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Hit & miss

Not sure what to make of Kate. Gets some bits right & totally off track on other stuff

J From UK On 24/01/2022

Not sure

She seemed to clutch at straws for the first few minutes. Nothing resonated I’m afraid. Maybe we just didn’t connect

Amy From Hull On 20/09/2021

I love you Kate

Giulie From Australia On 22/07/2021

Very Good

I have spoken to Kate a couple of times. She gives lots of detail and really connects with your sitiuation. 5 stars

Teresa From North London On 07/07/2021

Very Calm

Thank You for the lovely reading, I feel so positive!

Rachel From London On 06/05/2021


brillant reading very accurate. Thank you Kate. Sending love and light

Jackie From SA On 30/12/2020


Thank you for talking to me for such a long time today. You have helped me so much..Have a lovely Xmas. Xx

Mandy From Cheshire On 16/12/2020

No connection

I asked one question, she asked seven.. not what I was looking for.

Stoney From Australia On 28/09/2020


Honest superb reader.

P From Uk On 11/08/2020


So accurate knew so many things about me and my life with no prompting strong flow of information ...amazing!!

Hannah From London On 02/05/2020

Thankyou Kate 4535

From Australia On 29/12/2019

Thankyou Kate very good reading no questions asked

From Australia On 18/12/2019

Genuine, caring and well connected

Thank you for a terrific reading - lighting the way so I am prepared to deal with the situation. Much appreciated.

Lyn From o/s On 01/11/2018

Major decisions

Kind, Understanding, funny, warm and down to earth. Picked up on a lot of things that I intuitively felt! She put my mind at ease and left me feeling which way I am guided to go. Thanks Kate for a great reading and for sharing your wonderful gifts with me. I recommend everyone get a reading with her!

Lisa From Kent On 01/08/2018

Really good

I didnt have to say a word, she just starting rattling off all what was going on and gave me predictions that were realistic. She connected with me instantly. Thank you Kate. xxx

From SCOTLAND On 11/07/2018

Didn't have a clue

I had to put the phone down after a few minutes as the reading made no sense, it was not a psychic reading but fishing for details and information than feeding it back to me. AWFUL!

Magi From LONDON On 13/06/2017

Wonderful advisor!!!

She connected quickly with my situation and describe the people in question accurately!!!!

From Texas USA On 18/07/2016

Kind, accurate and generous

I had the reading I needed with Kate for the first time and found her to be so accurate with what she picked up. It felt like she was reading a book of my life to date with a full record of my experiences seeing me as I really am. She offered hope and comfort after a long session mixed with tears that a new chapter awaits. Highly recommended. Thank you Kate

L.A From UK On 02/07/2016

An absolute Gem are you Kate

I wish i had more time with you Kate, your insight is amazing and your warm open and friendly. You know exactly what has happened in my past and are able to see that things are going to turn out perfectly for me. I will call you again. Peace, Light and Love to you. Xxxooo

Kristie From Australia On 28/04/2016


I am still trying to get my head around all you could see! Incredible!! I hope I get to talk to you again as the pin ran out!! Kate you are amazing!! xx

Deb From Alice Springs On 27/04/2016

Best reading ever ,straight to the point... Thank you so much xxx

Brenda From London On 21/04/2016

Lovely Reading

Thank you Kate your reading really resonated with me it was like having a chat with a dear friend who thinks enough of you to be honest. Love and Peace :-)

Phil From Wiltshire On 27/02/2016

Mind blown

Kate your amazing!! I felt as if I was talking to a friend!!! You connected to me straight away and started telling me thing that were on my mind! You were very cautious in how you told me things!! Thank you so much for your amazing reading!

JC From Sydney Australia On 23/02/2016

Fun and honest

kate is great, a laugh a minute and puts things in perspective

JS From Australia On 29/01/2016


Kate was intuitive and honest. Great reading left me feeling positive

Julie From Australia On 05/01/2016

The clock is ticking

You where so spot on from the moment I said hello, you knew everything! I will await this full moon and listen to my guides!! Let's hope he picks up them balls!!

Flora From London On 24/12/2015

Very wiley

Thanks Kate. If you need an honest heads up on a person's intentions and the way their mind ticks then Kate is your psychic. I feel able to avoid making the same mistake again and have been shown a healthier path!

Lisa From London On 06/12/2015


Dear Kate.. I just had a reading with you.. Wish I had more time.. Great lady you are.. Thank you.. Spot on straight to the point. Hope to catch up again one day.. Thank you.xxxx

Maxine From Australia On 15/10/2015


Kate is a Awesome reader, she tapped in and confirmed everything what I was going through and said everything will be alright :) Thank you so much Kate I feel a lot better.

Reeta From Sydney On 30/11/-0001

Great cheap service Will defo use again soon Spot On Stuff as well.

Antony From Herne Bay On 30/11/-0001


Kate is a very talented reader. Detailed information directly channelled and delivered in a warm caring way.

Mandy From cheshire On 30/11/-0001

Kate is a star

I had so many unaswered questions before my reading but Kate connected with me instantley. She made me feel at ease, like talking to a friend. Her insite was mind blowing, she told me things I wanted to hear, what I needed to hear and what I did not want to hear - all were accurat and true. I now feel abel to face my life head on with confidense i am doing the rite thing and making the rite choices to get where I need to go. Thank you Kate.

Yasmin F. From Dakota On 30/11/-0001

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