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24 reviews

Fiona - 4435

When I first started reading tarot I was amazed by how spot on the insights are that readings provide.Over the years I have learned to work beyond the plain meanings of the cards and with experience I have found that tarot simply speaks to me. Whether you're asking about love and relationships, work and money I can provide a insight into your life path. PIN: 4435

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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

From the first moment I even looked at tarot I found the cards spoke to me, the meanings were intuitive. The way that the cards interact presents a clear picture of where your life is, the challenges that life is presenting and the possibilities which are open to you for the the future

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

Over the last ten years I've worked extensively with tarot and have also taught people how to read the story which a full reading presents. As I have progressed with my own journey I've found tarot to be an enormously valuable tool in guiding my own life. It is my chosen path to share the wisdom of tarot with others, to enable them to benefit from the guidance which I have found so beneficial.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

My own life has given me a share of sadness and major bereavements. It has been my spiritual beliefs, my inner knowing that the dance we call life has a purpose even if that isn't clear to me, which has always provided light in the darkest times. Working with Live Lines gives me the opportunity to share my own acquired wisdom in the hope that other people will gain benefit from my experiences.

Recent Reviews Of Fiona


Put things in perspective

Thankyou on with the situation..just needed a chat!

- Kate, South west



lovely reading and lady spot on

- Avril, Scotland



- El, Uk


Sounded true but cold

The reading felt kind of accurate but also eerily cold. I agree with the last message on here 'Comparison': this reader offered no emotional or material guidance. I was left feeling much worse than when I called. Perhaps that is what is needed? However, I feel really bad and not sure that is healthy nor what I paid good money for.

- ,



Not really very psychic at all. Have to be honest. Compare her ‘reading' to the top psychics on here and the difference in quality is vast. She shouldn't really be on here ‘helping' callers who could be very gullible and vulnerable.

- ,


Tv was on in the background. Hung up

- Jacqui,


Poor reading

Not a very good reader at all, she asked me lots of questions and kept asking me how I feel about my situation. Very long awkward silences.

- Louise, Staffordshire


Good accurate

I had a nice reading very accurate picked up on the situation good insight but didn't have much to say still worthwhile speaking to her

- ,


Lovely reading and very accurate

A lovely, kind soul to speak with. Fiona told me exactly what was going on in my life and what the cards were showing. It was very accurate. Thank you so much. I just needed some advice from the spiritual world to guide me forward. Highly recommend Fiona. Bless you. Take care.

- Rochelle, Australia


Not for me

Long pauses, didn't answer my questions, asked me loads of questions. Very dull.

- Samantha, Sussex



Very slow reader. Didn't give any answers nor guidance but rather rephrased the problems I spoke of. Would not recommend.

- Anna, London


She helped me

I feel reassured. Thank you

- Liz, London


Nice lady

Nice lady. If u want a chat with a nice person and r phoning for entertainment then there's no reason not to call her. However if u want an in-depth - high quality and useful psychic based reading then look elsewhere.

- Tim, Dorset


Same as it was in the last review I left

Same as it was in the last review I left you deleted. Have a compatibility ‘resding' between me and a potential partner based pretty much solely on our star sign. In short the ‘reading' was a complete waste of time and told me nothing.

- Mr persistent, Same place I was in last review I left



I don't know why there aren't more reviews for this lady? She's totally honest and doesn't tell you what you want to hear but what you need to. I think I've just answered my own question.

- A, Birmingham


An amazing read

Thanks Fiona for the insight today need to move things forward and what's holding use back will call again for a reading

- Dawn, South Shields


An amazing read

Thanks Fiona for the insight today need to move things forward and what's holding use back will call again for a reading

- Dawn, South Shields


Hi Fonia thank you for readings. Sorry that my credits run out. I will be calling again. Kind and sweet woman

- Mushood, Watford


Thank You

Generally I do not like tarot readings but thank you to you Dear Sweet, Patient Fiona, Thank you from the depths of my soul for setting my mind at ease about a number of subjects. E. FROM AUSSIE.

- , Australia


Accurate and kind

Fiona was accurate and kind

- Roshea, U.K.


good insight into the issue

Hit straight away on my issue was a good sound reading so will update after Christmas. I enjoyed the reading.

- Sian Kane, Woolwich London



Just had a reading with fiona. There were i had my doubts about a siruation, she assured me all will be fine. She was very kind and hope so she got it allright . Thank you for uplifting reading Fiona.

- Gwen, UK



I have just come off of the phone with Fiona and she picked up on my situation yet again. This is the 2nd positive reading with Fiona and she definitely picked up on my situation. I thank-you for such an amazing and 100% accurate reading. Stay blessed, your a wonderful, wonderful lady, thank-you!

- Charlene, London


Very pleasant

Very nice lady but unfortunately I was disappointed with my reading. Picked up on my house move but seemed to be guessing what was going on rather than what the actual situation is.

- Lin, Kent


Nice lady

Had a good idea about the situation without asking a lot of questions. Gave good advice.

- L, Australia


100% SPOT ON!

I have juts come off of a reading with Fiona and I am sorry that she has negative reviews which I find astonishing as she picked up on my situation 100% correct. Fiona is also a very caring and wonderful lady and I will not hesitate to call her again should I feel the need. Fiona was astonishingly correct and I am amazed as to how she has not got more positive reviews. Thank You for an amazing reading Fiona your a star!

- Charlene, London


excellent reading

thankyou Fiona the reading i had from you was excellent looking forward love and light blessings



Got it mainly wrong

Unfortunately this reading was mainly wrong. Did not pick up my situation at all. Saw the person i focusing on as having no contact with me now or in the future. He is a friend and we are in regular contact at the moment and we are planning to stay in contact.

- Sarah,


perfect connection

we had a perfect connection i cant believe i ran out of minuets i pressed the wrong key on the phone im so sorry for cutting out! i will be calling back soon hun x

- Molly, Scotland



I was put through to this reader not by choice. The reading was flat and not very uplifting. Alot of guesswork and questions and we didn't really connect. Wrong on a few things. I already knew the answers to some of the things she talked about and wasn't really that accurate

- A, London



I was put through to this reader she was not my choice. She was not a good reader and could not really answer my questions. There was no connection. Sorry I would not recommend her.

- ,


Not the best

Mainly fishing for info, and even asked me what I thought was going on. Not what I expected. Sorry I'm sure other people connect better. But not for me

- ,


she is sweet and kind

it was pleasure to speak to you.. she is sweet and intelligent.. highly recommended ..




Very nice reading. Fiona was positive and mentioned that I worry too much.I liked her reading and feel that she deserves a nice compliment.I highly recommend her.Give her a try. God Bless.

- Rima, Ellicott City, Maryland


Like cut but insightful

Not the news I wanted to hear but very intuned! My signal cut out on the call before we could continue! .. xx

- Chloe, Uk


Thank You!!!!!

Thank u so much. what a lovely reading. He did text me in the end xxx

- Kitty, Sydney


guesswork, sorry.

- ,


First reading with Fiona today . I found her to be very positive and uplifting .A very nice non judgementa l lady Thank you

- melissa, west australia


What a beautifully gifted reader

A beautiful soul and a fantastic reading. Thank you very much for answering so many of my questions. S xxx

- Shelia H, UK