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Wonderful reading

Axelle, Thank you for such a lovely reading. God bless Phill

Phill From London On 02/03/2022

Axelle is from another place and time. This lady is phenomenal. Thank you

From Australia On 11/02/2022


Thank you Axelle, now I can enjoy my weekend, you've made my day, you were spot on with everything you read for me. Once again thank you. Mae. 28/01/2022. Xxxx

Mae From On 28/01/2022

Outstanding! Incredible! Extraordinary

I am speechless at her clarity. She sees situations as if she knew all people involved from the inside. She is loving kind protective of the caller and wants the best for them. She certainly doesn't judge, what an incredible talent, care and love. I don't need to speak to anyone else. She is extremely precise and enlightens you. I feel blessed to have been put through to Axelle. ( A fellow French woman)

G From Lincolnshire On 26/01/2022

This lady is something different altogether!

The reading with Axelle was like a missing piece of a puzzle that completed my understanding of a personal situation I had a hard time to understand. Amazing lady, so gifted and kind. I will definately be coming back. Most certainly recommended, she gave me peace I could find.

Al From Surrey On 21/01/2022

In depth

Honestly this reading made me so happy, it was powerful and beautiful. Axelle picked up on my energy very quick.. she told me my love story and it was amazing. thank you so much xx

Natalia From yorkshire On 05/01/2022

She didn't stop

First time with Axelle. I've had quite a few reading with those on this site. I must say I asked for general and she just went in, didn't stop, no questions asked on both ends. I felt I couldn't Interject. It didn't feel personal - wasn't respective of me. Highlighted a past love, and that's what me reading was based upon : Let's see what happens

Sharon From Essex On 02/12/2021

Absolutely the Best

Wow... Wow... Axelle is incredibly gifted, she picked up on my situation and spoke for 40 minutes with exceptional detail, describing me and what I'd been through, it was shockingly accurate, definitely one of the best ever clairvoyants that I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to

PM From West Midlands On 27/10/2021


Axelle picked up everything spot on from my past and present. Complicated mind of my POI was crystal clear to her.. oh my! She blew my mind. VERY VERY wise lady. I am gobsmacked!

Anuradha From UK On 21/10/2021

My Angel

Thank you so much my Axelle so happy to connect to you I don't know what happen while I was speaking with you the phone call ended but all I can say thank you for the clarity you gave me between the two mens you were so right and I hope for the future prediction I can hopefully speak to you soon love and light

Katerina From Wales On 18/10/2021

Fantastic reader

You picked up on my situation with just names and everything was spot on. Will definitely come back for another reading. Looking forward to the predictions. Thank you so much for today

F From England On 22/09/2021

We were cut off without warning and I didn't get to say thank you. It was a great and very helpful reading. Thank you and also thanks for the great way you interpret and express the cards with what is going on in life.

M From UK On 11/09/2021

Amazing Reader!

Absolutely amazing reader and lady. Spot on and nailed it. This lady is the real deal, which is refreshing.

From Cardiff On 01/09/2021

The high priestess

Thank you Axelle.... I needed to hear what you had to say... With love ❤️

Jo From Uk On 24/07/2021


Alle is too questions asked this morning she picked up we were twin flame connection right away..very few readers are able to pick that up..she was brilliant hit the nail on head with person in question. she didnt ask questions. sorry we got cut off think it was the connection but thank you ever so told me tolead my life and he will come n offer more..will update you when predictions occur

Caroline From scotland On 15/07/2021


Very good reading and spot on. she knew without me even telling or saying anything

Caroline From scotland On 14/07/2021

What a beautiful soul

Thank you for an anazing reading. I will let you know in 9 days ;)

Shadi From London On 28/06/2021

Too vague

Too vague and abstract for my liking. Was none the wiser after the reading.

J From UK On 26/06/2021

What An Amazing Lady

I would highly recommend Axelle to anyone who needs someone genuine and compassionate to talk to. She was able to connect with me straight away and give me straight forward answers and advice. I left the call feeling uplifted and reassured...Thank you so much Axelle I'm so glad I came through to you :)

Emma From Australia On 07/06/2021

Lovely Lady

She’s a wonderful lady with such an upbeat manner; but nothing came true. My POI ended up marrying someone else and it wasn’t picked up. I was heartbroken but hey ho picking myself up and getting back out there.

Taurus From UK On 25/05/2021

Amazing Woman

Thank you for your guidance and humour today Axelle - you are a special lady.

Bob From Newcastle On 14/05/2021

Thank you

Thank you for the lovely reading Axelle. We got cut off but I will definitely be calling again in the near future. Merci, a bientot.

Flora From On 06/04/2021

Had a reading with Axelle this morning and I would give her 10 stars if I could. My story hasn't been straight forward or easy and she picked up on everything without any questions or prompting. Inspiring.

Sarah From Lancashire On 03/04/2021


Absolutely amazing picked up on me very fast thankyou so much

Dol From Australia On 03/04/2021


Axelle, I'm so sorry, I got cut off. Thank for your lovely accurate reading. I was feeling very fed up and confused wondering if my person of interest was going to come forward. You assured me that he is still going to which is inline with many other top readers x I really appreciated speaking to you

Carrie From Kent On 01/04/2021


Thankyou so much Axelle for my hope filled reading. I’m so sorry we got cut off. You’ve given me a lot of hope which I am holding onto. I will report back as soon as things evolve. You are very professional and detailed in your readings. Here’s hoping what you’ve predicted for me comes to fruition. X

Leighton From Brighton On 27/03/2021


She articulates very well. She picked up my true feelings. I closed the door on my twin flame who chose to be with another women, who is lovely and I'm happy for him. But I fell in love with him and she sees he will reach out as he will not be able to stay away. I am with someone knew and I have told him about my love for my twin flame as I can't seem to develop true love feelings but I respect him a lot. She just knew what my own intuition is telling me....and even though what she said about my twin flame is true I feel I also don't want him to reconnect with me. I guess I have my own free will and see how I move on with my current man.

Kully From England On 27/03/2021

Stunning Reading

Wow!! I didnt say a word, and it all flowed. Amazing, stunning, magnificent !!

K From Australia On 23/03/2021


Not sure. She may have had a connection? Then again she may have just happened [by coincidence] to have said something that rained true and then - because I asked her for more info about it - knew she’d struck upon something and told me what I wanted to hear and carried on at length talking about it? Notice I have outlined both the above possibilities with a question mark, because I honestly don’t know (either possibility could be true). The reason I don’t know is because What she didn’t [and as a psychic should have] done is obtain sufficient specific ‘wow factor’ information I knew for certain was true to make it a hundred percent clear she had a psychic link, before making her supposedly psychic led comments about a third parties future actions and current feelings. So not saying don’t call [as I said I don’t know the extent of her psychic abilities]. But what I would say is - if you do call- make sure she provides you with very very clear and specific ‘wow factor’ info that makes it certain she has a psychic link, before u give her a topic for the reading or ask her a question. Otherwise any supposedly psychic info and possible future predictions she provides will need to be treated with extreme caution. This is a very detailed and fair - balanced and objective review. So you have no reason not to publish it. So please do publish for balance and honesty.,

Mr T From Unsure Tuen On 19/03/2021

Oh My God,

This lady Its fantastic! Everything What She Said make sense! Such a beautiful reading! Picked up on Everything! Thank you! Give her a try! U wont regret!♥️

Flavia From L On 19/03/2021

thank you!

My time ran out. Thank you for the wonderful, in depth and accurate reading. You are an angel!

Y From London On 06/03/2021

She is amazing

Thank you Axelle for a great reading this morning. The details, information and the way your read is absolutly astonishing. So so beautiful. Thank you so much again. You always touch my soul. A

From On 13/02/2021


This lady is the best true psychic certainly has amazing ability to tune in and give a accurate reading. 5 stars for me. Thank you

From On 03/02/2021


I have spoken to Axelle a few times now and she connects to my situation straight away no questions asked. She has never changed the outcome of my situation and continues to give me the strength to be a little more patient. This lady is the real deal 10 stars

Teresa From Hertfordshire On 28/01/2021


Such a beautiful energy and I didn’t even say anything, she just flew as though she was on a magic carpet. Prediction spot on and clarity was even better with how she explains everything. Merci beaucoup Axelle, tres fantastique!!!!

From On 23/01/2021

Sorry it’s a no

Lovely lady but everything she said was off and so none of her predictions happened as I knew they couldn’t.

C From Uk On 22/01/2021

Beautiful soul and very gifted psychic

Instant connection, and amazing flow, spot on delivered with professionalism and kindness. very spiritual reader Mille Mercis Axelle :-) À très vite (j'espère !) Much blessings and love.

A From london On 08/01/2021

First class reader

Thank you so much for your time today Axelle. You are my favourite reader now. Your beautiful energy and the depth of the reading. Truly amazing. Thank you so much.

From On 19/12/2020

Excellent Reader

Lovely energy and great connection. Thank you so much - you were fabulous and tuned in so well!

Julie From Bath On 19/12/2020


Wow the detail was amazing by just giving a name ... Honestly thought she was reading my journal ...

J From NI On 26/11/2020


this women is the best 10 stars

Teresa From North LONDON On 24/11/2020


My darling your beautiful and amazing and now my to go reader. Very good picks up on things immediately and good predictions like other top readers on this site. Will talk to u again in a few days xxxx lots of love

Naz From Uk On 14/11/2020

Brilliant accurate reading

A Elle was so spot on I actually cried whilst listening to her . She said phrases that we had said to each other in the past and had my very strange relationship down to a tee . She felt genuine and true .

Julia From Uk On 06/10/2020

Wasted Time & Money

Had the situation totally wrong then when I told her that the whole reading changed. Wouldn’t waste my money with her.

Helen From Australia On 05/10/2020


Thank you Adelle,I never said a word apart from the name of the person I called told me what is happening - correct.told me how I felt about it - correct .told me how he felt - I trust you,we shall see when he tells Me

K. From London On 24/09/2020

Amazing psychic

She is a breath of fresh air.. no questions asked launched into reading with such a melody in her voice.. very accurate and inspiring.. she has a wonderful gift ❤️

J From Uk On 23/09/2020


Brilliant reading, lots of info that was correct and timings the same as others would highly recommend

Anon From Midlands On 15/09/2020


Very talented and delivered specific insights. Thank you!

From On 15/09/2020

Fantastic reader! Loads of information, plenty of advice. Axelle is very connected. Highly recommend

Anna From On 09/09/2020

Gives you detailed info, looking forward to the outcome fabulous reading ❤️

A From Australia On 09/09/2020


she is real. Lovely connections

Max From London On 08/09/2020

great connection and she was able to provide me with whole lots of details in line with other top readers here

Phiwo From Manchester On 08/09/2020

Very positive

Very nice reading with this lady. I like that she actually gives predictions and although I dont know if they are correct right now, it feels like money well spent rather then some wishy washy readings. The situation described currently did resonate with me. She says concrete things. I will leave a further review if any actally come about.

Anon From London On 06/09/2020


picked up everything truly amazing lady

Teresa From Hertfordshire On 05/09/2020

wow wow

amazing picked up everything.

Teresa From Hertfordshire On 05/09/2020

Spot On. I Didn’t Have To Say Anything

A really good reading. Axelle just asked my name. I asked for a general reading and to go from there. Straight away she mentioned the two areas I was calling about. She didn’t ask me any questions and I never said a word throughout the whole reading, she just kept recalling off information which I already knew to be true. She knew I wanted to change my career and that I was studying for it. She picked up my POI and described the past and present situation. She also described his behaviour to a Tee. I’ll look forward to see if her future predictions unfold. I’d definitely speak to Axelle again.

S From Sheffield On 02/09/2020

Wonderful energy

What a gorgeous reader. Love her energy enthusiasm and honesty. Very gifted

Juliet From Cambridge On 01/09/2020


This lovely lady is so brilliant. Give her a try you definitely will not be disappointed. BRILLIANT!! Thank you for my ready Axelle I will let you know the outcome. Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye xxx Tara xx

Tara From Sussex On 31/08/2020

Very good reading give her a call.

From On 27/08/2020


Just had a reading from axelle so much information given don’t ask you things just rattled off such lovely person to talk to too would recommend you give her a call you won’t be disappointed x

Debs From Scotland On 25/08/2020


Great connection with Axelle pickup very clearly and accurately on the POI would recommend giving Axelle a call...will keep you posted on the outcome..thanks

J From Oz On 22/08/2020

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