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Good validations

I don’t usually like card readers as the card interpretations can be very subjective - generic - open to interpretation and wishy washy and vague. However, once in a blue moon u may come across an average to good card reader, whose able to use the cards to tune into spirit [not just read out their literal interpretation] ,thus obtaining a deeper more direct - detailed - clear and specific reading. Sasha is one of those readers. I only asked for a general so she had no verbal clues about what I was asking / no chance to fish for information. And yet - without telling her anything- she instantly picked up on the purpose of my call and gave very specific - detailed and exacting information about my situation. Thus giving very clear validations and confirmations that proved she had a psychic link. Thus one then felt trusting in the genuineness and psychic ness of her reading and her answers, when - later on in the reading - asking her specific questions. Also please note that it wasn’t all good news. Thus I’m not choosing to believe her just because she just told me what I wanted to hear and it not being all good news also perhaps highlights her honesty.,

From On 07/03/2022

Thank you

What an in Inspiring lady, thank you look forward to how things unfold.

From On 04/03/2022

Too vauge and negative there is many ways to say the same thing and a positive way forward is far better than negativity

From On 22/02/2022


Lovely reader doesn’t sugarcoat her voice makes you so relaxed absolutely amazing 5 star

Mandy From Scotland On 01/07/2021

Truly gifted

This amazing lady connected with my situation instantly. Her insight into my situation was truly invaluable. I can honestly recommend her not only for her psychic gift but for the way in which she guided me through a very difficult situation. Her ability uncovered much needed answers and reassurance to me. I am incredibly grateful and lucky to have connected to her, she connects with source and uses tarot the information flows and she doesn’t ask questions . She is very confident in her delivery and a genuine psychic .

Linda From London On 20/06/2021

Where have you been??

I have had lots of readings with this lady in ten past but haven’t seen you online for months now.. please come back

From On 14/03/2021


I kept Sasha on the phone for over an hour and asked a lot of questions in regards to a somewhat unusual complex matter, she was very clear in giving information and details at that. She was honest and did not sugarcoat the truth either, to me this says a lot about genuinity and integrity, not all readers have those qualities. I came off the reading feeling I finally got to the bottom of something that had been confusing me for a while, even now as a right this some days have passed since the reading with Sasha and I am at peace about the situation because I now know the truth and the fomdamental facts to work with. Sasha won't waste your time beating around the bush, her way of delivering information is very descriptive and you can feel she is compassionate. Definitely someone I will like to ring again in the near future for another reading. Thing is she gets quite busy and it's difficult to get hold of her at times. Sasha if you're reading this I want to say THANK YOU for using your gift, you helped me a lot with just that one reading. Blessings.

Flora From On 28/01/2021


Hi Sasha, thank you so much for the lovely very reading. It was very eye opening and also spot on about a POI. Thank you for the positive guidance on the situation. I'm so sorry I got cut off from you, I went to put money on my account but put in the a wrong no so I ended losing the connection and then you were off the screen. I really do believe this lovely lady is worth every penny xx

Carrie From Kent On 08/11/2020


Love Sasha, without giving her any information she will be able to delve into details of a situation with accurate info. Reading with her is like talking to a close friend who would know everything about you! She’s great! X

Barbara From Australia On 29/09/2020

Excellent Reader

Great connection and lots of information - thank you Sasha I will be back to update you!

Julie From Bath On 25/09/2020


Trust me. Give her a call- tell her absolutely nothing - don’t even give her a subject u want the reading on and odds r she will pick up on your situation in very precise detail , without asking you questions nor u giving her any clues. Within a few mins that will confirm she’s defiantly psychic and defiantly has a link. Then you will feel trusting and comfortable with asking her specific questions. You can see where all her grest reviews come from. You can’t with many of the other ‘psychics’ on this line.

From On 12/09/2020

Try her!! She’s absolutely amazing at picking up the specifics of a situation and providing accurate guidance. You will not be disappointed xx

Rhea From On 06/09/2020


Very good psychic Connected immediately with no questions asked

Natasha From Uk On 20/08/2020


After seeing all her reviews actually got through to her i felt she was giving me advise rather then a reading wasted 20min

From On 18/08/2020


Sasha was straight into it. She answers your questions.She is to the point,but is also lovely to talk too. She is truly gifted. She gave predictions,and I left happy and confident. Thank you Sasha x

Sara From Southampton On 16/08/2020

Great advice - Very helpful

Sasha helped to clarify certain situations in my life. Thanks again, Sasha.

Brendan From London On 16/08/2020

Clearly psychic and insightful reading

Asked for a General reading, so literally gave her no info/ nothing away and without telling her anything snd her asking no questions her cards and intuition gave very specific info about what I was calling about. Thus by the time She came to explaining why third parties were behaving a certain way she’d given sufficient information to make it one hundred percent clear she had a psychic link. There was no vague text book card interpretations such as “you have experienced many changes recently” or “new opportunities are coming your way” that could apply to anyone or you then have to read into. Everything was very very clear about what she was talking about and the spiritual guidance that came from what she was talking about was useful

Mr secret From The south west On 16/08/2020

Amazing Reading

Exceptional reading she was spot on with the people she described.

From On 11/08/2020


Good bedside manner/ people skills. Clearly psychic. Although she uses the tarot cards she isn’t as limited by them as many tarot readers and doesn’t just read their literal and sometimes vague text book meaning / instead she is able to use them as a tool to link in with spirit and be very very clear and specific about what she’s telling you and tune into your situation. I have had a few readings now so I feel comfortable enough in her psychic abilities to ask specific question and trust her answers and guidance. But when I first had a reading with her I told her nothing and gave her no question / just asked for a general reading and she came up with very very specific and personal info to me that know one non psychic could know without asking any questions [and I do mean ‘specific’ not things like “I see somethings worrying you” or “you have had a lot of changes recently” or “is their someone bothering you” - which are very generic and vague and often said by many tarot readers]. I’d highly recommend her. There’s only three readers I’ll go to on this site and she’s one of them.

Sid From Somerset On 29/07/2020

Honest psychic- accurate -helpful

The title says it all. Very clear - specific info to show she has a link, without even being given a topic or question to focus on nor her asking you for any infuriation. Thus crystal clear evidence of her psychic- ness is provided, before you open up to asking specific questions. Good bedside manner and useful guidance given as well regarding actions and ones cognitions and thought processes

Anonymous From United Kingdom On 10/07/2020


Tuned in to complex situations and relationships with much accuracy and patience. Gave predictions in line with other trusted psychics. All round an amazing reader. Thank you so much Sasha.

From On 04/07/2020

Consistently great

Always spot on and picks up the situation. Gives great and meaningful guidance

Jasmine From UK On 28/06/2020

amazing and so very accurate. you helped me with a work situation and helped to provide further and much needed clarity on my path. thank you a lot.

From On 21/06/2020

Very Tuned In!

Sasha was awesome and tuned in right away. She knew so much about my situation and was also a really great listener. She provided me with the clarity I needed on a particularly bad day and I can't thank her enough. Definitely give her a call, it's well worth the money. Thank you Sasha, will call back with an update when there is one. xo

Caitlin From Australia On 31/05/2020

Thank you

Thank u. What your telling me/ your psychic guidance is helping me through a difficult time and making sense of things, in a way that other psychics - just common sense advice or ordinary counselling wouldn’t. And that’s really the bottom line. I leave the reading better of than when it started and have practical guidance to improve things

Mr c From South coast On 31/05/2020

Useful and comforting

Useful and comforting and accurate (without just telling me what I wanted to know). Helped make sense of things and kinda fitted with what my other two go to psychics on here are saying You can see where all her good reviews have come from. With some of the other readers I tried - before coming to Sasha - I really couldn’t see it. If u have a specific topic or question and your phoning Sasha for first time don’t tell her what your phoning about / ask for a general and she will pick up what your calling about and say very specific things that clearly show she has a link. You don’t get that with many other readers and psychics.

Taylor From South coast On 21/05/2020

Very helpful

Bottom line. I came of the phone after my two readings with Sasha much better than when I started. Provided me with a good listening and comforting ear - but also her psychic guidance helped give me a clarity and spiritual psychic based guidance on what practical actions to take. Plus - unlike a lot of card readers - she’s able to go into very clear and exacting custom based specific details about your situation, as she also uses the cards to tune into spirit and get wider detailed info. There’s no just reading the cards text book meanings- nor cryptic- ness- having to think about what something might have meant - feed the reader info and make it fit. It’s all very very clear

Tom From C church On 12/05/2020

Same as before

Same as before. You seem to have trouble saving my reviews so I will try again. As usual she was very kind - with a nice bed side manger - very clearly had a psychic link and offered good practical guidance that stemmed from this link and was much more than just basic common sense and wasn’t just based on logic or guesswork. I tried other readers on here cause her and amillia weren’t available, but they clearly didn’t link in with me very strongly and weren’t very helpful. And please don’t go thinking that I am basing this on Sasha just telling me what I warnted to know, cause she didn’t. There were some things in the reading that were painful to hear, but that doesn’t make them any less true nor helpful.

Same place as before From Same place as before On 04/05/2020

Nice lady

Nice lady / very nice bed side manner, was as reassuring as she could be regarding a very upsetting and complex situation. Gave good practical spiritual guidance and clearly very psychic based reading also. Tried other new readers that seemed promising from there reviews and blurbs (because Sasha and amillia my to go to readers weren’t available) but they really didn’t connect very well - give me much confidence within the reading and weren’t very helpful. Sasha - on the other hand - was very helpful and u can see why and how she gets such positive reviews.

Crimson From Biurnemouth On 04/05/2020

Pleasent surprise

Great Reading from Sasha! Was put through due to availability. Sasha spoke as though she knew the people I was talking about personally! Accurate and honest and what I liked the most was that she also talked about on how I could do better and improve!Im just now seeing the reviews and feel so lucky to have gotton through. I Hope I can reach her again!

Cj From London On 28/04/2020

A Beautiful Lady!

She is really good, connects really well, has great timing and skills. very talented thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 10/04/2020

Thankyou Sasha fabulous reader. Gets amazing insight on feelings with depth. Very quick xxx

From Australia On 06/04/2020

It’s Lorraine Kelly lol

She’s brilliant and so easy to talk to. Thanks Sasha

P From Uk On 10/03/2020


Very good and very helpful. No questions asked and straight down to business with very very accurate and specific things that nobody non- psychic could possibly know and zero cryptic- ness nor having to think about what she might be referring to. Really really wow based specific detail given to confirm she had a link before it’s then opened up to you asking her questions and you then feel able to trust the psychic- ness within her answers.

Sid From Hampshire On 01/03/2020

Experience, genuine and lovely reader

Thanks for the clarity Sasha - looking forward to about two weeks, Appreciate you being able to determine what was indicated in the meeting. Will be back!!

DCR From CT On 25/02/2020

Good reading

Very good reading thanks Sasha xx

From On 12/02/2020

Very very good and helpful

Very very good and very helpful. Although she uses the cards these tarot cards are clearly used as a guide to link in with spirit [rather than her merely reading their generic text book intetpretation] , thus u obtain very very accurate and very clear information from her that very much relates to your own exact and unique individual circumstances. There's no vagueness nor cryptic ness like there can be with other card readers when your having to almost do the reading yourself / say and think about what the card might mean or provide the reader with non psychic based info that could sabotage the psych niceness of their reading. And - perhaps- most importantly you leave the reading better than when you left.

John From Hampshire On 07/02/2020


Lovely person good reading now waiting for it all to happen excited good advice given.. accurate ♥️♥️

From On 02/02/2020


Thank you Sasha - you're an angel who clarified things for me!!!

Libran From On 02/02/2020

The standard to judge others

You seem to have sone difficulties saving my reviews of Sasha so I will try again. Excellent reading. Very very accurate and precise info that related specifically to me that no one non psychic could know, went into to really very micro and finite details that clearly confirmed she had a link. There was no having to do the work myself nor pounder what something meant nor provide her with any information. And she doesn’t ask questions nor fish for information. I wasted a whole 20 minutes on other ‘psychics’ on this line who were of no help and very vague before coming to Sasha. She’s very much the real deal and doesn’t guess - fish for information from you or just tell u what you want to know. NOW PLEASE PUBLISH!!!!!!!!!

Mr persistent From The south On 30/01/2020


Very very specific - accurate and useful. No asking questions or fishing for info. Just straight in there with very exacting details that very clearly relate to you abd useful practical guidance that comes from these details. You don’t have to make the info fit or think about how it fits, because it’s so spot on and precise.

Ian From Hampshire On 11/11/2019

Very good

Very good. She gets a lot of very specific [and I do mean specific and exact, not things that could apply to anyone] detail without you giving her a topic for the reading nor her asking any questions. Also obtain good practical guidance and advice from her (the most important thing). Thus you leave the reading better of than when you started. I’d recommend phoning her (as well as Isla) if you want very exacting and specific details that you know relate to you, without the reader asking you lots of questions.

Mr honest From Hampshire On 10/11/2019

So helpful

Thank you x

From On 03/11/2019

good reader

Sue From Derbyshire On 13/10/2019

Really good

Direct, honest, spot on, positive.

H From Wolves On 08/10/2019

Thank you

Sasha is an excellent and friendly reader. Understood exactly how I felt and really tried to help me understand the situation and tried to help me feel better, which you did, thank you. Also, I believe everything she says to be true x x x

From On 06/09/2019

Consistent and accurate

Sasha is a very caring, non-judgemental and gifted reader. I´ve been talking to her for a while now and she has helped me tremendously to keep going and trusting that all will be well. I highly appreciate her level of dedication and depth when she is reading for me. She has helped me to understand the matter and also suggested tools that I could use in practice (like meditations). I keep on coming back to her because of her of accuracy, she is so in tune with me and her predictions are spot on. She is a lovely, honest, warm and very caring reader. I can only highly recommend her. Thank you very much for your support I appreciate you.

Lesley From On 22/08/2019


Very kind lady. Was right to the core. Wow

Kamari From Kent On 02/08/2019

Positive Vibes

Sasha was an amazing reader that made me feel calm. She was able to answer all my questions and provide me with insights to possible outcomes.

Emmanuella From UK On 02/08/2019

Just really good

Clever, kind and a great reader. Fab advice and really grounded. Like her very much. Thanks

Jo From Uk On 14/07/2019

Incredible reader

Absolutely incredible I recommend this reader highly new the energies and the personality of the person in question gave lots of info that truly resonated with me just wonderful such a lovely lady to talk to.. love love

Casey From Somerset On 04/07/2019


So sad went to add on more credit and you disappeared- beautiful reading- staying positive. Wish which days you where going to be available for a reading

Ray From London On 09/06/2019

Experienced and genuine reader

Loved the opportunity to chat with Sasha. Thank you so much for the clarity on the new plans and the advice to take the leap of faith. It will require some mulling over, but I know I'll love it and your cards were great motivation. Thanks very much indeed.

Libran From Aus On 07/06/2019

Lovely person

Would like to say my reading was accurate it was almost like she was in my house seeing everything happening. The reading provided me with hope for the future.

Chandrima From London On 25/05/2019

Sasha is a wonderful soul and genuine reader. She picked up all issues and shifted my mindset in the right direction. To know what to say and how is a talent.

Olga From London On 27/04/2019


Sasha is lovely. Gentle and calm, but very clear and accurate in her ability. Great reading.

James From London On 09/04/2019

Wonderful reading

Just had an amazing reading with Sasha, gave me so much clarity and insight to what is coming ahead, what's currently going on and how to handle it to move forward. Thank you very much Sasha you pointed out some things that will really help me to let go, much appreciated. I will call you again. Kathleen Perth Western Australia

Kathleen From Perth Australia On 22/02/2019

Thank you

You’re Beautiful sweet woman. Thank you for being candid. We ran out of time. I appreciate your counsel around my relationship with my fellow. It was spot on what you picked up on. I wish you all the best.

From On 20/01/2019


She’s good and put my mind at rest, but some of the reading I was not entirely convinced with overall not a bad reader.

Sue From Derbyshire On 11/12/2018

Thank you

What a lovely reading, things are tough at the moment and I am grateful that I spoke with you Sasha! Thank you - I am now going for my glass of wine and reflect back to the young girl! Thanks you xx

From On 19/09/2018

Excellent reader

So fortunate to have been able to have a reading from Sasha. I know that without a doubt she will soon be VERY difficult to get hold of, as her readings are SO accurate and insightful. What a blessing - thank you from the bottom of my heart..

Lyn From Aus On 16/09/2018

Thank you Sasha!

Thank you for your guidance and supporting and for listening. You have given me so much respect throughout the reading and we’re sensitive and understanding. I really appreciate it from my heart. Sending lots of love to you.

From On 04/09/2018


This woman is the real deal. She picked up straight away in my situation and the level of detail that she goes into is incredible! She is absolutely amazing I hope all her predictions come true Truly gifted reader I must say xxx

Marianna From Surrey On 27/08/2018

Very gifted

Had an amazing reading with Sasha today. I’m blown away by what she picked up. She really helped me and I feel clearer in what is coming and what to do. Thank you Sasha

L From London On 17/08/2018

Alright reading

Not terrible but not great either but about average. i would call her more of a card reader than a psychic, but better an OK card reader than a poor or false psychic and she was certainly very nice and genuine. My situation is very complicated so - to be fair to her- she may well give a better reading to someone else.

Anonymous From London On 14/08/2018


Just had a reading with this lady was very calming a beautiful soul she is going to be big on hear thank you

C From Yorks On 24/07/2018

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