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nice person

lovely lady to talk too cheered me up but prediction hasnt come true,didnt think it would.will update if it does happen.

jacqueline From uk On 16/08/2019


Amazing reading today such lovely lady knows her stuff can’t wait for predictions to come true give her a call amazing thanks xxx

Debs From Scotland On 17/07/2019


This lovely lady is one in a million. Brill reader! Kind compassionate and so supportive. Thank you so much for everything Joanne!

Sg From Uk On 06/05/2019

Good reading. Work will have good changes by next year. More stability. He is looking for stability. There's big happy changes for us. We will get together. He is guarded. We will see each other in a few weeks

K From On 05/05/2019


Wonderful reading tonight! Spot on and direct. Waiting on the predictions. Thank you Joanne

R From Africa On 01/05/2019

A heartfelt Thank you

Thanks Joanne for being such a brilliant reader. Your compassion and empathic understanding and spiritual attunement is such a true gift. Iam so grateful to have had my reading with you this eve. You understood my journey without me uttering a word! Thank you for helping me. You are truly a gifted psychic. God bless you.xxxx lots of love. Z.xxxx

Zara From London On 29/04/2019

Good insights

Thank you very much for your guidance - very much appreciated and looking forward to Autumn... Thank you.

Libran From Aus On 05/04/2019


Joanne gave such a lovely open reading that resinated with all that was happening around me. Thank you Joanne.

De From London On 30/03/2019

This lady is amazing .I always talk to her.give her a call ..excellent and just such a nice person

Sam From London On 27/03/2019

Made My Day

Thank you so much Joanne for your kind, caring and encouraging soul. You truly made my day, you truly have a gift to be able to see my gift. Thank you for your inspiration, I will always remember you. I look forward to the predictions, I will post again when the predictions happen! Take care x

A From UK On 25/03/2019


I spoke with Ms. Joanne yesterday March 21, and she said that I will hear from my guy before the end of the week. Well, he called me very early this morning March 22. Thank you for sharing your gift with me.

Alexis From USA On 22/03/2019

**highly recommended fantastic reader**

Joanne is a fantastic reader. She picked up on my complicated situation straight away. I couldn’t believe how accurate she was. Very sympathetic and a lovely nature. I loved the reading and will definitely definitely call her again. I highly recommend her. Thanks Joanne

Michelle From Glasgow On 22/03/2019


I have waited a long time to speak with Joanne and it was not in vain. The reading was amazing and mind-blowing. Joanne put my mind at ease with spot-on information. She confirmed what I knew to be true. Very honest reader. Very accurate. Thank you. I will call again once the predictions happen.

Alexis From USA On 21/03/2019


Picked up so much accurately. Put my mind at ease! Thk u joanne

Sg From Uk On 21/03/2019


Thank you so much for an amazing reading. You have read for me before, and again you went straight in no questions asked. Thank you also for lifting my spirits

From On 20/03/2019

Kind and genuine reader

Joanne tuned into my current situation really well. She is calming and understanding. I will definitely call again. Thank you Joanne

A. From Preston On 20/03/2019

Future looking bright

Thank you Joanne, Spot on with situ without opening my mouth.. couple predictions offered in line with others over last few months.. lets wàit for the outcome and i will post on each as they happen .. Beautiful reading , beautiful soul . Thank You Joanne

Uk From Uk On 05/03/2019

One of top reader

I had a reading with more than 20 different psychics over the last few weeks including the top readers in this site and on the other site and this is my very first review because she really deserves it! I can say that Joanne is the best and real psychic. Without any questions ask, she picked up straight away the reason why I call. She is straight to the point and dont waste your time. I highly recommend her! Thanks Joanne!

Cynthia From London On 04/03/2019


Joanne is an outstanding reader. Calm and caring, she goes straight to the heart of anything you want to know. She has real psychic ability of the highest order. Thank you so much!

Nick From Hampshire On 04/03/2019

Very good readee

She’s accurate. I didn’t mention anything and she was able to pick up on my situation and and I am happy I spoke to her.

From On 03/03/2019

Such a lovely woman, would of spoken to her for the whole day, she put my mind at ease picked up on my situation very fast and told me a few things I never expected and can not wait for predictions to unfold would definitely call her she’s true to what she says xxx

P From LDN On 11/02/2019

Prediction update

To the lovely Joanne just to let you no that you predicted seeing him in 9-10 days and this weirdly happened yesterday on the 10th day!! Also the new job is also looking positive as you also predicted.. Thank you so much and sending love to you xx will no doubt speak to you again soon :)

From Uk On 27/01/2019

Lovely reader

Joanne; is lovely and wonderful reader. Incredibly accurate and kind. please, give a call her. you won't be disappointed. Thank you Joanne

Dee From UK On 16/01/2019

Blown Away

Thank you

Ross From Australia On 08/01/2019


Great reading will call back xx

Pam From London On 06/01/2019


Thanks for your help tonight.. You gave me great reassurance. Lovely lady x

L From SA On 28/12/2018

Very satisfied

Great, to the point reading. Just what I needed x

From On 08/12/2018

Amazing reader

Thank you so much for my reading earlier today. I didn’t even have to tell you why I was calling, you knew with no questions asked. Thank you for bringing me clarity

Brilliant From Birmingham On 08/12/2018

Gifted reader

Joanne is an incredibly accurate, kind, reassuring and gifted reader. The readings that I've received are always detailed, straight to the point and spot on. She is always happy to answer my questions and is incredibly patient in the process. Joanne has given me much hope for a bright future and I very much look forward to the predictions unfolding. Joanne, thank you for your support, you are an angel and an absolute credit to trusted psychics xo Bron

From On 02/12/2018


Dear Joanne, love speaking to you! You always get it right. Yes the two men you picked up. Well thank you for showing me my options. What a decision l have to make mmm. l don’t know how l feel about that. But thank you for answering my impulsive questions. Your a fantastic reader. Talk again soon! Australia x

From Australia On 28/11/2018

Spot on

A beautiful calm lady! Very detailed and straight to the point. No tricks, just genuine insights.

Mark From Australia On 25/11/2018

An Amazing gifted person

Joanne I had a reading with you I so enjoyed. You are a very gifted and talented lady and so lovely to talk to. Thank you again Joanne.. I will call again if i'm lucky again to get through to you. Lots of love and big hug xxx

annon From On 22/11/2018

She is amazing

She is such a genuine person. Very accurate and spot on. I am hoping her predictions come true as I really believe in her. xxx

M From London On 14/11/2018

Prediction update

Hi Joanne I spoke to you back in August and you mentioned a party that I will be going to in nov/dec, at the time I had no clue what you were talking about, well guess what I have not too long ago found out that my aunt is having a surprise birthday party in December for her 60th! You are amazing, Thanks so much for everything, speak to you soon xxx

From On 29/10/2018

this lady is a top lady spot on again.

jane From london On 25/10/2018

Prediction correct

Hi Joanne, you said I would get a job very soon and I did! I am waiting now for the other 2 predictions to come true

From London On 20/10/2018

Keeps me sane

I love my readings of joanne absolutely brilliant. A lovely witty person to.

From On 19/10/2018

positive reading

Thank you for the reading yesterday Joanne, it gave me a lot of hope. I will update on predictions when they start to unfold, which I am hoping they do, as the future looks bright :) A xx

From London On 18/10/2018

Great reading

First reading with Joanne and she picked up on the two things stressing me out at present along with other things that are going to happen for me. Joanne was spot on and very quick to tune in would def have another Reading with her. Will update when predictions come through.. thanks so much xx

From On 17/10/2018

Wonderful beautiful readet

She has always been spot on with her readings accurate and Horst down to earth lady. Give her a go if you want to be blown away xx

Marianna From Surrey On 15/10/2018


She gave the most satisfactory reading of my life thanks to her I feel stronger than ever before

Simon From Tottenham On 09/10/2018


This lady can help give her the chance.

Deb From Londonderry On 09/10/2018

A gem.

From On 04/10/2018

Direct lady

I love a reader that gets on with it and she does. Accurate and with a kindly manner

A From London On 28/09/2018

WOW what a gifted psychic completely spot on!!!

Wow!! This lady is so beautiful and spot on it nearly made me cry. Amazing lady she knew everything without asking any questions. She is kind and a beautiful soul. Thank you so much!

Susan From Australia Sydney On 21/09/2018

True reader

Thanks for ur insight true reading will call back soon xx Many thanks

Naz From Newcastle On 08/09/2018

Beautiful soul and gifted

Joanne is such a gifted beautiful soul. She was spot on without asking any questions and her predictions came true. I recommend her to anyone, she has a gift to help you! Thank you!

Susanna From Australia On 07/09/2018

Real Reader

Picked up on all key points without me saying anything. She is very calm and makes you feel at peace. Enjoyed my reading and look forward to Joanne's predictions coming in. Thank you x

From Scotland On 18/08/2018

Thank you so much:)

Thank you for your reading. You helped me calm down and helped me have peace of mind! I highly recommend your reading. You read with a pure heart and are a pure channel. You do good work and have helped me many times. May God bless you and keep you. Lots of love and light.xxx

From On 05/08/2018

Thank you*

Thank you Joanne! I got cut off the reading- minutes ran out. I can’t thank you enough for making me feel better after what happened yesterday. Thank you re guidance.Love and blessings.Z.xxx

From On 05/06/2018


True psychic! Call her, don’t miss out.

. From London On 16/05/2018

Very Honest and Accurate

Joanne is very interesting honest and i strongly beleive that her prediction will unfold. She gave tons of information and its exactly what i was looking for. i really would like to see how all of this turns out. Really cant wait 5***** all the way

Rosie From Manchester On 10/05/2018

second prediction

Hi Joanne i got the job promotion you were right, I’m just waiting for my start date. Your the best, I’m just waiting for the other predictions to unfold now, speak to you soon Nadine xxx

Nadine From On 10/05/2018

Picked up on my current situation without me saying much, very genuine and sincere.

From On 04/05/2018

She is so good wow

Hi Joanne my second prediction has come through you said about the job promotion and a letter coming in the post, well I got the job promotion today just waiting for the letter to come in the post! I can’t wait for the other two predictions to unfold too! I’m so glad we spoke, your the best, speak to u soon xxx

Nadine From On 01/05/2018

Picked up on current issues very well. Good reading.

Picked up on current issues and predicted contact, changes coming over 3 weeks.

W From London On 01/05/2018


Yet again ur spot on we have got back like u said thanks for everything speak to u soon

From London On 13/04/2018

She's good

Very good reader.

From On 27/03/2018

This lady is spot on she’s so good told me my problems would clear up wow thanks for ur help x

From On 06/03/2018

Prediction came true

Thank you for your reading Joanne, I was so down before I spoke to you and you put me at ease. You made four predictions so far the first one has unfolded, you said my ex will contact me by text in two weeks time, I was really amazed I didn't think he would but he did, the second prediction is starting to unfold too! I am so pleased I have met you, I will definitely be back. Xxx

Nadine From London On 04/03/2018


Very good reading style. Straight to the point and in my reading applied to myself. Thank you so much. Really nice lady and easy to chat with.

Jon From Wakefield On 20/02/2018

Lovley reading

Felt so relaxed talking to Joanne she pretty much picked up what type of reading I wanted, feel much clearer, just waiting for my prediction to unfold now , thanks Joanne x

Rosie From Kent On 19/02/2018

I didn't have to ask a question she saw my question :)

Thank you so much you have been amazing and yes I will be back...

Me From Here On 28/01/2018

very good

to the point

sam From uk On 16/01/2018


I've been getting readings from many (!) readers on this site and so far Joanne is the only person whose prediction has come true and the timeframe she gave me was 48 hours! I was so certain she was wrong when she said I would hear from a particular man within 48 hours given that he never ever contated me outside of work, but she was spot on. I received a text from him two days later and he never texts me!

Anna From London On 29/12/2017

The Truth

Pretty spot on. Well impressed. Thanks for being honest. You are pretty cool Maybe not what I wanted to hear but the truth and I admire that. Helps me prepare for decisions ahead. Thanks

Maire From London On 14/12/2017


Very accurate with my situation was very shocked lol and i hope her predictions come to pass and made me feel alot better. THANK YOU!

Anisha From london On 13/12/2017

Thank you!

Hope you are reading this Joanne. I tried to call you again but you are offline now. You were right about the word "special friend". He just agreed to that as you predicted!! Looks like your absent healing worked. Thank you so much for helping me out.

Lady from London From UK On 06/12/2017

She's amazing!

She's amazing and picked up on my situation instantly x

From London On 30/11/2017

Pleasantly suprised

Had a short reading with Joanna .. well worth it. Gave me so much information . I will be calling again very soon

Amshaz From west midlands On 23/11/2017

Spot on!!

I’ve spoken to this lady many times she’s true to her word she tells you how it is and she cares, Thanks Joanne speak again soon spot on!!!

Jade From London On 22/11/2017

Positive Reader

Such a positive reader with no sugar coating. She didn't ask any questions, was able to tune into exactly what my concerns were, which was great. Some readers like to ask what your purpose or reasoning is for your reading. Her reading was consistent with a few other readers I talk to on the site. I will be updating and calling her again. I have tried a few times to get into contact with her but was unable. Great Reading!

T. From On 01/11/2017

Prediction unfolded with Accurate Time Frame!

Had a couple of readings with Joanna over the last year or so. She predicted I'd meet someone significant, described him very well and is the ONLY reader that gave me accurate time frames! I'll be ringing you in the Summer :) ❤️

Happy From U.K On 01/11/2017

She's unbelievable. Always on the money! Only speak with her, fae, Linda, Anubis and Rebecca!!!

From On 25/10/2017

Spot on!!

She is one of the best on here wow I’m amazed....we spoke on Tuesday and everything to the last detail has come true....very accurate read thanx Joanne

Lily From Canada On 22/10/2017

The best

Had a reading with joanne spot on as always money well spent you must give her a call you will not be disappointed

Mario From England - Northamptonshire On 22/10/2017


Thank you Joanne for your spot on straight forward and honest reading. Really appreciate your help today. Many blessings and love

Amel From London On 24/09/2017


Joanne is really good, very nice and non-judgmental. She also gets straight to the point and was very accurate. Well done Joanne! What a great reading and a lovely lady too. Thank you

eve From northampton On 22/09/2017

Spot on

Joanne I have spoke to you on multiple occasions and your timing is always spot on. Initially you said last week August, 1st week September and I'm impatient but I waited it out and it happened. Yesterday you told me within 24 hours - once again spot on!!!! I'm just hoping everything else comes through. Joanne doesn't tell you what you want to hear but the truth as she can see it. Try her she's kept me calm and told me off for worrying multiple times x

H From Manchester On 10/09/2017


Got whole situation straight away , so good so quick hope her predictions are correct .

Ss From West midland On 27/08/2017


Always on the money.

Alistair From Cardiff On 17/08/2017

Spot on

A lovely lady who was really accurate regarding the situation and my state of mind. She was very helpful, and made me feel empowered. Will call you back Joanne. Thanks

Anne From France On 14/08/2017

Thank you thank you thank you

Was not having the greatest of mornings and needed some guidance. Great connection she knew what was troubling me. Left me feeling completely empowered. What we discussed has started to come through. Look forward to speaking to you again

Jen From Cumbria On 14/08/2017


You were on point with my problems thank you for ur insight it helped me a lot Thanks joanne

Jan From Uk On 20/07/2017

Cool wise psychic

She is amazing , picked situations really well and gave great advice to mee.. highly precious . thanks a lot



joanne you are amazing no prompting no questioning just accurate interpretation of my situation and reassuring guidance thank you so much you are connected to source

wendy From derry On 28/06/2017


So delightful and reassuring...told me I should be jumping for joy! I look forward to the contact that gets me to jump! Thank you for everything today! You are a breath of fresh air!

B From USA On 27/06/2017


Every now and again I need to be shown the light the hope the truth and you gave that to me God Bless Helena X. 25.06.17

Helena From North Dast uk On 26/06/2017


This is THE lady to speak to!! There is no beating around the bush, Joanne gets straight into the reading, picked up on my situation and cleared the confusion for me. If you are looking for serious answers Joanne is THE one.

C From Staffordshire On 21/06/2017

Joanne was on the mark? Thank you for ur help will speak again soon thanks again x

Jackie From New Jersey On 13/06/2017

Spot on

Just had a reading with this lovely lady & I can't believe she was spot on with my current situation. Sorry my minutes ran out.

Donna From On 12/06/2017


Thankyou for your wise words. I am impressed with how on point you were and feel much better now i know what to do xx

Linda From Manchester On 27/04/2017


Just had a reading and could not believe how accurate she was. Told me all about my partner and what had been going on within him. Really surprised by her accuracy!!!! Would definitely recommend her for true and accurate reading.

Shaz From Scotland On 26/04/2017

Love and light!

Fantastic reading with great spiritual connections! Very accurate and precise. Could read my problems with ease and provided some great answers. Would deffinantly recommend this lovely lady!!

Sarah From Manchester On 14/03/2017


So lovely to have someone read without feeling like it's a counselling session. Her reading was on point!

Jackie From On 13/03/2017

Fantastic and very accurate

Picked up on my situation immediately and read what was happening currently to a tee. Have every faith in the predictions around work and love. Also Joanne is absolutely hilarious and truly made my day. Thank you so much Joanne, you are one of the best. K

K From Leeds On 25/02/2017


I didn't even say what it was about, she picked it up without me saying. Even before she had turned over the cards, she knew. Sent some healing which I appreciate, helped me to understand my situation better. Xx

Linda From UK On 19/02/2017


Joanne jumped straight into the reading which I appreciated, saw immediately what was going on and answered my questions directly and with confidence. No roaming around and repeating too much of the same, really great reading.

Jay From Australia On 16/02/2017

What a beautiful lady and I enjoyed my reading. She was considerate in her manner and understanding as a reader should be. Joanne also gave validations and was very confident in her predictions which she explained. Highly recommend. Thank you very much. x

From On 11/02/2017

Thank you lovely lady

Thank you for your very accurate and reassuring reading, you were spot on on with everything, god bless

Carrie From Bedford On 16/01/2017


First time speaking with Joanne today and as soon as she answered the call before I mentioned my situation she picked up it was about heartache, a guy and I haven't been well recently - very reassuring, felt like a go to friend in need of ever I need her again! Thank you so much!

Chloe From Kent On 02/01/2017

Fabulous reader seems to pick up with everything accurately. Many Thanks.

Miss Palmer From East Midlands On 11/12/2016

Amazing accuracy on readings

I have quite regular monthly readings with this fabulous lady. A few predictions have come true. I am awaiting my new year ones now. A very highly recommended reader. Many Thanks Joanne. ??

Miss Palmer From East Midlands On 09/12/2016

Lovely Reader

Very nice person and was accurate about the person in question-Seemed adamant that there was work ahead but a very positive outcome- crossing fingers and looking forward. Thanks!

Debbie From NY On 06/12/2016

Wow thanks jo . Spot on will speak again soon x

Janet From London On 22/11/2016

One of the best!

Joanne is an amazing reader. She provides accurate validations as well as straightforward predictions which she's confident with. It took Joanne only a few minutes to respond to a question I asked to many readers without getting any clear answer from them. I must say that her predictions match those of others, only difference is she came up with the details I wanted to know before I asked and fully answered my concerns which means the reading ended with me being fully satified and at peace. She also does not waffle. Thanks Joanne, you're the best!

Marie From Surrey On 13/11/2016


Gave do much accurate information

S M From Midlands On 16/09/2016

Amazing!! A hundred stars ????!!

Love your positive attitude!! Thankyou for your wonderful reassuring very accurate reading!! Yes!! I will call back with an update xx

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 20/04/2016


Thank you Joanne for your reading regarding my love life. You picked up on my situation really well, very accurate. Thank you x

Jess From On 03/04/2016

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DominiquePIN : 9878 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
I can offer my callers who come for a private consultation a very uplifting reading. I am a very dedicated reader and I always make sure I send them away with love and light and feeling happy and reassured that they have had really good reading. The tools I use are my Crystals, Tarot cards and Runes. I first became aware of my abilities when I was 5 years old and my gift has grown with me. I have always been able to tell friends and family certain things that are going to happen. PIN: 9878
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Psychic Reader Earth Angel
Earth AngelPIN : 2074 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
I have been a Professional Psychic Medium and Master Reiki Healer for 12 years. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, and tune in with my spirit guides to the current situation, so the client has a deeper awareness and understanding. I offer comfort, compassion and clarity from spirit. I am a natural Medium and work with my spirit guides and Ascendant Masters. I also use Tarot if asked to, the major Arcana and the angels. PIN: 2074
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