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My sweetheart Angel

Always on point she is the best of best readers here not only how accurate but so loving soul she is very gifted lady !! I wish I can hug you your my angel thank you so much for tonight 1h I was so emotional but your reading and guidence help me so much ..I trust the process and you as well thank you for having you here and God bless you love and light to you

Katerina From UK On 14/04/2022

Reality check

information flowed, she read my ex like a book, she Wouldn't guarantee an outcome between me and him saying he's too unstable, gave me hopes for an alternative future though. I really wanted her to give me a better outcome with me and ex but she refused and stuck to what she saw. I know I have to move on and you pointed out how defensive I was and hard to read, next time I'll try to be more open, I could feel you really wanted to get through to me, to help me, and for that I'm leaving this review.

Shalimar From On 19/03/2022

Ann can't take constructive feedback regarding her readings!

Ann didn't want to know how accurate her reading was, when I tried to tell her by giving constructive feedback, she got really sensitive and defensive and said not to call her again and hung up, such a shame!

Truth From Oz On 27/01/2022


I spoke with Ann for the first time a couple of weeks ago and asked for a reading around my ex and a job I had recently interviewed for. She told me that I would get the job but that something would come up later in the year that would be much better, I just today found out that I didn't get the job so you were spot on in your predictions. Just hoping that the predictions you made for my ex and me come to true now! She really is an amazing reader and picks up on even the smallest details with little to no information from me! I will definitely be back for another reading!

A From UK On 05/10/2021

The best

I always look at the number of reviews and I have spoken pretty much all of the readers who high numbers of reviews on this site and ANN is the best to all of the readers I have spoken to! I am not going into details but all the good reviews you read about her is very true! She is the only reader out of hundreds here that I spoke to that I have to top up 5x I think or more thats how good and accurate she is!

C From London On 09/09/2021

A Spiritual reading

This one's a bit underrated but she picked up well, also liked her tone, humble. kind. her spirit message was to let go of someone, it was hard to accept but found out she's moved back in with her ex, another reading might help clear my head. Speak soon.

C From Hertfordshire On 23/08/2021

the best reader in Trusted Psychics

I had a very long reading from Ann, she is such a lovely lady with amazing abilities.. I think she is the best reader in this website. She could really read my life and my ex boyfriend without asking any questions

Debbie From London On 07/05/2021


Hi I got the job like u said. thanks

Rima From SE On 15/03/2021

Really lovely lady! Brilliant reader

Thank you Ann you are beautiful person it was great to connect with you definitely recommending this lady! Love & light Nikola

From On 13/02/2021


She was brilliant on my first reading, 2nd was different.. excuse was "sometimes it doesn't show in the cards" ?? It went from there was no one around my POI to that he'd been seeing something for 3 months lol. make of that what you will

From On 07/02/2021

Come Back

Please come back on I want to speak to you, your so hard to get a hold of

N From Melbourne On 26/12/2020

True Psychic

Ann is the best psychic I have recently because of her accuracy and integrity. She doesn't prompt any questions or need conversations for assurance. Her readings are indept and spot-on. Many thanks x

Paula From UK On 05/12/2020

Amazing Reader

Ann was so caring & reassuring on the phone. She gave me so much information on my situation. I’m looking forward to the predictions. I will be going to her again in the future.

Tina From Uk On 21/08/2020

Blown away!

I kept looking out for Ann today and I was so pleased to see her online. I've just had my 3rd relationship reading with Ann and I'm blown away by the amount of infor that flowed out. I've used so many psychics on this line but no one breaks things down like she does. Some readers try to disect things but their readings would be all over the place. Her readings are so clear and in so much depth. Today we went deep into the situation. There is nothing i feel we've not covered. I had questions pop up in my head ready to ask Ann as her reading flowed and she was looking into them and answering them even before I could ask. Its like she could read my mind. I feel so emotional right now and I mean emotional in a good way cause she helped clarify a lot of the things that weighed me down. I had things that bothered me every single day cause I had no answers to them cause my ex who could answer them isnt talking to me. Throughout the reading she'd make sure I understood my reading and would ask if i had any questions. I have so much peace in my mind and in my heart and I honestly trust that her future predictions will happen. I'm so thankful I was able to catch you online today Ann. Its not always easy to get hold of you. I enjoyed my reading. She didn't paint me some romantic picture of a fairy tale, however, she made the reading enjoyable and was so gentle with her delivery. She made me laugh here and there. Whoever gets a reading with Ann will not regret it one bit. She'll be worth every minute and every penny. Her psychi abilities are amazing. Definitely the best. Thank you Ann x CM

CM From UK On 24/07/2020

Spot on

Ann is a lovely and genuine reader She spot on and no guessing around. Excellent reading. I am having another reading again.

Nadia From London On 20/06/2020


This woman is amazing. Had my second reading with Ann and she picked up the situation I'm facing with my ex. Mind you this lady isn't easy to get hold of. She is the only one that has helped clarify the hold my ex's ex has on him. All readers said she had some hold but she explained which helped clarify why my ex has failed to shut her out. Its unfortunate my mins finished cause I enjoyed her delivery. She was able to answer all the questions I had and delivered them so gently. I got off the phone feeling more at ease. I just wish I knew this much many months ago. Thank you Ann for clarity and putting me at ease. I look forward to future predictions and many more readings with you ( if i manage to get hold of you). Not sure why you don't have many reviews cause you are amazing x

CM From On 14/06/2020

Good trader

Was very informative and picked up details accurately.. Explained things well but was quite repetitive and spoke at length which isn’t ideal when you’re paying by the minute.

J From UK On 16/04/2020


Crazy accurate, described the situation to the T and so empathetic. Amazing reading, only told her my DOB and POI dob, from there, she gave many validations and knew exactly what was going on. Thankyou xxx

Jaz From West Midlands On 09/04/2020

Totally amazing!!!

WOW!!! Just had the most amazing and in depth reading with Ann. She described my POI like she knew him. Plus she gave me so much more.....too much to even write here. She is truly amazing and she is the real deal !!! Don't pass up a chance...get a reading from Ann and all will be revealed. she doesn't sugarcoat and only tells you what you need to hear, not what you want. Be prepared to have your mind blown. Thanks so much Ann, will call back to update you when things occur. Love and light, Kelly x

Kelly From Scotland On 26/03/2020


I agree with all the other reviews.

N From west London On 26/02/2020

Accurate AF

Mind-blowingly accurate! Look forward to a sunny future with him! :) Happy Christmas 2019! Love and blessings.

j From uk On 25/12/2019


Very good - true.

John From Manchester On 16/12/2019


Ann picked up on everything straight away, many many validations got the people involved spot on and their situations. Will leave more feedback when the predictions materialise

Middle From Midlands On 11/12/2019


Great reader!!!! You won’t be disappointed...such great attention to detail and accurate to the tee. Thank you!! Next time my real voice will accompany me!!!!

From On 07/12/2019


Unbelievably accurate. Empathetic. Ann was so interested in finding answers to my questions, and believe everything she said. Fantastic reader. Thank you Ann.

From Uk On 06/12/2019


Very good reading. Very accurate in line with top readers. Very detailed. Very quick with answers. Everything true to the T.

Kamari From Bromley On 22/11/2019

Another great reading!

Ann is absolutely amazing, had my second reading with her today shame I didn’t have much minutes. I wish she was online more often

Asmae From Stamford On 04/11/2019


Ann picked up what was going in with me immediately...she got it spot on!! Will be calling again very soon

Asmae From Stamford On 07/10/2019

Good rrqding

Spent a lot of time on the phone with Ann. Found her genuine, kind and very intuitive. Her reading whilst slightly different to others I have tried, had the same theme and def same predictions. She’s going to be really busy soon, so catch her whilst you can. Will update stars if predictions come true. Very nice woman

Lucy From Uk On 03/09/2019

Very Good

Was having an awesome reading with Ann today, unfortunately the line was bad and we were cut off before it was completed, but she connected really well and picked up the intracacies of my situation. I would definitely call her again for a detailed reading. Much appreciated

Lisa From Australia On 02/09/2019

Immediate connection!!

Agreed with reviewa. She is genuine and really accurate. Got the situation accurately the connection. The person's personality and character Even the fact that he has quite a temper and she's surprised that he was so gentle with me. He does have a lot on his plate and is a very career minded Indeed. I needed your advice to stay calm stay cool trust. Work with him if i want this. Be patient. Predictions are he will come forward in a few weeks. Sept we will see each other i will feel a lot calmer. Will grow closer from then. Will be together towards end of year. I will update. Thank u.

A From A On 28/08/2019

Very good

Picked up situation and understood perfectly. Good advice and insight.

A From Birmingham On 26/08/2019


Amazing reader, right to the point, very connected and kind, will call again, thank you for all the positive energy and predictions.

From On 23/08/2019


Ann is one of the best psychic on this site, she will be busy very soon, Thank you so much Ann for all your hard work.

From On 23/08/2019


You are the best Ann, thank you so much for my reading!!!

C. From US On 23/08/2019

Best Reader

One of the best reader I have ever spoken to in this site. Lovely lady and very professional. She has wonderful soul and psychic abilities. Just like magic.

Sharmin From Uk On 19/08/2019

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Hello I am Neil an experienced Tarot and Psychic reader with over 17 years worth of experience. I specialize in love, relationships, family matters and career issues. I will try my up most to answer all of your questions in a friendly and non judgemental way. PIN: 2480

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I am a Tarot and Angel card reader with over 30 years experience providing good insight from the various cards I read. My spirit guides and Angel guides help me with my readings. I use a crystal pendulum to get yes or no answers to direct questions. My readings are always friendly and enjoyable. I specialize in love relationships and careers. And also can do more general readings. PIN: 5502

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Psychic Reader Candie


PIN: 7010

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I am a natural born psychic; I do tarot card readings and at times can also get visions and pick up on names. I also get visions in my dreams of what’s coming in life. I’ve been doing readings for 10 years now. I can offer customers my absolute best insight possible, and I will try to assist my client in any way possible through the readings. PIN: 7010

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I’m an intuitive Tarot reader and have been reading for over 10 years. I have a wealth of life-experience; both good and bad, as a partner, parent, family man and as a career professional and mentor. I’ve experienced the full gambit of events that life can throw at a person and as such I’ve been both burnished by adversity and strengthened by love to be a better, confident, more caring and spiritual person. PIN: 5594

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Goldie, Is an Spiritualist Church evidential medium, clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient with over 25 years experience. She specialises in tarot readings in love and career/work readings and has been working on live psychic lines for over 14 years. She is a Professional Astrologer, great listener is non judgmental and sympathetic. Pin 5484

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Psychic Reader Marie


PIN: 1090

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Hi, I'm Marie. Thank you for looking at my profile. I am a Spirit and Tarot card reader. These gifts were passed to me from my Grandmother who was a wonderful reader. If you want to find out information, let me contact my Spirit guides and they will pass me the information that they want to, I have brilliant guides! I am compassionate and a great listener. I specialize in Love, Relationships and Family issues. PIN: 1090

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Psychic Reader Rufus


PIN: 7288

Reviews: 0

I can offer telepathic insight (fortune-telling). I can also contact some who have passed over and receive messages from spirit guides. I’ve done over forty years of private, confidential, and unadvertised experience as a Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant. I have a calm persona and very polite one-to-one communication skills. PIN: 7288

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Psychic Reader Daisy


PIN: 5876

Reviews: 144

I am your spiritual psychic medium today. I am so happy to share with you that I have been blessed with my gift for quite sometime. This has been passed down from the matriarch of the family, my grandmother. I cherish my gift and carry with so much honour. My readings are in-depth and as a tool I use tarot cards alongside my natural psychic abilities. My readings can bring clarity, confirmation of what you already know and unexpected insights. PIN: 5876

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