went into detail which was very helpful for me to understand and approach the situation. Very optimistic about things and less anxious and stressed. Highly recommended for accurate reading.

L From Australia On 25/06/2018

Amazing - phenominal

Accurate beyond belief. What a fabulous reading with all questions answered. I had been wanting to have a reading with Nora before but never managed to get one - so immensely pleased I did today. Thank you for your guidance which was all on the nail and very helpful indeed.

Lynda From Aus On 02/06/2018


Our call ended, it had been an hour! Thankyou!! I will be sure to call back x

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 31/05/2018

Hit the nail on the head

Absolutely bang on point. Tuned in quickly and told me the truth. No sugar coating. Just the plain and simple facts. Nora has lifted the fog on a very strange ongoing relationship. I now know what decisions I need to make. Thank you dearest xxx

J From Holland On 28/05/2018


Truly gifted reader. Asked for a general reading and she tuned in straightaway.

Alex From Barnet On 19/05/2018

Great Psychic!!!

Wow picked up on problem I was having put my mind at rest as it was like a ship on a troubled sea

Jackie baillie From Manchester UK On 16/05/2018


Nora thank you for the most detailed reading.Such true and accurate information making perfect sense. I can know relax knowing the truth xxx

From On 15/05/2018

It happend Nora!

I've been talking to Nora for three months, almost every week, maybe two or three times a week! I was desperate! I knew it would happen because I believed in her, in her words in the safety with which he spoke to me! And I was asleep! And I called her again for the extraordinary details she gave me! I called her when I lost my trust, and when I had a day worse and hopeless when I could not see the end of the tunnel! She cheered me and told me that I would be fine because she believed in her carts and in her ability!She is right, she never gave me a specific day just for an approximation of events! Because I tell you, in reading there is no time! For me it all happened much faster than all of my readers told me! Including Nora! But it was as she specified! Thank you with all my heart! Now I'm happy and fulfilled! God bless you!

Flavia From On 09/05/2018


You have a special gift Nora, thank you for your patience, kindness & empathy. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can be at peace knowing what you have shared with me will bring love and happiness to my life. Many blessings and thank you! Leanne

Leanne From Australia On 28/04/2018


All her reviews say it all she's truly gifted and her energy is powerful uplifting and she tells as she sees the truth if only all readers were as natural as Nora . God Bless and thank you - 25.04.18. Helena x

Helena From North East UK On 25/04/2018

real reader thanks x

From On 19/04/2018

Very deeply reading!

What Can i Say...I hâd many,many reading with her.Shes amazing,most of her PREDICTIONS unfold...She Its consistent and knows her stuf! Beautiful!!! Thank you from My heart Nora! ❤️❤️❤️

Flavia From Leeds On 17/04/2018


Nora was amazing, she knew my situation just by the names. So detailed , she could read me and the other names like a book. Im hoping you will come back online so we can continue as my phone cut off. Thank you so much for the reading xx

Anisha From london On 17/04/2018

Excellent Reader!

Love Nora!! Her style is calming and her readings spot on. She was quick and accurate to pick my situation immediately. She is an awesome tarot reader. Must must try her at least once x

P From Aus On 12/04/2018

Deeply Insightful Readings

The second reading with Nora was just as deeply insightful as was the first. She got to the very soul essence of the questions and brought clarity and hope to the situations that were discussed. Very consistent, genuine with beautiful and calming voice lifted a weight off my shoulders. Thank you. from M

From On 10/04/2018

Cry for help

Can anyone validate any of Nora's predictions please as I live in hope of hers for me coming to fruition ?

From On 10/04/2018


I am so sorry I could not put any more money on the call Nora you are an amazing psychic with an incredible ability to see things the only one to get it right tonight you went above and beyond I will do my best to let you know when it takes place . Thank you Nora I send you love and blessings Helena 9/4/18 x

Helena From North East uk On 09/04/2018

Half of me doesn't want to leave this...

Because I will need to speak to her again, but because she is so good I have to. Absolutely incredible, spot on and definitely my only go to from now on.

From On 09/04/2018

Brilliant reader and lovely lady as well.

Thank you from Charlotte x

From On 27/03/2018

quick to connect, super accurate

can't wait for your predictions nora. the universe definitely wanted me to talk to you as after 10 days i've finally had a chance to talk to you. your reading made me so happy and soothed my aching heart and spirit. all the best, j xxx

From On 21/03/2018


Spoke to you about relationship & u guided me in the right direction & so much banta about it I sure will be ringing you again . Many thanks Garry

Garry From Walsall On 21/03/2018


What a reader: so accurately described the person I was inquiring about and the situation I was in. Nora is truly brilliant. Thank you. I am so glad I got through to you.

Laura From Uk On 19/03/2018


Sorry we got cut off unexpectedly, you’re amazing! Best reader ever. I will call you again soon. Thank you...

Thankful From Ireland On 19/03/2018


This lady is truly amazing and you must try her. Wow wow wow is all i can say.

From On 17/03/2018


Nora was great with the was amazing ...almost too good to be truth...only time will tell...will keep you updated if predictions come to fruition.

Mcc From Cheshire9 On 17/03/2018

Thank you

True Psychic, beautiful reading and lovely lady. Been trying to contact her for a while so worth the wait. Thank you x

Belinda From On 14/03/2018


Nora is so helpful and non judgemental. Picked up straightaway on stuff . Although alot of stuff sounded too good to be true she did say it seems unbelievable but now it makes sense. Didn't get to my questions i will be back

From On 07/03/2018

wow amazing

Like every one else has said, wow, amazing lady, spot on with the reading. All the best for the future. love and light

simon From oman On 06/03/2018


Sorry i ran out of minutes. Absolutely amazing reading. Picked up on the person very well

From On 04/03/2018


Excellent reading and entertaining but said my ex would contact me afer my birthday I’m still waiting - my birthday was 18-2 it’s the 4/3 now

From On 04/03/2018


Best reading ever, so helpful and lovely to speak with you Nora Thank you

M From York On 17/02/2018

Just WOW

Such a reading i never had! No words! Thank you Nora! I looking forward for your predictions which I know it will!❤️

F From Leeds On 14/02/2018


OMG Nora gave me one of the best readings I have ever had. She is humble and compassionate and she is rare. She is bang on the money with her validations. Thank you so very much Nora. xxx

From Scotland On 11/02/2018

Thank you

Wow it was a fantastic reading and made me feel like Nora had really connected and look forward to the predictions, you are a wonderful person and helped me so much x

Dorothy From North Yorkshire On 06/02/2018


Spot on! Very lovely manner. Waiting eagerly on her predictions!

Ruth From Africa On 04/02/2018

She’s ace

She’s ace truly believe in her predictions

Sasha From Melb On 04/02/2018

Amazing reader

Spot on with everything Amazingly accurate with everything

Alex From Australia On 02/02/2018


Straight to the point and spot on every single time.

Kay From London On 01/02/2018


Nora is my favourite go to reader from now on. XX

Michelle From UK On 31/01/2018

Excellent reader

From the start she gave me an extremely detailed reading on my situation and answered many questions (without asking an) minus any sugar coating. She was compassionate, straightforward and most importantly very honest as to what I can expect. I am very glad I spoke to her. Thank you so much.

Sonya From Oxon On 21/01/2018

this girl is amazing

Prediction came to pass in 24 hours even when I said I highly doubted it but she stuck to her guns and low and behold she was spot on ...made more for the comming two weeks I'll post and let know what happens xx

From On 19/01/2018


As promised i said id come back & let you know what happens.. yesterday i got a text which you predicted & today another one unfolded i just shocked .. thank you soo much i know the rest will follow soon thank you xxxx

Michelle From A On 14/01/2018

clear, concise and readily answered all questions

LOVED your reading Nora. You have a really nice manner and gave clear and accurate info. SO looking forward to your predictions and grateful for clarity on past situation.

Lynda From Perth On 08/01/2018

Amazing and has a soothing voice and accurate!!

Lovely reading Nora really was honest and connected deeply with me . Helped me to understand a really confusing ongoing issue I’ve been facing. Thank you it really helped me understand..,

From On 06/01/2018

Spot on

Thankyou look forward for the near future with the perdition .

Ann From Australia On 06/01/2018

Extra Fabulous

Called & asked for a general reading.. Nora picked up exactly why i was calling didnt ask any questions she is just what i needed & cannot thank her enough.. i will be back to confirm when predictions have happened. We got cut off i just topped up & didn’t get to say goodbuy but you are spot on with my unusual situation. Xxxx

Michelle From A On 05/01/2018


Extremely good. Picked up on everything. Hopeful for predictions

.... From .... On 01/01/2018


Omg Nora was amazing, so much information, accurate and friendly. Hopefully predictions will come to light.Will definitely phone again

Tina From UK On 26/12/2017


Amazing reading! Very quick and detailed about situations without any info from me, I will be back for another reading soon! Thank you

Donna From London On 18/12/2017


Has the most amazing read tonight..... Spot on reading on point with everything Nora mentioned. Thank you so much will keep you updated when your predictions...blessed.

Bella From Australia On 14/12/2017

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I have 30 years experience of reading the tarot. I am clairsentient, connecting with spirit through my guides. I am non judgemental, compassionate and intuitive. l can assist with love, relationships, career, family matters and general insight. I aim to give clarity on what is the best way to move forward, and give clarity when answering your questions in depth. I love the energy that comes through the tarot, showing the best outcomes in situations. PIN: 8039

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Psychic Reader J Feral

J Feral

PIN: 9790

Reviews: 1

I'm a clairsentient and sensitive empath with a grasp on metaphysics, the psyche and symbolism. I have been very close to the Runes for about 6 years and started with the Thoth tarot deck about 5 years ago. PIN: 9790

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Psychic Reader Axelle


PIN: 4293

Reviews: 61

Born in the South of France in the mountains, I've been very much connected to Nature relying on my intuition from an early age. This connection to Nature has been paramount. My tarot readings are precise and straight to the point but most importantly insightful. Spot on and uplifting as many have said. PIN: 4293

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Psychic Reader Luna


PIN: 8732

Reviews: 1

I am an intuitive tarot card reader. Since being bought a box of Rider Waite Tarot Cards as a gift several years ago, the tarot has helped me on my own process of healing. Now I wish to share what I have learnt in order to assist others on their souls’ journey. PIN: 8732

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Psychic Reader Margarite


PIN: 1723

Reviews: 81

I am an empath /tarot card and angel card reader, working always in the light as a light worker. I have been reading for over ten years. I am constantly learning and improving my skills. In a private consultation I can read into you and the people around you and how they are feeling towards you and their intentions. I can see things coming your way and assist to remove blocks that are preventing you leading a full life. PIN: 1723

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Psychic Reader Marie


PIN: 1090

Reviews: 128

Hi, I'm Marie. Thank you for looking at my profile. I am a Spirit and Tarot card reader. These gifts were passed to me from my Grandmother who was a wonderful reader. If you want to find out information, let me contact my Spirit guides and they will pass me the information that they want to, I have brilliant guides! I am compassionate and a great listener. I specialize in Love, Relationships and Family issues. PIN: 1090

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