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She picked up my birth year and then the Date of birth of my POI without any hint from me. I never had such reading from anyone on this planet. I am GOBSMACKED!! She was extremely accurate with the past and present, hope her future predictions will come to fruition. I'll be reaching out to her more.

Anuradha From UK On 05/03/2022

Real, raw, honest

How does this lady not have more reviews didn’t paint me a fairy tail just laid it down how it was. Hard pill to swallow but how can you argue when every single detail was on point. TP she needs to be on more seriously

Barbara From Australia On 12/02/2022

Awesome reader

Layla is such a beautiful warm soul, very comfortable talking to her, she wasted no time throughout the reading and was happy to answer any questions, everything she said was in-depth and detailed. She was spot on with everything she had said, when the predictions come to pass l will let you know. She is very empowering. Anyone calling will not be disappointed with the reading. Thank you x

Davina From Australia On 11/01/2022

not sure

Based on reviews I was really excited about the reading and Layla was very nice to talk to but the reading, unfortunately, left me confused. My first question reading started very positive but then she asked questions and changed it to completely opposite. The other two situations I asked about didn't really resonate, so all that left me unsure about the whole experience. Maybe we didn't connect..

From On 08/01/2022

Loved my reading this morning

Thank you for an insightful reading Layla. I really enjoyed your commentary on events and look forward to the outcomes.

A From Brum On 27/11/2021

Simply the best

Darling Layla , thank you thank you thank you all I can say is, you didn’t paint me a fairytale and just gave a raw and honest account of the situation I had asked - didn’t need to say a word you validated all x

Barbara From Australia On 13/11/2021

Absolutely amazing

Layla is simply amazing! She is my go to reader and never ceases to amaze me with the information she picks up. You will not be disappointed!

Terry From London On 20/02/2021

Unbelievable, even got the name of my dad in spirit

Unbelievable accuracy in describing my POI without questions. She picked up on his anxiety stemming from his childhood neglect which he had already told me of. Even got my dad’s unique name during the reading telling me that spirit are pushing through a name that she wanted to ask if it had any meaning to me. It was my dad’s first name. I was tearful and astounded. She said my POI is coming back possibly first week of Feb and mentioned she picked up a 3 but also a Saturday. I will update when the predictions manifest as I’m sure it will. Also that I’d have a job by mid Feb. Keep up the great work Layla. You are a blessing. Love and light. Xx

Carol From Sydney On 31/01/2021

Great call

Hi Layla great to speak to you today. Thank you.

From On 19/12/2020

Absolutely the best

Deja From Oslo On 12/12/2020


Absolutely loved speaking to this lady.. she was very accurate with her delivery of a POI. Also very understanding...just so sorry I ran out of credit. Until next time Layla. Thank you so much

Carrie From Kent On 21/11/2020


Definitely 5⭐️

From On 31/07/2020

Absolutely 5

Amazing reading, Layla goes into such detail and is as involved in the reading as her client, I felt she was very keen to get answers for me and is very good at explaining her findings, she’s also extremely knowledgeable in her field and tunes into energies very well and explains things in depth and very clearly. I topped up 3 times and she was worth every single penny, I feel she is definitely authentic and considering the time of morning I called she was alert, and very cheerful , I think she is excellent and you should definitely have a reading with her, Thank you Layla! X

From Melissa On 31/07/2020


Thankyou Layla for your patience and indepth readings and explanations. Layla is my go to reader especially in a time of such stress in my life, and always makes me feel so calm and reassured. Thanks for being a friend.

J From USA On 20/07/2020

No words to describe how good

Layla you are my absolute angel the info you give me in our chats is absolutely unbelievable, you blow me away everytime. I have so much more knowledge now because of you. I adore our long in-depth knowledgeable chats. Your gift is incredibly amazing, thankyou for everything! Kim xxx

Kim From Australia On 18/07/2020

Scarey Accurate

Layla just to let you know everything has happened ,exactly as you said, even the conversation with my ex and the colour and make of his new car(our private joke lol). Thanks for sharing your gift. A thousand stars.

A From Midlands On 14/07/2020


Put me on hold for 10 minutes.

Gabi From Brighton On 13/07/2020


Saw the reviews - but thought she was very vague - Hmm...

Chris From London On 02/07/2020

Absolutely brilliant

Wow, wow wow , what an amazing reader, so lovely, kind, compassionate and honest reader. Very well connected, gave me insight if my situation- was stunned by her accuracy. Had a good laugh too. Will be speaking to Layla again. She’s so full of life and positivity. Thank you so much and big hugs. Highly recommended

JC From London On 27/06/2020

Lovely lady

Very specific detailed reading. Layla is extremely kind mom judgemental at all and reading was truly amazing and gave me food for thought. Apologies my minutes ran out but thank you for your kindness xx

Pav From Birmingham On 27/06/2020


True genuine reader, I didn’t have to say anything, but she knew everything. Spot on and shockingly accurate Thank you x

From West Midlands On 13/06/2020

Simply the best....better than all the rest!

Simply amazing! My situation is unique to say the least and she picked it up instantly. She could also pick up the emotions of the parties around me and how they were feeling. I am a regular with Layla and am never disappointed.

Tee From London On 16/05/2020

Shockingly Accurate

It's all in the title. This ia my second reading from Layla. She is the real deal. She picked up on a specific topic of shoes. I say no more. She is the best reader bu far who picked up a specific situation. Absolutely amazing. Thank you Layla, your the best.

Charlene From London On 25/04/2020


Layla picked up a situation for what it is unlike other readers who presume. Brilliant reading, unique and trustworthy. I like to update reviews with the passing of predictions. So I shall do once come to pass. Thank you Layla.

Chanel From Uk On 18/04/2020

Had an amazing reading from Layla. Insightful and explained everything

Jackie From Devon On 28/03/2020

Thankyou Layla very good reading

From Australia On 21/12/2019

Just amazing. WOW

Definitely coming back. Detailed reading an d very accurate. Thank you

From On 02/09/2019

Best reading ever!!

Picked up in everything without me saying a word. Bloody amazing!!!

From On 10/08/2019


Hi Layla, I would like to thank you for the amazing reading you gave me. You picked up my twin flame connection so well without me saying a word. I never had a reading like yours...Will come back for another reading in the near future.

NC From UK On 13/04/2019

The very best...

Layla! It wouldn't let me connect again. I think that happens after a 2 hour reading. Every one of those 120 minutes was golden. You're amazing and thank you for the insights as well as showing me the various pathways in front of me. What a reading! x

Ronnie From Berkshire On 06/10/2018


Such a wealth of info and fabulous explanation. Thank you so very much...

Lyn From o/s On 08/09/2018


Layla reads stones rather than cards, but is absolutely insanely accurate. One of the absolutely best readers on this site

Anna From UK On 13/08/2018

Incredibly accurate and insightful

So spot on it was uncanny. I am very grateful for this skilled reader

Christine From New York On 04/08/2018


True psychic ability no showmanship just straight honest intuitive reading and more . Thank you Layla God Bless. Helena. 26.05.18. x

Helena From North East. Uk On 26/05/2018

Very Good reading. Deep insight .

Thank you Layla for the deep insight you gave into my relationship. Obviously faced with the facts, I feel disappointed and let down after all this time, but like I said, "they shoot horses don't they?" Its not the end of the world and I will just have to try and survive the emotional breakdown somehow. Thanks for a good honest reading.

wini From London On 19/05/2018

This lady is good

She knows her craft inside and out, it was a shame that I ran out of minutes, as I would have continued our chat!! An excellent reader. Enough said.

From On 24/03/2018


Thank you Layla, fantastic conversation and insight, this lady is very gifted and has rare gift. Layla picked up on my situation and gave me some great guidance, and she lifted my spirit. Will look into the lay lines Bless you in love and light

simon From oman On 18/02/2018

First reader to pick up the exact problem!

Absolutely excellent insight into my exact situation without asking any questions. I was really shocked how accurate it was. I will let younknow if your predictions come to pass

Anna From On 02/12/2017

Amazing as always

Had many reading with Layla she is an angel. She has helped me to help myself. Insightful gifted and profound thanks and thanks again.

Ann From Australia On 04/05/2017

Special Gift

Had loadsa readings with this lovely lady. she is special a dazzling gift.Insightful accurate.helps you to help yourself. Everything has come to pass. Keep on doing what your doing angel so many people need you. Highly recommended

A From Oz On 28/04/2017

Nothing came to pass :(

I've had a few readings with Layla. She is a lovely and positive reader but none of her predictions have come to pass. Once she even changed her prediction on my relationship since last reading :(

London From On 16/04/2017


One of the best readers I spoke too.. has plethora of knowledge of all the cards ,stones , great empath... she is simply marvellous , and superb in her readings , her approach to her work , her attitude , her predictions .. everything is amazing.. her emotional connection with he readers stands out too.. highly recommended


Supercalifragalisticexpialidocious ! 1000 Stars

Impressive ,picked on last meeting , one month back.. was really intiutive , great advice , encouragement , truely compassionate and warm hearted.. has great connection with you ...she is super sweet and kind , and gave me valuable advice.. which i keep in my mind ...


Reassuring and Kind Lady !

She is very kind and humble,reassured me and provided me comfort.. thanks


Excellent insight

Thank you very much for the clarification and insight which are very reassuring and valuable at this stage.

L From OZ On 17/09/2016

Clarifies things and encourages you to believe in yourself and your intuition and reminds you to trust your gut..... It is about patience and I love the fact that she uses crystals and their energy. Thank you so much you are a genuine person and it's like talking to an old friend. Thanks for the little bit of self belief

Julie From Australia On 22/08/2016

Thank you

A massive thank you Layla for all you fantastic insight, guidance and support over these last few are amazing and your are amazingly accurate when reading into the person/people I have asked you to look at. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me clarity and supporting me through such a complex time in my life ! Emotionally after speaking to you I always feel so much stronger !! Thank you for sharing your gift xx

G x From M/cr On 21/08/2016

Bubbly, insightful and accurate

Resonated so well with this beautiful reader. She's so eloquent, accurate and knowledgeable. I learned so much from this lovely lady and she was like a much welcomed soothing balm during this prickly time of my life. My social network is reducing but at least I know who can be trusted. Call this woman for deep insight and for peace of mind. xx

India From England On 17/05/2016


I have just come off of a reading with Layla and she was spot on with my reading, although I was very emotional. She definitely cheered me up and I have had a reading with her before and put up a previous review, however, I honestly do not remember speaking to her to be quite honest before, but anyway she picked up on my exact situation and put my mind at ease. I was also in a dilemma about my career and what to specialize in and I asked her for a career reading, she also advised me straight away what to specialize in in Law. Not only was I shocked but I was thinking to do this all along but got side-tracked and thought of all other options until she advised me, again I did not tell her what I wanted to specialize in. I just can't believe it. I am so, so happy and will definitely be going forward with my career now there is no more confusion. Out of all the readings I have had, I can't believe that she was not only spot on, but she has helped me immensely and I can now see a clearer path and also the future ahead with a loved one. Thank-you very, very much Layla, you are just simply the best. Better than all the rest. This s my favorite song by Tina Turner and this song came to me whilst putting up this review, because you are just simply the best and indeed are better than all the rest and I don't mean that in a nasty way, you really are the best. The brightest of brightest of stars.

Charlene From London On 09/05/2016

Lovely chat

Thanks Layla. I so enjoy your readings and chatting to you and the way that you pull apart situations to give me clarity. Thank you xxx

From Australia On 07/05/2016

Thank you

I was put though Layla by mistake and I'm glad I was - it was meant to be. A different style of reading and one I've never had before. Just when I was ready to give up and move on, Layla explained the situation to me, told me to be patient as my hopes were going to come to fruition. A little more understanding on the situation coupled with a little bit of patience and faith and it will become… Thank you Layla

Jackie From Norwich On 17/04/2016

A massive thank - amazing

Layla, I am so glad I was put through to you by mistake - or was it? Just when I was going to give up and walk away, you told me to have the strength to carry on and that a relationship would come to fruition, just give him the time and space. Thank you.

Jackie From Norwich On 16/04/2016


I've had many readings done on here and I wish I just spoken to her sooner.

Dj From London On 13/04/2016

Amazing insight

Wow different reading but certainly gave me a new perspective. Knows her work, honest and direct. Made me feel great about myself and the situation. Gave me a perspective that opened my eyes to the actuality of a situation and really not to make assumptions and believe my instincts they are guiding me right and this is not timing but about going with the flow and unfolding. Thanks heaps I now appreciate the Ox and do my thing and it will happen! Wonderful person thanks for caring and being genuine xx

Jules From Australia On 07/02/2016

Amazing and spot on.

I have just come off the phone to this reader and I am so, so happy that everything that I have been through with certain specific situations will come to pass and I will wait a little longer for things to come to fruition as all hope what i thought was lost, wasn't' An amazing reader and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank-you very much Layla, you was fantastic. Charlene...xxxx

Charlene From London On 07/02/2016

Reading 8 th 1 16

Thank u , first time talk in , won't be last , different methods of reading for u , explains everything brilliantly ! Gave me back full hope on my situation . So will be a lil bit more patience and wait x got cut off before could say thank you and happy new year x

Carol From Notts On 08/01/2016


Layla is very friendly and after insight to my question gave me some good advises. I felt like talking with an old friend:) Thanks and good luck!

Star From On 22/11/2015

Honest and straightforward reading.

I appreciate your honesty its what I needed to hear the truth so I am very grateful and will recommend you to all my family and friends. Keep up the good work my true thanks. Vicky

Vicky Belpher From Alton Hampshire On 30/11/-0001

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Hi, I'm Marie. Thank you for looking at my profile. I am a Spirit and Tarot card reader. These gifts were passed to me from my Grandmother who was a wonderful reader. If you want to find out information, let me contact my Spirit guides and they will pass me the information that they want to, I have brilliant guides! I am compassionate and a great listener. I specialize in Love, Relationships and Family issues. PIN: 1090

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