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Always excellent and accurate and a very lovely soul.

James From London On 02/05/2021

Phone call

Straight forward, kind! We spoke on the phone, I’m kinda new to this so I wasn’t sure what to ask, or how to ask.. but she gave me clarity with my POV.. will update you.

Vienna From Australia On 16/03/2021

Always there for good advice

Gina has become more of a friend to me than just a reader over the past months with my situation, she is a very kind hearted, sweet lady and gives me sound advice all the time which I really appreciate

From On 13/03/2021

Spot On, Good Advice

Just had a reading with Gina for the first time today. I chose her based upon the amazing reviews. Gina picked up on the situation straight away and with so much clarity. She didn’t ask many questions like other readers - she simply explains what she sees and feels. Her advice is very helpful and very constructive. She is very sweet. I really feel that she truly cares about her callers.

Eve From Nottingham On 26/01/2021

Continues to be excellent

I have been speaking to Gina for sometime now. She never fails to give me valuable insight.

P From Midlands On 15/11/2020


This lady is very good. Straight in with lots of detail 5 stars

Teresa From Hertfordshire On 03/11/2020

Not bad

Prediction was their relationship will end he will come back to me and we will have a relationship. There will be happy moments but challenging ones like these. Can't tell how long it lasts. Tuned into the stupidity of him leaving Will updated

From On 14/09/2020

Lovely Reader

Thankyou gina for your lovely guidance last night x

J From Midlands On 18/08/2020


Very accurate connected with me straight away no messing. Would recommend very lovely lady calm honest and understanding cant wait to speak again xxx

Melissa From Yorkshire On 17/07/2020

Great reading

Thanks Gina u really made sense and were so accurate

From Manchester On 02/07/2020


This lady is wonderful she has the most calming voice and manner so gentle and lovely I love her!!! Highly recommend

Michelle From London On 23/06/2020

So intuitive

I just had a reading with this lady and she picked up incredibly on the situation. Totally understood it and offered some very helpful advice. Very kind and understanding and really got the situation. Thank you Gina. Would recommend. X x x

Joanna From Sussex On 12/05/2020


Thank you Gina ,for your reading ! spot on scott

SCOTT From ESSEX On 10/05/2020

Simply Wonderful!

I had a reading with Gina this afternoon and she was simply wonderful. Very gentle voice, answered my questions fully and gave me some great advice and help. Will definitely call Gina again.

From On 21/04/2020

Career and love

Absoluteley spot on in the first sentences and continued. Beautiful reading and helpful and direct many thanks. X

Sally From Hull On 07/04/2020

very very good,5stars plus

Gina,is worth every penny we cant do our own readings ,fact ,the reading I have with this lady in the past has always come to past,dont take my word for it ,highly recomaind GINA

dave From east essex On 01/03/2020


Such a genuine, lovely lady. good psychic.

Chris From London On 25/01/2020


Invaluable support with a very difficult situation. Continued five stars xx

P From Midlands On 07/11/2019

Quick reading 5 stars

Had a quick reading with Gina shes good she tells you had she sees and she got the person right how's she thinks and acts. I didn't give any information she's very good calling her again 100%

Mark From England On 06/11/2019

I get what you're saying but I still don't understand it and i don't believe he only has platonic feelings for me.

From On 05/11/2019

Quality, in-depth and all encompassing

I had limited time and knew I would get a quick, deep and accurate reading from Gina - and that I did!! Thank you so much for tapping in and telling me the situation as it is and how it may look in the future. Your wise words are very much appreciated. Many thanks.

Libran From Aus On 08/10/2019


Lovely lady. Gentle and kind and very gifted. Thank you xx

Mandy From Cheshire On 04/10/2019

Thank you!

Bless you Gina, thank you so much for your advice today- my boyfriend and I are very much on the same page, thank you for suggesting to speak to him. Hoping for lots of positive things for the future :) xxx

Friederike From UK On 24/06/2019

Thank you

Thank you

Sharon From Stoke on Trent On 23/05/2019

Genuine, caring and well connected

Thank you for the positive reading with things falling into place fairly soon - I shall keep an open mind and let the Universe bring through the right person. Many thanks. :)

Libran From Aus On 10/05/2019

Highly Supportive

I have spoken to Gina now on several occasions during a difficult set of circumstances Gifted psychic and lovely individual.

P From On 25/04/2019

Astounded me!

At opening Gina said a couple of words that described my situation absolutely. Lovely reading with genuine insight. Looking forward to 2 - 3 weeks with great anticipation. Thank you

Libran From Aus On 05/04/2019


Very good psychic.

James From London On 17/03/2019


i had a reading with gina,she is very patient and understanding,i told her that i have given up on love,because no man has approached me in 6 years and my life situation is not the best at the moment,i hope you are right about the man coming into my life,sorry the phone cut out,low battery

sharonr From London On 04/03/2019

Always right

I've had readings by Gina a few times and her predictions come forth into reality.

Srey From United States On 13/12/2018


Gina was an amazing psychic and was the only one who could make sense of a very stressful situation and guide me to the best soloution. Gina's calm demeanor and advice was spot on and I am very grateful to find such a guiding light.

Jacqueline From On 10/10/2018

Lovely reader

Tia conwau From Conway On 20/07/2018


Thank you for your kind help Gina, you put my mind at ease xxx

L From Spain On 12/04/2018

Good listener.. Very caring. I think she was very accurate in my situation.She gave me a lot to think about.

From On 29/03/2018

Very refreshing!

Very refreshing and uplifting to talk to Gina. I felt quite depressed when I called but Gina put everything into perspective for me and I feel so much better now. Thank you!

Olga From London On 05/03/2018

Thank you!!

Thank you for helping me understand what is going on in my life right now.

Eve From London On 02/03/2018


This lady may have had an off night, but she did not connect with me and kept repeating things over and over. She did not work for me!

anonymous From On 26/02/2018


Good connection and insightful reading. I would recommend

P From West midlands On 23/02/2018


Gina was very honest. Its useful if you ask her to do a general spread that way you get good results. She doesnt make things up and presents things as they are. Very helpful lady.

Rosie From London On 08/02/2018

A real traveler of the Universe so knowledgeable and so eloquent with her mannerism,and truly a warm and cosy soul to interact with! I highly recommend her, I will be sure to keep in contact my sincere regards Michele

Michele Terzaghi From Mars On 18/01/2018

Thank you

Very good reading with Gina ... she is Amazing xxx

A From Anon On 12/12/2017

Amazing lady!

Very uplifting, straight to the point and I’m so glad I managed to get through to you have really helped me. It was a huge pleasure speaking to you and I thoroughly recommend others giving you a call.

Jonty’s lady From London On 11/12/2017

Very calming and reassuring, honest and authentic reading

I was truly impressed :)

Aleks From On 08/12/2017

Fantastic connection to spirit and very empathic

Absolutely wonderful I rang well stressed and after I FELT SOOO much better and intend to implement Gina's advice as soon as I can...once again Gina a great big thank you!!!

Jackie B From SALFORD UK On 04/12/2017

So much clarity!

Talking to Gina gave me a lot of clarity. She answered my question but she also picked up on an underlying issue in myself that I wasn't seeing and told me how to help myself. I'm grateful for her helping me come to my senses in my situation. Thanks Gina!

Jas From United Kingdom On 02/12/2017


What a beautiful connection and a beautiful solution to the situation for all involved.Truly blessed by the support and gentle guidance tonight.Thank you so very much for helping me understand and heal this situation.Much love and gratitude.xx

Anon From Uk On 20/10/2017


Good info

Eliana From 2642 n carleton On 16/08/2017

Great reader !

Thank you Gina for your reading today, very spot on, gentle, accurate, professional and most importantly a great soul !!!! with blessings and love xxxx

Amel From London On 31/07/2017

Thank you !!

Thank you, Gina, for helping me make sense of what is going on in my life. I feel so much better now.

Jane From London On 03/07/2017


Thank younso much for you kind reading,as i was unhappy where i am living,you got it spot on that i will be moving,very soon,and also spot on about my nibours,be so negitive and makeing life diffiuclt that as show up in the card reading,thank you so much for your readings will defo call soon,very greatfull kind reguards di

Di d From South east essex On 29/06/2017

good person

Incredibly grateful for helping me with some good advice last year when I was going through an incredibly terrible time.

Sue From Derbyshire On 23/06/2017



di From essex On 05/04/2017

So understanding

Gina's gentle and calm way and explanation of my situation has uplifted me. Thank you!

Alice From London On 30/03/2017

Thank you for a reassuring reading!

I am feeling so much better after talking to Gina. We got cut off but I will be calling again soon.

Helen From Hertfordshire On 29/03/2017


I called for a reading but got advice based on personal opinion. Not for me.

C From On 24/03/2017

Brilliant lady

Just spoken to this amazing lady who was so helpful and with her beautiful approach brought a tear to my eyes. Thank you Gina xx

Rehana From Uk On 20/03/2017

try to get intouch next time you where very busy gods massager!

thank you every so much for a spot on grt reading all is coming to pass ,in need of a nother grt reading thank for all your help,sorrie about last time we got cut off hope to speak to very soon very great for grt reading,di essex

di From Essex On 20/03/2017

as always spot lovly reader

as alway such lovely warm reaibg spot on too, lovely ladly onist ,no fish sight to the point so knowable too,on spital matters,will difo call again thank so much for you lovely reading,and you where right about the move,good bless di

di d From south east essex On 16/03/2017

lovely lady grt reader

hi ,just say big thank for such a postive spot on reading ,highly recommited, warm and very careing postive lady

mr di From essex On 22/12/2016

She was lovely kind and straight to point and lots of helpful information thankyou i will get back to you again very nice lady

Customer From Adelaide On 07/12/2016

So Good

Thank you for a lovely reading

Pjhil From Sussex On 01/12/2016

A Divine feminine reading

A Beautiful intelligent, insightful and intuitive reading, with lots of healing energy. I highly recommend this lovely lady with love and thanks X

Zoe From Surrey On 18/08/2016


what a great lady picked up what i wanted to ask without me saying a word and the prediction was soo accurate fantastic reader will call her again xxx

von From uk On 28/06/2016

What a lovely lady to speak to and so talented in reading the cards. Accurately picked up the love situation and emotions around this, including making very plausible predictions which I will update on as time proceeds. Many thanks X

J From G.B On 01/06/2016

Kind and insightful reader

I have had two readings done by Gina and have found her to be insightful and kind both times. She picks up well on the situation and gives practical guidance as well as spiritual guidance.

Ires From Melbourne On 15/12/2015

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Hello, I am Melissa. I am a Psychic Tarot reader with 10+ years of experience. I am calm, gentle and all my readings with you are kept 100% confidential. I want to read for you and answer your questions and provide you with insight. Let's look into your future and explore your past! PIN: 3364

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Psychic Reader Charlotte


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I can offer a reading of what may come in the next 5 months, I can offer insight and reassurance. I'm a very good listener and love to assist anyway I can with offering healing through my cards and reiki and always being there in anyway I can to assist someone through difficult times and hopefully to provide insight and answers to the questions that you have. PIN: 2439

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Hello I am Neil an experienced Tarot and Psychic reader with over 17 years worth of experience. I specialize in love, relationships, family matters and career issues. I will try my up most to answer all of your questions in a friendly and non judgemental way. PIN: 2480

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Psychic Reader Amber


PIN: 8506

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I am a psychic and tarot card reader. I have 23 years experience. I offer a full, detailed, professional reading on your present and future. I specialize in love, relationships and family issues. Since my mid 20's, I have been able to predict things that will happen, leading to readings for friends and it has grown over the years to me reading professionally for the last ten years. I am calm by nature and have a non judgemental approach. PIN: 8506

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Psychic Reader John


PIN: 1939

Reviews: 96

I am a third generation psychic with 25 years experience using my gifted tools, astrology, tarot and playing cards, chakra readings and have helped over 30 thousand people. I am a love advisor and relationship coach, law of attraction expert, NLP practitioner and ascension light worker. Let me guide you and give you clarity beyond thought, my goal is your well-being and happiness. Love and Light To You All. PIN: 1939

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Psychic Reader Marie


PIN: 1090

Reviews: 117

Hi, I'm Marie. Thank you for looking at my profile. I am a Spirit and Tarot card reader. These gifts were passed to me from my Grandmother who was a wonderful reader. If you want to find out information, let me contact my Spirit guides and they will pass me the information that they want to, I have brilliant guides! I am compassionate and a great listener. I specialize in Love, Relationships and Family issues. PIN: 1090

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Psychic Reader Catherine


PIN: 2200

Reviews: 9

I have been reading tarot cards for nearly 27 years and have found them a fantastic tool. However, the real work is done by the questioner. When I perform a reading for someone it’s a bit like holding up a mirror to them. One of the most common reasons people might seek assistance through tarot are questions surrounding love and relationships and this is something that I specialise in. PIN: 2200

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Psychic Reader Laura


PIN: 8658

Reviews: 0

I am a psychic empath and spiritual healer with many years experience in reading tarot and oracle cards. I can assist with love and relationships, career and family issues, sending healing if required. I am a very down to earth, compassionate and caring person, that will not judge you. I am passionate about using my life experience and spiritual gifts for the greater good. PIN: 8658

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Psychic Reader Siren Sloane

Siren Sloane

PIN: 1645

Reviews: 121

Hello & Brightest Blessings. I have over 15 years experience in reading tarot, psychometric abilities, psychic synchronization, clairvoyancy & spiritual mediumship. My readings are empathic & sensitive, providing you with the necessary path of information you require for your life's journey. I use the spirit guides to attune your energy and vibrations to access the information you seek. PIN 1645

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Psychic Reader Caleb


PIN: 4196

Reviews: 73

I have been reading tarot cards on a professional level for the last 15 years and use angel cards as well. I'm here to assist you with love, relationships and career choices. I realized my psychic ability from the age of 7 and this was nurtured by my Grandmother. I use tarot cards, angel cards, I connect with spirit and also call upon my guide for assistance. I have strong intuitive skills also. Love and light. PIN: 4196

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Psychic Reader Natasha


PIN: 1851

Reviews: 69

Welcome I am Natasha a Tarot reader and Psychic here to assist you with love, relationships and career choices. I realized my psychic ability from the age of 7 and this was nurtured by my Mother and Grandmother who are both also psychic. I also work with crystals and the power of the Earth to give you a deep and meaningful reading. Love and Light PIN NUMBER 1851

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Psychic Reader Carris


PIN: 6947

Reviews: 24

Hi I'm Carris a psychic medium here to assist you connect to loved ones in the Spirit world. I have had over 20 years experience and can assist you on many levels for insight and understanding please ring me BLESSED BE PIN NUMBER 6947

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