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She wasn't exactly right but close predicted admirer right and he wanted 50 50 correct. 2 years older he's 6 years older quiet reserved correct. Called Thomas or Steve wrong. Likes dining out correct. Likes snooker and darts wrong. Good job. Correct. Seen me b4 correct. So lots better than most.

Jacqueline From Uk On 04/10/2019

Caring, kind and true Psychic !!!

Just finished my reading with you now sorry we were cut off , I'm so impressed by the accuracy , predictions similar to other top readers here. she is definitely worth every penny and does connect very quickly and does not ask questions unlike other readers who ask more questions than provide you with answers. Many thanks and blessings and love

From On 08/09/2019

Spot on every time

Julie is such a lovely lady and she connects so well into your situation. Predictions have always come through and within the given time frame. Give Julie a try you will be amazed

T From London On 31/08/2019


Thankyou Julie for a lovely soothing reading...just what I needed!...you sounded just like my nanna xxx Will be back for sure!

Kay From south west England On 11/08/2019


what a lovely lady and very very accurate. will be back. x

From scotland On 05/08/2019


Lovely reading. Thank you Julie. Will be back for sure x

From On 27/07/2019

Very uplifting

Thank you for a very uplifting reading, at a time when I was feeling so low. Unfortunately the line was so bad had to cut reading short. Thank you Julie

From On 20/07/2019

She told me, I will get a job in April 2019 and I did; she also told me my sister will get a job in May 2019 but it will be temporary and she was right, my sister got a job in May 2019 and then the end of next month she lost her job .... she described my sisters previous manager and new manager accurately.... waiting for new predictions to unfold and will definitely write a review xx

From Her Predictions happen! On 17/07/2019

Great Asset

I love Julie what a absolutely brilliant psychics I phone her regular for guidance you can ask her anything also she puts you at ease 5 stars plus for this psychics I always try and get Julie friendly and accurate I will be ringing this psychic again next week whenever I need advise and feel low I ring my friend Julie everyone needs to ring her she is the best please keep working for Trusted Psychics

Lawrence From USA On 23/06/2019


Just such a great reader. No tricks, spot on. Should have many more reviews.

M From On 22/06/2019


What a wonderful woman. Lovely and accurate - just a natural psychic - no guessing or fishing, the real deal. *****

James From London On 03/06/2019


I love talking to Julie she is sincere, professional, attentive and answered all my questions with ease. I couldn't have asked for a better reading at a time when I needed it. A credit to Trusted. Thank you Julie I look forward to talking to you again, Karen

From On 29/05/2019

Spot on!

Julie has a nice manner and got a 'specific' bang on - a positive reading! Genuine psychic - blessings X

From UK On 29/05/2019

True psychic

Hi Julie, I just had reading with you and so sorry somehow the line got cut off and I didn’t get the chance to say thank you for the amazing reading you gave me!!! Thank very much for today, God bless and will speak soon. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Jasmine From Uk On 25/05/2019

Spot on physic great lady

I had a reading with Julie yesterday and she is so nice I love her She always listened to my problens and helps me great lady

Jose From Essex On 16/05/2019

Thank you thank

Thank you

Sharon From Stoke on Trent On 15/05/2019


Julie thank u so much for lifting up my spirit today. I had so negative readings from the other readers in this site but after talking to you, all my worries were gone and it gave me hope. Wishing for your prediction to come true!

From On 08/05/2019


Had a fabulous reading with Julie tonight. It's my 3rd reading and she just gets better and better. Every question I asked was answered without hesitation and with honesty. I'm sorry if appeared to be talking over you at times Julie, I think it was due to a slight delay as I was calling from a mobile. One of the best readers on this site. Patient, kind and gives everything to your reading. Lovely lady, Thank you so very much. Karen

From On 26/03/2019

Lovely genuine reader

I've had alot of reading with Julie I have regula readings every know and the with Julie she down to earth everything she says comes true picks up your situastion straight away

Rhea From L On 13/03/2019


Julie is really good she gets straight to the problem she picks things up from spirit that no one knowes Incredible I will definately be ringing her again Jeff

From On 24/02/2019


Julie is an amazing and accurate reader the best I have ever spoken to I will definately be contacting her again she is so lovely. livelines good move when you signed her up do not let her go ever I need her once again Julie Thank you for all your great help whenever I speak to you CLAIRE BRISTOL

CLAIRE From Bristol On 17/02/2019


What a gorgeous lady. She is very good at validations and her predictions are on point with what other top readers have given. There was no wasting time and no questions, I just sat back and she told me. She is a credit to you Trusted Psychics.

From Edinburgh On 17/02/2019

Worth Contacting

In tune and helpful, I believe what she tells me so am reassured.

penelope From On 10/02/2019

Friendly and nice

Julie is a very good reader I phone her ever week for guidance and she helps me and guides me which really helps and it was great to speak to another welsh lady

SARAH From Port Talbot On 07/01/2019

In line with top readers

Julie didn't waste any time. She was to the point. She gave a prediction and time frame so I'm going to wait and let you know if she was right.

From On 31/12/2018

Brilliant reading

A lovely lady. Excellent psychic and astonishingly accurate. Very impressed she's spot on

A From London On 15/12/2018


I spoke to Julie as she has great reviews she was spot on with whar she said she is tbe best she really picks you up I feel so much better I will definately be contacting her again she is the best also what a kind and softley spoken woman thank you Julie

Kelly From London On 30/11/2018

Julie was so understanding I love talking to her I think of her as a friend and always check to see if she is working she is really great I am glad she is there a true great person I would highly recommend her she is so gentle and kind give her a call you will love her Sian New York

Sian From New york On 18/11/2018


Julie is a lovely woman who I really enjoyed talking to. Sincere, professional with a kind and attentive manner. Sorry I ran out of minutes. Thank you Julie. Karen

From On 02/11/2018


Very helpful indeed - thank you

L From Aus On 01/10/2018


Very intuitive..was very clear and made me feel wonderful You truly have a wonderful gift Thank you very much Highly recommend

Vero From Australia On 29/09/2018

Awesome reader

I just feel very happy after speaking to this reader, she very in tune, she provided me with great validations, I feel and resonate that all the predictions will come true. Happy days.

ms palmer From East Midlands, UK On 29/08/2018


She is a one of the top readers. I will definately call her back.

J. From Surrey On 29/08/2018


This lady and her guide know everything without any questions and her advice from her guide is spot on.A very accomplished and sincere professional lady in my opinion.God Bless.

j From On 09/08/2018


Julie and her guide are so spot on and detailed ! Excellent reader...gets straight into it!!!!

Amanda From Melbourne On 05/08/2018

caring, kind reader

Julie had a very kind, caring energy. Her reading was spot on. I know her prediction will come true. Give this lady a call. You won't regret it!

anon From anon On 28/05/2018

Psychic Reader Fiona
FionaPIN : 4435 Call : (02) 8417 2983
When I first started reading tarot I was amazed by how spot on the insights are that readings provide.Over the years I have learned to work beyond the plain meanings of the cards and with experience I have found that tarot simply speaks to me. Whether you're asking about love and relationships, work and money I can provide a insight into your life path. PIN: 4435
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Psychic Reader Chantelle
ChantellePIN : 5559 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I have years of experience in tarot psychic readings, passed down from generations. I will never judge your situation whether it be love, career, family or any of life's pressures. I am warm and friendly and will do my best to give you the answers you have been seeking. Love and Light. PIN: 5559
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Psychic Reader Charlotte
CharlottePIN : 2439 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I can offer a reading of what may come in the next 5 months, I can offer insight and reassurance. I'm a very good listener and love to assist anyway I can with offering healing through my cards and reiki and always being there in anyway I can to assist someone through difficult times and hopefully to provide insight and answers to the questions that you have. PIN: 2439
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Psychic Reader Faith
FaithPIN : 2962 Call : (02) 8417 2983
Gifted from birth but the understanding did not come to me until I was 14 years old. From that age on wards, I was able to use my gift to assist friends and families. I am now a professional reader that will give insightful readings on any area that you would like me to look at. I am a warm, relaxed and confidential reader. PIN: 2962
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Psychic Reader Carl
CarlPIN : 8691 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I've been aware of my abilities for over 15 years. I connect to spirit and I am a Reiki healer. I am also here if you would just like to talk and let off some steam. I am a non judgemental person, we've all been through some rough times and I am here to offer a compassionate ear. Please call me for an in-depth reading, I am here to assist you. PIN: 8691
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Psychic Reader Rachel
RachelPIN : 2281 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I have 25 years experience of reading the Tarot cards and improving my Psychic abilities. I inherited by gift from my grandmother who was Irish. If you are feeling a little bit low, please call me and I'll provide you with a professional and compassionate reading. I can assist with love, relationships and career issues. I am terribly non judgemental and I can assist you with Psychic and Tarot readings. PIN: 2281
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Psychic Reader Earth Angel
Earth AngelPIN : 2074 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I have been a Professional Psychic Medium and Master Reiki Healer for 12 years. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, and tune in with my spirit guides to the current situation, so the client has a deeper awareness and understanding. I offer comfort, compassion and clarity from spirit. I am a natural Medium and work with my spirit guides and Ascendant Masters. I also use Tarot if asked to, the major Arcana and the angels. PIN: 2074
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Psychic Reader Pat
PatPIN : 9566 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I am a Psychic Spiritual Coach & Meditation Practitioner. I have over 20 years experience of giving readings. I can offer assistance and advice in a caring and compassionate manner. I can also tune into people around you, giving you insight. I like to bring through as much information as possible. I specialize in Love and Relationships but can offer general readings. PIN: 9566
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Psychic Reader Mark
MarkPIN : 6550 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I am a medium demonstrator at the spiritual church (SNU - Spiritualists' National Union) I have previously worked on the radio and have given many private readings as well as telephone readings which is mostly what I do presently. I have over 40 years experience in providing psychic readings. PIN: 6550
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Psychic Reader Tasha
TashaPIN : 7660 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I am an intuitive tarot reader and I also can connect to spirit guides. My abilities have been passed down to me from my maternal grandmother. I have always had strong intuition and have been reading tarot cards for eight years. I am empathic and non-judgemental and can offer insights, clarity, and reassurance. PIN: 7660
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Busy For 4 Minutes
Psychic Reader Tracey
TraceyPIN : 1981 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I have thirty years experience of reading tarot cards and doing psychic readings and mediumship. I am a warm and caring person that loves to provide readings on a 121 basis. Let's look at your questions, your future and your present. Let's see if we can unwind the issues that may be affecting you now. I am here to offer insight and clarity. PIN: 1981
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Busy For 39 Minutes
Psychic Reader Sabrina
SabrinaPIN : 3210 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I am a tarot card reader with over 10 years experience. I specialize in relationship readings. I can also use the angel cards in my readings. I work with my spiritual guides to give you and clear and in-depth reading. I am a very empathic and compassionate reader, I genuinely care about people and want to help so come and have a reading with me today PIN 3210
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Busy For 12 Minutes
Psychic Reader Pearl
PearlPIN : 1027 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I have had psychic abilities since I was a child, I began reading using tarot cards 20 years ago and since then have developed my abilities to include using crystals, and my crystal ball. I do work closely with my spirit guides. I am naturally empathic and an energy worker. PIN: 1027
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Busy For 5 Minutes
Psychic Reader John
JohnPIN : 1939 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I am a third generation psychic with 25 years experience using my gifted tools, astrology, tarot and playing cards, chakra readings and have helped over 30 thousand people. I am a love advisor and relationship coach, law of attraction expert, NLP practitioner and ascension light worker. Let me guide you and give you clarity beyond thought, my goal is your well-being and happiness. Love and Light To You All. PIN: 1939
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Psychic Reader Samantha
SamanthaPIN : 1347 Call : (02) 8417 2983
You know that never ending dark tunnel, the bottom of the pit when you feel as if you have no way out and nobody there to assist you? We all know the one I am talking about - I will guide you to find the light at the end of that tunnel with my natural psychic abilities. PIN NUMBER 1347
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Busy For 13 Minutes
Psychic Reader Debbie
DebbiePIN : 4326 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I have been on the spiritual path for fifteen years and I started reading cards in 2014. I am a spiritual teacher, reiki master and holistic therapist. I have been through many difficult times which has made me a deeply understanding person. I pride myself on giving highly concise card readings, letting spirit work through me. I am a good listener, highly sensitive and empathic. My life purpose is to assist you to move forward. PIN: 4326
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Busy For 17 Minutes
Psychic Reader Psychic Sara
Psychic SaraPIN : 2451 Call : (02) 8417 2983
I am a psychic reader who specializes in Love career marriage relationships past present and future for almost 20 years. I can offer my callers a relaxing and non-judgemental private and caring reading to assist them face all problems and prepare them for what the future holds in store for them. PIN: 2451
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Busy For 4 Minutes
Psychic Reader Joanne
JoannePIN : 4414 Call : (02) 8417 2983
My name is Joanne I found out at a young age that I had some sort of gift through a good friend, who was a medium herself and it was through her help I tailored my gift to be able to assist you today. I am guided by the Angel Tarot Deck and my Spirit Guide, to receive messages from those passed. My work has given both myself and others great spiritual comfort in its findings over the last thirty five years and it is my pleasure to offer my services to you today. PIN: 4414
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