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Genuine reading Felt satisfied Did not waste time . Am very happy

From On 13/04/2022

Reading was okay

From On 07/02/2022


Well everything she picked up was so detailed and resonated! She's told me to come back in a few months to confirm what she's said is true. She's that genuine and confident in her predictions and from what she picked up I'm sure she's right lol. Scarily accurate. Thank you so much! You've cheered me up bit time! I'll get back in touch and comment again if things come to pass. Xxxx

Kayleigh From Scotland On 31/01/2022

I've had a few fantastic readings off Shauna, but PLEASE can u come on line a little bit earlier

From On 14/01/2022

Best reading

Had the best chat with Shauna, full of energy, felt like I’ve known her for years, she gave me some good information. We connected very well! Thank you so much, I’ll be back x

Natalia From Leeds On 14/01/2022

'Guaranteed' things that didn't happen

Disappointed, used her service several times during a difficult phase 2 years ago. She'd 'guarantee' me things will work out, couple years down the line it happened exactly through opposite. Please publish for a balance of opinion.

From On 11/12/2021

Prediction came to light ❤️

Sn From London On 10/12/2021

You was spot on really good it was a pity that we got cut of

Sheila From Luverpool On 01/11/2021

Got cut off!

We got cut off Shauna and I was unable to reconnect. Thank you for being so honest and straight to the point. You picked up on my POI with great accuracy and I loved my reading - I've taken note of the holiday abroad and will update you in the future. Thank you so much again!

Z From Yorkshire On 03/10/2021

Would love to have another reading off Shauna but I haven't seen her logged on in daytime for a while, very good reader. Please print 18/8/21

From On 18/08/2021

Great psychic

wonderful psychic - connecting fast and well - also a lovely lady - highly recommended - will definitely call her back

xx From Birmingham On 06/08/2021

Lovely reader

Lovely reader, so friendly but doesn’t sugar coat. Look forward to predictions coming to light

J From Derbyshire On 17/07/2021

Loving and spot on

Shauna is a caring and spot on reader. I could talk to her for hours telling me about what will unfold in the future. She doesn’t ask questions, she just see things and that the kind of reading I affectionate. She’s not trying to guess. She knows how you feel, what’s your motives and what’s in your best interest. I definately recommend her.

Daniela From London On 24/06/2021

Beautiful lady

Hi Shuana sorry got cut off. I will update you with POI. Thanks for the reading. XOXO

Mae From New Forest On 12/05/2021




Thank you Shauna for a really good reading this evening. Thank you for being so patient as I was very frustrated with a POI. You helped me to understand what was on his mind and that he would come forward. Im really sorry we got cut off. Xx

Carrie From Kent On 30/03/2021


Thank you Shauna, I've tried to catch you a couple of times but you are logged off. Just wanted to say I loved my reading and would like a follow up chat Thought you were quite accurate x

Lynne From Doncaster On 27/03/2021


Sorry we got cut off Shauna, a pleasure to talk to you as always. Reading consistent with the one I had from you last year. Have a lovely Christmas :-)

Karen From On 24/12/2020


What a fantastic and accurate psychic reading Shauna. While I was talking to you one of your predictions came true. Thank you so much and I'll be back. Lots of Love

Jackie From SA On 21/12/2020

Helped with my r/ship

First time caller and enjoyed my reading. Really helped. Ta x

Mandy Watson From UK On 27/11/2020

Lovely lady

I have had lots of readings with her very genuine person xxx

Helen From Sussex On 24/11/2020


Brilliant and spot psychics, very genuine and straight to the point. Shauna was also very caring and calm, felt like I was talking to a friend. Thank you for a brilliant reading x

Please post this From Birmingham On 04/08/2020

Shes very good

Androulla From Wembley On 24/07/2020

Really nice lady but predictions never came to pass :(

From On 22/07/2020

Great insight

I really enjoyed my reading with Shauna and what was lovely she genuinely enjoyed looking at my life events. Thank you. You have given my career path an energy boost and perhaps my live life.

Tara From Budapest On 12/06/2020

Prediction didn’t happen

Really lovely lady she tuned into my situation perfectly and even said things the person has actually said to me. Sadly her prediction of contact hasn’t happened.

From On 20/05/2020

Thank You

Shauna you are a trooper. You put the hours in, you obviously enjoy what you do as you keep regular and consistent hours. Just seeing you on here (so many readers I liked have left) is a comfort and I wanted you to know how appreciated you are.

From On 15/05/2020


You’re lovely as always. Mystic meg lol

From On 14/05/2020


Fabulous in every way, picked up on my situation straight away

Max From London On 08/05/2020


What a fantastic reader m, accurate, honest and worth every penny. Thank you so much x

Pindi From London On 30/04/2020

Lovely reader. Makes you feel good and positive. Maybe tells you what you want to Hear as she predicted that someone from the past will make contact but still haven’t heard anything and it’s been monthsssss

From On 26/04/2020


Thankyou so much for your time very fantastic spot on straight to the point. So sorry my mins ran out I would highly recommend this reader.

From On 24/04/2020


She was good straight to the point

Cat From Sydney On 16/04/2020


I thought the reading was very good at the time. Shauna appeared spot on regarding a love situation. Sadly , her prediction did not come to pass .

From Yorkshire On 10/04/2020


Lovely reading from shauna. She is amazing. Picked up on my situation so well. Told me I have nothing to worry about made me feel better. Sorry I didnt mention he lives about 2 hours away from me we’re both in the uk. She is a good listener and understands you well. Can’t wait for things to get better. Thank you so much ur a lovely person. Speak soon sorry my credits finished. Sofia x x x

From On 01/04/2020

Read my mind

Amazing she could feel my thoughts and read me like a book. Their is a lot of not so good readers on here but she is no nonsense sweetly direct. Thank you stay blessed ..your doing a fab job. Giving us hope

Gabi From Birmingham On 07/03/2020

Amazing reading

The reading I had with Shauna was so amazing and gave me hope

Mo From Manchester On 28/02/2020

Fantastic Reader

I have just had a very insightful reading with Shauna and would highly recommend her

From On 26/02/2020

Thank you xxx

Sorry Shauna, I ran out of credit. Thank you for your reading about my job etc, you’ve made me feel uplifted. I hope you are right and I can progress in this place, and will see if maybe the management thing happens, I will give it time. I feel a lot more positive about my job after speaking with you, it’s like you knew exactly how I was feeling and things about my previous job aswell. Could of talked all night xxxx

From On 22/01/2020

Fantastic Reader

Comes highly recommended, got everything spot on in my life currently. (As if she is going through your personal with you)

Lizzie From Essex On 25/12/2019


Had a lovely reading hoping her prediction comes true

From On 08/12/2019


So sorry Shauna my credit ran out. Thank you so much for a very insightful reading, u did pick up on a few specifics and u were sure he is coming back which took my breath away as u said that so early on in the reading with no information from me. I will update u like u asked when I hear from him....

Emma From Yorkshire On 30/11/2019


Fabulous as always. Lots of details I could relate to and some interesting predictions. Uplifting reading with lots of information right from the start of the read. Thank you so much for a very enjoyable reading as always. Karen

Karen From On 25/11/2019

5* star reading

Amazing as always

Donna From London On 01/10/2019


What a wonderful lady & amazing reader omg didn’t want to stop talking to her - definitely talking to Shauna again THANK YOU

Tina From On 06/09/2019

Am annoyed I ran out of minutes but my god! Wow. Will ring you back and update ya. Ta xx

From Australia ❤ On 31/07/2019

Brilliant reader!

Thank u so much!

From On 06/07/2019

Fantastic reader!

Shauna pick up on me very well and she is a very lovely, friendly and understanding women. Many Thanks,

Sue From London On 26/06/2019

Lovely reading, gentle, open and says what she feels. I loved our reading this morning Shauna and have been thinking about you all day today.will catch up soon to let you know what the future has bought me. Thank you Shauna, I love honest readings and this was one of them

Happy flower From Australia On 24/06/2019


Shauna is an angel and actually blew my mind with her non prompted accuracy. Healing, genuine and uncannily accurate, no way she could've known the stuff she knew.

Carolyne From London On 24/06/2019


Someone who is genuinely gifted has amazing ability to feel and know the past present and future Thankyou for the support the truth and the guidance God Bless. Helena 14.05.19 xx

Helena From North east uk On 15/05/2019

Update you soon

Thankyou for being honest and real.. Your lovely to speak too. If you want an bk eat reading with no sugar coating then this lady is the person to phone. I will definetly call you with an update and hopefully all that was said will be coming into fruition.x

C From West Midlands On 12/04/2019

So lovely

Such a talented reader. Very positive, accurate and incredibly personable. Everything she says was spot on. Thanks Shawna x

Selena Anderson From North London On 29/03/2019

Lovely lady

Thank you Shauna you lifted me up . Spot on with everything. Honest what you said about my situastion. Pleasure to talk to looking forward to my future predictions. Lovely soul:)

R From London On 28/03/2019


Thank you so much shauna you was spot on with uplifting .honest .looking forward to what future holds. :)

R From London On 28/03/2019

Amazing psychic and lovely soul

Thank you so much Shauna! You were incredibly accurate about everything you said about my life, my thinking and circumstances. It truly brought tears in my eyes. Thank you for your supportive, honest and kind words. What a beautiful kind soul. With gratitude.

Sue From Australia On 22/03/2019

5 star psychic!

I've had readings from Shauna in the past and she has always been spot on. It's been over a year since my last Reading and today I just called and selected the option to speak to next available Reader and I got Shauna! Shauna was direct, honest and very uplifting - she told me stuff only I knew and also told me stuff about whats on my mind at the moment, whats happening in my career and business, my recent health and other private stuff like relationships and told me all about a certain person and their behaviours etc . Thank you Shauna I will call back in few months around my birthday for a Birthday Reading. :)

Christopher From West Bromwich On 13/03/2019

Absolutely Fantastic

Had a few readings with Shauna she is consistent and very accurate with her readings... I strongly recommend Shauna you most certainly won't be disappointed... Thank you so much for the reading.. Love and light.. Alison xx

Alison From UK On 04/03/2019

Thank you

Sorry, we got cut off :( You picked up on all that is going on with accuracy and delivered the reading in an honest and non-judgemental way. A pleasure to speak to you and will call to update you on predictions that you know I found hard to believe - nonetheless you told me to write them down! Much love From the one with the exhausting and complicated work/man situation. Thank you

From Uk On 28/02/2019


Shauna thankyou so much not only for a reassuring reading but also for listening and helping me find the strength.

Carol From Australia On 26/02/2019

Shauna is a very confident reader, she explains things to you in a way that you understand but at the same time does not sugar coat anything. Her validations were very accurate and with the predictions will have to wait and see.

From On 20/02/2019

Genuine lady highly recommended

Thank you so much for your time tonight Shauna.. I hope to speak to you again. Lovely lady

From On 12/02/2019

Top Reader

My reading was uplifting, compassionate, in-depth and details about family were astounding. Shauna is genuine psychic; understanding the past and helping move forward with current challenges. She gave predictions with clarity. I was really amazed she could pick up the intentions of those around me. Shauna had great insight into my life, even though we have never spoken before. Thank you for your sincere guidance. I found the answers in my reading and am so grateful to you!

UG From London On 12/02/2019

Good Reading

sorry shauna we got cut off,but thank you for the reading,all of what you said make sense,pity you didn't get round to revealing information about the man i like,i will contact you again as soon as i can

Sharon From Redbridge On 30/11/2018

Spoke to Shauna today about a couple of issues going on in my life. I have been a total mess the last month or so that I was sobbing the whole time I was talking to her. She will tell you how it is and is straight to the point. Even tbough I don't see how I can get through this situation she assured me that it will be ok.

From On 13/08/2018

Shauna is a very confident reader, picked up some key validations. Do not pass up on an opportunity to speak to her

From On 18/07/2018

Thank You

Got cut off :( but the times we have spoken always loved my readings with you. You pick up unsaid things confidently and I find it so calming to talk to you. Thank you xx

Ires From Melbourne On 18/05/2018

Got cut off

Ran out of minutes... I will be calling you back I will give it a week or so... Thank you for ensuring me with what is happening x

From On 09/04/2018


Wow, what can I say. No cards used, spot on with my situation and gave me hope that it will all get resolved and there will be a happy ending. Can’t thank you enough x

Claire From Edinburgh On 05/04/2018

Top reader

Brilliant reading with shauna was feeling low and tearful after a painful breakup, but she was very nice. In addition, very I interesting chat. Will be using her again.

Sue From Derby On 31/03/2018

Top reader

Brilliant reading with shauna was feeling low and tearful after a painful breakup, but she was very nice. In addition, very I interesting chat. Will be using her again.

Sue From Derby On 31/03/2018

Blown away!

I called Shauna about 6-7 months ago for a general reading over the next coming weeks and my God was I blown away. Not only was she able to advise so accurately on the passed three years of my life she reassured me to open my eyes from a more logical point of view! My reading with Shauna was filled with gasps and giggles. I'm really happy I found your profile so we can speak again. You have a wonderful spiritual heart. I'm so thankful for your guidance.

JoHannah From Australia On 04/03/2018

Shockingly accurate

I have just come off of the phone with Shauna and I can't believe how accurate the reading was. I was shockingly amazed as to how accurate my reading was. If anyone needs a reading Shauna is the real deal. Sorry I got cut off, I tried to call back but couldn't get through as your are understandably busy. Thank-you very much for my reading you was absolutely amazing.

Charlene From London On 05/02/2018

Thank you

Thank you Shauna I will keep the faith that he will contact me! Sorry we got cut off...time ran out and I hit the wrong butto !! Take Care

R From Australia On 31/01/2018

Wow again

Amazing reader i used the full 30 mins as vgood although did tell me what i hoped in ten could talk to he longer. Thank you shauna. Long distance mess here

From On 18/01/2018

Spot on

Great anjoyed many a reading ...from leeds.

Patricia From On 18/01/2018

Very good

I had reading sometimes 2 a week for a few years moved from Donny to Leeds always spot on .. Not been on for a few years but am waiting to speak again ... Well worth the money ....

Patricia From NORTH YORKSHIRE On 04/01/2018

Quality reading

Thank you so much for the very helpful and wise advice. So pleased to have the confirmation about the situation and the prediction is SO reassuring.. Loved chatting to you and the open honest communication.

Lynda From Perth On 01/01/2018

Just what I needed

Shauna can tell you exactly whats going on, and whats going to happen - What a lovely lady too, it is indeed like chatting with a friend - Very kind and considerate - I am really looking forward to speaking with you again Shauna! Thank you xx

Claire From Wales On 04/12/2017

Thank you again Shauna!

This lady was spot on with my situation and confirmed everything that was happening around me. I'm looking forward with excitement to my future now! Thanks again x

Michelle (Catherine Cookson lol) From Tyne and Wear On 03/10/2017


Loved my reading tonight, got several things right that only I know, no guessing or pauses to be had. I will come back to speak with her again for sure 5 stars for Shauna

Claire From Portsmouth On 25/09/2017


Sorry we got cut off..... thanks for a great reading as usual a lot of clarification and you told me things about the situation in detail that nobody should have known, I will be back to update you soon!

Donna From London On 10/09/2017


She got my hopes up about an Ex coming back, very certain of it. Then when I rang up again she told me he wasn't. I was devastated. These people play with ur emotions, your feelings, they have no shame. I will not be ringing her again.

Louise From cheshire On 15/07/2017


The best ive had on this site and ive had a lot with my situation. The only one i spent 30 mins talking to. She picked up on everything so well i hope what she predicts come through. Thank you very much Shauna.xx

S From Antrim On 23/05/2017

Not Amazing

I felt she was telling me what i wanted to hear and highly exaggerating it was quite disappointing because she does come across as a nice person .

Rose From Uk On 21/04/2017

Amazing gift!

I'm sorry I never got to thank you before we cut off. Thank you so much for my reading. The detail you gave me about my life was astonishing. I will be in touch when your predictions come true telling you he's been in contact. Sorry for rambling on about the ex xx

From On 21/04/2017


Had a wonderful Tarot reading with Shauna. I had been trying to get hold of her for a long time and it was well worth the wait. She picks up on details very fast and some details that nobody else has and I was blown away by one thing she said. Shauna is professional, gifted and she has integrity. Lovely lady to talk to and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you Shauna.

Karen From On 08/04/2017

The Best Reading Ever!

Thank you Shauna . I am so glad I got a chance to have a reading with you. This was more than just a reading for me , you are a breath of fresh air . I appreciate your gift you are truly a blessing. Thank you for being real with me , this is a reading I will not be forgetting in a hurry .

Victoria From London On 28/03/2017


Sorry we got cutt off but what a wonderful reading so uplifting. Picked up on my situation very well thank you

Donna From Australia On 21/03/2017


We got disconnected, but thanks so much. She is a great reader and very spot on. I will be contacting her again!

Taneka From USA On 31/01/2017

Not good

Had 2 readingsfrom this lady over last 3 years about 2 different relationships She told me exactly the same thing about both relationships e.g that we were soulmates and meant to be together even though they were two different men. Sadly none of her predictions came to pass on both readings and both relationships. She is a nice lady but sadly felt she was just saying what she thought I wanted to hear. :-(

Jt From On 23/01/2017

Scarily accurate

After spending over an hour talking to this lady I did feel a lot better about my awful breakup I'm going through, one of her predictions was that I'll hear from him tonight bearing in mind we finished the call about 11:15pm or tomorrow morning, not 15 mins had passed and he text me! Not asking to meet up as you said but maybe he will ask me soon or tomorrow morning! I have a lot of faith and trust in you and do hope the big prediction comes true! I had to end the call when my pin ran out but I could honestly sit and speak to you all day and all night thank you so much!

Chloe From Uk On 18/01/2017

Never right with times, told me she'd never keep me hanging on unnecessarily knew how much a situation was devastating me ... Over a year no predictions came to pass ever

From On 16/01/2017

Accurate and reassuring

Thank you for my reading that I just had with you. You were completely spot on with my situation and even with names, a lovely woman with amazing intuition and very calming. I look forward to speaking with you again. Xx

Carrie From Bedford On 16/01/2017


I dont right reviews but shuana's the one she hit the nail on the head and gave it to me plain n simple after having millions of pyschic readings n i mean millions shauna was the 1 that gave it to me crystal clear luk foward to the outcome xx

Natisha From England On 16/12/2016

Had a reading last Sunday 20/11/2016 with Shauna and she is amazing. She did psychic reading and did not use the tarot card. She explained to me what is really happening to my love life and why! I was so depressed but she put my mind at rest. She's so honest and compassionate, the only reader who calmed me down and cheered me up! I'll ring her again! She reassured of my future happiness with my soulmate. Thanks a million and look forward to your predictions! xxxxx

Edna From London On 27/11/2016

Shauna I had best reading with u not that long ago. The man in question got in touch and I feel things will be much better and stronger between us. Ur reading was excellent, made me stay positive about the situation and u gave me plenty of reassurance things will be ok. I feel they will be now.

Daniella From Australia On 26/09/2016

Thank you c

Beautiful comforting reading tonight :) ! Looking forward to my future now :) big thx X

From London On 14/09/2016

Absolutely accurate

Shauna is a fantastic reader....very accurate. Talking to her was very comfortable.....feeling so good and relaxed niw thanks shauna for a beutiful reading your really good mwaahhh x

Sophie From Derbyshure On 08/09/2016

Thank you

2nd reading with Shauna regarding an ongoing relationship issue. Told me what was going on around him and I and said he would be in contact within the next 8 days. I look forward to her predictions coming to pass!

Clairr From On 17/08/2016

Good reading

Got put through to Shauna when my chosen reader was busy, oh my how pleased I was with her reading! Asked my name and what kind of reading I wanted and off she went - fantastic

J From United Kingdom On 16/08/2016

Again Amazing!

I have left a review for Shauna previously and I must say again today again ashe was just extraordinary. For the 2nd time, without giving her any information she gave me so very much and was heartwarming and uplifting and unexpectedly accurate. She is a difficult lady to catch because she is so popular, but keep trying - she's worth it. xx

Ires From Melbourne On 05/08/2016


Had a reading today thanks for being so positive on my situation and soooo understanding I hope your prediction will come true as it is what I want thanks again xxxx

Teresa From Melbourne Australia On 25/07/2016


Been using this line for about a year got Shauna last nite didn't have to tell her anything she picked up on how I was feeling and what was going on in my life right away. What can I say she is one of the best. There a lot of really good psychics on this but she is truly amazing. Will update when predictions come true thank you so much Shauna xoxo Phyllis

Phyllis From NY On 22/07/2016

Must say had a really good reading from Shauna looking forward for things to pop into place

Sam From northern ireland On 11/07/2016

Thank you

Thank you for your kindness and support.You are first class, so sorry we got cut off before I could thank you.x

Lesley From Glasgow On 04/07/2016

Amazing !

I asked Shauna for psychic reading and things she said were just true! Unfortunately we cut off because of my phone fault, anyway everything I asked was already answered. Tried to call back to say thanks, but unfortunately she was busy.

Eva From On 02/07/2016


If you need your mind putting at rest call Shauna. She won't let you down

Anya From London On 17/06/2016


Amazing Reader, picked up on my situation straight away, Beautiful friendly lady, made me feel at ease and gave an amazing reading, 5 stars for Shauna, defos get a reading with her, she wont let you down x

Priya From London On 19/05/2016


Shauna is very straight forward and she does not lead people up the garden path or tell them what she thinks they want to hear. Every time I've had a reading with Shauna I've always felt reassured. She's very positive and accurate. I highly recommend her as she guides people in the right direction. Thank you for all your advice xxx

Belinda From London On 16/05/2016

Fab reading

Sorry we got cut off , was having lovely chat , spot on about situations , and you have gave me info in something that is going to happen tomorrow so you have asked me to call you back let you know lol I will Defo update you L&L

Lisa From Glasgow On 07/05/2016


I've had a few readings with Shauna and she has picked up my situation every time without any prompting from myself. The only drawback is the time goes so quickly and it's over. I honestly could speak to her all night ( I think I almost did in a previous reading). The good thing is she didn't remember me so I knew what she was telling me was genuine and not just her remembering from last time. Since it was a couple of months back I wouldn't expect her to remember. She's warm, caring and funny but tells you it straight. Thank you I highly recommend you get a reading from Shauna xx

Jacqs From Glasgow On 02/05/2016

Like talking to a best friend

Shauna is amazing. She tapped into my situation immediately without any prompting. Told me a few things which materialised within 24 hours! Spine tingling stuff. I've reached an all time low in my life however Shauna told me to stay positive about my future. And I'm finally learning to do so, bit by bit. She's incredibly friendly, wise and ethical. There will be no sugar coating. The only downfall is that one never wants to get off the phone with her - Shauna really is that good! Much love and appreciation for picking me up during this troubling time xxx

J From UK On 28/04/2016

Reading with Shauna

Shauna is a fabulous lady and accurate psychic I've consulted with on several occasions. Always friendly and positive and manages to pick up on the whole situation. Looking forward to the next few months. Many thanks again Shauna.

Jon From Leeds UK On 13/04/2016

Amazing Lady

Thank you so much for your wonderful reading and for your kindness and support. I started by revealing details of the situation and then being told very kindly that if I do that sometimes readers can take advantage by feeding back to me what I just said. She then went on to provide one of the most extraordinary and accurate readings I've had and one that was totally unexpected. Lovely lovely lady and I will definitely be calling back. xx

Ires From Melbourne On 11/04/2016

Absolutley amazing and spot on!!!!

I have heard that Shauna is absolutley amazing! So I gave her a call, all I had to say was I want a relationship reading and she was very very very spot on! Described everything to a tea! I did not have to say a word, she really shocked me! Picked up things that only her and one other reader could know. The rest of the readers that I have spoken to could not pick that up. Such a lovely lady, very funny and very accurate. She has a beautiful soul and made me feel so much better! Thanks so much!!!! :) xxx

Arosa From Manchester On 29/03/2016

Spot on and fun to talk to

Shauna automatically picked up on things she shouldn't have known. She was really spot on with everything she said that has happened all ready. It remains to be seen if what she predicted will happen but I will be sure to call her again either way.

Melissa From United States On 25/03/2016


Had an amazing reading with Shauna Today , she is truely a blessing I must say, she was so spot on with everything and picked up on my situation so fast, she is worth every penny believe me! Waiting for the outcome in a positive vybe. speak soon love&light

Ana From London On 10/03/2016

Excellent and spot on

Thank you Shauna for an outstanding reading, you eased my mind on so many levels, because of you I am more at peace. I feel I can relax and breathe again. Your predictions were spot on and the best part is I didn't have to say anything but my name. You knew everything without me asking any question. If you want an inspirational and exhilarating reading, call Shauna, this lady truly knows her stuff, and her voice is very soothing.

A. S. From USA On 22/02/2016

Relationship reading

OMG she's the best ,thanks so much such a nice lady. she's always on point with my reading.

Fanta From London On 14/01/2016

Lovely reading

Sorry for cut off, phone problems. just want to say to all other people who chooses a reader - Shawna is worth every minute! Even in several minutes she said without any questions something that I can sleep calmly now:) Thanks and have a very happy year 2016!

Eva From On 30/12/2015


Thank you thank you thank you You ve given me back the hope I needed ! When first rang wasn't first choice but glad the other person was busy !!! Wished I could of talked longer ! Def one of the best on here , so glad spoke to you . Din t want any info at all , excellent at pick in up situation , def be ring in back Thank you again xx

Caz From Uk On 21/12/2015


Thank you so so very much! brilliant reading , sorry I ran out of funds :(

Claire From Here On 15/12/2015

Reassuring Reading

I spoke to Shauna for the first time today after speaking with a number of other readers via this site. She was very assured of the positiveness of my situation and looked forward to hearing from me when a significant event occurs! It was a very reassuring and comforting reading and resonated well with me. Thank you!

Belinda From Melbourne, Australia On 30/11/2015

I'm still in disbelief over what you predicted but I will call you back either way. I hope you are right but I'm too scared to completely to belief it just yet. You seem so certain Of the positivity of the outcome hopefully it will rub off on me. Thankyou for being so kind

Kelly From Aus On 24/11/2015

Thanks !!!!!

Hi Shauna Thank you so much for my reading !! We got cut off as my Minutes was over!! You were just too good and spot on with all the details "" unbelievable oh how I wish we could speak again!!! Everything you told me about the man in question was just so true and I will atu intouch to let you know the outcome !! I have been so patient with him and you told me am n

Caroline From Edinburgh On 04/11/2015

Very good reading

I had a reading a couple of days ago and shauna told me two things that would happen in a couple of days...I didn't believe her as there was no way this would be possible and low and behold the two predictions were spot on and happened! The reading was lovely and Shauna is a lovely lady.....I am looking forward to the rest of the reading coming to fruition . Thank you

JT From Wolverhampton On 30/11/-0001


She was absolutely incredible. I told her I wouldn't believe it as I didn't see "a light at the end of tunnnel" to even know which way to go. She said I don't blame you, but it will happen. It's not over. 2 days later the first of her several "feelings " came to fruitation. I had all but given up on this situation and was heartbroken. I was looking for guidance or that "push" from sum1 who didn't know me, to just say walk away and start over. instead she told me it will work out and my heart will be great. I can't wait for all the pieces to be in place. Thank you thank you, for your honesty.

dana From TN. united States On 30/11/-0001


I absolutely love this women it's taken me 2 weeks 2 get hold ov her and everything she as said was spot on.... From my past to where I am now n put my mind at ease about where I'm going now in life....I will definitely be picking the phone up and speaking to her again...thank u very much Shauna for a great reading xx

Laura From Wolverhampton On 30/11/-0001


Brilliant reader spot on put my mind at ease. 100 percent recommended puck up on things straight away hope to get you again... Excellent Thankyou so much

Claire From N.I On 30/11/-0001

nice reading

Had reading with shauna about a ex,she was spot on describing situation,and gave me contact predictions,will update when things happen,overall nice lady,nice reading

buddysmum From scotland On 30/11/-0001

Psychic Shauna is the Real Deal!!!! 10 out of 10!!!

Shauna hit the nail on the head; all she knew was my name is Christopher, but friends and family call me Chris. She told me everything that i have experienced in the last 4 months using Clairvoyance and Psychic ability. She was very direct, honest and straight to the point. I have had Readings from trusted psychics before and i always let Spirit guide me - i always press option 2 for the next available Reader and I got Shauna (last time was November 2014 and i was given Shauna then via option 2, she was amazing then only told her my name!) Shauna confirmed and validated everything ive been through so far, and told me stuff that is happening i haven't told anyone else; and also gave me confidence and reassured me that Spirit/Fate/God knows and things are happening! I will be back again in a few more months for another Psychic Reading by Shauna. I really recommend her!

Christopher From Walsall On 30/11/-0001

Very straight talking and very accurate!

Just had a reading with Shauna who was very straight talking and down to earth. She picked up on my situation and confirmed everything I have been feeling with great clarity! Very reassuring and helped put my mind at ease. Will be speaking to her again...especially to confirm she was right. God bless you Shauna you're great! X

Lisa From Kent On 30/11/-0001

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Psychic Reader Phil


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I have over twenty years experience as a Tarot card reader,both over the phone and on a face to face level. When you contact me for a reading you can be assured that I will find all the aspects of the situation that is going on around you.I can focus on past influences,the dilemma that is challenging you at the present,and a way forward that provides a long lasting positive final outcome. PIN: 1387

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Psychic Reader Katt


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My name is Katt, and you will find in me, first and foremost, a kind and empathetic listener. I am also a very intuitive Tarot specialist who has worked as a spiritual guide and tarot reader for over 16 years. There is no judgement here; tell me what is on your mind. We will talk if that is what you need, and I will use the Tarot, Crystal Healing guides and any other tools available to me to find the answers to quell your worries and quieten your mind. PIN: 5646

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Psychic Reader Jonathan


PIN: 8739

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I offer an Enlightening, non judgmental and hopefully enjoyable reading. My psychic gifts have always worked best when inspired by the Tarot cards. I have used the same deck for 27 years, tried others but, always return to my special ones. After all these years I am still prepared & enjoy fresh ideas & I am currently living in Spain putting the final touches to a romance language that has always fascinated me. PIN: 8739

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Psychic Reader Ricky


PIN: 6594

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I focus strongly on the Tarot cards for my readings. I love to brighten people's moods by showing them the good aspects of their readings. I have vision and sense of future events and I mainly do readings on love, romance, career etc. PIN NUMBER 6594

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Psychic Reader Chloe


PIN: 6332

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I am a psychic and tarot card reader. I also use a crystal ball. I have 10 years of experience. I can offer my callers in-dept insight into what's going on and a non-judgemental atmosphere. I specialise in psychic tarot card readings. I use a deck called the Angel tarot. My crystal ball gives me pictures of the past, present and future. I first became aware of my abilities when I was 13. I would see loved ones that had crossed over and see flash events of the future. PIN: 6332

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Psychic Reader J Feral

J Feral

PIN: 9790

Reviews: 1

I'm a clairsentient and sensitive empath with a grasp on metaphysics, the psyche and symbolism. I have been very close to the Runes for about 6 years and started with the Thoth tarot deck about 5 years ago. PIN: 9790

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Psychic Reader Marie


PIN: 1090

Reviews: 128

Hi, I'm Marie. Thank you for looking at my profile. I am a Spirit and Tarot card reader. These gifts were passed to me from my Grandmother who was a wonderful reader. If you want to find out information, let me contact my Spirit guides and they will pass me the information that they want to, I have brilliant guides! I am compassionate and a great listener. I specialize in Love, Relationships and Family issues. PIN: 1090

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Psychic Reader Rose


PIN: 2761

Reviews: 36

I have been doing psychic, clairvoyance, mediumship and tarot readings for over 30 years. I conduct face to face and telephone readings. With my gift I can look into many areas of callers concerns to find the answers they are seeking. My readings are delivered with care, understand and non-judgemental. I can look into relationships, career, home moves and love ones who has passed to the Spirit world. PIN: 2761

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