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Very accurate and straight forward .Tells the truth no sugar coating tells you how it is . Doesn't tell you what YOU want to know tells you what spirit want you to know .Honest .

Denise From Cornwall On 24/02/2022

Great Psychics

Caleb is not judgement any of my reading one of top psychics on this lines. Over 5 years coming to Caleb for reading on trusted psychics he is great psychics.

From Australia On 21/02/2022


Very impressed he is wonderful. Made references and predictions for things going on in many areas. Seemed to be correct on all issues. Well done, I am,full of praise

Mary From Hertfordshire On 22/01/2022

Not Nice


From On 22/12/2021


Nice guy, very psychic, and accurate with a mature outlook

Rachel From oz On 20/08/2021

A great reader

Caleb is the best reader because he is so accurate. He is warm with a lot of empathy. I was so anxious and worried about a situation, Caleb totally put me at ease. By the end of reading I was able to put the situation into perspective. Caleb I believe is also a healer, so while he’s reading he’s giving out healing qualities. His calmness and accuracy are second to none. Thank you Caleb.

Liz From London On 14/07/2021

nice reader but..

Caleb is a nice reader and gives a spot on information however, unfortunately, it felt like trying to use up as much time as possible by repeating things over and over and using some kind of a technique? by asking questions and chipping in information between repeating the words. I felt as most of my time was used up just for the sake of it and although I appreciated the reading I don't think I'll call again, sorry. Thanks anyway.

From On 15/06/2021

Okay but very judgmental

He’s okay but find him a bit judgment and slightly rude when asking questions, when this is what we pay you for, to give us clarity and answers..

From Uk On 08/06/2021

Very good connection

Did not waste time Am impressed Accurate details Connected very quickly

Varshini From Blackpool On 05/05/2021


spot on again with what you said,thank you so much speak soon xx

pauline From United Kingdom On 09/02/2021

Nice man but total opposite outcome

Lovely man but from my experience I had a totally different outcome. Had a reading around a month ago with this man about an ex partner! He told me he’s more interested in my ex and I should move on as he won’t be back, well I’m in utter shock as the week after we start talking again and he seems like a different person, more open and he’s the one putting in all the effort and we are even going on a weekend away. Maybe he was reading the wrong energies

Sophie From Nottingham On 20/10/2020


caleb was spot on with a time frame thank you so much,will keep you posted xx

pauline From United Kingdom On 15/10/2020


Thank you Caleb you was wonderfully.

From Australia On 12/10/2020


Thank you understanding the situation you was great Caleb

barbara From Australia On 17/08/2020

Sorry we got cut off

Hi Caleb, pin ran out but you were great at tapping into the situation. Will wait for predictions thanks again! :)

Barbara From Australia On 23/06/2020

Lovely genuine Gentleman.

Im sorry I got cut off. Caleb gave me a very in depth and accurate reading about someone I care deeply for. He explained the situation surrounding him and how he was feeling. He predicted contact to be happening very soon x Thank you Caleb

Carrie From Kent On 05/06/2020

Sorry we got cut off Caleb. A really insightful reading. Thank you very much!

From On 19/05/2020

Lovely lovely man

Had a great reading with Caleb. He was so lovely and understanding. His prediction of contact happened the next day x

From On 03/05/2020

Unreal Reading

Thank you for your guidance. Let's see if what was said in the reading comes true. Talk soon.

SHARON ATCHESON From Australia On 21/04/2020

Experienced and genuine reader

Thank you so much for an update. Loved the comments and look forward to August. Will be back for an update.

return visitor From o/s On 09/04/2020


Good connection picked up on the situation quickly before we'd even properly started... the end of the reading got a little repetitive but still good none the less... a prediction in there so let's see what happens!!

Tori From Ely, Cambridge, UK On 07/04/2020


Brilliant and genuine reader. Also very lovely a calming persona. Thank you

From On 21/03/2020

I wait and see

Thank for the reading mainly on romance I wait and see what happens

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 20/02/2020

Thankyou Caleb for your quick and accurate insights. A great reader! Thankyou

From Australia On 03/02/2020

Thankyou Caleb the best reader So in tune so accurate

From Australia On 31/01/2020

Thankyou Caleb! Awesome reader very quick and accurate!

From Australia On 23/01/2020


Awesome really hope all predictions happen lovely man and accurate thanks caleb xx

V From Uk On 14/09/2019

True gent!

Awwww this guy today made me feel sooo much better about myself and the toxic situation I’m in ! Thank you so much for giving my confident back and making me feel so much better today plus you have a such a lovely way about you and great accent ☺️ ☺️ So much detail aswel thank you !!

From On 07/09/2019


Confirmed what others have said and added some that is fabulous to hear. Very good connection to the situation - described the other situation very well indeed and predictions fill me with hope and gratitude.

Libran From Aus On 04/09/2019


Did not expect such a accurate reading. Excellent no words to describe how he picked up my situation without any info

From UK On 01/08/2019


Thank you for another very in-depth, accurate and most helpful reading today (15/6) Caleb Please give this lovely man a call.. He gives so much information in such a calm way and answers any questions immediately, no pauses. All he has predicted over many months has happened, Timescales and all, and look I forward to my future. He has helped me through a difficult time.

M From York On 15/06/2019

The real deal!!

This man predicted so much for me. He is the real deal. Amazing reader the best on here! Give him a call you will definitely not be disappointed with his predictions. Thank you Caleb xx

Marianna From Surrey On 09/05/2019


I was feeling in need of guidance with regards to career and to know if was on the right track. He made me feel at ease and knew exactly everything that was going on and what I’m even getting into in regards to new business venture. I love that. Highly recommended and Thankyou again. Xx

Alina From Perth Australia On 22/03/2019

Gifted man and lovely

Spot on reading! Straight to the point!! I feel great after speaking to this angel!! Thank you Caleb x

Chanel From London On 16/01/2019


Excellent reading. Plenty of detail and spirit guided. Lovely man.

Mandy From Macclesfield On 15/10/2018

Very spot on!

From Sunshine coast, Australia On 11/10/2018


So amazing and kind.

janet From On 31/08/2018

Good reader

I had a lovely reading. Was very accurate from the offset. Knew what was on my mind. I like that. Instant connection and a good reading. Felt better afterwards and will give him another call in the future. Keep up the good work.

Sheryll From East London On 23/08/2018

Excellent reader

Darling Caleb is a gentle soft reader and everything is spot on he also the way forward in life and show you the light when you are lost. I call him everyday to give me accurate reading before l step outside please please try Caleb you will never be disappointed luv & light xxx cynthia

Cynthia From London On 28/07/2018


I love Caleb I speak to him a lot I would highly recommended him he always helps me with whatever the problem is and is such a nice guy to speak to can talk to him about anything thank you Caleb

Pauline From Manchester On 29/06/2018

Absolutley incredible

Absolutley incredible - its like hes known me all my life!

Bill From On 30/05/2018

Very good, asked for a general reading and picked up on a particular topic in my life to a T.

From On 21/04/2018

Lovely man

Great reading. Very accurate. Consistent with what other readers on site have said too. Nice man to talk to as well.

L From Australia On 28/02/2018

Spot on

First sentence and he for it right and for the remainder of the reading was spot on.. Thankyou

Caris From London On 17/02/2018


Happy new year and I will try and get in touch soon xox

Chlarie From yorkshrie On 30/12/2017

sorry got cut off

Sorry we got cut off I will try and get back to you but happy new year

Chlarie From noth yorkshires On 28/12/2017


Caleb you were so patient and kind during the reading and told me that my situation would be resolved in my favour. It has been thankfully resolved. Much appreciated!

From England On 22/12/2017

Absolutely brilliant spot on!

I had a brilliant reading with Caleb who was right on the money. I can't wait until April for my house move looking forward to it. He was spot on with everything that is going on at the moment. Will update him once I move.

Frances From Milton Keynes On 03/12/2017

New love

Thankyou for the love reading Caleb. Very kind of you. Will see and await the new love that comes into my life. Thanking you, Karen

Karen From London On 03/10/2017

Very Sweet and Kind

Thank you so much Caleb for your kindness and compassion. You were so on top of the situation and read it very well and made me feel at such ease. I will definitely be calling back soon!

olivia From london On 01/09/2017


spot on . Good reader . was accurate .

Rosa From sydney On 23/08/2017

Literally wowed.

Asked for a general reading from Caleb and he immediately picked up on how I was feeling and without asking any questions. Straight away knew where my confusion and stress laid. I was so amazed by the truth he was saying that I apologise for my vague reponses. A little in shock at the accuracy and not wanting to give too much away. I feel much better and look forward to the future x

Kirsten From Australia On 04/08/2017

you are right

You are right like you say nothing wrong sending the photo to maritn and see what he does you have got a lovey sweet voice on you like angle

chlarie From north yorkshie On 22/07/2017

Spot on

Told him nothing got it all and mad some prediction for Sept so will update here then.

Ss From Uk On 07/07/2017


What a true delight. Warm and gentle. Kind and caring. Very easy to chat with and so encouraging

B From USA On 27/06/2017

Just had my first reading on this site with Caleb. He immediately picked up on my situation . Lovely warm and caring and will definitely call you back. Thankyou x

Angela From West sussex On 27/05/2017


You picked up everything about my ex. Right down to his current rebound. Will let you know what happens

Irish girl From Northern ireland On 17/05/2017


Just had a beautiful reading with Caleb everything he said was just right I cannot believe it he was just right about everything and I will like he say send the photo to this person and everyone will come together he is really good at is job so thank you Caleb x

chlarie From north yorkshire On 05/05/2017

felt the connection straight from the start

My reading with caleb was amazing. Firstly he picked straight up on my relationship with a man. His information on our situation was 100 per cent exactly how things were going and had been between us. I told caleb very little. He picked up on my work and that i will be moving in yay. Caleb this is the best reading ive ever had so accurate.

marissa wilson From sydney Australia On 04/05/2017


Your always a light at the end of a very long challenging journey I want to thank you for your gift and being there . God Bless Thankyou Helena X. 27.04.17

Helena From North East UK On 26/04/2017


I didn't get chance to thank you for your genuine wonderful accurate reading you enstalled my positive believe back into me where others made me feel low . You confirm what I know you have helped me through a dark day back into the positive person I really am ! Thank you for the truth the spiritual love you poure over me when we speak . Thank you and God Bless for your help Helena X. 22.04.17

Helena From North East UK On 22/04/2017

10 out of 10

Thank you , you are a very warm and Beautiful person, sorrey got cut of . I will give you a big thank you , spot on and very easy to speak to , you have a natural gift ,will call you again soon ,love and light Ann xxx

Ann From London On 24/03/2017


Caleb was great to speak with - very understanding and accurate! I feel uplifted from speaking with Caleb!

Jackie From Melb On 06/03/2017

OMG hes amazing !!!!!!!!!

i spoke to caleb on Tuesday and he said something a bout a situation and by Thursday it all happened,i couldn't belive it 10/10 you were spot on,ill keep you posted about what you said today thank you :):):)xxxx

pauline From manchester On 18/02/2017

Love it!!

What a completely 'meant to be situation' ! Caleb you were so positive and calm. So reassuring. You received clear messages from your guides. I will be sure to call with an update. Thankyou xo

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 11/02/2017

Not the best

I very politely ended the call saying that i was too upset and not feeling the reading was positive. He was pretty much saying things based on things i told him like "well if he's moving then its pretty much over isnt it". Thing is this does not line up with what some of the other top readers and non-question-asking readers have said. However when i explained that i needed to go as i was grtti g upset he took it rather personslly and retorted to a broken and crying voice " well i dont think it was going anywhere anyway". This same man has been accurate in the past with regards to the same grntlemen saying it's not over etc. So im utterly confused.

From On 08/02/2017

what can I say I LOVE caleb,he is one of the best readers on here,ive been talking to him for a long time and he always listens to whats going on and does his best to advise me of my situation I would highly recommend him if you want a honest reading or advice on a situation,thank you so much for being support through this crap time in my life :) xxxxxxx

pauline From manchester On 02/02/2017


First ready with Caleb saw a lot without me giving too much info hopefully prediction come to pass in a few days! Sorry for the abrupt end I had to go to another room and my signal cut out! .. xxx

Clo From Uk On 07/01/2017

100% Accurate

This is my second reading with Caleb and again he is amazingly accurate. I am ecstatic with his reading as he picked up on my situation not only honesty, but with clarity as well. Amazing to say the least, not to mention a star! Thank-you Caleb, your the best!

charlene From London On 15/11/2016

Lovely spot on

Thanks so much Caleb for my reading you picked up what's going on in my life to a T! Very nice, man to talk too! Will definitely talk to you again....

J From A On 21/07/2016

Accurate & Spot On

I have just come off of the phone with Caleb and he is not only 100% accurate but amazing reader and was honest in my situation. A very positive man. Thank-you Caleb, Ur a star.

Charlene From London On 20/07/2016

Thank you so much Caleb you have giving me a lot of clarity in my current situation. I look foward to speaking with you again. I'm so sorry we got cut off xx

Carrissa From Victoria On 17/06/2016

so so accurate about my love life, thank you for your help, really really appreciate it. look forward to your predicitions happening x

jess From UK On 06/05/2016


I have had a few readings on this site but Caleb is by far one of the best readers. He picked up on the situation from the beginning of the reading and told me things that others haven't. I'm amazed at his accuracy. Very clear speaker also which makes him easy to understand. I will definitely call Caleb again. Thank you x

A From Scotland On 30/03/2016

Very Good

Thank you for such a in depth reading. I have had a few readings and wanted to see if what was said was actually consistent and you confirmed it. I look forward to speaking to you again and prey what you predicted come true. You are a very nice and calm person to speak to and will definitely call back and let you know whether it has cone true. Thank you Celab. Sorry we got cut off x

J From On 26/03/2016

Just had a lovely reading with Caleb. He was spot on with his observations, very specific and very caring,kind and gentle.

mandy From On 23/12/2015

well done Caleb

Some of the things we talked about he just listened in a non judgmental way. He was spot on with everything else that was going on.

Anna From London On 16/12/2015


Just had a reading with Caleb. Reading was amazing and picked up on my situation straight away and was accurate with what was going on. I found Caleb to be a kind hearted genuine soul. Thanks again will definatley be calling back.

Marie From sydney On 19/11/2015

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