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Really Good

She’s really good. Does not tell you what you want to hear. Honest reading and very accurate xx

J From Uk On 15/03/2022

Really Good

She’s really good. Does not tell you what you want to hear. Honest reading and very accurate xx

J From Uk On 15/03/2022

Genuine and honest in her reading 10

Wait over a year to finely speak to her where she has been very busy, other times when ive tryed and I finely got her on the phone today and I'm so glad I got her on the phone today it was worth it, She is definitely a genuine good reader and picked up on my situation, and it was lovely speaking with her. Please put this review up

Z From West Midlands On 12/10/2021

Absolutely amazing

As a reader myself, I was absolutely shocked in the first three minutes of my read…the accuracy the clarity and such detail shocked me. I did not have to provide details as Angela Moon went straight into a very complicated situation as if she knew us personally. That is an amazing skill and ability. Angel Moon connected with her Guides throughout the whole read providing an excellent read! Pls give Angel a try. Not enough stars for this read.

DP From Australia On 05/10/2021

sorry run out of funds

Sorry Angel Moon, run out of funds. Thanks so much for an amazing reading! xx

From On 06/07/2021


Thank you uplifted me and gave me hope

Jackie From Scotland On 04/05/2021


Very talented very intuitive and wow what an amazing reader. 10 stars ⭐️ from me

From Berks On 23/03/2021


Angel Moon is amazing reader truly gifted and a very compassionate person would highly recommend her

Gillian From Ireland On 26/01/2021

Spot on

Angel Moon literally got everything spot on. I couldn’t believe how accurate she was. I was also feeling very comfortable and at ease. I will definitely come back and have her read for me again. I trust her Vision 100 percent! Thank you.

Mish From London On 10/01/2021


Angel Moon is a wonderful, caring woman & her incredible talent is a blessing. The reading I had was so accurate & insightful that I felt she had been in my life for years which is why she knew so much. Angel Moon had genuine compassion for what I have been through & gave me very sound advice on how to deal with what is coming up. Thank you so much for sharing your gift & your time with me today. I look forward to calling you again for a reading & to update you on what we talked about today. God bless

Vicki From Australia On 15/12/2020


Lovely reader she gets to the point without asking questions highly recommend

Gillian From Ireland On 25/10/2020


straight to the point, spot on with every detail. recommend

Teresa From North LONDON On 11/10/2020


Thank you so much. Come and visit me in Ireland:)

Alexandra From On 11/08/2020


Lovely reader very intuitive gifted picks up what’s going on now and the bigger picture. Thank you for making me feel better in line with other top readers on this site like Sadie, sunray, Scott spirit, Kerry, pythia, Maureen xxxx the best lots of love

Naz From United Kingdom On 04/08/2020

I’m completely lost in the reading. I don’t think I got the answers I was asking for after the reading. I feel instead of giving me the answers to the questions. It was more about going into the situations. I left this call confused

From On 22/07/2020


Clever and intuitive, gentle, kind and non judgmental. Not only did she give me a correct initial but also read me and mynsituaufon very well. She also gave me guidance about how to help myself which o appreciated very much.. so so good.. thank you xxx

Jo From Uk On 02/06/2020

Just had a Reading from Lovely Angel Moon. Highly Recommend her gave me a Beautiful Reading that brought me to tears (happy)! I’ve had many frm her but she beats it so far! Connects easily, Will DEF call her again. Love & Light to her

VR From London On 19/05/2020


Spoke to this beautiful soul, who gave me an insight to my situation without me mentioning anything. So nice and empathetic. So lovely speaking to her. Thank you once again . Will be contacting her again x

J From London On 12/05/2020


What a fantastic reading just now, highly recommend her thanks very much x 21/4/20

SUSAN From Wales On 21/04/2020


She was really insightful and lovely person too. Excellent reading.

Jay From Midlands On 21/04/2020

Thankyou Angel Moon bless you xxx

From Australia On 31/03/2020

Wisdom of the Universe

Angel Moon’s reading and guidance carried so much wisdom and guidance. She could feel my essence and persona almost immediately and has helped me immensely to navigate where I’m at and where I’m headed. Thank you so much, I couldn’t have asked for a better reading and support

From On 25/02/2020

Wonderful Reading

Angel Moon is such a lovely soul. I had an amazing reading with her. Instantly on the phone she was able to pick up the two topics I was calling about. She provided me with advice and information for me to move forward with. Thank you so much

Emmanuella From UK On 18/02/2020


Angel Moon is one of the best on here. Intuitive, friendly and thoroughly pro. We had a great time talking about “Christian”. Angel Moon,here’s to fulfilling that “crystal” card to its full potential. Love and light xxx

j From london On 28/01/2020

Lovely Reading

My chosen reader was not available and I was put through to Angel Moon. How fortuitous for me! She knew exactly why I was calling and picked up on a matter that I had not mentioned at all. My funds ran out but I would have loved to have continued speaking with this reader. Highly recommended!

Lynne From Kent On 28/01/2020

Genuine and lovely reader

Thank you so much - I look forward to communication and explanations plus a bright and happy future. Thank you for sharing the helpful information.

Libran From o/s On 14/11/2019

First Class

I was not sure whether to have a reading with Angel Moon or not and am glad I did as the reading was absolutely on point with the opportunities and choices I have. Angel Moon even picked up on an issue I had not mentioned and again got it spot on. Thank you

KX99 From England On 25/06/2019

Fabulous Lady!

lots of information given without asking questions. She picked up on my situation quickly. One of the best readings I've ever ad! Thank you!

Sandra From UK On 09/06/2019


She is amazing, connects really well, no fairy tale readings, very realistic and gentle manner. i love speaking to her truely gifted and sure of what she says thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 15/05/2019


Thank you for a wonderful reading. I have gained a lot of clarity and you have helped to calm my thoughts. Sorry my funds ran out but I would have loved to have spoken longer.

Sandra From UK On 01/05/2019

Absolutely brilliant

A brilliant reader who tuned in very quickly, was in-depth and accurate in so many ways; as if she knew the situation personally. Would of liked to have spoken for longer but due to funds had to end. Will definitely call back. One of the best! Thank you.

Brie From Australia On 27/04/2019

Lovely reader

Very personable , friendly , accurate . Would definitely recommend this reader. Thanks Angel Moon x

Lisa From Romford On 04/04/2019


Wow, this lady is amazing. Tunes in very quickly and is so lovely to talk to. I felt that this was a very relaxing, informative reading and would not hesitate to not only call her again but recommend her to others as she is totally brilliant. Thank you

C From UK On 19/03/2019


Enjoyed talking to her and look forward to seeing if predictions come true

From On 07/03/2019


Thank you so much for the guidance. I appreciate your intuitive thoughtful reading. Wish me luck!

From On 15/02/2019

Thank you

I had one of those stressful sleepless nights and thought a reading may help. I was so glad that Angel Moon was available at 3.30am. She certainly helped sooth my stresses and gave great guidance in insight. Thank you xxx

Andrea From York On 18/10/2018


Tunes straight in didn't waste time. Will be back. Thank you lnl

Julie From Sidcup On 25/09/2018

True to nature

Amazing, spot on, understanding, very good communication skills, helped me move my life along, she reads very well.

T From On 15/09/2018


Angel moon is a very loving and caring reader. The whole reading resonated with me and she answered my question easily. Angel also gave me information on things I really needed to know but had not asked about. I cannot recommend this reader highly enough. As I said Brilliant.

Philip Hill From Yorkshire On 04/09/2018


Angel moon is a very loving and caring reader. The whole reading resonated with me and she answered my question easily. Angel also gave me information on things I really needed to know but had not asked about. I cannot recommend this reader highly enough. As I said Brilliant.

Philip Hill From Yorkshire On 04/09/2018

A different read

I thought Angel was encouraging empathetic, genuinely interested in my story. So professional and gave me an excellent reading.

Jules From London On 04/07/2018

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Psychic Reader Phil


PIN: 1387

Reviews: 160

I have over twenty years experience as a Tarot card reader,both over the phone and on a face to face level. When you contact me for a reading you can be assured that I will find all the aspects of the situation that is going on around you.I can focus on past influences,the dilemma that is challenging you at the present,and a way forward that provides a long lasting positive final outcome. PIN: 1387

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Psychic Reader Katt


PIN: 5646

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My name is Katt, and you will find in me, first and foremost, a kind and empathetic listener. I am also a very intuitive Tarot specialist who has worked as a spiritual guide and tarot reader for over 16 years. There is no judgement here; tell me what is on your mind. We will talk if that is what you need, and I will use the Tarot, Crystal Healing guides and any other tools available to me to find the answers to quell your worries and quieten your mind. PIN: 5646

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Psychic Reader Jonathan


PIN: 8739

Reviews: 14

I offer an Enlightening, non judgmental and hopefully enjoyable reading. My psychic gifts have always worked best when inspired by the Tarot cards. I have used the same deck for 27 years, tried others but, always return to my special ones. After all these years I am still prepared & enjoy fresh ideas & I am currently living in Spain putting the final touches to a romance language that has always fascinated me. PIN: 8739

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Psychic Reader Chloe


PIN: 6332

Reviews: 24

I am a psychic and tarot card reader. I also use a crystal ball. I have 10 years of experience. I can offer my callers in-dept insight into what's going on and a non-judgemental atmosphere. I specialise in psychic tarot card readings. I use a deck called the Angel tarot. My crystal ball gives me pictures of the past, present and future. I first became aware of my abilities when I was 13. I would see loved ones that had crossed over and see flash events of the future. PIN: 6332

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Psychic Reader Kay


PIN: 9905

Reviews: 2

I am a professional psychic and tarot reader with over 10 years’ experience. My readings are inspired by divine messages using tarot cards and crystal ball. When I connect with my clients I offer a calm, non-judgemental insight of circumstances and situations. PIN: 9905

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Psychic Reader J Feral

J Feral

PIN: 9790

Reviews: 1

I'm a clairsentient and sensitive empath with a grasp on metaphysics, the psyche and symbolism. I have been very close to the Runes for about 6 years and started with the Thoth tarot deck about 5 years ago. PIN: 9790

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Psychic Reader Marie


PIN: 1090

Reviews: 128

Hi, I'm Marie. Thank you for looking at my profile. I am a Spirit and Tarot card reader. These gifts were passed to me from my Grandmother who was a wonderful reader. If you want to find out information, let me contact my Spirit guides and they will pass me the information that they want to, I have brilliant guides! I am compassionate and a great listener. I specialize in Love, Relationships and Family issues. PIN: 1090

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Psychic Reader Amanda


PIN: 1831

Reviews: 44

Hello, my name is Amanda, my grandmother was a physic and would also read tea leaves. I realized at the age of 8 that I had inherited her physic ability when dreams and visualizations of events would come true a few days later. I have 20 years of tarot card reading experience and specialise in love, relationship, and employment issues. I’m nonjudgemental, I have empathy and a kind heart, I will use all of my skills and physic ability to answer any question. PIN: 1831

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