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Not sure to be fair

I rarely leave reviews but few unsure about Madeleine. She picked up some things generically but then added her own opinions etc. Started off really good giving imminent contact but when I said she’d read before and what she’d predicted that time it all changed.

Gioia From London On 30/03/2022

Please Post

A From UK On 23/03/2022


I just had a very uplifting and positive reading. I love her energy and it 100% resonated with me. Thank you so much Madeline xxx

As From London On 10/03/2022

Amazing Reading

Positive and uplifting. This lady is the real deal, she was able to tune in very well with her guides and clarified many points for me. Very enthusiastic and caring. Thank you so much, Tina

Tina From London On 04/03/2022


When it comes to do with jobs , university & housing Madeline is straight to the point accurate. How ever I must say in relationships it’s down to her personal opinions & needs to be careful

Smiling From London On 25/02/2022

You were right

Almost everything you mentioned has come to pass! Sorry I didn’t believe you at the time.

Jo From London On 19/02/2022

Not sure

Great reviews so decided to have some reads. First one great, after that I found a lot of judgement and personal opinion within reads. Nice lady though I do not appreciate the judgement. I hope TP publishes this as there needs to be all opinions. Some connect some don’t.

Nick From Perth On 18/02/2022


What a great reading, will call you again for an update! Thank you x

Sarah From On 16/02/2022

nice but

nice lady but two opposite readings and predictions a month apart for the same situation.

From On 16/02/2022


Spot on right from the beginning. No questions asked. Says it as it is no false hopes given. Big hug to you and your guide. I'm finally head straight and can see the trees in the woods. THANK YOU LNL XXXX

Julie From Kent UK On 10/02/2022

I like her

Good reader who I like a lot. Lovely and caring. Said things which I could take and what will happen so I'll wait and see. I love her direct and caring ways. Not easy to get hold of because she is one of the top readers.

CC From London On 09/02/2022

100% Amazing


From On 05/02/2022


She's gifted. 100%

Q From A On 04/02/2022


The only reader honest enough to tell me that my POI was physically attracted to me but didn’t care about me, she was kind enough me that any man who came into my life would only ever be passing through, and I know that is the truth. Thank you so much for being so genuine xx

Allie From Windermere On 27/01/2022

Amazing lady

Absolutely so lucky to have got my reading from Madeline. Spot on and so intuitive and picked up things immediately through her wonderful guide. Thank you :)

Fiona From Basingstoke On 14/01/2022

Not for me

May be a good reader for many though I found in regards to my situation, Madeline was too opinionated and judgemental. I believe there needs to be a mixture of reviews therefore I would appreciate if my review could be published. Thank you.

Lill From London On 27/12/2021

Always on point

Brilliant reader one of the best readers connected with her very well hope.everything come.s true now hoping to modeling soon x

Pam From Scotland On 27/12/2021


What a fabulous lady had a great reading she was really and gave great detail cannot wait for my soul mate to come in……. Bring on 2022 thank you so much I will be calling soon. X

LM From Midlands On 20/12/2021

Lovely reader

We got cur off Madeline but thank you for a lovely reading xx

Eleanor From On 10/12/2021


Thank you Madeline for a beautiful reading, you were spot on with the POI. I will contact you again when he makes contact. Thank you and God bless

Mae From New Forest On 29/11/2021

OMG Great!

Such a good reading. Such a lovely person. Definatley will come back

Rachel From Australia On 08/11/2021


So sorry, I ran out of credit. Thank you so much for your reading Madeline, it was a real eye opener about my situation with a POI. There were many other areas you clarified for me to. Brilliant reading

Carrie From Kent On 26/10/2021

My angel Madaline

Thank you so much for the beautiful honest reading has so much laugh and you were so spot on thank you I will update you when the man comes in

Katerina From Wales On 21/10/2021

5 stars

Thank you so much, cheered me up after feeling really low, I don't I think I have laughed that much in long time, hopefully I do not see slender man at the bottom of garden again haha

Julie From Wales On 04/10/2021


Always picks up on situation, lovely person to talk to. Tells it how it is no sugar coating. Give her a try you won't be disappointed. If your reading this mad the drip that never dropped

Sam From North East On 04/10/2021

Thank you

28/9/21 WOW, thank you sooo much for the reading today, and reassuring me what's going on with POI ,was so happy to get through to you as I've been trying for a long time, will phone you again before Xmas, so again massive thanks PLEASE PRINT X

Susan From On 28/09/2021

Wonderful reader

I have had three reading from madeline.over a period of always told me about a man I am going to meet.always tells me the same things about him .said would meet end of year so have to wait and hope she is right

Helen From Sussex On 21/09/2021

Great reader

Madeline is a good reader who picked up on my situation really well i would highly recommend her she is very accurate and very good

Robert From Birmingham On 18/08/2021

Madeline is always so busy can't get through to her, I'm desperate for a reading off her

Susan From On 09/08/2021

Hit and miss

Picks up on some details and the makes up the rest as she goes along . Often makes assumptions which are incorrect.

J From UK On 17/07/2021


Picked up some really really detailed information about my POI and didn’t just make assumptions, she definitely has a gift

Barbara From Australia On 05/07/2021


What a lovely easy to talk to .what she told me about what is going on around me.she was spot on god bless you

Helen From Sussex On 28/06/2021


Madeline you're so gifted. Thank you so much for our chat today your guide is the only person who has for my situation to a tea! Such a lovely personality you have as well and so positive but realistic. I'll definitely be back in touch and to be honest will probably only be checking in with you moving forward haha! Love and light to you. Kayleigh x

Kayleigh From Scotland On 11/06/2021


I have used Madeline's service for many years. She makes me laugh and all her prediction has come true. I definitely recommend her.

Maria From Australia On 29/05/2021

Super Gifted Reader

I have had several readings with Madeline over the years. The readings are always very interesting, indepth and with great clarity. Madeline is able to link in fast through her guides, gives insight into relationships, situations and anything you throw at her. She is super friendly, kind and has helped me through times of difficulty. If you are lucky to get hold of her, you will find your answers and leave with a sense of peace. Thank you - you are amazing!

Usha From London On 04/05/2021



Left very Confused

Today I had a second reading. I topped up to make sure I had enough credit, as the last time I only had 20mins. The last reading last month was so good and filled me with confidence as she validated everything I already new. Today’s reading was totally different, this has now left me totally confused. Maybe there was a lag from the previous call.

Catherine From Uk On 27/04/2021

10 stars if possible

Madeline, you shed a light on my path which I was not able to see it on my own. Your guides are amazing. They know everything and your connection to them is very clear and distorted. You are such a genuine soul with no ego and with so much desire to help people. Thanks so much.

Ayse From London On 03/04/2021

The bomb she and her guide

Madeline is amazing , her guide is amazing and they know my guy sooo well it’s mind boggling . I love also the fact we can speak in our language too , that sometimes is comforting Too . Wish it was not an act of Congress to get through to her. Thank you

She knows who I am From Scotland On 05/02/2021

So very very good

Madeline connected to her guides and she got every single piece of information about me and people around me right, but that’s because they had information to give me. I felt the presence of my father all morning who had passed last year. So I phoned and Madeline said hello, and she picked up on him straight away and all the information I needed she gave. She is the real deal , all I can say from the negative reviews is that I don’t understand how they didn’t connect with Madeline, but if you do , boy you are so very lucky and today , I was so very lucky , sorry I didn’t complete Madeline , time rolled over again, but all I needed to do was thank you and say Goodbye and what better way then to post a review. You are amazing at what you do, thank you.

Claire From Right here On 17/01/2021

Had a reading with Madeline on Sat 12/12/20 it was fantastic as usual, we got cut off, hadn't realised I'd been talking for one and half hours can't wait to phone u back in the New Year. Please print

Susan From On 15/12/2020


Wow Madeline, where am I going to start about my reading this morning, it was absolutely amazing, you explained about everything in detail ,sorry we got cut off didn't realise that I'd been on the phone for that long so again thanks for a fab reading will keep in touch and Merry Xmas 12/12/20 x please print

Susan From On 12/12/2020

Great reading

Great reading. Madeline was able to read my situation very quickly and gave an accurate account of events. She is patient and comforting. Looking forward to her predictions coming true.

Karen From Aus On 12/10/2020

The real deal!

I have had 2 readings with Madeline & although she is a friendly & caring reader I initially came away from the first reading with a few doubts because there had been a few less comfortable insights which my previous "go to" readers had not ever mentioned at all. However, as Madeline's predictions began to manifest it led me to seek her out again. Her 2nd reading was in line with & built on what she had said a couple of months earlier but this time with a few even more challenging insights into my POI's behaviour. However, the confident, caring & sensitive way in which Madeline delivered this information (which I didn't really want to hear) led me to dig a bit deeper after the reading to quickly reveal she had been "spot on". A difficult pill to swallow but her accuracy was without question. I am therefore really looking forward to (& trusting in) the more positive outcomes she also predicted! Thank you Madeline, a lovely, warm lady & a true psychic who can be trusted to tell it how it is (but without judgement of either party)

Denise From Kent On 09/10/2020

Not for me

Picked up some of the situation made assumptions. Iv spoken to top readers here and Madeline gave me the opposite prediction and she is way too negative. Please post my review!

Linda From Scotland On 28/09/2020

Post my review!

Read with Madeline 3 times this year all 3 readings were different. It just got worse and worse.

N From Uk On 26/09/2020

Insightful and excellent guide

I found Madeline very knowledgeable and her guide was spot on and confirmed what I knew, with details that matched. No prompting needed, she led the way not me. Fully recommend

Samantha From Norfolk On 30/07/2020

Not for me

I found Madeline to be very interuptive, she wouldn't allow me to complete any of my sentences. It would have be alright if anything she had been saying validated what is happening in my life. She felt impatient and got offended when I asked her to slow down so I could try to understand her. Not a good experience

From On 27/07/2020


Thank you sooo much for the reading lunch time, much needed guideance, lovely lady easy to talk to, and a good laugh as well, so thanks very much 26/7/20

Susan From On 26/07/2020

Amazing as always

Madeline thank you !! are my fairy Godmother and have always been there to help and support me. Thank you always for sharing your gift and your guide with us xx

Gx From M/cr On 03/07/2020

Different to last reading

Very confident, bit reading was completely different to last one. Got me confused.

Jk From On 27/06/2020

Lovely insightful reading

Madeline was really lovely and uplifting , got straight to the heart of the matter and I would really recommend

Kim From On 11/06/2020


I spoke to her almost an hour. She is amazing. I did not have to tell her anything she knew everything she give me a hope and courage. She told me exactly how i was feeling she explained to me y i m feeling this way. She made me understand my situation... her and her guide are both amazing... i spoke most of the reader on this site. She is the best. She tell u how she see the things no sugar coat... beautiful soul... its a bit hard to get through to her but she is worth it. May god bless her.

Sonia From England On 10/06/2020

Where do you start...

I waited a year to get Madeline as every time I tried I missed her. Oh wow, everything you read here is absolutely so correct. And I’ll try again. Where do you start...lovely, accurate, detailed, clarity, picked up things without saying a single thing, she knew things I didn’t speak of, spirit was present the whole time. A very complicated situation but she gave a lot of hope. Straight to the point no mucking around, don’t have to prompt nothing. I’ll wait again as every minute was worth it, and when I got off the phone I cried. She enabled me to see past the closed door. Thank you so much! Bless

D From Australia On 08/06/2020


Definitely picks up on the situation but like others have said she changes the reading and says different things to the previous reading which is so confusing and also seems to give 12-18 month timeframes for everyone ! Does pick up on some very detailed info but im not completely sure on some of it though especially the bits about having someone new come into the picture out of the blue when she hasn't even picked up that your currently with someone which is another thing she says to everyone. Please post for balance TP!!!

Jess From Australia On 03/06/2020


Thanks for the reading this morning 6/5/20, everything u said was correct and can't wait for him to get in touch soon

Susan From On 06/05/2020

Genuine, the real deal and lovely lady

Really lovely reading with the goal being 2021 / 2022. Great developments on the career path and good guidance re relationships. Many thanks.

DCR From CT On 27/04/2020

Not sure. Lovely and all but reading changed slightly

From On 26/04/2020

I like her

I like Madeline. She picks up the details without me providing background info and she’s very easy to talk to.

From On 24/04/2020


Thank you for such a wonderful reading. I’m so sorry my credit ran out. You truly are a lovely lady. Thank you. Claire

Claire From Wales On 11/04/2020

Wonderful uplifting lady

As all the other reviews, amazing lady. Homed in straight away on my 2 main issues. Even spoke in the way particular person phrases their words Feel a sense of peace from our reading that I havent felt in ages so thank u. Glad i finally managed to get to speak with you totally understandable now why u r so hard to reach and why so busy and the reviews. Honest about what she sees doesn't leave u feeling more confused or fobbed off x thank u lovely lady x

Emma From Uk On 26/03/2020

Absolutely fantastic

I’ve spoken to Madeline once before and absolutely everything she said came to pass. I’ve waited forever until this evening when I eventually got hold of her to speak to.... her ability is amazing and genuine... her approach is so lovely it’s like speaking to someone you know. Everything you said tonight was so specific, you calmed my heart and dispelled any confusions. I am truly grateful for tonight’s reading and I’m sorry we lost connection. I will return. Love and light, Melinda and thank you so much xxxx

Melinda From UK On 24/03/2020


Oh Madeline, you are an absolute angel. Thank you so much for clarifying things. Your readings have been mind opening. I've had 2 readings with you and you've said the same thing without changing your readings like some others do. I honestly don't know where I'd have been mentally if it wasn't for you. Thank you so much. I'll keep you posted x

Cm From On 16/03/2020

Experience, genuine and lovely reader

Thank you so much Madeline, so very much ground covered and so many helpful comments. I really enjoyed the reading.

Libran From Aus On 13/03/2020

Amazing, thanks for the much needed reading on Wednesday 11/03/20 it was fantastic ,you are so talented x

Susan From Wales On 12/03/2020

Blown away

Best reading I've ever had. I was so blown away by everything she said. Spoke as my ex would speak. Helped explain his reasons for acting the way he did. Thinking back on the relationship it all made sense. I'm so sad my phone battery died in the middle of it. Thank you so much for such an honest clear reading. I'll wait for things to unfold as you predicted him coming forward after Easter. I look forward to talking to you again

Chanda From On 11/03/2020

Amazing, thanks for this morning's reading it was fantastic and yes I am a bit insecure but after speaking to you I feel much better,thanks x

SUSAN From Wales On 11/03/2020


Spot on from the beginning, sadly I dropped the phone when trying to complete payment details which caught an incorrect card number so the line cut maybe trusted psychics could look into trying again before cutting the call.. Maddie tuned in straight away, her and her spirit guide was second to non, got everything perfect, gave me very good guidance, clarity and feeling much better about what's coming up in the near future.. Thank u so much x

Fal From Lancs On 25/02/2020


Thank you Madeline - You helped me understand how to deal with my ex - You gave me such an insight into the new person coming in -And you and your guide gave me some advice that Ive been needing for a long time - I cant thank you and your guide enough :) xx

Claire From Wales On 01/02/2020


Realistic reading and advice

From On 28/01/2020


3rd time of getting through to Madeline and she is always amazing..she actually says stuff as the person you're asking about would say!Amazing woman.Thankyou Lindsay

Lindsay From Cumbria On 24/01/2020

Wow.. Lovely down to earth lady. Homed in straight away. I would defiantly recommend her. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. I will definitely speak to her again. Cheers Hun.... S! x

Sophie From Uk... CHESHUNT On 14/01/2020


Lovely lady..very bubby..she says exactly how it is and more.Amazing what she knew Thanks for the advice..hope I can manage to get through to you again

Lindsay From Cumbria On 08/01/2020

10 stars if I could

Incredible , I needed answers and she gave them to me, what she said made sense , hardly told her anything but she was quickly in tune . In my case I’ll need a lot of patience but after talking to her , it will be worth it , it’s put my mind at ease Sincere lady with great sense of humour .

Sue From UK On 06/01/2020

Not again

Very confident reader who takes you by surprise so you hand up being on the phone for ages. unfortunately the second time around she changed her predictions completely. I thought was strange considering my first reading was only done a month ago. When I told he she tried to changed again

From UK On 27/12/2019


Hi would like to say thank you, couldn't afford to stay on.

Sundeep From Uk On 24/12/2019

Not sure ......

Good reader , very confident however I don’t know as she has denied saying certain things to me which she definitely has done!

From On 10/12/2019

Thanks Madeline,you are the best

Susan From W,Wales On 09/12/2019

She's absolutely fantastic, everything smack on x

Susan From W.Wales On 09/12/2019


Amazing reader I spoke to her for an hour So different to all other readers on here calm and funny. Everything she said was true.

Angeli From Birmingham On 18/11/2019


I'd tried to get a reading for a while with Madeline but she was always busy..finally got one today.Well worth the wait..she was so accurate.Definitely the best reading I've had.Thanks

Lindsay From Cumbria On 08/11/2019

Spot on

I’m August predicted I would get new job in October, despite me thinking my ideal job would come up in August myself. Spot on... due to a couple of knock backs, I am happy to say was offered dream job (different from original application) this week. Huge pay rise that ties in with predicted improvement in finances. Fingers crossed for love predictions in the New Year. Thank you and will continue to try and get through to thank you in person x

Yvonne From Scotland On 27/10/2019

She knew things about me before I said anything, will phone her again DEFINITELY x she was fantastic x

Susan From W.Wales On 23/10/2019

Gave me hope

Great reading with Madeline - thank you! Gave me hope for the future with all aspects of my to make some changes!

Jane From Cotswolds On 31/08/2019

Simply one of the best !!!!

I can tell why it is so difficult to get through her line. I have been trying to get my first reading with Madeline since July and she is always busy but for good reasons. She is simply one of the best readers on hear. She was able to pick up on emotions, provide predictions and offer advice.

Emmanuella From UK On 23/08/2019

Very interesting read indeed

Wow - some very specific predictions - it will certainly be interesting to see if they do eventuate and if the situation described is in fact on the nail. Will certainly be back to confirm if all comes through as per prediction. Thank you. Lovely lady to chat to..

Libran From Aus On 20/08/2019

Not sure

Had two readings within 2 months lovely lady but she gave me different info about a particular situation with major time lines predictions difference. Can’t complained about the final outcome but made me think how within predictions could change. Well I guess they do!

From On 13/08/2019


I’ve had two reading with Madeline , and she is amazing , it was like talking to the person I was inquiring about . I highly recommend Madeline she is the real deal Thankyou Madeline much love and light to you x

From On 04/08/2019

You and Your Guide are One in a Million

Thank you for a wonderful reading Madeline, this is my first time speaking with you but I am glad that i pressed the number 1. You know so much information and I am being Optimistic about the future and what it may hold. Thank you, you made my day. Love and Light to you.

Miss PK From Essex On 02/08/2019


Wonderful reading. Lovely lady. Very talented and caring. Amazing advice from her and her guide. Thank you

Amanda From Cheshire On 01/08/2019


Madeline is a jewel, there is no question she won’t answer and give the right direction.

Olga From London On 31/07/2019


Sensational! Now i see why she has 100+ reviews shes spot up dived straight in no questions omg could have listened to her all day! Truly gifted feel so lucky to have spoken to you! Fingers crossed my lovely predictions i cannot wait for them to come to pass

Ems From London On 02/07/2019

Gorgeous Lady

She is amazing, connects really well... thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 01/06/2019


Thank you

Rita From UK On 31/05/2019

Top Drawer

Yep - this woman knows her onions... and her potato's, carrots, peas and cauliflower's too. One of the Premier readers on this site.

Joe From London On 28/05/2019

Honest reader

Excellent reader, but has anyone had her predictions come to fruition?

From Oz On 17/05/2019


On the phone to her now and oh my lord unbelievable ! I've never written a review until now and my golly gosh im an absolutely blown away. Im absolutely shocked at everything she and her guide said. Everything they said is stuff my ex would say to the tee and everything she told me oh my lorddddddd i cant put into words. She got straight into my ex's head and all the things she said from her guide is exactly the words he would say. She even picked up my children and how i was just on the phone to him ans including the other women ! No one else knows and has been able to pick up on this. I got so confused when she said he has to stay communicated because of my kids and uses as a way to communicate with me because i didnt mention my kids at all infact i asked her if i had said it and then thing is she didnt and actually said i dont know if u have im just saying what im being told. Everything she said is exactly how he talks where she said things and thought oh wow how did u know because my ex does have a particular way of talking and uses certain words which he says all the time to me. She told me without me prompting that its a love situation when i said life hahahaha and said my guides are saying love and its a particular man. She even picked up how i just got off the phone to him and thats y im calling. If what im saying isnt enough to show Madeline is a true psychic i dont know what else would because im not easily impressed and my golly im gobsmacked. I wish my minutes didnt cut off, over an hour of talking to her and im so sad i couldnt keep going. I have so many other things i wish i could talk to u about ! Im 100000000000% going to be calling back and this time about me hahaha not him. Thank you so much you amazingly beautiful and kind soul. Not only was your delivery astonishing but you are astounding and i dont even use that word but u truly are and my gosh u r the sweetest and funniest lady to speak to ! I cant wait for you to come back on so i can try my best to catch you and speak to you. I called and spoke to 4 others until i gave up and then i called through and accidentally didnt dial the right person but then lucky enough the other person was busy and disappeared so then in that split moment i asked and hoped it would be Madeline and to my amazement it went through to her and i can tell u now i wasnt at all disappointed infact kept topping up to keep the talking going and information she was telling me. It all happened for a reason and now i can say im absolutely at ease and what i wanted which was to know what my ex was thinking has absolutely been clarified. Everything HAPPENS FOR A REASON !!!!!!!! AND IM SO SO SO SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU MADELINE YOU INCREDIBLE HUMAN BEING !!!! LOVE FROM MONICA

Monica From Australia On 11/05/2019


Excellent reading, you basically told me everything that is going on in my life in 20 minutes. Sorry we got cut off, I call again. Blessings

Simone From Uk On 10/05/2019


Madeline thank you for an honest and uplifting reading. I feel a lot better now, you have helped me put my mind at rest. I’m sorry our conversation ended so abruptly but I ran out of credit again. I shall definitely try and speak with you again sometime.

An From London On 30/03/2019

Fabulous lady

Dear Madeleine Thank you so much for the amazing reading,you were the one who told me what I wanted to know,spot on no questions asked,your giggle is everything. I loved talking to you,you’re the best person to talk to. Lots of love

Anny From On 24/03/2019

Honest reading

Reading ended suddenly as phone cut out, but received a reading that was to the point and honest. Though I didnt really like what was being said, I thought about the reading afterwards and followed what Madeline had said and felt so much more positive afterwards. So thank you very much and sorry to be cut off from enlightening reading.

Serena From UK On 15/03/2019

Changing jobs

Hi lovely lady full of energy and warmth spotted all the negative going on at work lots of details. Will let you know when I get a new job in June - highly recommend will let you know about new guy June going to be a busy month . Highly recommend thank you Fiona xx

From On 12/03/2019

The best

Oh madLeone ! You have it so spot on.. I’ll keep you updated on jed and I and hope that he starts opening up sooner than predicted. I’m sorry we got cut off, but thank you from the bottom of my heart for your honesty and understand.. everything you’ve said make sense. Xx

Kirsten From Australia On 05/02/2019


I had the most amazing reading of madeline could have spoke for hours to her I will be calling back to let her know how things are thank you so much xxxx

pauline From manchester On 25/01/2019

In-depth Guidance

I have had 2 in-depth readings with Madeline. I have to say that it’s the first time in the numerous readings that I have had that someone has spoken complete sense and has been totally realistic and not sold me a fairytale. The outcome I want is attainable but it is not going to be easy. I should also state she is a joy to speak too. M reading 18 Dec 2018.

M From London On 19/12/2018

Amazing Madeline

Madeline gives your messages through effortless conversation. If you want a personable, compassionate reading - Madeline is your reader!!

Jan From London On 13/10/2018

As all the reviews say, she is the one, the best...

Couldn't agree more with all the good reviews for this lovely lady on here, they all speak for themselves. One word for this awesome lady and that is 'Phenomenal', what I loved most in my reading was the honesty about the reading and the fact that I did not have to say anything about my situation. :)

ms palmer From East Midlands, UK On 11/10/2018

Great reading and lovely lady

Thank you for a great reading today.sorry i disconnected but my phone line just went dead.look forward to speaking to you again.karen

From On 07/10/2018

Thank you

Thank you, amazing reading

Claire From Edinburgh On 08/09/2018

Really enjoyed chatung to her and she is very kind and has a very calming voice. She always uses the same phases...'when you first spoke to them did it feel like you have spoken to them ypur whole life as I was thinking it could be a past life connection' she asked this when I called about 3 different men during 3 different calls.

From On 06/09/2018


A really uplifting reading. Will gladly seek out Madeline for another reading in the future. 5****'s

pamela From Essex On 03/09/2018

Good as always

Good connection with Madeline. She was able to explain things to me more clearly with a very detailed reading. I now have a better understanding of my situation.

Loraine From Australia On 28/08/2018

Brilliantly accurate

Madeline is warm and Very friendly , and Gave me peace of mind , that my own thoughts about a situation are quite accurate , loved the reading I feel a lot better about my situation now , xxx

Patricia Morris From Shropshire On 22/08/2018


If you need peace of mind then simply call her. I find other Psychics interpretations more dramatic and sometimes false. Her information and predictions are genuine. Love her. Jay

From On 13/08/2018

Not Mr Communicator of the year

Madeline thank you for an honest and uplifting reading. I feel a lot better now, you have helped me put my mind at rest. I’m sorry our conversation ended so abruptly but I ran out of credit again. I shall definitely try and speak with you again sometime.

Sharon From London On 01/08/2018


Madeline is a lovely reader, very genuine and caring. Takes time to explain how things work and always has a cheery disposition. Her information is spot on and she tells you things that couldn't possibly be guessed at. She says you'll only get her when you need to and that's spot on. It's been a year between readings I've had with her and the information just flowed on from the last one xx

Jax From UK On 26/07/2018

Cream of the crop

Gorgeous woman, tells you as it and gives the best advice. shes a top reader for sure. Has picked up things that none of the other readers have. I now understand why its incredibly difficult to get a hold of her. Thank you for the wonderful reading, love and light. Xxxx

Anonymous From Australia On 25/07/2018

Sweet lady

She made me laugh whilst I was in tears... always a pleasure to talk to her. She revealed things with an ease like she knows my feelings... Definitely worth a call!

From UK On 30/05/2018

Thank you !

Thank you Madeline , you are my guardian Angel what would I do without you !! Your amazingly gifted and compassionate and always a listening ear !! Thank so much for your support guidance, insight and sharing your gift !! I will always be more grateful than you know !!! Loads of love to you xx

Go From M/cr On 13/05/2018


Call Madeline. Astounding information and very kind reader. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to speak to her.

S From London On 13/05/2018

Affairs of the heart clarification

1 hour and 20 minutes of helpful and honest advice making me feel much happier and clearer about my near future.

David From Wimbledon On 11/05/2018

Lovely lady. Sorry I got cut off. She was reading me like a book about how I felt. It was amazing and really helped. Thanks!

Amy From Sydney On 11/05/2018


Madeline and her Guides were so on point!! I didnt have to say much. She didnt need to ask questions she just gave it to me straight. She doesnt give her opinion she delivers what her guides are saying and its from the most High. Felt pure to me. ONly struggle is my own mind and insecurities. Thank yooou so much Madeline im glad i got directed to you. It was truly a blessing! xo

Nik From CAli On 07/05/2018

Love love love!

So sorry we got cut off. You were amazing. Spot on with everything and also really funny! Thanks for the support and Predictions

Charlotte From London On 24/04/2018

general reading

this lady is amazing i said general reading but she new why id rang the last time i spoke to her was 4yrs ago because you can never get her shes that everything id been going through without saying a word absolute privalege to speak to her one amazing lady and reader.

lisa From cannock On 13/04/2018


So happy I finally got to speak with Madeline again. I didn't get a chance to say thank you and good bye for now, the phone got cut off. I have spoke with Madeline a few times and each time she has reassured me, everything will be fine. Her prediction has come true in the past. She is my go to lady when I'm stuck in life. Thank you Madeline for listening and helping me

I'm so glad I spoke with Madeline From Australia On 09/04/2018

Honest reading

Asked for a reading on love and career and where others painted rosy pictures and told me what I wanted to hear, Madeline said the opposite. After months of waiting, what Madeline said is slowly unfolding.

From Australia On 02/04/2018

Thank you

Sorry I didn't get the chance to say thank you. You have cleared a few details up for me to enable me to start living again and not stuck in the past with my thoughts holding me back. A new me going forward thank you again. Xx

Suzie From Uk On 31/03/2018

Amazing on point from the start . I said nothing at first only I wanted a reading and away she went so on point and very easy to talk to a great reading will deffjnately be calling Madeline again x

Fantastic reading from start to finish xx Thank you

Andrea From Barnet On 16/03/2018

Excellent psychic

I had the pleasure of speaking to Madeline and she was fantastic. Honest, direct and so accurate. Thank you wonderful Madeline for your insight and help.

From On 08/03/2018

Truly amazing with a beautiful soul!

Hi Madeline, I was lucky to have spoken to you 2 nights in a row. I'm sorry we were disconnected in the end so I didn't get a chance to thank you for your incredible support and reading you gave me. You touched on my situation so well and down to a T. You and your guides gave me such a great perspective about my situation and for that I thank you. Love and light to you...Xx

Sonia From Australia On 07/03/2018

Very accurate

Great reading regarding love life and career. Very accurate and predictions starting to happen. Good reading from talented reader.

L From Australia On 28/02/2018

always consistent

Madeline always hits the spot even with stuff I dont really want to hear. She has been one of my guides over this last year. You have always said about the connection with the man in question, which as I always say to you I wish there wasn't. Dont want to write my name as someone may be spying on what I do but I will just mention the word Tart, maybe this will let you know who I am. Thank you always for your wise counsel. You always try to hard to get me to see how green Mr Bean is. Again green and Mr bean are trigger words. Thanks again Madeline x

P From London On 22/02/2018

Great - I'll be returning.

I was very pleased with the reading - it validates what others have said and more. Felt a really good connection and the quality of the read means I'll definitely be back in the future. Many thanks.

Lynda From Perth On 07/02/2018

Great as always

Madeline is a true psychic. Sorry I got cut off, ran out of minutes but thank you, you're always spot on Madeline. X

Baha From On 02/02/2018

Madeline is the only person who tells me the exact same as my regulsr reader Demi. Definitely recommend her thanks

Jessica From oz On 22/01/2018

A different outcome

I've had so many readings from this site (it seems to be my new favourite thing) lots of readers have picked up the situation without me saying anything and give validations of some sort that make me feel comfortable with what they are telling me. Madeline was a bit different, she gave me details about my work and the people that worked there. The overall reading was inline with what i have been told by other readers, however my dilemma has been should i stay or go? Madeline was very clear in her reading on what i should do and what the outcome will be, which I absolutely loved. So much so I kept topping up and was on the phone for over an hour, at least 40 minutes of which was just on work. Though other readers have picked up on the work thing and talked of a promotion and changes etc, Madeline was able to tell me that its not about me moving job, in a very clear way! The different outcome came from the relationship reading. A couple of readers have mentioned someone new, but had first talked about a connection with someone from the past and how that will unfold, Madeline talked mostly about someone new and who they were what they would be like and some of their experiences which all sounded brill, but did make me wonder about why my ex hadn't come up. It was only when i asked that she brought him up and she did conclude that he wouldn't be able to give me what I want, which is the different outcome to others. Its been Madeline and Yvette who have said that i wouldn't be back with the ex cos he's not going to change whereas others have said he will be different this time round. I guess time will tell which outcome is right. If i'm honest I don't think he can change but so many readers said the same thing, I started to believe he could. I will defo update by the end of the year to say who was right. Thank you Madeline x

Optimist From London On 14/01/2018


I was blown away by the details that Madeline was able to give. It is so hard to get to speak to her again I have tried for the past two weeks. Its a shame you cannot schedule or book calls! Madeine please be free so I can call you x

Anonymous From West Midlands On 12/01/2018


Every psychic told me that I will be successful in my job application process. Madeline told me I will not get the job. She was amazingly accurate and I was unsuccessful. It shows how good Madeline is in terms of accurate reading and predictions. Wish I can easily contact her again. She is always busy x

Jay From London On 03/01/2018

Not wishy washy and told me something completely different !!!

I have had so many readings around a certain issue in my life. Many many times i have been told that this man is going to marry me and so on. Madeline got to the heart of the issue and saw things that no one else could. Thank you for giving me hope and confidence to not be messed about. I hope in a way that you are wrong, but fear that you are not. We will speak again and hopefully i will be in a much better place then and you can tell me that my life is as i think it is and that im not being misled. Thanks again Louisa x

Louisa From Essex On 02/01/2018

Spot on

madeline hit the nail on the head and picked up straight away what the problem was. told me what was going on with someone and will hear from them soon then it will be smooth sailing. will keep you updated with the situation when i call you again

joolz From east mids On 17/12/2017

Hey thanks you hooked into it quickly and yes I agree but I'm hoping the one year time s ale is a guideline I don't know if my patience could stand that and the thinking it's because I'm too good. I don't care about it I love him and always have I just want a chance and well thanks for taking the time to talk to wishes and merry christmas

Julie From On 13/12/2017

The best reader in this web is MADELLIN!!

Thank you ever so much to speak to u it was lovely to speak to u it was spot on!! u are amazing not only reader but person too u are really possitive person with beatiful heart sending u big hug!! thank u againg god bless

Nikol From 04.12.2017 On 05/12/2017

Happy Birthday Madeline

As usual you are spot on and thank you so much for helping me through my tough time. Love you loads and PS Madeline is a huge David Bowie fan xxx

Al From Yorkshire On 02/12/2017

General reading

A very big thank you for this reading.

Rita From London On 28/11/2017


This morning I woke up and felt very down. So i decided to call to get a reading. I put through Madeline because my usual reader was not available. I'm happy that I did. You are an amazing lady. You picked up on my situation around me and my sister. I was amazed how correct you were. I'm waiting for the prediction to come to pass. I'll be calling again and so will my sister.

ARA From United States On 24/11/2017

She is the real deal

She had a great connection. She was able to pick up on my Ex and read her and our situation like a book. Don’t understand why she have any bad reviews. She knows her stuff and have a wonderful gift!!

Mac From Usa On 22/11/2017

Amazing Amazing Lady

Absolutely amazing, fantastic help. I needed it so much. Thank You! xxx

Kate From London On 31/10/2017

So accurate!!

This woman is phenomenal! I adore her and she always gets it right. So energetic and I must say that she's the best reader on this site. Thanks for being a star Madeline! You're amazing xx

R From Australia On 24/10/2017

She’s the best

Madeline came through yet again with her reading took a while but things unraveled can’t wait to hear what else is happening for me thank you mads xx miss p

From On 22/10/2017

5 stars

thank you so much, we had a bad line so it got cut off tried to get back in touch but you are now busy i will keep trying thank you so much.

Car From Australia On 24/09/2017

Im so grateful I have the opportunity for Madeline to read for me

I've built up a real trusting, open relationship with Madeline as my psychic reader. When i had my 1st reading with her i was in such a dark place in life, in a black hole from which i saw no viable way out but after a couple readings with this lovely lady she had managed to lift my spirits up and see the light again, she was so genuinely caring and wanted to give me the best guidance possible using all of her resources possible, tarot cards, angel card, psychic readings as well as even the more spiritual side getting in contact with her spirit guides - Im ever so happy i got in touch with Madeline she truly has made such a big positive impression on my life, I cant thank her enough.

Sita From Rushden On 14/09/2017

Very Good!

Madeline gave me such an amazing reading, very detailed & spot on with describing people & situations in my life. She made me question the way I was looking at a certain person & my perspective has now changed because of the things she told me about him- we had a good giggle about it! Also gave me predictions on my love life which I look forward to unfolding. Would also like to add that she's very funny, gave me a lively & entertaining reading, with great accuracy. Thanks :)

From On 08/09/2017

Fantastic very genuine and gifted wow wow wow

best reading I have ever had, gave me massive insight into a past job and work situation, feel so happy with my reading. best reader on here !!!!!

Nick From Cheshire On 29/08/2017

Best Reader

Madeline is the best reader here. She is very hard to get hold but she is the real deal. She has helped me in the few matters and given me guidance in order to understand the situations. I think she has great friendly personality who can see the bigger picture and can give you the best advise ever no matter what your circumstances. I can say this with confidence that all her predictions came true with accuracy of the time lines too. Thank you Madeline xxx

Sara From Scotland UK On 15/08/2017


Very excellent reader ❤️

C❤️ From Essex On 09/08/2017


The only problem I have is she is always busy, If she isn't getting more reviews it's simply down to the fact that she is so unreachable due to her demand.

Sue From Derbyshire On 29/07/2017

Spot on

Amazing did not expect an indepth reading, Was totally shocked at how the things she Was saying were true. Thank u and sorry we got cut off x

Jackie From West Midlands On 21/07/2017

Great guidance

Thank you so very much. Very happy I was put through to you - and the detail was very reassuring and helpful. Great connection and good solid guidance - thank you.

Lynda From Perth On 16/07/2017

Wonderful Madeline

You know, its actually quite positive to see negative reviews on Madeline as that just reinforces that she doesn't lie to you and does not tell you what you want to hear. So you can trust in her readings. She's lovely to me and has been for some time. She has my situation down to a tee and I am still hopeful. Speak soon Madeline x (I'm playing Bowie in the background ;)

Al From Yorkshire On 15/07/2017

Omg omg

Mads your predications came true about the holiday work and gues what they guy finally break through he now showing signs of wanting to come back ima just be patient and wait it out like u said ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you

Miss P ... xx From London On 13/07/2017

Hmmm not sure about her???

Very confident at her accuracy but I feel she's only 1/2 right. Other reader seam all so consistent and she's always off. Hard to know who to believe because she is so confident. My gut tells me she is not correct. Others I can say I 100% fell with their validations and current positions. Hers I can't fully say it is 100% ... and I don't know why? It crossed my mind that her reasons as sabotage but she can't be as she's so nice and down to earth. I just don't know why something is just off with her readings.... ??? Sorry to say but these are my feelings and I had to share.

From On 12/07/2017

The best!

It was amazing talking to Madeline, her insight into my relationship was incredible. Her understanding of what is and has been going on was extremely accurate and not only that but her advice felt really spot on. She was exactly the person I needed to speak to today. Thank you, I will be back soon! xx

Tiffany From UK On 08/07/2017

Love Madeline

We have talked about the most bonkers of things but I love her and she is helping me through a difficult time. She is amazing, but be warned she won't give you BS or sugarcoat, but that's the beauty of her as she empowers you. Btw Madeline there is an excellent Bowie documentary on netflix you gotta see it :)

A From On 30/05/2017

Kept me on the phone for ages nothing she said came true got my situation wrong don't feel she is a true reader just keeps you hanging for a long time and I had two readings with her in the past! Wasted my money and time....

From On 24/05/2017


I had a reading with Madeleine in March. At the time I found what she said hard to believe, but she stuck to her guns. Recent events, however, have left me speechless and shown shown her to be absolutely correct. Thank you, Madeleine, for a fantastically accurate reading.

Judith From Preston On 14/05/2017

Feel much better

I needed this reading. Ive cheered up so much. So glad i got through to you. My situation is ongoing and will continue for a while yet. Only few psychics understand. Most just want to advice and end up making me feel anxious and stupid. So good to hear the little bits and pieces about what he's thinking reg me at moment. Keeps me going. This is a long road. I know. Slow and painful progression , i know. Thanks for being such a sport. The psychics who don't have that wider ability see the situation, but dont have the wisdom.

E From Hampshire On 12/05/2017


She picks up the current situation very well and explains in a very clear manner. However the predictions are not very accurate especially the time scales.

Jay From London On 27/04/2017

Not the real deal

Gave me two very long winded readings one year ago looking at my notes nothing she said happened.

Brianna From Adelaide On 23/04/2017

Not for me

Didn't get the hype

Ann From UK On 09/04/2017

bad advice

no good

From On 31/03/2017

She is priceless

Madeline knows what she is talking about. It's not like she just throws something out with the hope that it will hit the target, she is very accurate! She has told me things in the past two years that have come to pass and yet she is right each and very time. God bless her, love and light

Saha From London On 27/02/2017

My bestest reader, Love her

All has been said above, she is awesome, I have loads of readings here and she is my go to as well as two others she is their best. Love her spiritual and realistic approach too.. very warm like a sister and very gentle with all my readings, non-judgemental, great listener, very confident, no lies, no sugar caught, everything a reader should be.

Claire From UK On 01/02/2017

WOW what an amazing lady. Didn't need to say anything picked up on the whole situation. Looking forward to predictions coming through. Thankyou so much. Love and light michelle xxxxx

Michèlle From Preston On 26/01/2017

Amazing as always

Can never understand the negative reviews on here...perhaps not hearing what you want to hear BUT I had a reading with Madeline yesterday....I told her NOTHING and she knew the situation I was in and what was could she know all that if she isnt the real deal. Ive had many readings on here over the past year...a tricky I I go? Theres NO guarantees in this world but some of the readers are here are a complete God send...Madeline is one of the best on here. She is compassionate but doesnt sugarcoat...I have complete faith in her and her readings. Joked with her that I can never get to speak to her...speaks volumes...everyone wants to speak to her!!! Thanks again Madeline...was a pleasure x

Mandy From Derby On 21/01/2017

Terrible reading

She gave a prediction timeline safe enough for the other person to come forward i.e. In 12 months. Are you kidding me? Of course anyone will have come forward by then since it's long enough.

A From UK On 11/01/2017

Thank you xx

Madeline I know you don't read your testimonials but I had to say a massive thank you for all your help support and guidance through a very different 2016.!!! Without you and your gift and insight I know I would have struggled to go it alone, trying to understand a crazy situation !! You are brilliant thank you with all my heart xx much love xx

Gx From M/cr On 02/01/2017

I had a reading on Christmas day morning and the issue that was bothering me she picked up on straight away without any prompting from me. She was spot on with information around my problem and also explained things about the other party involved that no one else but myself would know. She is an excellent reader and worth every penny.

Yvonne From Birmimgham On 27/12/2016

This reader does connect but offers personal opinions which she changes according to your reaction. I don't feel you can trust the reading because of this. Sorry.

From On 17/12/2016

Madeline is always able to explain what the other person is thinking and why they are behaving the way they are. If only they would tell me instead of me having to phone psychics for the answers. I don't know if it will ever work out with this guy, but thanks anyway, Madeline, you have helped me to see things more clearly.

From On 15/11/2016

Madeleine you're lovely

When you fall Madeleine you find it difficult to get off the phone cause she is just so great at what she does! Madeleine is accurate, freakingly honest and very spot on. I am so grateful for the time she puts to help us and she us trust patient. Love her xx

B From London On 11/09/2016

11 th Aug

Thank you x

Carol From Notts On 18/08/2016


Sorry we got cut off but thank you so much for a positive , scary, accurate reading. I'll try think positive. Thank you

Sian From Notts On 15/08/2016

Such a lovely lady

Had a reading with Madeline about a week ago, Ended up speaking for an hour. It was so enlightening speaking to her. Had a great reading and she was so easy to talk to. Will be speaking to her again... undoubtedly

Maria From On 11/08/2016


Best reading I've ever had, I could have spoke to Madeline all night, we spoke for an hour and everything she said was spot on, truly an amazing reader and I will defo be calling back. Truly grateful for my reading and for getting through to you :)

Natalie From London On 02/08/2016


cant believe how amazing this lady is she picked up my situation straight away so accurate knew everything exactly. Such a lovely bubbly person cld have spoke to her all night xx sorry got cut off my battery wrnt flat but will try and call back with an update. Thankyou Madeline xx

von From kent On 23/07/2016

Enjoyable reading

This lady is highly intelligent and her reading's are clear accurate and concise. am now waiting for her predictions to come true

Anya From London On 17/07/2016


Cannot leave words to express my gratitude to the help I've received from speaking with lovely Madeline. The insight into my situation was so helpful and at parts surprising. It has helped so much for me to think about how I go forward with my situation now I have a better understanding. Thank you so much, look forward to speaking in the future x

Lorraine From North Wales On 06/07/2016

Thank you so much

Since ive been having readings with madeline over the past few months my life has started to get back on track this is the first time in a few months where ive began to feel any remote feeling of positivity and motivation to begin building a life for myself again im so grateful for my readings with this one, she actually deeply cares and gives me so much insight, really opens my mind.

amy-maria From Hereford On 17/06/2016

Amazing lady!

I'm blown away with the reading I've just had with Madeline, she told me things she couldn't have possibly known. I'm looking toward to what she has predicted coming true. What an amazing gift she has! Apologies we got cut off. x

N From Scotland On 08/06/2016


Excellent, Honest, Accurate, Clarity and I sight. I spoke to Madeline feeling lost, anxious and bewildered. I told her I wanted a general reading and immediately she told me that is not what I really want and she kindly asked me what was on my mind. I was amazed at how quickly she picked up on the issue I was having. I explained to her that I was afraid to open an important email and she was very empathetic and even went as far as to tell exact content of the email and told me to read it ASAP. As soon as I read it he email it was exactly as Madeline stated. I was so glad she encouraged me to read the email as I would have ignored it and it was not as bad as I thought. Madeline truly has an amazing gift and is always empathetic. I highly recommend her as she offers excellent advice and guidance.

Anna From London On 26/05/2016


Thank you for taking the time to explain everything it was so much to take in BUT IN a good way so much info no prompting she's what you pay for not a whole bunch of questions but a whole lot of information

Kelly From Ny 5/16 On 09/05/2016


I was put through accidentally but so glad I did not get connected to my chosen reader. Madeline and her guide knew straight away I was not after a general reading like I said I was but really a love reading, so that blew me away instantly. Picked up on my past and present as if she was reading a book and there's no doubt that her predictions will pass because of how precise she was. Loved every second, thank you, Jess x x x

jess From On 09/04/2016

Sorted everything out!

Madeline saw right to the heart of everything around me and clarified what was going on for me beautifully. I can move forward again thanks to Madeline's exceptional insight. She is an amazing reader!

Ms W From Australia On 21/02/2016


The readers and service is amazing. I call the line on a regular basis as I've been going through some really tough times. I think had it not been for readers like Madeline, I don't think I would have got through my life the way I have. Sorry we got cut off, but with all my heart, thank you. I highly recommend you contact Madeline if you have obstacles to overcome. With her genuine guidance, you will get through. She truly is gifted soul.

Belinda From london On 09/02/2016

Great reading

Really clear. As if she saw straight into the situation with very little input from me. She has a lovely light, bubbly persona. I found what she said extremely reassuring.

Ms O From On 21/01/2016


Lovely lady and truly gifted. Highly recommended.

Lex From On 19/01/2016

Reading New Year's Eve

I got throw this mornin , which isn't easy , I'm so glad I did , I cud talk to Madeleine for hours , n wished I had but she's gave me hope , which I think I had lost , around a certain situation . She's funny so easy to talk to , amazing at details of wot a occurring around u , she's so hard to get hold of but if u do manage it u ll be amazed . Thank u and all the best for 2016 , I'll def not give up on someone . Love and light xx

Carol From Notts On 31/12/2015


Def need a book in system to get to talk to maddie n wen u do finally get throu u can see why she's always busy ! She's lovely funny easy and slides straight into the reading with no prompting at all . Amazing reading again , just wish she was easier to get hold of . Thank u ur simply the best x

Carol From Notts On 17/12/2015


Madeline, is an amazing reader. I have never had a more accurate reading and all of the information was completely accurate. She has the gift of being able to tune in so deeply to your life and people in your life and advise you on how best to proceed. Extremely gifted reader xxx

Sharon From Northern Ireland On 02/12/2015

13 11 2015

Another great reading ! Thanx One of the best on here ! One of the best readings I ve ever had ! Can see why she's always busy ! Def ring back great easy to talk to x

Carol From Notts On 13/11/2015

Was not what I expected!!

Thanks so much for my Reading!! I certainly did not expect what you had said!! My heart is now full of hope and love! Thank you!! Sorry I got cut off! - You are obviously very popular as I could not get back to you!! I will let you know how it goes! Thanks for raising my spirits! And to think I happened to get you by chance... Now that was fate!! x x

Kim From Kent On 11/11/2015

Absolutely brilliant and spot on

Laura From On 02/11/2015

Excellent & Gifted

I've had a few readings by Madeline over the last year and can honestly say she is truly gifted. She rolls straight into the reading, the information is spot on and comes to fruition. Madeline has a lovely caring nature combined with a sense of humour. She is always busy too and have waited for her to be free - she is worth it though. Thank you Madeline - love your readings. Lesley x

Lesley From Midlands On 30/11/-0001

The Best

Words cannot describe how good a Psychic reader Madeline is! She is the best. If you need help, she is your woman!

Pete Millwood From New South Wales On 30/11/-0001

Lovely reading!

Took me weeks to get through to Madeline really glad i got through eventually...just waiting to see what happens now. will be ringing back to speak to you again.Madeline is also a very nice caring lady.thanks again love and light! Karen x

Karen From Leeds,west yorks On 30/11/-0001


What a lovely, lovely lady, so genuinely caring and a truly amazing reading she took my breath away with some of the things that she said it was almost like she had been present in the conversations I had had with the person I called about! She has certainly put my mind at rest and I think for the first time in months I will have a good nights sleep and wake up in a totally different frame of mind tomorrow :). I will definitely be in touch again Thank you. Love Jan xx

Jan From West Mids On 30/11/-0001

Thank you!!

Madeline you are truly gifted ...... Thank you so so much for all your insight over the last month you are spot on every single time with your pedictions and know things that nobody could know!!! You have help me see thing from a different perspective and given me strength, hope and clarity, I couldn't have got through it without you!! Thank you thank you thank you!! Xx

G From x On 30/11/-0001

Wow.....What A WONDERFUL LADY ....YOU ARE!!!!

I have had many readings....but this is the 1st time I have spoken to Madeline....Sorry to say, she has surpassed all. And all I can say is WOW!!!. She was soooo accurate and was spot on with every single thing! I love her..and I told her this too. We had a very very long reading..because I did not want to get off my phone. We talked until the battery almost died! She told me that she is very hard to get hold of...So I thank God that he led me to her. In everything we discussed about my particular problem....she said one line which instantly put my mind to rest. I will be having a good night sleep from now on....because that one line restored my faith instantly..and lifted the weight of the world off my shoulders. I am 1 million per cent assured that all will be well. The 1st day of my new life has begun! Thank you Madeline....and God bless you. Love and Light. X

Lisa From Kent On 30/11/-0001


Finally got to speak to Madeline tonight and I wasn't disappointed. The level of detail was astounding around a certain situation. Very gifted reader, details flowed and very easy to talk to. Want to do it all over again soon. Thanks Madeline I really enjoyed the reading.

Karen From On 30/11/-0001


Thank you for a wonderful reading ! Will def ring back if everything works out as predicted . Lovely easy woman to get on with . Great reading .

Carol From Notts On 30/11/-0001

Truly gifted

I don't have words to describe how wonderful this lady truly is. Madeline is a truly gifted person who is kind, caring and spot on ! It's actually amazing how accurate she is. I love her to bits. Thanks Madeline for everything. xx

Aisha From Manchester On 30/11/-0001

stephanie From Amazing and felt reassured after the reading. It was my first reading and I have nothing else to say On 30/11/-0001


Madeline is truly amazing she's helped me through a situation an ongoing situation she's very uplifting & words can't describe her talents ... xx hopefully she gets a booking system as she's always busy :)

Pauline From London On 30/11/-0001


This lady is so special. Wish she was a friend I could hang out with. I loved speaking with her tonight. She really gets it!!! I seriously can not understand for the life of me how these people have such an amazing gift. You have blown me away tonight. PI can't wait to speak with you again. I know I told you I love you over the phone.. Haha!!

From Perth On 30/11/-0001

saving grace

Madeline has helped me through so many bouts of insecurity. I appreciate all her insight and wisdom and trust her psychic abilities implicitly. She has never failed to guide me appropriately in the matters of the heart. Thank you Madeline and no doubt we shall continue to speak regularly. Xx

p From scotland On 30/11/-0001

Very happy

I've had a few readings but her reading was very spot on. Clear informations on the situation that I had called about. She rolled right into it. Felt very comfortable with her.

S From Australia On 30/11/-0001

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I have many years' experience in working with spirit, and insight from my own Guides has helped me achieve success for myself. My main abilities include tarot reading, clear seeing and subtle visions in the Mind's Eye (a 'sixth sense '). I offer powerful psychic readings over the phone. I can connect with names and minor details to answer your specific questions. I can offer answers to questions relating to love, relationships, money and much more to ease uncertainty. PIN: 8623

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Psychic Reader Goldie


PIN: 5484

Reviews: 25

Goldie, Is an Spiritualist Church evidential medium, clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient with over 25 years experience. She specialises in tarot readings in love and career/work readings and has been working on live psychic lines for over 14 years. She is a Professional Astrologer, great listener is non judgmental and sympathetic. Pin 5484

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Psychic Reader Marie


PIN: 1090

Reviews: 128

Hi, I'm Marie. Thank you for looking at my profile. I am a Spirit and Tarot card reader. These gifts were passed to me from my Grandmother who was a wonderful reader. If you want to find out information, let me contact my Spirit guides and they will pass me the information that they want to, I have brilliant guides! I am compassionate and a great listener. I specialize in Love, Relationships and Family issues. PIN: 1090

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Psychic Reader Leela


PIN: 9284

Reviews: 0

I have always been an empathetic Child. I can remember having visions, seeing spirits, and thinking, what If anyone else saw my gift. My gift Is third generational, so I have always had it and used my gift. I have always used my gift naturally. I’ve been using my gift for so many years. For over 25 years, I’ve assisted so many people to get back on the right path. PIN: 9284

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Psychic Reader Amber


PIN: 8506

Reviews: 31

I am a psychic and tarot card reader. I have 23 years experience. I offer a full, detailed, professional reading on your present and future. I specialize in love, relationships and family issues. Since my mid 20's, I have been able to predict things that will happen, leading to readings for friends and it has grown over the years to me reading professionally for the last ten years. I am calm by nature and have a non judgemental approach. PIN: 8506

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Psychic Reader Daisy


PIN: 5876

Reviews: 144

I am your spiritual psychic medium today. I am so happy to share with you that I have been blessed with my gift for quite sometime. This has been passed down from the matriarch of the family, my grandmother. I cherish my gift and carry with so much honour. My readings are in-depth and as a tool I use tarot cards alongside my natural psychic abilities. My readings can bring clarity, confirmation of what you already know and unexpected insights. PIN: 5876

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Psychic Reader Bella


PIN: 6270

Reviews: 30

When a loved one or friend “comes through” I am totally focused on the reading and can sometimes give relevant names, and describe the person and their personality so that there will be no doubt who that person is. I have 30 years experience in private/groups/churches. I'm also a Teacher of meditation and mindfulness. Please call me for a professional reading today. PIN: 6270

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